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Tim Kaine becomes unhinged at debate. 10/5/16

Oct 5, 2016|

What did you think of the debate last night? Who do you think won?

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They're my friends. Well look let me tell you. What happened. Did you got to know that's OK I just we are we always have a little bit of a meeting before the show as you know. And I was telling our program director Michael I said you know we did the pre debate show yesterday seven coal miner on WRKO. And the phone calls were good in terms of the volume of calls but it was it Ryan Biden. I remember Biden Ryan the phone for just off the hawk they were. Off the hook before the debate there were often looked after the debate all they wanted there was talk about the VP debate. And one of the big reasons why is. Everybody that was texting sing while we don't know contain that much we don't know my fans don't really know all the players in this. So it's kinda hard to get all emotional about it's. You know to get all worked up about it. After the debate last night. I mean we went on until midnight we could've gone on till 3 in the morning. I mean it was a debate. That seemed almost like a sleeper debate compared to you know Donald Trump and Hillary. And it's almost a debate people said well and all the big ground is gonna be round 21 Sunday by the way. We're gonna be on the air from seven until midnight. We'll have a pre debate show any post debate show will carry the second round of Donald Trump and Hillary life here on RKO. So I'll be refute this Sunday night starting at seven but let that go. And so. I gotta tell your what does that well this is gonna be the sleeper debate how ya ya you. Are ya ya Heidi. This may now turn in two weeks gained changer. Not so much for Donald Trump all the way think it does help trump. When you clearly see their reaction after the debate especially this morning after about twelve hours. But it blew up in Hillary Clinton's face and it blew up big time. And so creepy campaign as I call him he looks like the Joker out of Batman series. Do you looks like some kind of are clown. You know what that did the creepy smile. And you know according to one of his former staffers. Who by the way it used to be McCain supporters a staffer. Became a Bernie supporter is now going to be voting for trop. When he says the reason why he's voting for trump. It's because. He's gonna stop these global free trade deals that are destroying the middle class and the industrial base of this country OK but let that go. According to even make change former staffer. Quote why have the clintons Don that Tim Kaine. Think I was like a junkyard dog last night. It was like the Joker. But really he she would almost seem I kid you not he seemed a rabbit he almost seemed like a madman. And so from the beginning from the get go with that creepy smiley is okay creepy gain. The question is asked and was the moderator in the tank. Our. Elaine key panel on every pronounce her name. Always Sheehan the tank. She kept cutting off Mike events she kept interrupting Mike Pence she would let Tim Kaine go on and on and on. She would ask follow up questions of bans these gotcha questions nothing with them gain. She threw Tim Kaine won softball after another. To adjust here tear up against drop. Here it is still up tax returns you'll want it yet got it is he crazy you want it yet got it is zero reckless you want it you got it. Better scale in the past barrel I'd like to turn out to the tragedy in Syria. It about this cyber security search and now you can aren't thirty seconds irons I've. Thirty seconds. So he's trying to mention Hillary's emails we got thirty seconds and move on to Syria got thirty seconds more while this area. I mean basically forgive me even it was almost like blank you come out blank top port tag teaming you your shot up and taken on the channel liked. I mean her or her behavior was disgusting. It was if anything was even worse than Lester holt. But at least I got to give back creepy Cain at least kudos for one thing okay. There was no signalling like with Hillary and lastly if you notice he just scowl. Like he would just look at that angry deranged stare in his eyes really into like cut him off now disregards cut off just cut him off. I go to me now go to me now discordant now. So you're gonna need dead dead dead dead dead dead touching and always the touching the years to face signals the hand signals he just fouled. There was a couple times are not really you're just gonna jump out of his seat Presidio these clintons are such thugs. And they recruit such books this is her vice presidential mom and little. Once you give them a crowbar really somebody or just give him a crowbar and just just just just just just just cracked skull right there on the set. Just Erin is. Toward Putin's style Mets at the end of story. He constantly interrupted. Mike Pence were repeatedly. According to people who calculated cut crunched the numbers he agree interrupted Mike Pence over seventy. Types. It was in ninety minute debate 91 minutes to be precise. You figure okay 45 minutes 45 minutes right top. That means he interrupted them almost one and a half times per minute. Between him. And between the moderator. Alain can handle. It's a miracle Mike Pence got a sentence out. I literally am like what she's already got a got a sentence so it's a miracle. The look. Mike Pence. It's a statesman. Mike Pence Mike Pence is a class C polished dignified gentleman. He's clearly very Smart he's clearly very well read on the issues. He's a very successful governor. In some ways you can see why Donald Trump picked him. He's the perfect balance the perfect foil to try. And what he show no matter what happens in the election. I think last night. If Hillary wins in 2016. Look for trump up for parents forgive me in 20/20. I think he did extremely well in terms of coming across as a conservative. As a statesman. As someone who's got a lot of dignity a lot of class. Somebody who's almost an adult in the room. I also think he gave that impression to many undecided voters. And so I think because of this debate he's gonna give trump a bunched no question about it. But it was came. Who had their rehearsed scripted talking points. Which he vomit it. Again and making and spit it out he vomit it out. All over and over and over again. To the point that are honestly there was so much of vomit but really it's almost like he didn't begin to resonate after awhile but. What Tim Kaine deep. Was she exposed himself as a bullied. As a thug. Really as somebody who's a suitable gangster keys Medvedev. To Hillary Clinton's Putin. He's the henchmen. And so here's your crowbar and go get him. I would bet crazy Joker smile creeping McCain went after Mike plants for ninety freaking minutes. And there were moments in the debate let me be very candid with you were right fought Mike Pence was two nights. I said it last night. I don't think I mean I slept on it I saw the debate again after I got home I went to bed about 3:4 in the morning are we saw the debate. I think pension did better my saw the debate a second time to why did the first time. But still. Say what you want about Tim cain's performance as horrible and deplorable as it wants and in some ways it was at the back. Because he just wouldn't shut up. He just would not shut up. That's me. I there was one has about pool 945. Halfway through the debate honestly kept interrupting my pencil waffle. I said you know why doesn't Mike Pence just turn around look at him and the shots. And say sure