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El Presidente Trump? 8/31/16

Aug 31, 2016|

Trump visits Mexico: good or bad move?

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I thought that Britney just literally came into the studio to fix the there we have that the phone screen you know where you like to see all of you calling and you either way it works this year as a color coded bar. That you often down the screen like that say joy when I was waiting now and Lex and dinner Mike in Georgetown and shall move the color coded argued it's rather green. Like you know gore back caller next quarterback caller next wolf the color courted bars not work. So she came into the studio to try to fix it and I didn't fix and it completely failed state completely failed but let that goal she danced failed. My bottled water act and I hit my bottle water. And it's the water's all over my laptop my iPod my iPhone all my papers that I have here all of these stories. I'm Mike how do you wish Villa a little bottle while an exception is if it's incredible. I'm like a child so. You took. I would add freaking out of use spell water all of my laptop that by just listing how much everything cost. That might mean it wasn't a lap. Britney might for no it's my 500 all are well. You know I might favor with the cellphone because that is the first iPhone that was ever made by apple to use of edited by news honestly. A lot of money I'm. I didn't fade -- I spill in the water all of our. Iraq. You know I upgrade that you had. Never on trio. 6172666860. C what do got to put up with. Look at what it is I'm sorry I didn't mean to try to act or show as a man of my education a man am I learning. Okay my friends. That okay that Donald. It is I think you high risk gamble. I personally think it's a great move you may disagree with me obviously. Donald Trump is now flying off to Mexico city's now actually in Mexican airspace. He is going to be landing very shortly on the tarmac in Mexico City. This is going to be hours before he's gonna come back tonight for a major speech on immigration. In Arizona he is gonna outlying. He is full immigration policy. As we really head into the after labor days when really the general election really kicks off. So he's not going to be outlining his immigration policy tonight he has stunned the political establishment. He has stunned the political world. The president of Mexico. Invited both Hillary rotten and the Donald. And I think frankly the Mexicans thought that she would say yes and he would say no and they could try to humiliate him. Well to their shark. He actually said yes. And Seoul late last night he announced he's going to be going tool may call sit down with the president of Mexico. Where they're gonna have basically an impromptu summit. And there are going to be discussing security. NAFTA. Trade. Immigration. And of course the wall. And the plane. Hasn't even I swear it hasn't even touched down yet. I did you hear the news cast at the top of the hour. It's already a failure. There are Kenyatta is of Donald Trump across Mexico where he's hated him all banging opinion not us but people are upset him a call. And bitch and the fox how many years is even out of power the former president of medical home. Then champion fox shows it's a big mistake. And the president of Mexico whose approval ratings are really low. According to the media home. Why is he doing this shouldn't be doing us any fears going at who cares. I thought the Mexican government when people would Donald Trump. I followed Donald Trump was such a per right at that if you became president the Mexicans would turn their backs on him. Not only are they willing to meet them. They're willing to sit down and meet with him cool months before the election. And so what does this do number one and this is why the media is in full panic. It completely undermines. The democratic narrative. Pushed by the mainstream media that trumpet some kind of a toxic racist. Because he's not a toxic racist to Mexicans are willing to sit down and deal. And no marrow tool. He looks presidential. Like in Louisiana. He is already acting like president of the United States. And so he's gonna sit down. He's gonna talk about that the summit he's gonna talk about all these issues and let me tell you what I think is gonna happen. He's gonna sit down and tell the president of Mexico. You guys are gonna pay for that wall. And you're gonna pay for it within five to ten billion dollar check. And wiry little pony up at five to ten billion dollar check. Because 25. Billion dollars a year full self word from what they called remittances or money transports. Primarily through western union. For many illegal immigrants that sustained the entire Mexican economy. And but and NAFTA. That's sweetheart free trade deal that the Mexicans have been milking us for now for nearly twenty years. Signed by the way by bill and Hillary Clinton but let that go. And he's gonna stand back and say look under the Patriot Act. There is some anti terrorism provisions were gonna tweak it I can do it through executive order like this like this. How we're gonna start cutting off billions of dollars. And you're economy is completely relying it and dependant upon the gringo upon asks. So if you want your economy to crash. And you don't want your entire system to collapse. And if you don't want massive riots could you guys have not dealt with bar pretty year old country you're relying upon our remittances. Then you just cut a one time shot a five to ten billion bucks. Why don't hang. I'd love to be a fly on the wall off. Of there's no pun intended no money. Hey good golf come down now that car bomb I got out but don't mind I got to play well then don't buy it but I'm billion dollar check public domain. It's a real president date Pena and not. President today. You know what malveaux figured this one to eleven billion like oh man I don't think I don't let that better. It's gonna. Twelve billion dollars now keep using the F bomb it goes up one billion every time. I would love to be a fly on the apple. And they're gonna come out and the president's gonna say we had a frank and open exchange of views and of course we disagree because who wants to pay for the wall. But you don't we're where America's a very important partner if trump wins we're gonna have to do business with them and we're gonna cooperate with them I will do everything we can and our bilateral relationship is strong. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. And trump is gonna fly back. And he's gonna eight look like a president. And B. I just sat down with this with the president of Mexico. And whatever disagreements we have and we hammered him out in the summit. Stuckey into the world. The second coming of Adolf Hitler. The Mexicans aren't gonna invade us. Did you shook my playing down. It's not. You know we're not gonna be at war with one another in other words all of they can ski area. About what will happen if if trump becomes president of the United States. Goes up in smoke. Now. What I am very concerned about. And this is wire really command trauma for doing this he's god as the Spanish they call bonus. This guy's got a pair. Because there are major serious death threats being issued against them the big one from the top L arm today. That top Mexican drug lord. Joaquin Guzman who goes by L chapel shortly. Al Chappell has now said he wants to put a price on Donald Trump's head. Because by securing the border and building that wall he is gonna crushed completely crush the Mexican drug cartel. They're number one enemy public enemy number one is that Donald. And soul L Chappell has said he would love to put a bullet in Donald Trump's head. And he has openly called for the murder and assassination of trop. And so obvious there's gonna be Secret Service there at the Mexicans will have their security is well. But clearly now trump. Look he's gambling with his life he's taking a chance. To mean it shows courage. It shall strength. It shows bravery. It shows guts he chose leadership. And soul trump is about to land he's about to meet with the president of Mexico. Live around and call. And my question to you is this. Is this brilliant stagecraft. On the part of trump is this brilliant political feeder. Where now he's forcing the media to talk about him. And he's now he's even you know we just you are even an incumbent. He's just a candidate. And now he's meeting with the head of state and the head of government in Mexico. Already acting as if he's president of the United States 61720666868. Under no circumstances. What do Mexico back from that that is a way that makes them available. I'm not enough paperwork. I'm. All good from the Haitian paperwork he's got a moment. My camera prepare for. The Miami. That of course was former president of Mexico bitch and the box big supporter of mass amnesty and open borders. Saw my domain. Element dingle I don't open again I understand and I have looked very good relationship with Mexico. Well we're gonna find out about an hour 61720666868. And mean in Chelsea go ahead and I. I don't. You. I think they kidnap Leo I don't know on the track. Of and it kind of the issue right to make. She grabbed it and he got a Homeland Security. You know what had happened. I don't think it's been you know been gone a lot. Eight add add a camera in my bloom what I am about what I hit the ground. Think he had any heat by harmony and while. I really don't want my government would ask him and look back and look at validity I. And the fact that. Anything out. Oh neat. I really didn't plan to keep apparently can still eat Mac and back up I don't get at all. The final again Betty peaking right added heat 880 yeah. Need only if I can you rate. It can't act currently back. Ani do you like it but he's going down to Mexico to meet the. I think typically they need any help temple black people I have played anyway Warren. Yeah how am. I can't you why they can hit them on super bike broke all the boat key states coast. And account and don't vote and the immediate security. Men that's. I. And I'll go oh yeah and you know they account but I don't think bit beer and eat. I think you're happy aren't married and don't pay do you write and the only one. We turn it from the local county and a super tight vote. How she wrote me back. Annika I know. Then you wait this yeah. A panel right here at benefit and how we got back I don't think that might. Amen Manning a man that I call gob bless you Grammy. Nicholas and gamble and go ahead Nicholas. Europe that particular I call though this meeting is so important because countries like Venezuela now so impoverished. People starving. To Lugo followed the government that these people are gonna stop migrated towards Mexico on the bottom side of the four. So you got to control border the border on bolt and that the country. It's not just US Mexico finished. On Nicholas what you're saying is strong could raise a very good points and look Venezuela's literally collapsing it's a failed state. You got Central America which got big problems they're gonna come up your southern border maple. So you've got to secure Europe southern border just like we got to secure our southern border. Exactly does that. That's as gonna swapped their economy dislike it it puts a bird are caught. And you know if you guys want to build a fence or Waller god bless you amigo. That's ceasing all. Seat a very good point excellent point jockey in Melrose got ahead Jack. Well I don't think you should go out. I I think. I mean are you kidding me you're trapped you trapped commitment and governments and security I think it Tibet more than a paranoid. I don't think he should go I have a very very nervous it's perfect. Still celebrated assassinations. And nobody would take fantastic and then pin. Will be wrapped almost can't we know a couple of attempts. I think it's a bad wolf I I thought Paris. But I don't trust. I certainly don't let the Mexican government not quote terrorist nation. Jeff what SE EU last night I heard that was a moment she heard about this she was well I think 11 o'clock at night she texted me. And she said I'm worried about L chapel I think I'll chapel me assassinate him. A site that's what I think instinctively when I heard that he's going to back I went. And the first night it was the first thought I would like and you can't conduct saying Jackie equate these studies don't got to talk to people about. That's that's what I at all like like if prompt supermarket terrorists this is perfect and all of a sudden this you know you Hussein yeah. Two weeks three weeks the myopic puppy because of the big moment. This is perfect. What is it 48 outlook about 24 solid citizens unlike. I. Well I mean Jack let me ask you let me ask the audience this I mean he does have US Secret Service I was at Secret Service protection. Are they wouldn't of let him go unless they could guarantee his security. He's only going to be there for a few hours he's basically flying in a couple hours things flying but he's got to give a major speech tonight in Arizona. So. You know I mean yes it's a risk no question about it. But it. I mean look what if you think it's reckless I mean I don't think he would do it unless the Secret Service said look Donald don't worry we've got your back. I think Charlie dropped off but. I was NSA. Talk him in the car on the way to work at times that you know filer is life for our. And hard to honor Aric you know have a ex. President and the Herat up edit a year ago there. But an epic it's good that he's gonna talk to the Mexican president mean good news got a phone call. You know it's well at all care for acting when I've when I found that out a little nervous form I mean honestly we've seen. This service and action with what's on jobs and try to get up on the siege once iron there and you know. And then I think I think trump can also hold zones now. I honestly I'd love you and I electronic tickets wing Adam. Just. Get out just a club and the guy obviously knocking them Holler whenever seriously. I mean you'll get a ten point boost in the polls. I don't normally read britney's tax obviously but this one little areas of 1103 PM last night. Jeff trumpet ads in all caps de Mexico tomorrow. I'm multiple exclamation points. I just hope the court held doesn't get them or even out apple in caps like with fifteen exclamation points. So Britney last night with base which is freaking out. Brittany last night with like all my god what's gonna happen on. I think he's going to be OK let me find soup that's my first on your first reaction. I think he's going to be OK I think it's gonna be frankly it's a brilliant political move he looks completely presidential. And really how much of a toxic races can be. He'd just met with the L president day I make call 61720666868. May allow. I call. Donald travels to Mexico. Good move. Bad move agree disagree. Your calls next. 129. Here on the great WRK oh okay trump is now about to meet. With the president of man he call. Any stunning political move. Good idea. Bad idea you can text us 68680. Like I said best audience in the business. This is from 774. Jeff it's a great move. A president with some smarts he gets things done face to face no text or phone keys are next spreads. 