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Amb. John Bolton on surrendering the internet to the United Nations. 9/23/16

Sep 23, 2016|

Should the US surrender the internet to an international body?

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106 here on the great WRK. Elbow voice of Boston. Okay we're gonna get back to our phones I promise. But my friends. Very very very important issue. And a former UN ambassador John Bolton is joining us now is he does always at this time. He is helping to lead the charge as well as senator Ted Cruz in the senate. Obama is now planning to cede control of the Internet transfer control of the Internet. 21 unaccountable. International. Body. Many you mean I even think about this we all use the Internet. It's in fact it's under US control Internet domain is under American control. If it is now hand it over IDs is planned to that it will be as is scheduled to be. The days of an open free Internet. The alternative media. Where many people are able to voice their opinions and views freely on sensor unregulated. Will be gone. And so ambassador Bolton I wanna ask you straight out of the gate. Why are you so concerned about Obama's plan to transfer the Internet control of the Internet. To an international market. Well what he's got to do but making this transfer is quite the Internet. At this and for our area. Rashean around the world you know although the hitter that has been shelter that basically on US government since it was created. Really the only program where the federal government as inner ear to the detriment of the program itself. Once we let it go we will never get its act and Russia China. Iran North Korea you name it will be able to extract the Internet it is. Starting in May that Obama has gotten it's far and we're down the last days of congress. Nation mentions are groups and a few others as. Legislation to block this. Donald Trump has come out very strongly against. Six transferred. Moment where he would check cruiser absolutely on the same wave collect. But we're experts straight I have to say the other thing that surprised me is this the millennial generation. Which she uses the Internet social media so much. Not in the outrage for what is. And haven't risen. You know Hillary Clinton acts Obama on this to side. Transfer control of the Internet and it is just a question now whether we can prevent it from happening in the last days the congressional session. Ambassador Bolton just let me just play devil's advocate always agree with you which used to play devil's advocate. The Internet is now a global means of communication. Everybody around the world relies on it uses it. Why shouldn't the world or an international body eventually the UN. Take over the Internet. Why shouldn't foreign governments. And foreign entities have a say why should only we'd the American lead United States we in America. Have control over the Internet which is used by everybody around the world. What do you say to that are well I'm. IPad it began the spam answer that yet and in the debate over transferring Panama Canal act out of. You know we built it we take forward we should. We can't create the Internet there are certain entirely American enterprise. It has been one of the freest art forms for. Four free speech and free commerce in the history of the world. Is absolutely guaranteed if we put it into an environment like EU and let's not directly the Lander see Obama. Administration favors but I tell you what the loss. Whatever the label and effort you have. And that means they're the worst refrain in the world will exerted disproportionate influence over. I make no bones about art. As you on this question I'm an American show that we know how to run a string for the caricature of everybody and the rest world does not. Ambassador. You're you're giving I think a brilliant answer obviously at 35000. Feet philosophically. But for the layperson now it's a lunch break for damn whatever. What will it mean for them concretely in terms of their Internet use we handed over to an international body eventually you're right the UN will take it over. But you know will they still be able to go to their favorite new sites will they still build to order the Drudge Report her bright part door. Whatever read one of your columns in let's say in the New York Post. How does this affect them on a day to day level. Well I think what it will mean and very quickly is that there access to sites that they wanna see will be restricted that. You raise taxes on the Internet like you know we have been seen before. And that much of the Internet will be run for the benefit of countries like China and Russia. That had their own political and economic agenda. You know what we already see examples. Of effort to censorship by. FaceBook like Twitter by Google. But because it's an America where rise up and say you can't sensors sites just because they have they each conservative. Let's not forget. As many problems we have in America we are still the freest country in the world and it's our freedom that's given us our strength so on in Italy basis is people solve their. Our access the Internet wrote is they're going to speak their minds managed. Their options. On the Internet refused. You know they would see all too quickly am afraid the downside of this transfer control but I you're straight and what I hear the beginning. Once we might go out that we are ever. And get it back so the stakes are very high here we make this mistake once and lost control or return it. Ambassador how can Obama ram this thing through. Without the approval of congress and the American people. Well you know I agree that technically the right this is work is that I can't which is the target group it's it's not only just about rent. Internet. Don't domain names that really has been. Austrian body that has a way out the Internet to grow it through a contract with the US department converts. And what Obama is your line is this simply as an executive