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Two Patriots players protest after National Anthem. 9/12/16

Sep 12, 2016|

New England Patriots Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty raise their firsts after the National Anthem last night at the game against the Arizona Cardinals. Are you officially done with the NFL?

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George seven here on the great WRKO. For itself Boston Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer. And I gotta say my friends let me be very candid with the all of you I feel like I was played for a fool. On Friday as you know I discussed this in the final hour. Whereby the Seattle Seahawks were planning as a team to protest the National Anthem and the flag. Because they saw right now with coal and corporate. And Colin cropper knicks saying that we now live his words in a racist oppressive society. And I accept all of you on Sunday. I know bill ballot check. Bill Belichick is not gonna allow anybody on the New England Patriots. To engage in this kind of deplorable. Frankly disgusting behavior. Well I was wrong. I was wrong. I had too much confidence too much faith. In the basic decency of Bill Belichick and frankly the New England Patriots organization. And it's not just the patriots. And I I said this weeks ago when the scandal first broke I said this is gonna spread in the past the sites like a cancer. And it had us. It hats. What started off with colon cropper nick has now spread listened to this. So yesterday nobody was talking about the games. Everybody was talking how many protests. And and and Dixon they saw. Disrespecting. The National Anthem and the flat. All across the NFL and in fact on all big east. That fifteenth anniversary. Of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. So the Seattle also Seahawks. Instead of all just taking a knee or whatever they decided no we're gonna protest but we're gonna. Inter walk our ups. So ball whole team. In protest against the National Anthem and protest against the flag in protest against America's you know. We did it's such there's so much oppression and racism going on I mean just look at these guys. We're there for 51020. Million dollar year contracts I don't know how they do it. So they literally walked arms. In defiance as a show of defiance. Football players on the Kansas City Chiefs they knelt they were kneeling juror ring the National Anthem. They Miami Dolphins who played the Seattle Seahawks. Remember I say we should be cheering for them each my mistake for of their players. Where kneeling jury in the National Anthem. It's gone from thirteen to team to team. Almost everybody now because players on their team pro testing the National Anthem the flag and America. Including. Our own New England Patriots. Jury yesterday's game against Arizona tool players. Martellus. Bennett and Devin majority. Caught on camera. Raised their fists in the black power salute by the way other players did the same thing. There are now going from kneeling or sitting on the bench to now literally raising the their fists in the black power salute. Like the black Panthers in the 1960s. In open defiance. Of the National Anthem and the flag because they now say that there we live in an unjust society. There's just too much racism. Too much inequality. Too much oppression going on and they will longer stay silent as football players. The NFL has now officially come out and said. They support the players is right to quote freedom of speech and their right to protest. Now a couple things need to be said and I wanna throw it open to you the audience Jake is now. We've now we're at a crossroads. It's clear now were at a crossroads. We're now beyond kneeling or sitting on the bench. The black power fixed. Now I think honestly in to be in all fairness I'm not saying this to be insulting I'm really being frank. I think Martellus Bennett in DeVon McCord are either so ignorant are so stupid I don't think even notice. I think for them is like a sign of defiance like the clenched fist. It's actually a violent symbol. The black Panthers that was their they would raise their fists are clenched fist that was their son. To how to violently and teach. Against the police or the military. To engage because they hated Martin Luther King for his peaceful Civil Disobedience. They said it's time now to take the war to the streets to go after this so called picks meaning the police or the military. And so they engaged in numerous fire fights gunfights. Killing police officers targeting police officers what like black lives matter. Or going after members of the military. And that was their signed with the sign of the fist the site of the fist was we will now violently oppose. Racist oppressive. I'm medica and they stop it with a cane and Odyssey. But you're living in a fascist state. That's actually a call for violence whether they know what or not I don't think they even know it because there are social but frankly but let