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Will Hillary Clinton have to drop out of the race due to her health scare? 9/12/16

Sep 12, 2016|

What do you make of Clinton’s collapse yesterday at the 9/11 memorial? Do you think she should drop out of the race due to her health scare?

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Constitution. Is under attack. Freedom upper tail yeah we're founding principles. Are being destroyed. In Boston how. The seal the American revolution a new movement begin. Boston's bolt those very. Up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back this is on America's voice of the resistance. Come road course. Down goal is Hillary's. Down go it's Hillary. Down goes Hillary. My friends are hot Italian guy yeah I IA Yani Yani. Hillary now highs a full blown health crisis. It now has Democrats in a complete panic. Following what happened yesterday very dramatically. The 9/11 memorial service in New York. Ground zero. Even now many Democrat. Still many mainstream. Liberals in the media. Are now saying Hillary has become clean she needs this CN your Raleigh just. Her health as the Washington Post put it in an editorial. Has now just become an issue. In this second tower she's even got bigger problems. Did Hillary on Friday. May occur own version of Mitt Romney's 47%. Comment. By insulting. Half of trump supporters at a fund raiser. Calling them. Dubbed deplorable you put in a basket a basket of deplorable it's. They're racists. They're big hits they're so exists there homo folks there is Obama folks. She just insulted. Half of Trump's supporters. And says they're not America they are not even redeemable. Sure it Jews vote for trump. Those stories in the second hour and in death third hour yes. Even the New England Patriots. Now joined the protest against the National Anthem and against the flag. Several players did the black power fist salute. In yesterday's game what is the fallout. How should we react. All of those stories from known to have three this is the place to be. But first my friends there is no getting around it. Hillary is a very sick woman and now the media can no longer cover it up. I have been on this story for weeks. I don't wanna say I hate it when most do not gonna say I told you so but I told you so. And I said it's gonna happen where it's not at a campaign event. It's not where she can be propped up by her eighty exert. Bodyguards or whatever where she's. You know over her head is constantly jerking her she's gonna fall off a chair or a constant coughing fits for you can blow office. Allergies or whatever something is gonna happen. Worth the world is gonna see. That this is a very sick woman. Who is so physically ill and unhealthy she clearly is not qualified to be president of the United States. Well it happened yesterday. Now. The context my friends is everything. Because this is why now even the liberal press corps. Are now demanding full transparency. And accountability. From Hillary Clinton regarding her health this is gone from the Internet. And talk radio. Right into the heart of the Clinton news network when CNN. Says you've got a health problems I ya ya I. If they're Pretoria and guard is no longer able to cover up for you you've got problems. Sunday morning. Before the memorial services. Hillary Clinton's doctor doctor Lisa Broderick. Came out and told the media that she had examined Hillary now listen to this. On Friday. And said that her coughing was related to allergies. It was allergy related coughing. Nothing more nothing less. Okay. Hillary Clinton. Several hours later. I attended the memorial service on the fifteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks right there at ground zero. It was by everybody's account two was there everybody. It was a mighty old day there was about eighty degrees 7980. Degrees very low humidity. In fact they said it was almost mother nature almost grace New York with a perfect day to hold a memorial service it was not hot. It was not humid it was not stifling. And he immediately eyebrows were raced because it was also a little bit overcast. Why was Hillary Clinton wearing sunglasses. No other politician wore sunglasses. Nobody at the memorial service wore sunglasses. It wasn't signing. According to multiple witnesses that were there are reported by the New York Post in New York Daily News the New York Times I've been reading the New York papers all morning. Because they have the best sources because they were there. Quote according to several sources. Hillary Clinton quote looks like she got up at 3 AM. And put on whatever was there. She looked horrible. I've been commenting on this now for weeks it's not sexism. She literally looks like she rolled out of bed something is wrong it's been going on for weeks. Now. There's something that all of you need to be aware of I eat. Because journalists know this just general public some do some don't just needs to be explained is this is why this controversy now. Has gone twit completely different by mention. The press corps now know it's they're being lied to. And they're being stonewalled. And manipulated. Okay there's a cover up they know it. When you covering presidential candidate and I've done this. There is what is called the press pool. Which is there's a gaggle of reporters you're just everybody picks on different dates you have to do it. Where you literally fall all the candidates every move the only place you don't go I'm not getting is about to. When big goal you stay outside why. 10:14. AM Hillary Clinton took a sip of Dunkin' Donuts coffee okay you have to literally have to report that. But 10:16 AM she hugged the little girl and said this. In other words so there's a transcript our record of what the candidate gave. All day for all the other reporters in the country to look at. Every candidate has that Scioscia had her pool of reporters. And yet nobody told them she was gone and. She was gone for an entire hour. Until somebody in the press corps and a pool noticed hey she's not at the memorial service. How come we weren't alerted how cold we weren't told. Because the press corps the pool to press pool they have to falling like I said except for the bathroom. Everywhere you go. Because at 9:58. AM. According to multiple sources. For knees began to buckle. Her body began to jerk. They then grabbed her. Her aides and and Secret Service agents and they pulled her out of the memorial service. She was then taken outside of the memorial service. And you can see it on video the video does not collide there's no getting around it now. You can go to wrko.com. Slash corner kick UH NER. Wrko.com. Slash corner kick UH NER and you can see the full video because then bystanders saw her. And they started to film her after cellphones. And they immediately noticed something is very seriously wrong she was waiting by the Kerr for the car to comment pick corrupt. Per niece again began to buckle. She began to lose control over her motor skills. Her right arm begins to jerk. Which even more frightening. Is one ever Schulze comes off her right foot. What's even more so frightening his her head goes completely back. It just gets completely jerked back she has no control over her neck. Then when the car pulls