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Obama Responds to Kaepernick’s protest 9/6/16

Sep 6, 2016|

President Obama said Colin Kaepernick was exercising his constitutional right. Do you agree with Obama?

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You'll six here on the great WRKO. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up. Vol liberal bull. Okay my friends in just literally a couple of minutes. Well. Once found a role. Say endorses another scoundrel. One America hater. So supports another America hater that's right it's their leader. Goes how to lice say full throttle. Her for the Colin man Colin cropper neck and Obama. Is called. By a foreign leader that son of all war. What's going on there why is he being humiliated. Why is he being insulted on the world stage. We're gonna have all of that but first. My friends this Friday. From noon until 6 PM. WRK always going to be holding a blood drive in partnership with the Red Cross. I will be broadcasting live along with the Brittany at the Boston Quincy marry audits 100 Marriott strife in Quincy. It's drop further drop will have a big play goal board and each person that donates. Will get a drop on the plane goal board to win prizes. So please com donate blood it's for a good cause you have a chance to actually even win a prize. You can meet the corner man I will be there Brittany will be there as well. It is this Friday from noon until 6 PM. Boston Quincy marry are 100 married yard drive in Quincy and a Britney I think you've got some use as well. Yeah I'll be. At the New England firearms academy and Wilbur are on Sunday September 11 at 9 AM so if you don't have. You'll our mass licensed to carry YM I'll I see licensed to carry. Will be how holding a class or you can get it so if you want to sign up. Call 78179. 64620. Or go to NE firearms dot com again I'll be there on Sunday at 9 AM. And doing and firearms academy and you can get your nasty licensed to carry a higher multi seat and I. You can see Britney handle walk. Hey it's a beautiful thing to behold believe me. To see some big gun is almost bigger than cheers. But it doesn't matter she man can she fire that Canon it's a well oh well my you know why I feel secure or you're in the bulls. 61720666868. OK my friends you know what's coming. You knew it was coming it was just a matter of time. The America fading dear leader. You know own one America hater loves another America hater. So here is the anti American leftist in the White House who hates the National Anthem hates the flag hates the constitution. Does nothing but apologize for America and insult that whenever he can criticize it put it down. Well he's asked about colon crap Burnett. And do you think he'd say and maybe the kid should so she bush show some respect. Do you think he's safe and you know what he was my kid I'd slap them in the bucket ahead normal normal. He stands. With the colon man. All the way roll it Brittany. And in terms of mr. pepper. I gotta confess that I have been thinking about football. Wallin and over here. And all I have good people officer closely. You know my understanding at least is that. He's exercising his constitutional right. Make a statement I think there's a long history of sports figures. Doing so. There are a lot of ways you can do. As it as a general matter. When it comes the flag and National Anthem and the meaning that that holds for our men and women in uniform and and those who fought for us. You know that is. A tough. Thing for them to get passed tough to them here. What is deeper concerns but I don't doubt it's absurd there's. I think he cares about. Some real legitimate issues have to be talked about. Real legitimate issues. They need to be talked about in fact Ulihrach says he's almost doing us a favor. It's a conversation starter according they have many likes to see young people according scam get engaged. Get engaged the democratic process he says getting engaged with the issues of the day and that Colin corporate it the cropper god is. Crap scrap current cropper is getting engaged. And I'm listening to this. And I'm saying you're unbelievable. You're job is president of the United States. Especially when you're abroad. Each to defend and in many ways embodies the country. Your job is to represent the United States and the flag and V and film and all of its fundamental symbols and institutions. And there you are backing what he's one of you always a black was matter guy. You're a supporter of black white matter he's a supporter of black lives matter that's why did dear leader love scrap for nick. They're both cut from the same cloth and notice. I mean no one else has the guts to say it I will. They're both half white half black. They were both essentially raised by white parents or in this case white grand parents. And so it's obvious. That they feel a sense of profound guilt I don't know what kind of inferiority complex they think they. But I guess they're just not down with the struggle. And maybe they don't feel