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Clinton covers up serious illness. 9/13/16

Sep 13, 2016|

The Clinton campaign claims that Hillary has pneumonia what do you think she has?

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Constitution that is under attack. We don't help curtail yeah founding principles. Are being destroyed. In Boston how. This seal the American revolution a new movement begin. Just I'm. Boston's bulldozed there. Liberal bulls and taking our country. Back this season on America's voice of the resistance. Couldn't road course. My friends. Did begins. Here in Massachusetts. Is now begins. In our two. Now high school football teams. Are now kneeling during the National Anthem. It has begun in war stir. Coal and copper knack. It's faded yesterday he is celebrated. By his own teammates. By the NFL. By fans in San Francisco. And even by ESPN and we're gonna. Have all of that second hour in the third hour. Shop for us shellac Kerry. John Kerry jumped as well. Now is embroiled in his own Clinton Foundation's. Style scandal. He essentially final nine million dollars. Chewing nonprofit. You guessed it Ron bias family member. Not his wife. But his daughter. Who says crime doesn't pay up my friends we've got all of these stories so much more but first. It gets worse. Hillary's health crisis this scandal now involving her health and the obvious cover up. That has now been deployed by the Clinton Campaign. The crisis now deepens and deepens and deepens. And the lying gets worse and worse and worse. Here is now the absolute latest my friends. That Clinton Campaign. Is now in complete panic mode. You have a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Under our care Hillary supporter who was the chairman of the DNC under Bill Clinton. All openly saying the Democrats now meeting quote on quote contingency plan. Because Hillary just may not make it. They need to have a contingency plan in place to replace sir as the nominee. You have other senior Democrats openly now and saying they're in a panic openly worrying. Hillary Clinton may be too sick and too ill to finish the campaign. And here is now the absolute latest. According to the New York Post which several well placed sources within the Secret Service. Here is now what we learned about what happened on that fateful morning in Sunday. When Hillary Clinton collapsed. And they threw were into the van. And there she was with her knees buckling her her head bubbling back in four she had clearly completely collapsed. The order was given. Under Secret Service protocol. That she be taken immediately. To the PR to the emergency room. And in fact when somebody is that debilitated. When somebody has just collapsed like bat you have to take him to a facility. That is state designated level one. Meaning it's got to be extremely. Good hospital. In Manhattan that would be Bellevue hospital. According now to multiple sources within the Secret Service. They were on their way tool Bellevue hospital. Then apparently a senior campaign operative. Who they refused to name it's pretty obvious to me was probably called my Aberdeen but let that goal. Then directly intervened. And as Hillary is essentially passed out in the back. The decision was made to change course. And then drive her to Chelsea Clinton's apartment. And the reason why they deliberately change course and broke Secret Service protocol. Was because according to Secret Service agents they campaign operatives and other senior staff members. Did not want her to go to the hospital because then. Her did deet tails of her medical condition would have to then be leaked to the public. Because then she would have doctors looking matter nurses looking matter medical professionals and workers looking matter and inevitably. The media would know what her real medical condition is. And so they made an on the spot decision. To keep this completely secret from the world and from the media which is why they refuse to take her to the hospital. Furthermore. So there's clearly now a massive cover up going on now there's no question. Furthermore. Who the hell is that mystery nurse. Pictures have now appeared. They mainstream nurse she's enabled dress not long at all. Not the famous Monica Lewinsky blue dress eight different blue dress. Who is seen walking with Hillary with crooked Hillary she is seen holding crooked Hillary. There are now multiple pictures surfacing. Of her taking Hillary Clinton's polls. While Hillary Clinton is with her right hand holding her heart. And what is most disturbing and I think most damning. She performs as they're waiting now for the the band to have taken them as Hillary's now clearly wobbling on her knees are buckling. She's about to faint. The nurse you can see in the picture is obviously very concerned very agitated. Gives her an armed a spot neurological tests. Whereby Hillary has the clincher fist are around the fingers of the nurse. And the nurse then is pulling yanking her fingers to test the grip of Hillary's fists. You do this as a part of a neurological tests to see how strong her forums are and how stronger hand the muscles are. It's a very common motor neurological tests given to people say with my dad taught to do this people with parkinson's. Or people with serious neurological problems. Who is the nurse. If this was supposedly. Pneumonia. Why I think neurological tests. Why would she clenching her fingers and being given an on this spot neurological test if this was simply no moaning out. Why wasn't she taken to the emergency room. I as was recommended by the protocol of the Secret Service she had completely passed out and fainted. Why was the decision made to reverse course. Obviously. Because they've themselves admit within the campaign it's as the Secret Service witnessed they didn't want the public to know. The real medical details. Of what is now afflicting Hillary rotten. There's another point. And either Whitman doesn't matter now how you look at this either way she's got she can't get out of this buying that she's end. Either she's clearly lying and covering up in much more serious medical condition. Which I honestly believe she is. She then admitted in an interview yesterday. That she has now failed did well at least three pints. When pressed well is it three times or more than three times her answer I can't remember. So now she's even admitting she has duke has all this is gonna start dribbling out that this woman keeps passing out and faint pink. She can't even remember how many times she's passed out and she keeps fainting. How does this woman healthy enough that took it to the govern the country. I mean it's so obvious. She had a serious blood clot in her brain. She then had a massive concussion. It took her six months to recover she says it's could be even worse. She's now suffering serious memory loss. She's now admitting that she has fainted on her own. Or at least three times may be more my friend she's suffering either neurological or brain damage. And how can somebody who's clearly got brain damage or neurological damage be the next president of the United States. And then there's something else. Because now they're in desperate campaign Spain mall now they have a lot. You see what gets worse always the cover up because they you have to keep track of all the lice. So Hillary Clinton Hillary rotten is now saying. Well when asked what one should just tell everybody that you supposedly had pneumonia and it was diagnosed on Friday. Why did you take you late Sunday to repealed this according to her. Quote it was no big deal. I didn't think it was a big deal. Loan loan. They're all alone. I've had pneumonia many