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Sound Off 9-11-16

Sep 11, 2016|

Sound off features 3 generations of our Military Combat Veterans and each are prominent in the local Veteran / Military community.

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Welcome to sound out. They show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. With a less than point 5% US population actively serving in the military itself. Veteran prescribe. In Massachusetts. Good afternoon everyone okay. It's not my cohost on the field very well into the show it's just John and I today so when I was pretty pretty good one gone back and forth I think. A lot of things coming up on the show when introduced. Michael Bush John jones'. Vietnam are veteran whose marine. And he served as these. Fashions Asian and the towns in Natick and you'll end and now is involved with. A nonprofit called home of the brave and is also The American Legion post 440 commander oh in Newton-John and I don't want to. Want to own great afternoon again I have petroleum. Each world through new be sharing the stewed your way through to the neutral who store today you and you know what to do Scott also removes a zero PM outraged veteran have done you'll. I feel great Sean you know off also I feel great. Since the start of football season on the cartoon you know Burton one of the best weakens the you know it's. It's hard to watch TV when it's myself but you know love love football season what would have brings the best for it. I love it. You know when you are a more it would dealer dunes to coach the pop one or two and so do neutered for a full twelve through to muse Lovett. In no. I got upset out of the spouse we could go sit and had subway you know towards Boston College put George should check over there room Dublin Ireland the slow. Now tonight I can't wait to see what's gonna happen with the patriots you know they come and on of Peter Clarke recruited him. Really looking forward to a. There's definitely going to be 11 heck of an interest in joining me you know this is only vote Tom Brady suspended and Jimmy drop world felon informed soul stars on the patriots have been six point underdogs tomorrow and a long time you know. Who employment talked to you were doing in new quarterback or proposals on. Accused of first time in I don't know how many years. A load the patriots have got those starting quarterback are cobbled them. 200. And knows 2008 season when when Tom Brady plug his name nobody Castro but that doesn't quite cal job because he stopped acting and two in the right no good and should do so. You're in a computer room who cooled. Well I mean you know war. Know what was the quarterback brief corporate. Drew Bledsoe and Drew Bledsoe what we can do include student. It goes back and way way Derek true war mill or open quotes when quarterback was scoreless. Slow Enron sold vacuum it gives console like Iowa 9293. I think you have to puts on 93. So yeah and what. Nominee NFL teams can say that you look at that the Cleveland Browns lose to Miami Dolphins along. No probably twenty something starting quarterbacks in that time. Well if it's going to be central soon go up against the clock too soon. The seal the council boom hopefully good defense is gonna carried on them. Then it. Offense womb. These serviceable. Room. That's what's normal before Malone but you know today is on September 11. And that's the mile the fifteenth anniversary. Of September oh are 2001. I wanna get them up I wanna Kona. Transition from you know we talk about the patriots along a road you know a couple of sports on. I think there's a lot of comparisons to us now is sports team operates and how the military operates especially football team work. You know they are only issue on his weakest link things like. President Harry Truman said he he would only employ people that either played. Police exports or were veterans. Because he thought that that's what part leadership and in teamwork who would those two. Vocations. But you know here in New England. 2001 was the beginning of the Tom Brady. When the patriots won their first super mobile they've now had six more appearances in and in fifteen years and have one for a home. You know and we get we've got to watch the best quarterback of all time Tom Brady and you only get to September 11 thoughts a little bit later but. Point you know you think kimbo February 2000 into one patriots won you know one possible for the 2001 season. For the halftime show you two played. I'm probably one of the best halftime shows and you know they had names of of Vick thumbs. You know on the screen behind them. Patriots won the Super Bowl and Robert Kraft famously said Leo today you know this year where we're all patriots. You know they changed the logo and everything that you people are afraid for security reasons that the you know. How could they they have the Super Bowl after after September 11 you know was at a target. You know I was in New Orleans so. You know I hear. You know I wanna get back to our house you know sports tennis. You know it it goes overall you know everything. You know and and I think in the window and you know certainly felt good enough and I remember. I was in high school and you know you know I had the a little sick that I have I was able to make the Boston for the parade. You know it was like ten degrees out and and no I think a million people went in the same thing that security fears about that we ought to get searched and their analysts. It was the beginning of the new normal that we now face today and you know. It's kind of a whirlwind all that anyone and it it it. It goes along with sports and in reality and you know sports is you know it's one thing but you know. At that you know I think he gets us out of battery you know reality bullet yet sometimes accept suspect and because those home and biggest memories of of that that time you know and there and it's funny one of the one of the things