that go. To do that. On all geeks. And all weeks. That fifteenth anniversary. Of the 9/11. Terrorist attacks. You mean you couldn't keep your stupid mouth shut or keep your hands bound or you couldn't stamp. To commemorate and respect and honor. The 3000 Americans who were slaughtered who were Borchardt on the ad on god day fifteen years ago. You know I talked about Hillary and are deplorable comment. Gonna sing. How much contempt. How much derision. How much disrespect do you have for the country. Frankly for the fans. Who pay the tickets were by the jerseys that pay your salaries. War police officers. Two were veterans to our members of our military. To those who died on that fateful date fifteen years ago. Now. I knew something like this was gonna happen. I sensed. On Saturday night. I watched you talk vs Brigham Young University it's a battle with the new talk on fox. Utah I ended up winning 2019 and let that go okay. It was a regain. Its college football. It was a great game. They played with pride they played with passion a lot of them are extremely talented honesty their jerseys are really cool and fun to look at. They play with a lot of come out with a real competitive spirit. It's a really good fun game. I need to watch football on Sunday. I'll watch football on Saturday. Mean I can't watch football two days 'cause I have family responsibilities kids so basically for me football is either Saturday or Sunday I love the NFL I think it's a great game. It's an American game but you don't if you don't openly spit in my face. And you're gonna openly disrespect. My country. And disrespect our anthem and disrespect our flight. And disrespect our military and our police officers. Then you know what buddy you know about important. You know kept. And now I'm speaking to all the players I'm choosing my words very carefully and in particular if you don't mean. I live they stone's throw away from patriots place in Gillette Stadium. Those are my stomping grounds. Bill bella check Bob Kraft I'm speaking now to bolt the view directly. You're not that important. You're not. You can't police are wrong players. You can't impose basic discipline on your own players. To show any. Minimum of respect. And frankly just decent civilized behavior. You can't even do that. When you got players making 10121520. Million dollars a year in you're telling me they're oppressed. And you're telling me we're living in some some some Stalinist fascist hell hole. Shame on you. Shame on you. Every single one of. But it goes even deeper than that. You keep sending us all I keep hearing now right of free speech right of free speech right to freedom of expression. You've got direct to your free speech you got direct your freedom expression no problem I got the right to mind. You're an idiot. You're all idiots. That engage in this behavior. So you know what you think OK you wanna quote man up and put your little dinky fist in the air no problem ominous turn the dial. I'm gonna change the channel. I'm not gonna watch you. Not only that I'm not gonna buy tickets. And I'm not gonna buy your jerseys and I'm not gonna buy your merchandise. You're not taken a dime from me anymore. And if millions of Americans follow suit then you don't want you should know the consequences of your actions. Because too many people have died for this country. For you to engage in these kinds of disrespectful. Frankly disgusting shenanigans. You're now insulting your country. You're now insulting our flag. You're now insulting our very anthem you're now insulting the memories of old that died fifteen years ago. And the victims and their families. You're now disrespecting our veterans and those who served in our military you're now disrespecting those that died for this country. It's a matter you can write an op Ed piece. You feel that's strong all okay you're too stupid okay pays somebody Euro making millions and all the might prompt a piece in the Boston Globe. About how much you love black lies matter whatever police brutality or whatever put your name on an op Ed piece. Go on FaceBook. Gold in the communities. Some credit check. But you don't do what you did. Now you need to be aware this. Because there's a conclusion now that I reached it's pretty obvious but now I've really reached its an obvious for awhile. Colin crap predict. No problem. The Miami Dolphins players Seattle Seahawks Kansas City Chiefs it's one team after another no problem. Martellus Bennett DeVon majority no problem. Not problem. Nothing funny and a slap on the wrist nothing but listen to this. Because now it says everything you need to know. There is a linebacker for the Tennessee Titans. From what I've read he's a very very nice man to I think he's a black Christian I'm not sure don't quote me on that. But he's loved in Tennessee they say he does nothing but great community work they say he's got a heart of gold. His name is Avery Williamson. In honor of those that died in September 1115 years ago. He won 82 where 9/11 tribute