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Should Trump have called for Hillary to be prosecuted? 10/11/16

Oct 11, 2016|

During the debate Donald Trump said that if he becomes president he will call for a special prosecutor to look into Hillary’s email scandals. Do you think Donald Trump should have said that?

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Constitution. Is under attack. Freedom walkers to tell her how were founding principles. Are being destroyed. In boss yeah. The C a the American revolution a new movement begin. I'm just I'm. Boston's bull and those are at cleaning up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back this season on America's voice of the resistance. Come road course. Unprecedented. What is now taking place over the last 24 hours. Is literally unprecedented. In American history. I've 1235. We're gonna have Dinesh D'Souza. Filmmaker author of Hillary's America out on to discuss. Trump Hillary the election you don't want to miss that. When WikiLeaks. The crisis deepen its deep prince. And it is stunning revelations that are coming out of WikiLeaks. Absolute complete and utter media collusion and coordination. With the Hillary Clinton Campaign. It is all there in black and white it is absolutely devastating. It is deadly. And this may be the reason why. This it's now has been. This country's ruling class has now been completely and utterly unmasked. A many get into all of this later in the show. But the key moment of Sunday's debate. And this is what this election is now coming down to. Is will we the people triumph over our venal corrupt elites. And my friends I'm choosing my words very carefully now no truer words have ever been spoken this is no longer the corner report. This is radio free America. This is now one of the last vestiges of a truly free independent media that is left in this country. And if you think that's an exaggeration. Listen to three hours that they show because it's all coming out now. The New York Times are actively colluding with the Clinton Campaign. CNN's Jake Tapper. Actively colluding. CNBC John Harwood actually advising the campaign while he was a debate the moderator. Univision giving advice it's it's coming out everywhere. These WikiLeaks emails are completely lifting the veneer. Of what is going on in this country but what is to meet even most unsettling. Is Donald Trump thrown down the gauntlet in Sunday's debate. And what he essentially did was this. He said. I am gonna come after you. That there is so much criminal behavior and corruption. That we are now becoming a Third World banana republic that I am not just gonna hold Hillary accountable. But all the rim and hold everybody in the political and media class a comfortable and now be orders have been given out. To cut Donald Trump off. I mean it's. And so now I story is breaking on and get into it later in the show what you need to be aware of this again thanks to WikiLeaks. Media organizations. And outlets are now ordering their journalists and employees. You want your job you must destroy Donald Trump. And what he said in particular on Sunday was this. And I'm gonna play the full quote is this is now what I set off the latest and this is now really. The ultimate battle. Donald Trump said. That Kirk destroying evidence. Obstructing justice. Committing perjury the destruction to 33000 emails. Lying to congress. Breaking the law after law after law. That she ultimately now as any criminal should. Be held accountable. But I wanna set up to quote because he even knew now that he had crossed the rubicon. It was the defining moment of the event I believe it's what won him the debate. But now there is an absolute firestorm of him calling for an independent prosecutor. Whereby now the left the center Fox News Charles Krauthammer the Wall Street Journal today. Are now denouncing and demonizing and smearing Donald Trump eyes they would be fascist. It is getting so bad. That the news cycle is not about Trump's incredible victory Sunday night which poll after poll show he won he mopped the floor. It is now my kid you not quote unquote Republican civil war. And this was spearheaded by Ryan O'Reilly in yesterday and saw they were stunned that trump actually did so well the debate. And then he threatened to prosecute Hillary Clinton. But now the ruling class must protect their power their wealth their control at all costs. And so Ryan and Ryan did something unprecedented. Thirty days out of an election after first saying he was gonna back trumps support from vote for trump. Openly said now I will sabotage Donald Trump. He said he will no longer campaign with them he will no longer defend him he's essentially defecting from trump. And this is led to John McCain Kelly Ayotte the bush family Karl Rove. It runs down Marco Rubio it runs now even Glenn Beck has now come out and said he's gonna vote for Hillary Clinton. It has led now to we met at the house Republicans in a big conference call. Ryan then gave them the order you must cut trump off at the needs. Do not campaign forum do not run with him do not support him all you must do now we support yourself and your own district. We are now finished would Donald Trump it is now the ultimate stab in the back. It's the ultimate stat in the back. And so