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Listen to Hillary Clinton insult Bernie Sanders supporters. 10/3/16

Oct 3, 2016|

What do you make of Hillary Clinton's remarks about Bernie Sanders supporters living in their parent’s basements?

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207 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends later this hour. Hillary Clinton. Now golds after Bernice supporters. You know. I said this earlier today at our pre planning meeting our pre show meeting. I said you know all the media made such a big thing about Mitt Romney's 47%. Comment. Where he's basically said the true. Where he just said hey look. You know 47%. Of the country's either not paying taxes or their on some kind of government assistance. So when we say we're gonna cut taxes. Armor and a slash the budget to balance the books. Dave got no reason to vote forest that's why buck up the Obama. Is going to be very tough to beat in the election. 'cause we've got 47% of the electorate pretty much the takers. Arrayed against us. And vote liberal media crucified. Me. They crucified admittance. All he's already written off half the country he can't govern easy legitimate. He's at dove right Aries not a uniter. If you've insulted 47% of the country how can you govern. It was a mistake they say that ocean that will ensure it cost him the election OK with minutes. So now you have Hillary rotten. Who not only has insulted all of trump supporters either saying they're quote on quote deplorable it's. Racist sexist. Big gets. A homo fall loses Lamo Forbes basically bigot it's comebacks. Or they're completely. Pitiful lost souls. They're just there and mired in such economic misery and there's so pathetic and pitiful and they have no one else the gold too except for this demagogue it strongman. So 50% of the country blank you. You throwing the burning supporters. Forgive 47%. She's written off 7580%. Of the country. How this woman is still standing. Is beyond me because the media continues to proper up. Now she's in Toledo Ohio you wanna phony honest to god what a despicable phony. Now she's going on a boat. There next. And Donald Trump apparently hasn't paying taxes it is just not fearing it's all about fear is first oval. Just to back it up a little bit a Hillary rotten madam wow crooked EZCORP. Pick any easy crooked relax scripted. The New York Times piece new mirror and. New marrow morneau. In fact you know what here let's player. Okay here she is trying now to jump off the New York Times article on Saturday. That Donald Trump. He's not paying his fair share. Pete just you know what he says he's a tax fraud and a tax cheat and he's a hard as billionaire and apparently juvenile lousy businessman according terror. So which is it easier Hartley is billionaire is in economic loser. But either way she's now saying. It's unfair. And Donald Trump should not be president of the United States because you know. He used the tax laws of the country in his advantage. Roll it Britain. And then in the category by himself there's Donald Trump. Okay. Well. Yeah I am a parent Betty as long refused to release his tax returns and like every other nominees for president has done for decades. You can look at forty years of my tax returns. I think we need a law that says if you become the nominee of the major parties you have to release your tax. And and continued weakness through some stuff written burdensome. You know almost major nominees for decades have released their health records. She hasn't. But. The dear leader Barack Hussein Obama he didn't. He didn't in 2008 didn't 2012. I didn't see her I didn't see the Democrats I didn't see the mainstream media complaining. Okay how about your college records how much your education records. Preserved built because Bubba. My above I'm sorry about Barack Obama. The dear leader he swept that under the rug. I never mind a birth certificate but let that goal let that go. So notice when it comes to your college records your education records your health records all of that. More it won't won't Jack. Wool wool. Diet you can keep secret. But all of a sudden when it comes to tax returns. By the way he's been audited now for how many years but I do it but let that goal. Suddenly not gonna make it a law. The seat now they're trying to retroactively. Criminalize. Donald Trump's behavior. Because we did was perfectly legal. Everything he did so far has been perfectly legal unlike Kirk. Were almost everything has been illegal but let that go but she's just getting warmed up roll it Brittany. Now a lot of us were wondering what is he hiding it must be really terrible burden. Well the New York Times as discovered at least part of the answer. Back in the 1990s. And romp. Apparently lost a billion dollars in a single