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Creepy Clown Craze. 10/7/16

Oct 7, 2016|

What do you make of all these stories about creepy clown sightings?

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The. That's a matter you don't like clowns. It depends. It depends. The Kitsap my daughter's birthday party I love them. If it's midnight in the parking lot across the street. And he's just standing there may be holding a knife. I run in the other direction but that's just me okay my friends it's time to land a grand on WORK don't. Text the word warm W a RM. 27288172881. You could win 1000 dollars that's warm 272881. Okay my friends I just wanna give all of your reminder. We are gonna have a very special. Addition of the corner report starting at 7 o'clock this Sunday when a beyond life. Taking your calls pre debate show. It's going to be Hillary. And Donald around to their rematch. And then will carry the actual debate live from nine to open and thirty. Once it's done at 1030 or 1030 ish we're gonna come back on with a post debate show. Analysis reaction I'll be taking all of your calls so we're gonna be on live from seven until midnight Sunday. Here on WRKO. The voice of Boston. I hope all of you can join me and the debate coverage this Sunday is powered by American auto transporters. Fast reliable and convenient visit ship car dot com okay. Speaking. Of class. There is an epidemic literally it's it's an epidemic. I was at my recent Stop & Shop shopping there was that a couple days ago. At the cashier at the people who are bagging the groceries all I swear and all they kept talking about. Wish these epidemic of these creepy clowns. And apparently now there have been incidents in over twenty states it's going all the way up to Canada even in Nova Scotia and other places in Canada. It allegedly started in August. Whereby in South Carolina. Somebody saw a tool clowns dressed up in with the creepy mask and everything and they claim. Is that they were trying to kill somebody in the warts. Griese. I got balloon blowing yeah. So I don't know we'll lose. At hand this hole I kid you not. There have been videotaped having that people have been videotaping clowns sightings everywhere. Clowns at ninth clowns on the side of the rolled clowns in the wards. Clowns in parking garages clowns in and dark alleys. And it's gotten so bad that there are actually have been several clowns creepy clowns we'll column imitators whatever they are. For example one in New York. A creepy clown this is just a couple days ago on a subway. In Manhattan. And started to chase a teenager out of a train station he was wielding a knife. The clown once. And there was like I was trying to like stabbed a teenager. And a teenager basically ran for his life. As the creepy clown was trying to to stab. They say that other creepy clowns have tried to stab her assault other people. In twenty states the problem is. That now everybody seem creepy clown wants. And so I'm not kidding you've got police chiefs. Who are now complaining that they're getting so many calls of creepy clowns are a potential creepy clown attacks. Betty it's draining. Public resources. 911 calls the police. And you've got university campuses. Whereby for example in Syracuse. The Syracuse University is now because the students are so afraid of the clowns I swear to you. That there warnings still wins do not assault cock clowns. If they see one on campus. Or god forbid if they should see one on Halloween. And they're saying if look it's not a crime to Wear a clown suit. And if you see somebody McLeod suit and you attack come they say it's gonna be a violation of the lights and assault. Quote just stay away from that person I'm headed the opposite direction. And it's getting so bad listen to this story this is Emmys is just an incredible story. So with all of this hysteria it's a wave of hysteria. Gripping this country about clowns creepy trounced the series of all these creepy clown sightings. There is footage that has now come out. Whereby it's a group of teenagers they were just sort of hanging out in their car. And one of their friends wanted to play pranks army collapsed but it's just a little bit funny. And so we dresses up as a creepy clown with the creepy clown mask and everything and he's holding balloons. And he walks up to the car and the car I don't know where it is more secluded air in the area that is hanging out having fun. And he just stands in front of the car. And so literally baked or taping is and they start freaking out in the car. Going nuts in the car. Well one of bomb ends up grabbing a baseball bat. And he gets out of the car and he smashes the guy Dick in the in the clown suit in the Meeks. And then a couple of other friends jump you could see on the audio and they start wailing on the ground I mean they're beaten the hell out of the clown. And then they finally run back into the car and then they rush off. And this guy's like on the ground on if beaten target eleven beaten to a pulp feel like guys it's it's meets Joey