types. Believe me I've had all kinds and ammonia had a multiple times as a baby almost killed. She's taking antibiotics by their own admission under doctor's admission she's taking antibiotics. Any doctor and nurse will tell you if you take antibiotics for pneumonia you have contagious pneumonia. Top viral this is infectious contagious pneumonia it's not just you know go sleep it off and you know you know in a weaker candidates. So the question then is this. She now admits that she had she claims she had pneumonia. She's taking antibiotics. What the hell is she doing. Going out to fundraisers. Shaking how many people's hands. Going to win 9/11 memorial service. She shaking the hands of children. Shaking the hands of the elderly pneumonia by the way can kill an elderly person pneumonia can kill a young child I had a three times. Twice and almost killed me as a popular. My mother says shall never forget she was crying in the hospital late it was touch and go for awhile. She then touched a five year old girl to try to show that she was healthy ninety minutes after she was in Chelsea's apartment. If you have contagious pneumonia. And you're telling us you knew you had pneumonia and you were taking antibiotics. What the hell were you doing touching people shaking their hands. Look at the disregard. For other people's basic safety and health. I mean I don't care how you spin it. The woman is a liar. And not only is she a pathological. Y year. But she's a woman who obviously doesn't give it to him. Who Sheehan faxed or who she hurts or who she damages. And as long as it's about her pursuing power. Now. Here is now they're desperate furious spin. Donald Trump literally gained three percentage points in one day just in one day. They can now see the campaign imploding. And so now they're in a furious spin. They're now furiously spinning this. So now Bill Clinton is saying knowledge. She's helped cleared them Donald Trump should Hillary rotten is that the picture of Goodell. Now she was just a little dehydrated. It happens stop all of us listen now to this zipper in chief listen to a Bubba. Spin and lie for his wife on Charlie Rose Roland Britain. The fun she. She resumed there was life before short sleeves get a good night's sleep just got dehydrated this action. That what happened she got them hydrated because when you look at that collapse. That video that was taken. Wonder if it's not once you don't know if she and dehydration she then. Well this it's a mystery to me and all of her doctors rarely but all more than one occasion. Over the last many many years. Thank sort of things happen to her when she just got some very it would be. We. She's worked like a demon and you know with secretary of stated. And as a senator and in the years since she's but more importantly she's on a grueling campaign yeah and we know what's that like and she's not they're older than you were when you ran that she's had two and a half. She had to have hard days before loan. That day you words she. God does and that today she made a decision which I think was correct own. To cancel her. Campaign done. McLemore that are risking possible that she will be away for weeks from the camping trip no. I shot that I'll be like your old Rebecca no good. I just saw how we should go out. Now notice how he's lying right you. Did you start to think it's okay gotta say there's got to spend this. OK first of all amused is so ridiculous Trump Plaza and had a group growing schedule. Reagan who was in his seventy to never grueling schedule. Bob Dole member when he ran he was in his seventies. He didn't have a ruling schedule plus he was a senator blessings senate majority leader there wasn't passing out it wasn't thinking. He wasn't dehydrated constantly. But notice now there admitting it's coming out drip drip well she's been collapsing in the past she's been thinking in the past. So then she calls up Anderson Cooper. And listen now to this she wasn't dehydrated. Mall she was an overheated mall she didn't collapse what you saw that video it never happened home. She was just a little d.s. Just a little cut in just a little busy and got a little busy just a little busy and it's just it's a moment how what's the big deal Anderson. At this point what difference does it rank. Roll it Britain. Let me ask you your husband said tonight in an interview with Charlie Rose he said quote. Rarely on more than one occasion over the last many many years the same sort of things happened to her meaning you when she got severely dehydrated. Can say how many times over the course the last say five years you've been to hydrate and gotten dizzy and you passed out pitcher had back in 2012 which led to the concussion. How often has this happened. Oh I think really only twice. That I can recall of you know it is something. Bad have occurred a few top over the course says my life and you know I'm aware of it and usually can avoid it. I thought. And and I think you have. So now. Math help well log should are urged the fruit aren't like remember example Mubarak. All she's just been a few upon Jeanne. I shouldn't I just a little doozy. And trust me a little brutal. Past. My France. They didn't want her to go to the hospital. Like the Secret Service admitted. Because they didn't want you. To know what her real medical condition east's. They didn't want to doctors to tell you that nurses to tell you or the medical workers to tell you. So the question is this what does she really hot. Because all toyotas. I pride and ammonium many times it's nothing to be ashamed of it's nothing that keeps secret Somalia are big deal. In fact to be honest with you every time I've had pneumonia they said we could African hospital and I was happy to go. Corner country poll question of the day. Do you believe Hillary Clinton. Do you believe that she has pneumonia. Nothing more nothing less if you believe that the average yes it's all it is is an ammonia. Text the letter 868680. If like me and pigs fly absolutely. Not. No way Jose. Textile latter beat the 68680. You can vote online Adobe York Kerio dot com. All of your calls metal Boston. She. She would do better lost like four short sleeved shirt and likely to discuss these. And how often have this happen. Oh I think it really only twice. I am and end up. Twelve to one. WRKO. Andrea isn't Boston go ahead and it. Okay access for its well well the epic day that you folks the link with a Doctor Who spent about 23 minutes explaining why she thinks that Hillary has parkinson's. As these I'm registered there. I don't know which he has that could be Parkinson's disease but it helped by that you listen I've pulled up the less serious side effects. Let the Bill Burton and sediment the drugs that she could be on and so we have among them. Dizziness drowsiness blurred vision caught. Among others. And she clearly had well about to gulp like things that have been that the test is designed can't wait too much attention to this. Principle we don't know what type of pneumonia she had ever set she was taking antibiotics. And that's the critical issue doesn't happen ammonia. And if you're presidential candidates and you expect now with ammonia on Friday. You cannot do to with them on Saturday at one event on Sunday and it looked oppressed schedule and that's what she'd get. Now I also bred urged her doctor's medical report. We should talk about these I put that right at them in the seasonal analogies. And it looked up to that is costing fits and it is these old that the tactic reinforce these investigations had caught dead in January and February and I have eight feet Renault I'm. Really the current and my AP. What they beat these things. Episode not