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Sep 7, 2016|

What do you make of Mark Cuban's comments that the economy will tank if Donald Trump wins the election?

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106 here on the great WRKO. OK my friend. But Democrats. Are now literally beginning to melt down. Donald Trump continues to surge in the polls. Now it's all he's picking up support almost hour by hour by hour. Here is now the absolute latest. Donald Trump according now to carry Pickett who is one of my former reporter she obsolete I mean she's brilliant she's a great investigative reporter. She now reports for daily caller. Now says I kid you not congressional Republicans. Are now who've been saying for months that trump is gonna lose. Now we're saying it looks like trump as a good chance of winning. Of all people. Lindsay I love amnesty Graham gave meaning McCain Lindsey Graham. Now all of a sudden. The guy who said from Armstrong's gonna get destroyed Trump's gonna get shellacked trumps don't lose by 101520. Points it's going to be an historic landslide. Now all of a sudden quote unquote. Ball trumped what a pretty good. Now he's looking polished according to Lindsey Graham he looks up presidential. He's now want. He's now apparently on a roll Lindsey Graham now says if he plays his cards right he can actually win. Well I thought he was so extreme. And I thought he was beyond the pale. I thought he was gonna loose and it's not just Lindsey Graham. Now congressional Republicans on Capitol Hill to Ehrlich rats deserting a sinking ship. They now see that they Hillary ship has been capsized. By all of the emails and the server gate and the Clinton foundation scandals. And trump continues to go up and up and up and up. And so now they're slowly jumping on the trump train. It's not just congressional Republicans. Markel then. His numbers apparently have been dropping for awhile well guess what yesterday he announced he will be voting for Donald Trump. So now even some of his opponents in talk radio are waving the white flag and saying they're gonna support the Donald Trump. Latest poll. Donald Trump is now plus nineteen with the military with veterans and current serving. Members in the military. He's almost up twenty. Reuters has them up ahead. This CNN poll has him up plus two LA times has come up plus for what is even more damaging for Hillary Clinton. On the key issue of trust and do you think somebody is honest. Honesty and trustworthiness. Donald Trump now beats Hillary Clinton. 5230. Fight he's up by fifteen. Even the CNN poll admitting all the fundamentals now support Donald Trump he's got the wind got his back. The number one issue Americans are worried about immigration. Strums issue. Second issue the economy. Trumps issue. Third issue terrorism national security. Trumps issue. Fourth jobs it's trumps issue. And then the fifth one is honesty and trustworthiness and now Trump's got that issue. She's zero for fight. He's Pfeiffer fife. And so only now ash trump continues to gain more and more momentum. What to do the Democrats have left. Fear. And literally cheering he brags that campaign when Britain voted eventually to exit the European Union hence the term brags that. The the campaign that was used by the no forces by the pro establishment pro EU. Pro global list forces the very same global us forces that are now arrayed against Donald Trump. They called so they they use their project project fear. And that was to scare the population scared the voters. So the brakes that people were racists. They were big it's mirrors and a faults. The economy would crash the stock market would crash everything would crater in case this guy was gonna fall. That's exactly what they're doing now. And so big Hillary supporter I guess part time surrogate. The left wing billionaire he owns the web basketball team the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban who Borough leftist. Went on Fox Business yesterday. A Fox Business Network. And several. I'm already getting ready for the market the tank because of Donald Trump wins I am. Dole all freak and stock market ball all financial system. And allegedly like in Britain it's gonna collapse. Listen to Cuban. Now implement. Hillary's version of project fear. Roll it Brittany. They are so many external global influences on our market you know what money comes here when there's uncertainty overseas. What money goes into treasuries and where does it go if you know rates go higher or lower and then there's the uncertainty of the election. I mean I have my trump had John in the event Donald wins I have no doubt in my mind the the market tanks. And so I literally have put on them of more than a 100% hedge real bad I'll kick it out I'll put on stronger. If it looks like there's a better what does that mean Donald Trump wins in November what is Mark Cuban doing I. Mark Cuban if if the polls look like there's. A decent chance that Donald could win. I'll put a huge edge on that's over a 100% of my equity positions MI might bond position as well. That protects me just in case he wins. We're eight or I look he's lying through his teeth. And I'll tell you why he's lined the markets are doing better in Britain now than just before the referendum. This whole idea that breaks it was gonna lead to this implosion in the British economy complete line. So I want you to think about this America elects a successful. Billionaire a successful businessman. To Ron the American economy. Who wants to balance the budget slashed taxes cut regulations. Renegotiate disastrous trade deals and knock out obamacare which has been