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Trump’s tax return leaked to New York Times. 10/3/16

Oct 3, 2016|

Donald Trump’s tax returns were leaked to The New York Times. Do you think this will affect him in his campaign?

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Constitution. Is under attack. We don't want Kurt hill yeah we're founding principles. Are being destroyed. Boss yeah. The seal the American revolution a new movement begin. Boston's bull and those are at cleaning up the liberal ball and taking our country. Back. This is okay America's voice of the resistance that come road course. Those seven here on the great WOR KALOK. My friends. This may be the mother of all show so I kid you not. Jam jam jam jam packed show for you today. A bombshell. If true could be maybe this gamble. All of the entire campaign. That finishes the clintons once and for all. He is Danny Williams. Bill Clinton's you legitimate. Black love child I kid you not. It's not from the national inquirer it's not from star. This is a story that is literally breaking oracle last three to four hours it is getting bigger by the moment it has gone viral. The media is now all over this were gonna cover this 106. It could be the mother of all scandals. 206. Remember when Hillary called all of us deplorable it's whoa you're not gonna believe now what she said caught on tape. What she said about Bernie supporters. To win at tour of five for that. But first my France. Def fix is in. Trump and his taxes. Before I get to the story that broke over the weekend which the liberal media clearly now. In bed allied with the Democratic Party and the Hillary campaign. Or doing everything in their power to cut Donald throats pull Picard Donald Trump's political throat. Everything in their power. This story broke on Friday I don't wanna let it go. The president of the debate commission. Admitted. That trumps microphone at the first debate was malfunctioning. That there was a problem with his microphone. Throughout the entire debate with Hillary rotten. I presided over by moderator Lester holt. The questions were fixed. Now they're finding out that Hillary and Lester were signaling each other. She knew the questions before hand they set up all our league share my shadow controversy. And now we find out. That in fact they tampered with Trump's microphone. Is Mike he had a bad defective might. Guys really at this point Jewish leader would just pick him and pick them off the ballot. I mean once it is kidnapped from send them to some kind of an island in South America and maybe just maybe wait until after the election. I would respect you more than what you guys are doing right now. Now there literally tampering with microphones. To give Hillary an unfair advantage well now OK the fixes and listen now activists. So. As you know the liberal media and the Hillary campaign arm in arm hand in glove. Are trying to go after a Donald Trump allegedly for somebody who's not paying taxes is. He's another billionaire. He yard he doesn't very dark shoes and you working people have to productions woke would you vote for this guy he's such a phony he's such a fraud. They're trying to do to him what they did to Mitt Romney. In 2012. All the all this and in 2012. They slandered him on the senate floor now they're using the New York types. And so on Saturday night the New York Times. Published a story. About Donald Trump's in 1995. State filing C state cigarette tax returns are from New York State. That a was illegally obtained. Vague claim according to the New York Times. That this was leaked to them that somebody sent to tip them buying mail. That they caught it a couple weeks ago. That they were trying to verify its authenticity. That their return address according to the New York Times is the trump tower. So they're claiming it was somebody from inside the Trump Organization. That leaked Donald Trump's in 1995 tax returns. What do those returns show. Allegedly apparently. Donald Trump. How the losses. Of nearly eight billion dollars to be precise. 916. Million dollars. Now the way the tax code is written remember the bad recession in the early nineties. And he had a lot of a lot of a lot of real estate people. People in the real estate business were hammered by the recession in the early 1990s. So the way the tax code is written. You can claim losses. And from a couple years back and then offset them against liabilities. For 1015 years. It's our 100% legal. These are all of these talks will polls that I've been created over decades. By both Democrats and Republicans. Trump apparently like most businesspeople. He used these loopholes. To offset losses against liabilities. They're not even sure he hasn't paid any income taxes. They're speculating he may have used this to pay either no income tax or very little income tax. And the media and they Hillary campaign have gone biz shirk all weekend. Fred Donald Trump is a tax cheat. Donald Trump is a tax fraud. Donald Trump is somebody who can identify with ordinary working