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The President throws support behind Kaepernick 9-6-16

Sep 6, 2016|

The President said yesterday that he supports Colin Kaepernick's right to protest.

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On the front lawn of the Boston cops home and Red Sox lose the Padres back attitude and what in terms Elster carefully articles are sisters and our credit reports that I have been behind people when WR while I. I was alone offers up to sixty. Hundred dollars and one half rebates for up to six months no winners financing call 9783722232. Defeat climate zone dot this. Do you want it's happening here the WRKO boston.com morning show. 8706 on the WRKO Boston got my morning. You know. One of TV's favorite subjects. Story coming up how if we get right to vote on here legalization of recreational marijuana in the state. Here are counties in Colorado that have gotten enough signatures. In the respective county one in particular. That. They were taken off the ballot they don't want that they were put on the ballots that they can get one genie back and yeah. Eighties right you know it. So. We're talk about that and how that sort of applies to us here in this state that's coming up at 8 o'clock hour. President. Says that he was too busy to think about football while he was over that the G-8 summit. But. He did comment a little bit but cannot permit and he was one of a number of of people. With some comments at some action this weekend related to clone can't predict and he is not seen being four. The pledge RI keeps in places that star spangled banner. And in terms of mr. Kaplan it. You know I got it confess that I have been thinking about football. While I've been over here. And I haven't been following this closely but I. You know my understanding at least is that. Amid follicle and a year ago I'm gonna talk about it for five minutes on our first thought you were over there when it started second of all you do this horse have been following you and I know you watch ESPN religiously and you logon the SP and first thing in the morning. You saw this we know about mr. presents a jarring event by the way this wasn't leaked exactly this was not since he's been over an hour. This has been going on he knows full well what's going on on so he stopped as usual we start with a lot. Now we go forward. But he's exercising his constitutional right to make a statement I think there's a long history of sports figures. Doing so. I think they're a lot of ways you can do it. As it as a general matter. When it comes to the flag and National Anthem and the meaning that that holds for our men and women in uniform and and and those who fought for us. You know that is. A tough. Thing for them to get passed to them here. What is deeper concerns but I don't doubt his sincerity based on what I've heard. I think he cares about. Some real legitimate issues that have to be talked about. This sounds like you're kidding class for the teachers is you have to speak for sixty seconds now so he's like. I mean how long did that part hey David how much in pain is he struggling to. Trying not to be offensive to yours the president of that flag right don't tell me what other people think about it what is your. Say what you want about trumpet at least he told you where he stands on isn't this one of the reasons why trump continues to succeed why he's now actually leading in the CNN poll to all of you that told me it's only right wing polls that he's winning and he can't tell you what he thinks first of all any of these little I can tell you the military manner and a. We have senator Iraqis again he is always so concerned about. Offending someone I mean for for what it is that I think Donald Trump does at times to. A fault which is being too long and being jubilant. This president is too much the editors are what you like to once so KG which one's more offensive. And I can usually don't think their bowl or follow that vision is right. There's there's someplace. In the middle but I mean this president. I mean he could easily just said I don't quite feel like you have to weigh in on this stuff all the time while he was fast and you have to win and that's OK so why would just say look. I wouldn't have done it again is right yeah it's just a riot and I don't know and I would advise him to find a better way. Two disrespect I don't think it's after those and Wear Wear the uniform and a lot of other people but you know he sexist. Exercising his constitutional right. Dot. Walk off let it go he can't and he sounded. A terror orbit that was an awful cancer as usual. To a question like this and maybe you should pay a little more attention if you're gonna take questions on Mr. President can as you do you want rage as usual. It was disgraceful. I've just got along Austin irate know what the heck is the problem with this president so. Mired in the weeds that you just lose track what it is ignorance. The wind that being said and I'd had dined to rushing to camper and again like there have been a couple things that have happened over the weekend and make me wonder in this came up yesterday with a conversations with some. Is there a little more going on here than Denny that we acknowledge or we want a belief. Yes cap and X Jersey is the number two selling Jersey on nfl.com and we read into that anything. I would argue that yes there are people that are that are please do what he's doing you know they're not acknowledging it publicly. So that is a sign of support what does that mean actually think that is acknowledging it publicly right there as well organized airlifted to to a pollster for exam that we believe. The other one is this woman soccer players in Megan were brought. Rap and I'll always wanna syrup pony right now. Who also took the need and support specifically of cap and now I find her offensive. For a couple of reasons but getting that a second first things first. You're now in another sport with a another major happily doing this to support him at what point do you start to say to yourself OK. Maybe there is more going on in and terrorism or we still at that level of this is still a sideshow this is still not an an interest on excess. I wanna tell