up. Her head then goes forward it's like flung forward. She collapsed. According to people that were there she said she clearly completely fainted and she completely collapsed. Per head is now literally just jerking back and forth and it's propped over forward. According to numerous witnesses who sought Dan quote the Secret Service then grabbed her. They Dan Porter into the car. Rumor in the backseat. Like quote a slab of beef unquote. She was out. She was completely. Out. The press corps was not notified. The press pool was not told. She then was driven to Chelsea's apartment she has won in the city closed body. Her campaign then listen to this then right away said she had overheated. That she was dehydrated. And overheated. It wasn't hot. It wasn't sunny. She didn't look like she had just simply had dehydration. It's obvious something worse was wrong. She then was taken to Chelsea's apartment. An hour later she comes out. Shaken. She looks very shaky they staged something with an eleven year old girl walking up sourcing argue woke me madam secretary are you okay. Hillary then grabs her hugs her. Wage. To the cameras. And says I'm feeling great. It's a beautiful day isn't it it's UCLA and. Thousands were at the memorial service. It was the anniversary of 9/11 to fifteenth anniversary. But she was saying it's a beautiful day in New York it's a beautiful day. Even the liberal reporters sent her comments were completely bizarre completely scripted. She was then pulled into another car. Driven an hour away at her mansion in Chappaqua. She is now holed up there. By the end of the afternoon for five hours then went by. Her doctor the same one that said she had chapter on Friday all she had were cold allergies. Then came out and said while I get checked her on Friday. Oops. She was diagnosed with pneumonia. And because she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She then became quote overheated and quote dehydrated and that's why she passed out. They are now in full damage control. Why did they not notify the pool of reporters. Why did they lie and say it was overheat and eggs or whatever exhaustion won it was clearly she had pneumonia. Why did her doctor claim early in the morning that it was all allergies and then later in the day after she completely collapsed on camera for the world to seek. Then suddenly it was pneumonia. They're lying. There completely covering up what's going on. It is sold bat. That even the dean of the liberal media himself. Com broke off from NBC. Haas they concede. She needs to release her full medical records and she needs to get tested by mural adjusts. Roll it Britain. Tom you have a favorite expression. Once the presidential campaign and use a phrase you oh. This is unforced scene essentially is what you need to be watcher but this is an unforeseen incidents appears to be. Nothing wrong. But. It also comes in the context and there's been a very vigorous. I campaign both about crumbled ground. By the Republicans raised questions about her health Rudy Giuliani has been on the air constantly saying why don't have any tracks but if you look at her you can tell that something isn't this just this morning. I had a rather detailed message from Republican who is inside. And he was raising questions about. The wells thing I don't know whether this is true but here are the incidents that were all watching so that's in play and we're already seeing today. These social media activity that is going to I think that she should go to a hospital. And Tim urologists. And get a clean report if there is if it's available to those of not something could be dealt with at her daughter's apartment. In the context of where we are. But we're all. Let me tell you all something book I'm. Let me be brutally honest with you like I'm in the confessional. I've had health issues since I was a little baby. In particular twice as a little baby I almost died from severe pneumonia. I think it's one of the reasons why Michael contract but let that goal. I have been plagued by lung issues I get lung infections I get pneumonia. Frequently. As an adult I get him frequently. I get and I get pneumonia either every year or every two years two years ago Brittany can testify. I had very serious pneumonia I've cited in the winter I tied it in the summer. I am I kidding I'm one of the world's leading experts on the mall yah because I've been having it since I was a little baby almost killed me as a baby. She does not have pneumonia. Dot isn't complete lie. I will stake my career and reputation on it I know pneumonia when I see it first of all. The cough that comes and emanates from the Mona iPod that cough. That's not the cough that she had on Monday on Labor Day. And ammonia cough is a deep call. It's like bronchitis. You can barely understand somebody when they speak. OK that's point number one point number two when you have pneumonia. Your doctor tells you ten days you're in bed don't even move. Don't even move. She didn't go see your heart should go to a hospital. She didn't go actually get forget her doctorate -- touch a Chappaqua. She dating go see an actual doctor and accusation if physicians positions at a medical center. She doesn't have pneumonia. I never passed out from pneumonia. Ever exactly be candid with you out of The Washington Times I used to write on deadline I had pneumonia summer and ammonia. Eventually I take time off but you don't you don't know what while you have it because you disuse fuel or we feel very tired. Fatigue is the overwhelming symptom. I don't I didn't lose control over my motor skills. My head is in jerking back and forth my head is it rolling around my neck with no muscle control whatsoever. That's not pneumonia. So the question is what does she have. And now the media can no longer cover it up. And so my question to you is this. What do you think she it's. Do you think she has pneumonia because I honestly don't let somebody's out of for much of my life very often that's not an ammonia. And let me ask you the ultimate question. Because as I'm speaking to you now this is why this may be now the issue of the election. Democrats are in such open panic over her health. There expression is Tim king is warming up in the bullpen. That's their expression. If she doesn't make it or she has to step down Tim Kaine while her running mate will have to become the nominee. Do you Torre ill health. Will Hillary Clinton may kicked all the way to November. Or do you think shall have to step aside that is the corner country poll question of the day. If you believe that yes she will make it. Then textile letter eight this six or 8680. If like me be she's so sick no way she's not too warm months she's not gonna make it Tomo member. You can vote. Online at wrko.com. All of your calls the. Today she couldn't walk at all Floyd did she need a doctor. Her country poll question of the day. Do you want to worry ill health. Will Hillary rotten even make kids to November to the election or will she be forced to step down. If you believe shall actually make get. In other words he had Jeff by Yorker by court shall be there on Election Day somehow. Then tax the latter day the 68680. If like me you think she's physically deteriorating so fast and so rapidly she is not