authentically African American or authentically black and that's why they pitch their start to black lives matter. Whatever they're deep psychological problems both of these men have had. Let me tell you something dear leader you're not oppressed. And rapper nick you're not oppressed. No one has more opportunities been given to warm than the man in the White House. Basically he was born with a silver spoon in his. He was essentially when he wasn't in Indonesia okay when he was at a Muslim mosque. In a madrassa. There he was in Hawaii. And lived in a beautiful upper middle class neighborhood. Went to some of the best schools on affirmative action. Had everything given to them on a silver platter. He is now worth over fifteen million dollars in a couple of years to all the speaking fees and what the saudis have promised them is gonna be north of 100 million. Kraft Rick Perry told you it's nineteen million a year 114 in the over six years are you you're telling me now that he's an oppressed man and you're an oppressed Manning. And that these are reassured that you need to talk about are you kidding me that we live in a racist oppressive society if Marshall races can be elected you. For two terms. If there's a racist. If this is such a racist country worry when a White House. Here's what the media will not tell you. America is the only eat white majority country in the world to have elected a black man as president. And we're still racist. You're the commander in chief. Rich gulf for sure crucial numbers to know Arnold is huge and emotional welcomed the report which would have stood them. You're their commander in chief. You're there to defend them to speak for them to protect them to stand up for them. And instead you side with this punk. Well I wish for you going on and on about how you wanna sheep people engaged in democratic process said dear leader. You're lying again gum ball your ears kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Because when the Tea Party got involved. When a lot of young people and other Americans thought of all the Tea Party movement you show that was dangerous. In fact you even sent your IRS. To make sure that people couldn't organize and mobilize for the point twelve election. You did everything in your power. To unleash the IRS. To prevent. Conservative groups and Tea Party groups from organizing and mobilizing for the election. So what now all of a sudden somebody spits on the American flag. When somebody openly disrespect the National Anthem then not you'll love it when people getting deluged. Now you'll love it. I mean this car is to me is unbelievable. It's unbelievable what this guy. It's almost every day's an insult to this country and you know we have got a Tony key is to Colin cropper nick of American politics he used. He's got more talent. He's addressed a bench player. He's completely overrated completely over hyped he's a spoiled little punk a spoiled brat. Who is now become obscenely wealthy. And he's completing correct and he's always depict them. I mean to meet you wanna talk you talk about his long lost on opening of this this guys are long lost some forget similar mark. If he dear leader if you had a son. He would look just like Colin proper. With the same store put out of dueled. This same whining the same complaining this same. The same manner and I thumbing his nose at the United States the constant victim Ali G he's a fraud just like yo. He's gonna get cut he's got more talent he's washed up. And so you have to play the victim to keep her relevant just like you all you do is play the race card. All you've done is played for eight years. And then this guy wonders. The United States is no longer respected on the world stage. I mean this is look I mean if this is another story that broke over the weekend. Listen to this. Soldiers that G-20 summit. I never thought I would live to see the day the president of the United States lands with Air Force One he lands in China. We have made China phenomenally wealthy. Free trade deal laughter free trade deal trade deficit after trade deficit we've outsourced much of middle America and all those factories. Either gone to Mexico or to China. We have built their military. Gave punched coral reefs but let that go. He lands in China. Things don't even roll out the red carpet. I'm not kidding your original red carpet. They prevent him from getting help from the usual exit from Air Force One they want to go through stairs on a lower level. As a sign of open disrespect him. His staff members are so offended they start scuffling with Chinese officials. This Secret Service house they intervene on behalf of our staff members. Because the Chinese are openly so openly disrespecting them are actually squabbling on the tarmac. And the Chinese are yelling at them and they're yelling at the Chinese. Are part of Serbia fist fight repairing the tarmac. In China. Why. Because he's constantly meddling in China's internal affairs. Because he's constantly lecturing them. Yet as he lectures them