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Should we seize the assets of the Mexican Drug Cartel to pay for the wall? 9/2/16

Sep 2, 2016|

Donald Trump suggests seizing Mexican Drug Cartel assets. Do you agree we should seize the cartel assets in order to pay for the wall?

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The constitution that is under attack and we don't help curtail. Our founding principles. Are being destroyed them. The boss yeah. The seal the American revolution a new movement begin. Just I'm. Plus baseball those are at cleaning up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back. This it's okay America's voice of the resistance. Cotton rope puller. Costs. This. Maybe okay my friends. Dramatic new developments taking place there were the last 14 hours. Within the trump campaign. And that of the president of a magical. You know the mainstream media. Has been the last thing Donald Trump. Saying bad here. Suppose it summit with president Pena and not that. Was a big failure it was a scam it was nothing but a showing though nothing really serious happened nothing was accomplished. Hillary Clinton Hillary rotten has even said he should not visited a foreign leader. That this was somehow the wrong thing to do it was apparently disrespectful she now claims. To the voters of the United States. Is that the that Donald went to visit the L president day of Mexico. Well when did dear leader was campaigning in 2000 NA. And was drawing big crowds all over Europe and where he went to Germany. And right there at the Brandenburg Gate so I am not a citizen of America I am a citizen of the world. And when he was meeting with European leaders. Blue Hillary loved the cool. Well now there is a dual taking place over Twitter I kid you not. Between the Donald and el presidente of Mexico because he's taken a lot of flak that he should have been much tougher which romp. The media is saying well he never agreed to pay for the well. So this was obviously a big defeat them a disaster for Donald Trump notice. They try to spin and spin and spin. To try to convince us that what our own eyes are seeing is false. It was clearly is huge coup. He looked presidential. He trumped the Mexican president he trumped all of his critics he setting the agenda again. He in fact is now acting and behaving like he's the president of course it was a massive coup. But now the question keeps coming back. How are you gonna pay for the walls. Well now I think the trump people have really found an idea that I think is absolutely brilliant. And what they are now saying this is one of the proposals are seriously considering. Is they want to seize the assets. Of the Mexican drug cartels especially those up L chapel but all of them. And say you know what we're gonna declared them requires I terrorist organization. And then that's gonna give us the right to seize their money seized their bank accounts. When we capture their drugs we can just literally you know capture their. There are drugs. And sees them we can seize their homes seized their property. And will use it. To pay for the building of the world. In other words. This very same drug cartels. That are massacring people in May call. Massacring people here in the United States whoever essentially. Occupied our southern border they have essentially invaded our country. They are now they have seized our border. The once war pouring in and take the heroin epidemic. The opiate epidemic. Here in Massachusetts. In New Hampshire in New England in Ohio across the midwest. Hundreds dying a year just here in Massachusetts. There's almost an overdose or tour over doses a day. Where do you think all of this heroin and drugs are coming from. The coming from the southern border. And they're being peddled by the Mexican drug cartels. In fact according to the story that broke it Liz that. Which is. Laura Ingram website include most of them are very very good story. The Justice Department claims. That the Mexican drug cartels. Make about 25 sorry the University of Pittsburgh it's a different study. The 2013 study by the University of Pittsburgh they believe that the annual profits. Hauled in by the Mexican drug cartels listened that is. Total 25. To thirty billion dollars a year billion with a B. Everyone's talking about trumping a billionaire is it worth 5000000010 billion. These Mexican drug kingpins they're bringing in 25 to thirty billion a year. They're the ones bringing in all of the heroin they're the ones bringing in the crack cocaine. There are the ones bring an end the methamphetamine it's. There are the ones bringing in the guns the weapons they gang bangers they're crying. All of the human smuggling dictate your parents. Bringing so many of the illegal immigrants into the country. Many times just thrown into the back of a banner in a pick up truck where many of them died littering from thirst and starvation in the desert. That's all the Mexican drug cartels. That's why you need a wall. A wall is dared to protect us from invaders. All wall is there to protect us from criminals and gang bangers and dangerous crime cartels. Like the Mexican drug cartels. And how do you pay for Wilder's many ways we've discussed that. But I love this idea seize their assets. And the question and I have for the liberals is this what's wrong with seizing their money in their assets. Why social wanna go after the Mexican drug cartels. All of their money is illegal it's all illicit. They have slaughtered thousands of people both Americans and Mexicans. Never mind that drug epidemic