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10/06/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - paranormal genealogy and haunted history

Oct 6, 2016|

10/06/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Shannon Byers, the Paranormal Genealogist discusses her work and the misinformation often used by investigators on paranormal television shows. Listener calls, and more.

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This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded. October 6 2016. And our thoughts are tonight beyond rail and rail Jason Hawes in TV Johnson I tell you Jay we we've gone several. And a weeks I guess maybe even longer. And if you remember early on assume like every time we didn't show there are some tragedy to report where there was a gun should you know shooting answer. Something going on alligator attack yeah that's right. And we've been kind of a kind of fortunate that we haven't had a talk about anything like that awhile but it looks like tonight's. We actually may be changing that. Well and yeah our hearts go out and I I have family in Florida and Lotta long friends and George Lopez injury apparently. Is out there as well. And in our hearts and our prayers go out to everybody. Everybody who's going who's being affected in Florida please just get to safety this thing. Yeah I've I've venture category three category a category 12 in three hurricanes even let me tell you a category one is is tough enough category to use you can't stand to an EU gotta lean forward just to stay up. And a category three there's no point he just in these committee fully blown around anyway as this seems a category 4 PM in this is devastating and there's nowhere there's really nothing that's going to be safe it's gonna throw other objects into what you what you think might be a safe object it's not going to be for long. The end they were talking about a lot of these hotels that are built on the coaster built their view of the glass is built to withstand may be one winner to. But not three not four and did I think that's a that's a real problem. The other than the obvious is sometimes these hurricanes. The way they hit they just sit and spin over certain area for a long extended period of time which just continues. To do more and more damage and what you have debris flying around. Then you know all bets are off Kazaa flying debris can do more damaged in the windows. If it becomes a bowl and today and that's the thing I you know being through our hurricane Gloria Bob here and and so forth and all the ones that have experienced. It specially living a Rhode Island I remember heading down to the beach one time as as it was coming on and not Smart thing to trust him by any means. But the standard Jimmie coming are coming off the beach feels like you're being hit with like somebody shooting pellets at Uga. And it hurts I mean so he can imagine that sand imagine when the surge blowing a bigger objects so please our our prayers go out you. And in our homes can be replaced people cannot. So urgently please be safe out there and then in Ireland are hacked out the best wishes steal him DB is safe easy Florida South Carolina. We have we have affiliates down in Florida and I know that they they may even not be during the show tonight in emergency mode trying to keep you know people informed as to what's going on which we certainly understand where Gainesville Florida well there and geez it's just as terrifying. You know. Well again our prayers and thoughts are with you folks and to stay safe is safe you can possibly be. We've got a great show lineup tonight though when we're gonna do still love plotting ahead here and bring Sharon buyers and a little later in the program. Talk about what she does as a paranormal genealogy list. And I I was able to meet Sharon when I was down scare fest in Lexington Kentucky and and her husband me I'm extremely great people so I look forward to talking her tonight. And also to all our listeners that aren't in the Buffalo, New York area and we era on station up there. Steve and I and we're doing an appearance at the Riviera theater and that is October 18 so. Mean she you being go to them Riviera theater's website and read tickets and so but. And I am it's always a blast a riddle last time we are there it was a sold out and and oil is have a good time. Below it was funny when you said earlier here wanna make sure to mention other of their appearance is Stephen are doing in buffalo. On the eighteenth about tar like on the tee that I took us months away and like I forgot we are in October had replied -- to my house in like 76 Sarah Brown does not feel like it's October. Though you know I love the fall. But I hate I hate to what are discount don't worry it's our love spring summer fall just a long winter anymore man and now and in the winter receives comment on strong religious sticks around forever when you're in the northeast. So then also are coming up shows next week we've gotten Vincent Jenna. As a young adult as Vincent Janice army found himself blessed with a keen sat with skeen psychic abilities. So be talking to him on his his. Abilities. Will be talking Tuesday would John Holland over the decades say he's devoted himself to both his personal spiritual development. And and post goes on marriage and who we are yes and. And states Tim Beckley and Tim Schwartz. You follow in parable pioneers are going to be talking about their experiences in their research. And Thursday its bar Mather Barbie as a young adult struggled with the stereotypical idea of the paranormal. But she entered a period of her life realizing shed some abilities and they use them to help explain some of the colonel. So it's a full week it is a full. And it's going to be good week and I both take a minute again dimension that Halloween. We've been working on this one for a while I think it was trying to remember. On the program last and it was one of our first. On line programs that we did we brought him on had a great conversation we've been trying to get him back ever sensed. And he said hey how about Halloween you guys everybody but he following usage and what that is perfect Halloween show special and he fell. Last time we had Chris on and I know we're just doing it on line but nom we had so many listeners I mean there were just there were over 101000 listeners just. On just on one online feed the dude their borrowing on the system here it was such a great show ring in the phones off the hook bug in it down. So Jamie did you hear hang in you and be really upset with this. He had the production. I've stopped production arm. Keeping up with the commitment Kardashians but yeah I know I know a year is just because of the robbery he. Or is it really I think it probably should start production national long long time ago yeah. Yeah it's issues held up by gunpoint in Paris and Paris hotel and tired and it and I'm ton of things personal on the it's looking more and more well it was an inside job rate and they're really. Digging into that and hey it's just. But they should shut down production because and they're not really sure when they're gonna get back into it because she's been badly shaken up and now. Well I tell you what I've never seen. That card as she did you know I don't and it idea anything about it and it's it's Italy and she only famous for some video of the counter something like that gas arm but you know what I didn't realize I watched part of and a goods could watchable things that I didn't think it was very good but that miniseries of the people vs OJ Simpson that was on the Longo. A carrier. Remember that if but it wasn't until watching that program that I realized that debt the car dash unions are far the other way too it was Bob Hardaway Bob Kardashian in the lawyer of a friend of votes in the guy that was driving. One wasn't remnant. The those AG Collins he was very involved and who I know. It that Kardashian was like. Right in the middle that whole thing what was going on the OJ. Seems that the Kardashians are always are in the middle things that they are. We are not armor to get it big Xeon on our hearts out gas oil whatever I just wanna time it's ever hope and I can tell you now you have a whole week and cry yeah thanks have a system makes. You know are they big shout out everybody in the chat room good to see everybody there and to see some new names and if you haven't. Gone from the chat room over or face a page to like it do that please would like to have you doing that. If you're listening on one of your local radio stations thanks for doing that and also join us in the chat room you don't have to listen online if you don't want to which can still join the chat. There were always I'm going back and forth to people in their own post as we can now but we are also too we take questions right from there as well sort of you have questions for guests and you don't wanna call in. He could feel free just going to via. The chat room and and typing in in there and and if we see it will definitely casket. Sounds good to me are sick to break we'll get dish in a buyers on the phone. And we'll start talking about paranormal genealogy. And miss in the mistaken and correcting. Haunted history that's all coming up it's beyond reality radio but Jason TV. Scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary kind dot com that's Garrick content. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com. Hell yeah. I can't look you can kind of dragged down when you're doing and welcome back to be our failure to do it Jimmy's referring to my robot dance to. And that's restraints at the feeling of what do you think about than I mean I'm side I do it anyway if you turn around you know you're gonna lose their homes right or we don't honor what is the funniest thing about as your face it the way you have your eyes went wide open and still it's. There's so welcome that yeah we've we're ready to bring our guest it'd shed a buyer's. Paranormal geologists. And a paranormal investigator educators thanks so much for joining Chan and welcome to beyond reality radio. Good evening as well good good thanks for being an. Well thank you are having sat down as you. Are. We as a clone you watch. It'll come and share it like I said Shannon did not always share. Yeah. Well you know what I was just gonna say something I was just going to say that. You're probably is bleary eyed as the rest of us still trying to recover from the weekend. You were at scare fest Jay was that scare fest I was a scary time it takes a couple weeks to recover so if we've been saying share and. Yeah if we have we've been saying you should if we've been saying sharing were released and we're really sorry Shelley so if Clinton on. Iowa anyway (%expletive) and welcome to the program it's great to have you on and before we go any further please tell us what a paranormal. Geologist he has. Basically what I do is look in to complete history. Our location. Not just the town history not property your street but also look into the history of the people that live here. In and around application. Because now do you do that prior to the investigation or after you invest. Yes yes. I am a firm believer that the more you know when you go in a more effective investigation. I you know but you don't think that that contaminates. To what he he when you if you go in and you know that somebody. Passed away in the back room. Investigators tend to focus on that person and that backroom you don't think that that contaminates you at all knowing the information prior to the prior to heading in. Not at all not at all and the reason I don't think that is what let me turn this scenario. If I came up and knocked on your galore. And I apps and and I'll. Wanna come in and talk to you don't know me from at. I just showed it on your or likens global Whitner break. OR I cannot and knock on your door NSA. And and I'd like a minute aren't you out or great grandfather knew when he was the flag bearer or. Ginny unit in his civil war company he also walked out. It's partly racecars. At H and hiding. During their down time which one is in the year you gonna be more inclined at all. I probably wouldn't let you in on the second one because you know to my army and add fuel talking. So. That's right out that the good. That you know our our thing is the more you know. Been better unique he says you can I ask not just sitting around going is there anybody here what are known and I and I. Totally understand that but you usually will roll who we it's we just won't do a historical research and I pencil afterward that we can see if anything we catch sort of connects with the with what we've been told by the client called us in the first place and a lot of people. Yet. I. So. You Shannon do you really do you feel completely comfortable with your investigators. Having those preconceived notions going into an investigation. Or do you caution them. And say listen you you're gonna know this information but. You don't dwell on this specific point you know keep it in the back your mind know it's there but you gotta be objective and broaden your your smear. Investigation beyond just that information. Considering their came at sesame ma has been yes make sure. I get this does he call you sharing her Sheehan and her Shelly. I'll actually accelerated. Learning who we're. Why would you rather than second delay in the let's not include an accent I. So (%expletive) casino. How long have you been Paula you've been doing this for so holiday you've been just in investigating the paranormal in general. Secondly how long you been investing in a from this perspective. I it and looking for goes since I was eight. Armed. You remember when and prayers and cool were you didn't Google books on sure those on and we yeah you. You check off the list and then the company had all their books each element. Are more. Of course well not any we have wine and are weary capital now where in standard cult all of it out. And don't cover up that book was a picture of quote uncle a ghost. And admitted that. Good became my life mission. Tick capture a picture of August Busch restarted without went out and in New York art Albert Allard there were other things you could. Tragedy besides you know go to battle field and stuff like that my parents. Were big antagonist that historical locations. Per occasions during the summer so we were always on a battlefield. In the cemetery or somewhere like at all a little earmark. Trying to take pictures. And it palace thirteen. We had a class projects. Back in 82. Where he pushed us repurchasing unleashed a war man. In doing that are at least or I don't know are familiar with the book in the movie called mountain. Would you blog Coke Edmund yeah it's in the movie. On my cousin and wrote the book and it's loosely based on our it's cool. And edge to what Alice thirteenth. I started trying to track on the real axe and that orient and the next thirty years tracking down to the real. And that's how I got into the genealogy chart. And and you know and I got older art market. Did you use the people on and basically. You know how to paranormal elders came out what is. Yeah a lot like your return normal TV show and areas I don't hear what it is not watch and learn bumped. And not urgency in the places that people go in on me. They were not given our history has you know in the background information. That's when it's specifically to paranormal genealogy organic gotten outlets are all order. Date on the research there are written complacent or cultural and oh we're early oh or Bobby khakis exorcist als. We're actually UTB. Told you ten and I can't really well and I think. And that's important is honestly believe when we showed up a Bobby Mack he's. We had all this. Me and misinformation. And anal misinformation and also been out there on other shows prior. About. Where the body where that you know where the body lies where they had was I mean we're talking. That from the murder that took place in the body was some miles away governor now fortunately it had nothing it and it was nothing floating around that Monty Mack season and so forth. And we we dealt with a historian Alter who. Panel that information with them and so I think deck that was really important is that sort of change the dynamics of that investigation. Well let unfortunately. On the on you know the white that is portrayed on some TV show you know people tight aren't exactly water help Bobby backing the networks are ever. It was a working distillery. Win pearl Bryant was murdered. They're they're a slaughterhouse that was on that are pretty ones wade are on the so that build and Bobby Mack and opt out at what had issued a leak or were asked. We're at a slaughterhouse was and where Bobby Mack is now and how that would actually deal. Okay and now when it comes out only places late Waverly hills now I know there's just. There's so much information. They got away Italy Olson especially with a all the testament. The death tunnel and all that stuff from. And what what sort of information that's out there about Waverly hills and correct from your research. RI com what you remember when we talk gear we. Would not and amber to try not to me you are you as she was on the way early episode. Which dealt shouted yes armed. And I actually worked on the project where we threw collected every death certificate. Every person who ever that we're really ill from nineteen and nine excuse. And you know debate count out Erick you watched senator. 60000 people expect out. Yeah we're told 4000 people died. In reality it was at least five and six now. Really so you don't bark error. Margin of error biz that's ten and what we're told is tendon twelve times. The amount I actually actually dined there well why would that a year so blown up or so missing correct. I hadn't been able to figure L. Who exactly started that six intrigue outnumber. But it you're bringing doctor prankster were our CE weather is one of the head but one of the department. Out mayor's starting right after World War II you know equally. But how I get it. Eating one year was a 162. People and even this. You 162 people rocket ears at yellow belt and people. So this sixty great outnumber popped out somewhere along along the top. Documentary that now. State documentary came out or in the middle C Calhoun. That surround the town that started out. Well and and Al whoa how many years was legally hills actually opened for. Abbott tuberculosis. Hospital is open from nineteen in the 1960. So says Steve B original. Yet the original building was built in nineteen can current building standing now was built in 1926. Partner. Shannon what's the what's the source of the some misinformation and you you weren't exactly sure when it came comes to Waverly hills but in general. When you see this stuff on a television show and then you go and researcher realize it's not nationally true do you think it's the producers of the show's. That are may be inflating or distorting facts. Two to make it sound more interest thing or do you think they're just not doing enough researching getting may be rumor instead affecting using that in the show's. I think it's more the latter. You know I don't think it. Anybody is lying on purpose. Or misrepresenting facts on purpose I think they hear these urban legend. And don't dig it because I needed it you know it could it not work on the debt certificates are going onto yours. To be able to get well. Well and did just an annual and just doing the math on what you said I mean if they were open 51 years has as. You know then I guests. Average out the 64000. Would have to be somewhere around while I guess 12100. At 12100 individuals. Yeah dying here you know. Yet he chatted well and it Shannon Jenna just hold on we have to take a break and we come back we'll continue discussing. This topic it's very very interest and we've got Shannon not Sharon Shannon buyers on the program the paranormal genealogy as she's a paranormal investigator and educator. And we're talking about all things paranormal genealogy if you'd like to join the conversation the telephone numbers 844. 