year. I'm bad investments. And failing casino. Now how anybody can lose a dollar let alone a billion dollars. In the casino industry is tied up beyond. Ignoring. It's. And. I shot up there I don't active figure stop right there really because I got to tell you. For you guys a billion dollars is a it's a split in the bucket. Solyndra. How many billions did you guys lose and Solyndra. The one trillion dollar stimulus. The so called shovel ready drugs that they dear leader even admittedly weren't shovel ready. How many hundreds of billions were wasted. And then. Tell me when you build out your pals at Goldman Sachs to the tune of billions. Meant when you bailed out Wall Street to the tune of billions. And when you guys bailed out Chrysler and then it was sold the Fiat and an American car company anymore. Remove. Rule. All. And that twenty trillion dollar debt you guys racked up and didn't see you worried about a dollar. Didn't see you worried about a dollar. You see Hillary not everybody's like you. Not everybody can play cattle futures and make a 100000 dollars on one trade. To not everybody's like you. Not everybody can supposedly leave the White House in their words not mine quote broke. Flat broke. And then sixteen years later through a charity. Which is supposed to benefit you know port kids starving kids. The poor the needy. And that we know what this is what they've admit this is what they've. Revealed we don't know what's on revealed. Lining their pockets to do tore off 213. Eight million dollars. Back. Lot of millions lab on millions squandered in Haiti. Glad I'm millions squandered an Africa. Loud millions squandered in Latin America. And Lotta money on account. Former. I Hillary rotten. When your multibillionaire. And she knows this this is just pure demagoguery on her part I mean anybody who really believes this honestly is that like the IQ ten. I mean really if you really what you're full you're full core moon. If you believe anything which he sang you're really one of those. Did. Did your looter. Or in this case did you saw Hillary rotten. You have a multibillion dollar empire. A financial empire are real estate empire. I remember the early ninety's that was a bad nasty recession. And they're real estate market in particular. Was just devastating it was gut it. The casino business was devastating was just got it. So. He has out 960. Million dollar loss. Perfectly legal there's no problem. He'd then using the tax code. Then uses those thought law those losses to offset his liabilities. It goes back a couple of years and they can go forward now. In the New York Times article which by the way both stocks returned to obtained illegally. She she won't mention that that was a crying. I suspect the IRS was involved I even suspect Hillary's people were involved I think this was another crime. Committed by her inner circle but let dad gold that's gonna come out eventually. We will begin paying any income taxes. The article never says he didn't pay any income taxes the article is half speculation I read it. The article shows man. It's like Mitt Romney when may when a dirty Harry when on the senate Porsche did the word on the street is in great boxes for ten years. Accompli bald faced lie Harry Reid even admitted afterwards when asked why do you say it to his answer was. It worked. How is he paid Social Security taxes you better believe it. Has he paid sell stocks as you better believe it hasn't paid property taxes you better believe it. In fact he's paid hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes these data held a lot more on the clintons out. But let me ask you this. If she's so upset about it. How come she's willing to lead Goldman Sachs do those write offs. How come every CEO of fortune 500 companies every one has cut her a check not one has cut a check for Donald Trump. GE no problem. Wall Street nor problem. Microsoft not a problem. Global no problem. FaceBook not a problem Mark Zuckerberg not a problem. Mark Cuban no problem. That clintons themselves. Story broke this morning. When they declared capital gains losses of nearly 700000. Dollars and offset it against liabilities for years the com. It was Hillary and Bill Clinton who used the exact same low polls to benefit themselves. And New York Times and 2014 made a profit of one being nine point nine million dollars thirty million let's just round it off. Did they pay taxes net. In fact. They got a tax refund check of 3.2 million dollars. Sold their post tax revenue was hired Bender pretax revenue. After taxes they had more money. Username. Brace yourself it's the exact same loopholes and carve outs. Because there had an army of accountants and tax lawyers so it's okay for the New York Times to do it. It's okay for the clintons still do it it's okay for Oliver backers and