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10/10/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - When psychoanalysis and psychic work come together

Oct 11, 2016|

10/10/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Vincent Genna discusses his work as a psychic, medium, and psychoanalyst as he helps people learn to "stop stopping themselves." Vincent takes listener calls, and helps explain the strange state of angst that is permeating all of our lives. And, much more.

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This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded October 10 2016. It's it's Monday night it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason Hawes Jeannie Johnson as we get ready for another great show we've got a great guests on tonight since it Jenna psychic medium spiritual list we're going to be talking him about a whole bunch of things that guy. Has experience in about every corner of the metaphysical so am anxious to have that conversation Jake. Well after a weekend how you doing. I am on hold not more in the hope if again if you speak of how little hints it's one of those days where and I felt perfect girl there and hired and ran for two miles or emails were down man. Or seven sitting on the couch and I just I get started get the chills and indexing and arm and a 101 feet and legs it's just like out of the blue you know medium and that those people that are. Sit down and writing human body Chancery to put fellow big shout outs everybody listening out there tonight. Again or Jimmy Hussein we get agree show again events and Jenna on tonight. Tomorrow we have Alexander had a cough. He's a filmmaker whose actually been able to documents and things are big foot yeah this is this is an. Audio clip that we played I think it it was in the last week of the week before I don't remember of it mound yeah he caught some audio of what he claims to be bigfoot creature. In the white mountains near where on this bombing in was I imagine such a close and Leo and I both know there's a lot of crazy things in the redwoods we've come across them. On the ones they were talking with timid and Timothy Bakley and Tim sports. About UFO's. In Thursday we've got Henry crawl and again be honest I late cannery there he talks about a lot of weird things where. This whole hollow earth theory because there is as big theory. Follower of the national civilizations living. Below ground and a lot of people talked about even even in the passage talked about how vehemently anti in some supposedly one underground. Including a bunch of other civilizations. And just recently if I was listening to a coast to coach show where there was a guy David Wilcox on and he was talking about how. In our earth civilizations. Soon. They he expects them to soon reveal themselves in the world. And it gets really creepy Jim have you ever heard about the stuff while I've heard about some of the inner news theories and the fact that there are civilizations living deep within the earth I don't know a whole lot about them some anxious to hear what Henry as saying about it and this kid David Wilcox had talked about. These civilizations Levine says the earth. And just went on to talk well on NASA is known about them for a long time because of these hollow cavities or form below the earth earth it surfaced. Of the crust and and just how they they have their own natural light systems and everything else but he also was claiming that a lot of times these boring machines the government's use Della. They'll break into cavern. And all the sudden find people. And so it's one of those who wears suppose the government knows about this and it's been this huge. Just disconnect. Between them announced I have no idea but you know want him in this day and age. Anything's anything is possible I mean jeez is there anything so. Don't forget the telephone numbers 8446877669. Pretty sure Vincent. We'll have some time to take some phone calls later do some on the phone readings I think he will do that we had verified it with him we bring him on. On you know I did bring up tonight Jay because. I mean you can't look at any kind of online news. Without scenes and a clown story. Geez line and I know somebody was actually just attacked there was an arm for terrorist attack but what what what are you talking well I just know that there there are schools now that are banning clown. Costumes. For Halloween which seems a little extreme to me but they're doing that. And then it seems as though it's not just isolated. To the US in fact. Looks like this whole. Clown phenomenon is spreading across the world. Well a lot of it came it came from overseas to us because there's that whole thing with the clowns kidnapping. This they kids in the UKA and so on and now it's all mysteries here but. What else going down well who who else is experiencing these crazy people who have to run around wrestling com well it's. It seems to be happening all over Europe now and you know again they're calling them copy hatteras and hope serves you know I think that the authorities are pretty well convinced there's nothing. Necessarily sinister about it other than as just a nuisance and it's scaring people. It can be able terrifying yet and the other thing that I find interesting is that. There is a the thirtieth anniversary of Stephen king's book it. It is their right around this time and notes that it's coming up and there's talk about the fact that need be because there's been talk over them they're making a remake of of the movie it. And they've some people seem to think that this may have started as a small publicity stunt. To try to generate some interest in scary clowns and it's just completely. Overwhelmed anybody's original intentions. Yeah maybe. That's this analog. It's the whole clump things discussed that when I thought I ago they go so and I think the more we talked about it the more it's gonna continue illegal act as the zero Q were you able to watch the debate last night idea I'd Terry Holland without getting into politics you saw that the new third party candidate that that was there. Who's that. The fly off. The posse though the line that was constantly winning and Hillary Clinton to execute and hit a line there are a bunch of these puns going around today he cannot because the funniest thing in the world. No idea one of the things somebody posted yeah she's clearly got bogged the actually I'm sorry she clearly bugged a lot of people. They need the need to put her on the no fly list. Doesn't out of one. She's flying high. And it's just you have to be its past like and she also another one is bill Melissa finger to a golf licenses is always down and it's a these I mean the ones that came out of just that one fly. Was just insane I was watching it as something illegally right between on my TV yes. It's ugly prince they'll have to fly announcement it's how can he continue talking with his fly it is lands and in the middle your forehead. That Sosa broke composure touched slot negative it's wild but mineral line yes yes. Speaking of robots did you see that Charlie Rose. Did an interview was the robot on sixty minutes as hell did you watch the yes I did creepy years ago. This was an effort to demonstrate how far artificial intelligence has come along. Stephen Hawkins talks about how all this is going to be in the death of mankind. That these things because right now there there were earning and the dinners it's going to be this quick shift when they become smarter than our asses them and then comes of the fact of the matter is when they start to believe that their existence is more important because. They will once they once there. Artificial intelligence really takes office in their learning on their own they're going to look at Wesley to play. And relate and also just like something I absolutely to a geologist we could stop them. Ready to weaken turn off and that's something they're not gonna wanna do so just watching them last night it really mean he's attempting Obama got start net and it's here. It's aware now. Yeah it was a it was a pretty interesting thing you know that the artificial intelligence in this particular robot wasn't perfect by any means and heads moments were just wasn't didn't seem to respond right but it was close enough the man it was theory. It matters who is definitely treated now so and the one they can and will keep your face and and tell if you're lying if you being on Wednesday tell it within 9000. Of a second if you're suicidal I mean. The that's crazy the whole thing is crazy and you know and what was it 1960. Year wasn't that space Odyssey. 