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Colin Kaepernick continues his protest 9-2-16

Sep 2, 2016|

Kaepernick continued his protest... This time he took a knee.

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Summer is officially over. No at this point I think it will continue to be taken in the as far as how long this goes I'm not sure you know I want. I wanna be Oda affect change and I think there are a lot of other people that want to as well. And organizing that and making sure that. No we can help each other out and make the biggest impact that we can in these communities and in people's lives. I think when that happens. I think a lot of people. Wolf really influenced me to stand. Well they influenced him to Neil. Last night of course Kyle happening. Vs continues as it was just waiting to see what he was gonna do. In that pre season last pre season game last night. Those who love and as a football player Wayne C region field and those who are. Watching his every move when it comes to his his statements that he's making on the sidelines waiting for the. You both brought up a good point though was digging you'll because it was military in any their duty Neil because he would kneel next game too. We don't know the it's to do now we've yet we do. They will have his version of war is now so the long snapper on the team was a former green beret. They had a conversation about it in our talent and temperament said quote as we talked. We came up with taken in need because there are issues that need to be addressed and there was also a way to show more respect for the men and women that fight for this country. So it was because it was so it was a bit of yielding on his part and a bit of an understanding that the long snapper. Put out of said something to the effect. Legs are really healthy dialogue and this is what makes America summer or something like that but. Did the fact that he takes in the changes for you when anyway issue. Perform. Well it didn't change it for me. Because I think he should just stand. I recognize that now he's too far into it to have just. You know. I stood up yesterday. He's gonna have to you know slowly but surely come out of this look I'm all for the idea that if Colin can't predict wants to. Start to move the dialogue Greek. IE so far haven't seen him changing the dialogue all that much were talking about him but I don't know Vick. Think it's changed the dialogue on any kind of front other than talk radio and people not liking what he did. I'm he does say that he's gonna give money now because he says he's gonna put his money where his mouth there is. And sometimes money can be. One of the best things these guys can do he's he's gonna get the first million dollars of his income this year two organizations that help. In communities like the ones that he's talking about. I guess that's a good thing you know I don't know I don't know India and will this have moved the needle anywhere I don't know what do you think. No I think the meal has moved whether you know bid does that move for me no but discrete things that happened last Taiwanese he'd. He took a knee instead of sitting right and so he is actually listen. He had a conversation with a guy and he did change his behavior as a result. Two where is he put his money where his mouth as everyone says Dave's first comment was what's he doing about seems spending too much money while he did yesterday set up so again he's listening. Third thing is and I think it's the most interest in develop of the evening is that he was not alone. Teammates joined him and then I got on another team it's sad that Seahawks so not that game differing game and that guys quote bear was I like what he's Dolan and I'm gonna do until I see something and if this is where it gets Morgan I've always. From the day we first our retirement on Monday with talk I said what I'm interested to see is how the movie channels as that they just let it go and open the blows away basically. Or do they eventually have to get involved and say look this is the league policy going forward and if you don't comply you're in violation. The league can't have every day. Every Sunday he 6070. A hundred players can dealing sitting turning their backs when Everest the camp that's just mother you don't see any problem is that they didn't address it. Fry don't add though maybe it is we don't know how we talked about his whether they should or shouldn't get involved whether the team should or shouldn't whether they head coach tradition. And no one's really sure sometimes you just let it play out in you books I don't have the issue that you thought she did up front and that's always best other times. You get the thing in the bud. It's not to the point where it's out of control but it's disconcerting and I bet Goodell was not pleased to the other players do it last. Well the problem they can Dell has is that when they get on a national stage which is gonna be starting next Thursday. That's where more people may make a decision that this is when they wanna do it because there's more people watching you know there's more attention on it and that's what he's gonna get into trouble. You know. The problem is just that I understand where you're coming from and I understand it probably we're Goodell was coming from number Ryan. Do we make a bigger deal of it then what it is because