cleats. You know cleats that you play with. And I am looking at a picture of the cleats that he wanted to Wear. And it says 9/11. And the eleven the two ones is in the shape of the Twin Towers. And on the other clean it says never forget. And said he wanted to do it to honor and commemorate and respect those that were butchered on that day. And for their families those that survived. The families of the victims. And he said not only be one where it. But then you wanna talk auction it off I guess on eBay or wherever. And then the proceeds would go to the fund. For the victims state that did that that added that the families of the victims. Not only was he told. You cannot Wear a dose cleats whatever happened to freedom of expression. The NFL led by that liberal. Hack. By that move but degenerate Roger Goodell. Said to this linebacker U where those cleats on the field 6000 dollar fine. Not only can you not dole it. We're gonna find you 6000. Dollars. The police unions. Whose boys went little burning buildings to save how many pick how many lives and how many of them died rushing into those burning buildings. The union said. If if Avery William cynic mr. Williamson. Once the word those cleats we will pay the fine. This Coleman corporate have to pay 6000 dollar fine. Do those two clowns on the Eto'o on the New England Patriots do they have to pay a 6000 dollar fine. So notice. If you wanna pray on the sidelines like Tim Tebow normal normal. If you wanna say you support Donald Trump normal home. If you're the Dallas Cowboys and you wanna Wear decals on your helmets to commemorate bowl spot those Dallas police officers that were slaughtered. Norman on all they were told expressly don't show dared know it. If you're com parade EB. And you simply have a baseball cap that says make America great again. The Donald trumped up non mobile home. But if you wanna Wear cleats. Talk owner is always that died on September 11 six freak in thousand dollar fine for you. Blank you. Tom Brady. Ford thinks. How many draft picks they lost. Overall lousy deflated football. And he's got nice. Hoops bid on our National Anthem. Spit on our flag stick on our country spit on those that died fifteen years ago. They're now lionized. There do you fight their hero looks. Under Roger Goodell. Which are now seeing. Is an NFL let's be very clear. That is now anti military. Anti police. And anti American. We now have a liberal leftist NFL. And so if you wanna spin on my values that's fine with you. That's your business that's your choice it's a private organization you can do whatever you want but I'll tell you this you're never gonna get my business again. Until you clean all this up and frankly get a new commissioner does that guys immediate. Jeff corner will never watch. Or pay me to see a football and NFL football game again. Because this league doesn't deserve it. 6172666868. Is the number Brittany I know you want to weigh in on this. I was at I was telling you today. I was just so disappointed you know you wait I'll date for the football team to start and everything and it's. Especially on 9/11 and I noticed one thing and a few notice I don't know if you watched Jeff. But Danny Amendola. During the National Anthem holding the American flag. And then the camera pans to those two idiots and I literally had to change the channel like could not believe my eyes. On Friday well we sang all one happened with the PG ads and I was just so disappointed that it did and I just think that really is time for. People to boycott. The and I found stop watching stop paying don't go to teams. Bar enforcement military wouldn't marry them I would and even participate in the games anymore not after that. Too many players in yields the deficit in the act. It's just disgusting. Look how many B I might get in trouble for saying this but if I'm not here to speak the truth honestly my friends what's the point in me being behind the microphone. I blame us. I'm glad I mean I blame I blame all of us probably knew idling every. I'll take one. Because we as a society. We put these athletes and celebrities in Hollywood and other singers these entertainers and that's what they are they're entertainers look. It's a great game. They play with great skill I get it. But ultimately it's a game it's entertainment. We've put him up on a pedestal. We glorify them. We give them ridiculous sums of money. Fame attention. What about the veterans. What about those that serve and die for our country what about the police what about firefighters what above doctors what about nurses. What about teachers. What about the people who get up every day you I really mean base. You don't. You do your job 350 the way if you're lucky to get two weeks off OK even now two weeks is say is a luxury for many people that vacation. 