action is moving Mac contract to an international body. So are probably he has the sorry you do it that's quite crews and others have introduced legislation to stop that. And it's something that says they say Hillary Clinton's fully supports Obama. And and I think many of the Democratic Party do as well so is an uphill fight but the stage just could not be greater. Ambassador wanna ask you a couple of other questions were before and move on. Why what's your reason for this what is so what's the reason that Obama is giving for doing this why is he doing. Well I think it's because he's the man who fundamentally believes in global Cochran. And share your bed you were you sure that you're settle that question. Why should Americans be so important in the world but why should we just got beat Juan Ortiz about a 193. At United Nations give everybody else equal shot at the Internet that is ideology we only be thankful. In eight years that he hasn't done war. But with this transfer control over the Internet that that damage alone will be very substantial and that effort is idealize him. So you think ultimately this is a push for. The new world order. This is a push towards globalism. Global control over the Internet and basically the another another stop another erosion of American sovereignty. That's exactly right this is global governance this search like global governance would mean has more on issue after another. Is taken away. From the voters of the United States and given to international institutions so what chart control. Is is small to begin where SN and get smaller overtime. Ambassador are no were up against it but very quickly the the bombings in New York City and New Jersey this stopping that took place the night's Rampage in Minnesota. Minnesota ice assists claimed responsibility. New York New Jersey it seems there's an Afghan Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda connection. Our Islamic terrorist cells are active here in the United States and what can we do to root them out. Well I think clearly they are active I'm afraid that they that the best forecast we can make is able able grow. And we'll see more terrorist attacks like this book what we need to fundamentally is a completely different policy we need to. Strategic approach to terrorism. That Obama is unwilling to give us you know this debate on Monday it pops Europe. University is one in the proper x.s Homeland Security. And I hope we have a a Cerro going discussion of these terrorist incidents that fortunately. Nobody was killed other than in the chairs in in Minnesota in this last go round. That we can't count on that we've seen the tragedies and burn you know Orlando not to mention all the weight like back in not elaborate. This problem has gotten worse as as Obama's own senior intelligence. Officials are testified to congress in recent shots. And it's every prospect it's got to get worse if Obama is our policies are continued so for goodness sakes. This is what we as citizens have to assert ourselves say we expect. Remarkable degree of government are strictly a. We have been talking with former UN ambassador. And very likely Donald Trump's next secretary of state should trump win in November. John bull ambassador Bolton has always a pleasure and thank you for coming on the corner report. Thanks so much edited we are you collier golf. Less you 6172666868. Let me ask all of you this. It's the corner country poll question. Does work of the day as the French would say. Should the United States. Cede control of the Internet to an international body. Should they transfer control from the United States. To an international body. If you believe the answer is yes it's time for the world to our own full ownership of the Internet text or letter 868680. If like me hell no we built it we paid for it. We own it absolutely not text the latter beat the 68680. You can vote online at wrko.com. All of your calls next. Okay my friends. Jeff schooner for bill Kelly. Don't wait until the market potentially crashes after eight years of Reagan eight years of Clinton eight years of George Bush what happened. The market crashed the possibility is very real that it will crush under Obama as well you need to protect yourself. Bill Kelley's one of America's leading most trusted successful financial advisors I love bill Kelly. Police column now 88881881. 88881881. He will give you the stock market heart attack. Sit down with him he will help protect your investments. Your retirement your wealth and your future for you and your family. 88881881. Pauly Europe next go ahead Paul. Yes hi Jeff and thank you for taking my call to I'd like to make my comments on two things one ambassador Balkans news and particularly about the police wearing their name tags. Com you'd think we've had problems and thus far connecting the dots between all aspects of intelligence and law enforcement. I've been out preventing domestic terrorist attack here. We we haven't seen anything yet as if this goes through. And my second thing is recording no policemen. I personally have looked cannot how many riots that have happened in the past year. And I heard somebody on TV last night saying that these dark protests. There revenge motivated. And I would ask all of us rhetorically. Did the two who know yacht policemen that were sitting in their car eating lunch. There were murdered in cold blood. Did they name name name tags. I think it is so dangerous. And so devoid of any logic. Any body could conceive of having officers. We're name tags in the climate that we're in in this country. I agree with you. I am Pauly very good call thank you for that call a look I agree with you I think it's it puts stemming greater danger. It puts a clear target on their back. No we didn't happen for hundreds of years we had police in this country didn't have to give their full light names and name tags. He's only got one name. Here's a very good text from 978 Jeff. I am a nurse and we now only have to put our first name