if they had told him you have to stand there's a great possibility that there would have been a whole lot more sitting this week. You know it this was his decision to make whether he stood or whether he kneeled or whatever he wanted to do. But at the same time I got to tell yeah I just can't even imagine. The risk that the NFL is running you know one of the biggest money makers in the nation come on let's just face it you know this it's unbelievable. If next week like you said all of a sudden we got sixty to a hundred guys who are sitting during the National Anthem that's a problem. Advocates who else is had a rather lengthy court battle to get it I don't audition for Iran next wonders is freedom of speech issues like and I don't. Unlike deflate do I don't know how Goodell would win now one I don't know how you could after the fact legislate. It's not you it's different if he rips the thing off to shield off the uniform or they have a member of the gallon now writing what the rules are there and him just. Sitting or standing or kneeling I don't know that you can force somebody to do something like the team. Is different. But they would there be repercussions that it is a very murky war listen you got you're walking or real fine line Carolina votes to say you know. They would. But he's got a particular problem hired some retirement as Jose which is true. Chip Kelly was the coach of the Eagles up until this year and several black players on the Eagles said the Chip Kelly did not have his they're back in other words there were claiming she was only about race right right the Riley Cooper has a wide receiver who used the N word in Chip Kelly had his back and other black players think DeMarco Murray might have been one bit. To reroute who's the got a running back in and out of going LeSean McCoy. Not that thrilled we've Chip Kelly and his attitude towards a black players so if Chip Kelly then comes on his cap and it's gone. Now he kind of tricky for Chinese not the guy that probably not the guy anyway that's this is my don't think that's always wired but. It would be you could be problematic it's very tricky as these things often are. Well we wondered what would happen with cabernet you know that the big talk in the sports world was that he would prove himself while Snyder who's gonna find himself off the roster period. Telling you a pretty good first half so. I think it's going to be hard to cut him don't you I mean I sometimes you decide before a fourth game what's gonna happen so what are his on field performance or not. Really affect that decision he played well if if there was any doubt in his play has anything to do with it and he would have earned his spot last night. I think his hour and a more to do with a tiny thing. Tom my guess is he's going to be on the team. Yeah which is tricky because they got a couple there's every single weekend is detrimental to the teams there's no denying. Kind of interesting though like I was wondering what the fans would do last night but they. You know very military community on military night coming up San Diego right but. They weren't there there wasn't much of it was such a smattering of you know on a smattering of of blue. But in general people are relatively respectful to him as well I thought it is at the way you yeah yeah. So are how I don't know 672666868. Is the number am. For you to join this conversation because here's what where when and all this morning. Number one. Did this change your mind because he knelt. As opposed to sitting on the bench so did it change your position. On I can't predict and what it is he's trying to do number two he says he's put his money where his mouth is is that changing it for you and then number three. What should the NFL do about this because. Again we are now now we had three players last night. I can't predict included who. Did something in protest to the of them. And now over of course Thursday is when the season opens. Will we start to see this more widespread and if we do what should the NFL do I mean if it's. If it's a guy you guys there you know woody gonna do right but if all of a sudden they make the decision 67 guys are gonna says. It's essentially saying there were having this conversation I know it's free speech and know he has the right to do this but it it just seems like such a slap in the face that the so many people and I don't know. Doubt feel like a lot of conversation now is after five days he's starting to get to where he is the sixtieth Olympics guys and Pierre or are accepting of that like Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Is very much like this is legitimately good social activism and you know the guys doing what he now it careens as he's got a morphing into being part of the positive change etc. etc. I think I think the country is softening on this I do what do you what they can help was the the day in particular the Fidel Castro archer. That was really shocked me and others that saw how sexy the Sox are dumb so he needs Hui he would have been better Sanyo and this is too but I'm trying to be serious and and I did something gimmicky like that that was down right instead he'd he'd try to double downs that have friends that are cops which was not Corey. A peso can be an autism he did nothing for me last night they didn't change the situation for me but I will say this do you think it's a