yeah. I'm just horsing around there was a gag. Yeah yeah yeah Romeo has got yeah. I'm real. Yeah are you serious. I don't know. And gore and his crew broke solid sound and the Euro. Oh and let's go. Around. And I. I mean it occurs a mug him out of a car are much remembered Karr. I mean the guys about Leo areas I mean so it's getting so bad listen that is. So in north Redding now this is in masks. Even though there have been no direct threats in north threading that town's police chief Michael. As well as the superintendent John Bernard. Are saying now because they're citing club has been clowns sightings like near schools and near the kids and stuff. They're saying now that they're coordinating with state and federal law enforcement. To address potential clown threats. Sold their soul worry of these creepy clown than maybe they're gonna assault students. That mother bringing state and federal law enforcement. Now. Look I saw very creepy clown. Scared the hell out of me I don't know about you that was Tuesday night that was Tim Kaine. That was creeping gain. I mean the creepiest clown I ever saw who is on Tuesday night. And if I saw him look at the parking garage or whatever walk in the hallways here earlier that might I've got rock. A rock Britney the other way it. Here Britney Ron run for your life run for your life. That's the only combat I'd seen. And so it's getting so bad. You're gonna think I'm joking god is my witness it's not a spoof. They've now formed deport clowns have formed an organization. Or group called clown lives matter. I'm serious and they're gonna start protests thing they wanna hold rallies. To stop this discrimination. Against the clowns. It's gotten so bad if you have professional clowns. Saying we're leaving the business. We're just quitting it's not a word that. Nobody wants the higher singing more for birthday parties or functions are events. And now I get we get verbally abused we get insulted. We're getting physically a pack. It's it's almost like we've become non persons. It's almost like we've become public enemy number one and so there's amassed defection of people now leaving the clown business completely. They don't longer wanna be clowns. So they'll pull question of the day is this. Are you afraid of clients. Mike if you see a guy walking on the sidewalk or on the street when a clowns who are you afraid. If the answer is yes. Dad Jeff he's creeping clowns or start a creep me out tax the letter age this 68680. If on the other hand a clown is just the call my own and you know why. He like young clowns are nice they make kids laugh they blow humble loans they play tricks. Nothing wrong in being a clown your not scared by a clown. Tax the letter. 68680. Has always you can vote online at wrko.com. Brittany are you in eighth or be. Coming out with a yes I am you're really you're scared of clowns. I. Apply you don't know what to good Connell at the backlog and anymore. See instantly less walking you know what if you're driving in the middle of you know of the night and I'll listen he's a clown Cannata. Like about the ones or something I run him over. Getting it's a joke it. So I tell you early there I kind of feel like the ones at a Nancy's book proceeds. How many people have their phone out there videotaping. And I'm not and is cloud has a mile away and their like. Hey is clout and use it like coming out of the woods a lie when talking about. The cloud has a mile away so I think those siege. But and you hear the reports that their stabbing people and they're chasing people. So I don't know I just think you know it is October how millions around the corner. Different spooky world this weekend draft you know what's gonna happen if there's a clown might and I know whether to that kind of background you know if they're not making. You know those balloons is animal lions balloon animals. Now we don't know. While I would just what I would do is this there flat earth party that's what it means like a member parties but like the perfect excuse for these killer clouds covered mountains and start knifing people. Legitimately Shep. I ski in it and I'm now watching to make cloud. Wisconsin and video on demand planner. And having nightmares so your telling me on Halloween if you go trick or treating with little means toward them. That if you see a clown on the street what you clinical and what I'm where I'm hurt or Brian Hanoi he serious. And not mean I'm not a non won't be afraid of spicier clown. I'm I just feel bad for my national and Ava because now they wanna get dressed up as compliments passionately and why again. Because somebody can't just outside in baseball by Torre running that Brittany she may take a baseball bout did you start beating. Baseball bat that audio player who isn't baseball bat in their car on using a whole thing with stage yeah. A bat their car. Britney Hockney and I'll conspiratorial all of a sudden oasis and then useful thing in making a conspiracy theories. She signaled this as it can tiger like some are real and summer state. I think all the