we get weaker and weaker and weaker not only in the Pacific not only in Asia but all over the world. And this guy has now become an international laughingstock. They won't even rule out the red carpet for this punk. And Donald Trump is 1000% correct whatever you think about Obama and you know I think nothing problem. This is still the president of the United States. And Donald Trump is completely right. When you land at a major international summit and they don't give you the respect that you deserve. Buddy our money here. OK fine you wanna roper red carpet you wanted to go through basically through the air. The the bottom of the plane. Right near the dust you shall auditorium to go not you know what. You know what guys you need our money a hell of a lot more than we need yours you need are trade deals are held a lot better than we want more than we need yours. You need are jobs I held a lot more than you need hours my body. Guys closed the door were flying back to America. Donald Trump is 1000%. Correct. But when you stand there. And you support a guy that spits on your own flag in your own National Anthem if you won't respect your own country. If you won't respect Jerome flag if you don't respect your own National Anthem what the hell should the Chinese respect you. Why should anybody respect you you don't respect yourself. Why should anybody respect America you'll respect America. Filipino president Dwight. He's engaged. Any savage drug war. Unlike us he's trying to hammer the cartels. Because even the Filipino oaks. Think it's a shame that drugs are coming into their country and polluting the minds and souls of their children. And Obama is lecturing him. That too many people have died in the Philippines is drug war he seat weakened have error one epidemics. And opiate overdose he doesn't care. But the Filipinos. And it's a bit of an insult to them. And sold door what day says you don't want one don't should stop lecturing us and literally calls and it depends on the translation. He calls them a son of a whole war. Or he calls among some of the B accounts say the word on the error Osama was my draw but basically an SOB. It depends on the Filipino translation either solid or or some levity. Well. When you act like one. And you humiliate yourself. And you humiliate your country. And you're sticking your nose in everybody else's affairs. But not pending Curome. Don't be surprised when the world shoots back. And so let me ask you this tool questions are on the papal. Number one. What is Obama right to endorse and support. Colin Crawford. And number two. What do you make of the Filipino president. Calling our president. ExxonMobil horror or a solidly beat. Was it out of bounds. And how disrespected. Can a man be. When even the leader of a Third World banana republic like the Philippines. Openly mocks you and calls you dishonorable war. On the international stage if they don't. If they don't respect you in the Philippines. Believe me they don't respect you. I. On the great WRKO. Look at fast break me. And I want sitting here in the original native Filipino. Some of the war. We need to why can't you sit on the. You can't play the Filipino version. All okay well okay Britney. You want me to say Osama or. Say SOB okay well it depends on the translation sober Britney wants me to say SOB. Out of respect for the president even though I think the Philippine all. President actually literally call them some level or but it could be translated either way. Britney says it was definitely SOB that's not from what I've read in the media counsel but let that go Britney okay. So our president's being called an SOB. And he's all sold supporting Colin crap for next right to protest the National Anthem. Maybe official fits Wear it but that's just me Kevin in Arlington go ahead Kevin. Hey good buddy. I wanna bring him back corruption is corruption Chappell whether they would be unprecedented. Price is original wedge and made getting in the office. I gotta put you back to Chicago hope his senatorial district. I mean over the last eight years what do we just kind of pull a thousand deaths dirty type under these you spoke about. Give it is weeks ago I was in the windy city did a crushed the blue blood. He's the prolific east division of the DOJ. Is mark writing down crimes went to European Chicago. All across America would repeat trespassing by minorities. Moving violations all heinous crimes. They have not played them down in manipulating the numbers. And it's sort of put a lot that it's hurting us all I mean this guy did even over Labor Day weekend how many. People basically commission if sentences I mean what a lot a couple of hundred pitched it not. This is why we need somebody to upon. This system. We need to pull together but Donald Trump. I don't give a -- all correct and every little thing we can't be going down this road of criminality what could be the kind of commit the United States. All that I think that since eighty yen and that is such as secretaries of state Hillary