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09/05/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - The Psychic Lawyer

Sep 5, 2016|

09/05/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - The Psychic Lawyer, Mark Anthony, discusses his work including communicating with lost loved ones, his books, God & Heaven, and more. Plus, your calls.

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This episode of beyond reality radio aired September 5 2016. So I have to say it was probably one of the craziest weekends. In the lasts. At least ten years. When usage. Arm and which part of well from the moment we touchdown and Atlanta to the home he left still granted today guys but they're definitely even in death and definitely crazier part slate you know turning around and being. Now realizing you're in the middle of a bunch of dudes and me in key knees she was awkward Diana van Allen or agree taps family members have from Georgia. Her husband Joseph Lang and now with a stomach from Ronald colonel and at one point dancing with them making it look like she's too in the butt slap. Finished she took a picture with a one do didn't they when she's on she realizes his junket fallen out of the making any a those things is still pretty bad there were so slow by the way thanks for joining us beyond reality rated of course for talking about. Our weekend Jason and I were in Atlanta for a convention called dragon con which. What 80000 people. At at least 80000 it was it was insane literally you couldn't move. And some of the most incredible. Costumes I I've ever seen just mind blowing. To see some of the things that people created out there. And just it and it's funny because like you at we'd be at the table we'd see all these fans throughout the day. And then at night you'd get these people these incredible costumes walk you through and it's officer talked he had no idea that they are the same people we saw at the table no idea actually nine I mean the customs were so phenomenal some of them are Hollywood greed and mean like they could have been in the movies there was some good. And it's not just wanna to constantly so we'll were completely horrible bonuses. Well moral or you just talked about one of them those main objects. Gosh those brutal but then again Wednesday that young born a boy Garland who. Showed up in he was in a trash can use Oscar Oscar the Grouch and who it was mind blowing to see that. But it was always had a great weekend but. He also I have to be honest say we got I got some extremely sad news where. Tom sir much you might have seen it posted in my purse on my I'm a fan page. Attempts family member Laura Moscow Leno. Live her life and came to a tragic end. If what appears to be it was taken by her husband and due to domestic violence and and that that should never happened she Jews agree person out of a Maryland tabs and the team. And to see ads for some anybody lose their life and in this manner but. In beyond that she was the mother of 33 small children. And there forever their world as the world's destroyed. It it's forever changed arm I didn't post. I think our money how much FaceBook page and a lot of people Sheridan and everything else but just give or now men and I mean. It be nice to be able to help all the family with whatever we do whatever we can do and after the show tonight or tomorrow moment. Try to donate some as all the album home plus it's just it's a tragic story in and marriage to him. Hey my heart hurts them were murdered them like there's a there's no way. That a story like that can't. Tug at your heart and you know we've seen a couple of these types of stories in our paranormal community in the last year. Evian market and I you know that's and so forth you know so you know our hearts definitely go up to the family and you know it's you know that they do it frequently say you know the do only the good die young and seems to be the case a lot of times it's so. Well I guess that if you if you get a chance please share it I posted on my FaceBook page and it would mean a lot to me says everybody out there on. And changing subjects and and trying to get our little lighter note I got on Jim did you hear about the researchers actually. Have have been able to now catch these the brown mall lights amber county know. The economic at a time now please tell me because of her experience and our. Two researchers from the abolition state university has succeeded in finding what appears to be the brown among lights a few years ago Daniel can. Physics in the Strom an astronomer. Professor in Lee Hawkins. An engineer installed some cameras take photos of the mountains on my long. Last winter adding a second camera on the night of July 16 and seventeenth they call it what they described as soon as the lights. And it's really to London now I've got a video many posting on beyond realities FaceBook page in just a just few minutes about it but. And it's neat because. Honestly they've finally been able to be documented but what I mean we're talking we are talking with. Josh warned not too long ago about this. And I brought up the fact that it is it is a ball lightning. And that's actually one of the things they talk about. They talk about how they suppose it it's possibly ball lightning that that is what's being seen here. But it's as settling neat story and people shall look into Lebanon and a video be up on the FaceBook page in about 23 minutes. But helps and it's definitely show all the things that we are talking about the past or what Josh Josh worn himself as a looking into. The and it's been a mystery for a long time and any answers are welcome for sure. Speaking of videos I did one just take this a step back this dragon con discussion for a second examiner have slicker Alex post a video. Arm on the beyond reality radio FaceBook pages well remember the robots would all the jeopardized. It's always a hazard there robot dance off Qaeda wave the most random just. And the middle trying com also has a robot general idea aside and learn how unhappy it's hilarious so what would have one of them put that up. I also wanted to mention in the news Berry did you know who Barry Gibb is from the BG's aria yeah. He's the only surviving member of the BG's and the answer I don't know if you was the oldest brother but I think he was. His two other BG member Brothers are both died I think both of cancer within the last 45 years. And his younger brother Andy give died when he was thirty years old from an overdose back in an early eighties that he whenever was. But Berry just did an interview where he said he sees his siblings frequently than their ghosts appear to him often. Or like he said at first it scared him. But now he takes a lot of comfort in seeing them. And this interview took place because he's launched a new album. And you know so they're talking about the album and they asked him if he missed his brother's in the city yes he does miss them but he actually does get to see them and he talked about seeing them with some regularity and they all come visit. And he said he's also learned through these visits that he has been reincarnated for several times so he's got a lot of past lives she's trying to figure out. And he needs actually maybe we should see about having him on the show I'd love to get him on the shelf that would be a great interview at the of the know more about what he's seeing and and and you know how it's affecting him because. You know he's he's he does say in the interview he didn't think he'd be able to continue with music or continue really with his life after losing his brother's like that but. There are lots. And of course and it kind of it is tough situation it kinda ties in what we're gonna talk with Marc Anthony about GM spends a lot of his time helping people get over the grieving process. And also by contacting. Our loved ones that if passed on now Marc Anthony we. And on awhile back before rear syndicated and market is known as the psychic lawyer on also known as the site explorer. He's so. A practicing medium and who communicates with spirits and it is just an incredible individual justice so much information. And we were talking on before general Powell. As good as a lawyer it does he know sort of the outcome of these cases prior it. And it was funny to have some of this information that that he told us so looking forward Glen everybody everybody Arum. Yeah one of the things he does say and remember talking knew about this and before is that his act his psychic abilities actually do. A big do help him in his serve case work as an attorney. I'm particularly when it comes to picking juries he can actually connect with some of these people. On a psychic level and you can get a sense of how their predispose I don't know if that's fair I don't know where that shows up in the legal system as far as. I don't care over it does jet only does but also make you sit back and wonder well what app or what's his feelings on if he's skating the cents or. His ability you are telling him that in the person he's defending is truly guilty. Think about that charity immoral. In a must have some moral conflicts going on. To us asking that question. Don't forget our FaceBook page stop by and like that it's just beyond reality radio also visit the snap Chad and minced Graham pages and rim of the listener line is 844687. 