patriots of mobile and so you wanna get your thoughts there John. Well I could to pretty much settled all or go to them and I think I think their love for sports. It's a tree and sundin playing it and they're perfect where'd you want to help you. Train. If you go in the military you hope you trolling for a it and a you know I can't quote what you Truman but I think we're kind of fun. Channel when couples should something about the playing field Slovak. What's point in the Naval Academy you zillow weir wrote we do so I'm married and so that's a good thing. And then in terms of the public. What you have a sport and great I mean what torrent more Awad told me no one of the U athletes want to open the military. But preschool continued. Sports but he had a blood thicker guys playing with one I'm in baseball. The end the public to me and the boot. Many either not only to me under the but they needed the help them do and won't until. Something that helps ball and you win and commuter Gelb or rim when you. You know. Even though you were sick and couldn't make it to school you'll get found those stripes to great applause the have a parade that tells a slump when your. It shoals was so strong that appeal for sports loose in the fact that you would march you know go to war pro worried. Then Tom way to print from period to march inquiries from the military or you're an owner and and coat the stick it's a crazy. Timing and in my lifetime look. Boston and never won anything Royce. The only thing at all I mean at 186. Celtics have won you know May Day protest. Basketball team at all time but you know I can remember I was you know we year old two years old. But you know that to have a sixteen year to row with the patriots on suitable for the patriots all teams which are the global losers for so long run you know and and because now we're sitting here. You know what is it you know nine championships later. Oh with a net span of fifteen years you know what we went. When nothing for sixteen and now we have 915. Now and we had a bunch of other appearances in the finals of this unbelievable. Let them go in the Red Sox. Whom mistress. Funeral song written surreal news flotilla that is fifteen you know you can't come close and you wouldn't made it you know want to. Mean look at the payouts made to. Through Super Bowl we will play them on through Chicago brings some good killed. Owned by. You know what are you got to do to get up there than men. Women shore up the you have injury in Australia booster on the opening growth ward told. But you know food tool for Olson told me I mean what a time and that is barb Graff said they were all pretty treats them. You know and you know I always say tyrants Oxfam but the that the Yankees Mitt World Series that year. So you're you're talking about November the hill. You know for October. But you know home a month after you know and in baseball had stopped schemes for September 11 in football it's missed a week still. You know present security issues and everything else going on. And don't. Yeah you I was kind of sit and have been like enough. Kind of want to yankees to win right now because you know how great without B series title morneau later I mean it was so raw. And the Yankees did lose and I was an incredible World Series to go to the Diamondbacks. And but you don't sit and as a Red Sox fan you know kind of account alarm went in and misses two years before you know the well three years before. Varitek punched they are on the face and you know everything that happened in 2003 and heartbreak offered you know Aaron Boone's battle for the Tim Wakefield pitched. You know in 2003 in the American League Championship Series and then. 2004. And that whole whirlwind and let's just crazy to think of them. Now the trumpet and then again who is that it was sitting here today to talk to a ball that and you can see how would. Galvanized. The call wolf galvanized this morning gloom and to a large extent the country I mean import a lot of formed a Joba. And then look at let me know. Duck boat. Tool I'm worried what Obama. When what she's gets off right of the new Boston Marathon to a finish line and all I mean that you. The of the word exploits. Them. I'm society become extra double ring true it's just something that some and. Shouldn't that's a great point too because yup they'll only at the Boston Marathon moment. Note to us through once came with the Celtics were on the road the Bruins had a home game. Two or three days later and that's when. You know they started to sing the National Anthem and the crowd took over in the crowd sang the national at all. You know and again now it was still drawn people are talent security concerns the boost the suspects are still large the appointment. And yeah he had yet the whole crowd sing our National Anthem you know humans Boston's strong retrieve my own bold goal whim. To a large extent the nations will go down I think in real easy the president would soon make reference to you know and yeah you got the suit the Bruins went to the Stanley Cup here and the city needed it and on the Red Sox won and won the World Series and one team that really had no business. When and how fruits yeah it's true. You know and I just kind of do what they want him perfect Boston fashion of hard work and gritty nests and timely hitting and you know everything the city kind of needed at that time. You know a lot of the players you know obviously these guys don't grow up in western you know Coldplay for the Red Sox a minute that's. That not everyone is little more Maloney where they drop in framing down and play for the rest of us. Mean he's in have these guys from other. Other parts of the country needed it. Dave Ortiz is Dominican any Stella they yell about the size city you know but they it they had relatives or close to the finish line that day and they played. The game just a couple of hours earlier you know. A 150 meters away practically. So I think those