gonna make it. In other words no tax the letter beat this 68680. Has always you can vote online at wrko.com. Brittany I know your sister what six months ago I believe she came down with pneumonia yes does Hillary look to you know what your sister. Now not at all not at all. This is just cough was like a bronchitis cough it was really deep and everything. But again the cough that Hillary as it's definitely. I just don't think it's ammonia personal. And you know I am about that stuff Mike Allen see it to believe it show me air X rays showing sex trees you have pneumonia. Yeah that's reverent when you have pneumonia you've got to do a battery of ex race you know because he belongs right and if she's got pneumonia shores the X rays up. That's how I feel. Do you think now she has to completely release are full medical records absolute. Absolutely do but do I think she's going to make it to November yes I don't think illnesses at a stop her she want that powers so bad. I'm just curious Brittany and I wanna ask the audience that's especially good doctors and nurses if you have time to call and what do you think chance. Aren't gonna I don't like symptoms what bush. I really don't know I could tell I couldn't tell if she tainted. Or are if she was having like a seizure almost looked because having a seizure see I'm not because a lot of people. Just came around turn their block trying to block the camera I watched that video a whole lot. Looks like she was either thinking. Portion is having a seizure where I mean you any features op. But then again I don't just trying to hold a rap soul I honestly don't know I don't I don't ask me I'm not an expert Aaron when he was I was just so I am looking. Her arm her leg that this sort of did the jerking mall but that the jerking movements in her body. Yeah I don't know she took its own right Choo coming off something is something is just very wrong and there's something else bring them a few spotted this take a look at the video again and ice are deliberate L I think they'll look at it two dozen times. On her right leg OK or on her pantsuit right leg. Jersey piece of metal. Metal aluminum I don't know what it is but it's clearly some kind of an object it falls out of her pants. Onto the floor you can see if you look at one of the shots clearly does something that fell out of her pants recollect. I don't know what that is. I did not see that but I I idol is I saw stuff on line on Twitter and everything's aim at something on a pocket and it looked I didn't see it. Well again. I don't now. 6172666868. Britney doesn't believe she has an ammonia I don't believe she has pneumonia. What do you think. All of your calls reaction. It's not all not very tough says she's overheated not not not enough she was dehydrated. I don't know it's the ammonia day. Just pneumonia I'm hoping this year. She's now canceled her West Coast trip she had a trip lined up some fund raisers for today and tomorrow. She says under doctor's orders she's going to be in Chappaqua resting in bed. With cool mobbed by her side every step of the way so she's gonna be Encarta needle. She's not going to be available for the next 48 hours 6172666868. Does Hillary have pneumonia do you buy that spin. And what do you think she has. Listen now to Donald Trump. When he was asked about Hillary's collapse. Literally her physical collapse. But then 91 at the 9/11 memorial site yesterday in New York roll it Britain. Well there's a you know was protesting because they say pneumonia and try to but she was coughing very very badly at a week ago and even before that if you remember this was in the first so. It's very interesting to see what is going on I guy wanted to get better I wanted to get out there I look forward to seeing her in the debate. I will say this will be scheduling you know if you look at my scheduling and compare to anybody else's schedule it is not a contest so. You know I I've found DC. The whole challenge to be very invigorating because you know it's about make America great again that's what would do to make America great again. You know. All of you out there. Do you remember Britney was it was two months ago maybe three months ago two months ago it's been such a campaign in LA LA Southern California. Do you remember when he went to give a speech. And he was blocked off by these La Raza protesters they were waving the Mexican flag and they wouldn't allow him to physically and her. The building so go around and I got out of his car humor that Brittany and epic climb barricades. And he had an ideal. It was much of that about a mile a mile and a half walk. Everybody in the comment eSATA pick that was easy and across the blotter that's right that's that that's on that lives and yeah. In this sweltering heat Southern California in this summer Indian parents humanity. No. Problem. When you catch them so what you want about the guy is bursting with energy I mean he's physically fit. But he seventies actually two years old buddies clearly physically fit her. She should get me get through speech. Issue and and seizure at that seizure everything would be jerking the times that the but the legs the feet everything. And all of the year and brown that your bank is Felix rain gear and be spying every law. Six once and those exit 6860. Days and hold broke Europe's first toy that they. HF I don't let them. I'd say yeah I got a few more questions that you are less I think he's doing a great job on the one you have. But the brits say it and that the audio ads that doctor's orders were bad bad rep. We're going to be more logic bolts that that bet that began on Friday the weekend now. Or days later. That's the first question right. This second pick pit if your ability are actually hit it it it's not you're not now. The second thing is if you add ammonia and awarded. The protocol be an end right where all the equipment. But what about but that they have EMC. On site. So anyone that feeling ill light edit whatever they let. Let's check out that erode a class a wire I did anyone had given her lap the water it back its units overheating which are what Maria shouldn't the shape. It's like 9:30 in the morning yeah. It. 79 degrees days lower humidity over it was overcast day. And what if you did you you're trying to we still don't want that respect me take docked here. Or he knew Bob long. How about how about that the other thing is the timing the spokesman. Was inaccurate the timing. The timing it's that one out a reverse of that one hour thirty minutes. Being app. Because that there early report what state police say that. Oh and on top and eight patent and not source that police officer that she arrived just. Or they bring the first cell that was a minute before which means it's just the unit report that. And in the Fox News reporter reported that she left. At 1030 and Eric reported by not an hour. That certain acts like any other thing with the we're talking about whether she collapsed or anywhere. Sure it's dropped that optical about that that period I think Britney out. Picked up on just propped up by eight when these are supposed barrier. Those couldn't awe and in you know holding Iraq. And she took the very first ever noticed that very urged that she took. The block in the back of it if