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Mike Siegel 10-2-16

Oct 2, 2016|

Mike talks with Andrew Kerr about Hillary's illegal fundraising and Brandon Arnold about free trade.

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I'm proud of or. I'd feel good inject doubt in my hands my single. Welcome it folks thanks to be back what feline A Sunday afternoon. And it is a pleasure here at the voice of Boston the Wii or Cahill Mike Siegel it. As we get is this some very interesting conversation later in the program we're gonna talk about. The issue of lol ideals. Where they are you'll be surprised to hear many of you pleasantly surprised to hear what colonials are thinking these days. They're going to be a major part of the vote shall talk about that. And the issue of free trade comes up as well so they'll all of that later in the program first at all. We get to an organization that is doing some Yelp does work. Almost along the lines of judicial watch does have the judicial watch those court. And fight through everything to the end but this is the next Jose. By investigative reporter at the citizens audit dot com. Now the mission of this citizens ought to dot com is to empower Americans to hold our government accountable. We are joined by Andrew Card investigative reporter. Missed our levee before we get to the specifics of your basket report the talk about how in the world that we hold government accountable. When the rectum the FBI. Is it back room. That politicians bought bought bought and paid for not momentarily necessarily but by the system. The attorney general meets with Bill Clinton whose wife is under investigation in an airplane for thirty minutes. He himself had problems and the faced. Factories in fact suffered impeachment. She apparently yeah. Probably should that it be running for office being that fit. Because of what is clearly criminal behavior Odyssey at point blank there's intent you can prove intent Colby gives five people. Waivers that would give them immunity. Not waivers but actual immunity. Cheryl Mills included who would be right at the top of the list behind Hillary. For possible. Prosecution. And that you have. Emails. That show that Hillary at that not to happen it would CDs she sets up the server with intent. While she's in the confirmation he urged the senate. And all from the beginning to the end did not want to reveal any of her emails to anybody even though that violates federal law those emails belong to the public. And call we suspect. Like a bought and paid for nobody's political hack he's a back room guy I thought it was that great integrity. Andy's and he said his family was most important integrity was number two. All he's got left is established this guy's in the tank. He's abilities in the rats nest although these back room. Politicians now given the fact that all of that has happened that she committed criminal activity and that. You wanna do government accountability. Had to hope government accountable or the only person who can relate to the prosecutors should be the attorney general who know that Coleman was gonna. Let her go because she stretched go along with totally tell me how we deal with that. I'm Mike picture of me on. I remember very clearly watching. Coming get his press conference I'm probably villas July 2 and I've never felt that discouraged. At the end of that that press conference. When he's when he took that they're reachable prosecutor will it. Would take this case. And a couple days after that. I decided enough is enough and I began. Digging into the documentation Amaya. Revealing publicly available nonprofit. Iris tax returns SEC filing. There's this registration document I haven't covered. O Whitney of fraudulent and illegal activities. Occurring within they've brought me in matters conglomerate. Yeah how can we hold government accountable when obviously that fixes then well. We got a track and that nobody knows what's going on then there's. Know of threats. Even dream about making any significant changes according are our leaders accountable. And Drago it. It's gonna say you'll remember. A chairman dowdy of the in Gaza committee sat there and fired six straight questions. At cult. Call me a thousand every one of those six cases that she had basically the allied or violated the law. People like our attorney who had no. Clearance to go through those classified emails dated anyway. And this phone. Gyms called me. Who don't leave office in disgrace you know Japan's people leave office in this honor when they do commit an act of this totally take the Japanese Credo leave office. He was the last best hope. If tropea has now let's say I guess the only thing left. Is not to elect our. What do because the attorney general's the one don't even have to look appoint a special or independent counsel. So is that the case that in the end of this country what we've learned. Is that it and it begins and ends with the attorney general who's a lap dog for the sitting president no matter who the president is. The president reports that person. Yet it. You're right it's it's it's up Silva followed but it's speaking of millennial but I'm a millennial I'm still optimistic about. About the country's future and and I'm trying to do my part and you or exposing violations. And yet. And I come here to talk about. I guess now I'm not just raising this because. You know you're kind of for you have sometimes that means is people like you and me who really given that this and they get to. And then live with a sometimes get very frustrated I can't even sit and watch Hillary anymore because went overboard out of her mouth as a line. I I can't I can't even stomach it. Anyway. Let's get to some of the things that you found about her campaign even beyond everything we already know that you found some new and interesting things. Which I think is quite fascinating lat let me start with something. That it that is a fundamental law and that is. That these pacs and super pacs can have no contact. With the actual campaign of candidate and the. I've. Yet that that's correct they can't be any coordinated expenditures. They'll see that with all of these organizations is is that the the tobacco gone to radio show where all the TV show and say hey we were the campaign we would spend a. Well yeah that's that and that's that there's no way to control that. But that what you're not supposed to have any direct contact in other words Blair described in the past under federal law. Is that they are two parallel trains going down the tracks. And the two can never intersect ever ever ever but to simply go straight ahead and they never have communication. I've ever case of Washington State when a candidate for governor actually was held accountable. For this very thing of the organization. That allegedly had been talking to pack. While the up. Being financially destroyed because of the exposed by the attorney general the state going after the but the but the point of trying to make is that you've uncovered something here. That apparently violates. That federal law because somebody by the name of a lead of maybe black. Of the Hillary for America campaign. It's actually coordinating would they super pac which is against the law tell us about that. It's so we admit black and she she co founded ready for Hillary to reflect back on 2014. And she's currently a board member. Priorities USA action. Which is the number one super pac. A democratic you were packed in terms of spending. Scioscia the board member of that that super pac. And under page a page a march 4 this year. She openly advertise that she was at bitterly for America headquarters. For finance council meeting. That's an admission of crew of a criminal act. Exactly yet yet that the board member of the largest democratic pack was on site at Hillary Clinton's headquarters. On March 4 this year. A lead of maybe black is also listed. As they Hillary Clinton till later. Individual who has raised 500000 dollars or more work. For the campaign. And that's absolutely illegal correct. That. Yes and having about a board member of the