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Black cop shoots man in North Carolina. BLM call whites racists and riots erupt. 9/21/16

Sep 21, 2016|

Riots erupt in North Carolina last night after there was a police-involved shooting in Charlotte.

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Constitution. Is under attack. When you don't help curtail. Our founding principles. Are being destroyed them. Boss yeah. The seal the American revolution a new movement begin. Boston's bolt those are at cleaning up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back. Yes he's on America's voice of the resistance. Come row tore. The officers gave the all. Clear global command which were also hurt by many of the witnesses. They were instructed in the subject. When to get out of the vehicle to drop the weapon. He stepped out posing a threat to the officers. And officer Rick events and subsequently fired his weapon strike in the subject. Everyone has different viewpoints and perspectives. That makes it even more important. For us to treat each other with dignity and respect. And to wait until we have all the information our top priority. Is for Charlotte to remain a safe community. For everyone who lives and visits here. Charlotte. Burning. 1207. Here on the great WRKO. I another week another write it in America. My friends we have the latest on what took place last night that disgraceful. Riots. In Charlotte. In the next hour. The State Department admits. I insists is now in full trading the ranks of the refugees. Coming into the United States and you know who's in trouble. Donald Trump Joseph year. Because he compared refugees. To a bowl of scandals. We've got that story that controversy at 105. 205. It's in the corner country pulled question of the day it's a local story it has now gone national. The headquarters. Of beset panic temple I kid you not the Vatican. Of satanism. Is now gonna be headquartered. You guessed that in Salem masks. Doom Satan nests have the right. To wait temple in your neighborhood. That's the question we're gonna get Nevada to all five but first my friends with out a doubt. This story of the day. Charlotte. On fire literally. Here is a. An African American individual by the name up Keefe LaMont scoffed. What is in his car. Now. According to his daughter. And I think she's lying I'm not sure I've got to wait another 2448. Hours do we get all the information. But I believe I'd amend a mom what she said was embellished and a half truth if not a Coke complete and utter lie. According to the daughter. And this is what started essentially the right. His daughter claimed that her father is a disabled man. Who is sitting in his car peacefully not bothering anybody according to her. Waiting to pick up his son went to school bus dropped off this sign was supposed to drop off assigned. At their apartment complex. She claims not only was he disabled keys in the car reading a book. He'd never had a gun according to her. She claims that the police then walked up to him and in broad daylight murder and gun down. This disabled black command. Who did not have a weapon who was just reading his book. According to a couple weeks. And now according to witnesses were now speaking out. A very different story took place. Apparently. I'm Keith LaMont Scott was in his car. The police went to the apartment complex they were looking for a suspect who I had an outstanding warrant on him. LaMont Scott key Scott was not that individual however. Police noticed that he had a gun. He was in his car. He got out of his car when he saw the police he then went back into his car. When the police began to approach him. He then got out of this car. And according to officers on the scene as well is now are several other witnesses. LaMont Scott war we didn't have a book he had a gun. And apparently he pulled out his gun. The police then told him to drop the gun. He refused to drop the gun fearing that maybe he was gonna show them because remember but cops are being assassinated all across the country. They then shot him. He would drop to the ground the police rushed him. They then tried to give him CPR. They tried to help them they called an ambulance the ambulance drove him to the local medical senator however he was pronounced dead. The daughter then immediately began to accuse the police. Of NX acute shin. The execution of a disabled black command who she said it was completely unarmed all his crime were reading a book. Op. Ed up got a lot of pop crap crap. And I'll go people are caught and I well. Thank. You know. That's a sister as well. A gun was found on the scene. Witnesses said the had a gun. Must not just the police now they're wearing body cameras so a video eventually is gonna surface so we're gonna find out who's telling the truth. My suspicion is it's like Ferguson it's like big Mike Brown hangs up don't show that never happened. OK but we'll find out let the evidence speak for itself. What then took place afterwards is optional will plea inexcusable. Even if the cops are guilty as sin I don't think they are but even if they are. Because now spurred on by black lives matter. Spurred on by Obama. Spurred on by Hillary Clinton. Spurred on by the Democratic Party and remember now. Now the NFL. Colin trapper nick all these other professional football players saying that blacks are the victims of systematic. Racism and police brutality. The thugs took to the streets. And led by black lives matter many of them with the black fist in the air like the NFL players. Many of them chanting hands up don't Schulte. One of them saying we're now out like that Taliban. No justice no peace. They began to assault the police officers. They then began to jump on police cruisers. Windshields were smashed windows were smashed. Police suvs