6877669. It's Jason and Gigi I'm beyond reality radio. Johnson and our guest tonight is Shannon. Now Sharon Shannon buyers I don't know how we did two you very tight. I don't know if it's a. Still. So tired I don't know what that it is it's Thursday it's a hand it's that but now she is Shannon for rule before winter break we're talking about. Waverly hills and and I guess I was I was close to Paris and around 12100 deaths a year and looking at the math according to the supposed -- 64000 people died there would be 12154. Access. Tom that they would need and you are saying that the most. People who died there year was 154. It was a it was a one. Under the sixty hey you in the years 1940s and 1946. Each year at a hundred days. So that hump how many people in total would you say man passed away there. I'd say between six Alvin and the reason. You bet thousands where it is you don't look at Tibet are at it. Armed they're supposed to put all mirror where the person what when my god. But we found several that didn't stay where you are old but it would stand up doctor. It's on the debt certificates. That we we get back argent and error that yours. Called the just in case there were some heated. Okay yeah and now but there's the death tunnel that there and they talk about how he used to have a conveyor belt on network. They would literally load bodies on all all day so it was that really a death tunnel. Well it is not what it would deal works when a new bill and the car building. Was bill day a special where world explorer. That would. That they dealt Kamal the main railroad they can apply. So that tunnel actually at the clock on all that was its purpose. And it signed dad. It was a setting the patients is eighty total once and passed away a corridor choked they hit that tunnel. To look work toward and passed away you dealt to the bottom. But I stopped using it or bat before 1940. Are they at a incident where. The car cables snapped and the port deceased person that was on it shot 500 seat belt tunnel the upper hand. And data sent a patient Morgan and go out or don't work so before doctor frank Stewart. Took over mayor Betty it was in 1940 they stop you in the tunnel Herbert. Well and it's weird because. There's also the story that one of the one of the order les ended up having him there normally so many bodies they just it is that this information sort of challenges most of the information than that and that the public has known because one of the stories is an orderly loading bodies on. There are so many bodies that his arm ended up getting caught in the unit and ripping his arm off and it was just. And but he couldn't stop his name on bodies that they normally so I mean so now. Is is our teachers to bad or. Yeah oversee. And the balance. You know I can't say that nobody got hurt you now but they're winners. Never such a major opening up or an accident like task and made it means. And you don't think a lot of these people who possibly might have died it might have died there didn't have death certificates. And. And done and just yeah. No because the stated Kentucky's started doing death certificate all state started and there are problems are ample. Kentucky started doing them look for the state of Georgia yet so we were really lucky and that respect that they actually have this circuit is starting. On your original. Structure. Started in the tuberculosis hospital. So note that age they had. You know there were death certificate I say that's why we give that a of them noble or. You know some people got net. But on the whole that number is is acting XT three out that hot. Chip aka. So Shannon the in going back to the roots of your interest in all of this I saw a reference to. A program and it's funny because in our conversation last night. Come with with Eric and we talked about. The show in search of what Leonard Nimoy it it's. It's a show that peak Jason's interest in bigfoot my interest in big foot in both are in a lot of different topics and I saw that you referenced that as one of your inspirations as well. We have yeah ominous search it was literally like it or not. The first quote unquote as episode with pop culture where he had the median command in the shipping town up north up like it would. Connecticut or somewhere at bear on the outlook that you can purchase and are not still when I get more vocal. Yet they were they were the best they are they were really done well in Leonard Nimoy is voice was perfect for that is narrator. On you know we we wanna get into. Some of these other locations that you talked about two we've got about two minutes before we have to get a break here but what we touch a little bit in my little bit about the. Exorcist house. Article about the chasm exorcism Lott writes as that would cut lat Allah oh yeah. And you know I've been studying. For a long top and candidate candidate. Out well to be honest. Because there were latched into their that would not worry that he's not been that I ordinary. Shannon the fact that they were doing alive excesses and who bothered you or is how they were presenting it in the information they're presenting. It was a information they're presenting how they were presenting it. The fact that they were saying no we're going to you know X or not Al. When the bishop that was ahead of this you know it's dead in an interview and another documentary that it's possible X are now. It was everything wrapped up into wine now my whole. Multiple. And I agree with that because as an adult. I deal in hand with the church and have told them for years that you can exercise person you don't exercise how she climbs house there's a big difference there. Exactly and that's what condition it said in the interview he did in the documentary. It always. Com you he's on camera saying no you cannot expert as well but yet at that that the year to what. Happened at that spurred. Yeah me giving real tax help they're on what had happened and there have been presented in several different shows. About how L and and meet this'll get the world or. Mr. and did this fact that they were doing the excesses and live on TV did did that bother you designer Jason talked about it before and. It bothered us. That was not at all happy that it is connected to upgrade the act and how I would. Quite perturbed with altering because it it's you know it's. It was a real you know what the hell can anybody it was done. You know you know and the people that probably aren't that things that we're done and just this really great need and bear it yet here. Just the subject matter of minutes of very sensitive topic with real consequences if it's not handled properly and to make it a circus like that was a little bit troubling. We're gonna go to break in just a minute we're gonna get continue our conversation with Shannon buyers when we come back I think in the meantime Jay I'm gonna sic couple calls. Just because we've had some people on hold for awhile and we wanna do that before you know they have to wait too much longer. So we'll go to break we'll come back we'll take a caller to then will come back with Sharon buyers after the next break 'cause its own cells could diminish so what you realists in Jason do you. We were effectiveness. Thanks Eric Kahn might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com. Are all right Ariel Sharon Taylor story to the phone lines we've got a number of lines lit up let's see this is bill from on line three bill welcome to beyond reality radio they welcomed the show bill. I wanted to recognize you when you Kurdish. There are good ideas for new TV show. Really not a venue for a bone. Quote include certain books. Jason Hawes what you are talks that attention box. You are caused the current conflict here it's it's called ghost finder's. Just a goose flying news this stance to us finder's OK you know that Lydia. Well what I'm certain that we have external group which cold traps. Which could go to equipment did you say terrible. CDC taps. Perhaps European press ahead and prepare more more agents pursuing spirits. Today it sounds pretty similar OK that sounds really really familiar in fact so go on Bono and don't understand sort different because what we do it's we ordered restitution to reach far and evidence that there are more activity in place and can which is exactly what I do but that's still silence in an early Somalia Somalia. Don't know you don't you don't really get it because. What we do as we go way and in return they actually just move on can you sit there you're Couric Richard either retreat sorted pretty. Com Tampa and bill have you have you possibly seen