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Should Colin Kaepernick be suspended for refusing to stand during the national anthem? 8/29/16

Aug 29, 2016|

Colin Kaepernick during the national anthem. What do you make of it? Do you think he'll be suspended?

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Constitution that is under attack. Freedom Albert hill yeah founding principles. Are being destroyed that. In Boston. This seal the American revolution a new movement begin. Just yeah. Boston's bull and those are at cleaning up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back this season on America's voice of the resistance. Come rope puller. Unlike Conan cabernet can stand it. And I have my hands over my heart. Unlike that bomb on like that that that that SOB that loser. You see when this place I stand. And I salute the flag but that's just me. We should have a flag in your Britney but that's OK at least when the National Anthem plays we stand we rise. And we put our hands on our heart and we celebrate. What the flag represents and what an embodies and and everybody got to sacrifice and given their lives for that very flag. My friends. Got a jam packed show for you today in this second our you don't want to miss it Anthony Weiner. Says hell all twelve mile little fur and. How will I save this flashes his little Wiener again. I caught in another major sexting scandal and this time my pigeon or not. Who Matt Abbott dean says I'm choosing Hillary. Over year old little Wiener. She chooses. Hillary over Weiner she formally announces separation. What impact will that have on the campaign. We're gonna have that. Trump's jury gets over the weekend. Now saying there is no deportation. Force there will be no deportation forest. What's the fallout from that. And Hillary Clinton unbelievable. This State Department announces on Friday just before the weekend. You know the other tool years ever schedule. They're not gonna be releasing that which she was secretary of state they're gonna wait till right after the election. An incredible attempt at a cover up we've got all that so much more from known to have three. This. Is the place to will be. But first my friends. How do you exchange spoiled brat. How do you say a pathetic in great. How do you say somebody. Who frankly may be his mother dropped him as a baby. I don't know what does kids excuses. But here you have these scandal that is just growing and growing across the weekend don't Mormon I sought the moment I saw that story in my blood began to boil. Here is he now by the way he benched quarterback he's a second stringer he was their first stringer. In fact had a very promising career ahead of them. But for old the last two years sex. And it's so bad that now he's lost his starting position but let that go San Francisco 49ers quarterback. The washed up has been called land Capra neck. Jury an exhibition game. Refused. To stand for the National Anthem. And what's more than that he didn't just refuse to spend a lot of players they're they get whatever Lucy Goldstein they sit on the bench. He deliberately. Threw the San Francisco 49ers organization. To make a statement. Released to the public. There reasons why he refuses to stand. And according to him is because America is an oppressive nation. America he says are presses minorities. Are presses African Americans. That there are people being killed in this country by the police. And he says they have no voice. Nor recourse to adjust this nor justice. No peace. And so he says as a second string now quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. He has a moral obligation. To speak on behalf of the voiceless. To speak out against this oppressive apartheid nation. And so he says that he is city number disrespect the National Anthem. He will not stand for the National Anthem he does not believe in what America stands for. That America troop may claim liberty and justice it does not deliver liberty and justice. And so he says as they protest against the flag. He will no longer stand much system that game but in every game going into the future. He is now becoming he says don't voice of the oppressed. And the downtrodden. Here in the United States of America. Listen now took Colin tapper neck in his own words. Justifying. His decision to disrespect the flag the anthem. And the republic for which it stands roll it Britain. I guess people are being held accountable for and that's something that these details that may ultimately is to bring awareness and make people who. No realize what's really going on in this country they're not things that are going on that and yes people are being held accountable for. And that's something that these details that something that no this country stands for freedom liberty justice for all. And it's not happening for all right. Compete with this I'm gonna continue to stand with the people that being oppressed. To me this is something that have to change. When this significant change you know like that flag. Represents was supposed to represent this country is broke with them. People the way they're supposed to that is people being murdered unjustly. And not being held accountable. Cops are getting paid me. For Caylee and that's not right that's not right but englishman. OK so. He looks to me like he's upon head I'll be honest with you just by looking at him. A look number one a couple things need to be said okay and write off about. There's tremendous fury rightfully a lot of anger in the country people are burning his Jersey. He is getting people are calling him an SOB I mean he's getting called every name in the book there is a tremendous backlash. Just so that all of you notice you need to know this. This guy who has sucked for two years initial largest Jeff corners opinion talk to any serious. NFL analyst he