super pac on led the campaign exporters. Hooted at that that should read that the result suspicion. That coordination. A conversation. With regard to coordination and expenditures. Took place during that meeting lawsuit onsite. Well actually I would I would goes force say this is not just real suspicious probable cause and I would argue it's beyond a reasonable doubt. I think you do get that just the act of being there the because that the plight of the law is there can be no intersection between the pack and the campaign. The federal laws very clear about that. And the because of what the when the Supreme Court said these pacs can race all the money they want. Bulk what if it was that could have no relationship to the campaign. Now you can spend the billion dollars supporting your candidate but you can never talked to the candidate you can never coordinate with the candidate you can never strategize with the candidate. You cannot be at the events with the candidate. If you one of the people running that you can't do what. And and you know my my point it was the car is that. Wouldn't have taken. Forty seconds or forty seconds for the yep attorney general who have gone after a Republican who did the same thing. If that limit mumbling thing about all this. If you don't much like this does buy dot com. I eight articles going through you know let me get back campaign. I finance violations and also fraudulent activity occurring I would spend. The conglomerate organizations. But yet a lot that is all the information that sitting out. On on the surface for her public review. I accords yet it's not our thing you did it'd have some mud deep throat. Undercover source. Again to this this stuff that anybody can fine right. And anybody I actually have the documentation that result link on my site. It's actually very little. Need to talk McCleon. I'm taking pictures of the documentation underlining the relevant part and and connecting the dots were from my readers. I come from a computer science background very. Technical person like it and it's a journalist so I'm not your average every day. Reporter. I wrote that I wrote my report. More along lines of tech technical documentation. It's important for me. Communicate is very complex subject matter. To the average reader again that nobody understands what's going on. There is no hope and and even dreaming that we can we can make change. I think I would literally out Hannity let me turn to the Clinton Campaign. Illegally purchasing research. From a pro Democrat super pac talk about being interaction between the campaign and a pack. Here's the campaign according to your research actually biting research. From the democrats' super pac. And they obviously did so illegally you can't do that you can't have this. The other ports a pack cannot do research at turner over the campaign that's intersection between the that's illegal correct. Exactly yet that this is actually another super pac that is America Amber's stride for a century the number two democratic super actresses spending. America returning for a country as an organization not the voted on the parlay opposition arts and December 2015. I'm on the federal watching commission's website. Eating you can hear yourself I think about five minute support up. But there's the receipt. The Clinton Campaign. Sent a 20000 dollar check to American British papers countries paperback for the purpose of research. And America embers when he first century acknowledged in their reporting that they received that check from the Clinton Campaign. And over nine months ago. So it's it's again it's there. It's it's easily found and it's illegal you know my other question is where's the Republican Party and all of this because. Even Whitman glassy and all that found out about Ben Ghazi. And even win. The emails it was judicial watch who did all of the work on the Freedom of Information Act requests. And then the Freedom of Information Act lawsuits when they didn't get the response from the State Department. That got all of that started. And it was back that got a trait cabbies. Committee. Really involved in this baited and started judicial watch that so what leaving government. And now you're doing the same thing as judicial watch some wondering where's where's the Republican Party on all of the scope of you know. Obviously they know. Well actually be. I I didn't just you know. Find these these. Ingesting lead feet and just and publisher actually tried I now. How it is gone my month about being uncovered in the Clinton Campaign actually claimed. And there are and every seat in a payment. They were king to a nonpolitical committee. Debate debate widen their reporting that the FBC and that's how this specific deeds has gone. Uncovered. On what you well there are some and then you're you I don't know if it's sitting it's just sitting right there on the surface while you're air group. Let me just say mystic or your group. Is is is. With all due respect to great work but that's in the judicial watch your microscopic compared to the staff. Of congressional committees for goodness sake. They have all kinds of attorneys and staff that they can find this and deal with the hold hearings hold people accountable expose it to the public. That would get far more attention. Because the mainstream media not gonna cover you're doing because it's not the best interest of Hillary Clinton correct. Oh yeah absolutely and and and micro it was actually just need to develop solar product. For mine and let. Yeah you know another Pete I think is the problem here is that yeah I've idealize only publicly facing information and I'll find gambling friends or right. Spun up the web site to document my findings. Everybody looked annual it is not somebody's job the view that that documentation plate if you look at judicial watch and the activities of but guaranteeing you and investigating. The emails and and all these weeks it it it's all going after this item that are not available on the surface. We spent a lot of time looking through the you know leak. That's really exciting really newsworthy. But it in this but this is sitting on the surface. I don't think anybody looking up. And so we have a mentality there at the mindset that well let somebody job that would cover that then. We need to get rid of that mentality because there are a lot of I had a lot of gold nugget of information artists available that nobody looking at. I'd let me go to what other areas and then this one is. Just by the name of it. It is obviously illegal money laundering scheme exposed fourteen. Pro Clinton super pacs. And nonprofits. Tell us about that. Yep so in in my investigation identified. Fourteen organizations. That David Brock. A pro Clinton. Political activist. By the way about a Arnold of conservatism. He would he was allegedly conservative many years. The spectator became a turn coat and ran over to the far left side of the aisle is falling off the left clip for either. Yes but he he's he's the chairman of media matters and his office in Washington DC at fourteen cup import organization. Operating out of that that one office. They all you like professionals solicitor. Called the bomb record. To represent their entire unwritten ever had so every dollar on them through the honor. And the auto group at work up much help point 5% commission. Now. When we look at the documentation and restart following the money utilizing FEC filings and iris actually turn that are publicly available. We can see that money is caught between being passed from one organization to another inside this fourteen or British conglomerate. And everything what kind of auto aggregate of twelve point 5% Condit. Japan let money get past three kind of go from media matters. It is frankly education forum. 