nevermind they heroin the opiate epidemic the MS thirteen gangster. Don't weapons at their bring an end just pouring in port cities. You wanna make America safer. You wanna stop this opiate epidemic you wanna start saving people's lives are all these drug overdoses. You want a crack down on crime. This a perfect way to do it and then you build you use the money to build bowl. Now are some experts believe on the high end at the wall will cost between fifteen to 25 billion dollars. Trump insists does he gets everything under you know under budget and on time. He says forget fifteen to 25 billion let my people build it I can do it for eight to ten billion. Let's just say it's gonna cost 25 billion just for the sake of argument okay. Shaft giraffe she. Let just let it go Jeff let it come time at 625 billion okay point five billion. They make that in a year. The Mexican drug cartels make that in a year. Let's seize their assets. She's the villas. She's the cars. She's their private jets she's the private helicopters. She's their money she's their bank accounts sees everything. In fact I honestly I would even go one step further he's not proposing this but I would do this. I would go to congress and get a declaration of war. We you're at war with the Mexican drug cartels and that requires two things. One that the border be secured immediately with an impenetrable. Physical barrier. And you don't look at us and apple all you wall. You could have a double triple layered fence seeing which ensures we already have that by the way through much of the border with California it works. Almost no we illegals get in now through that large segment of the border of course walls work. Of course double triple layered fencing works. I've got walls in my house I've got offense in my house why you think most of the world uses walls and fences because they work. I mean I don't have to even get into the Great Wall of China or hey Adrian wall adamant so many walls and have been built out of work. Forget that the I go to wal my whole house is full walls works. I got a nice France Bellini at works. My neighbor same thing it works. You know what they say good fences make good neighbors. So and this will help may call it puts everybody on the defensive. Why would the Mexican government now oppose this don't sure want the Mexican drug cartels defeated. It helps the people of may call it helps the people of America. You asked the liberals why don't sure want the Mexican drug cartels crushed and destroyed and then she's all of their assets. It's dirty money anyway it's illegal illicit money anyway. And we use that to build and pay for the whole all of it I don't care for its eight billion or ten billion. Or for its high 152025. Billion it doesn't matter they have more than enough money to pay for the whole freaking wall. There heroin gone. Did draw other drugs gone the crime goes down considerably due weapons gone everybody wins. Everybody wins. And so the corner country poll question of that day. Do usual or as the French would say. Should we seize the assets and money. Of the Mexican drug cartels. To pay for the building of the wall. Do you think it's a great idea do you think trump should do it should he become president. If you believe the answer is C yes I'm a golf DSL dominant. As I do textile latter days there 68680. Or if you're like Brittany. Who thinks this is a horrible idea. That this is just gonna put a big target as she says on Donald Trump's back. She's fears they may even get him assassinated. Is just gonna out in a rage the Mexican drug cartels and we pay even more violence and more killings. Maybe we'll turn into like Colombia you know when they went after Pablo Escobar. You start to send bombs it was blowing up cars and limousines and an offices of government ministers and government officials. If you believe it's gonna lead to a major war with the drug cartels one that we don't need. Text the latter beat this 68680. Brittany and all you wanna weigh in on this you don't like this idea battle ahead. Spank its. Fitzpatrick and might be bad for trump. I'm afraid for his safety especially with the Mexican drug cartel. Well I mean you can't be protected by US Secret Service. You know one of the US military on aside he's going to be you know he's going to be in the White House I mean. They're gonna you know for a chop or Iowa in the light out just. Very curious to see you at the American people think about that's I think enough humor to go about it with them whole heroin epidemic. And how we can clean the streets you know see the devastation in the streets every day you can ask any empty and it is not fire fighting it I mean Ericsson name anyone or hospital. About the heroin epidemic and baste it every day at Hampshire the American people's everyday is while insured people have been affected by it but. I would just like to see what the American people think. Truthfully. But you're here we're I don't I think I camera and and how they'll react to him insane and take all of their money. So if I was strong peers what I would do I would double down. I would polian Meese and from Peyton did you get that clip of him. It's in the original movie when they kidnapped his daughter I will find you I will find Kyra can I will kill you can't get any app can attract about. I wish I would call up L chapel on our mojo and call to publicly. Press conference or from the White House. I'll chapel and yourself and if you don't. I will find you. I will track you I don't know who you are this defection this case I will kill him I don't know