things are being being put upon feast on I think everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame and most of the Claude Kabbah and chased after it would blow the whole line but the way they were wailing is beating on that Clapton I don't know I when he is WW we wrestling yet product really. Us. 6172666868. Is the nominee. Of father and Massachusetts that was cheer I was falling a school bus and a with a stupid clown mask on a funny. We mean the father is where your comments here that's not much but it was dark I would I thought there was a guy with a clown mask in the bus notice. Following the bottom for a winner column that at bat but was he serious or was kidding he got arrested. But what did he say was easily was stalking her was just having fun use at chair Alex you're a kid asks me. Six once wrestling now with everyone at all these clown these clowns sightings. Look the only thing honestly that will scare me. Is if after Sunday's show at midnight when we're done it's dark I cross the street. There's a number of parking garage and I just see a big giant clown. I. He's just standing in the dark right there. You know maybe you're holding something in his hand you don't know what it is. They just kind of standing there may be good for rocking a little bit left and right and back and forth and ominously toward little pay me enough. I'm not going into that parking garage none on I don't know. Then I wanna call security but tonight you elect clowns but you know all that that's it now I say forget it. But outside of that clowns don't scare me. But that's just me 61720666868. What do you make of this epidemic really say it's a wave of hysteria. Of people now being frightened by creepy clowns sightings of creepy clowns. People dressed up as clowns around getting beaten up because people are so afraid they may be stalkers are killers are or murderers. And do the clowns have a point. Abdul clown lives matter are they being discriminated against 61 I stand what the clowns except Mott and came. But that creepy clown know. Greed became I don't stand with. But deed to professional clowns. I stand with them frankly their Barrett the politicians dare more honest. Mark in Woburn go ahead mark. Asia I don't hurry. Yeah I don't know all I tried our road to claw and jumped on the note should I destroy a more learned and what they act you know why risk. Crazy go on summit China stretchers some. Short while I mean it's yeah that your comment on the road America in the first additional senate. Policy you'd run over the clown if someone's side of the road. If she jumped in and why didn't try to stop all. Holes. Cook. Mark we'll look at Kmart blood. Art and that's about uncles got I think. It's okay mark. You're at a Dunkin' Donuts OK here in the parking lot whenever you have a coffee maybe don't know or muffin. Let's say you're listening to the pats game OK whatever the Red Sox. And you see a guy in Cologne sued in the park. And he's just you know walking around you gonna run them over mark. No I would do that it's most likely be optimistic called me the B Arista like. Not lawyers say that's him and Tim Kaine doors of the biggest clowns a ball and I'll play this that dear leader. Those massive years and years ha. He would make a great clown phenomenal clown 61720666868. Okay. Are you afraid of clowns. These creepy clowns have they quaint you out and if you see a clown. You feel threatened. Are you going to be afraid. Rory just gonna say I clown is clown. Thank you saw it creeping came on Tuesday night. If we could survive him could survive any crime 61720666868. All of your calls thanks. Well yeah. Jeff. Cam video middle Borough go ahead can't. And I (%expletive) awesome show thank you can. I I just complete when I our best I sent my god there even repeating their arms and all was over again I would change in the eighties and spray water ask those big deal. They had supposedly some guys who would drive around ice cream cart stressed as clouds they'll wipe gross well oil waste out. Abducting people and I had a lot of mud but they are either a year and they actually stop the guy on the way all they aren't at all well. Kevin you remember John gacy. Yeah yeah where he would gore addressed as the clown killing people and stuff. I mean now kind of you know I mean dialogue arming and all of a lot of this has been like knife attacks their. And most of them are just people looking creepy but. You know I got to tell you. Do you think it's the kids that are just being imaginative like Brittany thank senator staging all of this. Or do you think there's something going on where people are trying to like imitate p.s like a killer clowns these creepy clowns. I think simmer that could be just can't because I pragmatic streak that reached orbit she thought and no one else ever saw that I was a Kitna like you. Tell us troop you're related to amber yeah. Kevin I remember growing up member Ronald McDonald is a really big thing the way it was great. And my father would take mimic Donald that you meet Ronald