501 C three and then on to the Franklin forum of Fargo won before. It's it's pretty unbelievable but it. You know that is not me saying it is meted identifying. The transactions. That these organizations that's adjourned and a following the money. The plan I'm getting to a David Bruck is what is he's small but it is in the sense of the the the picture of Hillary Clinton the point the point of this as though. That this money laundering going on behalf Hillary Clinton's campaign. I brackets doing it is Hillary Clinton aware of this or the campaign aware of this since there fourteen of these nonprofits and packs that are dealing with this as she must be aware of the campaign. I can't say whether she's aware this or not but I can't say that that her campaign is working directly west. To the super accent work out of office. They purchased research for America embers when he first century as we discuss the problem and go. And the quick campaign openly coordinate some of those super pac called correct the record but also operates a rock office. So the question what does she know that these money transfers there are going on. Can't say for sure but I she is working directly with the organization that art but offense from the back. She also claims she did know about classified material on our servers so. I think we. It is worth. Well take everything with a grant of up to conduct amount had. Well now you're up. Is it is your rogue website the citizens audit dot com. And used it yet these were the THE right. Art thus citizens ought to dot com. Everybody folks wanna get a kind of an overview of what mr. Kerr is doing. Take a look at the citizens ought to dot com it's even more culpability. Or criminality on the part of Hillary Clinton and her campaign. What do you think the White House would look like folks have got the power of the presidency. Mr. Karr thank you mean whether it's pleasure to have you on the program and continued success keep up with that works there. Thank you it thank you very much Andrew Carter and the citizens audit. Dot com and meet at 1225. We got lots more coming Mike Siegel and you hear the voice of Boston. WRKO. Our folks back we are Mike Siegel a good to have you with us. The National Taxpayers Union seems to think. That free trade is great. I think retreat is great but these free trade agreements of those so called. Are the last thing other than free trade. They have bureaucrats. On the boards of governors making decisions for us. And they are absolutely unconscionable and the way they function in terms of taking away autonomy and sovereignty from any country including the United States. Free trade should simply be countries dealing with a each other. On their own terms without any of these thousands of pages agreements it isn't free trade it's been detrimental but we'll talk with the National Taxpayers Union. They think it's a good thing. We think I think it's a bad thing at it and all of that when we come back Mike Siegel here. On a Sunday afternoon at 1230 at the voice of Boston. WRKO. Welcome back at folks that that few others as we continue along our conversation. Let that what this random. Alexander. Brandon Arnold let's say bread and Arnold is the executive vice president of national taxpayers in which at that a lot of work with. Years ago with that David Keating when he was startled positions notes that would does mister Arnold how are you today. Very well now you believe. That. We're with him the fight free trade entities for the daily caller might define free trade. As the right of any country to do business that the other country and ethnic terms those two countries agree upon in terms of what trading with the each other. That's all you need to have free trade. With the what's what's your view free trade. Well sure the church and figure out there right there what we see over the years treachery has become a lot more complicated. And started to involve a lot more than just business transactions between different countries it started to involve. The department of consideration. Labor provisions and so forth and so on. So there's no doubt we're not talking about ideal or arch up preach hurried. Concept anymore. We're talking about things that are I think improvements possibly over the status quo but not the right fuel retreat from a ominous when he. Now and then by the way. If you talk about the environment where the economy that's beat the purview. Of each nation and its sovereignty. It should not be that that the that's decision let me get to now because when you're talking about 12100 pages 15100 pages 2000 pages. What was the World Trade Organization NAFTA course. Colombia. Panama whatever agreement TP three whatever agreement may be. That's not free trade. Because you cannot. Have a an unelected board of governors internationally we don't know they are make decisions for your trade. And and expect that to be called free trade that's controlled trade by the multinationals. And the the puppets of those multinationals. Doing their bidding. To control the trade on the planet it's not free trade because the sovereignty of each nation has taken away by definition. Kirk well I don't know aren't you the nation good or. Well let me give an example. Where let me just give you a quick is that what in general I wanna give you one example the Commonwealth of Massachusetts right here. Voted and I realized state but it voted. To stop doing any business with Myanmar because of its horrifying human rights violations of that terrible destructive policies. And the former Burma Myanmar in terms of the way people were treated. The board of governors of the WTO cable if setting fellows in the in Boston at the state have you can't do that. We we control that situation I realize the congress. Has the control. But up I had no doubt congress would set that was any state prior to the World Trade Organization echo what do that if you want to that's fine. But note that you can't do it at all because some people who were not even citizens of this country decide at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can't make that decision. And that to me is a severe violation of sovereignty. Well and it's. I would say it was certainly in the think getting into the sovereign questioned. I don't know I'd I'd certainly agree with you that and treat agreement should be a few pages rather than a few thousand pages aggression involved. Tariffs and quotas and what not. They shouldn't get into all these other side issues. But the fact of matter that that's the direction that caught him and we certainly don't want to cede any opportunity in the process. Or what Richard agreements and done I think more ox and the bodies today. If you wondered if you wanna do business with that you that's true at this improves. Position with with lower tariffs and so forth and so on. We need to change a lot. That's not my preferred way of doing things. That's just eating sovereign yup I'm not sure because they certainly don't have to enter into these trade agreements if they don't want to have well that's true we don't entered measured in terms of we don't want to. Armed so we're we're green out front to make some changes have been in Beijing that we at the maker actually coroner in animal which into the other countries are to make or are much more significant nature. Well I would opt out but how. I just disagree with that because. Will weigh what you got now. Is since NAFTA in 1994800000. Jobs minimum have been lost in this country. We know that Corus has reduced our relationship to Korea by 19%. We know that that the World Trade Organization. Has created a situation where most of our products are made in China I mean you can almost buy anything les has left some part of your product being made in China. Or some of the thermal country where they get paid a dollar an hour. We've lost massive numbers of jobs Richard Gephardt the Democrat minority leader. In the nineties. Was the the vociferous voice. Against those trade agreements so or Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader helmet less time guys like Pat Buchanan Ralph they would have agreed. And they create that this was bad for America maybe for different reasons Nader on the environment. And Buchanan on the economy lost sovereignty but the fact is that there's been nothing done favorably the Kia Doris created in Mexico. The McKee at doors have wound up being tax free