were destroyed. They then began to take rocks and bottles and tell the police. Police then had to call in reinforcements in fact you can even hear it on the police scanner. They were completely outnumbered several hundred protesters. Were then surrounding them they called in for reinforcements. Der reinforcements arrived. Police then began to use tear gassed as they used tear gassed the mob got bigger and even more violent. Cops began to be a salted. Rocks were then more rocks were thrown at them. Twelve police officers were injured. One very seriously how to rock smashed and his faith face he is now in a hospital. The mob then not only began to attack police cars and pedestrian cars and attacked police officers. They then went to went over costs. They blocked highway 85. Now others complete standstill in traffic. And as people were in their cars. This mob many of them deliberately targeted I'm choosing my words very carefully. Wiped pedestrians. In their carts. They went after white people in the carts. Many of them began to throw stones and rocks at the people in their cars smashing their windows. More police then had to be called and before you know what my friends it was a full scale awry it. The protesters then descended upon your local Wal-Mart. They lauded the wal mart's. They stole televisions. They stole flat screen TDs. Baseball iphones baseball I at bats whatever they could get their hands on. Baseball it. Then they hide they took over three tractor trailer trucks. Kick out the drivers. Some of them were beaten then they went in the back of the tractor trailer trucks. And they started told the tractor trailer trucks but that wasn't enough. The stuff they took out from the pack the tractor trailer trucks they began this set on fire. They looted. They rioted. They are salted police officers and passengers innocent civilians in their cars. Until three freak and our clock in the morning. It was an eight hour right. Now works. Now a couple things need to be said. Couple things lead to peace. Number one to me this is just such an obvious point. Don't these people have jobs. Or Portland held on Tuesday night. Has the power game. Tool righted for any free came hours. Are short police officers destroyed police cars loop or Wal-Mart but look tractor trailer trucks throw rocks of pedestrians are innocent civilians smashed windows. Burn and and and and and and intimidate. Ed downtown Charlotte. And raise parts of it to the ground. Don't actually have a job. I mean it's who tore 3 o'clock in the morning. Don't should have a job to get up to I'll betcha dollars to donuts a lot of them are on welfare. If such an obvious point. I mean that's that the for a ticket it's 3 o'clock in the morning hey I'm watching this tool to 3 o'clock last night I'm thinking of does anybody or have a job doesn't but it Lou I don't know like I do get up at 5 in the morning. Don't you guys got a job to get killed but let that go. You've got three now separate investigations. Taking place. The police investigation. Internal affairs were just gonna running separate parallel investigation. And now of course Obama's civil rights division is gonna get involved. There's only for protests. If this was an unlawful shorting Bellini this cup is finished he's finished. He's now already been placed on in the administrative leave which is standard procedure. We live in the United States of America. There is no justification. To assault police officers. Trolling looked to ride it and to burn there is not one. I'm sorry but this is pure barbarism. And savagery. Egged on by the president by the NFL by Hillary by the left. And that mirror Timmy in Charlotte is absolutely useless. I mean you've got cops now getting that getting the stuff things beaten out of them you've got. This is their neighborhood is being burned to the ground and this is to me the aunt and her responses that we all get along. Everyone has different viewpoints and perspectives. That makes it even more important. For us to treat each other with dignity and respect boom and to wait until we have all the information. Bloom. And. How Bob don't bolt. How about don't burn. How about nothing justifies destroying your own neighborhood. And and it's and and don't incite violence and assaulting people in their cars on interstate 85. Never mind throwing rocks and and bottles at police officers. Today the reason. Not to study and light on it. It went and met with Al IE. And don't I'll pull it up its act. It's. Up and not. Have. That. The offices gave the all clear verbal commands which were also hurt by many of the witnesses. They were instructed in the subject. When to get out of the vehicle to drop the weapon he stepped out posing a threat to the officers. And officer Bruce Lee Benson. Subsequently fired his weapon strike in the subject. One of the looters. And by the way when you hear the audio. The F bombs the and word. It's like Fergus and burned his speed down burned his speed down just burn it down. We're gonna kill the cops are cops are pigs are among other efforts. But one of them said we out like the Taliban. Black lives matter. Is a domestic terrorist group. Black lives matter all they have done since Ferguson. Is incite violence. Inciting hatred and incite terror. In CD after CD whether it's Ferguson whether it's Baltimore or whether it's Milwaukee whether it's Chicago weather everywhere they go. Violence seems to follow them. And so my question to the liberals as this are you happy now. He wanted to war on cops you've got a war on call ups. He wants cities to burn their burning. You wanna play the race card baby nobody's been playing a better than you got rights. And now look what you've done you have so inflamed people in this country. That whenever there is a shooting involving a police