2001 space Odyssey and 6869. Somewhere in there. And Hal takes over the ship been. You know that was kind of the first I think least big budget you know highly recognized film addressed this issue of artificial intelligence becoming too intelligent. Into powerful. And day here we are from forty years later. Seeing it and a move toward reality it's terrifying and its citizens currently approximately one. If you wanted to be woken up at six. Get. I don't forget the again the phone number 8446877669. Take calls later in the program also the FaceBook pages. FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio some great news there we we blew through 30000 likes mark we thank everybody. Who stopped by the page to like it for that. Yeah absolutely and yeah head over to FaceBook dot com backs last beyond reality radio or costly posting stuff over there and the four and the like button if you haven't done yet all right we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest Vincent Jenna and we're gonna have a great conversation with Vincent. Looking forward to it very much it's beyond reality radio with Jason and TV don't go away. Ghost hunters are coming to Buffalo's Jason and Steve from ghost hunters are bringing their hit TV show live to the Riviera theatre. Tuesday October 18. This interactive presentation showcases examples of their favorite evidence some that is never seen before. With the VIP upgrade you choose your seat and attend a special Q&A session. Took the stage with the Riviera theatre and get your tickets now on the Riviera fox sports Hollywood entertainment inside the McKinley mall at Riviera theatre. Don war. I welcome back to the. Programs beyond reality radio. Jason Hawes Jeannie Johnson thanks so much for being along with a us tonight we appreciate it. As we kick up kick off another week of us some great programming and all starting with our guest tonight Vincent Janet worries mount about. Are tired smiling because you were stolen from a flight that was that was hurt or absolutely Hillary has a spring Vincent into the conversation. Vincent a welcome to beyond reality radio it's so great to have you on the program. Well. Here are. A couple of fund money when I'm looking at all go out. Welcome and no no no. Move instantly. There. And welcome album we're laughing about the comments of people posting about Klein I mean. And it and sure you realize that it. Old Maine today. But the resistance or rational. Big giant. I don't know Vincent you're all. Yeah you're a psychic medium spiritual teacher you website is Vincent Janet dot com you do a lot you do it all and let's get started by. You telling us what you are and what you do. Well you just named. Am I am psychic. Meetings spiritual teacher I am actually and the weak right now writing books. In North Carolina coach and and what right do I mention all the message here that. It used that's going to transform your life or edit portion of it. You speak with deceased low one perpetrators that are on the side. I angels. Your past present future including an light. I. Opened for. Seeing that you I see you need to do to change your light because I'm all about and make. That's what I am all my might use it pretty format it and I we like what life should not beating yourself. All the restart I Don I wish this little munchkin day eight that might make huge. Well he beat yourself and so what all around the world aiding. Home almost is a life coach would correct. Oh god no repeat it and coach of college catch you. Two to find huge screens. Figure you wanna go get your goal. Is much deeper eichel gains despite because. If you see my website I also happens like that Turkey background and a degree in. So I will be in mind that it. End and that's where I ago we beat each Pete Pete Pete which could it. And Vince that you say. That you worked to heal others by empowering them to stop stopping themselves what exactly does that mean. But lead that week and Kirk or I'm sure there are peak people. We are OB 88 BP don't understand they are a total mind is so old how old adage created and bam. It shouldn't mechanisms should at least that. We. Ramps from the true police are warning we've been in back. Deep mine and so what we wind that do you speak on those steps next week and our own wage. We were used to go written Eric. Get their actions will at it they don't pay attention to it. Really really I'm hurting them. And and locking down so people intentionally. And unintentional. And so they got the content and 08 a lot and so. For example. OK anybody adding that right now police partner winners. That is not have a war it will meant it that is the most natural. Strain on the trees of the are we created we have. Ours social beings and China's. People were without even try. So they wore it on net goal for us to not. A partner you actually have. To be wishing people a way to not have a look in is people don't know people don't understand back. And it's all based on their inner belief that I'm not. Laudable. And by leaping back I'm not likable quiche and an actual process of attracting and that they don't know. Leaking. Right and I end its messages and speaking to. Did he loved ones to get help them understand that but what are you need it that's intentionally unintentionally. Unconsciously. And a lot of times conscious. So this demand defense mechanism of the mine you're talking about now is that the same defense mechanism that. A lot of people experience when they. See something out of the corner of their high in the turnaround and it's gone but they only see you know the corridor right because there is that mechanism where investigating the paranormal we we see it all the time where. Somebody you'll see something out of the corner of the arrival when they turn to review it. It in their mind that locks them out in defense mechanism just it's all right what what's real what's not. And which is a lot of times as what shuts people off from being sensitive. OK first people are we don't know or is this ignorance this is Jews and mortar disaster question. Aging and rakes that an excellent question it you. Understand it in the work if you do think we can walk and why seeing all the acts aren't buying filter out stimulus in corporate functions are walking down Sri. You can is now being in your thing and eight. I think I'm equally GP we keep track. That same thing being able to see. All watched years back or around spewing action what would be a lot jets don't you get to work and want you walking your war. You're running into true. Decked grandma grandpa mom dad it will not want you're going to arm like we are about an. Eight RU MBE alone or the lord's spirit in the Indian walking you. We couldn't function that. How are. So it meant to be closed off for Chad we eat so we will get those glimpses. Just want to bury her part to answer is that object to read we. I'm. If you should cost or at least all the east street people. You no longer at that we will it shouldn't use what you wanna believe them. And light is all out actually and all three it is the major reason why eight. They are not suppose to be interfering and they're not suggest that you regain Hartley sitting down and chatting there's no moral being. Source came back Beers and and here we want inspection. Because it is true march through and we wouldn't you are pretty well so link seeing on our. It leads us to be open that nor Rick Warren explore. Because we wanted to look at it or not capable. But it's all based on pre that it is going. Yeah that does actually. Vincent going back to the the original. Question about helping people stop stopping themselves. Is that is is caught but it is confidence part of that is you know the self limitations mean workers that come from. Equated telecoms from where the Al I