Ryan has now sparked a massive civil war. To do everything possible to undermine sub vert and sabotage the trump campaign. That's clear. He Weisberg trump why spectacular victory Sunday night. They had to now make the story he is so radical so dangerous so extreme so racists all sexes so big it'd. Blah blah blah blah put an all the adjectives you want. That now we've only party must completely the fact. At least the establishment wing of the party must completely defect. And so Fox News. Charles Krauthammer all of them CNN are now saying this is the line. That Donald Trump crossed that the ruling class will never allow to be crossed. He threatened to prosecute Hillary. And now they're all knifing Donald Trump it is now literally. Mission to destroy trumps. Roll it Britain. EO our country an apology. Any needs to take responsibility. For his actions and his word so when you talk about apology. I think the one that you should really be apologizing for in the thing that you should be apologizing for all of the 33000. Emails. That you deleted. And that you acid washed. And then the two boxes of emails and other things last week. That were taken from an office and are now missing I didn't think I'd say this but I'm going to say and I hate to say. But if I went I am going to instructed. My attorney general. To get a special prosecutor. To look into your situation because there has never been so many lives. So much deception. There has never been anything like it it's just. British union favor. Because trump knows in that debate. It was a key key key moment it was it was a decisive knockout ball okay. But. He went up against the entire regime. He went up against the not just Hillary he went up against the entire ruling class and he knows it he seek. So notice. He even hesitates. He is in decrease they can in private but you know I shouldn't say it. I shouldn't maybe even mug door. But I'm gonna say it I'm gonna do to repeat that again play Atlanta Denver. That were taken from an office and are now missing I didn't think I'd say this but I'm going to say it. And I hate to say it but if I went I am going to instructed. My attorney general. To get a special prosecutor. To look into your situation. Now he then later informants who said you know you're gonna end up in jail. Why is this so important. Because. If iffy calls and appoint a genuinely independent special prosecutor. It doesn't stop it Hillary. She it's not just heard a ghost in jail it's bobbled it goes to jail. And it's not just Bubba the ghost in jail we now found out again thanks to WikiLeaks. The president of the United States that dear leader Obama he was emailing her on her private email account and honor private server and who knew it he was using it should ma'am. So then Obama gets caught in Davis and then you know who else was emailing her Paul Ryan Orion. And the establishment Republicans. Because they're all in on it. So you see if you have a man who genuinely appoints a real independent prosecutor and independent investigator. To really go after the corruption. It's not just Hillary's neck and enormous it's not just Bill Clinton's beckon the newest it's not just Obama's neck in the political moves. It's the entire corrupt Republican leadership who have been cutting deal after deal after deal because they're all be Holden. To Goldman Sachs. The big banks. To the big donors. Her bosses are their boss sets and everybody knows it. And you know who else is gonna get caught up in this of course we've been one of the biggest backers of Goldman Sachs the bush family. It's it's open public knowledge. Carl wolf gets sucked him. The big bush backers Charles Krauthammer all of them this is their regime this is what they've built up now. So the media gets sucked in because now it's turning out the media is openly completely colluding with either Ryan Ryan Republicans. Let's say Fox News Wall Street Journal. Or much of the main stressed that the mainstream media with the Hillary campaign. And so old they are leveling trump on this he's gonna turn this into a banana republic. We don't Google this and his country we all send presidential candidates the president RX secure them what we don't don't hear all my god. This is beyond the pale. Pale and so everybody is now saying. You do whatever you gotta do trump must be defeated in November. Listen now. Took Charles Krauthammer. The man who supported Carter against Reagan in eighty. Mondale against Reagan in 84. For much of his career was a Democrat operative now he's mr. conservative on Fox News. Listen to him who is it war monger one of the architects of the Iraq War. Supports Hillary Clinton's foreign policy. Together they wanted this if they. And the neo cons wanted to join up with Hillary to have a war in Syria against Putin. Pro PPP. Pro open borders pro amnesty you've seen how the game. Now brought timer delivers the attack on trump from the so called right listen to Krauthammer roll it Brittany. You know you and actually as high point. Was stunning that he didn't dimension that is reference to link him. That was essentially a play on the Lloyd Bentsen line that was essentially him saying I knew Abe Lincoln and Lincoln was a friend of mine and you. Are now a blank and I thought I was extremely effective. And it appeared spontaneous