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The Kaepernick effect has spread to Worcester. 9/13/16

Sep 13, 2016|

Worcester high school football player kneels during National Anthem and receives no suspension. Do you think he should have been suspended?

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Okay. Product and it. We paid the. All right. Are they took it back up. 207 here on the Craig WRK. Go 6172666868. Okay that's going to be on tomorrow. If they're gonna open. South Park is it's gonna open up their season with the show and they're making their mocking. I crap or Nixon version of the National Anthem we're gonna obviously continue to take your calls on Hillary. What do you think should she step down if she does is the alternative worse for Trump's I don't know Biden warrant her. Whoever Bernie wherever they end up the party bosses and updating. But I wanna stay on top of this because this is a major cultural story. And it is now seeping into Massachusetts by the way later this hour. Shop front swap. Is now embroiled John Kerry in his own Clinton foundation spinal scandal. This one involving him and his daughter a Bellini. When they say crime doesn't pay own home if you're a politician he hates. Colin rapper nick. Last night as expected and I don't wanna waste more time on this guy really I I've had with him. But he of course what I took a knee joint the national and some. Bomb along with another player who was with him both of them together. And as this took place. Last night Monday Night Football. Two other San Francisco players linebacker LE Harold safety Antoine bid Fiat. Didn't year old they raised the way the two New England players did to New England Patriots players did on Sunday. They were raised their black power fists during the song. Across the field their plane to Los Angeles rams. Defensive end Robert Quinn and wide receiver Kenny Britt they also held up their black power fists. So this is now gone completely. From Colin rapper nick. Q now an entire NFL team to Seattle Seahawks to now player after player after player on almost every team. It's now essentially chic it's now cool it's in. To defy old and mock the National Anthem the flag. And basically America. What was even more shocking. Was that both for the game. Colin crap and it was flooding I mean dole who edged with fence. Who walked up to him and they were praising him. They wanted him to sign autographs they want him to sign jerseys they want him to sign footballs. They're treating him like he's a scorer. For doing what he did. Now to be fair many of the fans up in the Indian in the stands were bullying him during the singing of the National Anthem. And telling him stand up stand up stand up. So clearly there were many there are like us thoroughly disgusted. But he's getting a big following. And even ESPN. Now joined the coal and cropper nick bandwagon. Does that to people that covered the game will be play by play and the color commentator. Both of whom Ron Amadon former player for the San Francisco 49ers. And they're Chris Berman. Both were praising. Crap and saying Ron Amadon. Praised crap Burnett as being quote thoughtful. For disrespecting the anthem and the flag and the United States. Keiko I continued saying it's really raised consciousness. And it's so wonderful thing according to Ron Amadon. Chris Berman tried it and saying oh yeah a big thumbs up to cropper net. Because now he's opened up a national discussion. ESPN. Is now openly cheerleading. They player. And other players. Who not only side with a black lives matter. Who not only now claim they live in a racist oppressive society but that black power official. Is actually halt the violence. At least it wasn't a six piece. To kill cops kill veterans kill members of the military. Take a war of black liberation to the streets. And you guys are saying it's a good thing. To encourage violent movement like black lives matter. Which cost getting butchered all across the country you think that's a good thing. So everybody's in on it now the NFL isn't on it. Now you have ESPN is tonight and everybody now is in on it but now it's getting even worse. And remember I said it's like a cancer. These things they grow in the past the size and with pesticides. Will now listen to this misled channel five last night our channel life. ABC WCVB. There's a football player I'd already memorial high school in Worcester that's right our war stir here in the people's republic of toxic -- it's. African American kid Michael all pong. Who now says that he there's a photo of him. He now was kneeling jury in the National Anthem. And according to him he is following the lead of Colin cropper neck and other NFL players. As well as the advice of Barack Obama. And Joseph Biden and Hillary Clinton and frankly the entire Democratic Party but the national convention. In its complete support. And solidarity with black lives matter. And so according to this a punk all Michael pong and he says he did it. He deliberately year old he would not respect the National Anthem or the flag. Because according to him there is still injustice and inequality toward African Americans. This is my way of being able to protest. I was able to bring a lot of attention to this and able to get a lot of support. Roll it Brittany I'm. About that I was able to bring a lot of attention. So this and that I was glad to get a lot of it would get a lot of supporters this is my way of being able approaches that I've let us continue to Neil. Because I still believe that even though this whole situation is dealt with this vote in equality for blacks. Sun. Let me tell you know Jerry Garcia parents can tell you this. And I honestly blame your parents. I blame the culture I blame your parents I blame where president. I blame ESP