in that letter and all this nothing about it lack of consciousness at all which is what she told into incorporate yesterday. Let's see. So and they. Dehydration is the big one that they're using for her if in fact the woman who was with Perry is in our. You said was doing mineral examined and taking her per pulp. One would think that a woman who is running for president does have a bit. Schedules and it. Has all the people around treason and implement it would have a choice of fluids to drink station is DeVon earned with the current and perhaps other medical person with direct. One would think that they would effort sipping on OJ or water or. That despite our. Something like that Khalili. Everything that the woman is saying is it like everything in life except the part about us being deplorable for supporting Donald Trott. And I think they. I do think that it's time that I watched that video we are she kind of collapsed. On Sunday. And I have watched in slow motion. And if you see in slow motion. You'd eat that she really is not able to care awaited all in her break she comes up at a local control Shia. Andrea magnificent. We magnificent. And like two minutes hugest summed up the case against her brilliant Andrea thank you so much for that call. Britain an hour up against the Brit she you're completely I'd say this on the air Brittany. Lot of bottles do you drink throughout the show honestly I'm I'm just guzzling water the whole shall throw I didn't also must go through at least two with three bottles of water extra push out. Okay and we're covering the president doing a talk show. I. They she absolutely should be if she keeps getting dehydrated Al Iman dizzy. Tricks apparently do. Okay my friends she tells Anderson Cooper. Despite what we all saw Nicole. She didn't faint she didn't collapse she didn't pass out in the Laura Edwards Bob Bullock and active sport no coal. There was just some minor dizzy spell. That color. Your calls next. 1239. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. The question before the house it's the poll question of the day. Do you believe Hillary Clinton when she says she has an ammonia. If you believe the answer is yes faxed a letter eight to 68680. If like me you think she's clearly lying through her teeth. In other words how low tax the letter beat the 68680. Has always you can vote online at wrko.com. I wanna continue to take many of your phone calls however there is an important event tonight in store open. That I want all of you to be aware of we've had them on the show before our eyes you Norma big fanning is. Robert Spencer he is the director of GO hardly watch he has written numerous books about fifteen. Many of them dealing with Islam Ron radical Islam. He is one of the leading critics of radical Islam in the world he is completely politically incorrect. And he says it exactly like it is Robert thank you so much for coming back on the corner report. Always great leader thank you. Robert before getting to the event tonight installed and because I know it's an important event and I want as many of my listeners to show up if they canned. Just very quickly. What is your assessment of the election between trump and Hillary. And in particular. Hillary's connections to whom Aberdeen. Who Matt Abbott these connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary's connections to Saudi Arabia her support for the Iran nuclear deal. How much of an ally and friend of Islamist forces around the world would Hillary Clinton be. A tremendous allies whom haven't been for closes the and she depend upon them evidence to a tremendous degree. Give me much more than most people realize. The that the notorious earpiece that was in great year when she was interviewed recently by Matt Lauer appears to have been could be going back to whom applicant was beating her answers and she relied on her as the email scandal show on the release email shows. That showed that she is dependent upon whom Abbott and who Abbott and of course worked for table of brotherhood publication. For many years. And she. Where somebody who is was was listed as on the map set up the publication at a time but it is actually. Hillary Clinton. For her feminist and things that women are clearly B subordinate to men in accord with a lot of law. This is somebody who is not only a former employee of a brother publication but her mother her father and her brother are all also brotherhood operatives. And this is the person who's gonna have the ear of the president of the United States it would just mean more of the same in terms of the Obama administration. Down the line of your animals well brother and agenda that would only continues in a Clinton present. Robert let me ask you I really the 64000 dollar question. And I think a lot of people find it I believe you a 100% I'm with you might even on a 1000%. But that we actually have the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrate in senior levels of the American government. What ease the Muslim Brotherhood whose ultimate agenda. What is it that remark Aberdeen and her family ultimately want they have Hillary Clinton's ear let's just say god forbid she becomes president. What do they eventually want to accomplish what's the end game. They revealed there in game they've revealed their agenda. In a captured internal documents. Never supposed to be released to the public and it came out a few years ago during the trial ornaments foundation which was the I got five. The largest Islamic charity in the United States invoke to shut down for funneling charitable contributions to Amara. The documents captured internal document. Showed that it well from brotherhood agenda in America is kind of grants she I. Well in eliminating and destroying western civilization from within. And sabotaging its miserable out. So that at all and a lot religion is Victoria Hooper of the religion. Now that is ultimately the brother agenda and that is what Hillary Clinton is wittingly or unwittingly abetting. In being at the bidding of compatible. Robert in your investigations. Of Hillary Clinton. How deep are her ties to Saudi Arabia. How deep are her ties to the Council On American Islamic Relations. How powerful is the Muslim lobby in terms of its influence and control over both her and Bill Clinton. Are they total proceeds received quite a bit of money from the saudis that was the Saudi prince to boasted recently that he responding 20% of the presidential campaign. Then that was equally. Retracted by the same print but you gotta wonder why did he say in the first place. If that's what we know interpret what the troop and the Clinton foundation has taken. Inordinate amount of money. From Saudi interest. They are completely in line with the Saudi agenda which of course is the same as well a brotherhood and and so that is potentially Saudi Arabia putting it in the white out. We are talking with Robert Spencer he is the director of Jihad watch. He's not just a brilliant man he's a very brave man. I he has written fifteen books some of them absolute jams at the truth about Mohammed. The politically incorrect guide to is long and the crusades. His latest book is the complete infidels guide to you Ron it's also published by reg Marie. He is one of the world's leading experts on radical Islam and the Middle East. Robert I know you're pressed for time you've got a nice event tonight in Stoll and you're gonna be there I think you're their keynote speaker. How can people get information to attend the event and listened to you speak tonight. Well it's going to be. A synagogue in the is looking pretty addressed right now it is gonna have to be speaking about Iran. And about how Iran poses a threat that is actually greater. The threat of vices. Or other G odd entity to the United States. The primary reason for that is because Iran has seen more sophisticated approach and I that they is that the is inspiring lone wolf attack the net from. Something that the matter of great concern. But that Iran is looking for something much larger and their nuclear deal is just part of it. Going to be yet tonight at 730 at the aqaba where congregation. On outlet and 79 central street instead of. Robert is there a website anybody can go to if they wanna register com or can anybody just show up and come one come all. I believe that you can just show up and there will be quite a bit of security though a couple of death threats and so. Don't bring your handguns but otherwise. Should be able to be right in. Robert can you please give this synagogue again. Sucks I know you were taking notes if you could just give the synagogue. The address and the time one more time please. Absolutely out of out for a congregation the 888 B eight TH. Or congregation. 