7669 I think. Marking its annual takes almost your calls later in the program we get a clear that with him when he comes on and if you will get ready to do that because of ladies psychics or Yardeni we are gonna clear that he does that kind this word conundrum there his answers prepared her already. Tomorrow night's program it's frank for chino junior he is a UFO. And crop circle investigator and he's got a lot of information and stories to share with us about your foes and crop circles including the Braxton county monster. Incidents and then Wednesday its Mike primo. He's on the cutting edge of science and culture issues issues and there will be talking about alternatives alternative science. And other disciplinary and cultural issues and Thursday were talking when Tim baker who is late notorious when it comes to bigfoot sightings and investigations so. And what's this is Tim Tim Baker's. Nicknamed Colombo what the heck does that mean I that I. Don't have no I really have no idea because so I don't Thursday yeah and I'm sure he'll be phones that are all right let's take a break when we come back we'll bring Marky Mark Anthony into the program. It's beyond reality radio were great today grateful to have you long and happy to be back it's we'll have Marc Anthony just sick. Big game it's TV from beyond reality radio and I just want to remind you that scare con is approaching quickly we need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary kind of masked his skirt and as a fan conventions for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the skirt and we can include some liberties from your favorite. Some TV shows he vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary kind check out the website heads Garrett con dot com. Also subscribe to email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. From October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. Can be the best week in and year and you don't want to miss it. Visit the website it's scary con dot com that's Gary Condit dot com for all the latest information. And don't forget to check out FaceBook page seats here on. Reality radio or Jason Hawes GP Johnson as we. Work on getting Marc Anthony on the program on Jay I didn't have another story action wanted to bring up because they thought it was pretty interesting and kind of relates to something we talked about last week. Number this story with clown signing. Yes that a freak he can round any key operative yeah I figured that would have no one's probably burned rated your mind there and then be an attorney common scene and must freaking declining everywhere there were a lot of them and they're all creepy. Well apparently and that that story that we talked about last week was actually in but Greenville, South Carolina yes South Carolina where we we air down there. Well in Winston-Salem North Carolina apparently there has been to more sightings of these freaky weird clowns from. On the edge of a forested area trying to lure kids into the woods with candy. That's. I gotta be honest with you whoever's doing this and these clown outfits and they really chosen the wrong areas to do it because North Carolina South Carolina. These people the and they can be extremely protective in rightfully so so I just think they're opening up a serious Cannell farms in themselves. Just like when we're talking Melinda got 30 sometimes people were dressing up and and these movies. Animal looking at outfits are running across the street and and they're gonna get shot. They truly are they're going to get shot they're going to get attacked by people around there and it's not gonna it's not going to be good things not to. And well these clowns quote unquote are described as wearing white overalls white gloves red shoes with a bushy red hair a white face and red nose and they allegedly tried to work kids with treats. Tom one was seen by two children and heard but not seen by an adult and in the when the adult was. Noticed by the clown clown fled the area for please could get there. So it almost sounds like you're you're accusing Ronald McDonald. May have been Ronald so if they've been Ronald. They while we try to get to Marc Anthony connected here and I know he's expect in the interview because it's on his website that is going to be on tonight and he psychic he's so so he's got to know we will take some phone call also if you wanna call when please feel free than to do so 844687. 7669. Is the telephone number. Com they don't know and I want Diana call and want Diana to of Canada call in and explained to us what she was thinking when she did that dance that we posted the video. I don't I mean I don't want to own shoes think if I don't know anything and you know that the thing is expressly dragon con where it's made this huge transition. What a last time I went fair. New and we had a bow wow we've 5000 people in in line for three days straight then we're meeting so it it was crazy I'm. Which it was good or bad it's tough because when you meeting that many people you never really have time to sit around and talk with fidelity to it's a shaken a hand to do a picture and a move on to the next. Which you which I heat but also I hate the idea of having you know people waiting three hours four hours in line to get a seat us. But I went there this year it was so costs play generated. Today and I just I never seen anything that insane and then a one point Jim and I were standing. In the lobby and Diana and Joe Banner there again and all the sudden everybody's looking directly our way. And I'm like are crap that everybody just realized I was standing here. And I realized now. Two naked girls just on the elevator behind us and now this is no joke and no news there naked girls go off the elevator behind us with nothing but. Pieces of tape covering their offer. Parts of their body and not even covering all by just strategically placed yes exactly just too little squares. And and you watched every guy in that place all the sudden are carried a picture in picture picture and it was just analyst and you watch this whole circle of people just moving through and it was it was really not suppose one and if you're gonna bring minutes to thirty. Well it's I have to bring that story and I had to explain to the wife today YE you know their pictures like Kirstie Italy Christmas is this is saying that full wrong guy. With the baby face in the paper. Now analysts were a thing about her time as you're walking three spelled BO. And he's no outsells flexibly crap their pants because everybody's so close and you come across a guy and a diaper in your hoping that he's not playing the role. 100% yeah Kobe's not go too far with a all right well we did we got more on the lines let's go to our guest line mark into the is an author he's known as the psychic lawyer also known as the psychic explore your explorer. He's a researcher. Mark welcome to be on reality really good to have you on the program. I think has great speed back always enjoy it work and you guys. Tom thanks marched always good to talk with you connect with him. So mark we are gonna start like we haven't spoken to you before because this really is a new program. Come last time you're on we were streaming only and now were on stations all across the country and we've got a whole new audience. Who probably haven't heard a few before so why don't you start by telling. Us and our audience who you are what you do. Well my name's mark Antony unknown is the psychic lawyer and people ask what does that mean. It means I'm they expect he medium and an attorney. And that book my jobs are brought evidence. Because as an attorney need to have evidence to prove your case this is a key medium. After parties verifiable evidence transmitted from the other side. So that the person receiving the messages. And verified that these are the spirits that are who they say they are. So basically I talk to dead people and like these that are written two books and I'm also known as a psychic explorer because I'm starting. A whole series of psychic it ventured scores. And the first one is this October. It's called the mystical mind. Crews. These tracks for water they'll. Up or the royal princes to the Yucatan peninsula. And on the C days so be giving. Talks about mines spirituality and connecting random audience members. The level one's spirit on the way back. From Mexico to Florida I'll be giving it talked about science it's peer communication and quantum consciousness. And once again doing. Communication between the other side and the audience Harper's and so folks he go to my web site. Which is evidence of eternity dot com and just click on a psychic explorer cabin and even the whole rundown post ran an especially out. Others discounts available for people or booking. So that's as I'm doing right now in a nutshell com and and one of the reasons that I like beyond beyond reality. Is because you guys. Our good balance between the paranormal. And the scientific. And that's where I'm coming from as well. Well when we pre awesome yeah we appreciate that we do try to take assigned to their terrific approached a lot of this. You on you don't you're not the first in your family to have these psychic abilities right. That that's correct is this round to my family for generations. And in my at my latest book evidence of paternity. I talk by the genetics and physiology. Connect to spear communication. And I used my family as as the example. Because both my parents from our media. My mom has yet she's on the other side she's passed my dad still your perspective on the honor flight on Saturday to Honolulu maintenance and yet it at Dawson is on the original Navy SEALs back and the Second World War and down. But I tracked the psychics in my camera them both sides. And I can get is far back as the 1890s. And is clear record in which really cool my mother's side of the family. Mike Greek grandmother Chia Obama. She was known in the Italian American community she came over permanently to the US. As the woman in new things and she is. Are revered in the Catholic community in New York in teachers. And last year on PBS there was special. The Italian