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The new McCarthyism: Media goes after Tom Brady on friendship with Trump. 10/12/16

Oct 12, 2016|

What do you make of the news reporter’s question to Tom Brady about Trump’s “locker room talk?” Do you think Brady made the right decision by ending the press conference?

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Everybody cover that these news if you allow people criticize him. Don't think about it much I gotta let you know it's a tough weeks and a lot of football stuff to think about them. You know hopefully go out and be right that you support. You are up about opening doors and criticism. You. Rip open the door where you can talk about it. I considered this her record and I think. It's. They don't wanna leave them alone that's the problem. So as you know my friend as I've been talking about now. The WikiLeaks emails and what do they show. They show concerted effort within the Hillary camp. An alliance with George Soros and numerous other organizations. To subvert institution after institution after institution. It's all there in black and white it's incredibly damaging. Incredibly incriminating you wanna talk about eye opening forget about eleven year old tape. This is the real scandal. And the media now is so determined to destroy Donald Trump. And eradicate any support for him any opposition to Hillary. Because ultimately the progressives the moon bats. They don't want opposition. They don't want they wanna destroy the Republican Party they wanna destroy any kind of a free media. They wanna destroy any institutions that will stand in their way potentially like. Christians. Or the Catholic Church or you name it. And sold Tom Brady has come made it in mortal sin. In the eyes of our our progressive priests it's a pseudo religion. It's as intolerant as Islam. That's why they love this long because both are fundamentally and tolerant. And so they have been gunning after Tom Brady. Because he has friends what Donald Trump he admits their bodies he admits that they golf together. And he made them really the big mistake in the eyes of the government media complex yankees set a novel form. And they caught him once in his locker room. I'd in his locker with they make America great again baseball cap he was even wearing it it was just in his walker. And sold they have been hounding him ever since and if you've noticed. If you've noticed. For the first time I began hearing all listen too much Sports Radio but sometimes I wanna unwind on my way back home. And sort of listened to a little bit of sports talk. They're spitting on the I couldn't believe this when he was away for that four game suspension because of that liberal hack Roger Goodell book but let that go. Mean being Jimmy go romp below genie is the future. Maybe I swear maybe we should trade Tom Brady an old Tommy 39. And he's not gonna get any younger and Jimmy is the future and maybe we should go with the future. In all the Green Bay Packers dated with Erin Rogers vs Brett Favre. You know and how long can Brady be in the business and I'm thinking are you people in same. He's one of the greatest if not the greatest quarterback to web ever played he's won four super polls I'm telling you this year. Very likely is going to be no Merrill fight. But notice ever since it came out that he's chums with trump and he's gonna support trump. All all of a sudden now. Cool. The liberal Mandarin it's the liberal trucks and first in the sports talk media business or they don't like him. Well now he's tradable. Now you don't Jimmy. Is Jimmy Jimmy's got a bad shoulder doesn't matter Jimmy. So. They're trying to humiliate Brady and are trying to force him to disavow his support of of of Donald Trump. So this is the latest press conference that took place listen to this. I mean. Who honestly he just came back from a four game suspension. They bogus suspension but let that go. Put on an incredible performance against the Cleveland Browns lit him on fire let me tell you what I told people hearing the station. It's a very different team McConnell leading the team. It's like night and day when Tommy is leading the team look atoms are almost unbeatable. So you would think if you're the sports media what the hell do you care about whether he supports Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton it's nobody's business. He's back and the patriots are now stronger than ever bridges destroyed the Cleveland Browns they almost look unstoppable. What about Donald Trump. Pump taught me omni. Why don't go to his comments that it's just locker room talk. I'll meet you what I swear you have key ends which you ever allow them to listen that kind of locker room talk come me. Are you gonna disavowed your friendship would trump omni. Tell me you good stock like that in the New England Patriots want go home you could never use the keyword. No me. All all it's a lottery