McDonald when I think of clowns I think of Ronald McDonald. Now you think of clowns and to think John gacy. Well they're great detriment dolls in Albemarle and a clown bit about the picture or Ronald McDonald they put up on the wall look more like they are jumping that was started bloody out wanna deal our question it was quit. I look like don't care what. Council. I just don't get what I wanna see that Ronald McDonald trauma held. Our Kevin let me let them yes it looks like get Tim Kaine doesn't look like creepy game. Are pretty much. I. I don't tell you honestly look at that face. You the truth they did they go back look at that face that. We evil smiling is BI browns beat the crazy eyes he was that he looks like you know Jack Nicholson in the shining. If you look like the Joker in Batman and how Mike won't you we're bug about creepy clown is just look at contained but look at him. Important and avoid the pot there. URGL. 237 year on the great WRKO. Okay my friends will take all of your call 6172666868. There has been an epic damage. Off creepy clown sightings. The media is now describing it as a wave of hysteria. I can tell you let's Stop & Shop all of the cashier's. As I'm waiting in line right to get my to buy my food. They were all talking about creepy clowns all of them then the people bagging the groceries I mean everybody at all they could talk about. And as a lot of the techsters are pointing out they think Steven king blow it for the clowns what is novel it. Which I was it was turned into a movie. And so a lot of people are saying Jeff freely in the end Blaine Stephen king and Lou. Well yeah. This is from eight over to Jeff almighty god. Might patient just brought any news clipping. With him dressed as a clown did you ever read Stephen king's novel it. And up up up up up up. A. 617. Jeff fact. Apparently gacy didn't go around in a clown costume killing people he dressed up as a clown for parties. Gacy could be big guy living next door to you that you say good morning to or high to every morning. This is from 508. For criminal this are actually that too creepy. Jeff my seven year old granddaughter on choose day. Was near this swings with a friend jarring recess. When a late teen early twenty year old girl. Walked over to them showed a clown on her phone to the girls and said he knows where you live. And will come and get you. They ran through the teacher. Funny you need to get buzzed into the school building but you can walk on to a school playground. This is in New Hampshire. That's not funny. I mean if what that girl you know if you walk up to seven year old kids in you've shown pictures are clowns and they know where you live and they'll come and get you. Even if that was a joke that's my fun. There it is just not funny 617 to a segment that's me 61720666868. It's. Her in Woburn. Almost order. Let me order you're on the air scooter. Saying I dude Jeff I'm and a I'm done a wonderful first time call load wicket Juan timeless. This welcomes. Thank you hey you know lighter burden talk about carries of baseball bat elect Barack. Yes yeah well. I don't. I'd like I used to believe that newspaper's morning. And when I was doing it. It was crazy. So while one time I'm I'm I'm shuffle my newspapers ground and I turn around and this something that mine mine you'd say this square hole. And it is taught turnaround. On his second slightly. Shocked I was gonna attack me and then one time. Although I have. Com. And so that the cops history. What you got that for president exactly what you think it's well. So in the final scooter a lot of people have baseball bats at the house or in their car for protection. I mean not everybody can be Brittany what a 44 Magnum you know what I'm saying scooter. Don't all don't understand what don't think god bless you buddy I'm glad you're an American citizen out those who you for a long time. Thank you scooter right appreciate it thank you my friend 6172666868. Look any topic is on the table. We can talk about hurricane Matthew we can talk about the debate on Sunday which you think trump needs to do we can talk Syria. But let me ask you this yet what all this epidemic of clowns sightings in creepy clowns. Like I mentioned to a previous caller you're at a Dunkin' Donuts you're at a dairy queen your router wherever. There have been a little snack here relaxing you know listening to direct talks are listening to music or the patriots when Brady comes back on Sunday or your car. And you see a creepy clown or somebody in a clown costumes in your parking. In all honesty. Are you afraid. Do you leave. Or do you just say it's a clown. All this is much ado about not. 61720666868. George another one in Woburn. Great show you George I get slaughtered her briefly talk about the debate coming up Sunday yes. And quote I'd like to see trump prosecute Hillary on the other three major scandals and back which I haven't come up yet. It sounds awfully simplistic. But it basically writing on April. Really concise. Focused talking point talking point could go into it in two