781. Jeff going to Mexico shows. Got guys stones on Trump's behalf. He should have Annie on his side out chapel might get L scary ago at. Are Britney wants me read a five pound weight when this is hilarious our this is from 603 Jeff. Please we tried eight years of a president who works out by what this is true with five pound dumb bells. It's about time we had a president who can man up and that's my favorite text of this act. Britney honest I think you work out which it into W workout with more than five pound bomb belt active squat Obama. This is from 50 wage have. Trump better not eat or drink anything while he's down there he will come down with a bad case of a Hillary's revenge. Donald. If your people are listening. Don't drink. I don't eat. Or bring your own bottle water when they offer you what tequila or. You know I'm it's just I don't feel it at all thanks. Whatever you do you won't eat or drink. I think. Your calls now. I I'm noticing a change is different because it's. We have to remember what Donna pumps that he said that he was going to deport eleven million. In two years that's exactly what he says and now they're saying well they need baby steps. Their products sector what's gonna happen. The fact is that they seem to kind of do that we have to wait what don't from the going to be thing tomorrow but when it comes to Latinos and in doesn't matter what he says tomorrow. He already and also Latino vote he lost that on June 16 2015 thank you said that Mexican immigrants. Where criminals on drug traffickers have rapist when he said that. He knows about you know what I checked that detonated an additional pollen that he only got 19%. We'll support among Latinos have Romney also with 27%. John McCain look with 31% we 19% he's gonna boost production gonna focus on occupant of Nevada he can win the White House without a team. That of course where is Univision its own miss their amnesty. Audit and our mosques. They're already panic. I mean that was last night when they just announced the trip the main cause. Which is by the way Jorge Ramos his homeland but let that call yet she's still votes in Mexican presidential elections but again let that go. So all the media is already trying to claim. This summit was a disaster. Before the two president will while sorry. President and the future president I've met. Before the two men have even Matt they've already claiming it's a disaster. 61720. 666868. I think it's going to be a coup. I think it's gonna be huge victory for trump both in terms of public relations. I also think politically. And notice. Here are shown more leadership. In the last eight weeks. Then we've had under Obama in the last eight years. Charlie Europe next going head Charlie. I don't adjust from Britney. It would get from the beginning got out of the ice CP people. And double double equality what's full truth flashy or on vacation like right now god bless you. And I love that statement Brittany just set about being able squat I. I absolutely love that. Betty how are what you I think it's a beautiful little bottle if he lives it. I mean a chop oh everybody don't infiltrated the government along time ago. You know what YouTube said that a typical drink beer bottle what you wrote in Europe supplies. I think it's absolutely brilliant if he can make you throw. I know you said about the Secret Service protecting him but. They also have to rely on the Mexican people to be protecting and so well shall. It's a huge gamble a huge issue and I actually she makes a throw in truth got a lot. It is all a bit even better make sure we looked even smaller. Do you feel I feel about it. Look I wanna ask you wanna I wanna ask the audience this I look at a man here's what I see. You got massive floods in Louisiana. He goes down Obama parties golf's. Arnold Palmer raids as Arian Hillary raises money. Clearly it is. It is rolling out this week's giving literally boxes of supplies shaking people's hands. Hugging them helping them. Telling them when I'm president I've got your back I will not forget you or Louisiana. Now I'm in he's just mingling in the crowds like I mean you know there are some deranged at trump haters out there. You know is. He really is and then you look at this now in Mexico look. You've got Al chapel I can't look here are just a little bit what he said it sold profanity latent. He basically says you. Blank and milk feces OK so F bomb milk feces. Watch yourself you're in Mexico I'm gonna kill you my people are gonna kill you so you've got L chapel one of the most powerful drug kingpins in the world. Saint edition we're gonna kill you I've got to I've got a contract out on your head. You've got a Mexican drug cartels who basically occupied our southern border. They are had infiltrated the Mexican government. They don't know much of Mexico it's a narco state. This guy says. I've trump does blank you to everybody. I'm gonna go down to Mexico the Mexican president invited me I'm gonna sit down with him man on man don't like a man. And I and talent to his face because he needs to hear it used to see it. The global lists are done. The Benedict Arnold's are gone. That gum gringo it's over don't free ride is over. Although they're going to have to work and it becomes president. Because you know he can sit back by the NAFTA like. You're right and not only that Charlie you're completely right he's gonna Molly say bye bye I didn't have to forgive me Charlie's got a by the components. He's gonna turn around and say you know western union has been very good to you got ice. 25 billion dollars keeps coming down from those remittances from mostly illegal immigrants I cut off that's supply I turn off that spigot. By by many call my little. Tell you what we'll do you know what I I know Donald I'm telling you I ignored Donald believe Verizon very generous guy. The walls and a cost ten to twelve billion. Donald gonna say to him look right now. To take it or leave it offer put on a check for five billion. We'll take care of the rest put down we'll say you put it down payment on the wall I can sell back to my people five billion dollars and Mexico keeps running. The more resistance I get. The more backed talk again the more insults I get it's gonna cost two billion every insult so if I were you know I would just keep my mouth shut. And really and you shaken hands and if I'm the president of Mexico Imus. What am I gonna do signal. We gonna bite the consoles. And now for the first time in 25 years the gringo is gonna start squeezing. And Donald Trump. Is gonna squeeze them and he's gonna cut a deal. And he's gonna do that with country after country and I look at him and that I look at Hillary. And Charlie I don't know if you saw the speech today she was in Ohio hi ya yeah I'm. Talking to a veterans or whatever. She I mean she looks horrible she looks ragged this is not even me Britain said this does she even wash your hair and. Wrote Bridget you know Oxley that promote a Cadillac are in the. Sad sad really. I mean she looks horrible shall we just rolled out of bed she's talking down to