Clinton charred slopes carried across the board. We get a put back together. To one another. That's all in digits just about to won't watch right. Cabinet let me ask you there in all honesty I wanna ask the audience this does is trading a bit of a stir here on the corner report especially in the blue. Arab Brittany is now going through the original Philippine all the trends he did the other original true Filipino translation. And yes the president of the Philippines. Did call him the son of a war. And Brittany is saying it's scandalous Obama is still the president he shouldn't be called about what the Filipino president did was wrong. And let me ask you this cup Kevin. In your lifetime did you ever think that you would the leaders of China. Not even roll out the red carpet openly snubbed the president of the United States or have other leaders publicly call him an SOB. Did you ever think our president would be so humiliated. And disrespecting. Insulted on the world stage. Actually not disposed of women want his first triumph from Europe. During live down his comments. In new again. What happened assistant went to last enough particularly appeal to clients say Hillary Clinton and even that dump of last Friday waited idea behind that investigation. This is what this does happen all the way along you know what I have read the newspapers reaching the end of print we've seen what. Just a cluster of blood how Barack Obama is a joke. I don't give it to him atop president in this is why it's Donald Trump gets in. We can and feel that this guy is because tsk has been that he's brought home in Georgetown. We need to expose of Barack Obama are bad we should total overall gold wedding years into shame on him. In that way we can restore America. I thank you for that call 617206. X 6868. The president humiliated. On the world stage. He was called an SOB. Humiliated by the Chinese. Are you offended. Let me ask you this did you ever think you would see a president called this. For the whole world to see 61720666868. Pardon me Brittany. Karma must be an ass all be. Forty here on the great WRK. All okay my friend so. You've got the Filipino president calling him when you clean it up a little bit and SOB. Dear leader now says he doesn't wanna meet them. The Chinese won't even give them the red carpet. They're actually there were fighting what the staff of the White House. Are disrespecting the president and then at the G-20 summit I don't know if you saw this this was hilarious. Obama literally met you a potent this in Russian Putin's but potent. But face to face I thought. And you got to see the picture that dear leader is giving full and the death stay here. It's almost like you know two boxers before ring trying to psych each other out so there's the dear leader giving him like this nasty death stare. And it's almost because it came out over the weekend I've been reporting this frontal how long that the Russians openly call him kind of what say this. Bush care. Deploy as simple as soon. OCT. And the media refers to them as Putin refers to them is that they all of our problem is about. And out of awarded cheerleader has been for eight years because everybody knows this but let that goal so he found out about it. And as the British press reported it was the lion vs the pussycat. Thank you can sequel to his face is kind of had this look like are you serious and important is a slammer. He's on third he knows what he's a black belt in jewel row. Corners looking madam like I could snappy elect a wink I think amounts errors. You did you scare me with the silly debts they're so you garner president now being called. A Porsche yet. On the world stage. An SOB. And the Chinese won't even given the red carpet. 61720666868. This is firm 978 Jeff. Huge fan of the show acts if Hillary has a coughing fit during the debate how does the media coverage that apple they can't. That's why everybody's on pins and needles. Because if she goes until one hour. Or are. Actually goes on for two minutes three minutes four minutes five minutes. While they're gonna say there was too much pollen in the Rome. But the American people won't buy it. 61720666868. This is from 603. Jeff so the Iranian leaders can shout death to America and we can still make a deal with them. But the Filipino leader attacks Obama personally. And he will not even meet with him up now pretty much. Birdie march Brit in March. Dishes from 781 Jeff know he was not humiliated by the Chinese. He humiliated himself the Chinese just pointed it out. This is firm. Let me see here okay 617 Jeff I called the Philippine embassy. Asked for the press office spoke to a nice woman provided my name and town and pulled her thank you all in caps. And thanks for standing with us against the Japanese during World War II little. By the way the Philippines is in second world body Third World country it's also Catholic. And they have a terrorist the problem I am with the Muslim minority. Okay my apologies to the Philippines. It's okay it's not a Third World