you look back we're -- well actually she and her first couple of lights out like are the questions collapsed. Immediately. At a not a vacuum on the rapper big lag or rent and they weren't that it matched what the city and they choose wipe out in the band you know. Being completely collapsed Dave I wanna ask you and I wanna ask the audience that I'm giving you might reaction honestly from the heart okay from god. The first even the second time I saw the video. I was actually it was a bit scary. Way honestly the way your head. Jerked back which had no control over head. And then when they lift or are they proper presume to tell her knees are buckling she's got no control over more skills her her arms are jerking. And then her head just like falls forward. Analysts that it back you know I'm not and Hillary assembly actually watched that couple aren't I really felt badly hurt me Gina felt that there is going on you're right. Occur at what went awfully. That's why it's awful late and an app. What that would that ever urged that chip maker that she collapsed. I did feel that we're in the moment I don't wish any what any bill will. I achieved not do we prepare hurt Donald Trump who's how apparently. You know era gonna at a rate pace that you would expect that someone I headaches. I'm in the sixties you know I I arrived at like a couple of hours that day. They haven't read the week you know so indicate that it eight think that that help. That's that's the issue did you know it's not an age thing it's clearly nominal people their sixties and seventies turned phenomenal shape full of energy. You know other fit like you they bike and play tennis they swam. In fact they even need less sleep. Sold very able to put in 161820. Hour days even. No it's it's it's a fitness. It's funny and fitness she's just not healthy enough to be president. C and I remember I go back to the the FBI report it was sold banning. Where she admits now remember she suffered a severe concussion this is just what they've admitted. She suffered a severe concussion. With a major blood clot in her brain. That even Bill Clinton admitted she needed quote six months to recover that's what he set that's on record. And she's telling the FBI she can't remember. She's not maybe it's convenient to dodged questions but still she's claiming now she's got memory lapses and remember. The FBI said she told them under doctor's orders. She cannot work for more than several hours a day. The presidency is this it's it's it's 24 hours a day seven days a week 365. Days a year if you do it properly. You gotta be in top physical shape to be president. So she's not healthy enough to be president money even close look this is disqualifying. That's why they're trying to cover this up border they'll succeed Woolsey. Red shirt and often if I'm pronouncing it correctly New Hampshire go ahead Richard. Our ago lost round my balance. And different for every American Jews. It hit it dead girl. They very that the more vehicle. And the thing about men in the morning that that they extra effect straight. And they put me on anybody ought to true. Bacterial pneumonia. Now if they get her on antibiotics. She has bacterial pneumonia. She is contagious. So in other words achieved before you know which secret at that eleven year old girl felt like that I current bubbly very she got a gave her in the mall and a big right. Because if you have viral avoided it'll reveal it to buy article it don't work. It is not as you Kindle fire is assess a run its course. So I've just been myself here are. I didn't hear anything about her again and they teach ethics rate. And if she has antibiotics. That she has to bacterial she shouldn't be around people she. She should be dead because what I had no more yet I always had a low grade fever going. Yes. Rick I I believe me when I'm talk I feel like we're we're Brothers like some radical. Because I am going Alley I've got I've got viral pneumonia I've had bacterial pneumonia. I battle I believe me I'm the world's leading iPod it's so many frequent nights. I'm an expert on ammonia. She does not how have pneumonia I'm telling you. Allison in and by the way if she did. She has no business hugging anybody or touching that poor little girl or hugging or whatever because it's contagious it's infectious. That's one of the reasons why they put two and in a room for ten days Allison in bill rate cut go ahead Alice. On. My hat and it position and they were talking about the last night in. England and you what I'd. Had they would be your educated guess. I know you're not examining her like no they would be for sure but what would you say bet. Well I don't and that I would say that it's something cardiac relate it. And I really like Apollo said because. They're telling her own or how well. A heart patient and I couldn't buy a ROL. Actually caught. In any help. Out a lot like a and I. Agree. I think it. Me. Well. All. I'm. Saying about. Oh heart condition. Out. Alison. That's interest and look I gotta tell you grace who's not a doctor you know I'm not a doctor she's not a doctor or your husband is he's a position. Grace has been telling me in private there's something wrong with her heart. Grace has been telling me I think it's cardiac related. And she so wants power. And she so wants to be president. That they are willing to cover this up too just to get her elected. And I think I'll listen look it's clearly not an ammonia I mean I doubt I will stake my reputation on in fact Allison if what are your what are your husband your doctor husband say about the claim that she has pneumonia does he buy it does he believe it. Not while it. Is not. She worked. I area. You would not. Want our. Eight and part talk. And eat. My hat. Certainly a former anymore and I can't help. You medic. Yeah I mean Tom. I can't. Go to any out. And it didn't act it. Like fighting on our part. Which you. Can't act. A at a little. Bit. Are. High. Enough. It. We shall quarter let you know it ought. Interest and interest in Alison thank you very much for that call. Okay. Grace is texting me as well saying she's also convinced now it's parkinson's. So graces saying look it's either cardiac or. Parkinson's. And I got to tell you my wife honestly has phenomenal instincts fit nominal intuition. She's like almost a hundred out of 100. Gadget dispersants like Michael really sure most trust me I'm telling you is really. I mean Sheen almost and if my wife says it's not pneumonia it's not pneumonia 61720666868. Let me ask all of you this any nurses any doctors out there any medical experts health experts. What do you think Hillary. It's. And to the audience. Will this disqualify. Her will be forced her to step down. And if she does. Does this hurt. Or help trump 6172666868. Joel implemented thanks for holding go ahead Joseph. Not been that doc. Well Jill. I'm good brought it to medical two times and I'm Bob I got on I. That's pretty quickly. I want you heard expressions Monday and drag over the Spanish tried yes. He's going to be the first lot of history to actually literally be dragged going to be one party got on each act golf. Dragonheart down Pennsylvania Avenue. Number two and check out what everybody about what out of pocket is they happen a clip. This leads us to