in here. All bowl. They were running a monastery here. Disgraceful. Roll it Britain. How you respond to your. Her case heard don't fall version of locker room talk. There's some debate. He's got up and left. Outwards on your kids her dolls all of Virgin's own locker room talk. He just did. Confirm him. Basically you only did it was a diplomatic way of saying blank off. He busy it was busy and a nicely just hear the middle finger there just flipping the bird. Blank off. So you want me now to turn on my friend. And pile on because now believe it or not draft players at the patriots are and other NFL teams come. We're shocked. Now they're coming out that the black lives matter people that are in the in the locker rooms from all these pro ball players now all of a sudden all known. We don't talk to bush discussed and this is reprehensible. This is unconscionable. And we talked like Doug you're. Insult us by assuring us locker room talk and talk like that and our walkers. Bull you know all whacked. Beat asks. I played high school football. I know I have friends who play professional football and it's a sewer in there. First of all guys you're always hearing at a strip corpse. OK so please let's c'mon lets you know strip clubs nightclubs. Forgive me. They're going out with girls are having sex with them for didn't either buying in a political game. 203 and a plume. And all of a sudden now you're trying to tell me you guys are all choir boys. Your viewers sorry but you birds are all Jeff corner all the like likely you can set your alarm to it Norton mass. At Saint Mary's there's a corner man. Shall suddenly now you guys are all what you guys are role acquired out altar boys now all of a sudden guys. Shuttling you guys are all what you guys are all just corner prank on her. Hands and knees in front of the Catholic Church are preferred over bless me father for I have Sambo I did use the F word once and I did say the word ass on the air is I am I kidding. And Britney said and I gotta go to confession is true because they did say the word last. On the air was late night it was a trumped Mike Pence Tim Kaine debate was about 11:30 AM father should have said but I set I wanna kick his ass. Who contain it for you son. 5% on bump on even mentioned as a sense OK you already have op solution PW into the world a favor. And this is incredible. So they want him now to dis own his friend. To turn on his friend to pretend that somehow she's never said the she's never heard of in the New England Patriots locker room we don't talk like dark. Hole. This is totalitarian. And I wanna know all the 88 who asked that question can you please go to Denver I want an old BP. Kids hurt all false version of locker room talk. Best of the day. That's it thank you guys have a good day basically blank off. Wrong and how would you free year old if you're a small hole oh I bet it's Boston Globe all I'm positive it's the Boston won't. Okay are one of these liberals at one of those patients are guaranteed guaranteed. How would you feel. Well. All of her courage her such a blog all. All all oh. Well. I don't know how to say. This scheme you know Brent. You guys are pushing fifty shades of gray down our throats. You guys are the ones Howard's on you guys love Howard Stern. You guys are the ones that make pornography accessible to everybody guys. You're teaching kids about condoms at six years of each. Guys by seven. You're talking about Heather has two mommies. And your instructing the kids how to have sex between two mommies. So I think they did know a little bit about the in all your little ones about the F transgender bathroom it's. You're the ones that are big about exposing them all your private parts the women even if German but you think you're a woman that's you'll. Suddenly now one of the the. Suddenly now and the word read the word beat Cuba has love hip hop. All you guys go one on ESP NS celebrate hip hop rap. It's part of the culture of the NFL. Mother after this mother bead is she's got to be out. The N word up I Arafat and now mother after an. Then. Now and you say it's good you celebrated mount Donald Trump eleven years ago. On a bus private Mike Minor crime makes company. And you wanna burn him at the stake. Guys you're misty acquisition. Date your 500 years too late he should've been born 500 years ago. He was too much of a gentleman. Here which he is senate Tom Brady let it be Jeff corner they played again and was close. Her dolls Paul's version oh well we'll talk a few. Next. You're a moron you're more on your moron. Your mother didn't tell you I'm telling you you're a moron a few. Next. When relief next if they kept asking a man and a few on here to talk about football okay. I'm here to talk about football you have no other questions about the leap you must be a football teams you know weary air make America great again hat. I feel. That's still an airlock and. FT know. Maxed. Look