you I believe that. Com Thursday we are gonna see a number of athletes who are gonna do this I really do I waited all weekend hoping. Quite frankly that we would see this drop into the college ranks it did not. Although I think at that level there's a lot more repercussions repercussions write these these coaches have a lot more control over there and guaranteed contracts and can crash. But. I think we're gonna see a baby we talked about this last week it we questioned you know so what is the NFL do receive 102030. You know over the first week in a hundred total what are they gonna do. I think they're gonna see it I think it's coming. I really do six foot 72666868. I'd like to Izzard and that's our number one when askew is. He saw he saw the soccer player would you talk a little bit more about her comments. Related to watch and why did wanted OK we'll talk about that but what do you think is covering do you think this is much bigger. Then you know just a sideshow like Bibi says can't predict you know taken in the I'll talk about it 713 right here on WRQ Boston doctor morning's show. If nothing else what he's done as his generated. You know more conversation around some topics would need to be talked about. We really been conveying via and hasn't really generated more conversation. Who I guess yeah. All of all the people that I've talked to. About the situation all their talking about is whether he should stay in the weather's. Nobody is talking about the subject matter. If the president not including himself who doesn't show up to name striking statement yesterday at at the Baptist Church were supposed to go and but if the president means he's you know further dialogue about topics that need to be talked about like respecting the flag well then yes yet. I've noticed that the president talking about it and that's not what cap predict supposedly if I think it would he's doing is not generating conversation. And all is not yours and I don't know but you can't if you lest you think it's a BS stories it is Jersey the number two. There are communities in which we're not traveling where this is generating congress OK that's fair to fair statement but let me ask you easy changing it is making the dialogue. The the progress the answer is no all it's doing well as a sideshow. And people are talking about how he's. You know on would be nobody is talking about police brutality as a result. Because that's where he is protest in. I I don't see that happening anywhere I haven't seen any big. Rallies being how I haven't seen any groups coming together to talk and nothing. Thereby end there you know. Their Brian T shirts and Irvine jerseys in there now is still think that this is. Positive. And adults in the positives. Look I I don't like what he's done I've told you that from the start I think it's ill thought out I think his motives are merely what they're being sold as applied. There are more people responding to wood and I thought there would be to this point and I'm nervous about it getting bigger witches I think I'm healthy. I think is gonna get bigger. But I think this is more about publicity for Colin peppard nick at this point than it is anything else however let's talk about soccer player for a moment. Matt and rap and no yeah I usually take Sydney argue if you her statement please tell me where you don't like about it she says quote. Being a gay American I know what it means to look at the flag and I never protect all of your liberties. There was something small that I could do and something I plan on keep. I planned to keep doing in the future and hopefully sparks meaningful conversation around and it's important to have white people stand in support of people of Colorado mass. We don't need to be the leading voice of course descending in support of them is something that's really powerful. And Kuo. The two that I have major brown loses one is. Being a gay American I know what it means to look at the flag and I had to protect all of your liberties do you really really in 2016. Right what is it that is not being protected she cannot offer 112 what's a what's. So exact point you could argue okay gays can serve in the military. But even that like. It feels like to me the country's pretty fair when it comes to gains yeah okay gay marriage in some states no. I have issues of that as well it wouldn't cause me to salute the flag or to feel like I'm a second class lesson and I just don't buy that line of argument. Then the I would take it upon myself as a white person to show that white people stand with people of color on this. Once she she you bring in race on now which she did. Then I feel there's a level phoning instance. If she said I just feel like I need to support him on this fine. But as a white person I feel I think those are different. And I I think that cheapens sir and I think it makes it look more respond to pitch again I do. So I I don't respect her anymore last night in or much performance. You were a little. Why am I am less issue with her saying. That white people should stand. With him on this or should stand with people of color in this because I think her point is just that this is an issue for all. Not just for the black community. I have more issue with her saying that as a gay American. I know what it's like to look at the flag it doesn't represent me fully I I think that's. This is the problem with look at one of them and as a female as a woman in America I'm look at the flag and I guess there are right that you would argue you know come on we ought to give me your car. The far right and taken the Indians that's what it is and so. He takes a need for black lies matters she takes in the for their rainbow flag the next guy takes in the accuses coffee was too on and it's just diving where where we don't know whether that right I like occupy and where you just lump everything you end up under this BS cause and he goes nowhere. Which cause a lot of trouble that that's exactly right so. That was my problem with her I I I took issue with that Kevin is in lol this morning Kevin good morning. Good morning oh I soared well thank you. Yeah I just I was wonder if anybody done any research incidents. Can I predict I'd be in number two or teacher