minutes. And basically have antlers. It'll tell trumpet basically MR I at least point. And practice saying it would have been hearing it again just sitting around and talking about the idea. You need at eight pretty basic memorized permanency in and that's my point. And I hope not too long is going to be difficult at town hall style meeting. But. I thought I heard that the moderator you're gonna ask a few of the questions. If they do as the time to get these in the matter what he has to do it. Did you switched topic to get into ticket confiscating things in the earlier in the debate content other. That's likely because I'd been getting frustrated these parties and cutting out and money to it. And not really crisp and chat in Korea. Do we. Really icon and Georgia are they think you're spot on look. My advice to trump is this a we'll talk about it in greater detail Sunday starting at 7 o'clock for our special corner report. So will do pre debate showed taking your calls. We'll cover the debate and then at about 1030 local and take a post debate show taking your calls Salma beyond seven till midnight live this Sunday. But my advice to trump is very simple. That's the one strike against him that many people say again and again is they wanna see him be more presidential. More statesman like doesn't mean he can't be tough doesn't mean can't be forceful doesn't mean you can't take it to Hillary. But stop it looked dead the dead the funny faces. Stop it would the facial gestures. Stop a cutting her off when she speaks just let her serve which he's got to say that you come back that are hard. In other words you have to come across like you can be the commander in chief and the leader of the free world. And so my advice to him as deep presidential. Stand tall. Showed dignity show costs but you've got to take a tour. And you've got to have a couple of paragraphs in your mind memorized. Where you here. On Ben Ghazi on the Clinton foundation on the emails on Libya on Syria on iShares on the Russian reset on her record. You gonna pour it all together. And you do that. And you hammer her. You can't lose. Now the town hall is his Forte. He likes people he bounces off their energy. He likes dealing with people they can kind of feeds off the energy and a passion of the crowd so I think any town hall will suit him better. But if he's gonna try again to be well Chelsea's in their home and I don't want her Chelsea's feelings and if you've got to look you're gonna caulk it. You you've got it caught it. It's round two you've got to go for the knockout. And I think with Mike Pence having done so well launch Tuesday night's debate. It's gonna set up trump very well for Sunday night. If trump fox presidential. And trumpets focused and on message he will destroyer. But iffy starts with the insults or the the facial gestures or that stray you know other than that that the facial movements and the rolling of the guys because the camera turns right awaiting him. Jaded they always wanna catch a look as quote unquote before nation as possible. So he's got to be for ninety minutes he's got to be ultra disciplined. He does it he wins Sarah in Bedford going head sour. There actually called let's talk about Cabrera set am if you get that way into Tampa no I'm just joking aren't. With trump I'd think they'd need to take away his Twitter account at earth and them I think he'll probably do trying to the next debate with that being account top. Up. And then with the clown and now I don't peseta crown before it was cool but I have to say it is ridiculous it's going on right now however. I am hearing things on track and and local neighborhood. I don't call that the school and I and that the school. I'd start a note from my friend she said that someone stands and know what to the high school her daughter and with a list of didn't name. Threatening that they are gonna come in a clown cars cost him and killed these students and he's so people are out. I don't know who is not match ups are. I hope they catch them I hope they get charged appropriately meg they go to jail because at that particular armed to scare people like that. Saro while I did not hear this. Yep it's done I know. Right over here that there I don't think and know when somebody get caught high school threatening you know on a bomb at a knock out Arantxa. On and down in Florida is where my friend is that I am. Her high school glad I had a threatening letters today with students' names policy about and it and saying that they're gonna come on kill Christians. So I am I mean you can't get people being a little. Sickening I mean it's disgusting Sarah I wanna askew and when asked the audience is all kidding around now we all kidding aside forgive me no kidding around. To me growing up honestly Ronald McDonald clown parties. I always associated clowns with something positive happy. You know kiddy like fun. Where did this come in our culture and panel Stephen king's novel it but generally that clowns are menacing. Clowns are evil. Clowns or something to be afraid of