am not parent. Gestures. Age well what I am news is it. Urgent need to make you realize we have this start. It's been very long time that we law the end and raise children. We don't raise them unconditional law we don't raise them at eight U. Nurture they feel like they are active buying. They feel that they are on and admitted that they can achieve anything we want we do not wait that back anymore beat Pete in the beginning. We. The elder. And actual. Comedian nick council. Raised the children whole biological b.s and you'd shoot and a thirteen years old because when may 08. It's less traumatic to human body each. They weren't the ones 08. It was supposed to be the elderly who hate and why it's so each course now a child and we wanted to know emotional eat. While rocky so screw you know back and currently watching the debate it and figured out that long. Arms so. It's been annexed gamble Asia is our parents and their parent parents school or an intense and generation to generation did you reach such. Koppel's come to me and him as saying error is made me re getting married one. Should stay balanced it by cheap and you being arc and grow aux. And take care issues. Is it that you don't care if she's able to curb your child issues so we. Child were OK but he came back rabbit then it was real problem go back back back where are you rich. Children blowing themselves there we think everything we Eagles and we think the world or oh. So we get trouble in that beat people thought we feel it it was. So when they market data you know arc and my decade it's all been part links. We even blame ourselves and we come these. All and be crying. And I'm not well all user. And Dan. Our whole lives we use and create defense mechanisms and the. Vince and hold that thought rate yet hold that thought right there we've got to take a break it's beyond reality radio with our guest Vincent general Vincent Jenna dot com. More coming up teach people. Scary time might be over. For this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Holland dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. Act beyond my gallery I can't concentrate Johnson our guest is Vincent generous psychic medium spiritual teacher. And much much more again Vincent thanks so much for joining us and I apologize for the abrupt cut off of your of your explanation but if you wanna pick it opera or left up to be great. Guess I don't apologize people might like cuts meal or. More a amendments to us. There. We were talking we were talking about you know we're we're the self limiting trends are tendencies come from and you or you were relating in terms of how we parent. Actually the child the result that the children aged it's one we got little cute that we receipt most of our GAAP. So where he now is people miss Sunday's eight ES PD. Ole now in the minds at 81 pick and leaks. Root out an accumulation. Of years we do not go from one years two years old from two years old this week at one week or each week ahead a year we are computer gives Egypt Sheikh any new information that he originally mentioned bill Bayer and went. Which that the wanted to welcome to step into the spirit and the net as we power source we we created by AB how hoarse or I call it. Reagan cash and source within the four shot but residing in our conscious mind conscious and it is controlled by your doctors march and secret and yet I. Am banks it would be instantaneous. Lee. The B get and keep lending. And and and a billionaire. That's right. There aids in York aren't conscious mind in the weeks and eating your options are. In the we shall when he hit. Or did. You see from. You're. Getting eight in any school you can do it in action. On your your your mind you're getting the worst end and we Rick are empty and it's all those. I why they're eating it here the week we are not going to. Eat and eat it. So that's why do come into a big problem. Bidding and it it which is the work I do you are a lot of people. Get them. Now depends but it arm and an Italian New York it was pretty arrogant and an edge and it know Walt Actuant breakdown. And once I rate and and you bet it would cure you're almost steel. He's not. Didn't make it could easily get annual wage that extends back into. Tumor she didn't I didn't get a what you are a lot Egypt so when Paris. Oh well I want to blow it jerks key in my life or should. All. All all. Greens. Heart problems should. Actual. What we won't see peak Al. I'm not what all I can track anybody collect our work getting somebody. Who's not a Smart. It got to beat me on two rookies. All I am not quick enough to get action are all your help in bad shape when I was small. Swear people really believing that they don't know they all. But that's with the problem. Vinson we're seeing a lot of angst in stressed particularly in this country and and I'm sure it's worldwide. And I know the you've got some inside and some feelings about why we're in this time what what are your thoughts on that. Our. The and expect going on right now because people need year. Really truly. Are. You. Hire and oh. There's oh. You hate beyond it. All right. Individual. Channels which act. Chuck it is sweet our problems under the carpet we could not that we get that we. In that span and keep you. Well what we do it constituent. We do. A whole action won't. Be doing. So. Do you in your personal you're certainly did social. We went in May actually be going round what repeat our country or we we don't undergo out all Indy car. A woman screaming out the window to that doping. Curtains shut everything out an eagle yet. All of our home while gold and while walking or eat this what. We will now all negative and or something like a plane crashes into a building Atlanta. How old a week. And we take. It on net. Well look what happened. Peace to reign back treaties or what it and it is all based on years people. All that in high. People all. Every single one. Extra cotton they are. That aren't being accurate and one could be what you. You are year what you see away now right now these store chain and is also this story pot wars can't believe George Lucas Perry met. And that story Becky. Cox and it is urgent. Those are ducks. Luke Scott Walker. A change or people. What you're always teach them you can look at check. Get over your ears works for root and no walks you know how well PO aren't. Any are you. Is Indian in Cain and Abel lock yourself. Able who felt connected cars. Out what eco friendly to. The course and you. Chain on the went to ash from. Rejecting it neglected. Are being a bit resentful. Angry at what PG&E. 80 we all each capable of doing the paint and are bigger. Scott Walker eco and check it out and collect DEL. Power when it may be in and do. So we became dark there. Eagle on. And eat all we eat it too is well and all pay your people heir are your. Well and Vincent with what you're talking about though with you know these negative negative memories from the young years now really effect. A is and and also that those negative memories from the younger year could actually in power somebody to make better choices in their life in the future. While the OE and the owners and I this O'Leary while the only reason I asked that because like I grew up I grow up man and a and a and a German household and and my father was. Was a very it was a very physical ma'am bottom line but with that and growing up in an abusive household where younger. The one thing we never did was raise I'd never raised any in my hands and in my children and I'd. And you know promised the wife that I never would but so it'll be an 808 averaged. Eggs exactly investment sign those negative things a lot of times when I hold on to them because they help you benefit. And then they help you see a person in the future. Okay absolutely not. Be enough. Not that it will view polluted and ultimately create it. By this rate it what. It. Or are we created by a group of more people would do in the PR man. And we'll try it spiritually. And chain or the back. You can use it may entity in order to be hot and equity current when and it Ornette. Make one an eight. The whole problem is you boo. Unity is what do you speak it can do it. The chance of making long actually