1179 central street in Stowe. 730 tonight. Robert keep up the great work buddy we'll have you want again. Great thank god bless you take care Robert Spencer director of G hard watched 730 tonight at the synagogue central street. Installed and if you can make it believe me. It is worth the drawings he's absolutely brilliant 6172666868. Okay lines are loaded Gerry and Kate. Card. Com how you are live and. Product. God let this big first step topic I doubt. It. USC weekend at all I can't say and then Hillary and I. Kelly John and say how that ball he tells me it's a big gap with spot thought it says the meat you can gain that's spot on all of that ball it. I think to end global some pop pop pop. A. Just. I happen to read some some articles. That were out formidable and and they they were vetted. We know that hurt talked a lot doctoral research by doctor. In not just go medical groups said that she had allergies. Chip do you think from both C. But in date in it that she get hyper thyroid is some. Now he giver noticed sometimes I should look quick rise to bargain now. Other times she looks like get really policy close. Debt graves' disease in his skin looks kind of slimy. It dead graves' disease but it also. Sorry Jerry sorry I mean like some out of like a medical bought during expert what what is graves' disease. Diseases part of its related type of thyroid is some. Is it it causes. It did they do it fluctuates in dot the thyroid so that sometimes their eyes bug out sometimes derived to pop scene closed. So she has that but another interesting thing I read Jeff. Is that she has been via sub oracle. Vascular dementia. And caught complex partial seizures she was diagnosed with debt in 2013. Which kept going back after concussions. Blacking out. In just like brother said well you know should get dehydrated all the times she does not once or twice. But the jet fuel poverty. Level which started talking about the baskets of deplore. Yes that's us that's you and that's the net. Could term it redeemable yes she said were you redeemable we're not we're not part of America were you redeemable. Scratching my head yesterday I don't think it myself we have. You have a left all we fixed is that the radical left always had that same. Mindset. I remember to teach them whoever heard of what Harry. Larry graft while. He's an FBI agent infiltrated the Weather Underground. In during that time is spent a lot of time with Bill Ayers. And they talked about infiltrating academia. Government Hollywood in the media. Brady what. Britain let Brodeur to come off. I'll get ready says Gerri it was a mistake breaking Britney can you when he was building up to something. I remembered that in her view I even played the interview. Basically what they wanna do is they want critic an entire class of people is quote sub human scum as. It's what the Nazis did to the Jews it's what's talented team ukrainians into the presence. And that's why were you redeemable crucial races were so big idiot worse so we're deplorable. My finger slipped I'm sorry it's OK bring it happens. It's so you were sold homophobic or shall always Lama full but we're just such a bunch of big hits. You can't save us there's nothing we can all accept wink wink down the road or wink wink a FEMA camp. So but notice. She says she you know gets dehydrated only several times. Bubba says big issue gets dehydrated quite often is noise they can't get their story straight trigger wires that's the problem when you keep lying. Then you it's hard to keep the cover up because you're below what we say what the ice and what did you say but the ice. So now listen to this all of you saw the video are presumed right to meet its sole obvious she. I mean everybody even the liberals a sudden motion passed out she obviously failed America it was as jerking around with like a bobbled. Now she's trying to tell Anderson Cooper. She never fainted. She never collapsed. In the hole. It was just a little dizzy spells. Roll it Brittany. You know a lot of people about positioning the video of you being helped into into the van. Do you actually think you actually pass ever lose consciousness. Now I I didn't I I don't this week. And I did lose my balance from mad at but once I got to get what I could sit down once psychic blow off. What can have some water I immediately started feeling better and my daughter live nearby so I went over to. Her apartment and yes and times hurt my grandchildren which you know. All mad at grand children. So they're gonna get pneumonia. But this is unbelievable. This is unbelievable. According to multiple witnesses that or the year. She completely passed out her shoulder and let her right leg was just like jerking. Virtual came off. They then rule or in the backseat literally quote unquote it's what witnesses said like a slab of beef. And she's lying in the back with a drooling ruling and there she is and the secrets there's a go go go go go oh. And they are saying we gotta go to Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue. And I guess it was home Aberdeen whoever and operators at absolutely not no blanket way no blanket way she's going to Chelsea's. Because the doctors can't find out what she adds look at this look at is be essar. I was flying. I just had a little colossal war and I I was I said that's called it Chelsea. Ground I was gonna come and visit a little Bambi knows. Grandma's gonna visit a little much kids the grandkids. With pneumonia. And and their loyal Mac. And you can all have what grandma ads. You fool me you fraud you bowl. Sean with the cooler and are you gonna do this to nickel against a brick and been a nurse for over twenty years. We ought to take your time because I'm gonna continue this. Into the next segments of. Unfortunately and fortunately I'm one of those could take effect. Couple that tell you that it neurological exam of put on my inner that routine. Don't put much into that I think if you're competing accused Israel what not a pretty quick and we're low possible stroke are now having said that. Gary talked about you read up for the Internet could get about beating on YouTube at all what you see with your right arm or not a couple of things. Crop has been going on Froyo. As soon as it started I thought it was likable courtly because it was never productive never felt more east. It was going to cry. Irritating because it's gonna feel like local court. Which of course I don't know why are medical staff couldn't take over what was injured in part was saying here they do work or a speech before they think. Maybe tomorrow and eleven feet you know it was there that