guys took it personally and I go like I don't really believe in that sort of stuff. But you know like I think those events did that help propel the team. In a room. Presume home. To go to our growth split Crusoe is not true true far afield to. What apple. Sports figure who's running for political office. And yeah I was really whip. It's the space Smith and goal lead is running in for more on Playboy William floor room attempts. Governor yeah. I hate it but it's so stupid you know. You know I love sports figures yup Tom Brady era the president horrible formed a human being as a cripple an. And on line and in all reality I mean I want leaders that are intelligent. Which lost four tablets and ought to. You know I I want people that. That that are diplomatic that data well versed that are experienced. I income student who can relate to the people are going to run through professional athlete your pin and put you right who is the us is not the same immune. If if you could for a couple years and then went went into the private sector or or or or even government or nonprofit work and then gain some experience that way that that's one thing. But yet a vote to go straight from. From. You know either acting or horse sports playing straight and says. And tool and public office I do have a concern with a let us that I mean I'm more. Monsanto on all the you know career politicians running politely on one experience and and and thoughtful and well educated. You know people running the country quite frankly book you know what are your thoughts on. Small bloom pretty much are you agree with you always want to play I don't I don't entirely rule won't Mueller minimum we're talking about backgrounds and sports reduce and stop what agreements that become a bold. All. One rated him for a school and soon Reitman who's hood act overrun. WW Glenn became governor he worked his way you do toward Google wouldn't he have been active when he was. America. And then there's so few people. I'm trying to think that would slow wide receiver for. So you battle one on. 21 on two world incumbent congressmen. And does it feel good if you could've done much. In my name's Bill Bradley was a big one young pilot credential for the national and a and then going to protect suddenly ran for vice president yup brilliant don't do so highway YouTube to your individual dynastic forgetting that. You know. You're buying. Put call me skeptical I don't know trustee NCAA and at that education and these are getting in the coming out of college. But I just couldn't we go to over the week and routing to go don't we experienced man running for government run them but the government spokesman and remove them. You know soul and and as we talked a bold spore would soon relationships. Who but Russ the society of the rituals made me thinkable. I mean. If you've seen athletes out afterwards do some amazing things and then even just. You know fresh off memory is few tech Derek Jeter started started this whole law it. Where it's you know like the athletes form when that whoever athlete can control on and just talk on filtered they don't want it all the press twisting her words and you know it's become pretty popular for a place to make announcements on his side. You know if that's not equate getting himself ready for politics but you know it is its interest in the CO some of these guys line themselves up. You know for for opportunities after the fact you know more more than just putting their name on something. No actual actual work. Who gets caught a Derek Jeter's things public place Tribune and you know even Ortiz used it you to announce his retirement so. You know it's it is an inch thing knowing what you saw. Something that you thought was a problem. You know I always hear players complain about them that they're misquoted or out of context in place that's was attacked his of his your way to do it is your Foreman. Human animal and in turn makes money off you know it's it's extremely popular. You know can you imagine someone would be routes running for Roth for us I mean it was one of those. At that point in time. The best baseball player of the war so we do so terrific coach that's always stuff out of off. And then he became a terrific Hilda. But the socially guy that would take you to excessively. Drunk success avoid. Maybe you would give Michael. Zero regular elbow by him put an Obama. And you know he was great treat kids act and the could tickle you. You know. Kids that were often choose them things like bill until a lot of really good things but a moment sure you would want to have him as you'll we. I don't think you would the patients who have experience award of. Yeah I think you would think cannot Steve large and almost leave large chunks of our receivers feel feel well. Exactly who's a congressman from Oklahoma Europe for eight years. You know when you know Jack has just come from Buffalo Bills up he he he was they won. Nine time congressman. You know it is as pretty interest thing and you know there has been a lot of talk both operating. You know he was invited to it does the union by President Bush and it actually stunned the stated union. 