people. Because he allegedly paid no taxes are very little taxes even though he's a multibillionaire. Donald Trump has scammed the system. Dave this is now the argument the crescendo of the last 48 hours. Here's the problem. Number one. Donald Trump has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. That's a fact. He may have huge the existing laws to use losses and offset them against gang let's say compacts. But he's paid property taxes he's big sales taxes these pay all kinds of he's paid taxes are the ones who bats point new era Ono. Point number two. Everything would Donald Trump it was perfectly legal. And not only was it perfectly legal. Listen to this. It now has come out. That the sport that New York Times the very media outlet. That the shill for the Hillary campaign people. In 2014. They paid knowing Compaq's it's. Even bowl. They may need. Nearly thirty million dollars in profit and not only did they pay no income taxes listen to this. Big gaudy refund check off 3.2. Million dollars. They made a profit of nearly thirty million and they used that very same tax loopholes that they're trying to criticize Donald Trump. To put another three million dollars in their pockets. So if it's so wrong for Donald Trump why is it so right for grown ups. But it gets even worse. Who else do you think has used the identical packs will polls. By their very creative accountants. And tax lawyers because that's what the wealthy out. Very creative accountants and tax lawyers. To manipulate and use the tax code to their benefit. Take a guess. At it yes. Hillary Clinton. Hillary and Bill Clinton. In fact use in this case the capital gains tax loophole. To give themselves a loss of 700000. Dollars. Which is they then used over and numerous years to offset their tax lay up liabilities so guess what. They didn't have to pay capital gains taxes. So how come it's okay for Hillary to do whipped. How come it's okay for the New York Times to do it but suddenly when Donald Trump doesn't it's the crime of the century. I noticed this. Notice who lives. Would Donald Trump did. What's 1000%. Legal. You mean not liking it. Change affects coat. By the way did very same tax code that the clintons and the establishment Republicans in bed together. Shot up with loopholes. Because they were beholden to an army of lobbyists. The very taxable poll. That they helped create. The very tax loopholes that they have been exploiting and using throughout their entire career. But at that goal. Donald Trump does something 1000%. Perfectly legal it's a scandal. Hillary Clinton engages in one illegal activity after another problem. And that's Obey it roll no problem. They've got nothing. And in fact I'll tell you what it really show hosts. It shows that after a devastating impact of the the recession of the early 1990s. Donald Trump. Bounced back. He took it on the chin like many people are real estate business did. He took huge losses. Because they're real estate market collapsed in the early 1990s. And he read built his business again. And not only did he rebuild his business again now you know why the hire arrest has been breathing down his neck. Because he uses. The tax laws of this country to benefit himself. Now. Let me ask all of you this in fact let me ask the big the moon bats and the liberals is very simple question. Who in this country outside of Jeff corner I swear to you. Who pays more because he doesn't want to have his political enemies and off is going after I'm the only schmuck I'm telling you an old country that pays more. And I do it for honestly for political reasons so I never have to face an audit in my life. Because that's how the liberals role that's remember this is the same IRS. That went after the Tea Party and went after conservative groups and went after the Clinton's critics in the 1990s. Who pays more taxes and I have to. Who doesn't have an accountant if they have some money. To try to deduct this get that deduction get that loophole get that carve out get that exemption who does employ it. But look at the links they're willing to go. Because what the New York Times did or to be more specific. What the individual who released those tax cut most tax returns did. Was a crime. When you send your tax returns the higher arrest is supposed to guarantee your privacy. And that means that either somebody within the Obama administration at the IRS. Deliberately leaked those tax returns to try to damage from. Or a former accountant may have done it or whoever. But those tax returns that the New York Times published were illegally obtained. And the executive editor of the New York Times several weeks ago I had a prominent form. His name is Walter. Back it. Walter bracket openly bragged. That he was quote willing to go to jail. To release Donald Trump's tax returns. You wanna go to jail court jail. Because what you did. Which you're an accomplice now to crime. When you send your tax returns to the IRS. You're given the full full purview of privacy. Full expectation of anonymity and secrecy. It's