vocal chords. Having said that she caught Labor Day weekend. And it's still with a cry techie you wasn't really a more productive our sonics attorneys. Say that that pneumonia. You know that doesn't sound very good does that sound right to me. There are different levels of pneumonia or she's never been really more. Artistic peak. Fifteen seconds. Fifteen seconds on topic can't watch the people under this to usually need to create a first order which it was given that speech. Sean can you hang on. Can it if you can hang on output one. You do blow us away. We'll see exclusive of the nightly. There's got to be happy that. Do you actually think you actually pass out or lose consciousness. No I I didn't I I felt dizzy. And I did lose my balance for a minute how often has this happened. Oh I think really only twice. A guy you guys. 107 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Sean losing nurse he's calling us from Waltham. Is kind enough playing always on his lunch break by. So as Sean just to sum up you were saying could you were building up to a crescendo to a big point. Just a sound or he says Jeff don't worry about the nurse. Well what Jeff if if I was like drug you'll irony. And again if I was like drug you'll iron I'll do the best I hinge on a tentative and guarantees our beat Hillary and let it. Okay not heard a couple of minutes com it was common sense guide to. Okay and they said I would believe she had a local court problem and I don't know why are doctors couldn't prepare better or features. Okay now having a bad. I believe it was on Friday night gave that speech at the coughing fit. I know I think it was on Monday. Number I was last Monday. On number Labor Day into the four minister. Supposedly issues diagnosed with pneumonia aren't right now lol you know pneumonia comes in many different in the morning as the actual diagnosis. It doesn't really tell you to what extent and what not people actually to network called walking pneumonia. You can be walking around that we normally coupled Iowa and that pneumonia now having said that. I'm assuming because of these the kind of scared excuse under hopefully good. If you had access to X ray and pop culture to determine what kind that you would help bacterial. Pneumonia. To think about what club pretax its own life and it's usually a three year a course of antibiotics. Very effective usually works quite quickly. But what that are conducting said what did you take the next couple days off. And so on Sunday for the nine won about eleventh memorial and you'll feel better. Having said that this is where I tell people watch what you see don't read on the Internet because we don't know what it's coming from. You need to watch the reaction of the people around it's very. Know what they fled the pros very important if you watch is that what was giving a speech that you wouldn't have that kind of blank there. A big guy came running bulk. And didn't look like he was. Sort of a little some emergency law in this yes okay very concerned. Probably be concerned because what she was gonna do in public what it will really Barack. Okay now if you look at the video from Sunday. If you notice if we bought a water emergency. In the people around her. And I have a funny feeling that the people orbiter would basically saying if she goes again. Okay. Got a funny it was done more than walked out on the important piece. The fact of the matter is that this solar wind has been brought up who. Okay. Now the funny thing about it is is there's a lot of medications. Can be given. It's muscular I you know am I thought they can reverse quite a few different things. I have a funny feeling that after American culture and is that what with the condition where sensory overload. Or in two a panic attack. Okay and whether she and Adam and Europe it's easier or. Whatever kind of medication because they are really strange for an hour after she went to her daughter's. Apart and she. Whatever they. Turned around pretty rapid. Okay and that's the reason why this told. Secret Service not a lost little. She just needs to go toward getting injections and should be buying. So Sean what would you think she has them. What he's what's what would be your diagnosis what do you think Shia. Now check this story you know it was a nervous world we quote we're not rock the I know. What my polling is is ever dead after the concussion. Where she admitted herself that she had a cracked well. I think you let the conditions we're actually get into it's an emotional Horry. Essentially global world or something like you know that justice is sort global warming and so we're. Yet our votes and get certain there was two. You know compound the bargaining value you war and it says like the situation. And she needs to receive something that's gonna relax and get her groove that all of that would be my guest. And Sean you think of housing and ask you what explains she's always wearing sunglasses. Even at that we 9/11 event. Where it was overcast. It was quite you know cool it was very comfortable. She was the only one there with sunglasses kind is there with a look on it. Why is she wearing sunglasses in all jury set so you're saying that's part of preventing the sensory overload. That's right she maybe are sensitive to light. Okay and that's what I think she doesn't she have some type of censor reading okay. And this'll all of the people of Tibet problem reading that other states now that. Just watch what he's seen the war and the two video that bring up his watch that video which you book all quiet there. And reaction overstep. Now why wasn't that this time and I think it's because she was sort cordoned off and I think the assumption was that a lot of steps didn't feel it was any videotape for any it was going that. That's why Sean does that reinforce what you're saying that's why they didn't notify the pool of reporters the traveling press corps. They kept him in the dark so they felt nobody seeing this such as getter in a car and smuggler away. Ahmadinejad I would be so bad debt or someplace private giver injection should be fine. Now Sean do you think that also explains why she needed the earpiece. Which did debate with trump. Guess again it's a panic again she's freezing up. Giving given to commit more culpable. But that there are achieving. Okay interest and let's start in Arkansas and achieving what all. Okay no I gotcha I gotcha renders trying to understand as Sean very interest in China and all your analog watch here or real lunch break now. Sean god bless you and thank you for that call my friend. Yes I I think I challenge anybody. Two you know challenge that's called science. Roy makes a lot of sunshine and what you say makes a lot of sense no question about it. Sean thank you very much for that call gob bless U Shawn 6172666868. Britney. What is the poll question. And what are their results so far. Do you believe. That Hillary Clinton has pneumonia no. OK we be there well it's 94%. Now. And 6% yes. Archie in Massachusetts. Go ahead Archie. And I think yeah great show thank you it's. Actual two cork cap issues only campaign where again it I without Marbury and Regina. To patrol actually it's cool. It talked about how the weight which created. It will unleashed. I take at least something from them not beaten if they don't get worked up the field who you think 80 wait endlessly. Operating. Chuck Washington's Virginia. I would assume with food. Gotten it. They are getting better. Equipment write up their slaves. It. So I guess I didn't know that Archie just taught me something right now my friend. Yeah that's incredible I mean that's. It before on the social. Yet for the clothing in the