Americans and actually coupon. Was featured in this special on PBS. And there was even discussion about her psychic abilities. Yes so really cool on the hook like dugout that the records going back in what happened is my dad was in in world work to. He was really really young attracts he lied about his age is still a teenager when he joined the military a lot of lot of guys did that then because. You know as patriotic in and nuclear war and he was in the South Pacific. Well he knew that his mother to see spirits and his sister couldn't and his grandmother. And but one thing you never realized until use on this ship is on a ship those Ellis them that's the landing ship medium and what it did is it actually hit the beaches and then it would release Marines in the whole look at eight tanks on the on the ship. He noticed before they went into battle. That certain sailors certain Marines would have this really lack. Mail program. Mark can hold that thought because we got started relates we have to take a break but it is is very very fast and we'll break that it's beyond reality media. Welcome back to beyond reality radiated Jason Morris and JB Johnson fresh off. A weekend. In Atlanta that the convention called dragon con and done no I think running on adrenaline at this point just. Yeah I wouldn't say fresh off of you dragged how we go and book and we survived it we survived but fresh was probably not the right word. This is correct and so we're we're actually talking with a good friend of ours market infamy also known as the psychic lawyer and where before we went to break. Mark he started telling us about experience your father had law heading into heading into battle. Norman. Yeah. Sure sure what what happened. And was. Bum before his gun and the battle Ito and us and use ownership of World War II east to storm the beaches in the South Pacific he noticed around certain Marines and sailors would be like this that lack. Fail. And those guys really just died. And he was freaking out because he didn't quite understand it now he realizes. He was able to see or speaking to this day he can tell when people are going to die. And it really really. Terror army it was terror terror. So before he actually knew that he was sensitive or psychic. Well he'd he knew that he can detect the presence spirits but he never notice the this aura of death at least not to the extent that he did and one battle that they went into I think it was about Okinawa. 90% of the Marines. Eight had this this armed. This black belt around and that unit took in 90% casualty rate. And it is just really really upset him because he Zoellick said he was only teenagers and a lot to deal a year. Yeah 35 years old a lot to deal let alone be in seventy. And I would suppose heading into expressly battling that would. Would sort of fill him in Ailey he probably experienced that numerous times throughout his life earlier but. Seeing just random people on the street and having won here and there that might have had that black thing around them. Really mean calling it in the never meet him wander too much about it but all the sudden being around large groups of people who have that around them. It's sort of answered that question to him of what what it meant. Exactly. Exactly and then after the war is added dance in the news is really trot out my mom. Almost too broad beautiful too young and and they they just clicked right away and then they started pocketed she's that there's something I need to tell you about me he's like oh my god. I've got the same thing it's so big kind of connected not just on that it would you look across the room here pretty girl thing they connected on a spiritual level two and realized that they vote had these similar abilities to to proceed spears. And so. To make a long story shall work. Were seeing people who study this is science is that a lot of traits. Are genetic. Certain intelligence athletic. If certain diseases certain mental abilities. Are genetic and it appears that psychic ability. That is genetic. Treatise well it's a recessed a trait like left handedness. Most people are not left handed but it tends to run in families if it it to left handed parents the chance at having left and it trial there are high. Yet to parents with the media mystic in psychic abilities. Well then there was meat so goes so I've been able to attract this for well over a hundred years on both sides of the family and it is quite fast. Well and I and I liked the way you always you always approached it where it later we just a drag come this weekend. Did a lot of panels. And one of the big questions out there were questions about my feelings towards psychics and mediums because. Well I think a lot of misconception because I've never really had them on my my TV show was the fact that I didn't I didn't like our our had issues with them. And that was never the fact the fact of the matter is I think you'd agree with this little a lot of people out there. Who believe that their psychic. And the fact of the matter is. There or not it's it's not that they're not it's just it's tough a lot of people wanna be different a lot of people wanna be special. And that tends to be one area that people to can be drawn to it in in hopes that that's what sets him apart ever everybody special on their way. But now a lot of the people who believe that there psychic. Really are not they might be slightly sensitive feelings certain things of that nature so play the way you always come across is. Is not over the top you've always eaten as long as I've known as long as. Seem things about generating a few. You've been very well spoken very respectful and you you've always stayed with them this this area. When you when you're talking about in your abilities and and the things you use them for. But I appreciate that. And part of the problem. Whereas the people that are practitioners. Psychic and medium mr. fields is that there's a lot of primitive superstitious nonsense the same type it's only this that permeates a lot of fear based polices. I mean I actually hear psychics and mediums. Talk about around Halloween. The tail between our world and the spirit Rowell. Yeah it's an news. I'm art what you're telling me. Is in the fast insanity of not just the universe but the multi purchases that they somehow it closer. To each other based are running Norton in European Celtic Acker cultural dark ages ritual. Is that what you're telling me and it's like. When people say things like that they completely loses credibility. The other side is that is a ultra high frequency when you look at things Einstein east Tuesday. Is that there is no matter. There's only energy. Which vibrates at different frequencies. So we've vibrate at a lower slower frequency henceforth work material core core real entities. When our bodies ceases to function the quantum field that. Electromagnetic. Energy which makes our consciousness. Transfers to a higher frequency in other words we live and AM radio. When our body dies we pop up FM radio or XM radio or camera arrays because there's many many. Levels of frequencies to the other side and adapt is. What were seen in the world of quantum physics in in the the medicine physicians that studied this. Using science as opposed to lose. The Halloween. You know it's like. And a exit. Well mark I wanna one of just take a step back because they do wanna say that I don't when you see your father please thank him. For his service. I have a tremendous amount of respect for everybody in uniform but is split especially those who were in world war two and storm those speeches and were part of of what. Can only be described as an unspeakable horror. It what you went through and they did it width. With a great poise and a great respect for the country and the people they were defending and it's just a remarkable that's why it's called the greatest generation. And Dem I have tremendous honor respect for themselves up against odds that we're so far. And that's still go and therefore we give everything made in they had knowing that it was very possibly going to be their last day. Knew him it's unbelievable but we have to take a break when we come back on a pick up where you started heading this conversation to a new and Einstein and light and some of these theories that really changed the way we look at the spirit world and what we are as beings it's beyond reality rating adjacent to. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right your best. You need to subscribe taps her match. Now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps her magazine has been completely redesign and re launched to serve you. That's right go to the web sites taps her bag dot com that's tap experiment dot com and click on the subscribe now by. Enter the promo code and beyond at checkout and save even more on your subscription. It's captured her. Where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Our magazine again go to the website tab CarMax dot com that's caps CarMax dot com. Welcome back to beyond reality radio with Jason and JV and don't forget we've got a lot of great shows coming up this weekend you had to. Ran and ran an account or just be here from just users to write in and have to worry about a bit tomorrow night. Lou talking about UFO's and crop circles with frank Christina. And we always like talking about crop circles and your foes no question about that. Neither urgent. Oh yeah seven audiences turkeys in the gym and currently. Let's go back to our our current guess market entity the psychic lawyer and author and researcher. Medium and a lot of other talents have been talking about actually. You really set a lot of words mark that are almost that are beyond my pay grade things like quantum physics and and we're talking about Einstein and and and you really have kind of boiled down. The human essence a lease at least the spiritual lessons to to some specific science which. Kind of breed finds the whole thing force doesn't. It done and it doesn't if you look at what every great spiritual teacher has been saying since the agent Indies ages. And age it'd cheer actions. True treat them through Buddhist jesus'. All the way up until today. All of them have talked about and describe god in terms like. And you always hear about seeing the light and being enlightened. And when he. Look it's survival of consciousness studies near death experiences were people. Diana an operating table or sign an act senator drown rather consciousness separates her body and they go into the light. And that they described the light. This city in the work god it is too fine night to limit check and when you look at what the quantum physics are talking about about how late exist focus particle little wave. And that the basic component of everything. In exist that. Whether it's surface of the sun. The core beer you'd meet the radio waves were communicating on the space between the earth than and Jupiter. Is composed of sub atomic level refer to a squat. And quanta is electromagnetic. Energy. So everything is composed of electromagnetic. Energy it's just all vibrates at different frequencies. Which summer light summer radio waves some are. Our human being summer much turns summer chunks of ice floating around Pluto. So everything is in its essence created. The same particle that makes a polite but if you think about it. Everything that. That life depends on it requires lights it'll work for light a planet would be a chunk of ice. The food we eat eat their plants or or animals that they eat plants. All depend on light on photos synthesis we even found ourselves. Communicate using flashes of light those bios photons. So low light of god as without candle light of goddess with ten. And everything is connected violate an electromagnetic energy in other words god is energy. Energy is god so when you start looking at it in those terms quantum physics and they are actually on the same page speeches he's different terminology to a ride at the same conclusion. Well that's awesome and I don't I know we go to you real quick break insect but. I think that's what's the what's special about you is especially when you're talking most psychics out there they're just like. Well I don't know how I do this just because they can and it and you really get into the explanation of how. These things are possible so late to get back into that as soon as we come back from break. Yes and so it is Marc Anthony was like yeah. Practicing medium and an actual lawyer which is just incredible. Now mark right before I went to break you were unit you were explaining how old this whole. Whole thing is possible. And I was just saying that I think that that really sets you apart from a lot of the the so called psychics that you need out there because many of them tend to say when you when you when you asked them it's like how how is that possible for you to be able to do these readings over. For a seat sealed these things. And most of them legislate. I was just given the power and this wanna do that well whatever but you truly get into trying to explain. For everybody all their Howell how it is possible for you to be able to do this. In my. Law practice. I do a lot of injury cases and specialized in brain injury and head injury. And I started studying the human brain. And then in my work as a medium. And when I studied the medium ship in England. Start coming across studies that focused on the Camille gland in the brain. And appeal clan. Is behind senator or forehead the proverbial are all right shock crop and British. Discovery. Had yielded that it contains both Mac that tight in house like crystals so it generates electromagnetic. Field there we go again electromagnetic energy. And so it has a quantum energetic field and so so back gave me the basic background of anatomy and physiology. And also. Controls our ability to perceive. Light. And process lite there we go again is when he perceived the lights that is god oracle lite that is within us. So there is 88 technical on a physical reason for the ability to communicate was spear to it and and unchanged at JPY. Every one in the world is capable. Of perceiving a spirit or of having a premonition. Because we all have the same apparatus in our head that makes a sensitive to it doesn't mean that everyone is necessarily in medium or psychic it's like. In almost a slam. But we're never gonna be Michael Phelps okay. All the mosque to muscle that you need to strengthen just dislike anything else and and I and I explain that with. Com anybody can become sensitive because. If you go to a thousand so called haunted locations and out of a thousand a hundred of them are actually hard to your body tends to remember how you felt that those locations so. Does that make you a full blown sensitive nobody definitely make you more sensitive and somebody who's never been in that predicament. So of course now you can take that and you can strengthen it overtime because now you that you you know what you're feeling you know how the how being in a haunted. Location makes you feel. And is so you have the ability to strengthen strengthen that that sensitivity. Exactly. Exactly if some people urges better rather than others and some people are Federer mapped some people are are more musically inclined guilt or alternate at something different in the it wouldn't be boring. If we are all the same. Alex you know people actual oil would we get all that together. T wanna be a school of fish who want to be this same size same color react the same thing same way it is that we don't. Well have individual DNA individual's fingerprints. Or all different and there appears to be your reason for that as well is is that what makes. Every individual. Consciousness every soul every individual. A he meek. Entity. Which is part of a greater hole so I think it's it's fascinating and and you know like you said EU EU working on it houses that you start to become aware of things and that's what I have turned spirits all. Situational awareness. And it's being aware to the scene and the un seen forces and energies grouchy and actually cute she's the edge in your paranormal investigations. Because you have Spierkel situationally aware and. Mark we have time to take one phone call before we don't know our top of the hour break in this is Scott from candidate was a question for you Scott welcome to be on reality radio. Thank you I can my question is when mark. Found out when he was the ticket and the medium low and his reaction when he's down though. Requests and aggression. All four years old and that's. Go to Camille wasn't really weird. I detect trends that I talked to. But Scott what was fascinating. Looking back on it is my parents or aware of what was going on me because they could see in my friends as well. And it was their reaction mom was like hey this is great dad was like don't tell anybody. He they were so angry at. From my own safety. So they told me you can talk to us about it. Just don't talk to other people because they won't understand. A minute ago older realized that if he talked about oh icy experience. You know what to cap school in as a cook immediately don't you possessed by the double at all peer based superstitious nonsense. I realized that most people don't do that. So old you'd you'd view disgusted at how. Yes and another thing that you passed on to you is some people have the knowledge. Late. Beard they're not there and some people aren't late. Did acknowledge what we need to get out there and before the break that you'd did before. The last brick that you that came back on Elizabeth tong from my Toby Keith how do you like me now. It's. Manner and I love Toby do you fear that. Thanks for the call sky we appreciate the question some you know up Markey you. EUU. Obviously you say you've got evidence and we've talked about this that god exists and that heaven exists. And then you mentioned things like superstition as going to Catholic school high do you reconcile those two things. I liked him mysticism. And the spirituality. Of the Catholic Church also mean yesterday. Other trees news saint Teresa I like the saints and when he study the history of this saint a lot of the popular saint exhibit what we now know to be psychic and medium mr. abilities. For example sink clear the CC. Who lived 800 years ago is the patron saint of television. People laughed when they hear that but in the 1950s when television came out Pope Pius the twelfth deemed her. Or burger you know declared her the patron saint of television. He issues a remote viewer. She was very ill to the very last month that a lot of great charitable works are popular it is also an associate Saint Francis that the species to another psychic medium. And she can see things. That were happening across the villages in the church in real time. From her bed. So in other words her consciousness could be projected to observe things real time while people may scoff at that all good intelligence agencies like the CIA the KGB. The British MI six the French the Koreans and north Koreans Chinese values remote viewers. And have been spending tens of million dollar a known tens of millions of dollars on remote few hours over in the past 6070 years. So the Vatican has been very well aware of this phenomenon. And in the infringement that are priest and and I want discuss their order but there's intellectual orders within the church again all of us. OK it's just unfortunately there's a lot of the armed. Baggage and tradition that clings on