a jobs killer. And the markets are gonna crash rise. Ride. And you know what pigs can fly yet. If you'll believe that they mark if you really believe that I've got some swampland in Florida you may be interest in him okay. I got some swampland you may wanna you may wanna invest. They're lying. Each naked fear mongering. And so in fact it's getting so bad you don't know there and panic moat. When forget project fear no listen to this. This is now the new McCarthyism. You don't go left for decades who. Who the Russians. The red scare the 1950s. There was such horrible on the Kremlin supposedly was controlling it was a massive conspiracy from the Kremlin controlling everything. What are they doing now. With Vladimir Putin's. So now you've got James Carville listen to this Hillary Clinton's swan river talk consuming areas completely freaking out he's losing his mind. Saying the election is gonna be ranked. The Russians are gonna rigged the elections. The Russians are gonna somehow hacked into the system and give the election to Donald Trump in fact Hillary is now claiming. That the Russians are behind all that hacking of the DNC emails. That the Russians are the ones that are somehow Julian Assange is promising a huge. Huge October surprise next week. Regarding Hillary's emails. And this is all being orchestrated. By the Russians. Why why are the Russians polling Donald Trump strengths. Why are they pulling the strings of the Republican Party why are they pulling the strings of conservative talk radio according to our hurt apparently pure as my boss so. In Britain after I'd guess I didn't get the memo. I thought it was dot com mall apparently it's important. He's pulling all the strengths. Q makes for that Donald Trump is elected der already claiming. The election as fraudulent because they know she's going down. Now they're blaming the Russians for everything. So the Russians are hacking our emails the Russians are back in the DN she. The Russians are not gonna hack into the election machines are the Russians are doing everything to controlling everything. All of a sudden now they have a massive. It's like it's like McCarthyism in the 1950s. Is this anti Russian hysteria. We're the Kremlin apparently is the big pop appeared to master puppeteer pulling strengths. Let me tell you what their real problem case. The latest FBI reports the notes on their investigation. Into Hillary Clinton. Is driving the final nail in her political coffin. And Donald Trump now is beating or like a drum this is Watergate this is worse than Watergate and like Watergate. Each drip drip drip. She's dying politically of a thousand cuts it is the death of a thousand cuts. So as Donald Trump put it. Last night in another very forceful speech I mean he's going for the jugular. They destroyed. Thirteen cellphones. Now first of all what was Hillary doing with thirteen self points. As Donald pointed out yesterday to meet I don't know Colombian drug imports. The Mexican drug kingpins. Or Russian oligarchs. Dared to once. It'll Balkan warlords. I knew this guy in the Balkans I kid you not want a criminal on my god what a criminal anyway. He had multiple phones all this I am how do you keep track of all the phone it's. Well when you're involved in all kinds of illegal illicit criminal activity you're always got to be one step ahead of law enforcement. Who now has thirteen phones. And then to literally breakup with had. Numbers. With class a good result. That was that was that was anyone else. Hold on just that doesn't would've been Gaza have been dozen emails about what I want element that been doesn't files split that would want. Would. Quote is that it. Archive emails. They weren't just deleted they were literally bleached. Peace offer call bleach that they were bleached to wipe the servers clean. Cologne. Thousands of emails destroyed attract over 30000 of them destroyed but they found thousands. They did that were deliberately bleached. All the while. She lied to the FBI repeatedly. That's according. Not only that she lying under oath. Not only that she lied to congress. Not only should commit perjury but. She lied to the FBI she lied to federal investigators. She claims she never sent to receive classified him an email big daughter dead to rights. She said she never destroyed evidence all she did was destroy emails. She said she handed over all work related emails the FBI are retrieved over 171000. She gave one. Falls main gate shares lying statement after another and my question is this. They just stand back objectively. Never mind Rod Blagojevich forget him paid to play OK fourteen years in prison remember Martha Stewart. Remember Martha Stewart. Dane nailed her for lying to the federal investigators. One on 1 July. And they centered a prison. All of this woman does this tell multiple lights. Listen now to Donald Trump. Say if you're breaking if you're if you're using a hammer to break cell fonts. And your your bleaching emails. And your dole leading him by the thousands. You're covering up massive. Massive. Crimes. Roll it Brittany. People have nothing god don't smash phones with hammers it now. People have not think I don't believe she nobody's ever heard. Don't believe it's very milk could destroy evidence to keep it from being. Let me archive. As required under federal law. And she got. These emails. After that congress not before and after congress requested that they get it. Yeah. Or somebody else that that can you imagine if Rudy Giuliani did that already been such. Rudy. Right it's unbelievable. Folks. I'm telling you in history. In history there has never been a situation. Like is going wrong. With justice. And Hillary Clinton there has never been. A situation. Like is going on with the media protecting. Hillary. And that's firewall ish crumbling. As we speak. And my question to you now is this. With trump clearly now with all the momentum. All the energy all the passion. With Hillary's poll numbers collapsing. Will her attempt to blame the Russians. To claim the Russians are trying to steal the election for trump. By hacking into the election system. Will their attempt that project fear. Will it work. 61 or like breaks it. Will the people triumph over the elites. 