I just was we Giselle in Italy were vacationing for the four weeks I was literally no it's always sheet. I got sunburned even my rear end got sunburned. And the paparazzi took pictures of mean live with my son burned to rear end. So what's more shocking my sunburned rear end a mean old or Donald Trump saying that he worked. I didn't see you complaining about my sunburned rare and it's actually not bad to say I'm just telling you so we beat Cleveland 3113 be destroyed imam back. Fuel and half Roger Goodell the government you want to the locker of talk talk. I feel. Believe me they've heard a lot worse from you. Max talked about football anybody can talk Tebow football mow your mourn bats. You can't talk about anything about bring in politics and that's why your role xers. That's why I'm gonna win the Super Bowl this year and I'm gonna tell Roger Goodell and all of you moon bats in the media here in Boston. From neat deal. Blank off. Pounders plus. Pittsburgh don't fall version of locker room talk. The best. But the good. Analyze. This but go like outlaws. 61 so seriously. Like golf 61720666868. Is the number OK now there are gunning for Tom Brady. It's like there everybody now I know is one of the techsters made a good point doesn't this sound a lot like the new McCarthyism. You know how view now or ever been and are trump supporter. Have you now or ever been. Influenced by the trump movement. How view now or ever bring in somebody who believed in Donald Trump. Because it could be a career killer. David in Boston go ahead David. Tip that you. I did to that taught now did you feel booked a lot of talk jawed. Bit they'll quit on the golf course and talk about the keyword capsule what are you looking what don't repeat. If you want Google will issue about Somalia under seal Michael actually practice squad serves all halftime outlook unit Jack's. Or whopper regressed there. And weathered the exposure to hold the whole country saw herbal. Exactly. You know and it's just not the thing is. Yep the electorate who will pop criticizing Hillary in 2008 that he'd like annual seal while he's probably. Flopped he criticized Hillary Arnold block on a doctor on her positions on Wall Street on the Kwame connection question. You're close to look who will that is looking chip WikiLeaks was there explode exporter of the Clinton's attitude to what's Catholics you know an apology is not enough that this is the air fundamental. Lot speech yet it is pornographic. And they want Google the nun who dedicated their lives this is a war and they go after them. There. For the position on their insurance. In and day estate partnership or to call tore up a religious bigot. That speaks out against. Radical Islamic terror that thing is Pope John Paul city USA must do and yet born Mother Teresa said what you do at least a book. Are at least almost sure do debate and that they get here black lives now. Go out. Pro casting. They say nothing about Hillary Clinton accepting the Margaret Sanger award. And Margaret Sanger on a Planned Parenthood. Who goes no fear and sold the body parts of strolled in all disputes is that we're boarded frozen fracture Olympics or out of universities. To order a year and not a word about it. David York fire. There on fire I could on a sec in the senate better myself. He didn't moral bankruptcy of the hypocrisy gave it its sickening. Actually met with the Catholic churches met with that your deeds and so well she better be very careful regards. The law is in charge openly and yet. One way or another he wins at the end. And the thing is not attack out galaxy to wake up if you vote for this woman errant behavior eternal hope you're giving your goal. Partial birth abortion and abortion there's no excuse there's no skit. Amen David amen thank you for that call. Look look at the hubris. Look at the arrogance look feet how drunk they are with pride and power. That they actually believe it's it's in the WikiLeaks emails excited them early you can you can find him anyway they're everywhere now. They wanted to destroy christianity itself. The Catholic Church itself. 2000 years of scripture and dogma and doctrine. It's almost set panic it really is. Paula in Ashland go. And it all. Adds up how are you are. I'm Italian yeah under about I'd already mailed on C your mind in my life go ahead Hala I'm. All all and a pivot to a bulls barrels you know I wanna add to that report so how what would how do you explain. The president did I say has turned the old opposite to a whore house. Well at 21 year old intern while he was marriage and she works two weeks and get married Erik and told the American people I did not. Without water it light out and sure. I'd think I haven't been Biddle underage girl you. I'm not at all what could it even speculate and I'm afraid it's. A couple of week we really want people this morning. Clothing. Appel Mary end up adapt that. And make the mean