I op. Really getting on my nerves are getting they're getting normal countries nerves I think the bodies gold country what do give him a standing ovation. And instead he was at I thought at times he wished to nice too gentlemanly. To classy. And Tim Kaine say what you want about him. They had a mission now whether they accomplished that we're gonna see in the polls the next couple of days but he animation. Run out the clock. Do not let Mike parents get off shots against Hillary Clinton. So whenever she talked about the Clinton server he would interrupt. When every talked about the emails he would interrupt. Whenever you try to mention the Clinton foundation or disastrous foreign policy just interrupt and talk right over. And if you wasn't talking over from the moderator was talking over. And kept repeating it again and again Donald Trump is are racist Donald Trump insulted all Mexicans he called which is not true. He called them all rapists and so forth. He that tax returns. I've got to say this OK and I know trumps people listen to the show. Look pants is class all the way. And what you saw was a gutter snipes. You saw a barking junkyard dog. And creepy came last night and India in terms of stature. Just you look at Mike Pence he out shown Tim Kaine I mean there was no contest okay. But Mike Pence did not have a ready answer for the taxes. I mean they should've seen that coming. The New York Times is hammering fuel over at the liberal media is hammering on you over it. You've got to have a good punchy concise ready response. I know we said you know what doesn't take deductions but. He could be firmer than that. You've got to hit him back. You can't just let him get away with that charge again and again because you with the audience you know the truth you're well read. The low information crowd. The people who just kind of tune in at these debates and don't really follow all the news. They're gonna think well mopping taxes he's not paying his fair share. So you got to turn around say whoa whoa whoa what I did was 1000% legal first of all I've also he's paid a kind of taxes. Hillary Clinton Portis and mobile sorry. Use the same loss. Warren Buffett same thing GE same thing the New York Times same thing so tell me Jamie tell me creep became. If it's good enough for your own candidate and it's good enough for her supporters and it's good enough for Warren and it's good enough for the New York Times. Why is it not good enough for Donald Trump. You phony liar you bang issue over. So I thought there were times when he needed to be stronger Mike Pence he needed to have a ready answer is. He didn't album. Now. What I think has blown up in Hillary's face that's why there were moments I'll be honest with you said it last night I must say it again. Not that Chris Christie is a better vice presidential. Candidate he's not. Parents who brings a lot more to the table. But if I could've just substituted. For ninety minutes say OK guys this was substitution. Mike did just just that's OK Mike just get up there let's sporting Christie for just ninety minutes. There were some moments in that debate and I'm like Christie wouldn't let that go. Talk Christie what a smacked him right in the mouth over that one all Christie what a fire away on that one Christie would not have allowed the moderator to bully him. The way parents allowed the moderator to bully him war. Interrupt him. Trample all over him he would've stood up to Tim Kaine. Again. It's many years. I'm waiting and went to be precise six years OK my bad spiders. Four years sorry it's it was a long night last. Then got its been eight years that I've been waiting for somebody to stand up to a bomb. It's been forty years that I've been waiting now like Mitt Romney Paul Ryan the first debate now the second debate. Will somebody take her to the woodshed on Ben Ghazi. Will somebody exposure on paper plate with the Clinton foundation laid it out there. Will somebody talk and mention what the Russians did a body off the clintons. They were cutting half a million dollar checks to Bill Clinton in the Kremlin for God's sakes. She's sold our nation's supply of uranium to the Russians. She failed on the Russian reset completely. And Tim Kaine is pat going trump all night about how he's in bed with a Vladimir Putin. Guys you're gonna have these ready made an inserts. You know they're gonna convert telegraphing from a mile away eat. But there's no getting around it look when everything is said and done. Nobody likes a bully. Especially an obnoxious ogre. Like creepy king. He came across this or at least he came across like a snake. He came across as arrogant. Smog. Smarmy. As somebody went absolutely no respect for the rules. Utterly scripted. Utterly choreographed I'm telling you would like a barking junkyard dog. And I do were moments where I really wish years said to shut up or honestly smacked him in the back of that. How are you yes America thanks you. So. Just here's a little taste okay when you hear the ringing sound. That's how many times Tim Kaine is interrupting the gentleman. Class Mike Pence listen Davis roll it Britain. Well Hillary Clinton you failed to Toledo aren't more American true Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Forces agree on that SN program and then slowly removes the Enron's you know in the backyard and I want to pin right over slowly snow in the job recovery since the great to protect him around and the Atlanta field alone in and we have the lowest approval dramatically look at your money for TI has gone way Tankersley and the folks at the top and so I I am after the hearing whether he'll defend his running -- not releasing tax and I wanted to release is actually slower than we're answer because he's created a business is worth billions of dollars to do you know that I'd. I'd like he's about taxes senator on the second leaders are riches Richard and nice and early tax returns when there are gonna Asia not all I don't know I'm going to Ottawa to relax clear you have hundreds voting record and I'm like give all of that aren't I I just a look like act. There's a murdered we're not feeling I don't answer you're gonna raise taxes and we're gonna face hard choices and tell me how our camera pharmacies can I just think I. Planned launch and it didn't broadly when they always accusation an implicit bias every time track only. And I think somebody. I. All right my Ashton. Is now in kindergarten. My neighbors actually in pre K. They're teaching the kids in kindergarten and pre K my little Ashton MA. Dornin there dropped. You have to be respectful of others okay. Don't be I'll bullying and and and it was Italians calling California. A low class a vulgar present okay but some clouds fog some analysts. I think it's time that maybe creep we came we send them back the kindergarten. And say none of taming him me. Hit me when others may be quiet and wait your turn to me. Who do you think won last night step bait. If you believe it was my friends that gentleman. That's the latter day is 68680. If you believe it was creepy gained him gain the Joker. Tax the letter B is 686 say the you can vote on wrko.com. All of your calls Max. Voice of Boston. Snacks. You were heavy handed approach that you go to set latter well is that morning. And Elaine thank you thank go to Italy thank you sentinels praised Vladimir Putin's again later how how can. And it it wouldn't happen until he was accidentally launched a billion dollars a year lowered or Donald Trump Donald Trump's apprentice. Let me talk about the fact that you now actively had a private server I get to weigh in