read and actually beat and we perpetuating detonate it. So. We come to all our. And it's all equal we even start it's see we currently peak or an activity. Actually so it parent. Guarantee. Any secret and eat I eat Altman. I myself. Lou opportunity being. Walked into this school with a machine gun and started shooting on people. Have been Menendez at idle. On that day I was born and equipment. Oh not mentally ill because she. Viewed by. And thirteen years old she Portland are now sort of made it sort of panic disorder. Such a compulsive disorder and she. Went to school. Because the way in my country. Use our Q school. Every day shut it. Whitman's big arm on each week. And and all. In by. The well which is big sitting need to spare your soul and by the Easter came to carry I'm. All actually in the world to become pay it sank off. Bank shot at this ends in May naturally it. I had a resilience. I was in reaching an act and can't. Hear and every time space that well technical and Canadians are gonna be urging the at a lot of people don't have those those. A lot of people. To make the wrong choice under even what. Ankle past. But it's not that paying back Beijing actually. You'd be hired soul and believing agers are better that may he may actually. We're talking with Vincent Jana Vincent Jenna dot com psychic medium spiritual teacher gonna take a break when we come back according to get into haunting this poltergeist and little bit more of these spiritual world. It's beyond reality rating Jason. I might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Gary Condit dot com. Nets' Derrick Todd. Dot com and sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend he'll never forget it everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com. Welcome back to beyond reality radio with Jason Hawes and GP Johnson alone everyone especially all the folks in the chat room after listening on the radio station from one of your local stations and you wanna join the chat here. More than welcome to do so just go to what's a couple of is drew Tate go to the website in on a computer or you can I do it on your phone. Eight go to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen lie you don't have to listen their if you wanna listen on the radio or you can listen online. And I can during the Chad GV and I are always in there and a lot of times our guest is by the looks of it Vincent during the chat room tonight Koresh that. All I. And I it's it's surely agree bunch of people and and many many of them have been with those four. IG's you know six months before even nationally syndicated we're still doing not much and I'm feet so it's just it's wonderful the well. LeBlanc yeah AD it is great chat like. The people what they just tuning in people talking about it track in your. I think if I were working. Let me give it to you. If you believe your local and you deserve love. Eight and make a difference we wore it urine hole you squeezing valid why not. A pair and tell us how I squeezed melons includes electric. Now well so. It here a mock. Oh. You workers but law of attraction is not dependant on other people it is completely dependent on you. On the web site. Dependent upon it. Pop up beating balls are not a get. Ambushed. On it. In the library. Store you attract based on your beliefs. We repeat war that you're doing that the bottom line. Our let's go to the phone lines we have we have a listener who's got a question this is edge from Alabama edged welcome to beyond reality radio. They schedule here is shocked bill line. You know what my question. Bush's low. Appeared to be threatened road let people off. I don't picture yeah to the great question. Well edgy got. People that really are in our war now inside that UUUU. Old. That was really typical U that we had up to expectations. And so what it to you on now. I'm talking about the unconscious or. I had in mind is been on you so we're so they don't eat right and mine. So knowing what's going on Arctic and Ed what package that you actually when it comes to attracting relationship. Ingests it. Here and put yourself down. I'm not going to get anything good. I'm not going to get any in net worth while because I'm not. I know you don't. Need the crew is in the where every track in corner you don't is what you don't you. Start. Recognized. Actually we arrogant little touch. They get it I'm sure it made a but and so. I. Realize how well. Yeah Graham what. Are pretty low ball. It won't because they only issues. Art that the lines can only it was actually they were cute and sure we opted to rest and you know the rest. Bite. You in uniquely you are a magnate is being. Achieved in your what you start. What a little educational. Andy all the way you track I. Will be she worked on it and you can be better at. You'd shut our league you're better and what you're. And today lie a lot. Why contract. Thanks for the call edge we're gonna move on to Janet in Missouri Janet has a question for Vincent Jenna welcomed beyond reality radio. I gave her I can't think. And don't think I'm being modeling and I am I'm very heart broken I had my little questioning god. Run away on the eleventh and Q violent and a very small thinking around. I've looked everywhere I cannot I'm heighten your hair and they're out their current partners prepare reward. I've looked everywhere. Like I'm your daughters came close Eric. I feel that somebody has they won't eat at darling. Yeah I'm actually it back I owe you an appeal and there's a shot didn't fall. Which they do all that and and the clock is not anywhere in new year where you eat your home aides okay kind of like. We want to go way. Com and and west and a caller on the talks. Now. He never never quite going out buying all the sudden this. Bring out the door when I can't Gilbert. There's no dirt completely out yeah. You can't. All the local Mary. Hospital in the air. I've contact regret that now looks out Karen have a current tech and be sure. I contacted but when you. Are a little each yeah. UConn. Well that'll be they have that bet it up check. Okay I'm. It so obviously the talks to a chair a candidate or heard from new. I think you need to make a ball all cute and aren't. Child. Hall and a big they are treating. Beautiful ESP com. Let me let me read him I am bit. About. War I years Ole fatigue and family. Idol my child I'm. Eight but he's confused and he's missing you. Have been eating. Well. The cracks but I bet you bet you can find the dog eat. Out at that Mary. Back in actually lying did you change because. The whole purpose at the ship is they aren't good cheer and people. Don't teens are getting older I believe you'll be fine book. You know what within the next couple weeks short while all call that you veterinarian. Google and. Okay Janet thank you for the call and good luck in your search we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll have more with Vincent Janne of the telephone number is 844. 6877669. It's beyond reality radio with Jason and JB don't go away. And welcome back to the program are against. Vincent Jenna dot com psychic medium spiritual teacher we appreciate him being on the program we've got a lot of calls but before we get to anymore phone calls since. We wanted to turn the topic a little bit too. More than mediums side of the work that you do is talk with a bit about ghosts in a particularly interested. In your thoughts on. What we seem. To be seen which is this rash of possessions and demonic. Kwan teens and and this rather negative activity that Susan popping up all over the place even the church. Is calling for more priests to to become extra says and what's going on. And what what are your thought. Oh. I've got no. Problem going on the world stage are. You know company. The bottom line. We all people are spending a red. Or all souls. Stoker. OK you know I know there are sold and different dimension spoke the whole purpose so that. We eat humble that we experienced people describe a single one of them describe. It actually and it scratched or any Wednesday. From that. Third dimension which physical world Channel 8 hired in Nanjing. Order has been weakened match what are you want hole high and it and worry from the surgical