none of anybody else's business what you pay what you don't pay unless you voluntarily disclose it. Now they're even willing to break in the wall. To commit crime groups. To obtain talks tax documents and tax returns you legally and leak come to the media. To discredit Donald Trump. It's not enough. To play with the microphones. It's not enough descriptive questions. It's not enough to have the moderator against view. It's not enough to have the entire media against you it's not enough to have the entire corporate leader against you. It's not enough to have the Republican establishment against view. It's not enough to have all of Hollywood and popular culture against you. But now you have to literally have the IRS. Against the this is how desperate they are to defeat and derail Donald Trump. And so my question to you is this. Donald Trump's 1995. Tax returns have been released. He allegedly had losses of 916. Million dollars. He used that offset against this tax liabilities he may have paid little or no taxes. In your view is this a scandal. Did Donald Trump do something you legal and ethical or wrong. And argue less likely to vote against them. Will this scandal have legs. 61720666868. All of your calls Mac. This is perfectly legal and the times makes that point about 26. Paragraphs into the opinion. Number two the times of fails to point out that he has an obligation as the head of the business to take advantage of and to use the lawful reductions. And tax advantages that are available to you live by my clients to do that because if they don't do it they get sued by the co investors buy their investors. They lose jobs through their employees. At and the reality is. This is bat rather common in large gigantic American businesses capitalist carry forward. But and I remember you might remember a few years ago with point at the GE paid no taxes yeah so the so either the reality is. This is part of our tax code demands a genius he knows how to operate the tax code for the benefit of the people Lisa. He's completely right that's Rudy Giuliani I mean look think about it okay. What does she want the owner of your company can save as much money as possible why. 'cause if you sustain these losses you know gets laid off or you'll. If I found out David Field was you know using the tax loopholes that. You know offset losses sort of keep the company viable and profitable he's the owner vent for calm by the way which owns WRKO. Amen David. Because if you sustain those losses that Britney and corner were out of a job. Now why is it okay for Hillary to have done it repeatedly. The New York Times to have the manager's standpoint fourteen but all of a sudden when Donald does it. Moon. Torched maybe the money to ensure their disperse speculating in in in in in the article on Saturday my friends they got nothing. They're desperate. They're pathetic. Their panic king they're grasping for straws and everybody can see it John in Dorchester go ahead John. During direct egg art call it clearly shows how desperate they but mr. cool Eric I must admit I haven't actually true. In the ninety's Mike for a when he came out and that meant I lost a great and. Everything and thank goodness for our tax attorney. We're able to take it lost says I got back on my feet I blocked a more commercial real estate start re number. You'd appreciate commercial or any kind of real estate when you sell it you have to give the depreciation. To the government so even if you take a lot how he got that give it back at some time another thing no doubt talks about. GE and I'm Donald Trump. Big they have a cooperation. And all they need not have. Opt eighty captain. But there are matching federal. Slight doubt that holding. Social Security for every single employee if you are an employee employee of a big cooperation and yacht tax burden for the employee. It's 500 between although they don't buy which. As the employee are you must check. So I'd hate thousands and thousands but he actually has I'm afraid to donate to Donald Trump Peter I think that my name will get outlets should be higher wrap. And I don't want any trouble they've got to tell Howie Carr to Crockett put ugly car to help. Call in 2000 illegal deed to prove that it was right quite frankly I don't want bed bug up my you know watts. So with the quite frankly it's in the know this is and I know case it's sort of dumb people who don't understand how war. If the Clinton crime network media machine is going hand in hand just keep up the good fight (%expletive) and tell the truth. John thank you very much for that call by the way that's why I pay more. I'm telling people think I'm insane ping more. Pay more I get refunds every year I'm sorry don't wanna but they grace pay more. But you take she calls me up she says Jeff he could take more deductions my own wife they mark. Because I know they're gonna come after me and the gonna use the IRS. So I want you think about this trump paid a minimum hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes as John very educated man set it gives an employer. Got a bill kinds of taxes Social Security taxes. Property taxes sales taxes all kinds of tax is okay let that go. We did was perfectly legal. And the clintons didn't. And the New York Times didn't. And most most companies and corporations as Giuliani put it G does it she went they'd donate to Hillary it's not probe. Problem when they donate to Democrats it's no problem. But when Donald Trump does it eight. He's a tax cheat. My friends. They're trying to smear him the way they smeared Mitt Romney. And I don't think it's gonna work agree disagree. All of your calls that. WRK. Boy so far better. 