that that paint it sure I look at it. Co pay. Starts a collection of information internally is out there on the I think Donald Trump and Connolly and big. She didn't know who this woman is little while this is what we have to do is you know this military and panicky guy. So now what has happened is that the ground game we incredibly strong pitch and we all have to have a bullet point. Can hear notable. We have the top of people we have to get information out there because that. These big check in the media is one thing and our people actually believed. Paula you hit you hit the nail right on the head. Bingo really you absolutely nailed it okay coming up next. All makes sense. The news organization. And the reporter who asked Brady that question and and my friends. WikiLeaks now exposes the entire government media complex. Doug bombshell of a locker room talk. The best of the day. Ball more on hold you respond to our own off the prisoner rape or a commercial women and darn well. His is quicker and demo. Sorry no small small but small. Okay. The government media complex. It is striking back is part of an evil empire this is now what trump is gonna characterize that he's dead on. Incestuous sleep tied to the Democratic Party the Hillary campaign big business the banks corporations who own them it's pretty much my natural. And of course the establishment GOP. And the person who asked that question apparently is not even their very often at Gillette Stadium. It's at any CN reporter Jonathan Charles. CH OE. I NASA and is sort of like the bush league version SARS are NEC MI bad. Any CN. New England cable news. Is sort of like the bush league version of CNN. Nobody watches it unlike CNN at least CNN their on at the airport you have to go to the airport BC CNN everywhere. NEC and it's not even at the airports. I told Britney may be Worcester I don't know maybe Springfield. Maybe those little small regional airports. But that's so they're basically. A deep version not even a C version of of CNN. That's where James a ball Braude ginger. Dubbed a Braude the bully Braude and Margery Eagan you know the show that nobody watches the deck. All. The children all. All that's where they get to do Durham combating hate okay so no surprise there any CN now. What has come out from the WikiLeaks dump it is so incriminating it is so damaging. It now shows that we are erecting and all of Gorky in this country. Really corporate and talk receive the rule of the rich the rule of corporations. In alliance with big government. Big business big government big media. This is now the unholy alliance. And it's coming all out now the New York Times their top reporters. We're literally running quotes by Hillary Clinton or top aides saying you've got complete veto power you want this and you want this out. How to do receiving emails coming out where the clintons are even saying well we got to get our message our. Get that story out all let's get the national correspondent for the times she does a great job. She does a phenomenal job go you could do this story with her political plant the story with them. CNBC anchor he moderated one of the first debate she's also a national correspondent for the New York Times. Wilbur moon bad John Harwood is bragging in emails. That he's an advisor to the Hillary Clinton Campaign. And that member he asks Donald Trump that question you're running a comic book version of a presidential campaign he's bragging. How much she's in the tank for Hillary Clinton. And so it's all come out the completely incestuous. Relationship how coordinated it is. Between the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. Whether it be the Washington Post hundred BC NBC. Whether it be the New York Times whether it be the Boston Globe. And many of you have suspected that they were planting questions for Hillary. Well this one blow wide open. So Donna Brazil. Who was then the vice chair of the Democratic National Committee now the chair of the Democratic National Committee also a CNN contributor. It came out. Fearing a death penalty question would be ousting Hillary Clinton and she's worried she can handle that question well. Gave her the question ahead of time on March 12 of this year in a CNN town hall against Bernie Sanders. And of course the question was asked march 13 at the town hall and of course Hillary was completely prepared. Because they hear the questions ahead of time. Now I want you to think about this okay just objectively think about this. What is sick I don't know Carl Roaf. Take your pick. Okay a prominent Dem Republican awkward and out talking head on TV. You know I don't quarrel roll over Charles Krauthammer. A Bill Kristol. Ended up giving questions. To one of their favorite candidates. Injuring a Fox News debate or faux news town hall. The liberals and leftists. Did that the progressives the moon bats. Dave would be pro testing in front of Fox News is