35360. Days of the year you get up. Every day and you go to work. And you work hard. And you raise a family. And you pay the bills. And you abide by the law us. And you're the backbone of this country. How come we don't glorify you. We don't glorify teachers. We don't glorify nurses and doctors. We don't glorify that's military service members we don't. These they can even get hub decent treatment at the VA. Police officers who put their risk their lives every day. Construction workers. Hard work dangerous work. Truck drivers. Know truck drivers nothing gets to market. Is literally no truck drivers we don't meet farmers we don't meet. What you see. They're not celebrated. As they used to be. There are not the ones that were told be like them they're the real role models your father your mother. The car the teacher did the soldier. Normal normal but preached the rabbi. Normal home. It's easy it's easy airheads. With their twenty million dollar a year salaries. Who beat their chest on television. And ran each other helmet to helmet. And get paid a million dollars in a game. So. It's us. We have put them up on a pedestal and when you give them so much money and so much fame and so much attention it go straight to their heads. And they think they can do anything they think like gods. We'll tell you what you just crossed the Red Line. You jurist crossed my red line. And so for me to you. Blank off. 978. Jeff. New England you need to hear this Jeff. Roger Goodell was ruthless going after Tom Brady that's because Brady is a conservative. Bingo. Sadie in Salem go ahead safe. Are you are brother Kurt tell you you'll I am the top all and I'm adorable. Horrible. Whether it's Clinton like it or not. And I will appear now that I talk to your life and we're going to do it. Sure where we're going to be adorable. But are right. Right now they're great bench three. 31 years. My head and I. Bet season ticket. And to the patriot gate wouldn't end. My husband is they'd die hard England there would know anything care or he could do let it trio. But he was very very very well in last night it is the first time. That might as endeavors that because I'd maybe give it up what we retired. Because they can't stop at a 168. Per seat. I've said you know what and that pregame student by the way chop block you we have to paper that we don't stop. And these said you know what I'm glad I gave them up I never. Ever ever spot ballots checked. Would permit such disrespect. On this call and diarrhea. That is going around the NFL I think it is a panic. But if you think about it. The pertinent started that was. Eight your pick well they're great leader our great leader. And he continually apologize. Or the United States of America he has not. Stopped. Them library. Or eight years about how terrible America is. So why shouldn't we. And that this type of behavior because obviously. He is college kids. I tell. Sadie you know that day it's look it's it's it's Obama it's the dear leader. Who support a black lives matter he didn't. Who encouraged him every step of the way he didn't whose racially divided this country every turn heeded. There's an old Italian expression. The fish rots from the head down. And Ole boy is it starting to rocked in the NFL com. You forty here on the great WR OK okay okay this is for 78 on confessions as always six days. All right this is about post to patriots players. Marcellus Bennett Kevin majority caught on camera making the the black power fist clenched fist in the air. After the National Anthem was finished. Other players in the NFL dated on Sunday bothers kneeled down. The Seattle Seahawks as a team just inter locked arms to protest the National Anthem. The flag America. Because we're just become such are racist oppressive society that they have to start speaking out well 781 Jeff. You know what's sad. These players are supposed to be role models for the youth of this country. What is this saying to young black kids I'll tell you what it sense it says it's okay to kill police and be violent. These guys are freaking idiots. Bingo 781. And it's spreading. I don't know I saw our online and on Twitter and everything that. There have been a lot of high school players that at Barron kneeling during the National Anthem and including coaches. So it's spreading everywhere. And it's really just disgusting. The daily caller just to reinforce what you're saying this happened in Beaumont. Texas. The bloom on the bulls these are eleven and twelve year old kids. All the kids all 22 players. We're kneeling. They all meals. Jury in the National Anthem including the coaches. And it's not just in taxes it's now happening all over the country. Good to the parents. Great job. Off. Rich draw such incredible parenting. Much as well. Just think. How you raise your kids it's just his seat to be sold respectful. And grateful for the country they live and in. All the wonderful freedoms and liberties they enjoy it is just wow just wonderful Bravo oh great job raising her kids great job. Let me tell you if this is Jeff corner. Spoke cashed in only six I don't have that problem yet you know he's physical kid EU exports likes what all exports in general. Hikers see him playing