what you want. If you're looking for ransom. I can tell you wanted to know money but we're thank you have. Her very particular set of skills. You're going well books keep going Brittany. If your bill if the climax now. Hang on okay hold on to basically I'll get back I'll find you a tractor down. And I'll kill you. Hello don't know New York. Which it. If you're looking for grounds. It to them. But you. Particulars skills. Skills required. Skills. Particularly. If you want it now. You. And pursue it. But if you don't. You. And that's that that's not like. You can leave the business right now just leave the business right now kicker you've taken my country hostage in my daughter it's it's my country but in my country hostage. You take in my border Austin which. If you leave now. I want tracked him down I'll leave you alone. But if you don't. You're continuing the drug cartel business. I'm a particular set of skills. I've acquired over many leaders. I will build every I'll bet at all. And the Bible fine I will track you down a little far in fuel. And I will kill you. I would do to every freaking Mexican drug king pin. And say we're gonna comment there. We are going to hunt you down. We're gonna take all of your assets your properties your villas your cars or planes or helicopters will make everything your bank accounts. And whatever it is 30506800. Billion were gonna take all of it. And then we're gonna build. Thumb mother wall 61720666868. The poll question of the day. Should we seize the assets of the Mexican drug cartels. To pay for the wall if you believe like you mean the answer is yes let's let's have a war with the cartels and finish him once overall. Tax the latter day 68680. Or if you're like Brittany. There aren't you don't wanna go down there you don't mess with the mob in the mafia as you could end up dead red sea of Red Sox are better. Sorry decks the letter B is 68680. You can vote online at W York say oh your calls. So what happens is this sport and straight to the border make it really. Really strong political the Waltz we're going to get rid of all of the bad players that are here they gang members a gang leaders of drug dealers. All of the cartel people wouldn't get it out of our country because they're causing tremendous damage crime stats other tanks and getting to drug's spread all over the place. They'll begun its. There are now seriously thinking Donald trumps policy people. They're now mauling as they say seizing EU is seizing cartel assets the Mexican drug cartels. Visited declaring war. Seize their assets their money their properties. To pay for the building of the wall good idea bad idea. Myron in New Hampshire Europe first go ahead Myron. Yes gas. What a question that Donald Trump is going to get during the debate and needs to be prepared for. Is where is he going to get the authority to build a law. Now congress is not going to do it we both know that. Therefore he could go to an executive order and executive order can be overturned by congress that they wouldn't have the guts to do it. But speaker Paul Ryan has already said that it but he tries to ask what they're gonna do with their vendors to. If they do here middle goes through the courts as a Supreme Court to Supreme Court rules say no you don't have the authority you need to do this. By through congress know wall. And then let's see has a direct answer to that that is a question that it's impossible. They won't ask him during the debate it's the gotcha question. Miron let me ask you this job. Trust me when I tell you this is people listen to the show I understand they're taken notes I understand you've got trumps year what's your advice to him. I'm I'm not kidding literally my audio here. I don't have unions. In other words what you have. When you have that congress will not do they're not going to vote and that's not possible. Number two when you have okay Eagles do it by executive order right. You do it by executive order congress can overturn an executive order by two thirds. But they're not going to do they wouldn't have a got to do it. Number three is that he does that base in which speaker Paul Ryan has already said that's what he's going to do yet depressed. Yes. Go right here in minor brilliant Myron cry I covered that. Pirate look you're here it would be my advice that from our angle if you agree and share. I'd say on this one yet just say it's within my prerogatives as commander in chief to protect the United States of America. Or the State Department declared the Mexican drug cartels basically which they are. It terrorist organization requires like terrorist organization right I do what's in the best interest of the United States we need to build a wall. They sue let and so the wall will be built within sixty to ninety days. Sixty to ninety days the wall is built all of line you can take your lawsuit and shoving you know where. Let let's look at it this way okay. If he'd tried to build wool pulled their camp don't succeed ninety to expect let's assume let's assume he goes he can't go forward. They're gonna see the federal court post popular and power. College a judge sim Myron I don't know about the. All are you kidding. Do you know that you know what are we are. Don't know and I know what you're saying this takes a long time to go through the courts. And I was trumping an injunction to stop it immediately going home but I mean Obama has defied injunctions Obama himself is circumvent nominee Sam. Donald Trump is now. No I know but my advice to trumpet is on this one area I would just say this is in the national security of the United States if you have to enact the war powers act. There's many things out and. Tell you what why did you have somebody lawn. OK or people on corporate who are law professors. Who say okay this can be done wireless. I'm gonna do even one better be a brilliant call I'm gonna talk to Stephen Miller. Which trumps Paul policy guy. And I'm gonna tell him exactly what you just said because that's the question that's the line of attack. Get legal authorities that can come in and say while you can build a wall and get it done as quickly. I have more your program in and Myron thank you very much call of the week my friend are you. 6172666868. More with your call. They don't know it yet taken effect. 