the audience. She's going on about how Trump's gonna blow up all of our relationships around the world it's doom and gloom this guy's gonna be the end of America. And various look at the photo ops unit is gonna see him shaking hands with the president of Mexico and how that'd be. I'm in Mexico early he's not even president under way already ready to deal and meet with him. What relationships. It's stored on a lot closer relationship with our allies to. Exactly. Exactly that's everything they've blown all of our relationships there's nothing left. Israel and Russia. Egypt China not Poland Czech help all of these are priming for apologist Poland Czech Republic all of Eastern Europe. I am in the United Kingdom Germany France what relationship haven't been able. Charlie god bless you my French thanks for that call. 6172666868. OK here's just a little extra but little pigs I don't want to torture you. Just a little of that which. You don't build a coalition by insulting our friends. Are acting like a loose cannon. You kill it by quitting in us lol it's hard work. Of building relationships. Getting countries. Working together was my job every day as your secretary of state needed such dividends or that photo op. It takes consistency and reliability again. Actually it's just like building personal relationships like the Clinton Foundation's. People have to get to know that they can count on you for a million dollar that you say one thing one day and something totally different. The next that's five million and it's certainly. Takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations. And honestly I dropped it on our neighbors for a few hours. And then flying home again that is not how. It works now witnessed an American leadership means leading with our values and for your feelings of our interests. In protection of our security at our best accepting got the United States. Is. Man I mean. Yeah you've got no human dignity and it all all you want Obama's that were not an exceptional nations. Look. They have just found. About sheriff talked about this already but there's 1510151000. Emails. The FBI just discovered. That she didn't handle over. She remembers she said she handed over all of the work related emails they found 151000. More that she did not handle. He got 151000. Not one not one not one. For Rican picture or photo or whatever and email regarding yoga is. Her yoga classes. Chelsea's wedding. A wedding cakes wedding dresses party favors. Not one not one. What do you what they did found. What they did find what they found. Thirty Ben Ghazi related emails thirty of them. That she tried to not handle over thirty. What's been Ghazi. Not a work related. She's been caught again. Trying to destroy. Or hide evidence. She lied again. Remember she said all of this under oath that she handed over everything. They just found 151030. Of them related have been does. Now how you can't you can't keep taking water like this. And there's more to come. Again we're not at the end I Churchill put it this is just the end of the beginning. This could speak this this criminal conspiracy that she and bill engaged in words just now what the tip of the ice park. This goes deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. So again I will bring this full circle unless they rigged the election. Unless they can somehow as they're trying to propose now. Get the federal government the Homeland Security Department. Two completely controlled the election process where they do but vote count thing they do the vote tally. They can't win. Now I'm telling you. You look at Donald Trump. Look at him. The cars like that the human Energizer bunny. He's everywhere. He's barnstorming the country he's in Louisiana and now he's in Mexico always going everywhere tonight. He's meeting with the president of Mexico he's doing a high profile summit going back on a plane flying to Arizona landing in Arizona or he's gonna give a big pop. Bob built immigration speech. And outline his immigration policy. This guy's going to be one of the greatest presidents we've ever had. And just objectively I want everybody to stand back just objectively OK get through all the media nonsense the BS the filters. On these issues. Remember. Turk who polls only to polls that matter. 75%. Of the country believes that America is on the wrong track. And try to ears of Obama. Hillary's gonna give us a third Obama's term and stay on the same track. And now it's come out again. Her unfavorable view 56%. The latest poll. 56%. Of Americans don't just have an unfavorable view over they think she should be indictment. 56%. Of Americans think that she should go to prison. 56. My 46 not 36 not 2656. A clear majority. Hottest couple loose. Now I'm up against a break but just very quickly. Here on the issues. And overwhelming majority of Americans say we want the border secured. Itself bleeding swore. It's killing us. Trump's debt on on that issue they want the wall dead on on that issue. We wanted to deport the violent criminal illegals get on that issue we wanna enforce the laws of this country for all the other illegals get on on that issue. Overwhelming majority even the burning people. We don't want any more of these disastrous free trade deals nor more PPP. Renegotiate NAFTA renegotiate the big trade deals with China. It's clear majority. We want the economy to get moving again we need jobs you've got to focus on the economy and economic growth. It's as big issue. No more endless wars in the Middle East with small strategy or plan for victory. Defeat crisis not come out declare war crush him and it. Clamped down on radical Muslim immigration venom orally. Issue after issue after issue after issue. It's not fifty tool 5354%. Agree with them I'm talking 607080%. Of the American people. The only way they can win. And they've been doing it now for how many months. Is to turn this man into an absolute caricature cartoon character. Look just say this for my wife I said this the grace last night. How many years have we seen among television with the apprentice. With African Americans. With what Pete talks with issues with patients with him and with women. Job after job opportunity after opportunity how many people he's hired in the tens of thousands were minorities. How he's from New York. I mean honestly how much of a racist but this kite peak. And you want us to believe that he's the second coming of Adolf Hitler. Of David duke. If that's all they have to. They are going to gold down in flames. In November unless. They steal it. Show wins Florida Europe next goal ahead show. I think it's a great no I think it's wonderful fantastic. He's I think. Describe banging on board. A young lady that he just fired before. Kellyanne Conway. Yes I've seen her by the way for the last twenty years question this is an extra. Slowed in. Between these people. Definitely. Gotten in the direction. In and I want everybody to really calmed down when it comes in not doing anything about it in you know immigration. Just listened to works. Going to follow the law. He's going to follow the law is the FE verify is the law. Forward to do you have an executive order this is what Politico there's local conservatives. Want. Because they don't like executive orders of us is George Bush and it's okay. He's got to write up is gonna reverse all these executive orders and they're going to enforce the law and people will be out here. But it's got to be done and I subtle