61720666868. All of your calls next OS. 127. Here on the great WRK. Oh OK listen now to. America's mayor Rudy Giuliani. Saying all the evidence that Hillary Clinton destroyed all the emails the bleaching the phone's being destroyed that hammering. All of that. This systematic destruction of evidence and stonewalling and there was no wind and no criminal and then. He goes as a prosecutor. I would have gone that found on crooked Hillary. Roll it Brit. If you are center stage and you don't know see. With friends whose lives have little zoo is in the body of the email was a third paragraph I was just on the side. At the finish what it had to cut back and that's really important. I've written many of them especially when it reported. That. She said she thought hasn't gotten better border we have very going to ask it was there may yet be. The so now you kissing had seen these confidential but his secretary of state. You're right the stupid. Or your life that's how she got an exchange the first router did you weight what sanctions and classified information because it didn't really mean classified it met cop potential so I think it was just semantics for her. Porsche is issued shares if she doesn't get the right to me that this is the only person who can declassify the president United States. Then maybe she's such as the president had issues ever that kind of illusion but that's gonna create a lot of a situation I vital issues having an illusion I think she is doing something called lying. Which violates united. Aging United States code section 1001. Gene that is what Martha Stewart went to jail for a full one. A long way from forty a couple of years this one lie about financial matter that doesn't to a national security. She's a criminal. I mean again and get angry and really honestly she's a criminal a thousand times over. That's why she's dropping like a stone trees in free fall in the polls. And if trump keeps hammering her on the corruption issue he can't close. Now. This thing about her you know claiming that in the emails that she receive when there was that she in parentheses in fact all but besides certain paragraphs. I didn't know what pac man and boy you were briefed on it human sign right here. You said you were briefed in you here's your signature singer briefed on classified handling of information. I act literature or this was her answer hack and crash and December 2012. And Mike says I can only work a few hours today. And guy. I don't I don't remember well I can't remember things up I'm healthy as a horse. Org a all well. So now she's claiming do you normal that seem a confidential. And S was secret and TS was pop secret. In your classified caught it near your cat the the categorization of what classified material once. She's lying. She's obviously line and how the FBI and call me let her get away with it is beyond me. Listen now. To Julian Assange. By the way sing you've got a big bombshell next week. Saying come on she's lying. And not only issue lying. But only went along with the line. I'm in the FBR report released Friday I agree with your announces it is very strange that was restarted often on April weekend at your presence here. What's ordered any yet guys trying to buy it. There is Hillary Clinton says that she can't remember what a scene in brackets and small. Everyone in positions of government and in which units are as it stands classified confidential. And in fact we have already released. Thousands of tables by Hillary Clinton if she is Clinton. Think that's a signature Clinton. That this city in bracket right there are thousands of its Richie. Herself has used his records and signed it off and more than 22000. Times that she has received. Tables from others. With this Ian brackets and it's it's absolutely incredible for Clinton you're. Lauren she's lying. About not knowing what that is. Pop it's it's it's disturbing it's scarring me there is a long I would bet there. 'cause the Justice Department has been completely cooperative and polluted sites. Now Donald I know your people are listening. You have to call for a special prosecutor. You have to demand that there be an independent investigation. Not only of Hillary and the emails and the Clinton foundation. But you gotta go after call me. You gonna go after Loretta lynch. And ultimately you have to go after Barack Hussein Obama because goal whole thing was a dog and pony show. They rigged it. They wanted her off the hook even though the evidence says. Hangar hot. 61720666868. It's now perjury. It's now obstruction of justice it's now destruction of evidence it's now lying to the FBI it's now sovereign nation of perjury. She should go to prison for 500 years. 