officer the first reaction now is to riot and burn and looked. And I want you to think about it who Indian loses. Who Indian loses geniuses. Geniuses you robots are such geniuses. Who loses. Let me tell this this custody said don't cut me off Brittany. This house to be sure it okay. When the police approach. We won't get out of your car. Waging a gun at them. Because if you waved the gun at the police are especially you don't Dow list all of these other cities were cops are being shot like flight. Dirt gonna show you. They're gonna show you. We get a genius I know it's popular in the gang bang your culture. Again hey man I got my gunmen. And north economist to me and most fundamental me and would that with the debt without the gun in the belt. In their real world. Okay you confront a police officer sorry the picks when you confront the pigs what do gun. They're gonna shoot. Number two. When your on the ground. Don't ask black lives matter to calm and I'm Imus saying he'd get a puck in the community like the daughter going out there and asking people to protest. Because when you ask black lives matter to come to your neighborhood you know what they do. They burn it to the ground. They destroy and will cure businesses. You know what that means that means your property value sink like a stone that means the businesses that we're bare dirt no longer there and they're not gonna come back. Just ask Ferguson. They're like a plain old locusts. Once you let a man. Everything goes to hell. And so here is now what we have in the United States again. Again. We now have another major city. Having to deal with riots and protests. Because of violent left wing extremism. Coming from black lives matter and their enablers among our leaders in the media and now sports. And so my question to you is this. Is it time for the police to get a hell of a lot tougher with these black lives matter thugs and protesters. Is it now I'm only five were arrested. How come we can arrest a hundred of them. How come we don't start throwing them in jail. Huckabee we don't brand them as a domestic terrorist group how come we don't criminalize block lives matter since when in this country do you have a right. To shut down a highway. Attack pedestrians in their cars burning cars attacked the police. Punch officers in the face or throw rocks in their face since when did this become a civil right in the United States of America. You know New York City over the weekend it was like Baghdad. Charlotte. Is now like Cairo. It's incredible how wonder if this president we are becoming more and more like a Third World country every day. And all the moon bats out there he wanted to transform America. You got it put that in your pipe and smoke it. Right now. Double pump and it's. Yeah he's got a deal that. That's. I'm if you caught that but those were some of the protesters there are literally going nose to nose with the police. This was before they started to hit him assault them throw rocks Adam stones bottles. They said we're gonna start firing first before you can fire. And so basically their calling for blood on the streets. And they got some of it last night in Charlotte. You know how come the mayors and just say go and get a job. Don't really go you know what shout out. Get a job. Called to carry your families. Don't listen. If this was an unlawful unjustified shooting don't worry we're gonna throw the book at this cop all worry about it the other thing I don't get is this. The police officer was black. So here you have a black police officer. Shooting an African American man. And suddenly it's racism. Suddenly white America is stumbling suddenly it's systemic racism among the police and might want. This what Ohio why. Shall hold on. A black top shorts a black guy. And I'm to blame. Let me ask all of you this. What do you make of the riots in Charlotte last night and I got to tell you. I think Charlotte went from purple to trump red. Is this going to hurt the Democrats in November. And really is it time now to criminal lights block lives matter. Is it time to say enough is enough you support you gore on the streets and protest violently. You're going to jail. All of your calls next. As canning it now. Just know that all white people up in gavels. You've had an. All right golf and gamble and my people. That's the rather. The of the individual that was bush. He's got the individual that was shot dead very tolerant. Bro look at that mayor be tolerant. Well cool crop up a a a boy you just feel the love you see the tolerance I you see that Wohl who. Okay my friends Charlotte burning. And as all of this is going on. Well I want you just play a little bit more Britney do we have another cut. Or so britney's work on we got so I mean you wouldn't believe this stuff that was being said yesterday. But there they were assaulting police officers. Throwing rocks and stones at them destroying police cruisers destroying. Police suvs. They then looted Wal-Mart they then bloated several tar tractor trailer trucks. They began lighting things on fire they began fighting it was a big street fight with police tear gas was then used. Police were then mobilized from all across North Carolina. And then the mob turned on people in their cars as they blocked traffic on I 85. And they went to the overpasses and they began dropping cement blocks stones. On people's windshields on people's cars. Deliberately going after in particular. Are white drivers and white pedestrians. If and killed them. Because he was scared out like eight killing everybody. He's this eyeball it can't. Don't cut it. It was great to talk. That's courtesy of a CW TV. Local TV in Charlotte and as. All of this is going on I see Obama's brother it's altogether not by the way as one Dexter what it. Not Charlotte off my retirement