01 year and but then in 2014 he skipped the trip to see President Obama. And then people criticize them you know maybe it was something about politics I humorless. Well years ago. When few jokes. Bowden and quarterback firm to work through reduced the Wilson moved to do. And which. Peace bill when you what's truly important. Football. He was banking boom while running for political office. And it'd probably go back to California. Adored but bill was one of them including spectrum that he was going commando solo home. And I mean he does seem certainly. Intelligent enough all of you know who is press conferences are. Are are pretty good I do not send out that qualifies them for the health of the nuclear suitcase you know complex you know it is a that it is the start police seems to be friends with whom trump Doolittle who loves the other thing I had to get them make him so great again who. And natural thing is great so I thought on this house and trump. Well wounds maybe go Bruins some type of approved solution for Brady do women Briggs swept through renewing calls who have fought you and they just transcend their reads beautiful forward yes you know with secretary of. Arab culture or some point that's well. Connolly scoring. Lugo and I when stuff they don't want who's died of heart health may mean. Can be potential put them in charge from sports to appeal will petroleum whom Paul McNamee Graham. All right I think a quick break you know idealists and the sound off on the Buick LA and succeeded was to Boston yeah. These. To me yeah. I mean. But we handle. Rolling. Well. Yeah. Yeah. Six. You know. Movement. But we convinced me. And. Hey it's. Welcome back to sound off on helpful wants on my whole host on filtering we just heard we fall down by time Klecko and funding came all around September 11 2000 wanted. Being today in September 11 2016. We want to reflect a little bit on fifteenth anniversary. On September 11 so you know John this is the really good. Now one moment of recent memory where everyone knows what do they don't have the exact moment when I found out salon. What we you don't job. Well Toyota. That time I was weren't against the drug considerably slow folks in need. It and I'd woods giving dressed. In it and them more money in an idea of the TV you'll want to and shall. And the chilled the sport even. Crashing in true boom one of the the buildings one of the towels. And I was shocked an article on how old you know how could that happen was missile malfunctioned. What would cause cuts will corrupt. Nova they'll vote thinking that it would lose a terrorist activity. Then I got my car and driving. To work. And I hear on the radio and build a novel. Plane that crashed in two. To be yelled look now and at that point in time. I am. Realized or we side to side of the posts and some type of book terrorist activity but you couldn't. Quite grasp. What was happening. In and won a huge. Got to work. The good to be on it and it went down the hallway. Watched bowl full bloom. And original course was far fared. But. Again I had trouble grasping this and I was striking. How far were terrorists that I read the pilots. Fly you and to the building because replied Leo from the pilot. We'll you can rubles points a mark Goldman Goldman and wait. Crash into the into the robot but a month go a little old mean tool. All these people I mean for you gonna die and I'm gonna die and what one article one global ripple. What did you find old. And the pilots would fly and if these terrorists would. Received. Slum of recent minimal. Flight training. Ended Coleman do the point. In the agreements whole thing is we've kept the ball when. Then there Tuesday. What the day trip we've been off for us to war on the hallway I didn't want to put two billion new look and of people whom. New album pub if the buildings coming down pool helpful would've thought of I I couldn't. Who's just something you couldn't travel and watching. These people just whom horror of graduating year and then. We'll swing to be not. That casualties from the police from the fire but we're really should it was just boom. I don't know couldn't rep months soulful wild oats and then the Pentagon. To its attack and then finally you had some people won't fighting or condone the playing corrosion and the field in Pennsylvania put. Again by that point in time people were becoming what we do it for. There was a conservative terrorists activity human. I don't know when real we duffel we changed. World. But I mean everyone says that it's kind of you know the JFK assassination. A moment for fair you know the younger generation. Or whatever but. Who were pulled you'll you wound were you one school with that time of the high school. Well on that's where you couldn't really get sick in February Lou patriots size and high school in the United States and its stupid. Knee jerk reaction of many public schools of policy is not tell anyone. You know and and so we were hearing it you know kind of as rumors. Speculation. You know some kids Ritalin to go on and get on the Internet and look it up there. And it you know it the justice who they would like real phones then you know as you know people highly. PGAs and stuff that wasn't it wasn't like it is now some people aren't really able to figure out. That you know we're hearing the rumors and I'm in class. And teachers like oh we don't really know what's going on board you know couple planes have hit the Twin Towers we don't know anything about it Mike Oka a lot doesn't really sound right and then. Yea he Gagnon hearing rumors for a couple hours here now and then the principal finally came on it you know one or two when he afternoon that point. Most everything happened. You know we didn't know at the time that was everything by. You know that got dot sort update so. It was very murky and arm meanwhile back on. Kind of annoyed by it. Just I mean Alex who think it's a polar reaction what mortal boat load. And sooner or just put but don't moon probes of bush woods. I think you would some techs and someone sure there was some place who's the most trouble and a few lawyers and a school and they would do one reading his fool to abstinence and it came in and then told that was an innocent IndyCar. Yeah part of Massachusetts for momentum room congressman who. You know. You know it's funny at that point. You know for me it's like holy crap worldwide. And holy crap on seventeen and I'm like I'm going to war it's kind of how I thought about it. You know to mail out to actually get to or by you know. I remember just thinking that was that that was gonna change violate beacons and I felt you know region that are that are Wendell pulse the multnomah. You know want to go and skins and boys and all that sort of stuff you