38 feet. There on the break WRKO. OK my friends the media are all weekend. On not money that all over drawing on a hyper drive. Going after Donald Trump fan allegedly mound that the tax fraud that packed schemer that he is the tax cheat that he is. Listen now to the Clinton news network I thought Jake Tapper by the way was gonna get our heart attack yesterday. I mean just apoplectic. He's not paying taxes. This is unbelievable. The working guy is getting shafted. That's why did not claiming that's why we have such a big debt and deficit. It's because he took too many losses and and played them up against the liabilities. This isn't der blaming the national debt and the deficit I swear to you now on Donald Trump. So listen now to the literally he was a former Communist activist. Van Jones. Dumb man himself supporter of the black Panthers supporter of the Communists. Senior Barbara Obama official now wait quote talking head on CNN listen now to Van Jones let's and its role it Britain. So here's here's the thing. It is in fact true that if Donald Trump lost a billion dollars from the about this lost a billion dollars he could wind up as a winner legally. In this taxes for eight Generation Y. is that Beckham is easy genius. It's because billionaires have armies of lobbyists to write the rules to help write the rules here's a deal if you're being. Horrible rules that you helped to write that it make you would genius that makes a part of the corruption why do signal to write I say I say that it I heat lobbies. His and then people like him have an army a lobbies they go up to the capital and they say put this loophole in this this legal loophole in. To their building the playbook to then get what they follow all the rules that they get a proper way it helped to write non academic resume Zenyatta to market. Perhaps there now noticed beside any evidence that Donald Trump lobbied for specific loop. Did he say you know what on this specific little poll always bottle that was lobbying for days yet. And it does make it up as they go along. Now as for the people who wrote the loopholes overran him I don't know how to tell you this brand. Bill and Hillary Clinton. Much of this was during the 1990s. Event. And they're dear leader did earlier a lot of tax law pulls under the dear leader. Or everybody made out well this talk. Market's been booming undated dear leader. Corporate America's never made more money under the dear leader Wall Street's ever made more money under the dear leader. They're billionaires having listened to a speech by Elizabeth Warren for God's sakes. Listen to a speech by Bernie for God's sakes that's what you guys have been saying now for the last eight years the 1% to 1% to 1%. They're the ones that got fatter and sicker and wealthier for the last eight years. So horrible polls of man did their leader debt. Bill and Hillary Clinton did and the establishment Republicans no question about it the Paul Ryan the Mitch mcdonalds but that difference between you and means this. We don't want the establishment Republicans. You're shilling for the very all of barks like a bill and Hillary Clinton. Whoever used the very same little poles and this is the bigger story. Date forget the taxes this is a bogus non issue. And crying wise community. That his tax returns of 1995. Were up teen EU. Legally. That's the issue. Crimes were now committed whether this was by the ire arrests. Where there was a former accountant or somebody within the Trump Organization which I doubt but you never know. And the New York Times by preempting those tax returns. Is complicit. In crying. Look. If you run for governor hypothetically. If I run for senator for higher office or Britney dies or you do whoever. Your taxes cannot be reached unless you voluntarily want to disclose them. That's why we're told repeatedly not know everything in your tax returns is strictly confidential. The government it's against the law. For anybody who leak your tax return it's now they're willing to break the freak in law. To try to humiliate. And embarrass and defeat Donald Trump. Hi is really what's next market map and really what's next. Just sharing kidnap them chip from off to some island in South America. 61720666868. Is the number. This is by the way best audience in the business. 781 you can text us 68680. Jeff. So his Van Jones saying Warren Buffett Mark Cuban or George Soros are not paying their fair share your brilliant 781. 