donors to do whipped. It's okay for CNN to do it it's okay for everybody in the media to do it. But when Donald Trump does it. Here. Since it's not fair it's fraud it's just it's just not right it's just how it's not right. Listen to this. The big story leaked last week. Was that trump was tweeting about unleash him a shot. At 3 o'clock in the morning. And that then he made other tweets against Hillary at 5530. In the morning. And sold for 72 hours per trust I saw us Shep Smith on Fox News. Okay read too much a fox is not going into the gutter but let that go because they're part of the mainstream media. They want Hillary to win there never trump Republicans. But CNN did it MSNBC everybody everybody. He's deranged. He's amendment. He's. Crazy he's so well coal. Because she's tweeting at 3 o'clock in the morning what's she doing pretty tricked clock in the morning or 5 o'clock in the morning. If Hillary Clinton. Wish tweeting about 3 at 3 o'clock in the morning with the same mean it would be sank. She's not only ready to pick up the call at 3 PM she's already on the job at 3 AM. She's already on the Twitter account at 3 AM. All look at the boundless energy and strength and stamina up Obama never sleeps. Teddy Roosevelt's left three or four hours a night. People don't know that. Richard Nixon slept three to four hours a night. Bill Clinton was legendary. For being up at the Oval Office whether he's working or not that's a different issue let that goal. But he was up till 2 in the morning and opera fife. Donald Trump is a twenty hour a day man. He's known for only sleeping two outta three hours. So what's he supposed to do. When they're attacking him for being sexist pig yes a leash Emma Charlotte right I am a sexist pig yes must post defend myself. Yes. Yeah now Obama talks from a talked yeah just take on the channel like maintenance picking up the you know where. He's not supposed to fight back. Visceral law that he can go on Twitter at 3 in the morning for 4 in the morning or 5 in the morning. He's in bed by eleven usually up by two. Anybody that does any basic background research on the most left maybe 230 for him to thirty already sleeping in. What's the problem. They turn to. Vitality. And energy and strength and stamina precipitous. Into it into into a liability in to a be fact. There were emails of her. Where former Aberdeen changed 10:30 in the morning issue that we awake yet. There are emails of her admitting. That she can only work 34 hours a day. She can barely make it through a 9/11 memorial service. Everything this guy diets. They claim is somehow the crime of the century. And now Hillary Clinton is trying to claim. That somehow. He didn't pay his fair share key somehow all lose your because he. Lost 916. Million dollars K to you guys in the federal government that's enough. A thing. You brought I use another term you know through the other hole by captors is going to be considered vulgar. Okay you blow wind let's put it that way you'll blow wind a hundred a billion dollars. Listen now they Hillary try to turn the Pac's issue against Donald. Continue Britain. Now how anybody can lose a dollar let alone a billion dollars and in the casino industry is not up beyond the moon. Moon. I. It's just hard to figure. But as a result. Doesn't look like he paid a dime of federal income tax for almost two decades. Suddenly millions of Americans. Operator. That's a lot of. That's a complete smear. You don't know that you're make enough figure out if he didn't pay a high diamond income taxes in twenty years that's complete BS. Furthermore our crooked Hillary let me ask you this because I know you've been a politician your whole life all you've done is gorge at the public trough or Biersch restaurant lawyer. But the Irish crystal lawyer or your feet. That's all you've done your whole life when businesses have you run. What casinos have you run. What are what big financial. Organizations have you run. What private enterprise have you won. Holiday car woes are marked mine has been an angry you've never run a freaking business nevermind a lemonade stand your whole life. Donald you have to listen to me on this. You're 1000%. Correct. On the law. On your conduct and on what you did. But if you don't respond to the race. And put her in her place and now. This line of attack with a low information voters. Who know nothing about accounting nothing about taxes nothing about Cox a law nothing of what actually running a business. It's going to work. It's gonna work on them the way it worked on their talks with Mitt Romney. Donald don't say silent. Attack attack attack. Now how anybody can lose a dollar let alone a billion dollars. In the casino industry is trying to beyond me right. It's just hard to figure but as a result. Doesn't look like he paid a dime of federal income tax for almost two decades. Now while millions of American families including mine and yours. We're working hard paying our fair share it seems he was contributing nothing to do to a nation. Working hard five million dollars speeches for twenty minutes or. How 500000. But Goldman Sachs for forty minutes off all its back breaking work how did you end Bubba bill and Hillary. This is from 617. Jeff. And you'd sorry five away Jeff you seem to be forgetting something there is no secret about any of this stuff about trump and his casinos. And is losses this has all been public knowledge. For decades. 