December the. Please back up I'm thinking nonstop and it's how can win a problem comes and done you much good bit. Coach Dick. That that was Jeff girl last night's. That was me last night during the debate. And so my question to you always this it's now turning apparently into a debacle. For campaign. He babe like a clown he behaved like a frog. He behaved like somebody who was completely out of control creepy game. This this is Hillary Clinton's nominee to be your successor or something should happen to work. This is what America is asking itself this morning and today and so my question to you is this. Who do you think won last night's debate. If you think it was the gentleman. This statesman Mike Pence decks the letter a the 68680. If you think gateway is the Joker. Creepy carrying textile letter B is 68680. I as always you can vote at wrko.com. Results. I promise your calls. Knack. That is absolutely false you know absolutely you know I've got gotta say I was away and it definitely yes yeah I did that didn't investigate gentlemen and they concluded that there was. Are reasonable prosecutor would take it from several. Kaine governor text please so I want to turn out to Syria. 1237. Here on the great WRK. Oh okay. Who do you think won last night's vice presidential debate. Mike spends tax day is 68680. Curry became big Joker text be this 68680. You can vote online at wrko.com. Brittany what are the poll results. So far 96%. Mike Pence. For her percent creepy greed became. What was he serves the world these clowns running around Jonas epidemic of clowns and with knives and attacking people and I continue to put the ultimate. And I guess I'm very. It happens and that weird smiling news. And goes crazy rabbit dies act you act out and crazy eyebrows. Here I wanted to go to the phone lines but he did there's a trump surrogate who I thought nailed it last night just nailed it. Should the kind of looked actually unhinged. You know you lost out there any loss of from the very beginning it was very strange to see was. You know but I guess that was the strategy they know how much form governments is on the issues and almost always on style on the lever amounts that are those that help. To maybe somehow box remember they failed and the governor has Jamal weigh on top tonight against showed why trump pants is going to be the winning ticket number it. It is it's obvious we'll just he's so much smarter and better educated. And more knowledgeable so just talk over a just a yak yak and just. Talk talk talk talk talk talk but the journal went. The junkyard dog to him as junkyard dog Britney love up. If and then the moderator did she chimes in she chimes in so erratic got to mop and their opt them dollar and bark and after ninety minutes and they're trying to run out the clock. You know what your strategy is they think Hillary has won. In their in the camp in the camping and they think all she's got to do now is just run out the clock and wait till November 8. So how of them play defense. Just muzzle lomb put him on the defensive. Interrupt them cotta mop. To make sure being Ghazi don't let it out there to server don't get out there the foundation don't get it out there all the scandals don't get it out there. It's so obvious what their strategy ones. But he executed it sold poorly. I mean really came across sold desperate. So all of fog each frankly so pathetic. Soul. Arrogant. What does Hillary Clinton you failed literally goes aren't more Americans should Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton's forces you know that is entrapment and solar rumor and yeah. In the bag I. And now. The reasons I agreed to safety. And Camille in the lowest. Dramatically. Different team on his way into the box that's. This where's my Italian mother in law one and year out shadow lap you know I just smacked him in the back of an eye shadow. John in Malden go ahead John. They are Narnia the arm. Street that point toes for at least in your right about the am. That spoke with our nation should abort the so there uranium to Russia. The other thing too is that. Becomes that thing had the should sit well. Alliances where were they were when we needed help when Americans were being. You know killed. And now what does that stand out. I'm guessing till this. On though they call La. Trumpet the races. Did you look at this company in like some woman working for a company. And who wasn't in any woman aren't made it. And it departments. Including that started so where she didn't judge. Our community relations. That's you know Hiram woman was competent if you are racist when you'd be all men work out. And not only gouge on your 1000% right comic minorities how many African Americans I mean he knows how many. And so by the way disproportionately. Even in terms of the population. That's like that's what's so shocking. And yet on they loved him see here's here's the big line. They all laughed him CNN and Fox News they went to was waiting I don't know why trump doesn't bring down. I'm actually Cuba hey you loved me so much came to my wedding. I want to be in my golfing buddy so I was cutting checks for you and inviting you to the wedding. Or getting ratings for CNN and fox all you guys all mean then now I talked about borders and immigration and trade and putting America first. And all of a sudden now I'm the biggest races of doubts that'll that. What I'm saying Jeff. WikiLeaks here where you know was saying want you know spreads more knows now. Did you bring up about it Pamela drone. I attacked well it's any school now. Now what happens then this then you know if you look at hurt her you know is she someone you know training camps in women are reiterating they all contribute the suspect. Your genius. Pure genius okay. I was gonna get to this a little bit later in the show but. This is it broke a couple days ago I mentioned it yesterday in the pre debate show. Again I'm not that I'm picking on Mike Pence I love the guys don't get me wrong but my god the arsenal that they have the ammunition. Ted just cut Clinton Hillary and and and the Democrats the peace solution to this now. When in 2010. It is now come out that when Hillary was secretary of state. She was so worried about what Julian Assange the WikiLeaks the founder of WikiLeaks. In a discussion with senior State Department and pentagon officials. She openly says what can't we just launching drone strike you know like from the sky like a missile strike can't we just killed a guy like assassinate them. Let's just her term malicious drone the guy. Then when they were confronted with this initially the Clinton campaign to an official statement said. It was actual. The actual a huge role she was just keep saying. But then when asked by reporters. They say did you who did you threatened to drawn Julian Assange or we could just joking her response listen to this. I don't we call joking about droning Garrett Julian Assange. We have somebody now who openly talks about assassinating. From this guy with a missile strike but they're drone strike using a missile. From the sky. Somebody who's a potential threat a dissident eight critic of the regime. Cox seriously the trump campaign hello are you guys listening. Why is this not the first talking point she just threatened to kill somebody to draw from. The same guy by the way who leaked the DNC did the humiliating DNC emails. So we've got that we've got and guys. We've got the email servers we've got perjury we've got obstruction of justice we've got embezzling. We've got the Clinton foundation we've got bribery we've got pay to play. I'm watching the