irks. An Indy we. Line there's local Beers or six dimension I don't know. Many of those the magic they are to be her. If you had to trim a lot you're horrible negative or. You're so it should be Kurt and so are actually how it. So we use our way to guard. It's a very good change won't go route back why you vocal group McConnell will be X screen so why. And he. Is Europe so be sure I that your body get it that the grass. And now here's our energy. In between this dimension and back in action. All the world meet a chicken and creators sounding. See what they'll well we all. Soul it was purgatory when bowl and I can go one or not. What are the air Scopes. That role. RB. It get energy. Well it completely crushed right back that no actually. That they cannot communicate with we can't communicate what that. They don't communicate with the spirit world now because they become big idiot they become even angered. And all and they are all resentment even that. And it goal. ER two but our source. So he wore on me these negative dimension IV negative soul and meanwhile more walker did get. Are the ones that it just indigent. A lot of children. Soul that I mean here here area and they of course any arm ever. Erica real anger ones and what they want is black did you read it. There are anchor they're sick I make an entity. It's pretty water cooler ma. The 1 who I am not even you can have an employee who's gaining that. 88. In Boise it's its next attempt or how horrible they ought. And it not belong com long fees and compensation. And they do what you know what they they have more and more maybe inch and Andy I hit it becomes escalate. We will coast do church. Law should any one. We dealing that you get in what are you can't record anger record be an send or read way they want. The eagle. And eat into. Our bill so being able to bring its. It is that big. Bunch and I'd like I say I. Know we have the bleep you about it a bit. Orange. Oh. You. Andy has asked a disease and a dull so much. Pain. So you're in the victims. We can create and well we can create our own demons. We. Are all evil spirit speak out on limited being and well one bad thing yeah I you can. And B and soul. And cheat you and you're. Well all day. Yet now that but the one late. So I believe over 99% of balls so called possession cases have nothing to do it on demonic entity and I have expressed numerous times because. I really most of the time it's overactive over religious over medicated under medicated self medicated and all these different factors some mental disorders things of that nature. But do you believe that there are negative type entities like an inhuman types spirits that do roam the earth. You're distinguishing. Regular beatings are demons. Now there are only being created in the very beginning. We PE very demonic liked because our our she knew it accumulated. Immunity we would lead when we were occurring from the very beginning that we weren't greeted remembered him are all. Are all. OK. So how it would not. Only knocks. He became so. They sure are we. Hurt in nature. All we got that an agent. Read it will we see our. Our. War. Or in orbit that you united or are nothing ever made it create. China and Bill Stewart and most people that he he. It and that we. There are holes and music where what attitude are able untrue and middle eight years. And I didn't. We eat we shoot it and how terrible and that we were article. Cheri and read in power. Ultimately. If we lost power and what you will war. OK and months. And in order a short deep. Hole. It created a problem. Then he could not. Campbell all but. Certain legal entrant into unity on. But you know why. My eight error AT and scary that's been gavel. Created and social actual people. Church in order to be your cheek and it'll play. In DC. It. We are all saying being on top two. Any problems. Okay but you've heard cheers I. Strong little. Actually evil and you'd be correct information. By calling. It war. They want to scrap it. And it is our. And then you'd better and catalog and completely untrue. Completely. True I thought it senate but it okay ground. And exploded and actually. Rate and we need. You or that they. Our trend it would cut that we commissioners. And it was a weak union. Even spiritual a spiritual and your ego get up Congo the Keating we all. I'm saying we. Want we want it is and shall we. Actually yes. We aren't being autumn that it went and every year we can create all the excuse well we and the beat on the and why aren't in yet. Mystical and call. People to know all know it. I went to do and expo. Okay and I Lou. And not doing beatings of people. And people coming up Mike Wooten in my view well how you do it. Well or one in a future when not a good or shall not wanted to I might. Practitioners came to me and you'll be watching. School age you. Actually sit here. It. Banking watching and well all the people who believe it could. All all. Will square and down the market or screamed out. It because demons. And following everything else. Are they spirit and being speaker. And yes I do treatment are you actually get it he's here. No sense mean uniquely excuses. So. At all. It's it's it's just not real okay behind. And in an idea I get yours. The hole and double and everything came up in in the Middle Ages but I know that there's been talks a bow. Knew good and bad you know Guidant. In the double all the way back in the days of Persia and and all that stuff. So now 3500 years ago was one of the first. Now. What it talks were actually ate there it was referring to. The ad be. It and current and never ever ever Wear urgently science wars. They were hurt chew up and what we're capable. And I mean there aren't. But the major and where and rigging ancient text that we did not translate correctly big boat and our. Can we do not frankly and it acts and they are in and the wind. They are not talking at and TNG. Outspoken. Horrible that we went to ruby an angle where you. War when he went and picking up thinking what. Are were too late he was referring to speak our mind. You have got this week Iranian but he added. We knew we wait so everything will and that of course a neighbor or apple. And we get that date. EO and dabble in it and spelled backwards. Where or when you bit awkward you do it I thought that BP and O. When he created when you leave it backwards unit each unit like apple. And and we. That's what it actually knees without. So we created all those symbol that we can't take that little. And interest and Erica. Our let's go to the phone lines you've got Evelyn who's got a question for you Vincent Evelyn welcome to beyond reality radio. Well all I'm doing great thank you okay. It looked pretty good and most are. So he can bring some security. Analysts. Like. I would an accident about a year ago. And problems with putting. An end now. Aren't. Stay charter company. He still thereof Warner. At least till there. And we've lost double let's go to I Joseph in Massachusetts. Joseph welcome to be on reality radio. Thank you I have to think about that first comment on the I can't pronounce his name bit instance. The situation continued through very strong willed person and I come from the sit similar situation wouldn't sexual abuse it was physical or mental abuse. But I'm visually impaired. And now out of the wedding and I can talk if you lofty draft affect get your number may be doing to help me do were. Brief reading to them visually impaired in my lower income. And have been banned about my and we had suffered illness. Here that are so what you actually I can you now. Okay it will. Things get better I would going to be adopted into someone else's family but I lost doctor Miller contact. If he's still win this or is he gone. And when most of it died. Is weak it's worked out Internet anyway for people to get us into the light and go to my two questions. I can tell you. OK you know. You will be well there are already and number. I don't ego and all that I'm your your moderate. It. Yes you're correct and she was nasty and bitter and I forget I'm on error and give her hope and understands the mistake she unique UDP care. Is it your all your ignorance and anger all caught mutual and lol. I'm eight. Actually