quiet way. Could you imagine trying to me Mike my grandparents were. In the concentration camps that you could imagine what the left to do with trains leaving the children crying you know. That's what an. Joseph I only got thirty seconds what do you think of his visit to Mexico good or bad. I think it's great I think it's fantastic I think it's showed that he can go talk to people. And and he's going to function back and I agree but if he's gotten. What is that called it she's got a lot of courage going down there it's not a safe place to be. Joy you're dead on is always 6172666868. OK I wanna take more of your calls trump is now in Mexico. Good move bad move. And oh boy. Secret memo from George Soros stuff. The fueled seven here on the great WRKO. Though voice of Boston Jeff Horner. Boston bulldozer cleaning out vol liberal bull. Okay my friends. Later this hour I EI guys now you know who's behind the creation of black lives matter. And what their ultimate goal is. Stunning secret memo from George Soros is open society foundation it was back. It's so damn giving instructions to Obama and Hillary about why black lives matter matters. For the Democrats and for Soros. And how they need to exploit it to achieve what first Soros is the ultimate goal regarding law enforcement here in America. We're gonna have that story later this hour. But first Donald Trump is on fire. And he's gonna talk tonight in Arizona on his immigration policy he's in Mexico right now. Meeting with the president of marry call it's sort of an impromptu summit. But last night he had an electrical rally in Everett Washington and Washington State. Huge. Line it's huge. And you can see that. Trump country. Trump's support is alive and well even in deep blue liberal states like Washington. And I've never seen a candidate. Exposes the lies of the government media Democrat complex. The way Donald Trump has been the last couple weeks. And what the media do not want you to know. And what the liberals have been covering up. Has been the democratic party's long time alliance. With slavery. Segregation. And Jim Crow. And trump last night just blew that mixed up part. Roll it Brittany. I love not accept a needle you. Eight future Edwards children I think of this children up come. Any column in this country are not fully included. In the American. Dream. Our whole country loses. When we leave millions of talented aspiring Americans on the sideline which is happening all of that time. We wanna give everyone a chance to contribute. Their full talents to our economy. And to the greatness of our country. Remember third and most people don't know this. The Republican Party. Is there were right you know what I'm going to say. Right. The Republican Party. Is the party of Abraham Lincoln. He had been. Good. There's also the party of freedom equality and opportunity people have forgotten that so long now. It is the Democratic Party. That is the party of slavery being gone the party of Jim Correll bingo and the party of opposition. Big goal by the way. Is there any place better to be. That'd jump rally right. And there's a lying later. Which I think now is going to be an incredible campaign slogan and I think it captures. Really the trump movement. The America first movement and a silent majority in this country that I think now we start to coalesce around trump. And he said this again he said this quote. Once again we will be one American mention. This one nation conservatism. That's what he's really talk that's what he's now starting to sort of flesh out. Where. We now as a movement MS of people represent all Americans. Americans. Or gonna protect our borders. Our sovereignty. Our jobs our economy. Our foreign policy our national interests. And together as one nation. With one culture. Under one constitution. We are going to bring America back. And if he stays on this one nation conservatism theme. It's gonna resonate I believe with African Americans. It's gonna resonate with with. And later this week he's going to editorial talk about one in Mexico being gutsy. He's got to go right into downtown Detroit. Later this week and address and overwhelmingly African American audience. And he's gonna speak to them from the heart he's gonna look at them in the ice and he's gonna say essentially. You have been betrayed by the party of Jim Crow and slavery they have huge view and manipulated you long enough. Come back to the Party of Lincoln. Come back to the party of America. It's time to be one family again. The media doesn't want you to know that. The media has been covering up the seminal truth for I don't know how many decades. Of the Democratic Party they were the party of secession. They were the party of slavery. They were the party of Jim Crow and segregation. They are now the party of the welfare state in the economic plantation. Which is crippling. Much as blacks while just Latinos. Or whites. Everybody. And I want you to know you and I I know this story was big yesterday. Now he even have the Democrats. Or openly act forums telling the media. Don't cover certain stories or issues pleas it's making us look bad. They're Democrats as long sordid history with the clam and with a sex slavery is one of. OK. Another. Is not a problem of Islamic terrorism. So here you have true refresh. Sure front short Gary AKA preppy look you. Our eight conference in Bangladesh. In front of a crowd of reporters I swear to you tell the media. You know what the problem is. Why do you keep reporting on all these terrorists the X. And all ice shares al-Qaeda. Harry is lime bay and San Bernadine home. Orlando all before about the Boston Marathon bombing why be a Belgian. Why 88 key. Why do you keep reporting not because deceived the more you report on it I swear to you dope or you report on it. And my life more difficult. Quote. Decision for a slow. That in Dhaka Bangladesh. Remembered this. No country is immune from terrorism. That's not really true but let that go it's easy tip their rights. Government and want for Smith have to be correct 24 hours a day seven days a week 365. Days a year de. Like we don't know. But if you decide one day you're going to be a terrorist notice you mention Islam. Just regular here Chris Rock rock rock just from a computer well you know what. Well I don't know I'm saying oh hello I'm gonna be a terrorist. But if you decide one day you're going to be a terrorist out of the blue and no. No connections to the religion of peace it's piece and must be peace and you're willing to kill yourself. You can call welding kill some people. You can make some choice. Perhaps the media would do us all a service. If they didn't cover it quite as much. People would know what's going on. Let me repeat. People wouldn't know what's going on. The secretary of state. The face and Voice of America to the world. Arguably the second most powerful man in the world after the president. Is now telling the media you must censor. He's openly calling for media censorship because it makes him and dear leader and the Democrats look bad. All mumble it are you should approach what could do. I have that covered the Boston Marathon bombing but that does a potent mix Islamabad. Everything was great and you guys covered sunburn in the you know. And our land all 49 Americans dead why why did you have to shall look like what it did door poll numbers what is going to Hillary what is going press one to bring in all these Muslim refugees. Kelly