believe of the possibility of a collapsed on me gag which Ben explains that mysterious. One of the Barack Obama lied to eat meat what she couldn't come. They aren't aren't so open with local wants to be dragon and that must've bent the sweet. Welcome I'm not. And I don't explain why it took me anyway why she always gets can't groups. You cannot hide a collage to be back at us go to the spot I know might be pretty high. Which you can when you have a blaze wearing blazers will be. And actually yeah. When she. Barack and I would balk when it happened was that that that you wanted to go but doctors and at that Gary Bettman went whispered. Yeah. What do the wise I don't care. Are zero to ensure a George Sherry. Okay my friends. Hillary Clinton does she have a pneumonia if not what do you think she it's on my continue to take your calls. And the comment. Though political comment. That will sink her candidacy. She has her own version of Mitt Romney's 47%. Comment. My friends basically in a nutshell you're all a bunch you're racist bigots. That story. Your car. Oh OK my friends. Hillary clearly now physically she's got a major health crisis. The Democrats are in full panic if there is so much panic now there is open talk. There warming Tim came up in the bullpen literally. Her campaign is starting to calm all part physically. Personally and politically. And now with her collapse yesterday at the 9/11 memorial service. If she cannot make it Tim Kaine will have to become the official presidential nominee. And so the question is can she make it until November that is now the question. Can chief physically actually make it until November. This is a great text from 617 I wanna read it to everybody. Jeff I think Hillary is also a victim of the quote unquote Elvis effect August Elvis Presley again at. Whereby all those around her support her in spite ever illness. Just to keep the party going. They all have something to lose if Hillary can't go on in elvis' case he died. The entire coral that surrounded Elvis never try to help them. Instead they kept pushing him and pushing him to go Juan and ultimately his body quit. Interest and varied as I would save me be in team tennis. Look as an historian. I can just tell all of you this. Hillary is not the first two very sick candidate. Either be in nominee or god forbid she becomes president. Woodrow Wilson. When he was in the White House at the end of the second second term. Had aimed suffering massive stroke and heart attack he was he was he was completely debilitated. He was in his bag he could not function. And so his team covered it up. And they even had Wilson's wife forged his signature. On all sorts of bills that he signed and the wall. And they pulled this charade they pulled this on off for about a year. The last year of Wilson's tenure in office. And the American people for the most part did not know. FDR. Was a very sick man he was stricken with polio he was essentially crippled. He conducted might be spent most of his time in a wheelchair. The American people never knew it because the press covered up for him. And so for example when he would give a speech they would put him like in stilts. And they would prop him up. And you know his is a stage one would hold a right arm to get what all the left arm and he'd be standing giving a speech. But in fact he spent most of his time in a wheelchair. And at that time. Had the American people known he was in a wheelchair he never would have been elected or reelected he never would've been president. With the help of yet of his aides staffers and the press corps very liberal press or even then. They kept it secret from the American public. John F. Kennedy. JFK was very sick. In fact the press corps knew that he was sick even before he defeated Nixon. He suffered from Addison's disease. He had excruciating. Almost crippling lower back pain. And he was that essentially addicted to painkillers to opiates. And many historians say that a lot of the reasons for his erratic behavior is president. Was because she was often high on drugs. Because of all the pain killers he was taking. So this is nothing new about people who were so ambitious. That even if their body breaks down even if they have heart attacks or their crippled or update. They're hooked on painkillers they just keep going and going because it's an elixir. It's an aphrodisiac. Power is the ultimate addiction. And you can tell with Hillary. They can't live without it. It's all consuming for her and for bill. Now. She may have just made the biggest political mistake of this entire campaign. In other words. She spoke her mind. At a fund raiser. In front of multi millionaire. Donors from Wall Street and Hollywood celebrities. Hillary Clinton has trump put it ripped off her mask. She really. Revealed she unveiled. What we don't know but now it's been confirmed. What she and bill and frankly most liberals whether it be ended dishonest media or the Democratic Party. Really think about much of the country meaning you. What they really think about middle America meaning you. When trying to explain to these donors. Why trump is doing so well in the polls why it's neck and neck why her lead has evaporated. Why trump has been sold to me anxious. In just sticking next to her in the polls why she can't put him away. She said well you have to understand. How often this supporters. She good to be grossly generally escaped how from their supporters. In all you could put in which she called the basket of deplorable it's. Their race finished their big gifts their section lists they're homophobic. Jurors Lamo phobic. Asia Landers column. And the audience began cheering. Wildly. She just told everybody. What she thinks about half of trump supporters. Tens and tens of millions of Americans. Even shame that they're not even part of America. In her mind there you redeemable. Roll it Brittany. Be grossly. Generalist stick. It could put. Half of trump supporters and do what I called a basket of deplorable it's. Right. So race says sex says homophobic. Xenophobic anti. Islamic far ban you name it. But that other basket of people are people who feel the government has let them down. The economy. Has let them down. Nobody cares about them. I mean just I want you to think. Look at. Look at the arrogance. Look at the contempt. Look at the bigotry. That she holds. Towards essentially half the country. Because even the other half. Hooker she portrays them almost as losers. It's just fear it's anxiety. They're clinging to a whole third grasping its drugs. And in all Donald is just selling them snake a loyal. Could could could you possibly be that he's right on the wall. That he's right to secure the border. That he's right to call for renegotiating these trade deals. That he's right to talk about the loss of all these manufacturing jobs and and factories that have gone overseas. Could it possibly even he's right. That the economy has sucked for the last eight years it's been an absolute disaster. Could it possibly be when he says hey what's taking so long why are we allowing terrorists that come into our country and perpetrate atrocity after atrocity. Let's seal our borders and knock the hell out of vices that mean the country says yeah makes sense to me. So