not just the Catholic. But religion at all religions and attend the mire than in the iron age instead of hey let's shed that stopped to pay quote we know about it and incorporated. Into 21 entry sign. I we're talking with Marc Anthony is the psychic lawyer psychic explorer he's an author researcher. And we got a lot more to go it's beyond reality radio when we come back we're gonna get into little moon bit more of what the evidence is that god exists and heaven exists regular Jason engine. Welcome back to the program beyond reality radio with Jason in GP got a great window on tonight's Mark Anthony tomorrow we've got frank for -- junior he's going to be talking about UFO's and crop circles some of his investigations and research in West Virginia. And a lot more and then now when tonight it's Michael Primeau he's on the cutting edge of science and culture issues he'll be. I don't know about too sacred sites in India will be talking about that also appearing on national television shows. Mullah we'll talk about his adventures in the authors and it's it's Tim baker. It's tem Como baker in fact he's never short on stories when it comes to big foot claims to have had big foot on the property is researched them in numerous states. He's been studying and the phenomenon about pretty Mitchell's wife does he have pictures does he have pictures. We can only hope because I mean because pictures are short and mean big funeral property Boehner hang around now bigfoot having coffee with an encounter but nobody snaps of African picture it's ridiculous. Edison and then of course your calls are welcome on the telephone numbers 844687. 7669. Must go back to our guests line to bring Marc Anthony back in mark is the psychic lawyer. Also known as a psychic explorer he's an author and researcher and mark. Your books never letting go evidence of maternity. Give us a brief just a quick paragraph as to what each is about. Ever letting goes a side on the journey through agrees tennis for anyone who's lost a lot on. And evidence an eternity. Explains. The afterlife and spear communications. On the basis of science theoretical physics human physiology evidence and they were. All right well let's pick up with the evidence of eternity and must talk a little bit about what that evidence is and you know with a spear worlds about let's bust it in without revealing too much to the book. Tell us about. Evidence of eternity explains. Com. The afterlife in terms of science and physics and communicating with that and I don't mean to you in any way com. A deep personalized god because god has hurt personal thing today. Bomb when I find interesting is something came out recently expect this June. But doctor accused cop you'd be theoretical physicist who's one of the founders of string theory. He said that he concludes that we live in a world. Made by rules of physics laws of physics. Created by an intelligent. So else does it mean it's clear that we exist in a plant which is governed our rules that were created shaped by universal intelligence and not by chance. Until we're seeing now is. From DC physics community. And the scientific world. Which is usually been the polar polar opposite diametrically opposed to say that others don't have and is no afterlife or they're now saying. Well maybe we shouldn't exclude the spiritual from the scientific. Because there's things that we're now. Coming to accede to understand. Now with god. I was speaking earlier in that the previous segment about electromagnetic energy that connects everyone and everything and it was are exciting for me because that's something that that I'd written about and evidence eternity and then this dude discovery. Or new theory rather buy stock for cock to who's saying that there is an intelligence that pervades the universe outdoors as part of everything everywhere and that's something that that apple is well. Well in the near death experience studies were people. Hum their consciousness leaves their body knows. Into the light inning counters deceased loved ones and then there's seems to be a stage beyond that where than main counter. The only a light but an intelligence and a love that is so pervasive. That. They all of that the people come back. Or resuscitated. Even atheist. Says that there's a god. So we're seeing this now in science were seen the heart of hearts scientists are seeing in this survival consciousness. And then. Indeed the thousands and thousands are readings I've done and the tens of thousands spirits that communicated with a god exist. But. We tend to think god I don't mean in in any way to two. Insult anyone's belief system but this notion of a narcissistic. Insecure white guys sitting on a throne with the sectors biding people. They have worked in the dark ages in the medieval era and in that but the fact of the matter is. I can't fault people for believing that and here's why our brain. It is an orca. In our and our head which houses the consciousness. It does not create the consciousness. Because our consciousness is no more all living spirit that is an incident being. But for whatever reasons. We come and cities that that this physical life to have a finite existence. So everything. That our brain is capable of processing has a beginning a middle and it and it limitation. So. We know that god exists we know that there's an affinity but our brain can't grasp it so people tend to put a human face on god and it's funny just look at Buddha. In India booed it looks very India and China and it looks very Chinese and Thailand Hewlett scurry ties but did Jesus if you get to Greece look at paintings of Jesus in Greece he looks creek in France he looks branched so people tend to. Down depict god in any form that they can understand. There's nothing wrong with that. Reform that they feel they can communicate with a solid eight while you act like uses solid and a picture emit as I'd. Now fox because you know you're not gonna sit here and in carry on a conversation or whatever with the fox and expected to be able talkback Q so it's more something in. You're seeing EU they tend to see it in sort of their an impression of of themselves or what do whatever they are human being of sorts. Relatable. Isn't exactly. Relatable. Image and there's nothing wrong with doing that. Because god has boat incident and very personal at the same time. And in so in in inning capped all this yes there is a god but. He wanted to Catholic school it was a white guy who looks Catholic. So adding kind of very Catholic thrown in and but then there's religions like Judaism and Islam where it is forbidden to depict god in human form but in -- but B they also. Or for god as aim mail entities because of those cultures it's it's male dominated. So answer or tries in gaga or sporting event based on god to be able to understand the incident that super human thing to do and that's fine it's when. The when we get caught up in using god. Or they'd think god for political and the future and agendas. At the ultimate act of ego is creating god in your own image so that he gets to eat the same people you do. Here's a here's the something that's bothered me for awhile we get talking about. These topics. And you know there's been some discussion about computers. That are of the that are being advanced to the point where they'll be able to take. Your memories. And what their. Some of these people are claiming your consciousness put them into a machine a and effectively. Effectively allow you to live for another ever but. Somehow that doesn't work with the what you're saying. Because if there is a spiritual lessons to that. What would happen to that part of the human essence. There's two ways of looking at that the way to edit system mechanical it's about about rhythms that are responding to two stimuli or maybe this is the evolution of life forms where we as carbon based units are now the Genesis. If you will. For the silicon based life forms. Currently makes so maybe it's supposed to happen. On the other hand as a species or violence. Where were cruel. Were were very very dangerous Arctic were ready for immortality that. At least in the physical sense we already immortal beans. In this spiritual sense but as far as our physical you know. Being an in the lab look at it. Is it would be boring. To news day and age physical. Body for all of eternity. Because. That there appears to be a spiritual evolution. Om and of all things. Beyond the form that were in. And that's the whole point of coming back through which to do plenary carnage searchers sectional lifetimes is energies either created or destroyed all the transfer of one form or another and the quantum field and our brain to separate and then reattach to another post later on. Which is reincarnation. And so why get all caught up then you know it's like saying gee here I am in fourth grade and it's so wonderful I think I'll stay in fourth grade forever. Why would you do that and don't want an audit that grades six rated actually collagen it. And beyond that experience life and and and things that you can't even conceive vote when you're in the fourth grade. But doesn't it also take the the individual having a belief first off. A belief that there's something after this because without them believe it sort of becomes a terrifying scenario that committee you're dead you're dead. But also if you think about it. The human race it with advancing technology even for us to do entered dimensional time travel I mean space shall you name it all that stuff. We we're going to need aid to be able to somehow create. Sort of a robotic version of ourselves and upload some sort of human consciousness or whatever. Just because there's no way we'd be able to withstand the the amount of time it would take to