and last initial now. I definitely don't think police should have to put their last name it's just way too dangerous. Of course it is. And by the way and that dash cam I've where are reported on this on Twitter last night. But the according now told local media reports in Charlotte. V dash cam that people seem to dash cam. Of what took place in the shooting. They say clearly. Key LaMont Scott did not hop a book. That was a complete lie that he had a gun. And that he was approaching the police officers. Clearly inning menacing way. And so but he never had a gun he Nass. Now apparently there's some video by a a bystander there and maybe even the wife. The wife of Keith LaMont Scotch she's now releasing a video. Of the actual shooting itself it's now breaking on NBC news so we're gonna take a look at that. But look. If they lied. That there was no book. You they kept claiming was a book it was a balk he never how to gone Ager shot a Mexican ocean style. Then without question the sister and the daughter who pushed this on FaceBook should be arrested for inciting a riot period. 6172666868. Bruce in Plymouth go ahead Bruce. Check out. Our student groups and anti insurgency and make an opening statement. Donald Trump. We need to denounced black lives matter I did beginning of the opening statement. He needs to compare black tight mammals went to a peaceful lives I would Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Any support not a fact. The action this should equal. That they are inciting fear and violence. And it has no place can in this in in our society. You need to turn and look at Hillary Clinton. And say there are we enjoying each night and it out of luck sir matter. Yes and now it will trigger into a corner. Because she says yeah this. To err is the only way. A majority were Robert Black support. If she says lo que alienate. A great portion of our white support especially those of us appear now. Just go outside her house and myself. But that giant obstacle in the actual car. In golden certain neighborhoods. Which I have to do my job. Bruce look I gotta tell you and thank you for that call Bruce. Look I think there's no question about it now Monday's debate I think is going to be a make it or break it debate for a lot of reasons. Hillary is now on the ropes. Trumpets now surging in key battleground states North Carolina Ohio. I he's now doing extremely well in places like Nevada. He's closing the gap in Wisconsin. Virginia is now almost neck and neck it's practically tied. Nationally most polls now show him ahead she's imploding she's absolutely imploding. And now what I think has been a coup d'etat by Trump's people is they are not gonna allow any commercial breaks. So Lester holt the moderator we know he's a big Hillary attack but if she starts coughing if you pull one over and he can't go to commercial break. He can't cut the dead dead at the feet and say let's go to commercial so this year as one of those coughing fits the country's gonna see it. And she's now asking apparently for a step stole. To try to negate the height advantage of these like 5455. Trumpet 62 he's almost my height she doesn't wanna seem dwarfed by him. They said no however the gonna have a custom made podium for her. Which they say is gonna make up the difference. But and she by the way she's been off the campaign trail now for days. They claim that she's prepping for the debate. I'll tell you the real reason. She can't do one week of campaigning. She school sick. She's tool one healthy human to get that is in the third hour you've got to see that video I Yani Yani I'm not kidding. This you think it's a spoof. You look additional come. Even Britney correct me if I'm wrong when I played the video yesterday in the office Sheila in just a Saturday Night Live spoof. I don't know. It's her message to the labor unions. She's starting to come unhinged. And if trump comes in and brings his a game with a hundred million potential viewers. It's game set match. In Arlington go ahead ten things that body. 5% stake says so convoluted than world of chaos if we got a good laugh from the commercial break. Artillery opened just help up the pandora's box to between tools burns with that. Let the other hadn't scored a country audience know get on that. Even into Iraq sir for a commercial break but what is in their commercial of Donald. Going back to the previous caller I believe by the bad memory it was soft has so little an opposite Ramos. Jets gunned down sitting. In the back in the back of their heads I mean it was a shame but this is why. No at this time. Would be animosity that Albania in net rationality. No names. Okay up on the AM the badge numbers surprised that this is why probably. Who will William Evans to Boston Police commission not. Does need to. Brought just accountability. Circuit cameras on neighbor the opportune moment. And lastly jobs and 45 days I know that this son took a dip to the south yesterday first full day of at all. Listen it's traditionally brought back we are following got head in 45 days with Donald. For the good that are good for America have a great weekend. You to thank you Kevin taught me New Jersey go ahead com. Just corners succeed BR KEL on a Friday. Don't tread lightly dynamite maybe not so what's your mind body stage Jeff I have two quick points and in a little humor for Friday to keep our sanity number. One. Police had to Edwin Jackson on your show. He is phenomenal piece of fox contributor. And have him compare contrast. The legitimate protests of the Martin Luther King sixties. As compared to the criminality that's going on now. Number two. In the battle of the. We brought in to the core Clayton you're despicable. And the disgrace. Donald Trump. Unload on her on Monday. Jeff I'd been having nightmares of monsters at night I wake up. Without malice lady would buck teeth and here's what I say. Okay. Jeff god bless you have a great weekend and dom 6172666860. A couple lines open if you wanna jump on. Mort your calls.