destination. Now. I gotta you don't 47 mound thinking well twenty years to elect to retire panel that it's going to be Charlotte and something tells me it's not going to be Charl. Hillary Clinton. Goes on this Steve Harvey show not to be fairness was before the rights. But it doesn't matter she was asked about the shootings in a cop shootings they had the shootings of people by police officers all across the country. And she said. I got to speak directly to white people. This is not who we our. We're just not these kinds of racist bigots that just score around hunting for black people but no. This is just not who we are there. Well I don't know what we can do together to deal with. More good job the right thing in common making college affordable data plan for. Historically black colleges and universities that I value their work so much. And we gotta tackle systemically racism and horrible shooting again and how many times do we have to see this in our country in Tulsa. And unharmed in home with his hands in the air. And in this just I'm. Yeah well. And it needs to be in power ball and so you know maybe I can I speaking. Directly to white people say well. They could not who we are we've got to do everything possible. To improve policing. Go right at implicit bias there are good honorable cool headed police officers we've seen them in action. In New York over the last. You know 48 hours to get to the terrorist attacks. We can do better we. Got to raid in. What is absolutely. Inexplicable and and we've got to have law enforcement respect communities and immunity to respect law enforcement because they have to work together. Are now man this is not who we are. And so what it does speak directly to white people so hold on let me get this straight. A cop. Should say an African American and you ought to talk to mean but the held I have to do tests. A black cop shoots an African American. And you ought to speak of and the wing whites are to blame. We own. Are we own. 61720666868. Jamie Lynn Quincy go ahead Jimmy. They jet took the first whenever there's mrs. Obama's legacy for America. You know those little old enough. You know it's tough to pick yet Boston you know like in the opposite science city officials 79 when Reagan became presently a third of the cities like Detroit. And Novo OK but I another riot you know like trailer house island and on gone you know and the mayor then we had Kevin White yet had not a couple of elderly when we're told in a fire from the right it is and he kind of like a couple dozen for a month. Homicidal like Vietnam Marines that what they called TPS. So it's like a motorcycle gangs while another had a right again. If he ends up that it's food because it's done the context of a right it didn't commit this horrendous damage. You know all of violent crime. What about the innocent civilians have been targeted to not be protected. You know. And Jamie look to me I mean I go back to my original point it's so obvious and watch but everybody's afraid to say. What the hell are they doing writing it to 3 in the morning. I'll tell you why because their own welfare it's a lobbyists. Want some kind of whatever where food stamps the government dole whatever it is he BT what whatever it is it's. Let me tell you mean I was up till 2 o'clock last I guess that's my job and I'm watching this my night I gotta keep I had to put toothpicks to give a come up. I gotta keep my eyes up bar much mores is gonna go on I gotta be prepped for tomorrow show. I'm thinking like are gonna get up in three hours. These guys their turn haven't worked out. After I told brittney I symbol of course he gonna hit the local Wal-Mart yet you work up an appetite a combined 567 hours and fighting with cops destroying cars destroying windows. Harassing pedestrians throwing rocks Adam. That's smashing a cop in the face what a rock it come on mamet you burn energy with that. Amman you got a tank up. So they go to Wal-Mart they steal befall based on what the hell I'm their. Take a couple of iPad some iphones they raided all the TV sets that they went after the tractor trailer trucks that were there on the IR I 85. And it's hard work. It's a good Spanish for them it was a good night's work for us six or it could beat selling crack cocaine on the corner for five bucks a hit. 61720666868. Carroll in Peabody go ahead Carol. I kept boy do I have to get a message to yield. I want you to get and that is that outcome before mine today. I doubt the debate that they are going to have I don't CAA is committee I'd be like an Asia and yes to get this message. Before they stat that debate. They have got sacked on the hill agree air she adds that. I think an error here is that Al real hearing aids are that what echoes that people October. And I would demand that they check that out before they checked the debate growing. Carol she may not even make it fitted debate on Monday at the rate that she's out I don't know if you heard a touch on this in the next hour. But she basically at the clear her schedule for the entire week. She's bush. I'm not kidding she's tired she can't campaign. So instead of having blank Wednesday blank Thursday Black Friday black Saturday blacks today another hour's five days blank she's sleeping she's doing nothing. They throw win one fund raiser. And I'm kidding they threw in one fund raiser. So she flies and collects a couple checks. Goes back on the plane sleeps a bit more and they take her back story house. Don't woman can't even do a week of campaigning. She's going to be president of the United States are you kidding me all cool but the goal after the deplorable it's. All to go after seekers were these were the rhythm deploy or else a a to lecture us a racist and bigot we are. Then she can do the Steve are we shall. Bands at the