1238. Here on the great WRK go go boys of Boston. Okay. And getting a lot of tax from the audience phenomenal I mean best audience in the business. As well as a couple of packs Strom. Let's say people close the trump deck and just put it that way. On Miron is call it was a great call because. It's exactly the question that he's going to be asked at the debates guarantee. So how can you pay for the wall mr. trump. Paul Ryan says he's gonna show Liu. Congress will mock you know if you become president at that time they will not appropriate the money all right humans as if we try to go forward he's gonna suit your. So how were even trying to executive order is gonna shall we would try to block two in federal court so how do you do how do you do it. As many of the techsters have pointed out. Congress has already passed not once but twice legislation. To construct a fence slash wall. There's already congressional statutes on the book approving the building of the fence wall whatever. Of securing the massive southern border. What they keep refusing to do is to properly fund it. And that's exactly what trumps people already telling me the go we already have congressional approval it's happened several times already. But this is why I go back to declaring war on the Mexican drug cartels. I think it's a no brainer. I think trump comes in and says I want a declaration of war from congress took goal after the Mexican drug cartels and I'm gonna ask for the Mexican government to join us in an alliance you claimed they hate the cartels which keeps saying. In May in Mexico City. So let's team up UN high man two countries together and let's obliterate the Mexican drug cartels. And will target them where they live will target their operations will seize their assets we will wipe them off the face of the Europe. And everything that we seized all of their assets we will then use to build the walls and a story. We're trying gonna do not vote for the declaration of war. Which congress gonna do not book who's gonna be against him going us Mexican drug cartels. When you've got how many of our people dying from heroin overdoses just herald went along. And it's right there a declaration of war you trump everybody. That's just that's the corner man. 61720666868. OK Brittany what is the poll question of the day. And what. Are the results so. At least seizing assets of the Mexican drug cartel to pay for the wall 90%. Say yes yes yes I agree with you and 10% say no they agree with me. Tom in New Jersey go ahead Tom. Just garner sixty ADR to Leo thank god for the red white blue dynamite baby. Thank you what's on your mind my dad and aunt that raised just Sam Adams last night for you buddy what September 1. What a what a great data in America now. It really is it really is thank you my front. Pleasure to welcome Jeff Jeff did that the pace to K. It's thing is these oil rights in congress. Like that we saw Paul Ryan. Try to restore wall in on this too great well protecting our southern border. We do peace CK two. It's a military action will come Austin military down there. We have thousands of young guys looking for jobs. They were in list two core to our country we're gonna line we're gonna create new military bases down there. We've been 092000. Miles of military. And we need to practice for help try to bring their drugs and state either to cart around immediately or they will be taking care very promptly. Donald Trump will be our next commander and chief. This is the military action and he'll jump on day one and Jeff I have another point yes. More clip beta is demagoguing. This issue. He said about a week ago he compared trumps immigration policy did Jeb Bush more clip that you were asked. Old acts Jeb Bush wouldn't build a well Barbara Bush's life depended upon it. Jeb Bush wouldn't clean out to Sanctuary Cities which are destroying our country is is quite dependent upon it. More equipment you'll Donald Trump an apology for saying that. Jeb Bush is is night and day compared to Donald Trump. And Jeff believed he would a little Friday humor. George Soros is packing on the cheap and easy sell he is growing out hair are. Trying on pants suits. When Hillary pulls all the steps the next time as her body rocks beneath your pantsuit for more species. Committed acts booked out for George Soros GAAP as I could create a body double. Make. It on the debate stage against Donald Trump. Geithner that call ever great weekend Jeb Bush Jeb BJ a bit at all. Couldn't show mind Donald Trump's shoes. I mean I'm so this guy could. Including military shows that aren't I got a little spot they're larger bit dot could lick lick lick away that leak leak he couldn't lick issues okay. Now speaking of Sanctuary Cities speaking of Sanctuary Cities. All of you need to be aware this. So are you know trumps I think his magnificent landmark speech. In