country it's a second world country. I still never thought I'd live to see the day. Where now our president is openly being called. I can't say the word or. Because that offends Britain so an SOB but the son of a you know what but an SOB here is now the Filipino. You wanna play it. All OK you don't wanna get me in okay I got to do we have the clip you wanna play in Britain. And I have a clipping ebooks and saying you know that where I don't want you to get in trouble to realize she'd saying SOB okay we're arguing the W word yes OK I got you okay. Obviously that's I am calling Obama that that's what the press. No I respect them. Yes well Ali let's present statements. And a moral man yes let reveal. So much about its activities in the next it would Obama. I don't know. But it flooded with Obama except India I would not. Up it to be vehicles and anybody. I will not that it a bit of all of them but everybody. Got beat by a bottle at the wicked fight with Obama. My view insult me in my opening and I call us nada I can't say it because Britney get mad I call SOB okay. That's it completed and Britney. So by the way Seoul Imus saying he's been waging a stoppage drug war too many people are dying and if you like are you kidding we're trying to go after the drug cartels so now he's mad that Obama's been so obviously criticizing. Trees are okay. You condition now let's see if you can pick it yeah. I respect them. That's just built Ali let's statements. Or man let them deal. So much about its activities. And let it it would Obama. The peak it flooded it Obama but certainly I would not. A bit of The Beatles and anybody. Until what the Brit did little with Obama but you all are devastating in the Philip bids the once so Nassau bay always gonna celebrate. Victor in Maine go ahead Victor. Well I. I certainly do worked for years now since it. And I think there are finally agreed on something that. And I think the president should have taken off. Other Chinese military after that insult. If you wasn't so that's number one still edgy. I'm listening to every ornament well I mean he didn't of course he knew they didn't give the red carpet. Sent through the out of my airplane yet to exit the bottom of Air Force One and then OK you know the mechanics want to send more than ten work. We're pretty sure I agree should have taken out to. Guess I should it sure does you know one half hour epic up about yet but that's not out there on leave. What number two I ask you because like I do extremely well right all right and yet worker where where where ups. I have seen news slaughter. A guy chips court ought. But you look at yourself as different O opera. All the Chinese. Is so they'll. At least here. Which opened the same category. How much like Colin crap Burnett I don't make nineteen Y islanders on early on sports athlete and me and my dollars a week. Your game well I am and dump on my country. Just guide but wouldn't god are you like go out and he is express is rights under the constitution aren't. Now and I'm expressing okay that's exactly right well expressed you're right but there hasn't been out let me yeah. He agreed so I vote which lets you are expression. Against the president of the United States. In his expressions. It's against the lack. What makes you different. Outlook expression against. Different thank you consult with the president so wide view that distressed there are other country humiliate. These should be asking them if that is true at the other countries eloped Adam just like me. Do you know where this skeptic distinction. And now that you're not in sync. As every and our for a person is still. So hold on I guess which are telling me is this. I should be what saluting Obama. I should. Hold it to ask Victor hold on I did what two minutes right skinny one you get to like at one. So what I have to salute everything he does. I can't criticize them or he's destroying my country. When he went the greatest country in the history of the world that's point number one point number two look at Victor this is where you and I profoundly disagree. The flag is not simply about representing your right to speak. The flag represents you in represents me it represents the entire country but more importantly Victor. It represented those that have fought and died for this country. So let me ask you this. What Colin crap for nick did was literally the verbal equivalent. Of going to a service members dead cat is casket a debt service member in a casket. And urinating all over him. Now. I. Did is. It's openly expressed. Its hold on hold out I'll give you a chance or give another two minutes pulled on. It's the same thing. It's disrespecting colts who fought and died for this country. It's just respecting the American people the American election and every service member. Now Victor if I'd made nineteen million dollars a year to sit on the freaking bench. Not Victor when we change. If I made a million dollars a year would a six year deal an intercom comes right now says chapters a million