617. Jeff didn't bill and Hillary deduct used underwear from their taxes in the 1990s all you better believe it they bid. On the left said no problem. That's all legal the so called sure. Another 781. Carries yacht and wrangles overseas properties bingo. 617 Jeff trump pays more taxes and all of Hillary's supporters combined another bingo. Dana hope pronouncing it correctly. And Dana in lol go ahead Jack aren't Q school aren't here is to reach her who are outlawed. Which is concerned she cannot Warren. Or her accomplishments. Because they have not done her every accomplishment she has done. We take it down because of the criminal activity behind everyone up to what to adorn its just trying to smear. Donald Trump this hour is turning into big smear campaign. Cheek motto is talking like Donald Trump talking to all these groups talking about shard of our security and everything and how about bringing jobs back. Can she can not too. So Donald Trump is a Smart businessman. He took a loss he went to his accountants. And make sure OK Donald which is what you can do and they've become the next eighteen years you don't have to take but that's not your fault Donald. That's to cap structure in this country. Mean I'm just curious. That the fact that the Democrats are trying like he did with Romney to demagogue this issue. With the low information voters do you think it's gonna work. He outran every Arnold a low income voter and I am quite current owner. And I talked to all the gun owner like practical almost nearly behind truck we all say we like trump. 80% of them we like 20% return trop. Knock it off stop tweeting. Stayed at the teleprompter you're gonna do great part what I'm actually acknowledge it tart to these people. Got co host orange or Hillary Clinton and you try to explain to them. And they just they look at Cilic I don't care I don't care she's a woman and I'm rebels are. Yeah. You know what do you do when you meet a person might step. It's. You know and you sit there and you change you know she's taken money from foreign interest they're good they kill women they push gay are. And you gonna allow these people into our country they don't assimilate well into our country until our civilization. And now a few more one of those people living next door do you. And the issue we did so without and you say I'm 61 years old and I've been trying to get a job. I used to work in their fracture. To you know men are fracturing jobs aren't they all closing permit turned into a pot. Did kill them down so good you don't shorts and hemorrhage Tony says I'm gonna tax the middle course. The middle class has been wiped out in this country. Don't know middle class where didn't know all these jobs are going overseas. Are the middle class charts so. What's happening is we're splitting. We're gonna have low income and we're gonna have upper class. Bingo. Unless we could return things around actually called Dana. Look that's why I'm for the flat tax. I have to mean no loopholes. Everybody pays the same rate period or if you want I guess to rates okay fine with make it too rates if you want out you know. I like a single rate but fine let's compromise to rates. So let's say 20% 25% for those above a certain level let's say 15% for those and a middle working class. And that's sick mobile pols know carve outs and no exemptions. But Timmy did deeper point is this. Notice again it was another setup. Killer he was talking about Cox is the entire first debate. Offered got to be Sharma shot at all so she must have known that the New York Times because they were sitting on this story for couple weeks. So you see how the media is showing bed now with the Hillary campaign. That there she is softening a mop paving the way taxes stock should open your fair share boxes boxes taxes. And then Bob boom. Then they drop their story they've been sitting on for a couple of weeks by the way you legally update. Now notice. Hillary Clinton committed perjury. Nothing obstruction of justice nothing. Compromising national security nothing that Clinton foundation. Don't bribery to pay to play UV embezzlement the slush fund. How many billions of dollars they didn't even pay your taxes. Nothing. Nothing. But in 1995. Tax return which by the way just shows he's a brilliant businessman who can rise from the ashes. And knows how to use the tax system to the benefit of him and his company's employees. And now they're turning it into the crime of the century. John in Saint Paul go ahead John. Yeah I just I really appreciate. Your program. Here's the deal we aren't a small business person. We are always looking for tax. Loopholes like talent wouldn't be a good guy. He wasn't looking for. I don't waste is taking money. And it's legal. Help do it. And I think anybody. That thinks. They have to pay more than. A fair share or whatever that means. That didn't make any sense and it allows it that this person. John let me ask you this book and I want ask the audience this let's say John you won't plumbing company