debate last night on get me wrong I love Mike Pence. The port I just couldn't finish part of the problem was I mean. I mean for ninety minutes the port I couldn't get a word edgewise. But I think it might comics you've got on Walt. In all to me this is like boxing match. Now you may be graceful you may be talented you may be so many things but if you're not firing punches. He kind of marker. Shall we've now got two debates left. Gong. On this Sunday's debate. Around ways they're calling it he got two goal nuclear. Because in the end nice guys finish last and John and by the way have you noticed they both have these kind of like but the Joker. On the arch villain and Batman they have very similar evil smiles. Are almost like perfectly made for one it's it's it's you know she really did pick for her he's the perfect VP. John and north Borough go ahead John. Did you play did during that particular programs ritual on your citizenship when I was a big yet. Restore America rally Paul did a terrific job you view I can understand what you're Bob somewhat depend couldn't get the group. The only medical appointment I I was gonna they complain about the strategy that movie was using. And edited clip. To take him down. In the debate between. Hesitate. And you met and you'll remember a point which is to try to keep to pay I think Mike Pence from talking. The price that you had ready could devastate fairly. Abide by keeping them disrupted and but like you do windows with the backing up. But I just followed up because of this. We're a little in the structural strategy commute from the Clinton camp regretting via. The debate last night and it was just. Project Tim came to that. Well machine gunfire ratify a Chile trapped said this and drop so bad and drop pollutes less and upwards and and and and over again. He kept killing. They might accepted been chastised from the Arctic. The clinic that I kind of kind of moderating himself but he was saying like to regret the actual note that the structural didn't happen. There were seven nobody made a video that they are shown on television all over the country. And the good snippets. As of two instead always think about trump then they get a snippet next of Pestrana. Pledged to do it and it told senate and that led up videos looked at trump saying something like hit and it. But I'm pretty epic puppets and I would bet we will Justice Department. Which democratic front was actually saying those things out of context. So that that that that there. So that now I've got this. They try to make two pets look like a riot. We have the same time they try to get trump I'd like to see if we. John thank you very much regret called all look. It's wet it's the democratic playbook this is their playbook they've been rolling it now for years. I cannot believe that the Republicans. Still don't have an effective response list. Okay it's in a way that I mean I I don't wanna besmirch Bill Belichick by comparing him to the Democrats really don't but. It's the way Bill Belichick and the patriots. Always have an effective playbook. And like the rest of the NFL guys won't join watch film. Like don't you watched eight aren't you guys getting ready for this. Okay one season I get it but every year it's in all they have a super kick particular style they play on offense well it's the same thing. They lie lie lie they distort distort they take everything out of context. And they just scream racist sexist war on women whatever the same thing over and over and over again. I am a firm believer. Dishes he guides me in my life it's frankly guided by my faith. It was talked to me by my grandparents my parents highly I teach it to my own kids. The truth shall always section free. Always speak the truth. This is what this campaign is about please everybody you have to listen to this thing. What the Democrats have on trump our lights. He's not a racist everybody knows he's not a sexist everybody knows he's not awhile and everybody knows it. He's not gonna start a nuclear war everybody knows Kerry that was when the most disgusting seniors. That one of the many smears that Tim came level. Everybody knows it. Trump has the true. The economy is in the tank. Our borders are being overrun. I sis is rampaging across the Middle East Obama care is an absolute disaster. Hillary Clinton is a radical leftist global list she is a corrupt gangster. She's a criminal she's corrupt to the bone that easily ruled. So say it. To me the job of a VP ultimately of course is to be the successor to the president. But also to defend the presidential nominee. We're not fighting back. And it's time that we fought back. And so my advice to them look what they're doing already now there are already cutting spots what they're saying is. Mike Pence wouldn't defend Donald Trump. Mike Pence work. When challenged about tranche which is sexy and he's gonna start a nuclear war in his recklessness a right away everybody was gonna go nuclear Japan. Brands going nuclear South Korea going nuclear Saudi Arabia is going nuclear. My parents wouldn't offend even his own candidate. After awhile you know which BS crying always to be yes. But what about the low information voter. What they have practiced what art form is the big lie. If you repeat Joseph global the minister of propaganda under Hitler. City if you repeat something often enough no matter how much of a lot. It becomes accepted S troops. You fight lies with truth. You fight evil with good. You speak truth to power. What Donald Trump needs to do this Sunday. They say forget the polls forget the consultants. Forget the focus groups. I want America to know. Who got ugly evil which really eats. Because I'm telling you. How her core. She made a faustian bargain. She sold Herschel. Take that apple. And I think that's gonna look very important for trump. That was softball on softball Chris Matthews. Chris. If Chris Matthews says Mike plants clean freak freak games Clark. It was a very bad night for campaign and the Hillary campaign John and Needham go ahead John. And rewards John okay. Let's go or harming your Jersey go ahead com. Give scooter succeed ER KO working. Days long to save our country that Triplett would dynamite basic thanks so much Thomas undermine a bush just. HF. Leonard Nimoy has passed away put Mr. Spock lives Mike Pence reminds me of Mr. Spock. He cut through that Jack Cooley and tackle which surgical precision. The two arguments he made it I think he'd he'd left. Creepy Cain. By the way Kim real Catholics not only you who is pro life we also full pro life so put that in your pipe but by the way. Tom by the time I'm up against a hard break I got to go to news can you hang on I'll put out right away and thank you Jared thank by. 617 believe me we got so much more 6172666860. Eric trump Donald Trump's son. After the debates. On lol it's on CNN. You got here. So obviously Japan South Korea front of Reagan's had something really interest about nuclear proliferation back in nineteen games. He said the problem with nuclear proliferation. Is that some full mania. Could trigger a catastrophic event. And I think that's governor fences running that is exactly what President Reagan warned us senator. Senator there was even beneath you Hilary Clinton and it fits pretty low. That would. That was one of the best singers from Mike Pence a guy he rang his bell to get secret retain all he tied him good on that one. No I gotta say look. Even by the clintons are standards. Even by their standards. Which you saw last night was despicable. It really wants. So you'd just I've played that clip where they're