horror of what. Our go to what. Eric. 6172666868. Our third Europe next go ahead art. Thanks chip and effective ABBA record to you what you want America. Because you have such short show work. Erica you know I've lived through Boston. Support throughout interest rates here it was an all white city. All these cities were all white cities. And you know something. It would display despite diversity and as and a small black people came up so they've moved to these cities. And what I would change was changed is you can't market doors in the cities but you have to lock your doors. People living in fear of the living and crime. We've spent. Two or three trillion boat what the national debt has chipped. Is what we spent trying to help black communities. It bet better of it so. And unfortunately it hasn't worked what we're Brothers required. And we have leaders were call these things go first but did not booked as you are it's these are quote goes. I committee trouble acts these are police foreigners are criminals. And what they try to stop equipment oak and crumbled gets what he deserves and most cases okay. Then they're that bad that they riot and you know what. Oh or keeps going on and on this is a national. And national security issue. I thank you for that call Arthur. Tony in behavioral go ahead tone. Eight Japanese Sony. I guess I got polo on time buys state shall well. I don't Puerto Rico I'm Latino OK so the black video and want to get racially profiled. And he told wait out the nuts fast inputs along and no one would give my life and registration. He thought I act and so it's Ronnie Belliard at around they'll look at for Latino in a minivan gets rug comedian Bill Belichick historic day and fight second. So you know black people indicating being racially profile but you know until so you know my vote co op. So yeah I'll call to bat. You know besides the ones out there. The Tony I'm just here's a look Tony look I've had some bad experiences generally the cops I've had good experiences of if you aren't as the Tony. There's a couple of cops I ran into Mike I yeah I guy they shouldn't have a badge. Yeah Tony it's out there like date now. But they're not they're not like that. Exactly Tony and here's the other thing Toney look we live in America really I'm I'm like I'm being completely serious. If you don't like a speeding ticket that was given to you or funeral wrapped up Hugo court. Coming here's the dirty secret. Usually you'll win because the cops are so many things to do they don't even show up in court if they don't show up in court boom the judge grants you the case. I guess I guess I just bought up pot in ticket and I won. A couple weeks. Only it happens all the time what I'm saying is here in America see this is not. This is not Beirut this is not that are not here in America. If there's an unjust shooting don't believe me this call is gonna mean they're gonna throw the book out. So the guy that's your thing Tony they've got body body cameras. So we're gonna see DD how begun beating not have a gun it's all gonna come out if you're 48 hours you don't need to burn your neighborhood down. Yeah about it what if our people take outfit that did see a lot code cannot. In all and you know to the public shooting ultimately it mattered that you know. But Tony look here in America here's what you do you're you elected different manner. You elected different congressman. If you want you can become a call up and change the system. There's many things you can do. We don't need to start rioting and now you are. You don't need a diet that's not gonna get to anyway. You know attacking police officer at that only imagine if you're on I 985 let's say you are my run I 85 in North Carolina. And traffic is stopped and so under throwing stones and rocks at us in the car what help that we do. Shall we keep our heads smashing get killed why because a black cop shot a black guy in apartment complex what what's logic is that. There is no logic at all behind that I just wanted to put my point I know black but they get in Reggie profile you know I get racially profiled. I'm not penal enough Somalia a ball and creating a nice right. And I'll burn you're not burning down neighbor to just because you don't know it could I not know loading only known lineup going out of that. Tony you're civilized man. You're civilized man 61720666868. Mort your calls match so wake. And make our country well again. We're gonna make our country safe again. We're gonna rebuild. Our inner cities because our African American communities are absolutely. In the worst shape that they've ever been in before. Ever ever ever. You take a look at the inner cities you get no education. You get no jobs. You get shot. Walking down the street. They're worse I mean honestly. Places like Afghanistan. Are safer but some of mariners. Donald Trump on five year. He is now again continuing to rise in the polls Hillary now is almost collapsed. We'll get to that next hour she's not even campaigning bowl week. She's she's out she's too tired and Judah doing. But in after this already in North Carolina people are saying. That. Donald Trump now after the riots yesterday. Just one North Carolina. It was it was on the fence it was close it was neck and neck after a last night. Trump just got a big boost. So I'm thinking with the way these black lives matter thugs and gang bangers and criminals are behaving. Everywhere they go they just drive people into the trump camp. So I think general K Seoul North Carolina and we just want that baby yup hey. Logic I hate sites to more writing in Ohio. I'm thinking man Cleveland. OK that'll put Ohio when the trumped column or. Guys don't Florida again I don't know but this time go to Miami. Although goal of Miami and have a big write it down Earl