your boss. Do we are. We should do it when she why she's doing the hour got to you. I'm. You you really hard and well we meet you aren't beating but you get that now. War is. Cheap there are banned. No I'm not sure Stanley. Into it and we picture I see more coming your way. And in the way you read in the way of a new relationship. Is being. We eat you chose. The the are holding out much and why and. A I have. Have no independent releases and I know my mom left me a little money and will and she was spiteful but she apologized and whether I'll get it or not you bet the other boys a lot more. But no what are your family's help and media cut you off the that you won't you produce in Japan the following number. Well what you do go to my website at Jenna com. About how he would act and you can't. The real bear. We and you could. Bear I do or don't or just go my ankle. What I am not able to go their because I have difficulty. Joseph hold on the line and just just just hold on the line after this conversation will see ultimately we can help you out OK we have to take a break her to come back with more. With the instant Jenna beyond reality radio which this week. The ghost hunters are coming to buffalo chastened and Steve from ghost hunters are bringing their hit TV show live to the Riviera theatre. Tuesday October 18. This interactive presentation showcases examples of their favorite evidence some there's never seen before. With the VIP upgrade you choose your seat and attend a special Q&A session. Took the stage with the Riviera theatre and get your tickets now at Riviera box office wolf Hollywood entertainment inside the McKinley mall at Riviera theatre. God of war. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality ray. You'll remind you that taps her magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right if you're interested. When you need to subscribe to taps her majesty. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website caps Karabakh dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's capped a paramedic team where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Arab magazine again go to the website tab Tara Mac dot com. That's tabs paramedic dot com. Use promo code beyond just say. Welcome back to beyond reality radio we are here with a Vincent tenants Jason NGV were having a great conversation a lot of phone calls. Vincent we appreciate you are taking these cauldron go right to Robert in Kansas are Robert welcome to beyond reality radio. Both Serbs for your particular call thank you for calling. Sore Mr. President. When you're describing your drove there'd. There are prescribing buying. BP. I. I store clerk to the point where. And that I feel like. The image of reserves in the world it is. 10 boy burned. Is acceptable over the or in my lifetime I just I it just really really hurt sir I. There appear all that yelling your lot are done. Well I know I know what are you out here thing. It is it is very heart shall let go believe her and that we are here. It actually are. Though and we all want cheer. And I'll tell you why this many crimes that are a parent I client might all those that do not want to get rid. It erection ebitda to. Because it was so used to dealing with it depression as special many years. They had no I see it sacred deal with it. You've seen it you go you're paying. Then what happened is now you know excuse. To go way acted greens and action but you don't know your dream and passion. So your whole thing aren't cheap Spain's. Without you know what you doing this year unintentional. Leak holding on these things. Because it turns as an excuse not to go after action first you active you or worse the achieving. And no wink that he passion and purpose inside your heart how much you were hurt. It's inside your heart and you not gone yet you a book right. And the book is about your story. And the story is going to inspire other people but in order to get to wage. To be what to become vulnerable and let go out. That ain't candidate ensues and angers and the resentment could be only going to keep you going you're going to be equally be hanging. In the next few years if you don't do that. You do that because I'm no special person I think gate and let go back and oh you re opened our gate may yet to care. It is scary I'm not saying that it is. But there is no reason it serves no purpose to hold on committed even Nicki and I don't what we just you know old war. But it's only. Where are short weeks every game we make choices. And you can choose to no longer. And what you're thinking about you choose can no longer a factor in and you could mean yes she got her cards right you. Look any at least a walk and you want to keep your yeah. And I'm tired and yes I am. Parent an eye chart in that use goody it's great Condit are you come a long way. He got hurt that she got that last part you like coming not not the worst part you can try it completely around if you want yet stand. This burger. Then go lower. And look at it and stop criticizing so. Because that is there a lot Marc are there are. In your new car a military background on your. Where. Yet and it's not my quote let me reiterate. Right into it what. Is it your coach spoke or OK. Where sir I. All right thank you Robert thank you for the call we've got about thirty seconds to a four we have to go to break Vincent Dijjer. Training as a as a psychotherapist. And your abilities as a psychic medium to they converge in an innate and an explosive force would you say that's true. Absolutely it is so funny because that is that is why people are speaking I what. It would. All are all week rather pretty you know did it ever. So I went back to school we try to. He's tackled better it would limit in the DB. But what the problem oh wait a well used. In what. Not. Know why act be well there has been EG all of my experience I will be human much. All right we're gonna take a break more with Vincent Janet coming up it's beyond reality radio would Jason indeed. Thanks Eric Kahn might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Holland dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget if everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. Welcome back to honoring Hillary annual taste in his case he don't forget coming up. Alexander. Had a cough who. Is the guy that. Submitted the audio that we had played a couple of weeks ago of what he says is a bigfoot creature in the white mountains of New Hampshire which. It's kind of like a second home do you mean you spend a lot of time up there. Or use you as well you know I've always been out -- and I gaggle of right into the woods solo and then you and I during the winter and postal mailing instead of so if you can kind of let us know where it happened and the feeling I doubt they're really polish special looking around the winter and a lot of snow to slow big -- Dow which we should be able to catch those different snowmobiles in Toronto council cramps or if things are gonna come when Syria Timothy Bakley and Tim Schwartz. Pioneers in the U a full field. And than Thursday we Henry coral and Henry talks. Henry talks about this inner along hollow earth and these civilizations and it's it's really it's a neat concept and is one that. And spoken about for a long time and especially with a lot of these openings that. And it won't NASA knows about and so forth and actually go out and go down deep into the earth so. It'll be inching it has taken just go from there. Yeah it's going to be a great show tonight or guesses Vincent Janice psychic medium spiritual teacher and his website is Vincent Jenna dot com. And that's where you can go to get more information about Vincent again Vince we've had it would spin it's been a great program we don't have a whole lot of time left over get a whole bunch of phone calls. And we wanted to go right to Evelyn who got caught off earlier Evelyn welcome back with Vincent Jenna. Oh thank you on. Well I'm gonna cut it short I was gonna carry action and little over a year golf and be active all aren't I can and it legal for an MRI and an act which showed some crap on what my neck. Didn't burn copies sent me too and I and me in the eye and that was the actor who. Pre