and I blame our leads but ultimately ambling your parents. You live in the greatest country in the history of the world. Not in the world in the history of the world. So let me ask you this is your big Mueller your big protests turn out your big social activist. Name me one other country 11. That treats blacks better than United States. One. It can be an all black country can be a white country can be an Asian country whatever European Asian app tell me. Tell me where blacks better than in United States where tell. Liberia. Basra the slaves went. And South Africa and Somalia. Should Don do you know all that Arab Muslims are enslaving blacks in Shandong regional that Michael Wong. Did you older black spike almost a hundred million of them are enslaved by Muslim Arabs original that. In Canada and. In Canada. A football player who rides the bench doesn't get a million dollars a game. Tonight's country must sings about country. I'm from there I was born there. Colin cropper neck the most activity he did yesterday it was that feeling. For putting his rear Rand on the bench one million dollars Cha Ching. And you're living in a racist oppressive society. Mainly the country. Name me one I'll take one just want to pick. One. What you wanna go China Japan Russia Germany France. To pass the blacks in France how badly they're treated by. Many French citizens I asked them how they look at the opportunities that blacks out in this country with absolute and V. And all. 41 to go. You can't. What if anything things who's using it quoted dollars. That's life. You don't live in a perfect society. Nobody dies. It's better for blacks in this country than it was a 150 years ago slavery. Better than it was a hundred or fifty years ago Jim Crow better even now than it was ten or twenty years ago tell me Michael pond did you know. The president is why did you. Did you know this is the only white majority country in the history of the world to have elected a black man as president. Did you know that under bush secretary of state you may not know this. But second most powerful person in the world after the president Colin Powell Condoleezza Rice black. Did you know that most mayors and cities are black. The June all of that many of the entertainers many in fortune 500 many of the leading lights in the business community entertainment community. Exports. Black. Making unimaginable sums of money. And instead of singing and. When everybody else around the world sense. PC if you picked up a newspaper in rent. If you picked up a book and read. If your parents actually encouraged you to be educated. And if this school was actually doing the right thing and educating you. You would know. If there's an expression in the rest of the world. Callable lottery of life. To be born an American. You have won the full watch her read of life it's a Lotto ticket. And you want it. Here. You can be anything you want. You wanna be an NFL player. You wanna be like Colin cropper neck seconds. A second third rate this second string to third string player. And make nineteen million dollars a year to secure around on the bench you can do in this country. You wanna be. A pathetic leftist. With no talent with the it was just the community activist that's OK you can be president of the United States. You wanna be a chubby black woman who for thirty years keeps talking about how she needs to lose weight but can't seem to lose weight. But have a TV empire like Oprah Winfrey you can do. What do you want. Do you wanna be an actor in Hollywood. And talk about how aids was manufactured it's a conspiracy by a white people the kill blacks like you can be like will Smith and you can make twenty million dollars a movie and have more talent you see it that's what could this country is. And you meal. And here's the kicker. Here's the kicker can't somebody needs to give our principal real dressing down. Because channel five the reporter last night or days something whatever his name is or they went back out whatever is nameless. Gushing over Michael pond gushing. And then the principal came out. I honestly think this rank you green and limbs food and room on the expression. Granted these guarantees are we're bound. And not only is she defending him openly in the final link. Our flag or anthem our military members those that fought and died for this country but now listen to this. This kid makes a public spectacle of himself. Announces it all over social media does interviews on television. How he's gonna stand up against injustice and inequality. Lab blah blah blah blah blah. But when students reacted to him on social media. Normal normal moon. He's got to be in a safe zone. Got some micro aggression after the call about some micro aggression to challenge him in his stupidity and raising Greta to. And so now they have imposed anti bullying colts. To protect him. So if you're restored it and you say I disagree with what you did your bullying him. If you tweet him and say dumb idea bad idea about example you're bullying him. Don't we dumb don't FaceBook from. Whatever is snapshots not sharp whatever it is snapshot your snapped shadow I'm not all bad idea you shouldn't have done a disrespectful to America. Bullying. So. Let me tell you. Because it's up dust. If we won't stand up for this country. For the dignity of this country for the dignity of this good the greatest anthem I've ever heard. The greatest fly like I've ever seen the greatest country ever in the history of the world. If not a school if not now when. That punk wants to new home no problem. If you're at that high school and your apparent. Pull every single one of your kids if they're on that team pull him right off the team. Poem right off the team. And let's see if if if if Bozell if Bozo the clown. Can play football