dollars a year. Gentlemen do every day. I'm gonna kiss the flak. And then when I get out of my house with my passion and Ava because now they don't have to worry about their college. And neither do my nephews and my nieces. And my friend because I'll take care all of them trying to this one million dollars a year I'm gonna kiss the ground. Every day. And say thank you god bless America. You're telling me dish spoilt. Arrogant punk. Who makes nineteen freaking million dollars a year is complaining about living in a racist oppressive society. And I have to stand there and say yeah I. Agree with it don't. Is how much is he is doing is disgusting. Why can't I say it's disgusting. You can. You've been saying it you can say it's a what's the problem don't. Don't think you know like him that flag I don't like you're so the president which is different. All the difference is the flag represents the Republican the entire American people Mosul and oh my god I'm right yeah these aren't the president know. The president. The president is a political leader. The president is a partisan. And I have the right to criticize him which are arguing for is a dictatorship. What are arguing horrors we have all right British resident. Yeah I like how Smart you up out of the let me let me just finish out jail. This somewhere I looked it up I couldn't I might copy of the constitution won't let our. That went ankle are shrank at an all those people signed the declaration that. The fate which still lags in the fortunes. It would have a cap and make big trips to watch you go to get fired from it. Shepherds are school book or English. There's word and it Victor can mix Victor he makes nineteen million dollars a year he's not even a first string quarterback. What what big sacrifice what is given up. He didn't give up think he's playing. And you're not gonna harm. I mean Victor would all due respect. If the guys often this let him put his money where his mouth is. Giveaways entire salary to those in the inner cities. If you're really give up football become a block lives matter activist. Put your money our graphics. See that's not a good point chip in you know what is the point you don't know what is the point behind and let him a year complaint requirements and you don't have to like it. What you wrote judge Joseph I don't like it. And don't send a lot of what any other pilots and yet final but I'm just if you don't like you don't have to listen and now I have a right. I urged I don't agree with the French. OK so maybe there's hope for you yet Victor. Lets you Victor I'm I'm if I'm up against the heartbreak six once IKEA Communist serious break now I can't go any further girls britney's gonna well she's gonna. And welcome. I feel hot. That gap by someone and we have this separate Chris I'd go to the hotel was that it named Roger Goodell the NFL commissioner yeah he overbooked it. Brady a white man. So this is what he had that trivial matter day and he refused brought the Dallas Cowboys are put speak out of the four merited. Policemen on their helmets. And this issue with crap and that he is he he has the right to my protests spread. He's representing. National football game airing an artist is not a peep about it go to our and that corrective. Our biggest deep down he agrees with just like Obama. Everything is they're both liberals and liberals ultimately hate America. So when crap burning death tickets on the flight when he insults the fly and disrespect the National Anthem deep down debut with. Yes mr. Obama has done more to endanger as a decent black people in the inner cities of like say Chicago. Because you know he's created this. Hysteria against the police in the east decent. I've worked in the lack of minorities are gonna need the police. He's actually done in order to. Or hurt them exactly Alfie he sold them right down the river. Dennis I've got one minute the floor is yours go. Kate Chia. Great show have you heard. Noticed that lately everytime Hillary Clinton is on the nose she's talking about this right here. Trumpet in the Russians Russians according truck gonna try. Two do something that the election in the us the tax act election yet they're creating it right now they're creating a narrative. All right that I think they've got to try to fall back on later if they close and they think they have a chance to load this as an Arab that would put people's minds. So that when the time comes it because. Whistle word I'm looking for are plausible go to people that would keep talking about it talk about it and talking about it. An hour every time she took people into our everytime she all. Mentioning this thing you know. Yes you are spot on it's the new McCarthyism. It's not blaming the Russians for everything. So who's talking Bolten who's gonna rigged the election potent who's behind trying to pull who's behind everything potent. It's one you want talk about conspiracy theories it's one massive conspiracy theory my friends she's gonna lose. And everybody knows it. I gotta go by guys.