travel to some of these these far off plans to make contact and so forth. So there's definitely the eve holding in that aspect. But also with the whole what you are saying a lot of the people out there. Our especially if he isn't things of that nature of people that nature they're terrified there's nothing after this so with that. And that terrifying thought and not being connected to the whole spiritual side. They would want to somehow extend. There are their ability to remain here. For as long as they can because they think this is this is that this is the end. I. There were actually trying to. Goose said that don't get in train because once it starts. It will lose so fast it'll suck all the oxygen now creative back in kill everyone on board. At a of people that actually believe that because there are limited understanding. Of science of the day. Put him in that mindset and that once again that have feared thing that we now know is absurd. And so there's people who will want their bodies to live forever and you look if we drink a potion and also look at it twenty year old bodybuilder with a six packed and you know all that mom hates the wouldn't drink that okayed me we Alter it that the girl's Nadal beat Lille looked like supermodels in Alina. But but the fact of the matter is until they develop that. Were going to be on to these potential lifetimes and in. If somebody wants to physically exist forever and it'll it'll Twilight Zone for a minute so let's see it is that mortality thing and then. Comment or something hits the earth and blasts and Adams. So you can't die here floating around space for all eternity by yourself honey are you that. Oh. You really you really need a Little League soccer. And you know it's been a law and he look at all sizes and on one hand it's very good and on the other. Hand maybe not so much as than there was this this ancient Greek myth where this woman and her husband was ill and she left for the jobs she said please I ask for my my husband happy to kernel life. And they they so are you sure it she said yes so they granite and eternal life the problem as she did Napster currently use. And aegis got older and older and more decrepit and he became this aged infirm. Senile old horror. That could never die in the preakness so we have those you know really scary things but they were also good metaphors and stories. That's perhaps living forever would not be. Would not be as wonderful as one thinks it is at least in the physicals it's an opinion and in the spiritual sense which is why we come back. We're talking with Marc Anthony the psychic lawyer mark when we come back don't wanna get a little bit more into the readings you do in fact woman coming out of the break him in a plane clipped. From a of Reading that you did with part of its on YouTube. An and we can chat about that it's beyond reality radio would Jason and javy. They gave its TV from beyond reality radio and I just want to remind you that scared con is approaching quickly you need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary kind of masked his skirt and as a fan conventions for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the skirt and we can include some liberties from your favorite. And TV shows the need vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary kind check out the website heads Garrett con dot com. Also subscribe to the email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. From October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. Can be the best we can in the here and I don't wanna miss it. Visit the website it's scary con dot com. That's scary kind dot com for all the latest information. Don't forget to check out FaceBook page seats here on. And welcome back to the program our guest tonight is Mark Anthony don't forget tomorrow night bring Christine a junior talking about. You'll flows and crop circles are telephone numbers 8446877669. Mark I'm gonna play a clip right now of bomb. I'm reading that you did in inducements and Canada. You would appear but done that we don't wanna comment about in just kind of get your he your sense of maybe how you feel when you're doing such readings. For some reason April is making a tremendous amount of sense to me and the numbers to numbers seven. That's today he passed away allowed seeing a specific record label from Atlantic records those are ready green label. And I keep hearing Led Zeppelin is as many houses and the whole house is overhauling wouldn't. How apropos. Then a lot of times is a rock and roll on the SEC saying any karaoke when I sing karaoke. That night and our second game and a longtime and long time not alone lonely lonely out here is that he still singing karaoke. This fall. Bob Bob Bob. His name is Robert. Okay barely out. I'll take out one. Hell yes cities to say that a lot. If not only did you ask him I'm is due up corn with thinner and he would say hell yeah has. So that equated that. He wants me to sing a song pretty. Hi kids call this day on low season. I just called to say I'm really care. We split up from very short time. And he moved back detective. And I wouldn't take his phone calls and I came home and that was by no means certain machine. So mark you clearly had a very emotional. Woman there because you were really. Digging deep into. I don't know what was that the two were digging deep into because your hit nails on the head there. Yeah I'm I I armor that one because we were filming that night and is about a hundred people there. And what happens is when when opener at a frequency. Spirits come forward and they start transmitting information to me and I see things your things and feel things and that was. A very strong connection that was her husband had died. And he just started giving me all this information and that's what I call evidence obedient Shipley a searching in the lead up on song and that happen to be the dust on. That he's saying it period Kim first date he gave me another song. Which when she wouldn't take its phone calls he called and sang their current courses name came through and they did the exact date April 27 that he died and then you know the other things that came through and so what spears dude is is they're they're pure consciousness that are waves of energy. Or rather a field of energy and they're admitting waves of frequency to me and this wave of energy. Bomb spears energy then interfaces with the electromagnetic. Field migraine. And that impulse then gets. Translated into recognizable. Concepts based on my memories feelings and cultural associations. Others the technical aspect to it and the emotions the feelings come through and from my standpoint. It's it's exhilarating. And yet training at the same time. And a lot of the time. It's like I'm observing what's happened. It's it's. It's it's flowing through me. I'm not possess strength and that's not what it is they're trans many things to meet them a much translator. It's like being a UN translator. And as things are being. A given to me. In a language that I ain't. Understand or recognize that the eyes then have to explain to somebody here in ways that they can understand and I hope that a complaint. Yeah so it comes through in somewhere and in your head you're able to sort of and then you need to explain it and Q two of them in a way that helps them as well. It and in the one thing I will say though. Martin in the nice thing is when you're when you're talking with these feel like I've I've seen a monitor readings happened and you know it's it's always this really. Just. Low low level you know all bow. For honestly it just seems like all about trying to bring out is much emotions just in tears are great for ratings or whatever but you. No you're not really doing that when you when you're doing this you're doing it in in a high energy. On. You hear the positive ruling yet there enjoying themselves are laughing. Even though it's an emotional connection you're still coming at it in a positive way with high energy. People are laughing but you're you're getting to the point you're making the connection for them and I think it really is a lot different then than 99% of the other. Things you'll see out there that psyches are doing with these big group readings. So many psychics and mediums to get very more votes than. And my style. I don't know how to be any different because the way I look at this. Is it's so exciting. It's a conversation. Where a loved ones that you love and it's beautiful as positive and. And it's up to be happy and enjoyable yeah exactly. Yes the Turks don't want us to be sat depressed and grieving for armor Munich had it been understand that. Mr. Ehrlich dosing him. Bruce meet although he doesn't because he can be your rant you anytime he wants. And when somebody dies. We have to realize that our relationship with that person goes from one of physical. Nature to expert on nature and in the communication. With the spirit or with experience. Let's just understand that. And the way that they verify who they are industry specific pieces of evidence and let's face it we've all had grandmothers detonated love dust okay any. That's disorderly give it. But when grainy comes through and starts talking about specifics. Like that like songs and dates in new. Million Lisa reason you're able to pull all those those songs. Yes so that definitely shows there's something there. Yes I mean. Customer reading recently. And you know of course as always specifics of your cold reading. Some do entering this lady and her husband speaker hamster and also I see the seven or it's unlike that Disney. Ian and and it's easy in this image locks up to meet sneezes that. And the woman is a row mine dot NATO watched as well my husband has a lot of allergies unthinkable that