always sees. For Ford is now building a multi billion dollar plant carrier conditional leaves this country fighters thirteen hundred people hacking it tell me that this go to the United States. Well I mean one of these it was centered now there's actually some of them on the job creation in the media. Aftermath about NAFTA. It was adopted in early 1990 for the unemployment rate dropped about two and a half percentage point over the next six years we saw increased jobs. There have been a lot of job sure brook street people and I can certainly understand that you do see some movement competition out there in a certain clamps and then moving overseas. That sure can be very frustrating it can be very have a bit negative impact on certain communities and cities. That's real overall impact has been positive in terms of job growth and more importantly. Well that's provided is purchasing power unlike any we've ever achieved we've seen a massive increase in the purchasing power particularly of people on the lower rungs of economic latter. They cannot go to Wal-Mart yes sure a lot of things are made in China herb Nagin. Central America or what have you. But he can actually afford these products potential they're shopping cart a little bit of money in the checking account at the end of the day. Whereas if we adopt protectionist policy this product this teacher was. Pencils the conditions are going to be extraordinarily more expensive and the effect on the content can be here and it. Well that the products are first of all. We have 94 million people outside the workforce or qualified to work and X numbers of 1977 when your leaders at this experts created that number. So that that that port is not clear. We also have. Unemployment that is increased in this country in the jobs have been created. The that we know this from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 75%. As of about a year ago that ball but since Obama took office. Where service jars they were because of obamacare part time on the thirty hours. Low wage jobs manufacturing has almost gone away completely in this country manufacturing. Is a family wage jobs she could talk about the jobs we have but the quality of those jobs. Is absolutely unacceptable. It is not a family wage jobs in most cases at people suffering. And the unemployment rates are higher fifty million people in poverty 43 or 46000001. Of those who aren't food stamps. You can't tell me that the people that we have one of five children in this country and poverty happy you tell me that level where where in better shape charge somebody can buy some pencils or Wal-Mart. A back actually I did. About Longo. Needs some pencils who ironically but. That the people who are buying those pencils. Certainly in the minority communities are not doing better and even in the middle class what would the middle class is being stripped away. We we have lowest ownership levels. We've ever had. Terms of homeownership so I don't know where you're getting your numbers but I don't see that as you do. Mr. Arnold you Willis. It was Arnold or hadn't. Yet go right ahead and start sort that it was a technical which that we go ahead. I caught a little bit of what you're saying their arms are about from Carter current tenure in Russia about immigrants are on. Yes I think it could be argued portrayed I think it's still just solid and has been vetted about are content on this earth literally decades. But when I just did you do it the responded what I said 94 million Butler outside the workforce we have a fifty million people in poverty one in five kids in this country and poverty. Black unemployment is done way up. Black youth was at 35%. When oh when bush left office is now about 51% since Obama took office. We're at at his middle class being stripped away in this country where using the so this greatness that you're talking about. Well I guess there are I mean we're talking about an enormous economy your their number of factors that determine what direction economy children. My point here betray his partner certainly aren't there other poll but it strongly disagree with the depend propagated by the church particular. But I think it hurt employment that it hurt our job growth and then just economic conditions in general. Two here just attribute every into to treatment when a couple of look at some of the largest trade agreements we've signed into. Immediately after the next year being dropped. I think impact the treatment are positive and it. During the week economic times I think particularly important at a much per hour possible for people that are that are less well. Happy to say it's been positive we've lost jobs I mean we've lost. 800000 minimum net jobs since NAFTA may be at the beginning there were more but there are now I just gave you two examples companies. The search or seven years after it was signed on my. What about what about the after effect now what about the fact that Ford just laughed what about the fact that carrier conditions just left of thirteen people in Indian Indiana. Holding the bag so to speak being fired. And it. The problem here that we're looking at. Anecdotes to public policy and we have to look at. Almost thirteen hundred people there's those that that's an anecdote tub of ninety or 94 million people in this country are out of work. One out of five families do not have a bread winner had a household. If you're gonna sit out because of NAFTA that's a huge logical weaker work work work toward more than twenty years since NAFTA took. Well it's also gas aren't generally in an attempt to trade World Trade Organization right at the Korean agreement could occur but Korean agreement were down 90%. In our balance of payments with Korea. 90% of its kind of course took effect. OK so here's the deal. Which trade agreements are actually benefiting in this country other policy they're hurting in this country we can't govern based on and that you have to look at the broad picture. Still to this date if you if you Serbia content 8590%. Of a console traders fundamentally good and this economy create jobs every economic credible. I try to give you the numbers reported. How are you creating jobs what people and an end China people in Taiwan. Make two dollars an hour and these companies are running to go there like it's gold rush to pay two miles an hour dollar an hour 75 cents a Philippines is go to the Philippines a wire all the people on the airline. Telephone calls who worked for the airlines from the Philippines or India who can't even answer your questions. If spent 25 minutes with one of them and I've done it with one of those people that you get an American solvents thirty seconds. And then those people are on the job. And the companies know they're not doing the job well because not their fault they don't know the language and our culture very well at but they're paying a two bucks an hour. But that's not American jobs we lost American jobs asked the people of Ohio Pennsylvania Michigan about the Rust Belt where where they are now. All the millions of people that are working in jobs that the trend on exports that have seen a tremendous amount of job growth he. Cause of archery policies but if there's two sides of this corn. It's an incumbent international global system now. Where you have supply chain that may involve multiple countries since apportion of building a car or so on or what have you. May occur in United States is part of what may happen in match grew apart it may happen in China. But beyond that date what we've created as higher quality products which created jobs and service sector increase job increases. We've had manufacturing output increase in the country at an all time hot we produce more in this country today than we ever have been our nation has. I don't know we getting those numbers aren't as bad but China is going to be the number one economy on the planet by 21 even Bloomberg says that. I don't think so and increasing our presence in the Pacific rim which has one of the things that we're talking about doing now deterrent to the partnership. Production Kirk the Chinese