little more respectful yes. Yes I do I do think it's a little more respectful. Now we've come to my though they are better. And isn't that gross a bit and unacceptable compromise but at least it is a movement but here's where here's where I will say that I think he's moving in the right direction it's the money. And if he does put his money in some of these places he he does begin to work outside of Sunday's. To do something about what it is that he is trying to to change. Then I'm gonna then I'm gonna look at him differently and I'm gonna think about this differently but I gotta see you do that first. And I wanna know what you think six on 17666860. Eights and amber your calls right after the break 613 of the WRKO Boston doc have. Once again I'm not anti American not love America I love people. That's why I'm doing this wanna help make America better and I think having these conversations. Helps everybody have a better understanding. Where everybody is coming for a. Helen cavern that. And we wanna know what do you think the situation did he immediately last night in federal or any worse for you. I just in Salem this morning Jeff good morning. I wish I had not had this little window and as someone in our arts and actually mark proctor and America call you guys. Come out of it now you know basically out of my call for five and 1596. Days a week to sort of quote that. Yeah. And if they're really caught a lie about where we just trying to get a microphone. And quality criminal Radovan. That this country gave him what it means there are due to this country whether the corporate real problem. Like I'm like I don't know this probably took its Covert Chicago over the last pretend we're a bit and related murder black on black murder what is what is the purpose that. But at this you know. Of the whitening. Why I mean this country stuck all of America all what are we closer. A real lot over the Middle East where almost complete record legally but it could park that's perhaps why it always count on America. Well I will say one thing just that and I I was mentioning this and this is something that's Booth to my needle in a more positive way that is that he's saying he's gonna give money to communities like Chicago. That need help now. Well. I don't really comes down aren't good leader and its code suspect that money is this gonna look at some. Corrupt politicians ought to book some corrupt community. Organizing organization. And nothing's gonna happen without money. What comes out aren't listed how are you black there were. Other urban black what would the people who work I needed to get married and nick we'll why don't what are the bat. Well we all pick and choose what we. Support and what we protestor when we disagree with is the one he's chosen I mean he could choose any of those on his but he shows in this one. I'm not election the guy and what he should be protest thing I I don't like his manner of doing it at all and didn't change after last night off for sure. Tiles as you well know a question the motives of the thing immunized. And I don't question kotsay comes in the play she's militants he converts to Islam all of a sudden his thoughts going on. As for the you I mean he's he's America I think he told let me out of that is that his job is on the line as well I mean c'mon I mean let's just say that's a possibility and this makes it more difficult to to strike him from the roster one disconnect is that he says he doesn't hate America so can use say. Do people believe that you don't hate America when you won't stand for the star spangled banner earn those mutually exclusive. Lessig can't I'm not anti American love love America. So he says he loves America you only deal and I would. The probably this is like that somebody pointed out yesterday Arizona where Jackie Robinson. Apparently later in life said he never would stand for the star spangled banner. And I I didn't know that about Jackie Robinson. I think the times that Jackie Robinson lived in vs the times is going to happen and Clinton are quite different and I would never equate these two right. But there are I'm. I've long felt that like in World War II. You know blacks would liberate a concentration camp and then save of the prisoners as they were freeing him you guys have way more rights than I would ever have in my own country like that. That has been a problem there are times in our country's history. When obviously I think that would be an issue I don't think this is one of them and I don't think we're cabinet. Think she's protesting rises to that level at all and I know that telling tactic upper deck has never faced any of those issues he is not deal with steadily if he just tweets his grievances does he get the coverage that he's getting now. I mean you know no obviously not kick it wouldn't last as long it might have been a you know it might have been something for a moment but not like this that's I can't decide if it's bad either way because if you don't hate America than you're using the situation you're using the flag to your advantage to draw the publicity to get your cost and I understand you have to draw publicity in somehow Kazaa tweet might not done it but. To use the flag in that is it's. Pretty gross I am trying to think what other things he could have done that would draw the same kind of attention that he has. My problem is that. I need for