basically saying trump is gonna start a nuclear war. He's so reckless he sold dangerous he's just gone out a press a button and we're all going to be engulfed him a big ball of flames. OK a massive mushroom cloud. The absolute pathetic demagoguery. They'll lying that smears the vilification. And the outright propaganda. Beat he scary. But it didn't stop there. He then says that basically trump has a love affair with dictators. Implying that he's also a crypto Nazi are crypto dictator himself. So according to creep became. Not only his trump or racist not only is he is sexist big dip homo folders lemon awful blah blah blah blah look at every ism on the planet. Not only is he gonna starting nuclear war. But. If he had his own right is only mount Rushmore. These are the dictators. That dictator Donald. Would put up. Relax kind of a personal mount Rushmore Vladimir Putin's channel Johnny's. Moammar Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein. Just to show you what a whole life creepy heinous. And you know what's really frightening. As I'm watching the debate which is why I was almost jumping out of my seat you know yelling at the TV's scream it's. To have a Mike Toomey favors socked this guy. Just muzzle this guy. And I mean if I was on the big stage really I feel like the white text spilled some water and you know they're exposed some water on the table and get up and my arm which swing in the elbow what hit him in the face and the noise is and always and break his nose or whatever and he's bleeding all my I'm so sorry. Tampa at the water spill I kind of got up and manages kind of jerked. And the elbow in the face and I'm always bleeding all we can't talk anymore I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry please somebody somebody got a doctor for creep regaining her. OK but but let that go. Who is the fog. Just objectively. Quit the food. Courts don't wanna keep break in the law perk. Who's committing the structure of justice her. Poor destroying emails her was committing perjury her. Who is being in bed with dictators or speaking freaking money from all these dictators. Or. And her husband the Clinton foundation. They took money from the saudis they took money from the Russian state took money from the Communist Chinese they took money from the gulf Arabs they took money from that he didn't park dictator from Kazakhstan. You'll named a dictator they took the money. And suddenly. Because Donald Trump oppose the war you walk he loves Saddam Hussein. Because he opposes the potential third world war in Syria he says they weren't we're gonna go to war with Vladimir Putin's Russia are you people insane. Suddenly now he loves the char Saud or he loves. Vladimir Putin. Because he says that China should handle North Korea. And we shouldn't have a nuclear war with North Korea all of a sudden now Donald Trump says he and Donald Trump loves Kim Jong-un. Are unhinged. Literary this isn't saying. And what was the maybe the most despicable there were many but me. AB the most despicable of all of the despicable. Lies and seniors. Was this book it's a lot these bogus story and you can tell Tim Kaine is planting a seed in the media that's what he's doing. Goal after Donald suppose it connections with the Russians. Always trust interest some other guy Russia. Call he's in bed with a coup regime. That tentacles of Donald Trump's empire pickle everywhere. And sold ten came kept saying again and again on. He's conduct a Russian oligarchs who want to know always what perished and auctions with Russian oligarchs it's. Full I have to watch myself it's bull crap. Said in arguably. Vladimir Putin is a better leader. And President Obama Marley and a lot of weapons Ron as economy into the ground. He person Gisele should be changed votes and journalists. If you don't know the difference. Between dictatorship and leadership Linux and you gotta go back to a fifth grade civics artists. I want sends me. Governor pat that and today. I mean what my home what he said was that Vladimir Putin is a stronger leader than Obama. Which is true. I mean just objectively true. Who has bolstered the Iranian regime pool. Who got an incredible deal where the uranium to get 150. Billion ball marks. And are given a path to retain a nuclear bomb. Who backed the Iranians potent. Who destroyed the Russian reset wooten. Court ruled Hillary and and and and and Obama on Crimea on Ukraine on George army wrong on Syria across the Middle East pull him. Guys what are we talking about it. He's kicking us out of Eastern Europe he's taking us out of the Middle East. He's kicking out of several spheres of interest dictates what in the floor where does what he is talking about. I mean deserted their fax. This is indisputable. But they're trying to claim some kind of a nefarious. Business interest with Vladimir Putin. You know first of all they see occasional Cox's align. Vendor cart home all the peace business interest with who and what it dirt there aren't none literally there aren't non. And shall finally. Because look Mike Pence I love the guy don't get me wrong. But you know what you don't quite think has a real promising political career. Watch your eyes on this guy because it's not just Donald Trump. There are some members of this family. I seal a little bit now of that Kennedy clan mean without all the scandals and the in all their rate send dad dead all the other. I'm talking about in terms of influence I'm talking about several generations of a political influence I only mean it that way political dynasty. The trumps. Eric trump last night went on CNN after the debate. This kid sharp this kid is Smart. This kid is tough this kid is articulate. I hate to say this because I love Donald Trump you know that. But in some ways he defends his father. Better than his old man let's. Listen to him. Go right after Wolf Blitzer Dana bash and John King because they took him Kane Lee. T that they wanna start this now. They wanna smear tribe with the mother why complete fabricated story he's caught interest in Russia is all. Interest in Russia. Really. Tell me walled Scott the interest in my bet ash. Listened to Eric came. Don't demolish. Sorry Eric and Eric trump. Demolish. John King Wolf Blitzer Dana bash and the entire liberal CNN panel roll it Britain. Do you owe money to people and it's such a not to sound like an analyst and this this nonsense about tentacles to eat you know. It doesn't leasing company. America should be proud of people who build great companies that's what America's all about to tell building and it's about success and it's about jobs it's about creating. The American dream right Henry Ford and in. I mean that's what America's about each be proud of that to talk about tentacles all over the world. You know assets in Russia Ellison not since statement any debts we have no assets in Russia we have no. Didn't Russia I haven't been to Russian flight 67 years of the top of my head tigers six or seven years. I mean it's not so technically. He'll miss universe in Russia one year I think that's the extent of our business and if we had nobody else need know all facets we have no. Residential buildings we don't have. Properties and Russia still to come out here that's I think that's what the American people are fed up. It's the sound bites it's these lines it's the disingenuous nature of it. It's referring to a great company that employs thousands of hardworking Americans. Has accompanied this nefarious as tentacles all over the place if you understand the power though if it that if your father did release his taxes and laid it out there and