Arizona which just lit the audience on fire. And one of the centerpieces. Of that speech was finally he's gonna crack down. On Sanctuary Cities he's gonna end the policy of having the shaped havens for all of these illegal immigrants. In our country. Well guess what. You now have mirrors here in the people's republic of facts and truth sets led. By Kurt a phony himself their marriage Ole Ole Joseph occurred at home part of bones. The mayor of Somerville which she's turned by the way to a massive Sanctuary City. It's now ridden with crime ridden with welfare deadbeats ridden with drugs he almost single handedly destroyed Somerville let that go. They joke heard a tone. Has now come occurred a phony has now come out and said basically thumbing his nose at Donald Trump. That Donald Trump is un American for proposing a crack down on Sanctuary Cities. And he's now claiming that trumpets threatening him by withholding federal funding. And he basically said you can take your federal money and shove it because I heard a tone is gonna stand with the illegals. Against the American people. His play quite frankly just on America. We're not gonna Jeanne indiscriminate work federal agencies just a whole people on it. We have federal funding that we're not gonna change who we. Oh. Okay dole there would usually the Tony Tony what's. Got America. And America. Got to change who we are. Mary Liz and you legal limbo for me all the time. Under keeping me embarking my boys my friends empower. Anyone I'm gonna what's the word in the script and I got and I am discriminate Lee had to work at a federal government. Always the whole month on goal various federal funding that we're not gonna change we our particular model on the crazy back up there pretty. I got you into Iraq. Potentially yeah. Tyson choke. Oh really disguise a joke. I mean we're all due respect a lot of good people in Somerville I drive from Somerville I've been to Somerville. People come all share a few normal summer summer it was such a nice place. Until Kurt tone and these moon bats came in your court Kurd a phony and turned in to a massive mothers Sanctuary City. And good luck now hearing English on the streets of of summer. And so you wanna talk about drug you wanna talk about heroin. You wanna talk about illegals want talk about people on welfare. The ever come on down gave him a little. Somerville is for you oh. And apparently it's not just Somerville in Massachusetts. If you live in Amherst. If you live in Lawrence. If you live in Cambridge. If you live in Chelsea. Those are also Sanctuary Cities. Seoul and since they've all gone Sanctuary City what's happened the Somerville. Amherst Lawrence Cambridge and Chelsea. He guessed that. They become Third World analysts is played quite frankly just on America. I'm American payroll. Old but he should might planned to have a black clubs matter Bonner. And division will operable bread bowl Lotta comment in straight year old let's American. Enjoy your week defy the rule of law Bill Clinton medical man we're going to be like medical game and old old. Somerville. Get rid of this guy. Do we yourself the best thing you could ever do for Somerville is vote this bomb out 617 to a 66. 6868. Steven and Belmont go ahead Stephen. You know this is right. Our cap cut my had been let's leave for twelve years. I tell everybody about 208. How I love you. And that night and we didn't call you up and wish you happy Labor Day weekend you're the only one probably work at UN Brittany. Steve and plot are bad they got we got it yesterday we got. It looked in the camera app got there yesterday people up. And how we ever met before Stevens now. I. But I stuck yeah. Yeah I got a very close friend whose name is Steven when he was a former student of mine. And when it's it's the answer is that a group that doesn't sound like Stevens like four EU. I'm solid QLOK now apologies the. Now this is Stephen that totally by guy unfortunately. Yet glaucoma. GAAP. Hey I love Britney. Now you told me that lag and Africa well. The cabinet or call. I don't wish it receipt of that otherwise I don't like it in no way you know IPO GAAP. And I'm I'm I'm really agony not yet know what you re shocked eyes because it may. Don't Latvia are amazing thing to refuse. To settlement no US news statement get corner and Brittany. Not wake up America don't show you stupid. Well we're right guys. Please wake up. Stephen this idea what the drug cartels. Elected all out at all. What you are a good shot at it may be. All right yeah. If I got a lesser Steve and I aren't great Labor Day weekend god bless you my friend Ralph and Peabody go ahead Ralph. And then I get. I've been trying to get to slow trip for months but finally I did I got two points that are very important but the second one is the most important but. You know I'm I'm sure you know that they Smit who sang god bless America. Do do do you have hit it dead people woman sing that song. Direct. Young fellow like talk to he's probably too young to get re about unity and agreement anyway. If trump play dat in the beginning of his events meaning when he came onstage. And at the end of the events that would be a double B terrific. But the other thing is that maybe you know maybe you don't know so just two security. How can people of good government people. Congress shall work that goes didn't take money out and leaves a note and I know you'll how is that possible and could trump stop that. Does that happen again beat what he would always. It would get senior citizens somewhat but senior citizens among that the