him to react now immediately much more quickly than even what I think he's doing. You know had he done it once he got the attention and then he immediately started to do things that I thought were moving the dialogue in a positive way. Then maybe I would have said today that was his his way and he did it he got the ticket but I don't I don't know if I see that. What does it mean anything to use his org it's tough for me Elijah among white guy who is Carol. All of the people in my lifetime that did things like this and we're strong leaders that took stances there were criticized that time. Tommy Smith Jim Brown Kareem Abdul draw all support our all say yeah he's got his right and I you know they're not rip them. Does that mean anything. I'm not only beat that that support will go as far as human doing something more than just being disruptive and football game. Don't you I mean I think that those all went on to follow their causes. And to try to make a difference don't you feel like if he doesn't do that. Then they're gonna pull their support if he continues to sit on the bench and that's it. You're gonna feel like really you know that's that's just not enough I'm gonna do about. I'm not gonna sit here give atomic credit over the million dollar thing either I said that on what it was that that was Monday I said that well so what happens in between that we have. A cashed her teacher sites that are slavery silence they're slamming the cops and then. After his game worry after he kneels we find out he's condone animal and that's what number five. I don't know if they don't think that's at least he's may be will. Wake up I mean it earlier in the week we set you know he's young and sometimes young people do stupid things. Again I told you from the start I don't think as well fought out. And I still don't demanded that the Sox in particular were stupid to cast pressure was ridiculous it's hard to take him seriously without gas for every human doesn't. To read that your immediately and say that was dom then these. He's much more ignorant than I thought. But he is if I have. So if this sounds like you've heard of other people I think you're learning on the flock. And so he is he at least has changed. I don't agree with him or his cause in any way shape or form but he has switched on two things. In in a semi positive direction I guess. If he's in Middleton this morning good morning Anthony. While there should be current market all went away and could go now. On this character piece that got joked. This country so much cop killer black. One thing as like this like some ask them about a black cop who killed the black guy. I mean here is not the other races this oil are. Should watch what lord shall in HD on this coverage all those seventeen and eighteen year old kid stole economic. Blah. A decent job. People should not go to. Lowe's. I don't think you would take the same from the World War II series that you sort of discover that works on will be managed Yorkshire it would be guided me now aware of them is from Louisiana. And so the on sterling cases regime he had been outspoken about. I don't know that much about that guy delighted. You know I if these guys have arguments whether you like them or not and I don't like come and I think they're wrong I would show them Harvard study that has actually statistically they've. Blacks don't get killed or shot by white cops more than they do by black topped out there Alison and Joey isn't summer well Joey good morning. Good morning TO. I'll answer. Yes ma'am. This conversation clearly isn't about me but I'll be remiss if I didn't make at least a couple of comments about Myanmar actually going on Nash. I am the youngest since Jan first generation American. And I am not an Italian American I am in America. And I love this country in the constitution. And what he's still wants this flag. It is disgusting as this respectful and because of this flag that he's able to give us do is try it and a million dollars. Sure whoever he's gonna give it true yeah. You know it is guy I was 200 years old OK actually where you're coming from. But he has had nothing but handouts his whole life because of his color. And it's crap. We'll say you know what it is right it is right to do this. But it's also the NFL's rights are banned jamaat condom or do whatever they need to do to make up points. So this is just the wrong approach. The joy an issue that the NFL's right because this is freedom of speech right. So can the NFL really do anything do you think. Bees no bodies on what is for each the other the right to do it. Whatever they want that well it's news interviewed them all result we just can't wait to track and L. Got that he had in the sand and not realize that. America really is in America. It's as pathetic. Terry thanks for call this morning six or 72666868. To number let's let's talk about the NFL we come back. And what the NFL can do about that should this become widespread starting on Thursday 648 on the WRKO boston.com morning show. Put them. The dream result would be equality. No justice for everybody. This is really something about human rights. It's about the people this isn't about anything other than that and some people aren't given the same rights aren't given the same opportunities. As others and that's really what the issues. Thought I threw that statement which is why don't say I