the show ghost hunters. We're sure. Ghost hunters. My billion must of seen that show I mean you hated calling in to our radio show and a broad. Well I'm not sure but you just explain this little picture there that. It's okay greater it's stupid because that you didn't show we toured just flew here where we disclose what evidence we sounds good climb. All also awesome see you talking about like doing a reveal sitting now McLean showing them what you're able to catch and treat her. I don't know I don't know this is different we've got is we've got to lead investigators. By the name of weary. Hints so I am and leave the team and they go and abuse investigation. Ray and Sam finally Jay and Steve from yet and our and I and I get that but I'm what I'm saying is like at the end of the show you're gonna sit down and you're gonna show the client what you're able deep long Kim what you found. It was amazing yet the sounds really really familiar they're related to it sounds are gone. You don't do it I don't questions or your gesture. You don't tactic and number. No I do not if I did a if I did I'd probably couldn't give it to you anyway so murderer or a can the heck was that the thought that. These. I don't get him that he's trying to pitch in my own show Q it's a mid. Like in word for word cup if you have coasters s.'s right Ian salmon. And Jane Steve at the end of the show he wants to do reveal which like a good disclosure but it its original sitting at the table well let's just let's go on to the next phone caller here Obama's second this is this is Tom Tom. You're welcome to be on reality radio HMO gonna show. Don't. Yeah you know what this is this is equity got a terrible and do your Turkey and Cheryl. The plane ticket it's got to develop a Skokie patients dishes Islam well the fact I want I want dealers. So what's ideal is he gonna pitch me now I don't rent so what do we take a break and you're listening Jason GBM beyond our failure to be right back. Yeah. I saw some Hannity and a unique idea. Having do this whole disclosure thing at the end and I haven't heard that before yet at a springer guest Beckett. Shannon thanks so much for hanging on to the extended break we appreciate that. Before we went to break we were talking about the X assists house and the boy what what's the real story here I mean you must have gotten some and some of the real information in your research. Well. It's hard to find a lot because eke out of disappeared. You know we know that after everything you went to work. Perhaps end. In the network and I'll come from where he got a patent and eat. It would have been really low key life you know he's not who looks or any condom. Spreading out of this you know I'd went Alice it was a researching a flat out. Colleges about some things that I record not actually got a copy at that Barry. And I. To read that and speaking out you know going through and making note that talked to a psychologist and you know we yeah we kind of anger drinking collegiate. You know. In our opinion you've seen what that is of course I'm not at all alt active. Com yeah but we each figured it was something more like burgers are out there. Yup arms and chargers have an audio problems or god. I'm like say we we need. Thought it was in or something like ask workers are all of his immersed. In interviews there have been darted you know instantly became now people trek out to really lies. You know people that gorilla in the children talk about what that means schalke. You know he had a junkyard dog. Very eager for and did it actually. Patted Bush's take it all or Aaron and mr. Gault our. You know he was I'll tell now will only. Only child can you see it this way and just personally don't believe that. If you re the diary. All good things happened. Most people didn't witness it may work check if you reports are they would come into the room something. Had been dying but they never actually saw what happened like the word this supposedly appeared on the audience just like bat they work. There's a lot of confusion about it. So why AX specially like you said earlier in grilling him Hamlet just church why would they sanction. An actual I census exercise them if it wants possibly something else Lleyton like Asperger's or something of that nature. Well he got considered at this 1940 parent that would now. You know that that was it. Something and somebody talked about those those were words that were in our vocabulary. And you know there are condemning deadly enough editor Tina where look at it over eight years later you know. Monday quarterbacking. On the whole time. We work in that situation. Along information that we had to go is what is Matt one diary. That would start. Okay. And as a parent is so yeah of course I'm sure the the church Canada won't back down and medical conditions and stuff they weren't really. Talked about the weren't known about all but. And it is so what what parts of the actual movie or story or book they'd gotten had it right. What he can't really. Sitting on the lazy you know because Gator Bowl ready. Took a newspaper story that wasn't sacked lol. Add is that Matt and his booking and did they senators you know you singular meters nothing. The orally with anything really happen. You know look at this script boy supposedly. What possessed after error and asks to it and spiritualism. And it happened at Maryland. And they took and says I flew it. And exorcism started in. One hand towel and maybe to a hospital and then went back out. That'll. I want paying interest and noted the batteries were. Actually hospital and they are. His behavior was much less the actual coal and not as in axle and the things that will go on on how. And so when he would it. Elevator Brothers hospital actually in the middle ward of the hospital that Evelyn. You know restraint to the day at under twenty or other law shall have a body bear would call out when he within Howell. He wasn't being watched that. And you know you know what I've heard you say you know a lot out. Deep ecology you know this time. Of things will warm working and ultimately. Exhibited. A whole lot of those. You know he's ever lost it appetite. The only unknown language he ever spoke. Was. They're taking back the Latin prayers that the police had already been pretty and a young and make it specific note in the diary. Bad after fifteen minutes it was and increased talk he could quote a Latin bulb I. He has very good at picking up or languages. Gotcha aren't that was in it all those different are things that happened in two different places. Shannon let's go to the phone lines we've got a caller from Mississippi this is Stephanie Stephanie welcome to beyond reality radio. And case saying. Howard and welcomed the show. This change. And hang out at personal line. And it like William and lean like an entire situation. I had it right out about it that was meant in which patients. From like I'm Michael around 1940 when he died in nineteen set. And it didn't like a lot and yeah logic we Eric. And I am not there at the end how she can't really operating matched and I am wondering like what the past. Ways. To go about it you know our rights record its its pop up well. I'm we are waiting because quite grueling one and Natalie the patient mental EB went there. But it worked out at least that way early. And he that they actually in the Crimea state hospital and it's an. Okay. Going to be kind of hard com. Even though. Did that how to train your your pocket and now. Is it generally expect the morning did you think she should have been injured in a record when it comes to medical record. Those are almost impossible to future and you know if you can get to the hospital and easily missed out records even light can pile on kind of record as the we network. To get on you know I would be able to do that Obama. But it could help out where they don't have a worker. It debt certificates we hand out some way. Yet there Jessica is it will be held out now in the I eye up top and the world that state. Like in Georgia you can only read a certificate that 1940. Actor that you have to reform. A what you can do you can go to the final statistics. Com web site for years steady angered and a death certificate section and you can actually order. Because your name remember. Thanks for the calls deputy. Yet thanks for the call we have to go to break Shannon when we come back we'll continue talking about this it's beyond reality where you would Jason GP go. Welcome back to beyond reality pretty crazy. These guys we start our second hour of tonight's broadcast or guest tonight Sharon. Shannon she's CNN and byters I was ready correct rights oh now I've got Sharon on the brain I don't know why can't stop saying it but I'm before we go back to Shannon let's talk a little bit about one guy coming up too because we do have a much. Great shows in the works earning my Monday night with the instant Jenna. Who is a really terrific intuitive psychic he's got tremendous gifts. He uses them not only for people but he uses them for pets as well I guess people and pets together so at some pretty cool stuff until some really good stories some anxious to have him on the pro. Well and and Tuesday we've got John Holland he's devoted. Himself to both personal and spiritual development as a result he's become one of the most respected psychic mediums and spiritual teachers on the world stage today. Zone that's been that was Wednesday timid Timothy Bakley and Tim Schwartz. You ruffle him colonel and paranormal pioneers so BHD to talk to them and especially you know Jimmy's a huge and it'll