epic. So I mean even even the slave holders recognize the right to self defense among the slaves interest and I mean it's got a little bit off topic but its interest in 6172666868. Let me ask you this. Hillary Clinton they are now desperately furiously. Trying to cover up and spin for our. They're now saying she was just dehydrated it was just that dizzy spell nothing to see here just a case of pneumonia. Do you believe it. And if it was just pneumonia. New York Post has now blown that completely on this story. Secret Service for oral call when they Porter in Richmond Havana after she passed out. What's the take her straight to what's called Bellevue hospital in Manhattan. A state level one state health institution meaning it's got to be such a good emergency room. And our senior campaign operative not named I assume it's Wilma but could be anybody. Said absolutely not told them to change course. Because they did not want the doctors nurses and medical professionals who would look at Hillary to know what she really hats. Because then they would divulge it to the media or to the public. So they're clearly covering something up. The question is wiped 6172666868. Rossum Boston go ahead rust. Well Jeff that trust that previous caller yeah model like we write whatever she has interject interject. In Iraq. Jack or giving him injunctions in check in or what I'm saying that Connor actual problems. Now I have had firsthand experience what the problem of dehydration. They ally. And Hillary's age if she collapsed from dehydration. Should it be right so what hospital being rehydrated. Injurious. There's no way any person that's severely dehydrated. Collapsed. And yet it took us so water and they are really product it's virtually impossible. And I heard about someone more dehydration. Especially at all a person. Well someone about conditions. You have to be very careful when you re hydrate. Because if you re hydrate them too quickly you can trigger congestive. So there's no question there's no way our problem is dehydration that's a lot of. Ross army pick a tropical nastiness because it's what you told Anderson Cooper and played even for you she said she just took a colossal water. She said it is giver couple sips of water and she was a deceased well reporter in the backseat. And it was cooler in the van windows mice outside the nevermind and Ross a couple of sips and she was fine. Shall rest in your experience for dehydration a couple slips are you finals. If possible. If you collapsed. You know if you suffer from you don't mind at the hydration. Yes sure rehydration salts were with directing all water. But if you are so severe acute collapsed in and a tuna collapse from dehydration. Is talking about serious dehydration it. That's why it's virtually impossible. Two to just say what they said they'd get out yet for a lot. Russ what do you think she has. Tom in your jerks they going to arm up. Owners big Edie or to be O. Police got a spare us from Hillary and that's what the ability so that's what's your mind body and Jeff. You know what did dead giveaway is when she comes now. And she's got the dead head going in decreased yeah they should just send their home you know she's in no condition to. But I tell you what. There's here's what Billy Clinton would say listen. When it's time out for the debate. Will consider erupt within ear piece of sushi has solely answers. Were gonna load that ballast. And it showed up with air to build ten air conditioners. Were gonna have called their fans all over his speech. We're gonna patent gallons of ice water. Were gonna set to air condition unit in the world it's 65. Big greens. And then our safety belt is. She gonna BP. Well sit on top of would dump tank to get free. You can do it's over. About a pull that lever and talk her down and I exporter. In QB might read that. Can you can you imagine. Debate is now about two weeks away. It's about two weeks away. Can you imagine in the first presidential debate. She pulls one of these. Sure head start jerking her head struck her knee start buckling she starts losing control over motor skills. None are really sit ups are serious but really what do you do. What I'm saying what are Hillary's people do do they rushed the stage. And rest and the big one yeah Britain you're dead right in all seriousness. Trumps got to be ready for this what is stroked. Really I mean are you arguing hero do you catcher. Not really I'm serious do you say get her some water. Do you just step aside. I really what do you do. Because if you rush. And they may say that's being sexist she just needed a drink cold water whatever. If he steps aside he's too cold peace that you know he's he's cold hearted he's. I you know he's he's a sexist he's he's cold dispassionate. I'm feeling man who couldn't you know come to her help would you just a little bit out I mean seriously if you're Donald Trump and she starts you know will look. You know I just heard let's start bubbling and dish Greg sure comes often in arm she's. All over and what do you dual. You know. To meet what I would do is you know moderator moderator hold on could somebody get her some water please. And you walk a little bit towards her but you don't culture. There's if you're not sure IE I yeah IE you can get rogue state in the media as they please she needs water is there a doctor can somebody come up here please. You know and then you went bananas he says if she's not feeling well ushers cut the debate will just war reschedule. You come across as magnanimous. That's the way I would handle it. But really I mean you know what what do you do with your Donald Trump. Mort your calls that. And if you know Joseph. Killer I thought Hillary. Risk mean these coughing in the boot like Hillary. I really do analogy I honestly Britney really has allergies if you look at. Call shot. I called the Arabs are you. Okay. In all honesty. What is she passes out onstage in the first presidential debate they're not gonna air it well that's what Britney set I say do you letter fall. Do you capture. I mean what do you do. And Brittany says listen Jeff the Mormon she even starts wobble. The Mormon or a head start jerking back and forth just a little at the moment that Rachel starts coming off. You figured it's gonna cut straight out and out on a right to commercial break the commercial. Of course like ask and answer with the stars. I now and it starts but out of it and watches it out there by Ryan Lochte is a contestant was Cheryl Burke and its stars. And to fade pattern of people don't like Ryan Lochte rushed Steve's last night and it just went right to commercial break. So you're saying the media will do everything in their power up to try to cover it up and protector yeah especially now after what happens. On Sunday while. If she honestly if she collapses on stage. She's finished. She's finished it seemed if America Cesar faint or collapse on state I mean whether trump help server doesn't helper. She's finished. I don't IG's post I don't see Archie can reprise angering. Dana in lol go ahead Dana. It's does it Diana. What are right about all the great art course. Are you bringing characters are they're when they're pretty odd debate next couple weeks Donald Trump of the beat generation looked like a camera and cherry folks. They're not an MIT or. The remark yeah and I look at Hillary. Good luck to ya know we're. Secondly elected speak all candidates go to the Walter Reed hospital and at a Sugar Bowl and make it known to the public. After all are to be tried it. Dana thank you very much for that called jam in lol go ahead Jim. Oh sure. GM hourly graduation on your getting (%expletive) thank you I'm still believe