all by himself. That's what let him teach him a lesson. He's got a First Amendment right to be a jackass. That's fine we have a First Amendment right to be insulted. Now here is this one what a joke as a more green Guinea and a the superintendent of the Worcester public schools closing minutes roll it Britain the coach. Said to me and me and I'm Monday. Have you may end up missing one game you know we had a meeting on Monday. Once it was made clear why he had meld all along was not disciplined. The coats. Really had the expectation anyone dusty end from the National Anthem but if a student decides not to step constitutional writing. And that they can mean on discipline playing and. Mold why can't there be disciplined for that. Want. I thought this arm might football team like a discipline I got disciplined for using the F forward. We were disciplined if we use the F forward. What's wrong with it how come you can't discipline employer now for a ball things disrespecting the flag by the way that clip. Was courtesy of WCVB. I think this superintendent needs to be heard. From I think we I think it be nice to send some call star. And let her know that if she wants to be offensive and he wants to be offensive that's her right but we have a right to be offended. And anybody who go to that school. Well as a player on that team I would yank coma right off that team. And cultural want this is to me one game is nothing out suspend them for the season. That coach to me if it was Jeff corner coaching a team I'd resign. I think you know want trooper. You want you wanna take your anti military America feeding leftist agenda. And shove it you know aware because I want no part of it 61720666868. What should the school do with Michael all pong. Kneeling jury the view National Anthem. And if you were apparent at that school with off sign on that team what would you do. Your calls next so it looks like the Democrats are a little nervous or at least some of these. You take get there again. I think we'll. Because I still believe that even though this whole situation is don't let this go in equality for blacks. Andrea in Rockport go ahead and. Hey guess and I did go ahead tell you that there are people don't realize that the lack statement. Other stat they look and heard the question. They got that that spangled banner yet wave put the land of the free of the Braves. And can I implement them so 1000 but it because and it and that little girl. I've heard the story that stuck in the N Allen at small group of few people and give up a big bite and tailor made for the next day without that flag was a bit because that sounds like that the blood bath. I'm every avenue that I I didn't get hit I had my whole life it made me feel like I could do anything because those marquee group of people could. And I am I can't find it Allen thought they don't know the story that even know what they're protecting its ridiculous. If you're talking about freedom they think they they end up they want freedom for everyone including African Americans it's just ridiculous. Well yeah and I mean Andrea power African Americans not free. This is the most ridiculous argument I've ever heard. But not Andrea look I used to eyes you know I was in I was in DC for over a decade. We lived in Maryland for most of our time there we live actually near an apple is which is near fort McHenry. Which is where the star spangled banner at the song was actually written it's about the invasion of eighteen well. Our country was invaded by Britain. Parts of our country were and next Americans were getting killed and there was a key battle there. And many Americans gave their lives and they were literally shooting with debris was a massive shoot out. And so. The star spangled banner was written because as the bullets were flying as the rockets were flying. As bodies were piling up to defend our homeland from an invasion. The they couldn't believe that the flag. Although it was shot up all the was a little bit in tatters. It's stood their proud. Because it represented costs. Our independence. Our freedom. Our dignity as in reaction. And you're right the last the last line is that question. Will this flag continue to fly. All of with the land of the free and the home of the green. Hill we'd be free will we be brief. You know November 8 is gonna answer that question because all the stuff is just. Paid to say it's a crap and then just destroy the country and take gonna pick up freedoms the way they gonna. Kicking me in the I can't replicate the integrated view is. Apparently it's the horrible it's probably never heard of and I just can't believe it actually happened and I country. Andrea there's some really good tax I wanna thank you for that call it I'm up against them but I really wanna read. A couple of these tax because these facts you need to be said on the air. They they absolutely really do because most people don't have the guts to say what many view in the audience are saying. This is from 617 Jeff I am glad to see players stand up to the social injustice in the NFL. Any country listen to this. Were African Americans are 13%. Of the population. And yet in the NFL they make up 68%. Of the players. Do you think the NFL will address that and I'll offer more diverse. Player population. Over priced babies. Every last one of them bingo 617. This is from 978 Jeff what about our rights for telling them all blank off and get out. Bingo. 