basically what she's saying is this. She's basically saying that. 253050. Million Americans are you redeemable he racists or bigots. How can she lead. How can she unify the country. You don't it was the very same media if you remember when McCain and Mitt Romney. When he said it all what did he say. He said that 47%. Of Americans rely on some kind of government assistance or they don't pay taxes. Which by the way was a 100% true. And so his argument to them was BC I say we should cut taxes and we should cut government spending. But that's not good will people about 47%. Because either they don't pay taxes. Or against the run unemployment or food stamps or whatever and it's section eight housing whatever it is. So they see us as a threat to their self interest. It's strong. And did turn this dish disqualified. Him. He wasn't able to lead us he wasn't able to unify us he just insulted half the country he's not fit to be president this completely disk delegitimize. Us and disqualifies them. Data hounded cam until the day you lost. She says something very different. You'll what's in people's hearts. What she's telling us is the country is full of bigots and racists. What she's telling us is that basically we have racist scum all over our country. And they happen to be quote unquote flyover country you see don't know what the beautiful people at that fund raiser mole. Well like a Hollywood celebrities. Not like the Goldman Sachs the big donors to multimillionaires. Aren't all you guys are great. Because your call Lauren and compassion. And have respect for. I in her shady. Which he sent. And I wanna be crystal clear about this. Brittany. Is a racist bigot. Lauro is a racist bigot. I am or racist bigot. And you all of you in the audience. You're nothing more than a bunch of racist bigoted homophobic is a slam off phobic xenophobia X com. He burst com. Now they try to walk it back on Saturday. It was kind of taken out of context it was the way she phrased that she said it twice. She then said it in an interview after the fund raiser she said it twice. Don't honestly don't discuss what she really thinks. I I appreciate the answer I appreciate that that the tender. I appreciate the honesty because that's what you people really think and honestly that's what CNN thinks. Let's go to New York Times thinks after the Boston Globe X. That's what Elizabeth Warren thinks. That's what they all really think. You're not gonna be my president. You hit me. If you hate the odd you think she hates you know. She literally were finals you. Now. If she wins by some miracle by hook or by crook if they steal it is now really at this point they can only win by stealing it there's no other way. We're gonna recognize her. How can we recognize there should just. She literally split on half the country. This comment. I have never even Obama for all of this since I know we said things very similar. But he doesn't say it's so crudely. He goes on about whites tend to be racist and their DNA. You know all the bitter cling errors they cling to their religion and their guns and their bibles yes we know what he means but if he gives himself full man. It'll cover a little wiggle room. He doesn't just make at least. They're locked or in his basket. I'm their races from her bigots under sharp social morals are hopeful Barack -- fall about. First some awful everything that's gone earning a Nazi scum. My act quite so explicit not quite so blunt. Not quite so necklace. I'm frankly not quite so. Cheap not quite so vulgar. Not quite so Arkansas white trash. Trump. He immediately. Capitalize upon the deplorable comment and I think cut a phenomenal lag roll it Brittany thanks. Deep into wealthy donors Hillary Clinton called tens of millions. America. It wouldn't happen drops of warriors into what I know. The race and sex says. On the holidays and a long day at a lump of all thank you and it's. You deplorable. And you know what's deplorable. Hillary Clinton viciously demonizing hard working. I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message. He's water. He's got her. So my question to use this I'm being really candid. Don't like him in the confessional. How can she truly now become our president. If you hate half the country and you've announced how you how much you hate. And vilify. And demonize half the country. How we're gonna support you. How can we even recognize you as the legitimate president of the United States. When you openly said. You despise us to your very core. She is I'm fit to be president of the United States. Her own words now in biter. She is unfit morally. She is unfit politically. And increasingly she's unfit physically. And my question to you was this. What is even more damaging. The fact that she so ill. Or the fact that she's so hateful and bigoted. Against her own people. 6172666868. All of your calls. Hobbs bit on the. 017 here on the ready WRKO. This is from 603. Jeff you can text us 68680. Jeff Hillary wasn't calling only trump supporters deplorable. She was speaking about anyone who wears a quote on quote he blew caller or makes less than seven figures a year. And now. It's what the elites think about the so called oil Polaroid. In all the rabble. And they hold us in utter contempt. Now Timmy. If Romney's 47%. Allegedly disqualified him. With this one she should be gone. I mean gone. Scott in Fort Myers, Florida go ahead Scott. I guess I don't want you honestly I'm glad I just wanna say I am a bit and are all the twentieth and dumb. She does no way she has them on. People are cop is way too dry for Monica. And committee just looking at our you know obviously from a distance but. I think it should be an untreated sleep apnea that she may have been treated for years and now on a campaign where she's not sleeping like a normal human being. And just sleeping in our she's probably on treating and we think all these leads to cardiac problems we direct our problems. That's what's causing her cough and I think that that wasn't ammonia and had a gadget which hit a likable episode because she probably has some sort of art dysfunction. That is being made worse because she's not should probably a bypass night beat up at night whatever. Whatever one she needs and that is causing her heart condition to exacerbate. Now Scott you've been in her she said for over twenty years correct. You why I'm just curious why do you think she has because grit my wife says the same thing there's something heart related. Cardiac related I'm just curious what makes you say that it. Well it's convenient cost more than anything else but I Kot is if from on is it. It up and feel like it's a real one problem. I'm not breathing correctly at night when you don't read correctly it and I used to operate. So therefore you auction donation drop and that is the heart problem because the article muscle doesn't get enough oxygen. Talking to work correctly and those problems get cut a compound over and over and over. So a lot of eight and you know I mean statistically if you really can get to a lot of people that just. I overnight. I'd attack. Because they have untreated sleep apnea. And that's where she is she doesn't treat sleep apnea by sweeping correctly. With the. Scott now what about her collapsing yesterday her head