718. Jeff. This State Department under Hillary Clinton lost over six billion dollars to this date no one knows where the money has gone. But according to the media. Trump's 1995. Tax return. It's a scandal of a century. 238 here on the great WRKO. OK this is from 978 Jeff. Remember when the clintons claim three dollars used underwear on their taxes. Yup. 603 Jeff at gateway pundit has an article showing the clintons use is calling caps. The exact same tax loophole I know. I mean they have bought pricy here it's laughable. I mean it's laughable. OK I just wanna play one more cut before I dive back into the phone calls so. I started off the monologue got a tool six whenever I was saying member Romney to 47%. Comment the media said that finished them. So she's now a packed all of trump supporters. Roughly 50%. However you want calculated whatever closed at fifty just over fifty. Now she's going after the Bernie supporters. So listen now did this and a big fund raiser by the way all of these big donors. All of amused that tax loophole in the tax code to their advantage. But she took their mining or she loves their money. So when they were giving her money. She then it was in February says somebody got. A recording of this. Actors fund raiser in Virginia in front of fat cat Wall Street donors. And she is the candidate of Wall Street all the way all the way. She said this. About those who support Bernie. Roll it brick. Some are new to politics completely there short of the Great Recession and they are living in their parents' basement. They feel that. They got their education and jobs are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves. And they don't see much of the future I met with. Black mullah meals today and you know one of young woman said. You know none of us feel like we happen job that we ship got up college room. And we don't believe that the job market is they give us much if he so. It is eight mindset that is really affecting their politics itself if you're feeling that you're consigned to. You know being obese or you know some other job doesn't pay a lot and doesn't have much latter opportunity attached to it. Then the idea that maybe just maybe you could be part of political revolution is pretty appealing. So I think we often he really understanding of that and here. Try to do the best we can't. Not be. You know I wet blanket he listen more people to be idealist if you want them to set the school but the what we can at GE now. And try to present them as bigger goals and get our country at 100% universal coverage is a big deal you know getting that. Affordable Care Act work better for people getting that cost down to that. People feel that they can afford care that they had access to him that's a big deal. After infrastructure manufacturing how many climate change may set some big. Yeah okay yadda yadda okay goes on and on and on. Did you catch at the beginning. They're basement dwellers. Sold to Bernie supporters. Essentially what they aren't they live in the basement door like trolls they just live in the basement. There are living under mommy and daddy's in mommy and daddy's basement now the first point. Which is to me an obvious point. All these lives keeps saying all the Obama recovery all the Obama years all the economy it's booming it's incredible that 5% unemployment 4% unemployment 3% mr. wizard of the Communists 0% unemployment. OK even though record poverty record number on food stamps record number on welfare. Record number 94 million and counting out of the labor force will be don't don't just come that'll come as unemployed. They're just burn all working but it there are not employ. Just 94 million not work. But let that girl lamp that girl. So if the economy bushel food. And the economy was so strong. How come all these millennial can't find have decent jobs. I mean it's been your economy Hillary it's been Obama's economy Hillary it's what you and a dear leader and also you want another third term. It's been so wonderful. And has been a rainbows and a and a bullet cherries for the last eight years so tell me. Why are these millennial than having such a hard time finding good decent paying jobs because