239 here on the great WRKO. OK it is from 781 by the way you can fact that there's always listening to Haiti. Jeff the better response would be yes and this band of high school football and professional football. But unfortunately most Americans will choose football over freedom. Bingo. Sad but true 978 Jeff noticed a constitutional rights are enact. It went convenient for liberals bingo 97. This is from another 97 jet. I get stuck in traffic in front of this school are really OK so that's the the the school and westar British student goes every day trying to get to work because the parents all provide limo service. To their special small flakes and blocking entire street letting them off in front of the school. You should see what walks into this place. 50 wait Jeff the Kosher polish team off the field bingo. Okay my friends. A wanna dive back into the blazing phone lines but first. Why is the Washington political class so determined to destroy a staunch and there's many reasons but here's one of them. It's a big scandal. And notice it was broken by the daily caller. A conservative news sight very good and some excellent report harsh. It wasn't broken by the Boston Globe or they herald. We're channel 45725. What it says how come the local media couldn't break this story. Namely John Francois. Judge John Kerry John Francois listen to this. You see now you know why don't wanna go after the clintons on the foundation because everybody's doing it. They've all got some kind of a scam using on nonprofit or some ways the final Armani. Into the pockets of family members are cronies are allies. Well now listen to this okay. More than nine million dollars. From the State Department State Department money taxpayer money your money Armani. Was funneled. Through the peace corps. Truly a nonprofit. Foundation. It's called the seed global health. That was started and run by secretary. Of state the Jacques Francois Carrey's daughter. She's the one that actually ran it she's the one that started it and now it is all come out that the Jacques Francois. First when he was a senator. On the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and then later. When he was secretary of state. Made sure. That his little girl. It got over nine million dollars that was funneled. From the State Department to basically lined the pockets of her. And her cronies at this supposedly non profit which is supposed to give Madison and and healthcare supplies. And instruction medical instruction. Two poor African kids in places like Liberia. In Africa. And so what happened was that the initially there was eight. Three year contract worth two million dollars. That was siphoned off and given to her foundation on September 10 2012. Now here's the key. These contracts are supposed to be bit on what to be competitive. Who's the best foundation was the best nonprofit. Who gives the best bang for the money who does the best job. She was worried Anders blue males of her. To move people on the Arum on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the State Department saying but. Can others bid. I don't want others big and I want the money and they assure her this is seen on compete. Fund. We are gonna make sure there is no competition. Is gonna be specifically. Delineated. For you. For you. Doctor Vanessa Kerry. And then once she became secretary of state listen to this. Then. The State Department gave the doctor Vanessa carries she'd go global health or nonprofit. This time an extension. This one was six point four million dollars so they start off with two looked around. Nobody noticed a frustrating for us. Just a bit can't. He knows three words in French Sharon should be wrong I am in an idiot puts country. That's as expense a extent that that's the extent that is suppose that knowledge of French. Because she's sharp as well. So first they get the two Mel. The two Mel goes through nobody notices he says that what the hell of secretary of state reported six point four million. And then after she got eight point four million they said what now they then gave another million dollar contract. Over nine million dollars went right into the coffers of her nonprofit. And just show you how sleazy it is ended documents that they obtained listen to this. So that she's worried so they they write her back saying don't worry. Quote in the process can be fast tracked and non competing meaning nobody can compete for the money it's yours you got it baby. Your race specific grant mechanism. They know how to work. Old colts. So the money will be yours guaranteed the checks in the mail you got it. And then they have to disclose all of this obviously the congress. So what they ended up going to hide its listen to this. They brag in an email. That the money going to be she'd global health feed jar Kerry's daughters nonprofit. That it's seeing vast multi page documents fit mother document. And that they're gonna put it in a smaller line item don't print the font color distortion well. We're gonna bury it in this massive document. So they can circumvent congressional oversight. I saw this in Washington for over ten years. It's the biggest freak in scam going on. The Clinton foundation. Is the most lucrative it's the most ambitious. But all of these politicians. Fusion nonprofits. Use foundations. Shall oppose it quote unquote charities. Or to send money government money. Or to sell access to private donors. And when you notice it's got spouses. It's got husbands wives Sar and his daughters nieces and nephews cousins. Everybody's. In the family all seems like a family business. Or the other big scam. Is they put spouses on all kinds of Boortz. It's not damaged or sparks. So you want lucrative defense contracts. You put let's say the wife to a powerful senator or member of congress. On the board say a vinyl Lockheed Marten or whatever. And they get a very lucrative contract and of course the wife. There has this several board mean like three times a year and a pair like 6700000. Dollars. Basically a flying in first class. Have Danish and muffins sit at a board meeting for a couple hours and get back on a plane. Chair chain. Half