bobbing back and forth. That the jerky movements even her her arms her feet the loss of motor skills. Her sure even coming off. To sources there who witnesses saying Secret Service to run the backseat mature like a slap her there works like a slab of beef. I mean what do you think what's what's causing that. Diluted up. Scott can you hear army. Yes I am sorry about that or it's got the did you hear my question I am sorry okay what do you make of her collapsing yesterday. Her head bobbing back and forth horrific loss of motor skills will we can't hack it. I think she actually got. Likable episode it just chiefly. Because you've probably got some sort of heart murmur and when that happened. Let's not popping correctly the what do I get gonna bring you pass out. Ha I interest saying. Scott thank you very much for that call I appreciate it my friend. Publicist got 6172666868. OK in my France. What do you make of Hillary Clinton's deplorable comments. Can she be president after insulting half of the country. And if she told sick she collapsed yesterday is she too sick. Those stories. And should Jews vote for trump. Don't touch that but. 137. Here on the great WRKO. Though voice of boss then OK in my French lines are blazing. Getting get back to the phone lines shortly however. When I you know all the polls are tightening and tightening and tightening. And one of the key voting blocs this November. Will be American Jews. Americans of Jewish faith and the Jewish heritage. And who should they be voting for who will there be voting for who you know who who'll many of them vote for who should they vote for. Well joining us now to talk about this and other issues is a very special guest. He is David Reuben and he is the former mayor of Shiloh Israel. He is the founder and president of the Shiloh Israel children's fund. And he has written several books. Both of them really good but the second one published in October 20 down which really almost prophetic. It's called the Islamic tsunami. Israel and America in the age of Obama. Which boldly expose the danger to Israel America and Judeo Christian civilization. Posed by growing Islamic fundamentalism. And its alliance with the far secular left. I merit Rubin thank you so much for coming on the corner report. Well thank you do have that we would do. So our I'm just curious is set you born in Brooklyn you're an American citizen I know and you now live in Israel with your wife and your children. But as as an American who do you think. The old Jewish community in America should vote for when it comes down to Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton. Well I think the the most important thing is to look at the facts and yes yes I've been in Israel 24 years. But. I am still. An American citizen as well as an Israeli Citizens United I am proud to say so. And now as far as this election goes just let's look at the fact it would take one by one. And all in need to do is still listed a few of them. So that people really understand. Why are friends of Israel. Should be. Depending. With Donald Trump. And so it's like this. You know Donald Trump has. Come out strongly in favor of the United States recognizing. Jerusalem as Israel's capital. In Israel. All Israelis. All the Israelis. Look at Jerusalem is so capital you know we've been. You know note nobody questions. In the him for the Obama administration nobody questions. The right if Cuba. The name of that it's capital split when it comes to Israel somehow Jerusalem without potato. So trump this in favor of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital officially. Hillary Clinton is strongly against. Trumpets and favorable. Of allowing. Israel's government to to give permits. Two Jews to to build in Judy and Samaria which is after all it is Israel's historical. Heartland. And that's C area that much of the world calls the West Bank mistakenly. Could this misnomer. And Hillary Clinton is strongly against allowing Israeli. Israelis to. Lived in the areas that we re kept in 1967. In defense of war. Thirdly the Iran deal. Stroke is strongly against that Iran nuclear deal. And Hillary Clinton is strongly in favor. So I could go on and on clearly but I I think the most important. Is that what you will let the president your electing a packets. Not just selecting one individual. We note that. Donald Trump is not a perfect. Personality and neither is Hillary Clinton. Pollutants that I would venture is a much more problematic personality but putting the personalities aside. Look at who was around. These people. The these devices. The cabinet members play an important role. Hillary Clinton is surrounded by Muslims who. Who are against. Judeo Christian civilization. And then. Donald Trump is surrounded by people like Rudolph Giuliani. And Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich these of people who are. Lot of them brilliant. Analysts. The the foreign policy situation in the world's international situations specifically the Middle East. And this there'll strong friends of Israel. And it's clear that he'll be in the trump administration. The mayor Ruben. How many becoming huge historically. American Jews tend to vote democratic. 73. 7525. It depends on the election and depends on the candidate. Do you think in this election because you mentioned. Hillary's ties Saito who might have been deemed a Muslim Brotherhood per hostility towards Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. Her support for the disaster risky wrong nuclear deal. Do you think in this election we're gonna see a swing. Of more American Jews are voting for trump then they have for other Republican candidates in the past. Friend of Israel. Friends of Israel those those. American Jews and does that is that those those Americans. Four home. Israel and that the American relationship with Israel is an important. Priority. They're gonna go to trump. Because. You know the items that I mentioned isn't it the elements that I mentioned and and others and and other reasons. But let's put those Americans whose home. You say. You know the right to have unlimited abortions. Is more important. And America's relationship with Israel or America's. Ability to combat Islamic extremism. And then Islamic terrorism. Look for those people. It doesn't matter. You know what what Donald Trump say. Or who is advises are and it doesn't matter. You know whether it would Hillary Clinton is except accepting billions of dollars from. From Persian gulf Muslim countries and and dictators. That's so important to them is that in the boat that liberal knee jerk agenda. No matter what but with those American tunes really care about Israel and really care about Americans. America's freedoms. And preserving those freedoms against the onslaught of that is climates and on the that's that's looking to take over. Those those people wouldn't vote for trump and actually. We are talking with the mayor David Rubin he's the former mayor of Shiloh Israel he's also up. A very well respected author. Camaro Norah against that in terms of time but I want to ask you this question. I know not you're an American you were born in Brooklyn you're an American citizen however he spent now you live if you just spending some time in Israel but