keen. Florida. Swimming. Scene he's got. I think we can flip masks I really think we can win NASA to couple points behind guys won here in Boston. Don't want here in Boston okay massive and got arrested you effect probably new Hampshire at the took over Massachusetts New Hampshire. Nevada. See if a variety in Boston now Britain says it'll be my fault. You know like Nevada Britney won you won Nevada gold trump never bad what a guys do what do all right in Las Vegas that'll put us Nevada. Colorado. Now this owners out there they won't even notice the riot scene naming him. Would solve the burning and what's going on with all this to smoke in the tear gassed me what's going off are able working Colorado. Hey what's that Hal Virginia. Who won in Richmond Baldwin in a landslide. More with your calls. They got its biggest hit it up but got it at a time. Up. That hey you handle guns pack three hey hey they've missed out when it. Hey he's and it's hey reason does it look definite study own weight on his kids to get off bill plus. If it killed them because he was scared out of my be killing everybody pays did that you can't don't not it. It was Green. Day. The offices gave the all clear global command which were also hurt by many of the witnesses. They were instructed in the subject. When to get out of the vehicle to drop the weapon he stepped out posing a threat to the officers. And officer. Really Benson. Subsequently fired his weapon strike in the subject. 107 here on the great WRK. Called Charlotte. The burning. Okay my friends are gonna continue with the discussion a little bit longer later this hour. This State Department finally admits it mean you're at but they admit. I says is in full training other refugees coming into America. But they still want more. And Donald Trump junior compares refugees' there's scandals. And now bill left is going after a Donald Trump join year. It's blown up everywhere huge story we're gonna have that. Also my friends. I have a column out that is starting to make the rounds. I need your help corner country. If you can go on wrko.com. Slash corner kick UH any arts up on WRKO's website. Wrko.com. Slash corner KUHNER. It's about Hillary Clinton it blows the lid off Hillary Clinton it's why Hillary has already lost. It just exposes Hillary Clinton and how she will not win and even if she does win. She's going to go down. Even when she wins she's going to loose. It is the column a lot of people are talking about. If you know people were on the fence if you have liberals in your family. You wanna change term this is the column believe me. It's gonna kid on like a thunderbolt. So go to wrko.com. Slash corner KUHNER. And please send it out on FaceBook on Twitter email lit. Get it out to as many friends colleagues family members as possible. It is the case against Hillary Clinton. I wanna go right back to the phone lines one quick observation. From what witnesses are now saying from what the police are saying and member some of them have body camps their body cameras. So we're gonna find out very shortly. Whether. You know the key Scott he's the victim were shot dead whether he really had a book. Guys his daughter and family and sister claim. Whether he had a gun. And whether as many people say he walked out of the car. And was waving the gun in front of the police officers and that's why they shot him. We're gonna find out. But what now you're hearing from many liberals in the media and what is now being pushed upon police. Is even once somebody draws a gun on you. You are not supposed to fire back. And if you notice. Into in New York City bombing looks cakes over the the weekend. When they finally tracked down Romney. These this suicide by vis vis the bomber for gaming via the bomber the New York City bomber. When the police tracked him down. He then Shoney's head Rami did the police did not shoot. Even though we had a gun he did not shoot. He was first shocked. And then shots are returned. And had he not had a bulletproof vest he would have been dead. So you know I know all they want the police now to basically you have somebody pulls a gun on you. To do what they did up in New York City which is. OK don't use it frees what are the what are don't put it down. And boom you get shot in that case he was shot in the abdomen the protective vest saved his life. I'm sorry. Human nature is human nature. You pointed gun at a police officer during the national Chu I mean what you expect. 61720666868. Okay lines are loaded. Is Joseph in Drake can't go ahead Joseph. So Lipton basically wanna make a couple comments on what happened in North Carolina yes stemming if you don't wanna get shut. Don't have a gun Narnia I firmly believe the guy did have a gun probably deserved to be shots he's gonna wave in front of the cuts. Secondly for the woman to screen that he disabled means absolutely nothing in the year twice sixteen. When the majority of benefits suckers out there. Are all claiming to be disabled when they're able to go to work and in you know do what it is that every average American needs to do. And let four you know wanna make is that Hillary Clinton I mean. Basically I think white America should be up in arms with you know her evil stepmother comment about saying. Another black person was killed don't you worry about it I will talk to my way people. You know and they'll come out and say they're sorry and apologize for it you know I think the whole thing is ridiculous. But you know basically. Did you know they didn't don't carry a gun when they tell you put the gun down put the gun down you won't get shot everybody moves on happy is indeed. Joseph brilliant points by the way. And join wanna ask you this because it's in my column and I wanna get your take on this. She calls basically half of Trump's voters deplorable