it or not I still can't believe I'm still on a hot. So I'm glad that a I got to ask one question about this deep Balco that we're all talking about. Why did it is so difficult to talk about getting pneumonia. Why do people have trouble talking about it you know she could add that bit months ago. Mean she has chronic pneumonia are shares bouts of pneumonia. Yeah I yeah I I didn't know that that was. You know that the controversial. You know well. I have a possible. Well Jim I mean Jimmy you know the stigma out of the year that would mean I've had pneumonia many times in my like Jim you have no idea of the discrimination I think it's a regular basis. Why I've had pneumonia Jameel the statement that comes with that. Well what you gonna do about that you know the you know find a Catholic Church. Go into the confessional and make it let me they're. It has been an eternity it's my last confession. And these are my children I have contracted pneumonia. You know get a copy of soul and no stayed up to it. Jim she needs an exorcism. She walked in to a Catholic Church I mean believe me pick I did the breeze caught quit quit perform yet she says abrupt. Double low devil out. Of Orlando with. You know almighty god it's too strong we need more somebody diplomatic and a pulpit here for God's sakes I mean we need some real holy holy holy water the holy water we haven't just not strong enough. 6172666868. More hours your calls met. Lost and. 137. Here on the great WRK no. Okay my friends we're definitely gonna continue talking about Hillary. Her health. The upcoming debates literally what if what if she collapses on stage. What if what happened on Sunday happens but this time onstage. In the first debate with Donald Trump decider. And trumped by the way is now calling for a debate without a moderator but before I get to your calls. A little humor just a little bit lighten it up a pat here now is self park. Doing a star spangled banner version with Colin cropper. They've got a coal incorporated version. Of the star spangled banner I think they're gonna debut it on there. On the show tonight they're season opener tonight. What's tomorrow for giving tomorrow night. They're gonna whatever the season opener. Here is a it's hilarious it is absolutely. Hilarious. Role that Britain. Okay. Branded product next. Okay mate saw. Okay. All right. They expect him. And it's a good back up to. It's thugs really making fun of liberal hypocrisy but it is it is hilarious. So. Luke Donald Trump I think has a very good point. Why don't even need a moderator. Why are allowed the liberal media why not allow them to sort of infiltrate. Interject themselves into the debate make it basically 211. Do want to wait Lincoln and Douglas did it. It's been done many times in American history all you needed essentially a referee at pine keeper. And you Alec kick in almost certain amount of time for one candidate medica time for another candidate. Whatever five and what every communal whatever that time has been five minutes opening statement the five minutes opening statement. Then you can talk whatever for a couple minutes than the other person. And just let them go each other. And have the topics agreed on before hand whether or national security terrorism immigration whatever. Chord he's a moderator. We Lester holt. Many said the weasel Chris Wallace. Need to Martha rad show me the silver haired guy Anderson Cooper. Which are loaded questions. And there a moon bats political agenda. I'm just thinking I wrote I mean I think trump on this one. Listen to the Donald in his own words. Saying I'm looking forward pitted debates. But hey let's make it really. One on one man on a man no no moderator. Just they Hillary they kill the beast. And myself. Roll it Britney. My job right now. You don't you don't have a Brittany. OK she's trying to find it we're having a little bit of a technical issue. Sort of like Hillary server they're two. As far as is the basic concerns. I you know with this system is being game too because everybody said that I won that debate you know that the so called farm that you're. Did you group put off. But they also that I want and that Matt brown always seen yummy what he was a key was I thought he was very professional I have to be honest I think he's been treated very fairly but. But they also said that Taiwan. And what they're doing is big gaming the system so that when I go into the debate. I'm ready get beat treated very very unfairly by the moderator. He's completely right. That's why the media has been blasting mercilessly. Just keep this rating Matt flower who everybody knows a big liberal me it's it's an open secret. And all of a sudden now you don't when your as Pat Buchanan put it if you're blaming the wrath it's pretty obvious your side lost. But what they're really doing is they're firing a shot across the bow of Lester holt. And Martha Raddatz and add the silver haired guy Anderson Cooper and of course the weasel Wallace Chris Wallace from fox. Saying be careful. You don't wanna have your reputation savaged. You wanna you wanna continue to get invitations to those that cocktail parties and George Allen in in Manhattan day. You know what you gotta do OK they got to meet captain Donald and circled the wagons around crooked Hillary. 61720666868. You can text us as always 68680. Some really good texts. Yeah if she passes out on stage. Acted debate like she did on Sunday thanks collapses whatever Guinea start buckling. There head start bubbling to Rachel comes off the body storage jerking. What should Donald Trump do. Okay this is from 508. Jeff trump is in a box if that happens if he tries to help or they'll claim that he was attacking her. If he doesn't try to help her though claim he was heartless. 781. This is a about a way above read this text is I mean you wanna talk about hitting the nail on the head Jeff is it me or is it sure reeled. That one candidate for president of the USA. Has to have big contingency. Plan in case the other candidate has yet another major medical event. This is held dumb down Americans are when they aren't demanding a healthy candidate replace sick Hillary going no. I know for a fact on most people will what do we do. They have to be ready knowledge nor understand it should just make a whole thing just become just like come crashing vouchers but collapsed. So and that's the big were if not a few catches or something what if she goes crashing down. Does he rushed her and helper. And almost like standing above her whatever that may seem intimidating that may seem like he's. Violating her space that may seem to be sticking liberties with her. On the other hand if he doesn't they'll say he was Colby was heartless. This is now what's going through was money right now. I was this woman still under reeks. 