most of and it. He has an a year before he died. A group of our friends we dressed up as the seventh or spur Halloween party and it was easy. Now how exposed to cold reads something like that when it gets better this reading was over the com. Welcome back to beyond reality radio with Jason cause in GB Johnson tomorrow night cranked machine or junior is on the program talking about UFO's and crop circles retreat join us. And our telephone number is 8446877669. And we'd like to have you join us tonight as well. From our guest is Marc Anthony we were just kind of talking about some of the experiences. Marcus had and do while doing readings for people. And we played the clip of one mark I did I you know I saw a lot of things on on the list so you Reza Maine if you will but it NC rock and roll singer on there which I think Humana. You may have mistakenly left off after hearing that performance. Let's see if we can't about it. And I wanted to ask but let's let's stick to the lawyer in the Canada and Africa as ordered as you little bit more buchert your readings and do you. I know sums to some folks who do readings for people and they tend to come on of those readings. As the person doing the reading exhausted and you know there's always drama involved do you does it take a lot of energy out of you. It does. It's it's very mentally and physically draining because here's what's going on. Is were revving up our brain wave frequency getting back to appeal Clint our brains. We have to keep. Normally. When people receive a visitation and I spoke you guesses. We've been sleeping a spearheaded visitation. From a deceased loved ones. The green and two millions. And here's why. Right now or in the beta state that's been awake state kicker to map our brain wave frequencies that we start to go to sleep be tripped off an alpha alpha that you know acre piece stayed here broke totally relaxed. Any you know it is beta which has deeper sleep on the alpha Zeta border brain wave frequencies searches. So spirits are able to see that and they bring their frequency down eager frequency matched a case so we're living and AM radio also at least by a spirit of an FM radio they see that so they drop their frequency to get the frequency matched and normally that takes several hours to achieve because that your brain goes into this week mode. Well we're not exactly sure why but for some reason. Psychics and mediums can goat can get the appeal gland. To do this in a voluntary state or go from beta to the opposite of border. Right away and I can turn it on and so what were gentlemen is your creating a tremendous amount of mental energy which can sustain that level. For about an hour stand it because it's mentally draining it's also physically exhausting so on it to a reading. I'm all exhilarated than. For about an hour. You wanna crash you know or just you know relax sodas are very training and that's the reason why. We had a question in the chat room Sergio we to question the chat room from one of our. Chat participants wanted to know if you've ever been involved in any police cases or any kind of investigations using your psychic abilities. Yes I had an end. I speak part of forensics unit and we would come up with information out and consulted by military intelligence on one occasion. In. One of my public events about two months ago bomb. Also assert in the spirit this little girl on my jets of water and getting it deterioration. And this guy chips that because that's for me goes I'm that guy who found Caylee Anthony's body. And parity Casey Anthony murder their own and those that creepy creepy woman in Florida there. Amber that she murder. Bomb if I ask questions like I'm picking up on a little girl and I'm getting water that makes sense yes it does is supposed yet kinda guy that found that an added at a circuit in all the details. Because he is the reason that entices a summit web site in my books for people wanna get a reading book on the phone person I don't want to know anything about you or we wanna contact prior to reading. Because I don't want anything to paint it. Buying what I'm may already know let the information come true and call Allstate is just makes sense around seen this is like in the at the clip you played on a source ears on that song makes sense yet. That was a song he sang on our our first date or a Bob Bob Bob whose Bob. His name was you know Robert Bob so so that's why you have to be hurried very careful when he goes to a reading to not supply the psyche or the medium. With information. Let us sprint for the facts and then you terrified. What is Hollywood done to our perception of all of this. Well. The TV shows. That depict comedians. And I can't fault the success of these people. But I don't know if the people that have TV shows aren't necessarily. The best people to be portraying Arabs but then again you know. That wasn't my decision. Also. A lot. The Hollywood depictions it's all about entertainment. And in many cases. It were one crew were depicted as one click away from being a sideshow carnival act. Act as opposed to being you know true credible practitioners. What do you think about. I mean every industry has them people that Tom maybe aren't fully being honest with the people they're taking money from. What do you think that does to this whole industry. Well it's the same thing you know that dishonest and corrupt lawyers the now practice committing doctors. That eating accountants. Com. In fact I was because some both an attorney and basically medium on the go to guy in the TV radio and print. World. Or. Win it the legal system in the parable collide. Effect on the country guys are aware that a lot of insurance companies are issuing. Liability policies for goes utters these people can get her on the current on August. Absolutely and and we've been in ensuring ourselves for forever just because you never know what's gonna happen to walk around somebody's house and their menace some of these business. If fall here in the marquee you whack so what are. Is it still business and it's special when your business is conducted in the dark and sometimes these places they go to work in an abandoned insane asylum that nobody's been you know taking care for. Twenty years or whatever. There was the rose remarks she was Stanley there there were chips season and of course you know many Gypsies are most Gypsies or people but this family they were crooks. And they were number as a Marxist passing herself off as a real to medium and she's certainly not and she was convincing people that the soles of their loved ones were somehow. Being imprisoned in hell like environments and only she could get them. You know out of that and change. Basically the mark's family built. Several people out of over thirty million dollars. And solace to those interviewed. So legal ramifications because her defense team or attorneys or raising the first amendment's separation of church and state. Because this was her religious beliefs but apparently opinion of the judge or a jury bought that defense chipped up going to prison as well she should have so for the people out there that are charlatans are actually preying upon greeting people. They need to be punished. He can tell a legitimate medium. Like myself and like like my colleagues. What a shame on him materials is wait about six months after the death of the level but that's not because of spear can't communicate. They can communicate right away but you're not ready for. Even though we want to contact people or hysterical. Crying. You need to wait till the initial shock of the debt passes and it some emotional stability returns your lives that you can get the most benefit out reading. At a people that ran after reading I wanted to Ottawa while won't do it for at least another six months my opinion is you may only need one reading. If you want another reading you're gonna act the way the reason being is one I'm not there did it to be a crook. Particular holiday that is not what this is about. But you'd have received messages from loved one you need time to process them. But he also anytime progressed three year reached so that then. In six months or a year or two years whatever it is. And and you're in aid to other place in your journey to Greece and ready now to receive new messages. So so that they can telco legitimate mediums any psychic or medium. Tells you you need to concrete times a week is 500 dollars a clip and turn and run these people are not mediums they are the. Hold that thought we're gonna when we come back we're gonna find out more about where we can get your books and on the other things you've got going on markets beyond reality radio which is intriguing. They gave its TV from beyond reality radio and I just want to remind you that's Gary Condit. Is approaching quickly you need to put it on your calendar it's September 30 and October 2 what is scary kind of masked his spirit and as a fan conventions for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the skirt and we can include celebrities from your favorite. And TV shows he vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary country company website heads Garrett con dot com. Also subscribe to email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. From October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. There will be the best week in and year and you don't want to miss it. Visit the website it's scary con dot com that's scary kind dot com for all the latest information. And forget to check out FaceBook page C it's Gary Conn. Welcome back to the program beyond reality radio we've got a quick segment here we're gonna bring Marc Anthony backward after the next break but double take this opportunity. Some really good shows coming up