say. To your point here's the papers airlines they're making this up it doesn't exist so why would he do it at the time when show so many distance between. That's secrecy they're trying to make about it there alone if you wanna know we have. Assets in Russia still look to see if our names on a building to look to see if we own. And he property of their current real estate company were bricks and mortar company you'll see if we have a team Russia the reality. As we count and we we just don't but it doesn't matter look at look at the Clinton foundation just for a second ranked. The US government sold 20%. Of the uranium stockpile material used to make nuclear weapons. For Russian. Two weeks later the Clinton foundation gets a 140. Million dollars from the Russian business people who put that deal together. Bill Clinton has been to Moscow a number of times he's been paid 500000 dollars to give speeches on so many patients in Russia. I mean car heist or Russia. Our deep there's no question about it anybody who's ever looked at the Clinton foundation knows that there are ties to Russia are incredibly substantial we have nothing in Russia this is it disappeared are. Brilliant. Gary in bed with two. Forgive me you're having sex practically they're having political financials excellent. They're showing bed with him and his cronies it's not even funny. On hundred and he's completely right the Figurs a 140. Years think three million dollars. That Putin's cronies lined the pockets of bill and Hillary and the Clinton foundation. Expect a after right after that uranium deal was cut. Think gulping what a coincidence now the only thing I would have thought it Eric's brilliant response and it was brilliant it was devastating. The speeches that Bill Clinton gay. And this is well documented weren't jurist in Russia our Moscow. They were in the freak in Kremlin. Don't freak in Kremlin. In other words the Kremlin bed then Russia seat of government. Which potent in the audience with his cronies in the audience 500000. Dollar checks for what a forty minute speech. It real in the old. You my stern. Give us all the uranium all of you don't care Kutcher check 500000. And then you talk to date and then you come back again in one week we have very good care we got many good look at nothing but the best when he will be nothing but the best. And then you come back in your kids and mother of 500000. Dollars. And then you come back again and I why are you another 350000. Dollars. And don't forget mama Sarah get take care of this. Or a guard are oligarchs and all similar to what you and hilly but that is bad looking but. Live Google. And a week gonna give beat donations to Clinton foundation shall we put some I mean you report it directly and finally put some money in your pocket indirectly. Affect act at. And their manufacturing. You spoke your store what how why isn't that what they don't watch. Which you saw. Was a smear campaign. I'll a set of blacks. That I've got to tell. I have never seen him this makes dirty Harry Reid look like George Washington. Don't go ice and the BS that are coming from Hillary's campaign and you know what it is it's classic projection. Very bad with Russia. Very in bed with the dictators. Vera crony capitalists. They're corrupt to the bone. And so they keep accusing. Donald Trump of the very things that very hour. 61720666868. Let me ask you this. Tim Kaine went down in flames last night what did you make of the debate. And did creepy cain's debacle. Will it change the direction. Of the race. How they just reset the campaign again. I wanna hear from you all of your calls next. Governor tense day in our. Vladimir Putin's batter later. Then present during the that is absolutely in our aunt and an accurate and and I just think about cities like stronger he's been stronger on the world so you shut leader. I can edit it and I'll say this government. Did you just a little better if you mistake. Leadership. For dictatorship and you can't tell the difference. A country that's running its economy underground this is a personal thing and Dallas right decision or you can't tell the difference you shouldn't be commander in chief. 127. Here on the great WRKO. You can text us 68680. This is from 781 chaff. Pants was excellent. More aggression would have helped but overall an excellent job. Look. Let me tell you what the meaning of last night is in twenty seconds. The most important decision. Presidential candidate can make. To choose his or her successor. And it's in other words if something should happen to me god forbid who'll be my replacement. Now. Think about it's the key decision I know there's war position toward peace and but ultimately look who's gonna replace me. That's says everything about would a person has the character of the person Butte college and so the person how this person is gonna govern ultimately what they're made up. Look at Mike Pence. Statesman like. Cool calm collected experienced knowledgeable. A man of faith a man a family. Up patriot. He's almost out of central casting to be president. And then look at creep campaign. Look at that obnoxious. Arrogant. Overbearing. Insulting. Lying thug. That's what America assault last night people say vice presidential debates Paul matter normal normal they matter. Because they say okay. His most important pick his so called right hand man look at Hillary she's been bragging and in my right hand person that's going to be your right hand person. They saw that and I'm telling you middle America. Looked away in order revulsion. Tom in New Jersey you've been very patient thank you Tom the floor is yours. Thank suggests there's nothing like could double daughter red white and blue dynamite Davey. Thanks so much I'm going to take Jeff what quarter it was Saint Louis. Mike Pence reminds me Mr. Spock it was cutting through the cat going jackal Tim Kaine with surgical precision. Each has kept going he had such discipline and focus. He was in such control of his emotions. Shore I would've liked your about thank god see and especially uranium jet you know. Europe are historical expert among many other talents which you have. In the old days. When Benedict Arnold. Betrayed our nation during the revolutionary war. I believed the penalty for that woods was hanging is that correct. Hillary Clinton I wanna know. Here's the homework assignment currently sheep walking the streets. Here it is cheap that'll you'll rein them access. To restart rivals maybe not quite our enemies but certainly our rivals the Russians. And alone the whole weeks later months later she gets donations tour foundation of a 140 million dollars. How is that not textbook. To treat the men and it and being a traitor. He walking the streets much less running for president. I mean just did such an egregious sign of where our government is that how did how old did she get away with this and I wanna hear from. Tends well we will hear from him again put trap I think we need to cooler full blown trade what are we holding back on this gap. Tom I said this to Brittany and the people in the Booth will in the boot them repeated I say during the break. If Donald Trump at the first debate or in the second debate on Sunday. If he just says word for word verbatim what Hugh son Eric trump told CNN. About the uranium deal. Her head is gonna fall on the floor and just rolls. He he is going to politically. Be better. Solely because there's there's no rebuttal because it's treason it's addition. It's bribery. It's out its influence peddling its. It played. I mean it's crime after crime after crime after crime bottled you gutter just swing away big. Tom as always great call my friend up bush jacare 617206. At 6868. Okay. Although I think many more your calls about a couple lines opened 6172666860. A New York. Homes next to. Clinton called him senator. From the cultural supporters that basket of deplorable and Hillary Clinton's had something on the campaign trail in the very next nation should not action said that. She's originally from us that have a market that senator Clinton's two minutes plus yeah that's rights and stuff. 