6172666868. Merit in Weymouth go ahead neck. I do in jeopardy of two things to say. You're minimum wage is black elected dog longtime ago. Yes. She can be advanced stages Arabia your memory not yet urged to drink water. Elbows. The next debate about it a bouncy house wanted to get by chief all sure bounced right back which seems to be his strength finally and I can't take credit this went. The underground where it is and I I have decided on the ground. Thinking about jobs going forward cheers sub probably shovel ready thank Egypt. A six. 6072666868. You wanna see how this race is rigged. And I want to ask the women out there in particular okay. Isn't supposed to be Hillary rotten vs Donald Trump. Or you're supposed to be madame Hillary vs the gong. Now she's apparently a quarter and quote apparently. Recovering from pneumonia in Chappaqua. Who's campaigning for her her husband. Not only your husband. But did cheerleader. That Obama is now in Philadelphia. Actively campaigning for our crooked Hillary. For madame Mao. So what is it is it one on one is it 11 what is it now three on one. So what is it gonna have Hillary in one city. Bill in another city Obama and afford cities or third city and what. Biden in a fort city. Door to make it short throw and bite you wanna make it four on one. I mean how much how unfair do you want to race. Now why not as a woman don't sure want it to be fair competitive. On on a level playing field. If she's better Lehrer glitter of gold 111 against the camp it is easily. Losing in the polls after she needs to have so now she has meant. Openly standing in for her and campaigning on her behalf. It's just what feminism is supposed to be about. That when you're not up to the job the men have to come in and clean up the amounts. I am woman hear me roar and I can't do it okay guys you'll you'll do it for me M I'll just I'll win in November. 61720666868. And me on the South Shore go ahead. I'd go out there's a couple of things that it wanted to point at a lot of elected senate caught up a 100%. Right as an emergency medical technician and what I'd I'd watch that video over and over again. There's one thing that I did expect that to do that was to take her fight to. A hospital and that's why wasn't any evidence carpet they knew that you have to get a topic that it would get air. But sorry I don't think it tell you that they. I'd be set up where they go out and get our flow if you that the high rate it. People don't bet as if that would become dehydrated. It got that you have out your blood pressure is I got it all right in either ordered it your body also accepted. It's definitely something going on with Hillary Clinton she has. Yet. It's quite cover it up and like Donald Trump you have to be a boat that. They Abby writes Donald well it is we the people. We need of people out at a yet out. At Dayton now they Hillary Clinton went that you don't. Annie she's fatally flawed. Forget now ethics corruption scandals Ben Ghazi. Her tenure as secretary of state the emails leave all that off the table. She is now too sick yeah. She's too sick to be president of the United States and I mean I'm just curious do you want her to drop out. I think she should drop out yet is that they GAAP. Election rarely hear about that people in the United States are she would do that like aids and she would walk out. Thank you for that call Annie. I see here wrinkle rehab and I really disagrees because. Your fear is. You know like she Hillary Clinton is beatable she's losing the polls trump can easily beat her. After scandal scandalous health problem everything quality opponent Bernie help. Still burning well no I think what I think the obvious play for them is they're gonna go with Biden. And Lawrence. Don't forget Tim Kaine they don't wanna touch Tim Kaine. Tim Kaine was just something she's based he's basically a pool for hill I don't. I don't drop not a lot of Baghdad healthy he would stage race that truck can be airfares are aware and not honored Europe I don't know what the Democrats what the grand pool was that a Democratic Party trust me don't. Local builder was this don't take Biden. Who's considering I'm pleased to quotation marks or your quotes. A pragmatist who came warming quote moderate Democrat not in years but they'll sell it that way. So he's somebody from the Obama administration is the vice president. He'll get a third Obama term he steady solid. But you also have to placate his Brittany says don't burning in the moon bat wing to progressive wing. And that of course is Elizabeth Warren. And soul to then you see for the Democrats that's a fresh stick it. And they don't have to defend the Clinton foundation. Not fair to put some and outs and it's not the last moment at the last moment with what we have two months left barely it's not fair game. Don't have the massive baggage that Hillary does so in some ways let me tell you this is why despite my accident. Cokie Roberts. Who used to be one of the biggest water carriers for Hillary Clinton goes on NPR says you know. Some people are saying she should step down in other some Democrats are saying she should step down noticed word is getting out they're pretty quickly. Maybe she should go maybe it's time for her to step down Britney is completely right on this because they're looking at the polls. I nursery she's she's gonna lose. Garlic ice and not only is she gonna loose we're gonna lose to Donald Trump he's gonna clean everybody's house. And with Donald tropic Republicans are gonna keep the house they're gonna keep dissented and all my god he's gonna all of the Supreme Court. Better than double you know all of them apparently don't Jeff I'd much rather go against Turkish she is beatable and trump can land. Fair and square. 61720666868. Jamie and Quincy go ahead jamming. Well I get so what I was gonna say I wish trump would make government follow. As such she just doesn't policy advisor and he's so brilliant and they get beyond poll that they still getting some civil libertarians in the crazy Bernie's. But Hillary this just shows how untouchables he isn't known Britain's right. You notice significant media has contends we planned and excuses lined up. That's she and it's obvious to the nation that she is seriously ill is obviously chronically ill and that. I don't know what the rules up to replace her but. You know. I just can't wait for the debate now you got me excited aviation tropical about a mile from the move won't run. Or is one of the text is what it is hilarious if she falls down trumps got to put garlic on a really quick really quick. 6172666868. Let me ask you this let's throw one more law because I like to say on the fire. Do you want Hillary to step down. And if she does. Let's say Biden warned whatever and it almost to go put him but would the replacement take it. Give Donald Trump a harder time than Hillary. 61720666868. Don't touch that dial. So fast. Sean you're up next thanks for holding and welcome. There are you to them and reviewed John very well very well which are sure you are out Hillary gets a break it's very. Cracked. Me up call a meeting of air under your belt member. Eric a simple majority vote to replace the L. Darn well I don't happen I don't want. Let me ask you could be literally put anybody on the ticket. Now. What they call. In the final they vote on it but any good date locking anybody would. All right. For our. So Manuel Errol I couldn't. John couldn't Bernie Sanders couldn't Bernie argue hey I got the second one he won it but. I got the second most votes. I haven't mandate should be me. The way art upped the number that. We're all a lot of my other events about how. So basically the party bosses would decide. Now John do you think of for trump for those that want trump to win is it better to have a wounded Hillary. We're seeing iron around but we're Hillary I. Now want to opt out. I have no. Out. Don't like they're all at last night all. I'm getting. Up oh well I thought we don't got a lot opt. Or. Jonathan jointly. I would hope that that portrait that Hillary had been diagnosed with severe chick ammonia. Or whatever I want it much outcry on Friday. Get hurt are in medically qualified. Immediate circling cap. With the situation. And it Kean nine elevenths ceremony being sort. Within what you would not. It would take an apartment so the become position being created urging. Obviously I would submit in suggests. It is very likely to each other chronic medical condition not. Well yeah look it's either parkinson's. Congestive heart failure. Or I think brain damage.