probing from aliens so. Jim and you have to talk question form zero so many common now. You can probably not and I tried to make it's your loss for words at that that was with itself mission accomplished now. I Thursday's barred Mather as young adults she struggled with the stereotypical idea of the Perelman and she got older she really shed some abilities and use them. And her paranormal quests over when we'll know more about what that is all about. And don't forget that we we want you if you or if you've got family or use yourself from the path of this hurricane. Be safe. Do everything you can listen to the authorities. This is the real deal. Objects can be replaced people in Santo yeah of course safety first and our prayers are with fuel on a telephone numbers 8446877669. If you like to call in and be part of the program must bring our guests and peseta obsolete correct shed and buyers. Back to the program Shannon you gave me Sharon on the brain by today might. Earlier I know I can't god gap I can't get it out off my. Dad so useful. I want to ask a question about we are talking earlier about the the idea that may be producers of television shows exaggerate. Expand or maybe don't do their research well enough and use facts are facts are actually is based in legend rumor and I think a lot of it is for there's a lot of shows that are coming on and so fluent in all of that about hype factor yeah. Well that was what I was gonna say we had done Susan Olsen on the program you know she played Cindy Brady on the Brady Bunch. And she told the story. About paranormal experience that it happened to her and I happened to see her tell the same story on a show called liberty ghost stories. And at the end of the show they had a conclusion saying that this this whole paranormal episode was related to the fact that her ex husband had a twin brother. That sounds. That died in in utero so. And in the TV show gave that version when she was on the radio show she told us that that wasn't true she said that that was what a psychic heads holder but there was no. Evidence about. Of that actually happening anywhere medically. So she didn't believe that was actually truce on the other is an example. The producers had the full story chose to go with the one that didn't wasn't substantiated Suze that. Is that kind of what we're talking about it times. I think so yeah out win out outlets and so. With regard he said. Yep that's a big east you know that I expect I'll. Walk out. But unfortunately. Happens. It got people out air watched and I am Scott. Believe you know they yell at and you know Jason not at all saying about you but you know it. Perry entered and this shows or curb your own and producers gear to show. Kit entertain people not. Particularly to educate all in that you go out people. Are. No no no I was gonna say and it you know I I agree see my show in my show was pretty much the first one out there Andy is an icing his beat with that. We kept we kept control and which you don't you don't oversee anymore with any of these these other shows and of common sense or whatever. Tom because most of them are owned by. That the actual television station the Tehran. And it is so you know we've always tried to make sure that we've we've kept her real I think that's been the most important thing. But so many Al there have they have comment and you know gone and so forth but they blow things so far out of proportion. Which just are is they're not sure their blatantly not true and their whole idea on is you know scarier the better they sank and and it's all about it's all about trying to get the ratings and you know this in and day we were lucky enough to ever have to worry about that we always have the ratings and advice. Blown part of the reason I do what I do is because they're a lot of people CE. The TV shows go to these places and do an investigation. And it LL week. In an investigation LG. Letting out a way you can take money out of jail he can anybody awake you'll do your own banging. All these people are telling her you know under the assumption that what they learned on TV was true. And you know. I understand that you prefer tiger historical. Afterwards but all these people are eagle and under on this board that would pay TV which turned. Typical when it under well briefed and I would rather that they go in and do an investigation haven't dug real history. So that I know have a look at their investigation. Then trying to sit and talk about the net perhaps a good example of that old Charles Gayle. You know the tour company TV shows I help you. Look at it Fisher was Americans you know first serial killer in the first woman arranged. Murderer. Column she was hanged at the jail she was buried in consecrated ground. None of those sport things do even close to being insured. And you know it's parliament if there have been guys that are. Starting and try to do you mentioned BQ in it. I'll. Start as a. OK so none of those things are true well what we're saying she. Was the first a woman hung a whenever I am sure they're just referring to in that area right. Now if you Google go read about her she was first email in the United States. I'll pull work monitor. There were 36 women before her network com. Right hit let's go to the phone lines we've got a Andrea from Canada calling in wants to ask the question. For Shannon and you're welcome to be on reality radio. Contacts LA is. You. And your. That. Then I decided. The and louder this I'd not really into it thinking and felt. This it. I think it's pretty isn't staying. What you do you think it will be scared. About says there is places because I had seen. Entries saying you know then placate and and TV and it insisting he is fair. You accept validate that Andy had had no back and complain to act. He'd JB. If someone thanking you engaged and are you guys spanking as what's going on because I don't mandates and that. Thai food color there is currently there. I don't understand I mean there it is yet fetish. I think I'd actually like you know lately but. About I land that he. Island I think that hey you guys have really got it asking you can't. Well you know sometimes the idea of these sound good big guy calls he says hey I that is when a runner a show idea by Jason and JV and mobile once again on the reckless and equate. All there so I don't know I don't know what to say sometimes they get through Andrea. I can't. I guess is his kind of side instead of lending it. And that makes you said the deal they're taking you there. And now. And remember that idiot who kept on calling them before and a girl swears you know then you get some really interesting individual mr. sour especially. Okay yeah. And you let me very idea and that I do agree that it. Perez thanks so much for calling in Andrea always good to talk to you let's go to and. I thinks sound. I'll just call in regards to India exorcism. Discussion. Yeah I is firmly with the unexplained files show. I have seen that as soon as well yeah. There was one where they featured an actresses are mean and supposedly these the last surviving priest that was involved in actresses and they did. Netter in that specific texas' in the we're talking about. Okay. And it seemed like a credible witness to me immediate. Actually died a few. Shortly after the show they're dedicated short jumper he says. You know it's seen them by the levity and claw marks on the body and he actually says that the police of the air achievement and mutual. Michael. Came inning Castro. Beelzebub it was a main demon possessed. The young boy and it was a prayer that they had heard his voice above the shoulder and that's what it took actually this thing. I'm just saying he just seemed credible on the show as a credible witness to me. Problem and bum I could agitator and your manager. That particular gentleman. And you need to watch other shows that you're not because they are and I'll show on what. He did or. Pray it just seemed like a priest who is there. You know would be electric credible witness. It just seemed like a kind of. And in a and I do agree with you on that but also everybody's perception of a situation is going to be differently he might perceive something totally different that I perceive it. And a case though and I and I worked I've worked on cases where. Honestly I thought that it's a medical condition of the priest believes it to be something. Demonic and and so forth we and we're just looking at it differently cell. It's in everybody's if you if you were there during this and you might have totally and disagreed with that in the priest belief for a you know his determination on on the case or you might have agreed on the moon and I think the same set in certain set of circumstances kind of occurred around the the priest that was involved and Amityville haunting haunting I think he gave several interviews are subtle discussions and it kind of conflict it. Hinske has account of the of the the experience is there what they weren't consistent from underneath interviewed interviews so I don't know what you can attribute that to. I want to motivate him to. And that's what you story around a post story is and be inconsistent like they've been get. You know it's appreciate what can we really trust in the tell the truth you know. I haven't some of the biggest liars ever mattered religious individuals' right I think that some of them just. Feel that Nate taken because it currently well give forgiveness and I only can I also think that what happens to a story over time is that you start believing the things you hear verses the believing