Joseph Connolly that's not a ball sailed by him to drum up phony support. Well it's not possible I guess it's a possibility it's it's sort of if you've watched it seem different outlets. Different levels it has increased you know firstly we talked about. Just the pro shop. At the San Francisco 49ers stadium and he was from the twentieth through the first or something in bad. You know it it started to go nationwide than it was on nfl.com. And so on so forth so. Thompson a car this morning Tom good morning. You know I'm getting really sick and tired of hearing all these people talk about. We need to have this conversation. The president uses. A lot of the block leader shoes. We're we're not having a conversation. You know one of more are talking about. General why don't we have this conversation let's get a call on the table under so sick of hearing about this stuff. You are constantly. This or not spared because who wouldn't want to not clear that I want let's put up big conference together all the black readers they're all white people who want change are crucial Golden League meet this great release and well. How whose big conference. Works cargo auto leases through. Let's get a Margaret table looks salt and Mugabe. Duck can't that wait talking about this book. I don't know anybody don't feel a bit. But I get sick or hurt this well at all lawyer coal Bert we need to drop this conversation. Well we've got this conversation. Well what's habit and poor's. Going to be one that's not try to figure out Tom. Anywhere. Nightcap critic says he's he's doing this to further the conversation. What is anybody have a conversation I haven't seen yet you'll conversation about is having is that Colin can't predict keeps taken Indian what's he gonna do next and I think I'll buy his Jersey. To meet this has become a publicity east. And what that caller at the wrong and Kaplan ruled himself out of somebody who can have a conversation when he showed up port Sox depicting cops is pigs so I'm sorry I'm not to have that conversation bucolic ethnic. If somebody else what to step up and have a logical rational conversation. A lesson of those people but anyone who's supporting him after seeing images like that. I'm sorry you're you're a moron I mean that's just that's one of the most classless things I've ever seen. BB 617 Susan text line he says there was another athlete but then you quoted a soccer player. And let's not bring man math. And I do we got a little. Name. Or she taxpayer fund it it did because she's Olympia and if it. Probably I thought that she's gonna get to six month suspension Michael solar I'm not sure she needs when either here but. Yeah I'd I don't know I just. There's so there's this story that came out this week that black lives matter is the younger people as they you they like to call on a much more supportive and open to that. Yeah obviously that would be the case anyway but. This next generation just feels the need to find the cause regardless of how well thought out it is in regardless of whether. What is the outcome of the cars they just wanna be part of it it's the moralistic clear generation which is I. Gonna be out there and yeah he's my honor to come on man is something we gotta protest command. And I think that's something to me when I saw rap and all that's when I thought was like. OK we're just looking to be part of our I'm start calling it the Bernie Sanders guy's going to that's what it is digital wanna be just part of some I want to be part of something. Which is. Part of something but be constructive in it being a part of it boot award that's a big date they all wanna be a part of it. What do you do make a sacrifice do something. To move the conversation forward he can't just keep like LS collars at the ticket just keep saying let's have a conversation let's have a dialogue. Our minds emanate says you guys serious states are still trying to pass laws to make it legal to refused to serve a gay person. All canines seven eights or you're not standing when you hear the star spangled banner because of that right are we not going to stay into the star spangled banner because of the transgender bathroom don't North Carolina like. Where's the line here and where do you as a an individual decide you know what the country's gone far enough I can no longer salute the flag. I feel obviously camper excuse. I think covering his ill founded and I do think a lot of it has to do with his wife and it's in him impressing her. Fine rap and I was case I think a lot of it is she just wants to be part of a movement to. I think they can't predict also was thought it was gonna lose his job and he's working hard to make sure he doesn't do that maybe. By the way I don't know if I was John let me just go to sell there in this country women are paid eighty cents on the dollar for men and that's proven that it may not just to get me. We on they're just comes a point where he stopped. You're an American to be proud of be happy to be in this winter we have these opportunities 97 it would do what you get cap managers are being bought for Halloween leave everybody knows it that's one the sales. But why would you but usually wait to see if he's caught kissing legitimate marshals for us at all. Like. Six foot 72666860. Or your calls right after the break seventh when he hit a bit of new York and Boston to. People. That's why I'm doing this want to help make America better and I think having these conversations. Helps everybody have a better understanding. Where everybody is coming from. I understand that. The question. Was too close to saying I wanna make America great again. We'll keep close the same then caught himself. Did you I don't know if that's an endorsement the golfer wants but it seemed like you go. Roberts in Milton this morning good morning rob. Good morning outlook both have a conversation OK so let's find out what the composition should be included a net. Her talk bring it Tito Jackson bring everybody walls and let them talked rejected at the hip problem that Democrats. Probably all be it constituents. Lead me to hell alone and dornin through these people. And remember wanting to be talking about down a bit after that brings out the net meeting