with your wife and your children. What is the feeling like what is the perception like in Israel what what are Israeli saying about the election. And in general are the Israelis. In Israel are they for trump or for Hillary. Well there there was a recent poll taken the most recent poll. In which 83% of Israelis do not believe that Hillary Clinton. Is its consistency friend of Israel. And I I think that. That speaks volumes. About what what do Israeli public police. The you know in the in the Israeli elections. Excuse me in the American elections American presidential elections. The result of of Americans Israelis is like myself. Who who boatload dual citizens and go to the American elections as well. The to vote. Went against Obama. Could buy and about 80%. American Israelis voted against. Obama voted into a group of Romney who. Wasn't great this friend of Israel but I think it trump will be much better. So. You know that would talking about people who who. Love America you know you have to have to understand it's you who moves from the United States to Israel. In almost every case doesn't move from the United States Israel because he doesn't look the United States. It comes it comes from. Strong feelings for Israel. And it's it's never negation of the United States and so so what I what I please vote them. Or I advise people always think they should vote in the American elections. I tell them you wanna vote for a candidate that's going to be good for Israel and good for America. And I believe very strongly in. Britain about this extensively. In my book such as the Islamic tsunami. And sparks from the science and others. Oh in in which I. I encouraged. People look to look at the full picture. And that is you know the United States' relationship with Israel. And strengthened him it's going to be good for America and not discuss interest. And you know in terms of the intelligence that the united its cadets from Israel. Israel is Israel that America is. Either in and voice here in the Middle East. A week with a he's the only real little tiny island of freedom. In the in the midst of Islamic extremism. And it is very important from Meredith has that choice here. We have been talking with the former mayor of Shiloh Israel David Rubin. He's also a very well published author. David before that you go is there a website people can go to to get more information. Absolutely there are two web sites encourage people to write them down. It is the web site took to get more information about my five books. Soon to be five books and since I. Is David Rubin Israel. Dot com David Rubin and that's our UPI and David Rubin Israel dot com. And for those who want to. Get on board with Shiloh Israel children's fund. Should go to the web site. Shy low as states are elites so I Lowe is real. Children. Dot org site Hulu is ill children dot org and they can find out what we're doing for the terror victims children here in Israel. David keep up the good fight buddy and thank you so much for coming on the corner report states say Brent. God bless you 6172666868. OK in my France. Look it's pretty obvious if you'll love Israel. And you want Jewish civilization to survive and thrive. There's only one candidate and that's Donald. More your calls the question before the hoax. Hillary's deplorable comments. She now says basically half the country you can put in a basket of deplorable stuff. There racists bigots homo folds as Lama folds sexist you name it what's worse. Her showing this kind of unequivocal bigotry and contempt. For half of America. Or at the fact that she's so sick she may not even make it until the election in November. My friends I wanna hear from you 6172666868. Mort your calls next. 155. Here on the break WRK. Oh OK my friends. Why is she alive. This is the question now even the liberal press corps is answering. Why did she lie about having pneumonia if she does have a I don't believe she does. And no it's. First serious health issue that's been made public. And already her first instinct is the lying lying lying. 6172666868. Is the number. This is from 978 Jeff. Coming from crooked Hillary and then but I'll take it as a compliment. Deplorable lead proud not gonna say the same thing. You go to call mayor ray says the sexes as lamb for Obama fall. Coming from you Hillary and I'm a deplorable. I Wear it as a badge of honor. Jay in Lincoln mask go ahead Jake. Jeff I have a name for her campaign it's going to be Hillary. The apocalypse the zombie apocalypse. Who survives state owned. We don't. The other thing you were asked a question we'll see you will she stepped out sure let's step down it would or wouldn't stake through our literature not. Because according to Cokie Roberts. You know she's a big Hillary supporter she always she's often on ABC. Are Hillary now and and sorry Cokie Roberts in an interview on NPR this morning said she's been talking a whole lot of democratic operatives. They are whispering. She may step aside and Tim Kaine made comment to be the nominee. Because she's just not healthy she's just too sick to make it to November. Jay you think she's no matter what it. He finishes up dead she's gonna stick it out until November. If I was Tim Kaine I have some real start my car start now. Interest. Not out there one other thing we don't have a chance and that's why I'm really looking forward to seeing you Saturday. Over you know Foxboro. I heard about I don't know her article as ordered to it's what you though that it meeting you're gonna have shattered it helped trump get elected. All thank you thank you very much JES were having a major conference. Where are we talking about the Second Amendment immigration national security but where have major panels on trump. Can he win in new England and can he win nationally. Dennis Michael lynch will be there of course all be their doctor grace will be there. Jeff deal Hawley wrote Borchard it's gonna be a who's who of conservatives. We're gonna have almost a daylong conference and 930 til three. It's gonna be at the box Borough hall they in inbox Berle. This Saturday. So if you wanna join my friends please and is planning a space left. All you need to do is go to the Boston broadside dot com or sponsoring the conference. I'm gonna be the master of ceremonies. Boston broadside dot com. Corner country I hoped to see all of you care it's gonna be an incredible event. George in Bridgewater go ahead George. A couple of thoughts on delusional as ever there's a prelude we will have a great two locals. It's I German pretty good company. Anywhere via. I think should but one possible cars are quote torture going on here is yet. They ripped me up. It would mean a reference. Each and I cried as an ever since China the program national I euphemism for a question or that's about to happen. And or she should something like that some sort of it's a cerebral important implication. If that's the case. If if it's if it's about George I don't doubt you could be that. She's covering damage. And she's mentally impaired she has no business going anywhere near 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue. My friends we waited all week for Sunday night. For the New England Patriots. And you're not gonna believe what happened don't touch that guy.