economy and have a negative effect on China's economy because we be doing so much more. That's that that's just and that's patently false and Arnold you know it's patently false because since Ronald Reagan it was a good faith effort by Ian Lee Iacocca. When the went to Japan to try to get Japan open up its markets to American. Automobiles and other products and you know what. They smiled as are wonderful and they happen. And done that China hasn't done we have what fifty billion dollar deficit annually with China or more with Mexico with Japan. Amid. Talk about we don't we don't. There has been. The top market the break into and that's why I think it's a curtain was greater a tremendous amount of headway in that regard we have that but what piece. Let automobile future look at that stressed that a partnership they had them lowering tariffs. Crossed the border all of these products and giving us access to the market we're. Or were previously have not. How come the other how come the other agreements haven't done the same thing then and how come Ronald Reagan tried and failed. We've been out of return in two and a well I three trailer explode just means that in Britain towards protection. You call us free trade economy in the world. How do you call a free trade when you have a board of governors deciding unilaterally. Whether you get find or penalize as a nation for violating the World Trade Organization agreement. Patty called free trade. What we're talking about moving in the direction of more willing international comment were not talking about ideal policy by any stretch of the imagination. Every creature agreement it would seem has. Twenty applause I have no problems stating that. The question has to be a consequence of this current baseline or an improvement over the status quo. More international commerce more business that we do. What other countries is not just good economically could diplomatically. It's good for the help of the world in general because you see. Tremendous number of people moving out of poverty in this country but across the globe watching people lifted up poverty. Because those creature. Where where you see people come. Is are they Uganda. Are they in that. Poverty is at an all time low. And I'm sure there's still plenty of poverty and we have a long way to go cold regret cookbook political mission ought to dia. People are wiped out like things that malaria and import country it's it's absolutely. Depression into attitude to security story but there so much better off today than it worked just 1020 years ago more because of preacher. Well I don't agree with you but we can leave that you know can disagree respectfully let me get to Stacey on the line here what's Boston WRKO Stacey. Iran might see on our guest Brandon Arnold that from the National Taxpayers Union below. Hi how you go. Eight and varied thing. I am not in Wal-Mart shopper well it's ten years now that I believe they're evil empire they helped usher in the China. Wave of mean capturing. That they may now opt but the thing that really killed me and it. But product that I now are basically. Throwing product and we have become I call a Wal-Mart mentality. He'd buy something it's great play it. Nobody's talking on environmental. On the lap don't talk about it and we'll work filling up all that garbage that nobody. And lap or maybe. A short period of time. There's no crap ship in the country anymore we don't make furniture we don't make a crying and we may. Anything that and of any value people I earn a chair and within three years in that it's been about. It differently and now it's been amazing to me that you know the slave labor that week. Provides to these countries you know and and undercutting American workers that we see how polite dialogue that is. Anything weren't web Jake and and the government at the board now I just totally disagree with the man I don't know where he's coming from I grew up and steel town and thought. You know. Free trade and and Japan and the eighty. They'd let their alternate reality. I appreciate that thank you must start thank you very much they should start. Or at. But yet venture called think your comments I would say manufacturing output highest it's ever been in this country we are making such yours potentially made. Have changed and that has hurt some communities that a person cities. Steele certainly been impacted. But you have to look at the big picture here you have to look at policies that create jobs across or he can't look at just specific and I go out and say yes to where there's. What manufacturing. What house manufacturing. You're you're saying manufacturing. What are we manufacturers are wet that that's greater than what we did when we had steel and had the automobile industry viper in this country I got Singapore and every place else were courses being built the few here and there there cart to ask the people who flip Michigan. About the manufacturing. Field as them. Here there are certainly a big community event Kirk by trade policies but more than a bit purple automation. Like technological advances. By the ability to produce more would collapse both in terms of cost in terms of human capital. That's the nature progress it's not always pretty and it hurts people and that's not something that we shall clog we have to look at the big picture here. Mr. that the plot the closest and outweigh the negatives. And and in particular the people that that are affected negatively there's no question about that if it doesn't make me feel good this he'll plant Trotter by any stretch of the imagination. But about planet shudder and then went. A limited amount under Johnson meanwhile we're expanding growth elsewhere in created 500 jobs and have to look at it as an apostle. While the wire we only creating for the most part service jobs. At and 75%. Of the jobs created to Obama took office are basically service jobs. Under thirty hours a week well paying jobs there are not manufacturing jobs. I don't know what you think or manufacturing we don't manufactured TV sets anymore they're all in in mostly in Asia. We don't manufacture cars as anywhere near what we did that's all overseas and the companies doing it. Look missed Arnold the real bottom line is this the multinational corporations are behind this guys like George Soros and the multinationals who want to have. The borders and the sovereignty of nations destroyed in order to have. Their ability to sell the refrigerators. And freezers. And the stoves ovens them microwaves. To Third World countries by making them have a strong middle class and you do that by reducing the economy of the United States and sending it over there. Some of Obama's advisors in the nineties were writing precisely about this by reducing. The American economy 10% or more at setting that overseas to Third World country so they can become more vibrant. And they become customers of these multi nationals that's what this is about a site about helping America it's about helping Third World countries. For the multinationals to have greater markets a million people in China by refrigerators is a pretty big deal I would like. Well I don't know about all that but I can tell you. I do I've studied this for 25 years I've seen it happen when it by years. Welcome. What can tell you did well have been. Fewer cars made by two match being pressures we now have manufacturing. Or label cards here in the United States more than we have perhaps. Which has. Volkswagen plant soon not content seen these complex there in South Carolina there's that you BMW plant. Honda Toyota manufacturing cars in Alabama we talk about twelve to thirteen million people working in the manufacturing segment. Our sector in this country so maybe treasuries still relatively strong and again I'll put as much hierarchical and a large part because of a cassette automation. So the manufacturing sector which changed very different. And you're right there are a lot more there's a lot more growth through enough and service after the mayor there was previously thought are necessarily about insurance center. That