when the attorney general lord explaining to the politician what the problem was. There wasn't a problem. There are there rolled thirty separate discrimination. And that's budget not that this side. Gay people are concerned they can I get married before this law of what went to crap. All Democrat albeit with better correct constituents lead meet that Al alone added story today. Rob I like to call alliger attitude and out there it is when it's a we have to have the conversation. Why do we have to have when sheriff Clark was talking about the problems in Milwaukee I was that not worthy of conversation rather which is gonna rip Scherer Clark like again. Who's going to be on this panel exactly that that has this. Conversation like Schilling went argue do I get to be on the panel when it comes to transgender bathrooms like. Is how congress always seems to be one side which is like a we believe everything that we said and you can't count any of it be. We don't wanna hear from you period you're not there is Kyle jeopardy putting together. A group he has and but let's they did on my guess are relative the president did since this is the congress is when you my guess is it would look a lot like a CNN panel. Which is eight people sitting near one of them is that it's like that we South Carolina lieutenant governor who's the only trump guy. On the panel and all he does is sit and smile it's the rest of them rip trump it would be like that kind of a. Bikes and braving good morning my. Yeah that's another example of books written organization hijacking another into organizations. Cars Switzerland based on announced the lie. Tens of those true. This is. That this was investigated by Obama is just an apartment by error called out. And that opposite was found not that the law. Shall at all lie it's all range of one of the tick. Hijacking another wing lunatic cause and and that's followed. These people can stand. Sit down into the matter shut up and get over it. They don't need the practice we are oppressors Collins got critics said that there are caught not being held. Help responsible for active they they they'll investigate. Justice Department which is the price change within. Thank you. I grade in the soccer players cues it to me it's even more so like this you honestly telling me that that flag is holding you can mean that's for easy to meet. As a text your points out or rap and I was sits down with Colin camper next. How soon into the conversation does she say to him by the way you know the way Muslims treat gays not in love with that like. That would seem to be a bigger issue between the two of whom the in this unity that they're putting forward on the the flag is bad. Don in Braintree this morning good morning done. Good morning. You know what it comes how to stop Obama's seven and a half years ago and skippy it's battled scrapped. We know it wasn't defending Steve Begin yeah ranked. I'm defending skipping it now he wants the cops acted stupidly. Exactly. He wanted to have a sit down should have a seven and a happy at ago at dragon stop arm I don't ever want to fix everything. Well I don't know the. Let's give her mind it's not Obama who called for the sit down when he skull cap critic who's calling Obama did say we need he's continuing the conversation we need to have. But to skip gates is a perfect example where. Whatever Obama tells you we need to have a conversation he's telling you that he's figured out the answer to the conversation of what he wants is you did you listen. So she's not open to a conversation naturally Catholics not open to a covered. Let's Coleman case by case colony and you tell me Ferguson. What was the really the issue there was that a bad copy issue Baltimore. Chris clearly the courts didn't think to Baltimore to bad cop issue now. You start going over him in and so then how many. He's is this happening can have that mixes the epidemic that he would have you believe that is similarly with the president for example like. The president's clear that skip gates was in the right in the thick to Cambridge cops are wrong he's clearly believes the tree bond Marten. Was it in this tiny guy who was mauled by this white. Mall cop or you know security guard or whatever however you want a free Zimmerman. He's made up his mind and these things in spotlight. How is the conversation. Gonna move the needle with cap or nick or Obama that it's not. So why why would we have a conversation went right. Right they come to the table with a with a planned agenda. Is what you're saying where you'll pardon upon capita has more of a leg to stand on again pardon upon than Obama because he's least has moved. He went from sitting two mile as a kind of moving after he talked to the vet them on that's on his team. So at least he didn't listen a little bit yeah I've seen nothing from bomber on these matters. Still the point where he penned a letter he penned a letter to the cops. But let me let me say this cap her neck and he went from he went from seating to his knees but he did it. In deference to military not to the issues that he says or he he is not he didn't give. Because he says that already buried in mid didn't move much and now that didn't move the needle associated with what he believes is. You know this this terrible prejudice associated with police in and and African American man so six point 7266. 6868. Is the number still coming up here on the big broadcast. Climate challenge are on that coming up I think I'm 9 o'clock now I want our listeners to do something that I am doing and I want him to participant and I going to tracks yes. This is actually very exciting I'm excited about this this is the reason why we shouldn't Labor Day by the way. I want you know and you'd think we shouldn't Americans now have a sleeper but I think this is the reason. Coming up next though we wanna talk about the fact that there's a new study out right wingers are having more sex. Don't. 672666868. Is the number and there's a lot of you out there who lean to the right I what you're called me right now. And I wanna know are you having more you tax. Then you're left leaning friends six or 72666860. Needed to number 742. Right here on the New York you know boston.com morning.