get what is. His low point was something that you seem to brush off. As some email and only concern in the left. When you look at your opponent. And you threatened to put your opponent in jail. You have gone way over the line. A political decency in this country and that's not Hitler Stalin that's banana republic tied ideas after it happens but let me just. I've got a thought I'd finish and that is we have had 250 years of miraculous. Transfer of power. With done peacefully. And consensual paying and the one thing we don't do. These to put people in general to execute hat and other countries your life can be on the line in election. Can we had a long history where you don't even talk about my goal of reaching a bad etiquette of talking about I'm gonna personally order. As special prosecutor incidentally the law wouldn't even allow that's not true but you know unless and then you would end up in jail facilities pre judging it. I think that should never be done and is another example of trump lowering the level of all I didn't. Okay okay okay so. And by the way Van Jones on CNN Jake Tapper on CNN Wolf Blitzer on CNN. The New York Times the Washington Post by the way the Boston Globe we'll get to this later. Caught red handed openly coordinating with the Hillary Clinton Campaign okay that newspapers apiece or you know what. OK so a so called for the independent media. What about Nixon. All of you guys were calling for him up what you want him imprisoned you couldn't stand Gerald Ford for giving him a pardon. OK you don't like that how well George W. Bush. You guys want him to be tried not you primer but the lit liberal left wing media you guys wanna George W. Bush tried for war crimes Obama in 2008. Said I will look into an investigation of the entire Bush Administration. Including the president for so called torture a Guantanamo Bay. All. Day and that wasn't a breach of etiquette all then we weren't being a banana republic. So what you think about this. Over 63%. Of the American people believe in their heart of hearts they said this Hillary Clinton should be indicted. So are you telling me now that the clintons are above the law. We can't hold corrupt criminal politicians accountable in this country. You mean to tell me that the entire ruling class what nobody can hold you guys accountable. You guys can never see Rod Blagojevich Doug governor for pay to play got him you're governor blank you you can go to prison. Whoa whoa whoa. But Washington cartel wool. Aid known and unknown. You don't catch Josh not come on home. And that's why they are now all of these Republican traitors and shooting since. And Benedict Arnold's. Are now defecting in droves openly sabotaging Donald Trump because they want to story to be not been cleaned our clock in in in Sunday's debate. But that now the its own Republican Party is is is abandoning him. It is listen to me very closely. It is the ultimate stabbed. In the back. That's what they say it's. And they're stabbing you and they're starting to rule of law. And they're starving law and order and justice in this country to protect their power and wealth and control. And so my question to you now is this it's the ultimate question now of the election. Will the rise in Republicans. Succeed. In sabotaging. The election for Donald Trump. Will there Ryan and establishment Republicans. Six seed in costing trump the election. If you believe the answer is yes that's eight to 68680. If you believe the answer is no next beat the 68680. You can vote online Adobe York gay old dot com. All of your call snacks. With the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the walk in our. Because you've been. Conversation starts with you don't want to know. Voice of Boston you. Can not under estimate the history that was made in our country. They line was crossed and I don't know with the growth in my lifetime maybe ever he threatened to jail this upon. Right he's looking right when I was jail a Hillary Clinton if he became president I think that is something I think is the new low in American democracy. Plus because she's a crock. Iran a country based on the rule of law I'm sorry don't nominate a criminal like gangster and they won't go to prison I mean it's really that simple. My friends. Trump now how sweet it out. He's basically saying it's war. Now with the attacks of the Ryan Republicans the establishment. The entire mainstream media. These unprecedented. Assault on him he now says quote he's gonna take the shackles off. I can now fight for America the way I want to. Here's what he sell region between exactly word for word. It is so nice that the shock colts have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to. He's now saying the Republicans have essentially abandon them. As he put it that dams have always proven to be far more loyal to each other than the Republicans. He is completely right. He's saying this is the ultimate stab in the back by the Republican establishment. And now he's gonna go completely independent. And he's gonna go after Hillary. And the Ryan Republicans the entire ruling class. Coming up next we taking your calls and Dinesh D'Souza up Hillary's America and I will ask him to questions. Can trump still wind. And is he right. Should Hillary go to jail don't touch that thought.