means you know flipping burgers in mcdonalds service sector is also working in. And sales for instance in our medical profession and there's a lot of areas that are should secretary high paying jobs much harder and jump in any sector in church or. I present starlet that if they have got a close up of the great conversation and I appreciate your bit at the sport thank you time to base our the National Taxpayers Union. But that Willis thank you very much welcome back we'll Mort the course of Boston W our scale. I'm proud of four. I've been a good inject doubt I man of my I think he'll get there. Well ladies and gentlemen welcome back and got that you'll let us that they say they have that no one knows except the boys the boss that. W large scale very stimulating conversation with a our guests in the last segment if you wanna talk about that further. In terms of trade agreements. What do you agree or disagree I'm glad to hear from you right. Just think that the trade agreements take away sovereignty from the United States impact our firemen. We have to buy fruits from countries that we don't even know what kind of quality control they have. Vietnam or some of the Latin American countries that are considered Third World countries where they may not be as concerned about safety for. Edible products as we are here. Let's set the environment. And generally or in terms of even the economy opposing jobs let's got to Paula gets 617. 2666868. Poly where what Mike Siegel at the voice of Boston WRKO. Hi mind can thank you for taking my call. I know I'm not alone in looking forward to Sundays when you're on you you are sketchy gift to us and we look forward to date that may be something you'll be without permanently NW RKO. But they're listening to mr. Arnold really got my blood pressure going. It's down to me like he lives in his own ivory tower I if if he is. The National Taxpayers. Union is certainly doesn't represent this tax Payer. Into two what you're taking your great well informed. Commentator debate with him. I knew it hit a local South Shore mall yesterday I was looking to buy a certain. Specific item you know we women's clothing. And was aghast. That everything no surprise if everything was Sweden Philippines Vietnam and Sri Lanka. And yet. The cost to this it doesn't fit right nothings it's the way you'd get. Still it's fifty dollars for this poor quality. So I I wish they'd been able to count two it's based mr. Arnold got. I wish him the opportunity. To speak to the millions of Americans. Who are going into bankruptcy. Because of Obama care. They bad economy and the lack of jobs including lack of quality jobs they can't afford pools that can afford housing. And hate baiting him. We aired and win immediately when did we share. To hearing more about the global poverty and we did Americans who were in poverty and bankrupt and can't find work. And I truly believe that the American people our our veteran touch. With the realities right now. Then he has and that's why there's so much math adds support for Donald Trump. Well I I think you're absolutely right. And I think everyone realizes that. Look he's created huge numbers of jobs at a widest talk about that more but he creates. He used them created huge numbers of jobs that should be Mort talked about as you know of evil with the colonials. Much about millennial the richest region this it's it's very brief. And it's the generation opportunity which is an organization. That reflects. Pull O'Neal's the people who are the young people in this country in a matter of fact. Generation opportunity says that the young people colonials are actually more conservative but people think are moving into the trump direction but. Here's what they say according to today's job report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment. And remark is remarkably high across the country for youth. The got to play the right rate among sixteen to 28 to 29 year old bush say is twelve point 5%. More than twice the national unemployment rate which is four point 9%. And so. Bottom line is that these colonials are not real happy they're not seeing the jobs. And that what what anyone with half a brain anybody not even a an economist. A labor and analyst. I jobs expert. Can see that we're losing jobs because they're paying. Two dollars and our people in China. The people of Taiwan people of South Korea the people of Singapore they pay very low wages and that many benefits and that we get stuck. Not having the jobs because we want family wage jobs here it's obvious its rate from this country is that not. Yeah well you're not from my perspective it is and I have always. Two including two of the young gentlemen yesterday in its early twenty's to cut my hair. And he's looking at the presidential candidates think that number one do not listen to the media itself propaganda line. And number two I said you start to locate your paycheck. And I think that I always think so we you're particle book I think when people see. That their own reality. And and how they act chest not making it given all the actors in today's economy. Army including the fact that if they have the job. We know. That you mode many of them do not have benefits. I am hoping that debt is going to affect how people vote in this election. Well I appreciate your point and I thank you for making the call to but the that you wanna talk about this further I'm glad to get your calls. I find it stunning. That people would call these trade agreements. Free trade. I took the spaces I sent for daily caller dot com. And Jordan go to daily caller that comet just look at upn reminding. However they. Archive these things still there was but two weeks ago and the simple point that I made was. That free trade. Is defined as any two countries. Under the terms upon which they agree making trade deals period. You don't need thousands of pages. And when you have these thousands of pages you take away the sovereignty of each nation involved at that trade agreement it is absolutely unacceptable. To this country congress has abdicated its responsibility to America. By simply say. Whipped up by it at the trade agreements and let them make decisions that is absolutely. I undercutting. At the American people and the jobs in this country weight problem Mike Siegel at the voice of Boston WRKO it's 13 MI LOS. And but that's OK as long as the check clears. I think one mistake that trop has made. And I was hoping that he might have seen this like right up to the convention. He's a grandfather to these millennial and maybe people that aren't following politics or just can't relate to him I think he should assent. His daughter wrote which may be some other young. For a lack of better terms them mine less identifiable people. And and hold these huge rallies and just say you know look at your paycheck we understand where your age we know what you're going through rather than. I mean he's just preach into the choir day after day but again he's doing nothing to go outside the box not only to millennial step but to minorities. They should have like a massive conference. Which say on the an African American pop star and a Hispanic pop star just anything. Outside the box to generate some thought. Into the kids that otherwise aren't turned on to the presence. Of. Well there's no question. You're getting in the after the battle trump campaign that you're right. He also speak on board to more inner cities. Places like Baltimore. A place like Philadelphia places like. He's the mission is gonna flip but you know some of the other major cities in the country. Cleveland does certainly and others. Started the church is but he never really followed up we. I I understand that but it but you know the but the point I'm talking about here with respect to trade. Really frustrates me because how can anybody in their right might say. That free trade is based on some other board of governors and elected from other countries anonymously. Deciding America's trade policy. I mean this is a huge issue that we have we've seen. The detrimental impact of what's happened companies leaving this country they're draining out of this country go to Mexico. China. Try to not cutting deals with corporations. Joint ventures if you will that the Chinese Government takes a piece of the action in exchange for companies being over there you see them going to. Other places in the southeast Asia at shortly in terms of Korea we've lost in Korea from that agreement why is anybody thinking. That somehow we have this great. Result from trade agreements. They'll never magically bring these jobs back but I think again what Obama failed to do over the past eight years it's just to spark a little. In that sense so some launcher and all our spirit that's going to either you know create manufacturing or whatever it is but it's it's. It's been dormant for years. Well I've been but but my final point you would be my final question would you agree. That trade agreements are detrimental to the United States that the impede free trade rather than enhance retrieve. It. I appreciated certificate for call 617. 