don't like what he's doing at all I don't I don't believe that. But he does he does well to do what the what he does or at least he says that's very. And we I don't know what he does a really. And it does anybody know you know prior to him. Not standing had he talked about this a lot to get our first you know a year ago met this young lady and a now going to be his wife and that seems to have been a point when she's changed fundamentally. He is converted to Islam wants that a Muslim religion. I mean a Muslim wedding excuse me. And a man and those seem to be two things that happened in his life that have gotten him much more him. I don't pride of a better term militant than he otherwise I want I just wish he'd he'd also showcase a little bit like that caller was saying I mean Chicago what was it the deadliest month in two decades. I mean you have to also at the same time Paula your own community horse and and stuff and nobody really does that. I don't know why the first impulse is to blame the cops. 6172666868. Is the number you're right that seems to be in in fashion right now to blame the cops. Bibi or let's talk about the NFL and he's used said. You think the tricky part is that teen verses really be enough now. I I think that team has a deal would give I don't Indiana god can silence that I don't I don't think there's anything the end of pelican do. For him even if they do a new policy you would be grandfathered in right the team is different because you do have a conductive to mental than the team and there is a bottom line that they could argue he's been affected as a result of what he's doing now if this ever went to court. You know he sues for wrongful termination which will be tough because he's getting paid anyway. Com. You know. It would be an interest in case but I I think the team would have more of a legal leg to stand on thing Goodell would I don't think Goodell could do much in this case right. He's not a you can't you can control somebody's behavior only until open to a point flight right I don't think he can order the guy to stand and that that would all the police now are just the law the courts are you say you don't have to stand for the pledge of allegiance I don't know how they would say you can. Roger Goodell can make the guys stand for. So would you would you think that come next Thursday. If all of a sudden we got sixty. You know 8000 guys I don't think that's going to that's gonna happen third and I think that's the best thing for development if it stays under ten for example he's going to be it's gonna just let us guys right out eventually people grow bored with this and tired and don't care and these guys can do what it there Juanita never signature player doing it yet either taught a great way of summer. Op Dez Bryant or somebody like that was doing it Tom Kaplan it. He's probably going to be the backup in San Francisco but even if he's the starter in the minors presumably you're going nowhere this year. Sort I don't think he's that concerned yet but he's more concerned today than it was yesterday. I have. I'm not that I think from the stories perspective it could get magnified because I just I mean this is now talking sports and defenseman Colin court Colin tapper nick is the best option for the Minnesota Vikings right now with Teddy Bridgewater going down. So if a starter is then. Sitting down or kneeling for the National Anthem then it becomes even more magnified issued during the regular season so of that I think if you're the NFL you do not want that. Italian do you think starters are gonna do that now I go back to the younger clearing. Well guess here's a guy out yet and it. He is not he just resigned to yak is CI I just question you know if guys who. A pretty secure their positions and they don't want our regular alarm rock the boat if they're gonna do anything like this. This is gonna cause problems in the team or is gonna make the coach looked to be different way. But it but these coat just heard a tough place because it means you I guess now like coaching you start saying it's up about this you're racist all the sudden. I can't envision this ever happening in under a Bill Belichick led team. OK so there let's let's put that out I don't know how they would handle it if I'm trying my buds they Donta hightower for. Ample. Turning to some guys these you know from LSU were somebody that might get tied in with like an Altman's startling case would get involved but. I just Belichick would elementary the centenary year to you. You're set to Asia detrimental to team and then you're on the inactive list and then you're on I just can't imagine we're going the other way. No question then becomes the award the repercussions beyond because you're not though you're not judge and jury in this case that they are ultimately the Supreme Court would be and they would hear this case unlike the plate gate they would hear this don't you go that every coach in the league is discolored. Oh please no. Yeah you just turner is you're looking around. Before the gas are saying oh please don't. Do you think Goodell doesn't have his didn't already talked his legal team and say so what happens if and they told him I don't even need to leave his Rome you will lose. So don't bother had to buy and how did it gets to be a hundred guys then what what are you going to do right. Interest in the vikings specifically