just for the sake of argument okay. I am and there you are and you're accountant says on time. You could deduct our 100000 dollars right here not have to pay a 100000 dollars more in taxes. And you stadium. Home mole let's say whatever I mr. accountant. Mr. accountant does and I'm more about I wanna pay more than my fair share not all you'll hold me down for another 100000 dollars. They are US Smart businessman honestly envy what about the employees your shopping because John if your plumbing company goes under they're out of a job. Well in the make it sound like it's a noble thing to give Max some. There's to a government that waste money like nobody's certain ridiculous. Second thing analysts say. Just so you know here in Minnesota. Minnesota in play. It's all tied up in you know they're in trouble. If Minnesota is in place. John do you think that this sort of what you wanna call it tax fraud issue of the taxes issue out eternal libel on with this. Is this gonna work with ordinary minnesotans. Minnesota's pretty liberal and you know some of them got kind of Joseph six pack mentality. Of failed this rich guy he gets all the breaks. These oatmeal abilities in taxes are available any but what you gotta be smarter than. You know blaster tactic out what can I do. You just would not be is there's no glory and there's no. Great calling in giving the government more money than they are. Much Chara or bingo just terrible John bald B a stranger call again my friend. God bless you John 6172666868. OK 4010. Dollars is not a fair share. Well that's not true he paid hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. So that's just not true he's pay a lot of taxes frankly he's been a hell of a lot more taxes on the clintons out. This is from 978 Jeff. The more garbage they say about trumped the fast or objective of voting Booth and cast my vote for him. I'm tired of the leftist lies and propaganda. This is from 978 Jeff I'm a lowly regular deplorable. Welcome to the club my friend. I had a small apartment in my home and whenever it was not correcting it I got to take a loss on my taxes. Everyone could use that it's not just the rich so it's a non story forming. I know who doesn't take the actions. Voice of Boston. What it shows is when an absolute mess the federal tax code is. And that's why Donald Trump is the person best position to fix it. It. 1256. Here on the great WRKO. OK the New York Times runs one of its sleazy is stories ever. Illegally obtaining Donald Trump's 1995. Tax returns. That showing a loss of nearly a billion dollars 916 million which she then allegedly used to offset his liabilities. To minimize his set income taxes that he would pay. Perhaps for the next five or ten years. Democrats are now calling him a tax fraud and make tax cheat I agree disagree. Joseph any New Hampshire go ahead Joey. You're actually found out how are you are you static are calling idiot today chanting I wanted to point out jail. Of course you already now because I couldn't get Q&A giant. I'm however that actually agree with you a 100%. Donald and nothing bonds actually need to be concerned that he hasn't broken watch Koresh scared they're making it looked different and they're gonna continue to do that. And you know column when they have to do that debate that could do to change saying starting that I worry about I don't want Donald to get on that just can't church. He needs to be on the offensive as I'm sure he knows. But he needs to throw it back in the air pocket and do what he needs to do I'm so actually but cute actually I'd never broken the law. And it still too can you giggled and you know and say. I'm just make it not an issue because that is an issue and people need to obviously gesture. Here that it's not an issue and the ones that don't now much note that he did not break to watch. Should regard should be just the other subject I just wanted Cha Cha march actually tracked him mentally and carried out probably in your next hour X. I had typed on rigged debate on ING YouTube and I had seen we are Hillary Clinton on that particular video. Believe soaring out of hand signals to. And everything chew chief Donald Trump I mean collapsed arch. And her when she wanted to do it using heroin supply to change the subject she would do batch and also they also show how they rate term podium. And I actually see her fingers falling. Six he had backed out not like teleprompter tightening. Judy and it's your right but it's now even worse. Now on Friday afternoon that's why I want to mention it at the beginning of my monologue. Because I want people to remember this. The president of the debate commission herself came out and said yes Donald Trump was right. His microphone was malfunctioning. It was a bad might. So not only were they tag teaming him. Not only worthy questions scripted. Not only was the whole thing rate but they couldn't even give them a decent Mike. Mort your calls and coming up next. It's now a big scandal could it be this scandal of the campaign. Don't touch that I thought.