that things that you experienced. And you know that can skew your perspective in your memory I mean we all know that wouldn't we've witnesses on on Iraq. In a trial if they hear other testimony before they testify. It's gonna skew their testimony now because they intend to lie about it because it just changes the way they remember. We'll know more more you work on a lot of times the bleed together it's like Ryan sometimes I'll be talking to somebody delegate to cases mixed. In in the ones so it's it's tough yet thanks for the call in any. Actually considered a pair you know this happened in 1940 and eat in an end goal. Accurate real case was found out after beauty can count at the brewery right he's got a BA age gap but between what happened and when you start talking about this. Stroke and any got a lot of media influence during the course of that time they can change your memories and change your perception it's you know a memories are very fallible thing as I watch forensic files all the time the talk of the science doesn't lie. But but memories do and the people have very faulty memories. At time let's take a break when we come back we'll continue to continue our discussion with Jan and buyers the parent paranormal genealogy is it's beyond reality radio. TC. And scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. This one's doing a robot to election that the robot for at least dance and around your chair today I love that I love the office. Told my favorite one though is via the long really give a whole history to bring down I think that's the diversion we have on your welcome back to be on reality radio good to have everybody along the telephone number is 844. 6877669. We'd love to have you call and join the conversation that we're having with Shannon buyers. We've been talking about a lot of different trends and Jan and I wanted to ask you all something about sure the couple pieces in a couple of things that you ripped. One of them is about the origin of spirit writing. Yeah. Tell us about Georgian a spirited. How are now. Lot of people's gender thing that we keyboards you know opt in or getting. Under. Art I actually came out I was gonna Micah agreed. That somebody. And I'll wait to go look for an up and remembered reading. A war and it turned turned into an article in instead of me up and I'll you know it. It dates back you know to pierce 600 with. I Asian culture. You know they actually had a hole. Procedure that I had ignored and I've been impeached intrigue et Al you know. As a specific and so would she uses quite yet they had hoped temples set up where would come and people coming and not the place that would tap out messages right Chinese characters. In you know incidents rashes or Sanders. Can't go. You know career writing goes away part that's what we. Well and I have have actually talked about that a lot of times they would draw and they were drawn up boards on pieces I mean they would draw things on unglued in the sand in the dirt whatever it is it's communicate back and forth so this is an. Something new. Now it. Can majority of people think it started with WG and you know Great Dane breeder or order coworker or need that much. You know you don't want to get me a lot we worked so box. Out and eat. But now you know who technically. I'm sorry I don't know you finish recent. Basically you know I'm one of those at least you don't need. To do something like you know it's all about the intent is not a good material. Well like I sale time allowing something to use your psyche to communicate and that's that's just not a positive thing by any means. I'm 0101. Question we did have from my somebody in the in the the chat room from Bethany. Was. She wanted to know since it's Halloween have you debunk anything that everybody's been told about the Salem witch trials. Now I have not yet that is not one minute I'll mow it at that at pretty street you know. Trial records from. Everything happened and people are reaching others not really any and they're. It. Allen also askew and another historical mystery that you've talked about in an inning not a pronounces it. I see it yeah what an ounce of dormant but I've trouble with Shannon and I can't see this. Street. History you know what is it and they entrances what is it. It like in Russia dad went to skiers over. A trio of terror terror master certification to be able to register. And dale. Nobody. Only one person whipped with somebody spit out a trio got. And I'd go back home so he actually did not go into and now Russia. With this group. Armed and in that guy. And got her. Act and yeah there's a series is you know yet he's got him US is. No Russians who do it. Nestle hiring until the mall. Com. Really. Interest in person. And Donnie accurate or well. Let it blow job. Where he actually we can retrace all the hikers stay out. To try to trigger. And when he came home with a bunch I and it looked like. That. See personal element in first round. There cult and I mean this was machines humorous that because it took a date that odd. All the bodies. Com or reports this summer terms Orangeburg radiation which is where the missiles. And yeah it is a big ball every single one mystery. So they did find the bodies. Yes they count all the body. And you said at the time when when did this happen. I seen it. Seen. It was in the fifties OK just to give a time reference. And have to think that the going theory or your belief figure mean you've done a lot of research on this what do you think happened. She. Couldn't believe. Interest or else. It makes the most in Palm Beach because of weather and what Al bodies are now. I know that it worked elder over a large area now just like at twelve bodies in one place you know basically what happened what something happened. And all the people that were at the big week. Admitted that an outlet apps and you know we're we're talking and the winner where it's minus degree they're. You know day rushed out of this child were found a couple mile or. So works around Brett prior to. On some work out now a closed. Don't work around Witten body parts in this thing that they later departments. Because they and it happened and everywhere and it hit on some of the body and all right. So he can't go long and lack. I'm prepared of course I don't. Causing them. I don't know how much you know about airport failed to break it can be theory. Physically affecting your body's at its patent shouldn't panic in making here and there are error and can make you panic had satellite. Being exposed to white community and he got your cage and talent and you know you don't know what's really don't know where he wore. Will they and they can read articles and in the end they can use certain and sounds to actually. It and make you can make you have different conditions at all paranoia of and all these these things just by using a for Simon and projecting an answer. Exactly and and they think because of where they chose to put cortina. On this particular spot in the mountain because of the location of herb Albert it created a perfect 100% outcome and from one direction. So Oceana we're basically at a time here and where can people get more information about you. And dealt what you're doing. I'm you candidate paranormal genealogy. Opt can you give army air you can proudly on FaceBook. Eight and it anybody's got questions are happy to eat that apple book I understand it correctly Ers. And Indian message didn't turn now will be happy to tell them and all all articles and work and we talked about are all here. We or olds. That's great thanks so much for joining us it was a long time coming but I'm glad we finally got you on the program and we look forward to having you back again sometime soon launch. Thank you so much have a really appreciated in date and I enjoyed it out here. The olive garden products in next here. Awesome absolutely nazism nights it's beyond reality radio Jason Giambi. Appreciate. You know I'm pretty pleased with the guess we've been having Ando get a gives the kitty some credit for them had a lot of good guess lot of great callers. Has been going real well I would we got photos go to the phone lines we have a assuming your friend of the programs it's amazing funky it's nice to hear from you. He can't try to currently can probably expect every time I actually can't sleep can't take a phone connects a high tracking him. I just can't handle telling her meetings and I can't. It must have been on your own sake yes and sorry about that as we never would have told slick Eddie to hang up on you should call not at all. No integrity of the San San okay so we have talent meaningless term. You have to get any sign passionately telling him he might wanna checking it. It will look I'm. Does the OK so yeah what are you along here late on and tonight. Why is hardly keep all of my angry tiny candy and scary kind. Innings getting faster and has sacked a wonderful experience last weekend just BC guy isn't happy sealed people there. Both that was in two different areas technical flying to different places. Knee and you know many many miles apart. The same weekend and I didn't see it scare con. And I didn't seal it scared fast. I'm calling from night because I ash are protected myself cats and I. I can't pay commercial airplanes she is violent shaking in anguish and economies sticky night architect trying to sneak in. Well yeah I can I would understand that so you ask projected yourself these to these events Stanley becoming addicts are they is enjoyable when you do at Irwindale. I thank you alien. Changed hanging out eating. Can