goal we don't understand comprehend anything too well. Others guilt but not only would he did vote against the it sure does well because they have children that I've met Evan medial or even a good job. Five children Triplett children. They have it given that family that happened yet. A mother looked flat note was left alone have to come in and stay with them. That's going to be difficult as some people so people can do it some people can't do but I would like to know if you could find out. If that could be a stoppage to people. Go into a Social Security taken money out and some never get paid back. And it went Social Security spat in years ago how much money do you think we would have had bag now. Debt they would have to scare senior citizens say that the gonna run out of money in 2000 video whatever it may be. Ralph. Ralph thank you very much for that call look I can tell you this right now they're robbing seniors blind. You do you know how easy it is to get a Social Security number. I'm not kidding it just it's a couple hundred bucks. D.'s you like illegal immigrants short getting all these phony Social Security numbers and they're applying for. All of these so called benefits in Massachusetts. Alone I want everybody to understand this. It cost us taxpayers. Who billion dollars a year. Just in health care and welfare benefits and other earth is entitlement benefits. To show illegal immigrants. Earlier on the dole. So now they're gonna be eligible for retirement. Now other eligible for Medicare or Medicaid. Nevermind section eight nevermind EBP never mind public housing and and because now you see there a panic the Democrats are in a big panic. Because trump is now surging in the polls actually many polls now have a mad so she's now unleashing campaign that at a hacker BP. He's running around especially on Univision and Spanish speaking a language stations saying not only are we gonna give everybody mass amnesty within a hundred days but listen that is. Quote you're gonna have earned citizenship. Earned meaning basically what you average for free. Now because they want him to vote. They wanna give them amnesty and they want him to vote but when they get to legalize what do you think happens. Carol eligible for everything. For for this time without any fear of being prosecuted by the law so. You're gonna have tens of millions of people potentially eligible for welfare. Medicare. Medicaid. Or Obama care. Section eight. Food stamps EDT. The earned income tax credits. We're going to be 1253000. Dollar tracks. And adequate lock him work. I've been working airmen were planning here is Manning. I'm tired about sexism I forgot about taxes in my camera and I earned earned income tax credit Lang. And of course they're going to be eligible for Social Security they're gonna drive the entire system. Bankrupt. 617666868. Mort your calls. Okay my friends I wanna continue to take your calls. Was Strom speech too hard line. That's what many critics in the media are now saying. And I kid you not. Will block lives matter destroyed the NFL. You're not gonna believe the latest IE it's not just coal and copper and make anymore. Seems like now all a lot of people are sitting out the national and some. Your calls those stories. Next. 106 here on the great. WRKO. Boys of Boston. Focus my friends. Lots to talk about later this hour. As you know the NFL is really it's an American institution. I think it's now that you sort of the sport of America's America's pastime it's I think surpassed baseball. If one of the few traditions we still have in this country will now it is under assault. From block who lives matter it's no longer just coal and copper neck. There are now other players deliberately sitting out the National Anthem. And disrespecting the flag. If this is the future of the NFL. Will block lives a map. Or destroy the NFL. We're gonna have that and the debate stars. Have now been announced for the three presidential debates the vice presidential debate. Amen I have the names and I'm gonna ask you. Is this an ambush for trump. Because I'm looking at some of these names and I eEye yeah IE there. Boy these Republicans they just they never learn they just never never never learn but first my friends. The poll question of the day it's really it's the centerpiece. The anchor of Trump's campaign it's his seminal pledge to build a wall. And now the media is saying it's unrealistic. Many establishment Republicans are saying it's unrealistic. It can't be done it won't be done. Donald Trump is now saying hey I've got many proposals. One of them let's declare war on the cartels. Seize their assets their money. Their bank accounts. And help pay for the wall. So what happens as a sport interest rates at the border make it really. Really strong wanted to build a wall so we're going to get rid of all of that bad players that are here they gang members a gang leaders of drug dealers. All of the cartel people wouldn't get it out of our country because they're causing tremendous damaging crime and other tanks and getting to drug's spread all over the place. They'll be beyond its. He's I think he's completely right. Look you can tax the money transfers through western union to Mexico only to Mexico. There's many ways if you wanna have them pay for the wall to wall we'll get paid. Don't have to worry about that. But they keep acting like somehow this is notice with everybody out it's it's not just liberals its establishment Republicans as well. Put a man on the moon all problem. A speech calling either plug in space colony on Mars little