took he took the miners initially to the Super Bowl against Baltimore I believe it was in 2012. Very good season the following season very good season. For two years now the guy sucked it can barely throw a ball anymore it was going always throwing motion but anyway he's sucks. He sucks so bad. He has now lost this starting position with the San Francisco 49ers so basically now he's writing bad bench. Solely year old he doesn't wanna stand for the National Anthem and outstanding for anything. Because that rear ended is just it's gonna stay on that bench as he sucks. Now this player I want to think about this stand back objectively. This player who sucks. Think it gets. Pretty good guess. How much do you think he makes. Big ticket gets it gets signed a six year contract what do you think ten now. Ten mil a year ten melon ball. And all all out right chart with ten mill year. To finally and black Korea fifteen man. Seventeen. That money almost. Nineteen. Million dollars a year. He signed a six year listen to this 114. Million dollar contract. Just for signing the free agent contract putting is his signature on the contract. He got a twelve point three million dollar bonus right there let's let. Owned a sign twelve Mel. His average salary is nineteen million dollars a year nineteen million that's his average salary. He is guaranteed 61. Million dollars of that 114. She's a nineteen million dollar a year man. And this guy is going on about oppression. This guy is going on about racial injustice. This guy's going on about the voice listened this country and it doesn't live up to its promise and it's not liberty and justice for all. And so my question to this guy and he is a loser he is such he isn't in great. Which is to me the worst kind of person. You have been given shoulder much by this country so much. So the call and I have to ask you this donor I got to ask you this donor bought it. Easier to end their beach how oaks. That you feel oppressed. Or is sit in the Villa that you feel oppressed. Ol or or could it be deferred home mindful nor is it a fourth home in Hawaii all when you're in doubt for at home in Hawaii are is that when you feel oppressed. Tell me he's got a fleet of cars. Is it ended jag when you're driving the Jai is that when the oppression hits you on all. Or is it when you're and a Ferrari not all know it's in the Mercedes the luxury sedan. You know the one with the this sheets that warm your rear end in the wintertime so your Iran can't even be cold. Not or is it the that the giant mother SUV don't. Is it on the seventh bottle of champagne or the fourth jar of caviar when let me know when do you feel oppressed. Whoa it's when you go party in with your buddies. Which strip club tell me when you go to these high end strip clubs which one easy to use it just so freak and oppressed. Is it when your friends are a bank in empt what a timing your only bring in Juan is that it. And you're like all he's got or how come back guys got three strippers and I've only got one is that is that we're gonna spread the wealth around a little bit. My friends I'm sorry this is discussed in. This is disgusting. And tell me what is even more incredible. Is this Jennifer I mean I guess I'm not surprised my friend my good friend Michael Savage who lives in San Francisco says it's such a it's such moon bat occupied territory calls its San Fran sick call. Okay every sick leftist lives out there. The 49ers organization. Can the sky. Throughout it all which it should judge did that you brought each for the National Anthem but it's not required and and all of Colin feels Dutch strongly about it and all of a 114 million bald loser here he feels boat approached. At nineteen million calls a year Woody's Mazur Ronnie and his Lamborghini and his Ferrari. And his six home. Hold it sure is right you'll look don't want to be an American won't do approval which Russian. Here's the coach. Chip Kelly roll it Britain. Eight get this thing ever Denver at all. I know we recognize it right are all. Phillips did it can't be any impact whatsoever on the football side. You know. We recognize and tried to do that so would not they're not quite. But I write to tell them not to burden amendment right that some. On now it's his right as a citizen and tell me you know. If you will speak out if you speak in favor of north Carolina's transgender bill. Vineyard told to shut up then they say be quiet. Then they boycott North Carolina Dendy NFL's muck and play the Pro Bowl there. Who if you're Tom Brady and notice notice ever since that picture emerged. Of that make America great baseball cap the trump baseball cap that he had in the locker look how the media in this city has begun to turn on him. Now they're criticizing him like they never criticize them before but only if you're Tom Brady and you have a little baseball cap that says your for Donald Trump. In your locker. Womb. Cool. Keep quiet. Don't talk about Rahm Brady's disgracing all of us so unseal all. But if you spit on the National Anthem and spit on the American flag. And spit for the republic for which it stands as a pitch privileged freedom. My friends. To mean this this is one of the few issues I discussed that is genuinely. Open closed. It's a shut case. The flag of the United States of America and the National Anthem. They don't just represent the constitution. All boldly do. They don't just represent the First Amendment although now believes are in favor of the First Amendment but let that go which they do. But it's much more than that. Represents the mention. It represents our republic. It represents our entire country. And what it also represents. Is all of those men and women. Who sacrificed. And need the ultimate price paid the ultimate price. For us to live in our homeland. That's what the flag represents. It's not just the