in fact. We do we do we have. And certainly trying to clear my throat and yet some foresees an amount. On out of there I've got off the coach got I'll tell anybody whose data inflation you know you go and get YouTube. Frankfurt she's a junior. Joining us tomorrow night we'll be talking about UFO's and crop circles. He's particularly I've done some research about crop circles and West Virginia so who share that with us he's gone yet he's got a relatives farm located in Braxton county were crop circles have appeared overnight UFO sightings are frequent. And it's called also the 1952. Braxton county monster incident we're gonna learn about all that that's tomorrow night. Nice will be talking room Michael cream all he's up on the cutting edge of science and culture issues. And then on Thursday were also we talked with Tim baker Tim cool nimble. Speaker. He's never short on stories on big foot a lot of different claims they claim sexual they have had a big four on his property so it should be inching. And your phone calls as always do we have anything but the next week in and we've got command domino because it's Monday is still so Iowa and wish to recouping from a week. So we're lucky it's like we did you know we're gonna make it there especially the storm this turning storm it's late. Beating up Rhode Island brutal so or announced I don't wanna go home gym where aggregate 77 if I'm on our wind gusts it was insane. Yeah when we left it when we weren't sure that we're going to be able to do life program but it all worked out thankfully. When we come back you'll finish up our conversation with Marc Anthony it's beyond reality radio with Jason in GT. Welcome back to beyond reality radio week. Jason Swanson TV Johnson tonight is almost come to an end thanks to everybody for joining us in a big thank you to Marc Anthony for. Spending all this time with a site we do really really appreciated markets you know it's late and these hours can be a little bit difficult but thanks so much. I don't know problem. I really enjoy this show looks forward to coming back. Well thank you so before we let you go. Until people again you give you mentioned some of things in the beginning of the discussion about what you've got going on a where people can get your books. And more information on all things you've got happening. Outlaw both are books ever letting go hand. Evidence eternity are built we'll find books or world why it. But you can order them online as well. Through my web site at evidence that eternity dot com and have got them mystical mine in psychic explore -- coming up October 22 to 27. There's going to be a lot of fun so you wanna go on like being an Indiana Jones movies for a week but do it a luxury ship them in the right marker. Mark we thought we actually had some people in the chat room asking. Some bus and details what exactly is it. It's going to be aboard the royal princes which is one of princess cruises brandy ships its sales from Fort Lauderdale to the coast Amaya and that costs Mel still will be a ST date going. Or I'm going to be giving a presentation on mine and spirituality it trust beat my lectures are not like watching out her bra onstage it's going to be it's gonna be happen. And then a bit later in the day I'll be doing a presentation. From oral B connecting random audience members of one's spirit then. We're going to be at coast Amaya and it cost them now and I'll be going on the yum excursions. To Mayan ruins including cheats and needs. And then on DC date back in the morning I'll be giving a presentation. On the science of spear communication. And how quantum physics purged the existence of assault and then that day later in the day I'll be doing. Another gallery event to connect audience members applaud those spirit and I'm making sure. That I'm giving everyone nights free on RC days because a waiter in joy at the royal princes. Dish bishop is amazing. And what I'm telling everybody is if you sign up a bomb get the cheapest cap a possible. Because this is a brand new ship everything is first class. And save their money to help Fon also at the travel agent contact we're running a special amount to book two tickets you get a free pass. And this is going to be dealing. It's going to be Spierkel it's going to be an adventure and the best healer of all is it gonna be fun. And a can find out all about that in the book it through my website evidence of eternity dot com. That of course is the name of one of the books now. You also take private clients for readings is that correct. I do and then on the web site evidence of attorney dot com just click on the book reading tab and make sure your read the whole page is it'll explain everything about readings boast the readings do or over the phone my clientele is worldwide. Com. There's usually about a two month waiting those good people don't I want it right now that well Lee explained there's two month waiting list and also my web site. It will split by personal appearances. Out the item in two events here in Florida but also be in in the first week of October -- in Houston Texas on another great day Houston morning show and two events there than of course that missed my anchors toward the end of October. And then in December rule being in New York City. Oh and sausage is Clinton's schedule. Yes you know it's like I loved traveling it'd be getting their part and Andy guys doses because of Volvo in el Amin. I appreciate all the security at airports but it. I would and it hasn't in order and no interest or attribute that it materialized here but it appears off. If it's all it's always a pleasure talking with you market really is and I definitely look forward to having him back on. Super I look forward to it and congratulations. On the show going big time I was just so impressed rowdy guys saw the list of awesome. Cities that this is now being broadcast and so congratulations. I think it. Spent past. And it's going to be a bigger list much real soon so. So all right okay now thank you Marc Anthony again evidence of eternity is the website and we appreciate him being on the program great discussion. And you know that's why we had him back because the first most good this one was good and we're looking forward to the third one down the road. Arsenal and he is the psychics or he should know his conduct at a a itself but honestly and in all honesty I Lamar mark's always been the most on earth and just. Straightforward personal has. Explanations. For how he's doing what he's doing and what do what and how he's getting these these things and I think that's important because. There's like you said the gym. The off fair there's always those ones that are out there that are like I don't know how I got these powers but I do and you know whatever. But it but that's not who mark is. Rose very clear when we played the clip and numb I watched a lot more of that video too that's on YouTube come from mark and his YouTube channel and Demi clearly touches people. In a very emotional way and you know I often say. I can't explain you know people see you do you do you know how a psychic does what they do word do you believe it or whatever I say I can't explain it. But I can when I watch something like that I see that very clearly. He has a positive effect on on the people he's working with and that's from really ultimately what's what's most important. And I and I agree and I love the fact where like you and I have seen some diseases some of these and sec east you readings in these big things and like I'm getting. Mark is straight to the point he's like hmmm I just called to say hello boom it's got that the other thing with the song. Hello yeah and and those things it's just yet he's hitting it dead on says golly he's trying to play off a huge crowd. And get dispersant or own not I've got to somebody with a he's going straight to that ball and his hitting those points doesn't have to beat around the bush and try to be general and all that something where I decide classes some. All right do and I Sus in chat room couple people's party went to somewhere Amazon or some arm and grabbed his books and I actually have won here so I'm looking forward to reading it as well only one of the best. Best spoken. Census psychics that I think we will we've ever spoken to him and definitely by far that we've ever had Rancho. You know if you've been waiting on hold talk with Marc Anthony Soria who we just ran it simply ran out of time. Remember tomorrow night it's frankly she you know junior UFO's will be the topic in crop circles. It's Michael cream on Wednesday. We're going to be talking about two cutting edge science and cultural issues. And and and Michael is is an adventurer he is he in mono months' time we'll be found making pilgrimages to sacred sites and India plus being on. National television shows talking about that so we'll get him what Clinton won big. Shout out again it is my heart goes out to Laura Moscow Leno part of the tab Stanley group she lost her life due to a domestic abuse situation. On September 1. I posted her information on my FaceBook page please feel free to share her three daughters. Are still out there and threw in the east trying to deal with it all blown up. Much loved to Laura and everybody in her family and should never happen. Thank you everybody for tuning in to be on reality radio tonight it's great to be back on and look forward to talk with you all throughout the week appreciate tune in tomorrow this is Jason NG via we'll catch you next that Hamas. Beyond reality radio was produced by slick JD Edwards and co produced by Alexandria Johnson. Beyond reality Rio can be heard Monday through Thursday night starting at midnight. Stop fire FaceBook page at beyond reality radio thank you joining us.