your policies failed. Many of them are either unemployed or they have part time work. Mainly due to their record debt mainly due to obamacare. Mainly due to the crushing taxes and regulations. That have essentially. A crippled the private sector in this country. So you're wrong words indict a U. But more than that. So now Bernie supporters are just quote basement dwellers. That's all they are some are new to politics completely there short of the Great Recession and they are living in their parents' basement and they feel that. They got their education and jobs are available to them are not at all what they envisioned. Yeah hand. So you didn't deliver. And Obama didn't deliver but look pushy discourages them. You know if such basement dwellers and she called on political newbies. Like newcomers. Daycare at your fat rear end. If you didn't have the super delegates. As the DNC leaked emails show if you didn't have your people within burnings campaign subverting it. Plants within their trying to slow disarray in media that kept ignoring Bernie or going after Bernie. If you didn't have a rigged debate schedule. If you had rigged the primary day what do kick your fat rear end right out of there. So she's now insulted. All of trump supporters. Calling them racist bigots come. Or now she's going after Bernice people saying basically dirt or trolls third baseman dollars. Now there there are clearly people live in the basement. Forget Romney's 47%. She's now kiss the way 7580%. Of the country she's openly mocked them she's openly insulted him. She's openly smeared in vilified him. How can she be legitimate. This is I mean to me such a common sense question. How can she govern in any effective way. What president. Spits. At 75 to 80% of the country. So either you're racist sexist homophobic Islam phobic scumbag. Or your some kind of lazy millennial which is basically sits in the parents his basement all day. Or your some you know idealistic not job because you happen to think I don't know politics has become corrupt and dirty. That big business and Wall Street have now rigged the economic system. That people like Hillary are bought and paid for. What Bernice people talk about NAFTA PPP that these trade deals have sold working class down the river. C and notice this notice they hypocrisy of the media. Women Elizabeth Warren went cheap spreading bull. Or Winnie Bernie. Talk about that quote unquote middle class being hammered. War and end the working class being stiffed which is screw the working class is being stiffed her tender idealists. And their principled progressives. But when Donald Trump talks about all the jobs that have been lost in the manufacturing in the factories. And how these trade deals have killed this country. Each do mean gold. It's Armageddon. It's apocalypse there it can't so negative ads are positive and optimistic. Then Hillary says he just doesn't believe in America and the media. Dead day rotten Hillary. Did I had to Hillary rotten. Let me just mild whatever she sets. Then all of a sudden mall damaged blooming blown. But when the chief says it wants missed the system brilliant progressive autism. If you're millennial she just consulted you. If you're burning supporter she just spit on the if your somebody from middle America and Europe populist or patriot or conservative. She just vilified you in the worst way by calling you would deplorable you tell me how was this woman fit to be president. And for seat look at what here's the point. Look at he'll be used that cheese. Look at her arrogance. How contemptuous sheets of everybody are. At people in the country. How condescending. Sheets. How hateful she is how dismissive sheets. Look at her pride cooker arrogance look at her hubris. She really thinks she's the smartest person in the room. She really think she's the only one it's like it's like she's like a almost like a queen mentality. Likened imports. She's entitled not to govern rule. When Bernice people always an insurgency against her and it was an insurgency. And to be on mount a big Bernie guy you know my politics. Let's say what you want about Bernie Bernie was principled. You know Bernie isn't going around. Up planting people in Hillary's campaign. Hillary is that he isn't going around smearing everybody left to right and center. They buried Bernie and they stole from that's what they did. If you're millennial she just insulted. If you're progressive. She just insulted you. She's insulted everybody on the right on the center on the left. If she wins. Listen to me very carefully. It will be a broken presidency. Presiding over a broken alienated country. You moon bats and Democrats are playing with fire. I'm telling you you're playing with fire. And this comment. If the Bernie people actually got a hold a bit. And this went