you offer something that would actually convince us that you were there because I'm having trouble believing this you like to test my niece. He's a man of it can you give us an idea of what you saw that. In some other people may not have known. Well yes I can kind Katie anguish I was daring. Party drink he actually cap on stage to sing country rehearsed the Yankee parity and I asked him right next year when you went to Paris I checked. But yeah I know both that both of those things happen in fact on the Bobby Brady thing was quite it quite a treat when he decided to get up Mike welcome in his is neighmond. And sing the song and yes I did win 200 dollars the last night. The show I sat down and it's a blackjack plates and electric would you willow promoted creeps and she lost I won did you did you post Osama liner I think no I didn't I did not. No need treatments and Jason I wish I was there when that you guys were on the black carpet arrival scary as fast and yeah. Also I don't normal ID ten currently running so leaky capturing the cable late Friday. No that's construed Dave tangled did get to the table late on Friday as he was runaway was plain and stuff so. Also you guys and Saturday and Sunday evening which you can't you guys and it REM. Grant was being ten. Pataki accurate I didn't plan and I could have been online and stuff yeah it's substantially. How would have autograph some of the US for Jackie yourself there. Yeah. Actually. Okay well I mean despite the fact that you didn't pay to get in I guess definitely wherever you don't go you owe us money but let me. It's. Yeah. I think she. It's did you just take off because he owes money I think he he got caught. Owing to some bucks and the young up and says this sneaking into these same Astro projecting and generally habits nor are serious now he did win two owner don't yeah I did I went tuna knows when were checked in. And get a play about a Brady was up on stage and he was that he sang country road sip of the answer playing he jumped up grabbed my concern is there anyway he could pick that up online room. Well the Bobby Brady saying may have you know people may have talked about it because prison pretty cool thing I don't think anybody was chatting about me winning 200 dollars and really tell anybody know a person was there other than thought he was a Joseph willow noted the creeps reported together okay I'm mullah sort of number I mean this is this is new reflect heat actually that's critical insight as well on subprime with a hold these get into the table AD would Dave was late on Friday his claims front and behind every tell Maria. Well the always doing everything don't have to rethink this (%expletive) thing me and maybe you raising Truckee years. MA is always closer to that to happen at exactly the right beyond reality radio to listen to. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of attack the organization. That's right here and that's. You need to subscribe to taps her match. Now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is it taps turn magazine has been completely redesign. Re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website it's caps terror mag dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at checkout and save even more on your subscription. It's captured her. We're every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. There are magazines again go to the web site tab CarMax dot com. That's tabs Tara Mac dot com. I'll use promo code beyond just say I. You. Welcome back to beyond reality radio I knew. We're gonna an appearance from (%expletive) you sooner or later I knew that was coming. Or just knew it hit hostess a million today yeah I'm on Facebook's thing that he was going to Poland. And whatever. But but he will be yet it was kinda it was it's the 200 dollars. He knew dad died in Leland to eliciting I didn't tell anybody you know wise I would of 100 east. At a and it's so I don't know how that networks like if he had not but I you know the Bobby Brady thing yep but I mean a lot of people posted about those pretty big deal when you respond when he did that so I could see in picking that up some usher way it where he got the 200 dollar information. The most he knows Jill will locust resume when their when I'm when a when money. Well maybe channel. Knows (%expletive) Egypt has been ordered to (%expletive) yeah retirement system. They soon will. Yes welcome back to be on reality radio everyone the numbers 844687. 766 nines is open minds we talk about anything you want to just give us a call. There I was just thing ever really good idea we gonna talk to somebody about this the chat room. You know the name scroll of the chat room yes they should be like a special caller like cold or something if they've called into the show. Yeah mine on propaganda make it right you know hey I bet I've called into the show seagate elegant a star next your name or it's gold or something like that I think. I think we have to work on anonymity in particular. For late. Steelman and Perkins to go through a miracle and on no look at the work side of the say that we called the do it. AM if you if you haven't yet make sure you follow us online at FaceBook dot com backs last beyond reality radio. And Amish you like that page a lot of information gets posted up there and which share the weird stories and also some. The some stuff that's going to be coming up in the future for the and not too distant future should say for the taps go centers. And girls they should say as so image she follows over there because we've posting a lot of now before we don't get too late in the pro America is gonna have a whole lot of time left remind us where you're going to be with Steve in buffalo that whole deal. Well that'll be Tuesday the eighteenth will be at the Riviera theatre in Buffalo, New York. And if you haven't seen yet you know everybody post great great reviews some of it was actually review posts it was yesterday said if Jason is Steve doing ghost hunters life in your area don't walk run to get seats from whom and we we talk about it. It's a good time because honestly we have a lot of fun there are crowds last week I show behind the scenes clips I show while. A lot of evidence and evidence as government scenes some that as we get the discussion a little more and we also breakdown on things and it's it's very interactive it's like two hours long and that we else do Q&A were we walk on the audience and pale with everybody and you crowd surf. Yet all now. Isn't that one time didn't catch basin. This Waxman jacked a recession but tonight we do we get down even though it's funny the theaters are always like in only rules set a microphone now we we wanna get down there and hang out with everybody and and media people and and so forth so. Good time Yemen has agreed to and so check that out in did you say where people can find information online or. Well I do believe things got the Revere of website or they can go it's on the FaceBook dot com forget go centers FaceBook page and and my Jason Hawes taps FaceBook page you can see the link right there. All of our it is is something I want to talk about this might open up quite a can of worms again our numbers are 8446877669. But did you see that they're now growing. What they're calling mini brains but basically they're they're not quite. Develop their underdeveloped. In early stages of development human brains in the laboratory. I have heard about this and it's. And that but you remember there also printing body parts with 3-D printers now as well. Am so it's not far fetched because. There was a story not too long ago that talked about humans and will never be able live past 125 years. Because their bodies cannot naturally pass beyond a certain life expectancy. So now with this whole growing human brains and being able to print body parts how long before. Were able to just transfer consciousness. Of somebody. Com the memory everything from Middleton in unit into a new green and new body parts I mean at that point. You can live for ever as long as the can keep on every place in every hundred years it keep keep on doing business here. So. Yeah if it's just opens at a camp dorms though because. And thank. The plans are ready becoming overpopulated if nobody's ever dies. If it and that it opens up this can't warm with religion and afterlife and you know I don't know how far people get to serve religions but the whole. Reversals in. Well evidently we can't have. The same discussion as a rule ethical issue here and a spiritual issue here. There's been a lot of talk about the ability to take human member you know memories and consciousness and put them into a computer into a machine. And it is then there's been trials on it and some of the says. There's been. Positive trials are they should say where they has said he wanted to do certain things of course not not the full blood. Yes that's just it's terrifying thought went and and really science. Science please god and that's that's terrifying enough to think about it. As science being able to do this is really playing guy ago little momentum and you've grown child that tested him in these are seen it's it's wonderful but also terrifying days yeah well as somebody not to get too person. Here on who's cut. My mother we've talked about my mom on this program before who. Is in the in the knee in need of them of an organ transplant the fact that they could Grohl are an organ in in tests in an in a laboratory somewhere. On is actually pretty appealing thing right now so it's going to be interesting to watch how this