demanding. Not only that rove be fired. That producers be fired editors be fired then Roger ails be fired. This the old be fired everybody be fired. I mean this is such a breach of journalistic ethics and standards it's not even funny you. Nothing. Nothing. And the reason why. The median now is imposing almost a complete blackout on these WikiLeaks. Damaging exposing emails this massive dump. It's because they're directly implicated. If they report on WikiLeaks they report on themselves. And that's why they're trying to deliberately ignore it so oppressive to run away from it. Or claim that somehow well this story is the Russians are behind it who cares who's behind it. What matters it's what's MM. It's not always the one I had gained. It's what's in the freaking emails. And it is now getting shoulda. Listened to this it's getting so bad. We've talked about this story before it's not gonna go away because. The more you look at this story honestly the more you look at his demeanor the more you look at his just his physical appearance. At the sincerity in his voice. Bill Clinton it now appears hasn't you legitimate love child. It's just it's getting out there his name is Danny Williams. DJN and EY. And he now has released the video is going to be doing his first interview. Saying he wants to speak to his father. And he doesn't want to be rejected by Hillary Clinton he's now in his thirties. And he wants the confront his father well listen to this. CNN boss Jeff Zucker. Has now directly ordered the entire network stuff at CNN. To not covered a shocking allegations. Made by Danny Williams. Danny Williams who's gonna give his first TV interview today on four I think four wars dot com. Says he's already up and just honestly the similarities is uncanny uncanny. Veggies Bill Clinton's biological son I told this story before Danny Williams his mother was a prostitute. Bill often visited her this is a well known fact for many witnesses. And she says she was she was the only white client. That she had at the time that's why she knows that Danny is Bill Clinton signed. Bill and Hillary have rejected Danny Williams they want nothing to do with them. And so according now to Danny Williams quote I have all I always felt bad about Bill Clinton not wanting to be in my life. Was it because I was black. Where's there's something wrong with mean. It made me think sometimes even a suicide. It's not fair and it has been hurtful. Well he's in his thirties he doesn't want child support he doesn't want money really doesn't want anything. He says he just wants the BO to meet his father he'd like to meet his biological father. Hillary please do not deny that I exist I am your stepson. Hillary has rejected him. Bill has rejected him again and CNN will not cover this story it is an. Order from on high. Just like they will not cover the WikiLeaks. Jurists like they will not cover when meter Broderick or Kathleen Willey or Paula Jones. Just like they will not cover the Clinton foundation or do any serious investigative reporting on the Clinton server. Because it's now come out that Hillary Clinton. Invited all again through the WikiLeaks. The top people at CNN. A top journalists at the Associated Press Bloomberg NBC ABC CBS. The New York Times the Washington Post for I gala dinner party and cocktail. Whereby they all told her how much they love her and she told them how much they love I she loves them. It is sold back listen to this the Clinton news network. That the Clinton Campaign is bragging in several emails this is the traveling Press Secretary. That's the top political producer at CNN because who makes all the interviews. So old loves Hillary. And she soul is grateful for their support their unconditional support he says quote it's almost like they're courting each other. It's almost like a romance. That's how much they shall I admire and stroke each other's eagle. Why does Donna Brazil still have a job. If I did what she did. Come and gone. I mean I'm calm and I'm dreaming get the come in the next thing clean out my office. Why does John Harwood still have a job. Why does that reporter at the New York Times who's just I give telling them what are what are you wanted to say in this story you do tell me. This quote in this quota what do how does this guy still have a job how come these people aren't being fired. You see the reason why they don't want her to be held accountable. Is once you go after the entire corrupt ruling collapse. Very will be next fall. And that's why the political class can never be held accountable because then the media class house to be held accountable. Big business big government big media. And they are slowly trying to Cree erect a mafia state. Those are the stakes. It's Donald vs the elites. I stand with him who do you stand with. Tony in glossed. Oh yes Jeff great point did you brought up about trying to do is going to Catholic Church. So we've