I don't think they're gonna trade for him anyway generics are about trading for geno Smith a vault in Oslo and in Sweden when this series and that tells you you're not going to cap. If he gets caught they might pick them up and down on the gonna trade form riches and nor would this morning glory Norwich. Good morning I'm miserable why should I say crow and you've got a whole list right to protest. Just don't do it in that uniform. OK so that the team I like it right by a teammate wasn't in uniform. Right he's hurt so he knelt down now he had a niner assured on assuaged. Do it put me on the bench to an outside the stadium. You're Europe and shepherd political 49 up and you know respected team. So that enrichment let's for argument sake but then like this I'm like you're rich but that's what I'd I'd say to you but then calling Capra nicks who's to say look I'm not wearing pink and breast cancer month like you've ordered me to do because you ordered me to make a political statement. That would be used on. And he does he absolutely done. And the league is ordered these guys to make statements. Yeah but they have asked them to make statements I understand where he's coming from though you. But bosses don't get to dig your you can do that's our we have HR departments I'd I'd the niners have one I can assure you and the league as one. You can't just tell people what they can and can't do you can't that's where we of course I did think of a lot of business it's a private business I doubt it I doubt it because you are discriminating again OK so here's what I think is gonna be the result of this because. Who love. Personal service contract that's where this is gonna start happening this is gonna start happening in your contract. Because they know they think Kate and if you sign it is sign it. So okay Forbes that's already worked in TV and so did die and I can tell you this right now I couldn't change my hair color unless they told me I could. There were certain things I could Wear unless they told me I could. I signed things that said that. But you know full so all the conduct detrimental to the team more than the organ as is that's the generic clause. That word gets injured advice that I think the team has a little bit more leg to stand by in the league would. Hock his cap and equities is how is this hurting the league let's look at the bottom line let's open your books Roger gallon as Roger to don't wanna do that. Part of the owners wanna do that now the niners could make a claim like me you know let's go to the pro shop for example when outselling pitchers that we used to sell. But tapper nick would argue. How is this affecting the on the field product and what we are judged on wins and losses in passing yardage and all that how does this affect that it is bowl for the game. And so that would be eight. I Largo I don't know how that would now. Let's go to Robin Milton rob good morning. Good morning Kate thanks liberal who currently do locate. It and that's legal lighthearted fun by defending him home. Yeah you're actually in the you know them well once the election November a man now. AP CNN. BB yours there in the game all mentioned other political. Situations and here's the deal. You guys can't if you studded bitch and moan about things on the rate here right now young people and there were pulling your site to hate him. Can't have this you're gone it by your heart beat OK did they review. Bibi is they would you're reducing paper very. If we get these gut I want to yell about something why do you feel about where his parents are. Were his parent. Well his mother is driven around she's been out there she's been out there. Yes good political political library in disguise those slapped on it doesn't you can go wherever you want but hey and other consumer. The minute he's got the NFL took money. Food networks they became entertainment. I understand that okay well I have a right not to turn a stupid thing on and boycott the 28 spot is that he has the network money. As long as they're gonna confuse politics and sports I'm out Alsace seal it off turn out. I don't need be but you're glad you're just. Night you accuse me of gobbledygook rob I'm laughing you because you're not timing well out out sorts insult you are not turning the NFL you're not watching the patriots on Sunday and you're not going to. You are not going to. Sir I don't which you can think he had doing what you're going to do are two different things you're gonna watch the pats. I you wanna it was every Sunday not on mono box under my dad got and you can certainly every Sunday and Monday more of the money on it. No need to do vote into getting smeared by these people. And the networks allowing them and you're right though the team that the doing what they have built big buddy. You're under contract we don't like it Bjorn do you political speech take it outside. I am I right I think that's probably going to be the only way that this kind of thing could be stopped but again. DB is absolutely right you would have to prove. That it what he was doing was to the detriment of of the team. And quite frankly the only way that could possibly happen it would be if they would start to have attendance issues that have something like that in and I don't think that's gonna happen. I television hazel. You know I think this and less but I will say this. If you've got. 