140 here on the great WRK. All okay my friends. Let me ask you this. Hillary's people are trying to claim that Fulton is trying to rig the election in favor of Donald Trump. He's the one hacking into everything he's even gonna steal the election by hacking into the actual. Computers that count the votes. Will this excuse work. And will all this rush so phobia is fear mongering about potent and a Kremlin the new McCarthyism. Will this swayed voters to excuse Hillary's crimes 6172666868. Bob in marble head going head ball up. Yeah I kept I certainly concur with everything that you said. And one it just desperate I mean there are extremists mode and then there about what to do anything what I am worried about it. This is somebody like Soros hacking in couldn't talk about hacking again. He's the one that I would worry about hacking into. The Electoral College. Com which supposedly. He has say. What needs to do that. I would be concerned about that but I think she deserves to be in GA. Yeah now I think that call before and told you that anybody who violates. Sensitive to mental information which she did. It's ten intends. To say in made it to pay it in Lebanon where. In ten years I mean Kendall 101000 dollar fine per incident. So I'm committed perhaps that's why she should be actually. Guilty and punished. For that extra. Bob this they're trying to now claim that they keep trying to link trump with who they. They're trying to somehow claiming he's a puppet of even though she took all the money. Are her husband was taking all these checks from the Kremlin. They were giving the Kremlin was giving their foundation millions of dollars she gave them the uranium. Or agreed to death and over the uranium sold the only ones that have been bought and paid for the clintons. But they keep going on about malveaux to who's gonna steal the election he's gonna rig the election. I think they're doing is Bob and you tell me if you agree or disagree. To try to justify the federal government taking over the entire election system itself. Let them do the vote counting. And if they can't steal it. If it trump does win to delegitimize trump. Basically sow chaos after the election by saying well pool and stole it for the Donald agree disagree. Yeah I think it's a smokescreen I mean today desperate. You know in somebody with somebody like Obama. In the L White House you know he he just sort of does everything by. Executive order unlawfully. In fact he should be he should be in jail locked long whip Hillary. But in any event. And outdo one I'll do one better supporting. Trump and I told list how we Indian culture I got on with them once I said it's trumpets then I'll come back in the navy. I'm a retired thirty years maybe welcome back into the navy. No judge not pay that so much I think that we each need to get this country's squared away. Bob god bless you and thank you for your service. Bruce Europe next go ahead Bruce. Great people up against tech guy. I. Major. I always non. Just lies but this can't just say. Lies lies lies that's what they do did you say. And they may get our stories. And make it nice for the American people a year. They're so well here I wanna here once for Strom. Well it's done being around being knocked around. Like to. Respect these people accountable for what they're saying it is committed. They always help prepare so well while still ordered that she should be. Jobless you Bruce thanks for that call look this is what I don't get OK at the very definition of a banana republic. You can look it up. Is when the powerful are never held accountable. In other words there's one class of people the rulers the leaders who. The laws don't apply to them. They can do essentially whatever they want they can govern the country with impunity and the arrest the presidents well the laws are for you. Why are the clintons above the law. Why is the ruling class always above the law. Giuliani's completely correct how is it that Martha Stewart why stood the FBI wants wants. And that's it boom the slammer for you. I've General Petraeus. On a much lower level. Mishandled classified information his career is finished. I mean at the pleaded guilty. But she can get away with crying after crying after crying and the other thing is since win. Did Wladimir who now all of a sudden become the double. This is the very it was her this is the very same regime Obama and horror that promised a mother Russian reset. We're gonna Irish set with my other option. In fact if you remember. Churns at 2012 presidential debate. When Romney was warning about pool and flexing his muscles and then he had ambitions on Ukraine. And the ambitions in the in the caucuses and he had ambitions in the Middle East. Obama was mocking him sick of the Cold War duty well performed Bojan dark. Remember there were literally mocking Romney. For warning about Putin's flexing his muscles and projecting power on the world stage will then doubtless is scary yeah. Then on each of shows how out of touch remittances. Remember at this moment in the 2012 debate when Romney was warning about who. And they were poor polling even mocking Romney roll it Britain's. When you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America's use of Russia. Not al-Qaeda is that Russia in the 1980s are now calling asked for their foreign policy back because they held the cold war's been over for twenty years. Russia I indicated is a geopolitical. Problem. Not a not one excuse me. It's a geopolitical fault and I said in the same in the same paragraph I said and Iran is the greatest national security threat. We face Russia does continue to battle us in the UN time and time again I have. It's clear eyes on this I'm not gonna Wear rose colored glasses when it comes to Russia or mister Bruton. They mocked them. They knocked them. Just yesterday. Obama and Hillary now come out and said. We were wrong about the reset. And but you wouldn't important never intended to fulfill the objectives of the reset we