almost diabolical. How what happened in our culture that now suddenly you put on a clown suit and it's almost like you're intimidating people. Yet you know honestly I am I don't know why I always catch it in public and I would get hysterical I don't think it's not like them. By he's thinking it movie definitely it was dale. And them and you know I. I have country and knowing other people also don't like crap I don't feel so old without admitting it. But up and reminded I have a plea. Loved OxyContin. I can hear when barking in the background Saro. Thank you so much for that call I appreciate it god bless you Gunner in middle world golf. OK. Let's go to okay taught taught in Framingham go ahead taught. Guys thanks take my call. I think we need to take a moment here step back. Sitting at all outgoing. I don't candidate. We'd be had people we shall all eat like playing those are the building and oil output. It really where you can make or something like that brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant but got away. Maybe only 8% while about. I thank you read it. Took in. North. Regret that cloned. The medical insurance Cordoba at a party that's NB a creepy part about all all that there are pocket did you. That it is so much star got a bingo I mean behaving ago Melanie but think about it. Look look at how people are so afraid client's rights I told you my Stop & Shop. Might might cashier. Hi Hank clowns I'm only saying it can't I can't stand them are not find any dirt creepy I don't wanna see you clown. And I'm thinking is exactly what pudge is said. But Islamic terrorists that. Doesn't worry. So hold a star put it spices says. C'mon now a clowns will all old Jeff. Jeff Adam were run him over what museum. I ya ya yeah. Gunner in middle Borough galway. Had not. Played at high. Let's watch I don't really glad that such yes. Go ahead my friend the floor is yours ought to clown in auto care that we're clown suit Europe Britain has sued or pay an already 30%. There are gonna come out you didn't design itself. Nobody I think we've got our I think what's going on is like Q did you see somebody in clown suit holding balloons. Another taken baseball bats or what is it the University of Pennsylvania to students. They were like charging after a clone. Know the pork clown is I think the corps birthday party here's something he's walking across campus and all of a sudden is like a mob chasing around. I you know really I mean they're bad answer the gov closed door quitting McKinny intelligence it's too risky. It's like you were getting shouted out sworn out obscenities and threats against buzzed like what happened we're just gained balloons the kids. Lisa in Boston go ahead Lisa. Hi yeah I just don't get a kick out of it because you are talking about trump. You know the election and content then it came to I'll be blending together. But I don't understand I remember as a little kid not liking cloud that as an adult I did. Didn't take care of them because they look to reach out be. You are out. I might feel bad about what's going on where you know bam get attacked enough I kind of I don't think that's right. But I just never really to get them. One thing I want you guys mentioned at all I just came on to the show com did anybody mention John Wayne Gacy. You mentioned earlier today actually and that kind of got an outdoor people all assassinating the world serial killer and thank. I just got to go out. John Maine geisha in addition accurate you know Sheila are a lot of people. Police have very different back call. Does a great tax I just wanna find it. 781 Jeff that I thought the when I was looking for those cigarette tax. Jeff this suicide clowns are everywhere. Okay c'mon where I really wanna find it. Come on baby come on baby wearing is a lot of lot of attacks coming in here hold on hold on yes there it is 617. I think is the text for today. Jeff does generation beat Hitler in Japan. Mowlam meals are afraid of clowns till. Bombs in New Jersey I've got a minute gulf floor is yours pomp. Jeff cooter succeed or KL on a Friday while police still have our freedom in America that triplets without any. So what's your mind Toms Chad. One point it's funny. Hillary would make a hell of a creepy clown. But jets for the next debate here's what I want Donald Trump to do I want him to wander all. Referred to Hillary rotten this podium. Spool little water on her seeing if she melts if she doesn't bell. We looked at her little teleprompter. And tell America she's cheating she had a teleprompter go and jabs did you pick that up it's on the Internet. I thought I owe her nothing surprises me John thirty seconds in Boston John go. I I don't get. Out so up back in the olden days when people actually it's like I was a little back then but I would have to take in and night. They're toppled over and I think I get up to go in Billick and I look at it and who's driving a cup and I'll. And it's. So I was that it did edit but I was let it rent. A 11. The attack. Our progress priceless. My friend Sunday at 7 o'clock.