it's racist bigots scum essentially bigoted scum. Now she's telling Steve Harvey. The fact when cops showed a black person whites are to blame. She's basically saying whites are the doubles. Joseph is that not a racist. It is racist that absolutely is racist did you know. They did break it down with bacon that whenever it's you know listening to treat talk about her and you know her coming out saying that. You don't even her think she's gonna talk to her white people I think it's great that it's discriminatory. You know I mean it's all to get the black folk you know I wish dead as she speaks stick to be a separate microphone or separate speaker that. Says what's really you know coming out there it's like that then I know you're black I really don't care about you I just need to get your vote. You know I think that's basically what it did she could care less about the black people she could care less about the white people she cares only about the rich money. People know that the ones that she's not racist intent. Just say that you know beat you know would all white people are to blame even for black on black crime. Well and I mean Joseph and Bob Jewell mean a black police officer let's just say just for the sake of argument Joseph. It was an unjustified chewed Coca. A black police officer shoots an African American individual. It joint ticket your weight. I am okay how are you don't blame what is Jude. Break the blue I would read into it I am a straight white American male boss so therefore I am in the minority off. General well and I speak English to off so. You'll not see you bet that the Joseph have you called the show before I haven't Jill don't be a stranger my friend. Call again I would do it every created great show off. Thank you god bless you Joseph 6172666868. OK Joseph won my left Joseph on my right let's go to Joseph and ray number. I enjoy your run a year ago. Right yeah it's an honor to speak with the bulls aren't you and I don't understand. Is is that the issue on that guy he's just reading a book. We are as wall our comment so all of this are why why these people go and and won't. And and in and out on wall where does this come into the. Enjoyable they stole the books. I. The little session books and magazines based all the books journal. They all want our regional bids are going to be. Member of big Mike Brown he was going to be a dog there's going to be an engineer is going to be up nuclear physicist you remember the joke. Yeah our I don't I don't get it Emmy lark or why they are armed or Walt what they do. Didn't you. Or how about the tractor trailer trucks. And he's only elaborate you see the video. It would remove. The electorate went to gang bangers and it a crime like a crime movie derelict. The goal. Can get a tractor trailer drugs and does. Calling all this stuff. What they like they take what they don't like this card burning. I mean it's totally worried starting up on a camp fire near Geist will be camping in double downed Charlotte. I think all the data unit the marshmallows. From all marred. Before the fire the bottom over the fighter. Yeah yeah I am in the mayor comes out you know. That prophetic mayor. Can. We chose to all listen to each other and get along our top priority. Is for Charlotte to remain a safe community. For everyone had to live and it is here. Rockets certainly did say it wouldn't hurt throwing rocks on cars because they've shut the online kind of I 85. You know the crowd overpasses. Area in what is boom. In a. Multiple police vehicles that have been damaged you. In our officers. Acting heroically but we're just trying to do escalate the situation to resolve this peacefully as possible. No justice no peace could your Brittany gave me the kind of the guy who says whites are doubles. And he says coughs or doubles but whites are devils. Figures refer to white people as crackers the bit I was calling every white person. Brennan. Has certainly been around him and just know at all white people up in Galveston. And yeah. All I thought out and help my people. Mean. So if Hillary is gonna talk to the white people. Who's got a doctor that did this guy who's gonna talk to the black people. What did you think Obama you can bid earlier typical but hey guys there okay had solar rays is their guys. Guys all lived around a little bit. Yeah that's key Scott's brother so that was the brother of the peaceful guy in the car. Who's reading a book. You know it was reading a book to send but it was Shakespeare a bit. The guy I was reading a fellow. He was really Macbeth though he was a 6172666868. Tom in New Jersey go ahead on. Tsk owners succeed New York you know we prayed dearly for god to spare us from. It'll Regis adult rot in the court that's red white and blue dot like Davey. Amen brother was on your mind. He kept refresh my memory. Was that senator Byrd that was in the yum kkk. Yes. Or did Clinton's party body body with him always. Yes so speaking of racism. And meet in Hillary brought to the quarry can belong to me. Democratic red party bread double party which is to party. Of slavery. The party of segregation. And the party over portions so I was hoping. That who's trying to debate (%expletive) attacked going to be our trip back. Oh yeah I'll. We wanted to questions would be. Hillary can you're defined for red light blew out the Democrat party has evolved. From slavery segregation and abortion. To the wonderful civil rights party won't claim it is now. Can you miss out into the court can you tell the American people out that evolution happened we're dying to hear about it. And by the way if the TSA is doing the security for a C. Predicted pretty. Calm its stake body skin (%expletive) Opt out of the room because. Hillary I'd prefer even the most body suit I cannot look at my TV the