accident condition. And would that allow me gold who general Eric. So I went and I actor and another MRI done. Because that's. At first I am me. Screwed up on his report. I've got to fight me at C 267. Pounds. The cabinet the most ever await word apartments 78. Right onto the question I don't want you to get it all again okay. I'm mortar and get fat and and that the F he had surgery on my next. Since it is that from the not. Yeah actually cat I've I wish I could say bill out Evelyn right. And you know you're not a knee surgery. And it is a lot of strikes and you're like that weakening though get in the you know even earned much. Com. And so eight fusion is where I'm seeing in the very near future or YouTube to mediate and she backed what you should be paying attention to more than anything out there RE crappy insurance companies do that that you can. Due to get help you subject but take chair you're so urged pat Kennedy the most important OK and I won my out. I did not make our. You've never known anybody else what you. Eat it I'm manner Evelyn. At. Thanks for the call and when you good good luck with good luck with with resolving that here's Marianne in bus home Marion welcome to beyond reality radio. And the to drink pretty easy and it. Being here which actually. Okay pat can make you very honest story is certainly key and hours of fact I usually have a place for many many many arms. In February it's before my expert and you displaced in the last faster world. They gradually adapt to me at a convenience is currently the United States says that I had from what I mean. Actor I tactic. Go into question I got back in the picture it. You. Definitely are legal Obama was Matt however I would typically mentally in. Mary and areas million. Just look we get to go right to the question is around a time. Okay different planes that land tapped it mom. Larry King she didn't and they were pretty good god. Don't ask for you know for him you know forget where. And does so I'll pray and talk to in the air hoping. You know as a spare she would hear me and I am wondering if she didn't. Got you all I'm trying to make a good thing she did wrong including spew a lot of people there. I'm dialogue on the other side and mayors that Beijing cannot. Leave Vietnam could change you'd been damage they're all they are rooting for you and went in control you know you meet so at this point area and now. Collect call that CNET tech duke and it will be back you're at work while you'd you'd want it all we've been a good part and now I'm really blew all the and they are an. Egg to quietly you'll hear okay. OK. Or not. Yes thank you Marion Barry welcome we have we're gonna take two more calls for Vincent and and we're gonna ask that our callers get right to their questions. Because we don't have a lot of time left so let's go to show on in Massachusetts on your on beyond reality radio. Type. You can direct while you are 80 or eight. Are you wish to harm premonition in age. And a couple of Cha and. I would sure right yeah that two people. Two different challenge people who go to guy reported chime. And really think well mashed up. And I actually had a line though that name Warren. In my bag I would too rushed to shop at. It's accurate color is. Critic you or your a look at don't want it opened a hole in the whole match up. And great resource or equal true. You can actually see dot org. And look up is material. On how to become Arctic. You want are open back or because if you change the world would explore alternate. Control but it easy for you that it ain't so here a Lebanon just sweating in the neck okay you can working your paper and I believe that that we introduced her choked it. From there it right. Mary thank you Sean let's take one more prevents and this is Terry dietary welcome to beyond reality radio. I had Qaeda and I get a candidate than a little extra element. Moment. What's your question Terry. And I om and very quickly. Ayalon that friend. In college and mom. The last and I saw him rumor making the argument. It happened you're down 47 now and it. Now every day I blame myself. That I never got it I'm. Sorry you are that I love them. I just wonder if you could. Down. Don't worry about back on net eat Uga can't open that spell out what would be. While the accident in all being. Car. Yeah okay. Back right experts in here that she sang. Where he's get Oprah back all I got back ago. Back Sheen and a peaceful way. Com he's doing fine any hole we stand we all we get angry we think we don't wanna say. But she forget and you out long ago you need to beat you yourself because you're not. Due. Out we we know people are Pete Oakley on the other side what we want to make. And it beat you will be quicker our children needing to know. Do you still look mean you still believe in me yet that darling unique and we can you get better relationship at this point okay. There's no Barack all right thank you terrier and welcome. Vince and we only a couple minutes left before we have to let you go I didn't wanna mention that Joshua Ashley's story and do the work you've done their. Kenny and about sixty seconds tell us what that's about. My gosh yeah. It adds to work with the war at all odd collection or are eight. Misuse Ers. And you'd deployment. Is sergeant sergeant too late and wiped out in that data and in the or war talk. Here a routine. Because it was we'd be eight. At Joshua was that brought and spent right Donald and and and will be quite refusal or what but it Olympic connection with the law. Information not only about that all. But about it and about the market are now at the Balkan dog and a serious. Out. We've got some songs written what the dog and how Josh comes to me. That we need to connection. Between the two albeit the mom. Josh has rubber and Joshua Powell born yet and it was the most amazing yielding crops would agree that they were. Leaders at this crowd Chalabi connection with the ward off and now they are the appeal and so he'll end date are which are actually people BP realm all speak dog or what's been an amazing story and YouTube. Like. On my. Age. Imploring you to. Heck she these dot com. Com. You know people whole story about how serious it all and he and his arms beat world. They aren't serious message to me it was an eight and touching story UK cable or YA PP and made it big. About it including nick and keeping it at all shelter within the next month or so. It's a great story. I know we mentioned the web site a couple times but mention it again and any other way that you would invite folks to get in touch with him. Jetta compact BI and CE EG. And eight got all aren't emailed Bob arts. All of my co pay so we end inkjet. He hit my eight acting in Munich beat. In or opt in. Their weight at the action by. Well sourced and books to read on air on my right. Cold there and I'll be Euro area. Will a month or radio show will be show are radio show like this one so so keep communicating with me. You sign off at eight you can actually bigger we audio wanna might on lectures all like. All our movement I had all the wonderful lectures on and bury it now so cold air should. I'm going to be the best way to keep it in the nation and watched it depends I. Great thanks Vincent is better able credit it's been a terrific evening we really enjoyed having on the program it's beyond reality radio with Jason entry. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps her magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right. If you're interested. When you need to subscribe to taps her majesty. Now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website is caps Karabakh dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at checkout and save even more on your subscription. It's that's paramedic team where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Error magazine again go to the website tab Tara Mac dot com. That's caps paramedic dot com use promo code beyond just. Rory welcome back to I don't really read you Jason Hawes and Jeannie Johnson we're gonna write to our phone lines we've got an old friend it's the amazing funky. Plenty far he was gone on pages and just how I just doing really well funky thank you very much yet thanks for Conan what's going on what's on your mind tonight. I wanna touch you guys because I have. And amazing to me and told me I should run for our president is pretty much how they're calling patient run for president. In this election in 22016. President renowned and guess that would be correct that Kansas had talent Trent and Hillary. They're armed that would be Clinton or I don't click OK and so what it was is higher calling telling you. Well first half I think yes let's not paint brands whole idea my focus group. And it came back very very passenger. Oh you did a focus group to to judge whether this was a good idea or not that. This totally correct and it was very very well received yeah I think it would be OK so where did you. Reduce sole focus group. Well it was with my niece Christine gives life and also with my my caddie Joseph hi can I can't fund or craps. What did you just do see your cat was named Joseph hope ha ha you dog thought thunder cats yes my my taxi just chill ha. But no my balloting it's funnier crack. Its founder craps thunder craps on why would you want language you named your dog for under craps look pretty obvious any ten. Bankers he craps ultimately sell the house would make bank. Hello my couch Sosa descriptive name if you. Probably in check too but Joseph launch don't move which you come up with that what I was just and it. I just can I don't share my feelings together. Would two names would that happen to be out way you have because javy and I actually own a jock company when I'm. England it was big John. Ha sound John Hough if you don't mean like Johnson and cause I'm pretty pretty darn close so OK so move on your neighbor stand. Your cat Jo Han most enjoy your schedule are injured dogs foundered. Crops and they think this is a good idea that you run for president or they think this is an easy. Hey governor it's a higher calling and gas as you pointed out there. And I already been raised a 120. Dollars and thirteen cents Bucky grad know it takes hundreds and get millions of dollars to run for president you know that right now I think in most people because in my abilities they're going to be very well received and I can need to raise a ton of money and throw it away as Canada and playing music kind of like you know it's things that I can. Spent money on for myself and saying you can lesson plans. So let's forget the fact that the money is lacking let's forget the fact that you particularly you can't get in and any ballots because all those. Dates have come and gone. And so it would have to be right in candidacy he do you have any gender a platform that he that you are running on. Just absolutely I think fish should be. And day. To celebrate. My amazing abilities and the possibility that then me in the future be others who might be some lack. Some lines like I. So like an amazing abilities day would be a national holidays that your platform actually actually advancing green I DJP and. Actually right yeah that's good news. Each. Slash. OK so that late the only. Big idea that you you have flown that's the only one I cannot listen fun action and can take a couple of gallons. Has some great great against Jack. I should maybe think well the only thing that comes in my from me is that. There were actually economy via the world is inflames the economies in the tank. You know we've got a lot of problems that the next president is going to have to address you're gonna need a little bit more than just an amazing abilities day. Well okay counterattack calling and I want to nation is actually GS now because he you guys to be my running meats you're running mates Tony need just one other one hour. I I think I can change tacks well. Our Jason including my PP GE U can BI PP HI VP. Is that even more I have is that I don't worry if it works but but it's an honor I mean I'm I'm very honored funky to be included in the. Sprinting to tackle Jonathan slash. Can't do nothing personal and sent escalating great talking to you and me she is right our funky for president. In 2016. He. That's correct that together I would never be the area to OK thank you guys happy instant. Thank you funky Bucky for president don't go more beyond reality radio coming out with Jason NG on the you know now a lot of my disorders down though and we only a few minutes. But. It's nearly all of the jays who play the gimme my. My VP I don't know what he's done a CPI is got a 120 bucks or something like that so that's going to be after the campaign staff wanted to take a minute. Before we do anything on the phones if we even have time to do that but we didn't we have we were up against breaks with the legends and Jenna go really quickly isn't it great yes just awesome I just wanted to thank him for a terrific. Now warning half a little bit more than that actually and I know that the chat room loved it. A nor callers loved and I certainly learned a lot as well so full of energy to run ahead this hour tonight. Well I don't that's like it sounds like gays it's a mid afternoon for him by the Knight is great and and definitely a big shout out goes to him for a coming on and and talking and just discussing. All all that he did. Yeah and there's so many topics that we didn't get a chance to get to just because there are so many topics and we had so many phone callers there were anxious to speak with him so we'll have him back on the program. And have a good chance do that against speaking of that let's take a look at who we've got coming up tomorrow night it's Alexander. Pet a cough who is a filmmaker and a bigfoot researcher and it we don't want a big foot programs recently Jane we we had originally said you know kind of wanted to space amount a little bit but. Reason we're bringing Alexander in his because he did record that. Big foot. Audio up in the white mountains of New Hampshire which is a place that you and I spent a lot of time. And we thought to be really interesting to hear more about that story how we've got the noise where was all that stuff. All men now once we get Timothy Bakley and Tim Schwartz. They're UFO pioneers and you know they've got a lot it's talk about also. Swartz an Emmy award winning television producer. So it is that can really go hand in hand brake trying to document some of these things and answer them Thursday we've got Henrik role. And expertise and collaborating studies biology physics in stellar orbit. And he wants we're going to be talking to him about this whole hollow earth theory. Which many believe is highly probable. Yeah it's going to be a great conversation in this is when we haven't talked about on the program yet so that's why I really interest I brought it up to numerous signs yet that that they also have the hollow moon theory. Where thanks and we're going to be talking about that in the later program but. Where. And at one point drop part of the satellite oh part of a ship and head and it started ringing is if there earth was how. It's incredible when you really get into the details of it and just wonder you know we landed on the moon and we back then we never went back life. Right that's really makes you wonder if we we found something that hey we just figured I well this is not our place today. And yes and you also find it interesting that when we first went to the moon it was an undertaking a monumental proportions. Going back it seems like whether technology. And our advances in and rocket technology. And in on all the things that computers all these things that are progress so far it seems that could be so much easier. To make that that trip back and yet we still want to death and he'd think. It's just I don't know I it's amazing but the big shot out again to. To our guests tonight and you know from Vincent Jennifer coming on talking with us and may she tune in tomorrow we got a great show planned. Again this is Jason NGV you can chill monuc and. Our our our errors produced by split their hearts and hope perhaps Alexandria Johnson for Entercom radio we don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a lie can say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow upon or you'd like to be guest on beyond reality radio. Email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.