know I don't the initial. The initial reaction you have. Solid you know for me to do it it was because I saw people go straight to the military to do deployed and that sort of stuff I want to college first and but in Ohio I want a new I want to serve our product before that ever happened it was a it was a man but then when it happened I know. Knew who moon that we deal one of swung wrong and you know. It is that's the other thing that I'm kind of reminded of his I was in Afghanistan for a ten year anniversary duke and so we already killed a lot and but only a couple months before him in law was killed ninety. And then you know I'm sick and and Afghanistan in September 11 2011 and like well. Who would've thought you know we'd still be here and quite frankly learning close to winning display it was it was not a Washington. I mean we were winning but it was it was fragile at best. You know it was a little surreal would be there at that point. You know lines ice I sit here now on ethnic while we Lou we still of people on our southern border tore Iraq. You know when Syria and you know ha how the world has changed. You know I think Seles and our biggest fears are starting to come true where there's cyst. Terrorist violence and all parts of the world. You know on defenseless people and you know I think is certainly at least when I was in. Afghanistan a fellow men but I always forget to fight these people on their turf not Apple's. And you know kind of feel it now or fight in my own toes so it's not that it's tough. And when you know warm cup what consume. Over the weekend them. Are you heard so more and slow and good today. In the history books nine elevenths and I construed books that it's fifty news and it's truly inspired silence them. And it's you know in our two street books I mean that's a big thing. We'll there there are no people in high school. Milan I believe at this year's high school freshman. We're not even born when September 11 happened to him so understandable that the up a brief moment. You know who's who will swing is a result of slower and we you have pulled smile and a woman veterans who know one. So in a big grown up mostly through. And that's a noble thing when we portable pools human world from veterans who have the remote Peruvian young conference. Who all of a sudden onslaught mood experience posttraumatic stress whose slew result of seasonal stuff has come on back to blog Obama. Police across footers to us. And then. I think a bunch of club Vietnam throats and we're looking for pay go back here one of Floyd told joy in the military and you know book. Who am I know that's how I want to feel now. I don't know mostly gave those memberships across for the milk autos real William should court court you know we weren't going reports. But you know it's funny you bring that up I mean. If September 11 doesn't happen when it looked like not doing sound off the joining manly thing and among my own life I mean. I I went to grad school. Because because of the military because of he had. You know and that a planned home because of the the he obviously I treatment. Because of the army now won all over the country who you know all I want him wheezing in the first time and thought. Smith saw horses that would freeze up without a strange and you know it brought me to Europe Africa and Asia. You know completely changed my whole. Worldview one in perspective because. I never really seen Third World while loading at the C it would work with the military. You know just completely different mindset. I was able to get from the military basic training and the grateful messiah out for everything and but you know it took it you know for me and on that opinion whole career and you know here I am talking we wonder radio talk about post nine elevenths veterans all time. We you know they got within minutes and it's not just me and in his there's millions of my Brothers and sisters are opposed final of veterans and you know still either you know summer driving some are struggling but you know it's all because of that one about them you know we're talking all right now fifteen years ago. Don't want to open a point to point Luke Carlin was was the mood talking a bold deployed some super glue and who moved brings hoops we put. You know. I thank the people you've met also will burden and the guards who men and women who served with a good things that you've learned from them. Two from different consulate country you're come ago balloon. Did different view points to. Create a global accord bill. I'm so much knowledge right I mean wants or solemn mass transit could be most of my best friends are people that I served with. People are pro or never met otherwise. And you know that that that connection you have with someone. That you deployed was there served was is like a match try to equate it to people that. You know I fuel union actually it would have roommates and live with someone and that closer connection tool. Well deploying with someone like that next step up because you're working one of them little while I'm doing everything of them here and stress you know -- worst days. Our our Wear them that's me your best days and I I still stand helped a lot of them on and then I and uncle to a bunch of children now that did not exist. You know. Federal under the age seven. You know and now it's like that you know. Boone Cairo and who was sort of in. Princeton school related to mine one of when Brooke. We'll look at me out of on one person's. Response to loosen its fuel and all but you've gone through some resolve them and what went in today. 