137. Here on the great WRKO. 617266. 6868. As always you can text us. 68680. 97 eighths. Jeff what I gonna last night's debate was Cain is arrogant and ignorant. I think the Democrat ticket has to unlikable candidates. 603. Jeff did you catch cain's quote I'm going to be your right hand person and quote comment last night. He can't even admit to being a man for God's sake. As you say. What what what a loser or whoever it is 10 loser. 10 loser. As 50 wait Jeff. You call came a thug I say McCain is a dank. Exit didn't I say fun. To each his own my friend. 978 Jeff. Cain acted like he needs hormone replacement therapy. Parents acted like command. You may go to first Britney Kevin in Los Angeles go ahead Kevin. Did you canady. So. Country Chrysler police suspect that it. Theo Calder there rewrote on dresses from. But look it's polls and reading the. All the polls. And on Jewish that there are no apparent conspiratorial account paranoid but they really are completely. Cute. Others give you one example there's an economist all the canal today. It's a home a poll of registered voters. One of the questions in the poll is are you registered to vote. 70% registered 30% not registered. So you have a poll of registered voters com and 13 of those poll is not registered to vote. And some of those once a couple. Of good strong Democrat not strong not very strong Democrat mean Democrat. It's 46%. For the same category it's Republican it's 13%. To be able pulled registered voters want purple mark not registered. And of those were in the apple. She has a 13%. Advantage in terms of voter identification. Should up 5%. Kevin I'm just curious as you crunched the numbers obviously are very astute close follower of politics. Do you think what pence did last night the way he basically let came hang himself. Is this gonna tilt the race even more and Donald Trump's favor. Well that it's gonna do this I think she clearly cannot the first debate with some momentum but I think. Debate momentum for like convention momentum so yeah ounce. Cannabis dissipates over the next week or so so I think the combination of that and has strong performance last week is going to. Resulting from tightening polls leading in there some Vista basic. Do you think that filmed he has got Paterno and a strong performance if you turn to another performance like the one last week I think you're really good. Just sort of tilt against them I think I think the reason they're they're skewing the polls where it is because they're conditioning has to accept. And expect. A victory per. And a home. Think he has another that debate and if we're talking for the next four or five days after that vote yes after he made during the day as weak performance and how great she left. On its largest I think it could they're trying to depress. His turn now. And you know and he spent only got a strong hard core. Of which forty to forty to retreat to some of the vote. But he has that they're there just aren't enough about deplorable so here and there disrupted the some people out there are behind a 100%. That are going to take a chance on him. And those are the people he's got to be talking do something. Kevin. You're you're you're are you in Los Angeles stories outside of Los Angeles but UCLA. No accurate what's what's it like in California Los Angeles what are people saying about the about the race about trump. Well there is its interest in arms because I live and pretty well to do area in Los Angeles. And I think in my entire neighborhood. I can read Hillary concert one Trump's son. But I think that in three or four Hillary signs and I I was living here. Into designated 2012. But a cold. Just so very politically aware and active area. And you know there were Obama signed all over the place two years ago. So I think that's that's an indication to me another expression of science don't vote but tolerance. Joseph do you have them. Herbert. But they're they're Kevin you're saying here's enthusiasm gap let's put it that way. What we and others and enthusiasm gap. You know certainly we Brothers and enthusiasm gap. He's getting fifteen and 20000 people rallies. And she's become a black church and perilous when. Sitting in a swing state last week. And it of and DPU temperature cup I mean they're. It sure is that it's that's just the fact that there's enthusiasm gap they have a great get out the vote operation. You know and and that's what they're there are strands. Marshal people get them to the polls them. In other made it's so easy which I think you're the real disservice to the country they've made it. Too easy to vote for another round. Either completely right our show and are completely right Kevin body don't just your first I'm calling a take it right. Kevin don't be a stranger great call. Current call again my friend port Charles and Arlington go ahead Charles. Yeah aside from one article you were nice to nice to listen view are I believe and are on maybe that's something sensitive. I thought when I heard. Great. Another station's morning. I IIIR. I thought that I have heard her thank. I suggested may be because of the lack of forceful. That their governor pants. Did not win the debate I don't know whether what do what is. ER I expect you scream about this. OK I Charles. I I management is gonna they're gonna kill me if I talk about my wife on another station so I can't. I can't comment on my I can just say this. Grayson I had a very spirited discussion last night when I got home. Are we just I think we we kind of agree we both fought parents should have been more aggressive I still believe that. She thinks however that the democratic playbook and you sought we've Biden against Ryan. He saw with Obama and Romney Obama and McCain. That this car ring and furthering and smearing and lying. We can see right through it. But this swing voters don't. And so she thinks it works. She's convinced. That cain's. Lying tactics that's what they are is his skin eyes of the that this smearing the lying the vilification tactics. How no matter how despicable they are they work. And so she thinks that they meaning get a bounce out of this. I think what she's miss calculating. Is that he would soul of noxious. He was solo who he was sold its poor often she was just so revolting in his behavior. That if people were even listen to what he was saying. Because of the way he was doing it the way he was saying it and I'll just give you an example I mentioned Chris Matthews. There is a woman on MSNBC she's an African American cheese arch liberal I mean I mean that Obama fanatic. I Hillary fanatic. Orkut talk about a water carrier her name is George Reid. Fisher is a weekend show. Even she said. That Cain was quote over caffeinated. And that he was root. And that she found in Seoul rule. And sold off putting. He just would not let Mike Pence say a word. She's like what she lost the debate. Are you just lost forget the smears the lives of how many attacks he threw a Donald Trump was vomiting out those attacks. It's just when your very approved. And your drug dismissive. And your fat obnoxious. Just pupils