body. Six what's 2666868. Billion Matta pat go ahead bill. Against Jeff thanks would take in my column. Welcome bill that's on your mind okay. Is laid out a few of your Paula is okay. What it says debt this is three people three houses burned out on that desegregation. At for the boisterous schools okay. And they had not to do with the rights that would bell flower street. And I think some people bit commercial Libya K that was insult bluster and on that help wasn't good just like okay and is dead two people the only two people. Bad guys what is a person by the name of Michael Doherty. What skull opposite avenue bridge Koppel Napa. Who basically chopped up they pulled off okay. And I got a pro I don't know bill were that toolbar and ultimately that was a bill that would start a. No I know but bill bill that was forty years ago bill. What do you what do you have to say about North Carolina the riots last night are you gonna condemn the riots in North Carolina bill. And they will. People the paper the only casualties that I know of of blood will be. Children like take. I don't wanna talk about forty years ago last night will you condemned the riots in North Carolina. That began an all white neighborhood. We at as say I don't let us look like we will have to ask people to win habit bill bill okay. Bill let me ask you bill I'm not you know I think I'm bill meets shall we it's fun it's fun it's Laurent. Will you condemn the riots in Charlotte, North Carolina last night. And you do it I can you do it. I don't what can you. Carolina and you get talking about to work to win two data against innocent and what you do when did you bring it up. Glad I didn't want I don't computing your which I would get one trip that was still. Directly by the police. Without the without cause I think Gil and the one did what justifiable. Which you're trying to mix yet I don't. M I'll I OK look we haven't talked about a bill we haven't talked about Tulsa Oklahoma I'm talking about because there were riots and Tulsa Oklahoma. I'm talking about the riots in North Carolina. Will you can examine the riots in North Carolina and not the Boston beat out an expanded record I Spanish person now all right want okay bill bill. You go back the asylum is calling bill. It's like it's incredible Madson behavioral brought me is that he wants to talk segregation 45 years ago. I didn't know what you are out. There der moon bats megs. I are you got on well I don't know about what I would talk a lot. I'm not. Six. I know I'd opt out I. And that guy that important is that people at a high and where that started out there. Let alone this city out and I don't. Let it out and they are now. And then. And I. I opt. Now that half. That I did not hear match that's something new I've not heard that. Not how I'm Max hold on. All you'll do it at the break OK Max you just britney's getting it forest she's gonna play it after the break. Scott and yet again got what you. A lot of that out but up. Thank you so much racks. This is from 774. You can text us at 68680. The daughter slash sister. Jeff should be charged with inciting a riot. If he was not reading a book and he really had a gun. Which now seems like he did he you better believe it. Just like a friend of big Mike Brown how come he was never charged with inciting right. You know I mentioned this to Brittany. When you start and remember I think it was the daughter or the sister don't quote who's won the two went on FaceBook after the the shooting. I was saying all my. If you lose their ilk are key Scott was just there'll it was quiet reading them. All minding his own business and the cops came and they just they shot a mop they assassinated. That thing went around to over half a million page views on FaceBook. And that's when the protesters came out what she did was wave the bloody shirt. And I'm telling you right now if there was small book and there was a gun. She should be charged with inciting a riot and go straight to prison. I've mr. BJ Mercury longtime friend Amanda also a million man march associate of mine as well so he's dot com register as an idea that's been about. Open up in the name of a lot of beneficent merciful I bear witness then there is no god but a lot Mohammed is his messenger. Agreed everyone at this press conference and degrading words of peace Abbas on the lake. I I am not the officials this spokesperson for the city of Charlotte by the court Mohammed he just put up he's on his way. But being a media personnel longtime resident of the city of Charlotte. And we are watching our black men. This week being gunned down. And there's no redress our grievances. Of black people being killed without brother Scott they said he had a gut. Somebody said he had a book we didn't do all that pit independent investigation. This kid that is actually true. So now the islamists are getting involved. Do you seen now the alliance between the radical left and radical Islam. Black lives matter. It's not just leftists it's not just anarchist it's not just Communists. They're also infiltrated with you should sought right now. Devout Muslims. 130 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. According now to a couple of tax this is up from 781 Jeff. CNN jurist reported. No book I've gone. Why am I not surprised. What lock him I'm not surprised. I'm not so shall you mean this sister and a daughter they're relying. And I. You mean they help to incite a riot. All. Maybe they should go to jail for that you'd better believe it. My friends some I continue to take your calls and coming up next. State Department now admits. I see this post infiltrated the ranks of the refugees coming into America. And Donald Trump junior is now in hot water why. Because he's comparing our refugee crisis. This scandals. That story your calls next.