talked about so wireless have you noticed a lastly vice presidential candidates. Change. Why did and they act cowardly lion. All liberal Catholics and I don't know how many Catholics are seeing well I did vote for Obama. Or Hillary because at least a vice president as a Catholic. Yes. I mean that's what that's what I say that's what people are that's what they talk about. My way I mean Tony is an accent. It's just sad thing and the the other thing that's gonna bring up which is you know I think trump has defined ace in the hole. That there is no statute of limitations on rape and Arkansas. And right if they wanna go after him with any of the other ridiculous things he's got the money title here in Arkansas. And you get when you Broderick Kathleen Willey and. And you know that has stumbled. On that case. Could be used against Hillary or Iran. Go after bill testify about what Hillary did and that can always be brought up another case. It Tony you're touching on something very profound and for the clintons very dangerous. And that's why he was white is a ghost at that second debate bubble once. When he saw the victims a few feet away from them because when trump said I'm gonna get a special independent prosecutor. Spock and stopping Hillary. And like bill Cosby's you can see the fear in the clintons ice. Just like he could see it Bubba finally. Cool. If he wins. I just may end up like Bill Cosby. It's just not it's not just my wife Amanda in jail I may end up in jail. Freddie and Beverly go ahead Freddie. Hello friends. Release Freddie okay Russ in Boston go ahead ross'. First of all just. As far as the Catholics are concerned I attended a Catholic alumni amassed about twenty years ago and the biggest concern the bishops said. Well of the polling data are much scalpel. You know in its almost like it's the ten commandments. It's to attend suggestions. Now the other thing is most Catholics. Don't equate the TT. Of the politicians. How it goes against their religion they they really don't put the children to cover in make a decision. Based on moral judgment. And the and that at Israel he sat on the other thing as a reference show this person claims to be slick Willie Sutton. I mean let's face it it got a lawyer and go in the court not forced them. To do it DNA test. And see whether he's only a father or exceed the traveler. Now that means that Chelsea. You know after her inheritance. That is right. Our two's shares rise to rush today 86172666868. And look I know Britain strongly disagrees with me on this. I can feel it in my bones I know the clintons I followed him for years I know what they really think of African Americans. If he was white. Wound. And maybe bill would meet him Erica and then birds go ahead there. My great American brand Opel on America and it should thank you my buddy. It. I think it's about to be out of the locker room targets of this election I think the real reason that aren't debate night. When you like Apollo all right and the other Republican traders. Hillary and shield her and he gonna investigate if they get. Oh crap beat that there's no stopping him that we are going to be next. Another thing I want someone that check that under the belt but Hillary Clinton for the mark of the beast. I. Banned in Lynn go ahead band. First time caller. Welcome one. Well thank you I want to show thanked Cuban you're among friends. Go ahead and you're among friends. I was wondering if you consider. Whether it would be it good pool. Or opera perhaps sharp are. Mr. trump early next debate. Britain have to stop it of the approximately. 4000. Or more people. Will also rip alerted. Under the bottle I'd team. Bill and her. Including gunshots were. Yeah. Out of Soledad certainly capped integration tried eight Democratic National Convention. It's think it would dip I don't spot. Skirt at the at their final debate. Ben can act out we lost ban I was gonna ask you band where is your last name corner by any chance are you my long lost brother. Because I like the way you fight that's not an upper cut that's kick them and did all in the family jewels that's taken communal where. I love it. He just runs down to listen look at everybody around her seems to be dying. If you want Bonnie and Clyde to be running this country yeah yeah I palm I've got less than a minute go. Jeff Connor six New York field trip went blue dynamite JB. HF. Did Bonnie and Clyde doesn't have to worry about destroying a Catholic Church. Appropriately. Judas can do it for them but really quickly Jeff. Kelly let me make and is hitting a new low she's trying to create reasonable doubt for the Clinton. When fox lets your goal the first case should be built cars speed but Kelly database. When did you acquire an interview what a person who drank all ticket and we are well. Action. Our dues should. Okay my friends. Plane crash was it Islamist inspired. We'll have that story tomorrow I gotta go. My body.