are slap you in the face. They're bringing do we have that cut OK here is our ambitions really you don't get a more. Down the line. Hock for Obama and Hillary than George Reid. If Jordan reed said she was put off by temple creepy came. I know what the playbook it's. I just don't think he executed. Roll it Britain. Yeah I you know it's interesting Rachel I I too was extremely distract distracted by the cross talking. I thought it made it very difficult to listen to and understand what they were doing and Tim Kaine was them was the more aggressive. Interrupt there and cross talk or I don't think that helped him any aspiring so many attacks so rapid fire and so broad. That might pants that he was not losing the point now I came into this debate thinking that you know Tim Kaine the got to put on the ticket to solve their. White man problem that of course cannot be done and are gonna do well with white male voters but in the secondary audience for him would be your white suburban voter to try to pull them over they could that wasn't his audience like clearly Tim Kaine came in. Fire off as many salvos as let Mike Pence as he could and try to force kids to defend Donald Trump tonight in that sense of that was his goal that was successful looked. If you're Republican voter you probably watch if you're an old fast republic then. And you probably said Bob and Mike Pence guys seems interesting I wonder we'll pick for his running mate right she came across that he wouldn't candidate should he say it is only positions on resting his own ideas he defended the Mike Pence brand. But if Tim Kane's goal was to try to force him to defend its. Donald Trump. And to bands of force the viewer to watch him not do that. Then if that was his mission succeeded Bob I think the over caffeinated presentation I think it just has me watching it at the woman I thought that it was sort of route to the moderator to keep stepping on. Pop over her pretending that she wasn't even there. That's another thing that the liberals are going it's bizarre but the liberals are going because you know why they care ball moderator is when the moderator are doing their work for them. But he's so over deity it. He was soul. So overly aggressive he was sold some. Is that I mean he was openly this and ensure is helping them but he was openly disrespecting the moderate. You see say what you want about Biden or even Hillary's what you wanna volume to give the devil her due she can play the game. Yeah ask a question and answer the first ten seconds of it and then you prove it. This guy. Is honestly such an amateur he's such a moral. She's asking you notice the opening question okay I'm I don't want to revisit old debate the opening question it was a very simple question why you. Okay why. You know if you were to become president or vice president you know god forbid something should happen why you why should the country feel comfortable with few. He didn't even attempt payments. It just went right into his talking points. He loves Hillary right and person she's the buzz and then Donald Trump is the double. Good good that's it it was like he just completely from quarter. And so we kept doing that again and again and again. And so by the end of the Niger looking at the winner and the moon bats are open arms they're going to well you're disrespecting the female moderator. Suddenly now came becomes the sexes break. That's how bad he pulled that off look I'm telling you okay and this is gonna go down in history. As one of the most despicable. Horrible. Pathetic. Performances. I've ever seen. It was it was just which you saw was a guy who I think has serious psychological problems. He is unhinged. He came across as manic. He couldn't shot up. I mean for ninety minutes he could not shot up. You know and so you can come off once in awhile but if you do it for the Ole hole mind you one freak in minutes. Everybody hated everybody was in a way to. And then you look at just the contrast you look at Mike Pence my guys like a Hollywood. He's ready day one he's ready to fill and shows he he looks like a president Manuel. So when you compare this statesman. That's snake. That got Iraq. Mike Pence one big. Jack in Dorchester go ahead Jack. Tale I. Are you tonight they can't Europe the curriculum program and the other day saying it for a caller is sort of lock down. Funeral because somewhere guy dressed up grip clown show. I think was mr. Zhang. Currently looks like your column. We did you record clone. And that's a southern state a lot out of there in Oklahoma finally though so maybe they look good but it they blah you're under the what do you think about it. Jack do you think maybe he's the inspiration for all these clowns that are around in every. Leo that's why I'm not fault we're 22 reduction. Very you look here if you look at them again you'll see all the wrinkles that it is stationary and you immediately make up. The site now some college terrorize and some quality or the other there. Are you have a great date and it was a huge. Robin sell bonds the go ahead rob. Your. You. Well I don't know why they might read out mediated under urban area you are used to get it and the only. But. What what hit where we're trying to do we have each of the doubt. The Accenture now that parent because the week in. An easy task to carry. And it steadily spoke to on this and any. Point out how she well at the Alderman and many life. Where any way to achieve. What she said that she didn't well PPP she didn't call people bearded. They're waiting cyclical our only goal. Sheila I competed in the real life she lie. He's got a patent turn around and pay well you'd send an issue well Lott apologized well aging lot wouldn't call them. Deplorable if you lying now because you've got caught. It's something that you were really thinking you're gonna be caught and got up you want to tackle. You don't rob you're completely right and I wanna ask you and I wanna ask the audience this question. Do you think what pence is performance last night the way he looks sold dignified so classy shall cool slow com. So experience. Is so statesman like. Do you think that's gonna encourage people to vote for trump. Do you think if people are on the fence are not sure about trump they say say what you want Mike Pence is a real adult he's very mature. You know what with the trump pence ticket I know that we're going to be in good hands you'd think that parents is gonna bring votes to trump. Absolutely and I'll tell you why because all of them. Everybody played it for your heart beat away. I mean it all it well and it is seventy company happens you want Jack. After seeing. Concrete what you wore white and Asian and they. You're wrong it's a no brainer. Rob honestly it's a no brainer. It's a no brainer 61 servant and I think that's that's going to be the effect of the debate. Ever I'm rob just nailed it they're gonna say okay we'll look she's an early sixties not very good health he's very healthy we 77 years seven. You know and so you think well and you never know the honorable mock spring chickens let's be candid. One of them potentially could be the next president. Forty want Mike Pence or Tim Kaine. After creepy cain's performance. I'll play with a country's gonna say give me Mike the great WRK oh okay. I wanna take many more your calls Eric Johanna Bruce Frank Carroll hang on oval right to a right after. Short news break and then. Focus groups afterwards confirm. Undecided voters. Daylight. Might. He is Mike Pence now since some ways they knew that proves. You see their future of the Republican Party got debate now.