10 please you don't you continue to help for a trans am I for excuse to some really good community service. Work with for veterans would go border slam and you get local courts ought would total order so hustler darkness would vote for the right but I Alley totally loves I don't. Slow and I read your guys school all your help people little room the domain of two great YouTube and Barack's uncle and the perhaps might not have happened so you've. Certainly when that happened you know we were level launch officials voters put people I deployed way. And still want to have that feeling of deploying and hoping people. You know so it's funny when one of my friends from from the army says. You know now learning arming you know I think some days he's like but. I have my worst is in my life have been in the army but also the bust is my life than any army and I think I'll populace have in the military to say that. You'll enough perspective is is is totally different. You know because the military and you don't. You know when and a and a positive light on trying to say September 11 you know what's positive Obama tries it out but you know I sit here and reflect on on on my life. You know nearly half mile life has been after nine elevenths. And the ways it's changed and people I've met enough. The good bad and an ugly and in between a lot to do with that moment. You know and another a lot of people looked at some some trial listening. Have have the same exact story. You know so. So that there is something amazing level you know you know we talked and for a segment on sports unifies us it's like. Yeah you know new and New England Patriots football you know unites people unknowingly and could be you know our Republican and Democrat can get get together because they will put Tom Brady. Well you know he's sailing wind that fuel and and and new Yorker Baltimore art. On you know. Jacksonville or whatever but don't you know yet someone attacks America everyone's kind of one doesn't matter. And on you know I think you see people from all walks of life. You know poor or rich black YE. Doesn't matter I think you know you saw a lot of people that that they had the the call in and you know I think. And for me I wanted to be able to stole my grandkids are my children whatever that. You know when they rentable September 11 and and history books and they can know that I you know I stepped up tonight and that going on Afghanistan. And you know as direct coalition there and you know like you know I did something and I think this'll other people's goto. Good slump and not only when you're deployed put you've been to warn some consultants and come back and I think you've ruined helped a lot of people. Trial sought over a six billion to go along the mass threats of bars or open them food scare the and axles the different from the foods were come with a three years ago. Hope really chilled to people when news and took them Bruno food's food and again and so threats of veterans with a lot of salute the record and so but and number really good things well thanks shots. Awfully kind media and on my car slid oh out of or out of character so I'm general remarks and is subject matter of oh you don't. You didn't know to me is the drug considerable saw officer wrote the time and you have deployed a watch and people. And meet people after the great deployed and come back with book. Some old but different sort of problems from the Vietnam trucks and you know trying to help people. You don't really good shots than them. You know guys who want it to be we salon for some spoke woo more readable from posttraumatic strokes and how would you like about. Fiancee your point guard commitments are in the do you have some problems and once the view we slump for so Barbie girls wanna do treatment for feel good. Won't help fuel probe on from duke in the job. Because Vietnam vets coming though you know it did really a reporting the for a slew. One minute you bring up a great point. Yelling you know given the perspective of someone who was that he uses of the plane by a home. You know the lawless Vietnam veterans that you know they knew what was common. I don't they probably knew better than anyone. What we're going to be experiencing. Because you know they had bill would guerrilla warfare. To some most of America America of this terrorism was. Was a new thing. You know we kind of just was just something that happened in Israel and and you know. Across the ocean. Vietnam veterans they knew the tactics they they Sorrell listen Vietnam. You know and and now we're sending troops overseas at I think they know. So they they knew that perspective and and they knew the perspective of what all these Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are gonna feel when they came home. Merom they knew better than anyone else similar also and they stepped up and and and really helped us. And I know I think that's what makes people people wanna go early GA people wanna go to that senators people wanna talk show because the Vietnam veterans were there. You know I don't say it was a big guy told you so Boehner and McConnell was because that date I I think they knew Tesco is what. Laws we had instill in terms of of service members and and we owed a great bond deal of gratitude and that's of the Vietnam veterans. Arm for stepping up and accepting us as veterans and and his Brothers and sisters. Well thank you know I'm not open I wanna point know who's the civilian population. Boom I think there woods who's definitely. Reese bull months. By the armed civilians. To the military's don't wasn't to draw over Vietnam. And you know one thing I remember rules. Are you have owned. Some foreign Sulu married couple. And one took them quit school and high school with a woman I'm on both grown in the Marine Corps and they won't go pro choice than the war armor and Scully about all the little timer. No irritants usually don't they may have Sloan whose Smart book with the Marine Corps. And they're coming to maybe to try and get inflammation. And you know what I do clients can win. You know him. In a state of anxiety over do Sloan and what are apostle we start the peace slump. Quote meetings. For room parents and relatives who have goals from the military so we'll the big support groups and and people stay out of some of them. So