problem. Control the entire environment of the planet like Obama says climate change. All problem. Takeover of 16 of our healthcare system. Problem. But do noble waltrip Jeff judge John Wall Jeff wolf roll what would you folks. You've got water rights you've got private property down there you got hooked a three he's got. It's 2000 miles observe what's gonna pay to campaign for there's going to be paid for those tractors out. It's impossible well the Chinese. Built them. Massive long walled old wall. Both hundreds of years before the birth of Christ. Kept them safe for over a thousand years what's the problem. But Larry did just picked up rocks manual. OK hey Adrian wall the Roman empire in Northern England to keep up the packs. They basically savage Irish Scottish strikes. Worked for hundreds of years. What's the problem. Again with their hands I'm not talking bulldozers construction equipment all the all the high tech we have now literally just. What their hands are there a brick by brick by brick by brick. No problem. No problem. Suddenly you wanna build a wall to secure American protect Americans of jobs were wrong Jeff. Sheriff jet jet shaft Jeff should have let it go Jeff it's it's too unrealistic Jeff you can't would Jeff. It's impossible (%expletive) Juggle it blew it. Brittany what is the poll question of the day. And what are the results so far. Should we seize the assets of the Mexican drug cartel to paid for the law yes. ID 1% see she. In 9% now. So if you wanna vote C yes you can text the letter this X 8680 purely Brittany. This may lead into an actual war with the drug cartel that is clean up the streets get the drugs off of the streets and everything analogue hole are on the streets and out. I don't want my president passed out SP terrible you know look at Columbia. When they went after Pablo. Eisenberg and Pablo Escobar sent down all of his people and they were literate bombs everywhere -- is opening its Hannah by government at all angles after the Mexican drug cartel like. You know it take all their money at the country's war on. I say bring it on 617206. Armed and dangerous out unless I say I'm. Unleashed a marine unleashed a Navy SEALs. I thought I go we take back our borders and I would confiscated every I we were confiscated or houses. Everything the strip joints door houses that cocaine for everything is we just take at all just pick at all. Everything goes for the wall everything 617 twos. I would even caught can script you know the guys that were for the cartels. Our guys you don't wanna go to prison OK Connor there he you'll make cement. You'll you'll make cement annually the bricks about let's go guys come on I'll I'll make that's gonna go come out time is money. Time is money. 6172666868. If you want LB the foreign. I'm happy all volunteer for free I'll do the Foreman on the site audit these guys working. For us in Boston go ahead ross'. The media has no credibility. They have no standing. Connecticut Travis the Arab freedom of the press. You know all we hope of this country we understand that we need only needed a calm in the foreign policy tsunami. Credit but I Obama and Hillary. And let's face that Obama and Hillary amid a mass out of our ability to work with Putin's and the Russian government. We should not have gotten involved and clashing with the Russians. Over Russia and allies. You know trample work with Putin's understanding of both leaders have to say base. And we have a common enemy called radical Islam. And he will work with kiloton that we can finally applied. Radical Islam where Maybelline. In the cemeteries. Amen brother. Thank you for that call rust so in Belmont going head south. We don't let you know and I don't know well. I can hear you can you hear me so. Okay Mike Lang debt why don't they really aren't. If somebody didn't go well that's why I brought some well. I would love I want a pig and look. How you look at these people that you don't get to a huge. A little bit today. I'm pretty sure. Please write to all of you don't drop the immigrant troubles weren't troubles we understand why it is. And then ultimately trump will let won't let it. We're going backward. And English and let you know he's quietly. That's so. What happened Brittany. Oh. You know what it would do that which would usually click on television. Usually the well I don't want as well given that reality. That's what they really get them caught. Now I sell these days this is the Boston Globe. So that that's your that's your big mistakes out that was a big mistake. Tim knew Boston Globe is only used for two purposes you got to listen to send out okay please. What are. Either for pre do you think that the house salvage your house every do you every do pointing that out. Yeah okay it's incredible. The port on the floor for the paint. We're in the paint fueled them in the paint leak sometime it's it absorbs it's got a great absorption for. Do you have like a dog year old little kiddie Gillick your cat or dog at the house. Just OK well then it's great for kitty litter OK all shall. And sell you a fish guy you like to go to the market the fish market. Did the Boston Globe it's incredible rap finish. All smelled all not thinks I'll I use it all the time it's incredible. It's Iraq. So it is a propaganda. Sheet that's all it is I'm telling you. They are fair to screened for Hillary Clinton they essentially work for the Democratic Party. Once you realize you're reading your reading a pamphlet. For the Democratic Party Ding you know what the Boston Globe and it's. I have friends in the old country