yes. Here is a reporter. Who is there. And she literally could not believe. Okay sorry not a reporter different clip this is Fox News. I mean don't that the reporter can barely control herself. Saying. He's telling us not the cover. One of the most consequential news stories of our time is he for real. Roll it Brittany. Secretary of state John Kerry just came up with a solution to and of violent terror attacks around the world and this is something else. His idea how the media to stop reporting. On terrorism is. Kerry making a statement during his first official visit to Bangladesh saying quote. If you decide one day you're going to be a terrorist and you're willing to kill yourself. You can go out and kill some people you could make noise perhaps the media would do a solid service if they didn't Chicago aren't quite as much. People Ben would know what's going on. I don't. The economy's tanking. The amount. Why do you what do you have to cover all this bad economic news I mean it'll happen cover all these people losing their jobs in factories closing in. Factories going overseas and that makes us look bad but you have the cover that. Do you remember under bush. During the Iraq War especially but also an Afghanistan. Members Steffi Stephanopoulos member ABC news. And for Regan Daley of the newscast. And on mother American ice. And three more Americans dead. Yeah every day. Every day all I it was the media is tool key to cover one Americans were getting killed hole every day. Two day two more lost their law ifs in it senseless war short Porsche. Every day every day CNN MS every every day all of now when Americans are getting killed by Muslim terrorists. When you guys. Any guys have to cover it. I mean to make him a tough Hamas. Don't have the cover it will cover about you know people don't need to mold that you know that are getting blown up. And getting to be headed only I don't need them all that. Why do we need him on the nicest is rampaging across the Middle East why don't promote that people are being grabbed a burned a life. Barack drowned in cage's own wedding at the moment. It's a tougher for us to bring in all these refugees from Syria. DelHomme column anything. I Yahya. I think of all push to Britain thinks that Shaw Francois has said over the years and he said some two weeks. What do you think Britney is this the stupidest. This. The average he says yet stuff or Britney and and Alec when he talks fracture in Allen and Hubbell when he throws his medals or no sorry not his someone else's medals now's a good months of you know you know yeah. Kerry architect from our at a time prairies and acted as soldiers in Vietnam US boys to like you know. Butchers from like like Angus colonies crawling around and stuff. You know probably he's on the pink bicycle lanes northern ask the car. Crashes voters something. He broke his lag or not with this guy it's all we are and that's right remember applies lack yes he but he was not an Arab. But I had yeah a little hairline game my tactical what they need tides in the elbow pride in the helmet and it was a little pink bicycle and and on one of the report that the report that. 61720666868. Mike in Quincy go ahead Mike. I do and just doing a great job thank you might. I just want him shoot some real quickly pick would. Cart. Hillary's numbers a lot of tips from the word trader. In front of her name everytime you mentioned her name addicted to debt. I would be very happy. Words of influence and it's a good won't ever that you don't have a best interest at our. You know Mike you what the problem would daddy's. Big I think you're right. But it's like me saying blue sky. You know it's like you don't think trader Hillary so let me sing blue sky you know like well we all know the sky is blue and Orszag so it's sort of like to me. In the dictionary now. I Hillary is synonymous with traitor. You know I sent to me I like it change the Webster dictionary OK Hillary traitor traitor Hillary. She don't. Cheating because I know much meaning. Thank you thank you god bless you Mike 6172666868. None. This is from 901. Jeff trump left the press at home they did not go to Mexico with fair mall of course not. Because they don't wanna give on this major photo. I mean think about what a cool this series for him to be in Mexico right now. I mean he looks so presidential. You think they want the pictures on the nightly news of him shaking hands with not Pena and yacht though the president L president they have Mexico. And then damn giving statements after words and they're strong shouldered her shoulder width of all people remember selects a call. Is supposed to be your racist against Mexico supposedly demonize Mexicans. And there they are meeting him willing to deal with him willing to negotiate with him. It destroys. Their entire narrative. Completely. Completely. And while he's meeting with the president of Mexico defending our national interests. Hillary forgive me looks like she just crawled out of bed I'm I'm I'm I'm not kidding reinsert look at the pictures. With Britain what the hell was I don't think she sure looks like she's medium. Or racial that she's 8085 years old. And and she's you know talking down any condescending front issue looks nasty she looks angry. She looks like she's scowling. They're she is going on about how with trumpets going to be the end of literally she sings gonna be the end of the world. At all our relationships are gonna be destroyed and you shaking hands with the president the Mexico. You know the expression a picture's worth a thousand words a so they're she is saying this guy's hit learned it always Hitler kkk David don't oak. And he's meeting with the president of Mexico. I can't stand her outfits. That ballot the deadline. Go out but it is Lance and really matter is that what I don't know I don't know does your grant maybe you can ask your grandmother or somebody. Ask your MO RO honestly ask man if you know is there. Like for the eighty and above crowd is that is not considered she is that something new from like I don't think Eddie and Hillary Clinton where is she them at all whatsoever it's Johnny for Saatchi the latest line for like 82 and above. I don't know but. Even her hair. 224. Here on the great WRK oh let me ask you this. Trump is now in May call as we speak. Good move bad move. And now the media won't even cover backs. You're calls Max. Sure romped in match six called assist from 603. Jeff it's a brilliant move by trump. The media and the Democrats oops don't mean to be repetitive. Are once again caught off guard and don't know what to do. It shows how bias they are and trump knows how to push their buttons. This is from 781 Jeff. Picture of trump meeting with Mexican officials. Press won't report it because it's perfect illustration. Of how the US can only truly negotiate. From a position of strength. Bingo. JV in New Hampshire thanks for holding and welcome. You'll walk. Jeff Leavitt comes signed formally Olsen hasn't taken. I have bigger picture it like to present. In the picture is the world wide pictured is actually on the line twirl like troll. By. And individuals. In. Just like each woman empire for over a thousand years was run by the families and not by the approach so that. Think things happening only by the very very rich and they want to. Any kinds of emergencies so what. The one highlight economic strengths in different regional areas. Take advantage of that one community dependency on