football at eleven or twelve. If Ashton was on the local team. And the players with the coach's blessing. Were kneeling during the National Anthem sung. Let's go home. I pull him out of the team. I say sign these are losers. And I guess their parents are supporting this so the parents and her losers. I am absolutely with you I think if our ever attend the game and main kneeled I would just I would leave junior like I did not like it yesterday. As it OK oh great Donovan will be on and a few minutes so I'll just internal parts that station I'm not watching the patriots on mullah. Junior we're gonna put you want a team. Where the parents and the coaches. Know how to respect the country they live in and those that die right to defend it. Junior these are losers and probably liberals. You're gonna run into a lot of arm you don't have to play under team. Okay just you gonna come daddy we're gonna put join another team. Let me ask all of you this OK not just the NFL. Because now it's going to 1112 year old look at spreading now like electric cancer across the country. What would you do. If your child or your nephew or your whatever your grandchild. If they were kneeling jarring the National Anthem if they were playing football. Or if they weren't kneeling there. Fellow players. The other kids on the team or the coaches. Were kneeling and disrespecting the anthem and the flag. Would you pull your kid off that team 6172666868. Robert in Miami Florida go ahead Robert. I think we make are you committed Barea or if you are right you're not going to be surprised. I'm gonna give you prove George Soros has already has his name written all over what is going on in the NFL right now let me explain why. The current director. Be NFL players association of players' union is that Mario Mitt. He was selected by Soros in 2008 to work for the Obama campaign. Team with a lobbyist. For Patton Boggs and blow back at 2007. You don't it is very true regardless the Obama campaign. Back then. There's no of surprise that this guy charges allowing all of this happened if you can't bring people to politics. You'll bring the politics to the people football is mainstream America. What they're making it look like is like via the fact that people get mad when he. Doesn't sit up with a pretty yet and whatever like it's a simple civil liberties they make people Republican on the right back get mad at that. We're not letting them express is quote local treatment speech. George Soros is trying to manipulate everything to create opposition. You that you're the article I continue to. Believe me nor Robert eyeball look listen your caller I think you're very good caller. I trust few I believe you 1000%. Robert I wanna ask you and I wanna ask the audience this question because this is now the sense I'm getting Libya being conspiratorial so you tell me. I get the sense. That what the left this really want this Soros the Roger Goodell stole gang of a map. That they want to make the National Anthem too controversial to play. It's too disruptive. It's trading too much chaos division dissension arguing. You know what let's just not play the National Anthem anymore at football games do you think that's the ultimate long term goal. That's that's definitely the bulk of this happening in the community at some schools are confined it on the Internet they're not even playing yet them that are letting people. Duke the star spangled banner a year earlier pre NASA effort to concede already of course its for the that's what they're that is. Definitely. Interest and interest and robbery than a boycott I mean your Miami Dolphins fan. Not at the end of the day many fans that make the culture that brought a let's pull all our number which at all. I thank you for that call Robert 6172666868. Our third Europe next go ahead Arthur. Well you know something along time ago. What the attorney general Serb beware of that this country when it comes to ratio a race where we're a nation of cowards. That I can that I called you what I Serb yes we doubled before active finish my point you cut me off. The reason that we were races of talk. A nation of car words is because white people would no longer speculative effectiveness as a white country. It's started off as a white country. And black people were forcibly brought in this country. From Africa it was sold into slavery by the fairways it was a great that was begin with the Muslims and they were brought here everywhere oppressed. For box you know 75 years. But I doubt any one of them that I hit today chip. Would like to go back to Africa. Even though they refer to themselves as African American. And until we stand up what this country as appropriate precaution but not they don't want a local lots of what we've been quoted. Look we brought forward. Well I came to America in 1950. Possible was a white city. You could walk anywhere in the old city. All the schools of speculation walked indeed you want the schools there rolled label is Jeff you've never have a lock