you know fool being supplies over to renewal of veterans didn't seem to veto. So what are realized who's who put country. Foreign where you would who would trip foreign shooters between Paul will soon. And on the veterans who were implementing their own or in third tour there was a good sign so. It's a great sign Nancy quick break thought Hillis cinema sound off from the BR KO am succeed voice of Boston. Could prove them. Born welcome back he sees the world according to July miss segment. We discussed on the food to considerable scenes for veterans and there for him. You all tiller. We've been discussing you know what when a spoon fifteen billion Bruce we're all of whom there's been a lot of veterans. Created a matter of time for him. Who knew all throughout all fueled and some women I use a movie you and you're entitled towards the united we view should be duels from the I'm gonna recommend. That you call. 84432. You Kearse. Bin. Asked the mobile the brunt of fruits and services they do afford to do that there's probably something that you can mules. The other thing you can go. It's go to your local soothe your town hall and contact the for a considerable slot for Somalia and hit your shoes will help you Waltz all. But please. You know it's fifteen news since 9/11 puzzled why do you won't do the tools through benefits. You're entitled to warm please you so. That's the world according to John talked to next week. When. Co host on we feel very you can both of us on email it sound off on WRKO Gmail com. And on FaceBook and sound off WRKO. I'm John you've gone up for good point about his post final event enhanced health care from from the want to take this little segment. As an opportunity to talk or some of the benefits how they've changed. And all of their a lot of new ones for the post nine elevenths. Generation. All of that has to do with the Vietnam veterans are stepping up. And and and helping us and fighting for us and you know just change of attitude. You know you go from being attacked to now being in the country had two wars. Like it or not to secure them or not this is what happened. Where two wars we have we have millions of veterans from. Iraq and Afghanistan. Some which had multiple appointments. We have 50000 dollar wounded. You know round little over 101000 or killed. It's still going on. Affecting those of the families of both and millions more. You know and and and this is what happened and I don't know. When September 11 happened if this is what we had in mind but you know it that it has changed are completely. Now veterans. Completely. Unemployable. We have veterans. You know homeless are veterans that have committed suicide generated twenty suicides guy. So there's a lot of stuff going on. Not all of which are directly correlated to 9/11 bullets a lot that are. It's always wanna talk a little bit about some some of those things and you know what we see things going. Search although. What have you seen on you know you've. You've been. In the game so to speak the entire fifteen years helping veterans are more I've only been in the game for a while for. So what do what have you seen all over that time. You know you you if you think about what things are all across the current tenth 2001. We really re you know we had some stuff in Panama only at some stuff in Somalia we had the first gulf war that was. Over very shortly. You know we had a yells stuff in the Balkans. Cosa vote things like that not a tonic combat veterans. And would Iraq and Afghanistan and we certainly me a lot of confidence when a decent on. Well I'll tell you. Couple of going through what I always look at the news we told old veteran population. Emanuel to have put to mark referred. All of that out of the demographics over. And you're seeing that we having a rapidly you shouldn't veteran population. Right which news. In a belief that the billiard elsewhere when you had a shot while local 550000. Trucks and rumor commonwealth. Right now we have a ball 300 need profiles from in the you'd expect dollar and twenty footer to do we're gonna have enough. A 170. Bow to a 130000. Of them will be Vietnam pretzel the remaining. Forty to 45 styles some threats. Our OY yeah of all your facts. The end. Although there were Osama or. Issues or problems what a book for the vets who is starting to. To converge with the old globe populations. That need some type of two room younger votes you needing a different type Pretoria. It was stock with a fine you a moment resource slowly you have to figure roadways too well. To balance the swap. And that's the food the biggest thing I have seen is that I think that the V years as. Become more accessible. To over one at least two human Massachusetts. In them probably read through what and when when I can't speak for the rose to a country but I am doing a duel than the pavilion and has from reaching go to votes for the film and what tunnel meetings to get threats the common talk a bowl what they need. Soul shall know due to open up to bloom. The fact that the view you speak come on. You know for an computer Raj cellblock you can go from one points to one overrun your records won't fall we knew. The other mobile application on Soledad this idea knowing on our mobile app but still a couple benefits right that and that means in these little things that I think there's an out of changed. The name. I think we'll probably continue to Accenture and the junior has really improved boots group since I can remember. A got a little marine quorum. January 19 supplement. Nineties way to I was certain some humorous. And I was working part time. At the VA medical slow and run out of Tampa that was my job well it was going to school. In that facility was a neuro psychiatric. Hospital with a lot of wind damage to individuals. In it shows that a crumbled we've had a goal when you have these forward and don't marked those who could hardly speak English. To you know one would. Patients would psychological