the all the tackles shall put in doubt which is true richest families and corporations and the world. And you know what to do this state line at the federal control philosophy of Democratic Party. And so they have told dependency on the citizens. Every citizen on the government. Creed I keep by both sides issues such as which in recent of the cultural diversity. In the wish to sync all well armies. Until all odds were United States' economic base and currency then they stepped in on their own political world domination. JB look it's like Alexander the Great wanted. It's what Cesar wanted. It's what the Roman empire won it. It's what the British empire wanted. It's what the Ottoman Empire wanted is where frankly the German empire wanted it's what the Soviet empire wanted this has been a dream. Of what you wanna call it one world government to a global empire. We too we can use any term you want new world order. This has been a dream. Of people upsets too with power. Going back really since the beginning of time. And what the global list want. Is exactly what you're talking about. They want a new world order in which big corporations. And the oligarchs. Essentially call all the shots. And the biggest of the oligarchs. Is none other than George Soros. And now we have these smoking gun email thank you hackers whoever hacked in to be sure its foundation thank you. Because you're not gonna belief. What's been going on. On behind the scenes. Next. 238 here on the great WRKO. Jeff who owner Boston's bulldozer. Couple wind Sri if you wanna jump on 6172666868. You can text us as always 68680. Okay trump now is in Mexico. Operates summit with the rap president of may cause while a senior Mexican officials. One person who does not want him in Mexico. Who does not want him to end this error of open borders and free trade is none other than George Soros. The sugar daddy of the Democratic Party. And there have been as you know his foundation is is this is central foundation is the open society foundation. A sort of like the mother ship it feeds all of the other organizations. The left wing progressive think tanks organizations. Activist groups across America and in large chunks in Europe. It has been hacked. A lot of emails now have been released it sure rose. Not sure us the extent that his influence by how incestuous his relationship is. With Obama with Hillary with the Democratic National Committee. And with the Democratic Party itself. All all of the oligarchs. He is being numero uno ala carte is the Al chapel. Of the global list cartel. That's who George Soros is well. Remember many of you had a suspicion and you called and you've been texting. That's Soros has been behind black lives matter. But what's the ultimate goal of black lives matter what's the point of this national movement. That's just kind of grown up we're just sort of merged come onto the scene over the last year. Well I wanna give bright part muse again a big out that they've got the leaked memo and they published it. According to Aaron Klein. There is now an explosive document that has been leaked it was hacked from George Soros is open society foundation. And each shoves. That he has not only been bankrolling black lives matter. But more importantly. There is a sixty plus page memo or report. That was given to Obama and given to Hillary and senior Democrats. Whereby the open society foundation. Explicitly. Told them quote unquote. The recent string of high profile police shootings. Has given us a quote an unprecedented. Opportunity. And it later goes on to create a national movement. And what is the point of this national movement is black lives matter national movement. Well according to the Ed department. Sorry according to the document. That this quote unquote moments meaning that a high profile shootings the charges of racism. They talk about Ferguson and be the riots there and eleven later Baltimore. Ish to create a national movement for police reform. And when they mean police. Reform. They don't just mean you know what you see on cops say guys you know maybe all the rough from mops all my church. Can only when his slap stick and handcuffs on a bomb blew it this way do with this way here whatever. They now talk about a federally controlled. Police force. That it is time for them to use this quote unquote so called crisis. To push for the federal government to usurp local and state control over law enforcement. And essentially have in a federally controlled police. Basically have all police. Ultimately accountable. And control. And guided by the federal government. In other words a national police force. Now why is this important. A couple of reasons. If you want to see what the left is always dreamed of if you have a national police force you essentially have a bilking an army. For the federal government. You have a built an army for the president. More over. You take away local and state control and then suddenly the police becomes like the military. You can turn it into a vast institution for social engineering so for example. You want transgender on the police Porsche no problem you want all kinds of a racial quotas small problem. You wanted to tell me what area still police what areas not the police no problem because there'll answerable mount to the civil rights division because they're being controlled by the federal government. So literally the racial make up by the police you can control it where they patrol you can control it. What is acceptable and what is not acceptable you can control it. You can completely manipulate law enforcement. And completely use it to would dance what ever social agenda you want. It's never been about black lights. It's never been about the plight of African Americans. It's always been about a massive power grabs. Jewish like they trumped up this so called health care crisis to take over health care. Just like they're now trying to trump up this hacking crisis to take over the election process. This is what the left does. And so George Soros is now telling them normal role you gotta back come. You gotta support Rome you gotta sanctioned black lives matter you don't realize it this is the ultimate battering ram. This is the ultimate Trojan horse to do all we always wanted complete control couple weeks. Shorts no longer it's out of local lands out of state hands out of local jurisdiction. Now we run the entire police. They answer to us. Now you know why Donald Trump must be stopped. When it all starts to come together now. Now you realize. Who's gonna end the globalism. Trump. Who's gonna stand up to the oligarchs trump. Who's gonna return education to local control common core and trump. Who's the biggest supporter of the cops in the police trump. Who's gonna restore military standing trump. Who's gonna knock out obamacare trump. Who's gonna undo all the executive orders trump. Who's gonna end this the PPP which Sorrell slumps trans Pacific partnership mapped all trumpet. And mark all of it off trump. He is literally the polar opposite of Soros. He's against open borders. He's against national control over society and our economy and of our health care and of our police. And he's a billionaire. So Georgie can't Bynum. The chamber of commerce can mine them. Goldman Sachs can buy him. The all of corks can I am. What are you give a man who's got ten billion dollars another billion he doesn't care. Hillary Clinton you can buy. They came from nothing. 