develops. And down hope that they can do it without breaking through some in ethical and and editor in an ethical barriers that. That you know that's very delicate. Around these types of issues. Yep and and I totally agree with him especially him being able to print body part I think I think that's that's a huge thing but. You're we're getting to this point where you're going to become. An artificial. Every everything about you except for your memories and we are announced starts with hips and and teeth and I mean you know if you're making me how tall also reprinting an entire person with a three printer right. Now two million to do is put that you put in all the memories in the consciousness in and done. So. Darren law and yet I know we will take a break Jim Wright and so let's take a break you we come back will. A lot more talk about a. I'm really really really effective. Welcome back beyond reality radio Jason Hart and Judy Johnson. A big ship thank you Shannon buyers are being on the program tonight week. Do appreciate Natalie you're being on the program but being in the chat room I know the conversation is still going on in chat. How with her so thanks so much. And I know you wanted to mention something about the the them you know the conversation we're just having quickly. William somebody and Chad actually Betty injection product it ships in people there and they party doing this in certain certain things I think. That can be very beneficial because it'll all your medical records can hold on the other data. I'm but I also think he needs to be some control on who just just an Atticus into it mostly just what every night after the show I put chips and people usually Doritos. Well than usual and we're talking about it. Question okay but in a computer chips about yet they can scan your own medical and I think it is coming to an and I know I'm a firm believer that. And criminals or pat files people like that should have some sort of tracking chips in them. You know don't have an issue with that by any means but. Yes and it's coming to that what happens when there would be ghetto it gets scary when that ship actually starts becoming something that's running. Running vital organs night got to worry about what if some Pringles faulty with that what do somehow. Uploading. Doesn't go well they're trying to upload information to a or virus no I saw something floating through chat earlier that it couldn't I can't let pass till the show one of them that mentioning it. October 13 is national no broad day did you see that. Know lied to me but they've been Sharon my they argued about it Jack I didn't know there was such a thing let's go to the phone lines. We've got her good friend Jay from Florida. About 45. Minutes. Two in the ears which would be Korean plant which it outside its August. So up. We could have and direct yes and obviously guys is that there's also wanted to talk about the best the most important because. I'm really worried they're gonna turn this syndicate train at 2.0. And all the horse that came afterwards was that and there are gonna do this temple Beth Marshall law. All that FEMA camps and every day it's great for it it's I don't know what it's like for it to happen what the National Guard to create in the state of emergency is the main worry. And they've already started putting homeless people and that and that's somewhat addictive. I wanted to help people for the did not trot onto the homeless shelters because of the homeless shelters are full. They won't ship you off to the FEMA Dinkins and you're thinking you're gonna get aid that is not what happens. He will be detained medical Marshall are coming job wanna say that October 14 they need a million signatures. On the CDC they need a million signatures or protest. On CDC web sites in the federal register. That they did not get a million able pat is basically medical Marshall Bob where they can detain music if you can meet vaccines. They give you cancer curse stops your body from fighting cancer any drug they want they can tie you down do whatever they want. Well this is said and done at all ankle monitor on you like someone is on probation or parole. And obviously they can maybe chip Q. So do you think that they've been just waiting for this. A storm like this to come through debate and to be able to do this. Well there's been in the works. For a decade and especially all summer long everything that they have been did happen and Orlando. With a pulse shooting. What is happening in Dallas this is all orchestrated folks but quite as matters is orchestrated it is all the network that is all leading this civil want whereas. So riots and looting and what's happening with the police shootings and everything. And I had a I have had I have I have seen things. There have been in this and his unprecedented amount of body bags. That have been they have put together cents a these these weird buildings they have train stations now this is in the government conspiracy thing this is pleased locked himself but. These weird train you train tracks ahead off to these buildings that. Aren't supposed to exist and and with with all these different types. Buildings and structures and everything else and their not talked about by modern by age is that typical media. And you know it's there's doubly so a lot of weird things going on there and it was way and no there's there was a report that was kinda squashed not too long ago about. Howell with all these body bags and everything being shipped off there. It was there. It was more of a government. Trying to sit there and say this is if need be this is how we're going to control of people. And soul book that analysts are open and it's sort of. What they're doing the population anyway they can and that's what I and the tea which is actually the mosquito that's very itself. That repellent. Whatever you call it affected by doctors you know that they respect and big time in Miami. By the way this is reached other states and Orton Azeri which is where originally from. Of this state you conducted a map and most of the southern states are orange and Missouri and Illinois are stripes whatever that means. And people need to look up Wal-Mart because Wal-Mart is martial law backward and walk was chosen years ago he can't look all the and I just wanted to addressed everyone who wants to be quick that they conspiracy theory conspiracy dared to make fun of them. This CIA today and indicated that term and that phrase. To shut down and shut out the truth truce speakers and troopers. And that goes back decades and now people have jumped on the bandwagon. And it disabled people I think about UFO's. Ghosts and aliens all of the people need to be looking a project blue beat good I don't know what's gonna happen guys. Mean the digital AM and I have a dramatic activated and our power boat out and they let it stay out. And mainstream media is not gonna tell you anything the only way you're gonna find out things are looking up. YouTube videos looking up alternative. But I wanted to do one thing you are being cared to report the truth why we still can't. Because major censorship that's coming major. It. Well and J&J one thing I will say though I'd I will say I agree with you on some some of the stuff because. I fluent in Missouri after that massive tornado tornadoes went through there and people were. Out of water and everything else and neighbors are shooting neighbors over bottles of water. And it was all over the news and all the sudden it disappeared it was not it wasn't on any of the news networks or anything else eye to flying to the area. About a week and a half two weeks after all the news reports stopped. And when I flew in going through some of these talent she realized that this was still this was still going on it just wasn't being. It was in being covered I mean do people still wouldn't have water they still didn't have. Food or any any resources home Tuesday it but it was just all the sudden the media stopped covering it. And so I eat I totally and believe me the media that he plays our games and and please those games of people forget about it or they think everything's better. And it's not so. Bada AJ Jay thanks for the call we have to let you go the show's winding up so is good to hear from you we appreciate calling and I do wanna say something regarding what Jay just said. Dirt there are shelters there are places that are safer than homes. And I don't want Jay's comments to discourage you from seeking a safe place if you're in the path of the storm. I'm not disputing what would jays theory is but I'm also just saying that you know you need if you're in the path of this storm in your new dangerous situation. Don't hesitate to find a safe place to go we don't want to see tragedy because of a fear of something like that it's very very important that you remain safe. Absolutely a 100% agree with that and again a big shout out who were our guest tonight Shannon buyers a panel genealogy issues wonderful to have on wonderful talk with. And a big thank you to all our listeners and all the states that we cover and also everybody who's. Liked our FaceBook dot com back slash beyond reality radio I'm until next week it's Jason and javy and will talk you also I. Our current arms crossed west like any parts and hope perhaps Alexandria Johnson for Entercom radio we don't forget to stop playing our FaceBook page give us alike and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow upon or you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio. Email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.