god as my witness they have a hard time getting a toilet paper in Eastern Europe but to consider like a luxury. I wouldn't even give them the Boston Globe to wipe their you know one. I expect bad bad arm bother. Get leaves and whatever just dawned. Forget the globe it's my evil or paint or fish that's it. Fannie and Chelsea go ahead and. Collateral. And T and act. I don't and a year and. Kind of correct and Linda and me opening eight came. I would imagine my grandma. I lived there and now see if we get it can't go. The parents didn't know if my count up all. I think I'm good now wouldn't that you have to believe. Jack. I'm telling you know I wouldn't count saint. The quality of right. In my neighborhood it felt bad that even now and they can't get can't admit bad. What we. The. Doesn't pan. Am my opponent can't count and then we could backing same. Haven't found that Clinton probably can't president this wouldn't yeah how. Yeah no we can't win I ain't no wind up I hadn't. I don't know yet. It learn it it kind of you know don't don't don't I don't usually don't get though I don't want that different. At this point what difference does it make. Apps apps apps. I know we can't get paid and he can't. A final in the back. And you gotta pick your city back. From Baghdad that merit a phony Kurd a phony. No lawyer in Chelsea I'm sorry players Somerville I know your Chelsea doctor Sanctuary City know Fannie blow what they've done that Chelsea it's a crime. I'm telling you know. They damn well like fit right Philly and only now I am connecting in the city and not be seeing a little. Well I think and then really picked. Now Andy when you speak English as anybody understand you're there and sell your and your translator. Out don't. Second unit translator and a walk around with you. Well I kind of did I did think pat yeah I mean I would rather have the right but and I am I yeah. And weren't. Who. Are and yeah. But I go and movie can be well it's national welfare hadn't had been camping you know when he actually in there. You see Annie Labor Day used to be activated celebrate the workers for the working man whose Labor Day now it's become welfare day. Now nobody works everybody is on welfare. That you've heard a call I mean. 6172666868. Okay. Tom intellect can still fla Tom. Are you okay come migrate their hurricane has since Florida they say the lights have gone out the large parts of Florida power from surviving Tom are you relying. Hairy Jeff I can barely but I can hear you can you hear me hate. Jet hit sitcom in the Tampa Florida added that the north Florida chapter colonial country. And I am following the great great great great Tom red white and blue sneakers fetuses that Tom just stopping him over. Have they camp I wanna tell you I want to Jeff. I try to get on yesterday it would be possible I wanna wish you a very happy 47 birthday Jeff. That I'm good to hear the same birthday as Rocky Marciano the great fighter. You're a fighter cap era fighter and ship I wanna tell you did you know neck here you can you can actually claimed that the barriers so all the security to know that yes. How Glock talk gonna do that. Oh seriously because it's 48. Debt the mall equals thirty hacked to death of a polygraph. Our goods aisle but that is yet in debt right now. Exit test was 48 chat about it trumped trains running here. The trump train is writing we got three seed order that track that quite figure out. I come out and ask you really so how is it where you are in Florida now's the water is the rain really coming down is there a lot of water rising. Well you know in some places now and I thought this property the 120 feet above sea level I'm. I can open up twelve fire I dreamed in my backyard and I would have a trouble. But they're home here on the coast that are built until. And people are stuck in her home because they're under piracy Q what are. A one person died today in Orlando I think he got hit by tree very quickly. You know but Donald Trump we love them here in Florida. And that immigration speech was fantastic to call the mom that put back to appear Conte shame and Jeff one other comment. Have you seen a giant TV Jose on time Neil Barrett of bark is if any illegal. Any legal from the Philippines. He was he was sent here by his. His parents that he was twelve. He applied for driver's license and he was sixteen in any doubt that we've been illegal he developed fraudulent papers to get his driver's license that guy Don TP. He's a journalist I was in your journalist. Yeah exactly and Chad gets what. It's come up with this you know I'm mama homosexual he's ready to homosexuals but he can't touch him now what do you think of that Jeff what a joke. It is I mean aside I I I know I mean I don't know impersonal buying all of his story. I came here illegally was sent by his parents. Got a first rate education obviously we taxpayer paid for everything. And now the guys not only shilling for amnesty. But they've caught him on every TV stations CNN NBC MSNBC. The guys kissing illegal easier he's a criminal he came every legally. And are saying this is the guy we should emulate. If they get amnesty. Okay effect if the clintons win of Doug gang wins. All the money that I spent to do with their right way to become an American city about American citizen in our income went to Sanctuary Cities and hide in the shadows. I want my money back. All 25000. Dollars that I spent on lawyers and fees I wanna back I want it back period. 61720666868. More worth your calls and is the NFL. About two self destruct. Ducked that topic next.