1214. Guys on one team you start to cause a problem then that becomes a distraction and I think a coach could argue. Back to distraction. Six went 72666868. To number 643 on the W ArQule Boston got a mortgage. It is 647 year of the WR hale boston.com morning Joseph 6172666868. Is the number we're talking about Colin cabernet and the NFL and what they do if this becomes and I'm doing is an airport quotes epidemic. Throughout the league as we get the season started days of the car Dave good morning. Yes good morning. I don't believe Israel Asia. So employers they hear their right to protest bilateral deodorant to do it on his job. And so I couldn't agree realized call. Code to a ergo. But are so. Excited about black depression Bennett should not actually and we have a black tribes and always have a black attorney general. Operator had a couple of checkers carrier states or call our. So and he and he reasoning is. It is it is ally and I think there's an it guy who has by his own account has silk. Talk show all of your streams in this country. And saw Kim did this respect as. I'm sort of almost kicked Christians OK Gupta of these guys are now it tell you I have not watched or an NFL game. Including a Super Bowl cry. Since they do it my gold brick back at no aches but what you'd get it to those. So you believe in your causes much is definitely watch more than definite are ardent enemy you put Charlie reed in my office for much longer period. I was a Michael that guy up until that time exactly it was not so much I haven't left the lead you know and I won't be leaving over this either well. I'll clear I don't. None of us can speculate exactly what his you know what his reasoning behind other Vick is a perfect it was at assembly stuff I don't think the league really particularly wanted him back. Yeah I'm still I think they are you guys they know well their right to make a living in the courts would have sided with the guy if the league you know blacklisted him or whatever it frees you wanna use. And so he came back and he's been in the league ever since and might end up in Minnesota world we now. It is interesting bit Colin camper and expands on a sideline in the foot and NFL football game. It talks about black oppression and he can look to his right and looked to his laughed and he sees a lot of black men. Who are millionaires. Today and who are not being oppressed. You know it's he's not living in that world now I I appreciate the fact that maybe he wants to use. His position to make life better for those who have not had the same kinds of opportunities. I really do understand that but. I don't know if in fact that is his purpose but I just don't understand why. This has to be the statement I think there's other ways that he can use his position his money and he is. His ability to step in front of a microphone. And make life better for those who may be back at the same breaks he has. I'm still discuss it on how he how he's going about this because. If he truly does hate America then I guess that's all hasn't felt out and I guess this all would make sense if he did but it doesn't so he used the flag which to me is just as bad. And if it's just yet there's other ways right there other ways to go about this out so I don't know if he gets the publicity. Without doing this I don't know what to compare a whole situation. But he is you know a million point two million dollars positive. What million dollars and well it's the it's gonna start doubting you got a lot more harm by sitting for its sitting during the National Anthem them whatever million dollars is gonna do to help those. Inner city communities Roger is in a car this morning Roger good morning. Roger good. But tapered very well it's art like America our tribe broke two tackles. Japan on it and you look at Merck pretty neat freak where the speaker but I. I think they'll be caught it well that old. People be out there like now content. But at that. Those are people that we'll ever be that it. OK now we all know it Joseph explained earlier you know. During the Watergate. Or the reputation already are a music based. Brunswick agent just got out neighbors the American. Dec. With a little all that we've done a world people we have Maria very liberated Europe that are that are okay yet. He. The video without these simple right. Apparently committed you know there are out during you know maybe that Peter OK and they now. But there are people. Anti. Teacher demonstrate. There there are people who are actually or I worked I dare say that a black community. Did a year ago what rich you were rounded up thrown into gas chamber. UB being sort clothing Buick concentration camp rock two White House. There are you find out the beat you up against paper that there are. And all you know brought district were people now have been I'm not you're correct and then. Or particular incident today spirit that the record aren't there Cotchery. Over me. And there are many many many other you were born I like powered by a jury acquitted. You know. Okay and her many many other rights atrocities around the world to which our our work so afraid to look out that there are people. So people every aspect as sure you know yeah. He wore on teacher and we are not the right you courage and her. Yeah some of it yeah. I did I get it yet you're wearing Castro and you're talking about civil rights and if