wanted to reset but he didn't wanna reset. Saw she now he's the double. Now he's responsible for all wheels in the world now he's gonna throw the election. Now he's gonna rigged system. Well think about it just objectively Stanback. Who stood by and allowed him to rape and the next Crimea. Obama. Who allowed him to become dean major dominant power in the Middle East Obama. Who allowed him to reassert control over the caucuses in parts of Eastern Europe Obama. Who solo pool now to basically form an alliance with China and Iran Obama. Aided and abetted by Hillary Clinton every step of the way and trump. Is now supposedly the man who calls who. Trump now we're supposed to be in bed with full. He didn't take checks from home. Q wasn't there didn't even give page speeches on his behalf. He didn't rubber stamp giving away major national security assets like the world's uranium supply to the Russians didn't. Madame Hillary don't you when your husband. Every step of the way. Now what Donald Trump is a 1000%. Correct about. Russia has some interest that overlap with ours in particular they hate radical Islam and the ice this. And so Trump's argument is well. If we were able to ally with them to defeat Hitler we didn't like Stalin we didn't like communism we didn't like his regime. Well why can't we ally with them now to defeat the Islamic fascists of our time. 'cause Obama won't do it Hillary won't do it. Now that argument is unassailable. And now from this. They're basically trying to turn trump in QV Putin of the United States. And now it's like a new red scare. It's like it's like the fifty's all over again. The Kremlin is everywhere the Kremlin's doing everything that Clemens responsible for everything. It's not gonna work. It's not gonna work you can't talk reset reset to reset appeased appeased appeased just four years of mock Mitt Romney and now all of a sudden turn on a nine. And make it seem now well well that well forget everything we set for the last seven and half years yes important is that apple. Spot go to work I know they think the American people are stupid but they're not that stupid. Tom in New Jersey go ahead com. Tsk owners succeed RKO. God please spare us from the Hillary brought into the core that's Fred boy blue dynamite day thanks Tom what's on your mind by HF. Before I get my point maybe degrade Britney can load up the lies song by the Thompson Twins I think that should be comported Donald Trump's campaign. Which jet age is for abject liar. Beyond his sport battle act. Do it is for people praised. Usually is for our healthy and on the ethical. And teach our city is for Hillary rotten to the core. And Jeff. He didn't act gain but it what I eat or cram this into a fluent bull and spirit polish. Yeah at. I. I was the dink concussion in an. Attempt. That you regret called the knowledge Jeff god bless you my friend okay 6172666868. We got a few lines open if you wanna jump ball and more with your calls next. Both. Hello Robert. Yeah go ahead shoot. Okay just lies lies lies. That's quite that means however. It applied to book yesterday a police. And put a factual example was. There are clear that lies 13% of the signs with the troops still there. Lies about seven. And they're wearing new revelations today about some illegal campaign contributions. That have gone on for decades. And how about trump university are that's going to come to light after the election. So this guy himself as a criminal. And I could see people loading or dying or Johnson but. If you could do Hamburg jewelry normalized. That also have a truck in the interest of equal. Just equal justice in and talk because. RKO in the past has sparkles who worked. Word Democrats where Republicans they look to sync issue by issue people such as gene burns Gerry Williams state brought Roy. A lot of the libertarian nature. Or wrote liberal on some issues conservative on others but this station has kind of very by shell and Ali is no given intense I know so many people speak to the hawks Sobel. To know if you. Well Robert McClellan answers. Barbara appreciate the call to me just answer one by one I'm an independent. One. If you are. I don't know that you speak for yourself. I do and I don't know I don't know I don't like the establishment Republicans. Are many of them I don't like now I ask for trump. Political flak is a is a it's just a liberal source I mean it just it is. So odd that can be illegal campaign contributions. All see I don't all Woolsey. The trump university got scored through the court system I think he's gonna be vindicated. But you know he never mishandled classified information. He never violated top secret. He never sold out the national security of the United States he never committed perjury. He never committed obstruction of justice he didn't use a massive slush fund. Whereby he embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars he never stole money from starving Haitian children. It's not their trumpets perfect he's a man and like man he's flaw he's more with the original sin. But if you look at the issues I think he's infinitely better then frankly not just Hillary. But most Republicans I've known for the last thirty years. And he's this you know he's a successful businessman. Who can't be bought and paid for. So honestly Robert in this race in this election to meet the choice between Hillary and trump it's not a choice at all it's Donald. All the way baby 6172666868. More pure calls and softball. If you take a picture of someone other gem. And Paul state everywhere on social media. If they violate your privacy. Should you go to prison. You're calls that story next.