2666868. As the number of Boston 6172666868. You wanna get into the trump campaign we can do that. Like that you want free trade. What we call free trade my definition of free trade is what I set to countries agreeing to cut a deal. What you talk about. The trade deals. Whether it's NAFTA or get over the World Trade Organization or chorus the Korean deal or Panama Colombia. The trans Pacific partnership these are detrimental to the United States they take jobs out of this country that's what they have been Billy. And the numbers rep reaped a pro that reflect that six point 72666868. Your thoughts also about the trump campaign. We also talked earlier about Hillary Clinton and the corruption of connecting up with a packs which is illegal. More fodder for criminality. Coming avid Hillary Clinton Campaign Mike's Italy or your calls are welcome. At the voice of Boston's WRKO. Well coming up to what a tape here on the west lost the New York hale might see it that to have you with us. This is one of the reasons. That we have this. Groundswell for Donald Trump. And it's because of the fact that people across this country recognize. They're not in good shape. And they're not in good shape for a simple reason. And the reason is that the policies of this country have been of that benefit corporate America including Republicans take a look at what's happened. In terms of the Republican. Nominees and the people wind up getting elected for the Republicans in the house and senate. The nominees. Put up by the Republican Party. With the help of the United States chamber of commerce. Are typically. Moderates. The conservative. Tea Party type Republican candidates. Get competition. In the primaries. Because. The bottom line is the Republican. Leadership in the past has not won it. The kinds of changes that the American people wanna look they have not of Arafat responded to reflected. You know. What they have done is to basically carry out their own agenda. Notwithstanding the American people. And that's wrong. You can't just simply. Arbitrarily and capriciously. Sit back. And actually. Doing your thing without having the American people incorporated. Into that very. Process and that's what they've done for decades. Well now it's coming on the rooms because finally the American people have a candidate. Who says I'm not part of that old good old boy system. Good old girl system are not part of that crowd. As that seems to think that the American people can be walked on them other ports up they have something. The way Donald Trump talks about how the Democrat party has treated African Americans. At that basically saying. Oh yeah we love you gonna do these things for you gonna give you all these freebies. Vote for us and that after the election is over simply walk away to nothing. For those African Americans absolutely nothing. The truth of the matter is. At the same thing is a curry with the Republican elites. And the house senate. With respect to Republicans across this country the very weight Democrats street African Americans. Is the very way that the Republican elite John Boehner Mitch McConnell. And the entire crowd even to some degree Paul Ryan. Who gave Barack Obama the budget that he wanted including money for the Syrian refugees. Which is stunning. Or basically the Republican Party saying a lot of commit. By giving you the money for that process. That's an absurdity. And the Republican Party. Has been treating. You folks who consider themselves conservatives or Republicans. Have been treating you in the same way the Democrats treat African Americans like cute there for the vote. And that we do want anyway why the American people don't want these trade agreements if you edit national vote. If you're a national. Initiative or referendum. These trade agreements what do you think would happen. I'd be overwhelmingly. These trade agreements would be defeated. Because we've seen the catastrophe that they are. Animal backed up what I've made earlier with our guests from the national taxpayers think about how both Pat Buchanan. And Ralph Nader. Opposed. NAFTA the north American free trade. Think about. How many people including Richard Gephardt the house Democrat minority leader at the time from Saint Louis realizing it would cut out jobs in this country. And that. Cutting out of jobs. Obviously led to. Despair for many families. The numbers are there. One out of five American families today. Thought of Britain. That's our fire. We have. The numbers we've talked about earlier. People like to simply. Out of the workforce by to formally. Highest numbers it's those that were kept in 1977. So what are we seek. We see it the reality. That the system. The aristocrats. The arrogant leadership. In both parties uses. Their constituencies. For their own political benefit and then do nothing substantively or tend to believe that helped liberate people they promised. Would beat their primary. Concern when they get elected. It's bogus. It's totally bogus. And the way that these party leaders treat us and that's why trump is there in spite of his own tripping over himself. With these stupid tweets and other comments. This support is still there because people want change. And they wanna see it sooner rather than later. In this is the one hope they have to get that done entry year old Mike Segal to what's the Boston. Or KO. Hey Mike great it's not you and I agreed that it probably about the right thing and everything and I don't want to mention that you're the top of the African meant Americans. How Obama went to plant that went into public view. No I'm gonna pick up a lot of problem at the canyon and water bottles fire above water excuse me. Hey this thing ridiculous and ambient thing that they he's got all these 820 that H one B visas for us white collar jobs I was looking online with payment. 1281. B visas they fire people and and have people from other countries come yet to take that job that the bank. I'll give you one that's worse than that. People that of a guy testified before congress he's one of many by the way not just him. And he was paid to train his replacement from India. While I. I can't remember that. And at that but he's not the only one Microsoft does it all the time. And they just train people. To take over these jobs who commit from other countries. And you know the making the argument what we don't have the kind of people in this country that we would have over there. Were losing you know I tell you something right now. You're gonna see the likelihood. Of I'll I'll say it this way. Frank frank trots who was the chairman of Boeing in the nineties. Spoke Eddie Eddie. Rotary Club that I attended the luncheon but he spoke out and our members saying at that luncheon. Don't be surprised. If by the year 20/20 we're not building Boeing airplanes in Beijing. Now. I didn't bring this up with a our guest but. That's one of the few areas left of manufacturing in this country of any major proportions. And I've that type of that the Chinese. Two or three years Barbara I saw the reports at the time. Were actually built a building