around it would finisher with the Moline meals and if she can't win the millennium goals she can't win. 61720666868. Jim in north threading go ahead jam. Archer. I. But what of the importance of course could calm practicing she PH a series are years. It was I have had a quiet they had their troops. Some of the nature trumped status. For fifteen years. The problem to achieve both sides attempt agents saw. And become so it's been years to meet would be expert has applauded the state because. They pick I think that this vehicle. After audit which means the guy squeaky clean up to fifteen years okay but one of the true. Are developed at the end it in my hundred million dollar law. Or somebody who worked arguably eight to ten billion dollars. It's not a big deal would be comparable to somebody. That was the war to 300000 vote having a pretty the series now go quiet quiet remote market crash. You know in one k.'s and all the IRA's. Tension as there are thirty to forty Christians. A bit networks. He's arguably had a lot of interest. But his end of it that worse the other thing and I don't like the term you poll that's being used because. He intricate and very cold or something of epic carpet put through Tibet pretty specific. Industry or specific individuals. He depicted in a hole. But he ought to every American is entitled to take if I make a 100000 boat you know. If I was 101000 dollar of capital losses of 101000 well capitalized. To put their arm might actually turn pro right. Later a law all these sorting is. Basically following. Formal law will only happen to know the Irish step the report says he has. You have 990 million dollar loss. Our top but I don't like to create an extra fifty million dollars in taxes but I don't have to pay. The company makes sense he should use this as our audited statement. Jim so when I use the term tax loophole you're basically saying I'm being in correct I should say he's using the tax laws of the country. It's a chance for a loophole neutral directed sixties and seventies people would take. Artificial losses. Aid they were dusted it real estate putter passive investors. And it really didn't put up the money because things are going for the liability. It would get this enormous hassle he lost income loopholes. If you just eight track walk deduction is like you content are taking a mileage deduction on your car. Or whatever mortgage deduction on my house right. Jim very quickly I gotta go your CPA correct. Yeah okay Jim I want you to notice you're right and I am wrong. You can't 1000% right it should be a tax law mock tax loophole my apologies to you and the audience. Mickey you're up next thanks for holding and welcome. They went hey ideally jet jet travel loses its it's going to be. Caused by a situation like I'm just explain to you they're not capitalizing on things that are out there because the media is not capitalize in the nation it. I sent you a video. He probably heard about the hand signals without Hillary to her cheek and all that you. Here but as with Lester holt yes. Okay that ice ages video at nine minutes and if these seconds into the meeting after all that OK we got into an area where it is. Everybody has filed out except for the Clinton entourage are hovering around the stage spacing has stayed pretty much. Everybody else is left okay. Except up as stated that large ever present black guy that we don't know okay. And there's two women one looks like a lot stringent women would may ensued on the other way it looks like a fearsome. Horrible looked in the women edit in an address. And what are they doing. With Italy is. It's try to help out to you guys would try to get to the podium and remove something from her podium the risk Brady Williams and his name is visa. A tip in opportunity he takes the full supposedly now LeRoy not just BOC it got less simple. Why would less of all wants them for the from the voting. Anyway the guy makes another trip back would be very suspicious the women are whispering to him about what you football not not now because summit is left as a key ever right. Okay doing it meaningful. Twice or something but he. Yet another guy comes out egos Odeo remote a handful of items including something he apparently had some blood he walked away with three I don't. Well all along those two women and a big black guy without one I don't think. Annika got twenty seconds are you saying it was scripted then obviously was rigged. I don't know the unholy act goes up is exactly. The fire went Clinton himself the other guys that rate that he's seen the guy comes out where they're excited they are. That white it's a block the view with a guy. We just hit one more time. Incredible incredible incredible. My friends are gonna have a lot more tomorrow the vice presidential debate is tomorrow night.