problems and Nigel slot home Christmas. Hollis was helping anyone you know potentials get my pay check them threats or kitten pills. Tuesday I think it's so much about the episode. Greater respect her own book and you know stuff that works there were pink the votes are rock. Go to take into your roof and I think people are room more respectful view road for certain soy or use our secure big improvement movies. They'll law lot of veterans work this year till I don't. You know what I wore my experience on the line get into the VA until 2012 as a patient. And and second benefits until 2012. They've always been very very good to me factors. They've they've changed the name of the but there's basically in Ohio Foleo. For Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Or new newly released veterans. Team's state of social workers that can help you to the process to do the applications for it they can and what you know what's available. They can give you a lot of literature and they've checked in on you all of sort of good stuff. And it was very very hopeful relatively bad for VI and and and they scrape me Lang got married and in. You know some of the frustrating parts is for sure when you're just living military with the bureaucratic red tape and applications this thing goes and it's a cart to Campbell left on me so. And it's. They're still there to be and install often veterans you know every guy. We so you know it's it's it's it's a great thing people realize that you know that Iraq Afghanistan veterans and and bargaining enhance healthcare puts an higher priority Cooper VA healthcare is. The post 9/11 GI bill on social lot of great things going on for Iraq Afghanistan and whose million fund home. Am I don't well I mean that's open any better and don't at any time running how much is. I think one of at least known. Benefits available as a home loan guarantee. Really really great program in laws to go to buy a home would no money down. Not the payout PMI which is move the mortgage insurance salesman. And Sloan coming American kitten employ it and spun memories of freedom we have it's nice to have some good morning. And doubles since the inspire an omen putting money into a digital values since its current. When you know Kyle won't bring them was the viewer realize what life from the dressing for an Merrill was who's the health coupons of one thing that's welcome for compensation. For and ensure your room some crude ran a corporate boardroom or terrorists or nervous or. Pension because of there and and served as compared to function which is. Income. Food wall one comforts. And their families. Almost half if you know for the via conference that was tough and I think probably it is. Markets. We didn't keep. Good records act and today everything's computerized Tutsis Uganda. And I think there's an Abbott told with the new bit. Who's a little bit more liberal than helping with the compensation. In a pension. But it's always spend you. Two weeks of the government. Those mullah mind creating veterans please just don't want to take care reform embargo would mean giving them a ton of money. You know and I said before the Irish uniform and their training for coming home doing all and it is amazing it's amazing in a military everything it can be so precise. Everyone is accounted for. You know everyone knows there role. And then you get out of the military near a veteran and and that they just don't square you away on the other side in terms of the military doesn't. Doesn't really dated you know they'd they'd face shaking hand in and say thank you for your service and that's about it and you know after being in the military facilities to being with your comrades. And also suffered knife cutters on Europe on your own stuff. The VA does make it a lot easier for users have the knowledge that what what is out there that exists and too many times but you just don't know without their form and you know and as it's change sometime in you know what. Part of it was gonna show his quote a lot people know at all. He wasn't a dumb just some we don't have too many woman no love to win really literally seconds aren't you know a couple of opens at once they're number one our coal holes Mike Sweeney who fly off training zone veterans service officer role would consider your windows and notes the and the joy object actually pronounced pro some of your approach considerably slower for instance and souls years from. But it's still in the national strategies deployed through in Afghanistan. He's a way for the month slipped tumbled truly I mean that's a noble thing that we can handle the war to have them. Good tweeting that the guy on the regroup go through. Five different from back in the Vietnam does these guys are clones than we truly news at the blue good chip Obama's view right now. Tool. Sure it show would need you could voyage which insulin a lot of them four in Boston ample seaport the real. To not eat them and Peter Clarke the government can't wait procession from the Chappell holed laments fallen here rules slump memorial. Two was conduct a small hole. Ceremonies for the nine welcome victims and Eagles veterans who have served him and killed science mine welcome. And again. Patriots were starting tonight. First time to a bridge you'll look to adapt and but if you want to summon spirits council. Have to deal with some publisher old gold movies who we didn't go voyage to Prague in the pro social movement goofy Toobin the rules by or go home and rule the excellent. Japanese choices down there but John great show we're got to wrap it up so I think you firm for early June brought some good good points up tonight so. Probable or little deal on has always all of us here at WR scale insects they would like to say to those of view. Who are listening we're veterans as well as from the members thank you for your service to our great country. On counselor if you listen to sound off from WRKO am 680 yeah gopac's.