up. An airplane manufacturing capability they're now building air China air planes in China that it needs to do that. This other building their own airplanes. They're getting ready for whatever time and place would be that Boeing says well come on over you can build our airplanes. That's what's going wow and edit some that. That's a 100000 jobs I mean we're we're talking again about this. The so called tread that they've they've brought China into the World Trade Organization at trump has said repeatedly why we bring them into the World Trade Organization. I because now there at the World Trade Organization. Still delete their military maneuvers still using North Korea. As a whacko organization the to intimidate the world still tied in with the rotten. It's still becoming a part of the mainstream of the economy it's gonna be the number one economy in the world by 21 wins and. It then that's amazing. Well it's number two now what did they passed Japan. Japan's number three so you know blow out that's not least saying this Bloomberg knows this thing this that they are going to be projected that by 21 of the number one. Got a bigger gross domestic product so I mean that's Ortiz started. We have this huge debt. And we have and by the way. The U lot this is another important point people likely is over this but the EU bloc which is the Chinese currency is becoming part of the international trade. Beginning either now or in the next few days. Yeah it's becoming. Yet and yet right that was posted by September 30 I don't know how if that happened but at. Well let's just but the the scary part of this country is that it may wind up being that the EU one could become the default currency. And if we just pushed the dollar out of being the international default currency. It's just gonna go in the tank. Talked about hyper inflation. He never went in Germany we heard the reports after World War I. Before Hitler took power. Why the Weimar republic how they have wheel barrels for the money Google liable for Brett because it was so. Little value to their money. It as I can get that bad but we could have that. Type of problem in this country with the dollar not be worth much on the international market and that we all get stuck with that that would that problem that's what that's what could happen. Well that's pretty awful and night riveting about Thompson he's got to get on offense but this stupid defense. That thing that the camp bow out about Hillary laughed at the people who live on the parent's basement. Use that in an apparent. Basement because of the radio H one B visas they get a college job at taking place for months he's got a job often thought if filling. Well you know she can write checks every month because of the taxpayer money she's stolen. As secretary of state perch for Chelsea have a beautiful apartment at downtown New York I guess Chelsea's my gently but if she's got a mother and father. A mother whose evil father who sexy figure out all right listen Andrew thanks for calling it's that the talked to. Thank you very much and that's it and about do it for us here under the sun they will be back next Sunday. And I'll just say very simply. That what the what you callers have been reflecting is with the people are. Why the National Taxpayers Union is not. Understanding that is beyond me I worked with a nestled by the way how much time we have we're supposed to be closing out so. The national what it's gonna get that at the last minute the National Taxpayers Union. Is. An organization that was always for the taxpayer ever in the nineties we hit with that campaign. To fight. For the for the taxpayers of this country to reduce taxes. And that's what they're supposed to be doing so I don't yet. How there are involved. In this movement for so called free trade that's all the more reason he voted for Donald Trump. All the more reason. To be voting for that Paltrow. And for my purposes. It was at the operator anyway. But now it's or even Mort you know what. He's gonna get the right people obviously Rudy Giuliani is going to be there maybe a sector Homeland Security who could be better at that job than him. You've had these idiots like. And Janet Apollo out of before. Who think that the right wing it's more dangerous than Islamic terrorism to this country. I mean they're sick either they're sick or they just despise America we don't need people despise America via toward molesters Rudy Giuliani there. I would bet. But Chris Christie would become attorney general. And that he would prosecute. In the way that this. This political prostitute Loretta lynch refuses to as there's no doubt in my mind when Bill Clinton met with her in the airplane. Basically told her. You protect Hillary. It would if she's elected which is elected. She's gonna keep you lot at that your job as attorney general. If trumps there obviously you got while she's gone with the wind because she wouldn't it be a good lawyer in the private sector. Does that noxious. No principles no values. And has been bought and paid for so you'd have Chris Christie and there. May be prosecuting James Coakley for dereliction of duty but certainly should go after Hillary Clinton at that point you have him. Brett Carson may be a surgeon general ward the secretary of health and human services that he's willing to do what he's talked about not wanting to do it. So we'll see how that plays out. And I just think that. You've got people coming in. General Michael Flynn. Nobody knows more about our military capabilities doctoral lead fiery signals the Middle East upside down a great scholar on the Middle East these revised drop already. So he's got to have those people. His problem with courses as eco. He's very thin skinned and if somebody says something about him he always feels like guest would tack back if you think back to George W. Bush. He was skewered in the press. Would be rated B a little to meet the great. And he never once responded to the press. In an ugly way. In it and it demeaning fashion never once. He let them do their job. And he was at six get enough to be confident about his own worth as human being as president of the United States did his job well. I'll stand by that with any debate that with anyone but the fact is. The trucks weaknesses that's Kennedy always seems that the response the people we don't need to do that. Just let it water off a ducks back and watch from the Ronald Reagan got skewered all the time Abraham Lincoln was called the bit the marquee of the babble. Because it was so tall and make fun of by the press. When he ran for president when he was president. And he didn't hear the press support for doing it simply went about doing his job. And truck passed learn to do that but the most important point is his policies. Donald Trump's policies would be in the best interest of the United States building the Walt keep that it would help to dramatically reduce illegal immigration. Using drones using technology. Having the Border Patrol at the border. But also to stop this incursion. By yep people coming from Central America Mexico. He would appoint the people that the Supreme Court or the people that we would want. To protect the constitution are rights of privacy at a rights under the bill of rights the First Amendment of the constitution. He would deal with getting jobs in this country by telling companies if you leave you're gonna pay a price. And that you better make some decisions about that these companies that at that by the way John Kennedy did that he Diop pulled the steel industry keeps prices down. And it worked. At trump would do the same. Does that all of that you have a choice for African Americans schools. Bringing jobs back to the inner cities bringing back manufacturing jobs. It's no brainer he's got to be elected in spite of zone. Frailties shall we say. And every time that wraps it up at this point short cut that you what this likes Italy we come back that would. Again next Sunday at the voice of Boston WRKO. At duke with rubber always to be put yourself in the world of the world will be. Good do you have a great week.