240 million U bottom. Paul Ryan you can buy. Mitch McConnell you can buy. That that that trader that Ryan know another global list got to open borders rhino drawn McCain. Who won that primary yesterday in Arizona you can buy him walk stalk and barrel. Let Arnold you can't. And that's why trump must be defeated. This election. Is not Hillary vs strong it is on the surface. It's really something much deeper. It's Soros verse is strong. It's globalism. Vs patriotism. It's to a new world order against America. What side do you stand on skipped in Winthrop. Always at Winthrop or Weymouth. Skipped in Winthrop go ahead skipped. Long longtime listener it was a few everyday. I might get like at a period. Series myself now this was trump invited down to Mexico credit Mexican president. Yes you backtracking invited both Hillary and it. Give my status which was going to be did. It was ready to the wind out that he played Hillary also. He invited Hillary skips she went in 2009 as secretary of state. And that's when it blew up in her face because she blamed all the violence in Mexico on American guns. And that's what they authorized fast and furious. So she's been to Mexico and it's been a disaster. So you can see the difference between her and 2009 and trumpeter in 2016. So do you detected issued and make the trip to Israel was written it'll. Well she now says a later she she was shocked everybody thought he would accept the invitation. Are you suitable hole hole you wanted to go I'm gonna go. OK or another and another theory that they don't you think. The the president. Mike you know in his compositional trump my PC and you scratch my back I'll scratch your back. If you didn't you know all help I'll try to help would be a migration into Europe country if you maybe can do something. On the other rent but the people migrating from South America coming up he picked up a piece up on the table that. I know for a fact because as people have told me that they're gonna mention Mexico Mexico is not a big problem with their southern border. So they've got Guatemala El Salvador Nicaragua I mean those countries are literally they're collapsing Venezuela. Which strikes socialism for fifteen years skip is a complete disaster that they're starving. There are now fleeing Venezuela into neighboring countries for food literally for flu. They're gonna come up into Mexico because Mexico for them is much better than where they live. So trump is gonna tell them look you got to secure your southern border just like I got to secure my southern border. I'll help you secure your border if you will be secure my border. That's sort of OK that's an old leading to a list of maybe some kinda. Oh definitely is a businessman that's not how he doesn't he makes the. Seals. You make dipping got to deal. But give. When he defends our Nash is just what I like about him he defends us see the way he defends his own interests now he's gonna do it for us. And that's why the good that the world shocked. Like they never thought pizza garlic is ever come up close to power. And now he's one election away from winning 61720666868. Nick in Weymouth coed neck. Played Georgia. I say you know I got to give a shout out to probably one of the biggest phonies. And politics the last 5060 years that wasted carbon footprint up in my debt duplicity is due dope wire. Whose only mission was to ride in an end in wreck in order for Hillary. About how many disenchanted. You can establishment Democrats are out there is agenda it was ten plus million. And the clinical hasn't yet words. No we don't give up emailed excuse me to be getting. And yeah I do it's really select committee but it could Obama sorry. I got raked in millions what do you with my new final once they upside could make it down. It but that what we shillings a Reppas. Even sure what order one act disingenuous. Pat act he's stuck in a ball Bernie well you know how the clintons bought off Bernie ranked I mean it's it's an open secret. Can they got him a 600000 dollar beach hawks. So you wanna know how that bomb who's first on his job went on call and honest was mayor of Burlington at forty. His first on his drop was as mayor of Burlington at four. You wanna know what is prices 600000 dollars and the wife the wife had some. A lot of whatever sum you run ins with the law they basically said we'll take care for legal problems. Here's a 600000 dollar beach house and Bernie said a word Weis signed to sell my soul. So you know tramp you know 600000 doesn't impress them Bernie you put it on the table you buy him Barbara in Beverly go. Or. Hi Jeff Rosenberg means you and I and I'd I'd I'd would Britney against the prayed for it. Safety I know how the Clinton machine can get Brit. And I think big bill highly highly rat. It reminded me when the man culprit made. That. They're a book out and remember Everett in college in the eighties did it and that is. And Reagan brought. And and we I was just went into other people's see the movie. Or read that book because they've really want it now the American people they want it to become a big group B. And they wanted to spell our our individuality. And when they're talking about. And happy that. Indonesian police in the nation paying didn't obligation voting ha ha ha. An indication that they call and it should education. And. And now our national national arbor think about they now want through Soros a national police force. I mean that's that's the whole theme of black lives matter gaming it's red hair and Soros is memo talks. Now you know why the media is covering. Nine you know why Hillary and Obama have been defending it. Because essentially now they want the cops to work for Uncle Sam 61 set and if you work for Uncle Sam Uncle Sam owns you. 257. Almost fifty ish now here on the great WRKO. So we're talking about Soros. Federally controlled police force that's the ultimate aides telling this to Obama and Hillary has leaked memos. And right on cue beef with black lives matter this is the name of black lives matter and right on cue. Just about what five hours ago Brittany six hours ago yes gold could get over. And black flats Matta protesters in the sounds. Ebert City Hall. Are people I identified themselves as members of people act like it's matter he averaged. Have chain sells the front of all protest and get this. The lack of affordable housing in the city. At. You can't make if you got an honest but won't rule out the government take over housing now I'm what oh. I think it's recordable. OK Gerri I've literally got one minute Jerry the floor is yours go. Conrad are you all we need to know about George Soros is two things called 1940 for the best year of his life. He was a Nazi collaborator. 500000. Jewish Hungarian died that yet they went to the depths the other thing that Soros said was that the main obstacle to was stable and just world. Is the United States of America. While short but sweet Gerri as always okay. The whiny and our knocked one in an extra hour. I mean we just getting literally we just got warmed up here are right I gotta go. Trump big speech tonight in Arizona and the fallout. If there's any. From his meeting with el presidente the president of Mexico. We're gonna have all of that for you tomorrow and so much more. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. And together we're beating the liberals know. We're driving the moon bats crazy. One day at a time. The. Good report has been presented by Kelly financial services.