there's countries it's been in more press than those folks have for a long time you know. I get queries come in from. Deborah it's dangerous to play the game of this is a more important cause and and he should be protesting that like you can go over those less but again everybody. Picks their causes that they believe in and for him and for at least two other players in the league now whether they're grandstanding or they genuinely believe it I'll take them at their word for now on the table event. This is the cause of they've chosen a name this is the big issue it is there was a PSPs for the MBA players on him. So this is what they've chosen zoos around and say they should be doing now as this is what they've got in will deal with a and what's going on whether our government did discuss amusing to see what happens when the NBA comes around as anybody do this in the NBA because these guys have made statements not nearly as far as cabinet but they have said Gallup we. We are problem and we need to take a stand and we need to step up and be heard so out of they manifest that we don't know. Let's go to Billick or bill good morning. Good morning. The boards are morning good morning right. My attitude that topic is who cares who cares I never cared what this guy bought it did beat war. Why am I allowed myself to being manipulated by him like that's why a 20 Q can I think you're exactly right in the future with this contract. Contract they'll say you you know take pot into activity. To activity your standard Albion. I think in the future this could take care but in the meantime at the moment. Well I think you're right now and I think that is how it'll be addressed from this point forward it and by the way it won't be just died in the NFL you know you talk about. In the NBA at this is going to be something that's gonna start being included in personal contracts in. These guys gonna have to either agreed to got to be challenged immediately is to win that American and I don't think you are helping or like they. I think that I think what they're gonna say is just like they said. They're gonna dictate what is considered a team activity. We stand as a team for I'd look at the flag I'm fine with it I just think they're right challenge and I've seen how these things -- going court and they're gonna argue that that has nothing to do with the team wanted to leave what do you pledge allegiance to the United States or where do you stand for the star spangled banner well then why is it why is it. Played at before every game and why is it part of the ceremonies of that wasn't all there radio but it Seattle oh or two if it is now and if it's part of the game process and it is. Then I would argue that you could say. This is this is part of what we do on game day but do they submitted to they remove a fan that doesn't stand amendments in the stands well they're not being paid. But they're participating union activity -- mean fans to remove for all sorts of reasons nowadays I think the difference is that they're not being paid to get that's personal services I don't I don't I think the league is hoping that this goes away and they don't get involved and they don't do that with gone they don't want any part of this and they don't wanna make it forcing it sucked into this thing I don't think it's gonna go away. We'll see and in fact I think you hit the nail right on the head I think we're gonna see this not only more widespread in the NFL but I think we're gonna see it in other sports. Particularly. In the Indian. And if I was you got it right now and it's going to be hero for a lot of you're right I don't see that I think I think just will fizzle out I hope I hope it does number one and number two I think there what if I was Goodell that's I think our would play an item way NC. But until I have to do take action I wouldn't I don't think you Pastor Wright well I that I agree with I don't think it's time yet for sure. Of if you get too weak three and it weeks three and week four. We've got to ask a guy number that's that would be enough you have to have a significant amount guys doing this where you can ignore it anymore I don't think three's. No I agree threes not. Let's get Donna in from none need of this morning Don good morning. I guess I'll probably got good well thank you okay off I have to politically and not a minute though the cause all. Basically arm I've realized you're an admitted that this is a sensational story about. Just letting you know whether us divide I don't care what these jog back okay it would respect it too much time on this issue. It's it's a good store for awhile what. Have we don't care okay I thought that jock dictate. How our country other is our dictate to us begin with the guilt trip up about how. And a compassionate where we are or are about to other people in this stuff. I'm just discuss the weather than those. What do you do to. I mean when you see you don't hear you do Q are you upset about it and discussed. But I've discussed about it that was about the law. I've got I I'm not so letter really effort by me he added that that that we have the greatest content world. Anybody anybody can do that that tickets daily that this is wrong with our conduct whatever but. I just think it's some that would reduce the level of note on the vine and down movement to them. I'm kind of all right it's like up somewhat.