a male Choo Chiang quarter of a male check shame on Mel. And all the contracts she gets the year to the right people. That's why they feared Donald Trump. It's not just the Clinton foundation. It's John Kerry. It's all of its Paul Ryan it's all of them polls speaking stinking rotten system is gonna come down. Shall be shot fresh blood I want you think about this money that should be going. To help starving kids and people who are sick. Across Africa and especially places like Liberia I mean it gives many people have been their literally describe it hell on earth. Tanzania Uganda Liberia. Apparently they're supposed to be sending volunteer physicians and nurses to medical and nursing schools give them medical supplies. In these very pour our African countries believe me. Dumb money went straight to a doctor Vanessa Kerry and all of her cronies and France. That's how they roll. Now. All they did was look at documents. Boston Globe could the numbness. In Boston Herald couldn't have done this. Cox on four and channel five and channel seven that couldn't have done this. They don't wanna do it ordered too lazy to do it. Paying. To play. 6172666868. Okay lines are loaded Chris in Charleston go ahead press. I guess I. There's something that would definitely consider it a everyone replace Hillary what's gonna happen with all the early votes that were kept her she's replace. That's a very hungry that's a very good point for us. I'm in Arabic south of the the votes cast for Hillary in let's say hey. On everything's fine the next month and a half and then the last debate in late October she collapses there's thousands of both southern or capture. Well I think there's been an epic decision fairly soon. While already I mean it's gonna be a constitutional crisis is your right. A couple days ago they started early voting in North Carolina. They've started early voting in numerous other states. So what are you gonna do with post Bob balance throw them out now. And the longer this thing goes on the more people are gonna be voting now Chris I'll be honest with you in principle I'm against early voting. Yeah I think everybody should just vote on the same call me crazy Crist we have an Election Day everybody votes on that day that. You know if you're at a country military or something okay we'll make exceptions but you know a lot of these early voting it's ten country you know what's in its tier. Mean our boy they haven't seen the debates yet. Chris that is your collapse yet they got to wait for her collapse before they Campbell. Our own personally have rather seen Hillary down like this is staying on because that they replace sir. It'll in the media opportunity. Props a little up and savage world and yet to be an actuary that Michelle Obama to be the replacement. Who knows you're right anybody and somebody with a hell of a lot less baggage. And think about it if it is Biden just hypothetically. It's basically it's it's an Obama third term. I mean he's you know not the president in theory but in reality we know as we pulling Biden's strengths. So it's sort of declaring martial law without having to declare martial law if you catch my meaning 61720666868. Carol and be ready go ahead Carol. I can't listen to that. How about if we get on the football play is unfair preteen. All the money that they've made. They pull it together. And they hired Iran policemen if they don't think hours until it a great job. Carol I love it. I love it. I would say you know guys if the cops are sore racist if it's such it it's all bad if there's so out of control you guys can't even stand for the National Anthem it's. The guys you don't want. That your own private police. Out of your pocket you open fort. If I was the cops it's up to them. I wouldn't give these bombs that time of day. When my boss calls you up you gotta do security epi whatever that of the niners game tonight or whatever the LA rams game tonight or. This came down with Hillary write his. Or her. And her. Aunt. Don't know that. But it is a felt bound to get got a concussion but I think you'll. Feel dizzy spells. That's what in other words blank on. Tonight and in Arlington going as Diane. I just love your show them. It was fun to. FaceBook yesterday and I read something by a professor at a medical school what didn't wanna be named to. It said that she came believe she has something called sub critical. Vascular. Dementia. Okay that we we just lost Diane. Bill in Wilbur ham go ahead bill. I joked. You know reached. Dryness. Can't drink which resulted republic with a went to check it out and which are altered it all depends on how much at all. Such a problem Dutch pushy at all forward you're going to have a leg and they're sure loaded up. Marina in Israel arena I've got one minute go. OK let him doing that Roberts spent Tehran earlier and he really nailed it he's said that. People who are trying to destroy America from the inside and this is a backlight matters no doubt. Had nothing to do with black cloud it's all about support for Hamas. It's all the ballots coordination through the boycott divestment and any kids who are. In the schools who don't stand for the final against very. And Freddie anthem I think all their cell phones and other computer. And everything else should be taken away because they don't understand the technology that's been made available to them. Thank you very much for that call arena look it's an old saying but I think it's a truce saying. America. Love it or leave it. Okay my friends I gotta go. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer and together. We've been beating liberals know. We're driving don't mourn bats crazy one day at a time. God bless see all of you tomorrow. And and. The coup and a report has been presented by Kelly financial services.