your doors. But you see what's changed okay these are facts about Obama being races by mr. Ayers because the facts and not make them up because of bias. Hello Arthur Roloson looked please look this is a 10 last free speech zones left in America okay I believe in the first amendments we have a right. To European and ever right to say it. Arthur all be honest with you to mean look the country's diverse no problem I get it I grew up I Jamaican friends. I have literally friends from India other parents came from India. I had Asian friends. But we love Canada. We knew how much better Canada was never mind the United States everybody looked up to America. So to me it is not diverse and that bothers me to me it's it's it's the lack of respect. Is the lack of respect for the flag is the lack of respect for our country is the lack of respect for those that fought and died. And honestly Arthur outlook call me old fashion okay maybe I'm just a young folk he. But my comment to fifteenth anniversary of 9/11. That very date fifteen years ago. You can't keep politics out of. This. Out of this. Look. Let me be very candid with you can like I'm in the confessional. I wanna mention us but I wanna say it anyway. I do a lot of work for veterans. Britney doesn't know about it I don't do with the station I do it on my own because I wanna do it okay that's up to me that's my business. I have seen and met. Too many veterans. Legs blown off. Paralyzed from the neck down. Forgive me to the veterans for saying this many of them which such severe PTA as the issues. I knew one guy the poor guy didn't sleep for six Rican months. I don't know how we survived. Six months. Jeff. I put a gun in my mouth every night. Because the PT SD was so severe and so painful and so overwhelming and I had these awful night sweats. I kept saying try to swallow my gun should I eat my gun. I've done too many of these events would all due respect. I've known to many police officers I had some of them in the in the studio with me. I took eight bullets he talks six bullets I took ten bullets. I can't walk properly but I the I was sharp through the face. I got traumatic brain injury. I've known to many vets and too many police officers. Who have been maimed and crippled in the line of duty. I have seen too much pain and hardship. And tragedy. He won't disrespect him. You don't disrespect or service. A free country. You wanna love black lives matter. Right drop dead. Write a post on FaceBook. Cut a check. Quit your job go to the community what ever. But when that anthem is sung. And that's flag is waved. You put your hand over your heart. And if you can't do that don't cut desperately don't cut it you're not a man. You're not human being. I'm gonna tell you to your face. Are not human being you're not a man. And I don't care how much they pay you and I don't care how much the media glorifies you. Hero or loser. If your mother didn't tell you I'm telling you you're an aren't grateful loser. And on top of all of that. He's veterans that I meet. 30000 dollars a year if they're lucky. Six wants to get treatment at the VA. Dakotas and have this free components. Cops get shot in the fades to get shot and admitted. They've got I know guys I'm not kidding 121415. Surgeries. Look forgive me he can't have sex with his wife for the rest of his life. He does here remember what dating it's. To take a bullet for you. For you. Whether you're black white brown Asian whatever. Now. There's ways to protest. Does wish to express yourself. But you don't defecation and disrespect and spit on the fly and those that died fighting to defend it. You know that's the one thing you don't do and let me just say one more thing or not exceptional. In this we're not exceptional. In any other country in the world any other country in the world. You get beaten up for what for what these clowns did I'm not kidding you get beaten up. Only in this country. Are you lie am IA's and and portrayed as a hero. Only in this country all look at the courage. To encourage seventeen million dollars a year look at the courage hole. Up next thanks for whole thing I've got a minute go ahead combo. Yeah by the odd couple SA. I mean now under the black guitar you know vote. They're not suppressed in this country. Good credit are. His daughter larger number actually based group class didn't check it out much scarcer apartment so way are the minority which black. They got bought scholarship pension. Chain or a turn and CP and that's code pharmacy. Because you do not again not on its own way she had to travel back all arms school home. We didn't get an education. If they didn't need an education and they'll be as successful as an other races is not why they would suppress. It just they don't want to. And educator and normal priority. Com thank you very much for that call. My friends are I need I need another hour I've got a full call bored if I need another hour. My friends I got a goal believe we will continue talking about this tomorrow. Body but.