First Amendment. Or just simply the constitution. It's much more than that. It represents us as in the ancient Irish people. And for all those who came before us. It is the very symbol of poor we your. Resignation. Have you noticed. In no other country in the history of the world I've never seen anything like this no other country on earth. Are people allowed to openly disrespect in space on their National Anthem or they're like. And this is not to our credit. This is really not to our credit. Why. Because it's. It's a fundamental violation and an insult to every American. Now if you'll want arise for the National Anthem that's your right I guess. But what he's doing and this one this to me is the key point. He is now becoming an open political activist on behalf of black lives matter. He's a big supporter black lives mattered was going social media going on his FaceBook page so let me ask the stone or this ultimate question. What country on earth where there is not some in just push for most of the shootings as we've shown. Were justified shooting took a starting with a big Mike Brown. But let that go for the sake of argument just for the sake of argument they were unjustified shootings okay. It's a nation of 330 million people. You're not gonna have perfect justice. Perfect liberty perfect equality why. Because man is born with the original sin. No country is perfect on earth. England I can show all the great democracies Canada Australia. England France I can run down the list. They treat their you you think you think it's better there isn't. So here you have a spoiled overpaid brat. We now pay nineteen million dollars a year to see his rear ran forgive me is passed on the bench. And now stands there. And throw stones at the United States and the anthem and it's people. Because we're not perfect. Okay we're not caught. It's still the greatest nation in the history of the world and I'll tell you something else I'll tell you something else. There are a couple of sports web sites. And ominous sign for you later this hour who are now reporting gas worked. It looks like the girlfriend of he's dating is it DJ prominent radio deejay who happens to be. You'll get spit my Islam. And in fact Colin upper neck and his wife or fiancee are planning a traditional Muslim wedding. And not only are they planning a traditional Muslim wedding rumor is among her people. That Coleman copper and it is a buyout to convert. So why is it that Colin Capra can openly disrespect. Any insult. The National Anthem the flag and this very country it's most sacred symbol. But you can't speak outing against the trends and against the trans genders. You can't stand up and speak on behalf of Donald Trump. Now all of a sudden this is now the they kill to defend the First Amendment. My friends he is nothing more than an anti American radical leftist. Who isn't in great and I'll tell you this he should be suspended from the NFL. And my question to you always do you agree should coal and copper make peace suspended. For refusing to stand for the National Anthem. I say yes if you agree with me text or letter eight to 68680. If you believe no it's his right can be a jerk he has a right to be a jerk. Text or letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at wrko.com. More of your calls next. As for me is that something that have to change. When there's significant thing I feel like that flag. Represents were supposed to represent this country and everything people the way they're supposed to that is people being murdered unjustly. And not being politically. After getting paid me. For killing. That's not right that's not right my English and. That of course was the idol loser himself calling cap Burnett and I here's what he told NFL media quote. I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that our press is black people and people of color. To me this is bigger than football. And it would be selfish. On my part to look the other way fairly OK on to par police uniform. I mean you feel that strongly about me is that britney's point the whole morning. Feel like if he feels that strongly about it forget the nineteen million dollars a year forget the 114 million dollar six year contract forget those six homes. There Daryn the twelve cars this strip clubs the champagne and caviar. And put on the uniform and put your life on the line tough guy. There is a very powerful picture. It is making the rounds some friends to me have they sent to commute via text. I don't offer it's a football game or a basketball game I don't know but it's clearly at some sporting event. Where they are singing the National Anthem everybody is standing. First of emotional when she is picture them with their hands on their heart nor has a hand on their heart. But there is one marine. Who's lost both of his legs are gone. But he wants to stand for the flag. And for the National Anthem. And so he's holding himself up right in his wheelchair. Despite having no links. For the anthem. To show that he stands as well you know we can't stand what his legs he will stand with his two arms. On his wheelchair. That anthem represented him. That flag represented him. And all those like him. Quit either paid the ultimate sacrifice. Or have given up so much. For us. So this book this buffoon I got to control myself so this clown. Can make nineteen million dollars a year. He doesn't make nineteen is that this wounded marine. He doesn't make it nineteen million he doesn't make one million he doesn't make a 100000. I bet this guy. Probably on disability with this penchant he's lucky if he sees what 3040000. Dollars a year. His legs gone for the rest of his life. What Colin Capra nick did. Let's be very clear. It's not just disrespectful all the what once. It's not just deeply insulting and hateful vote once. It was a smear. It was a slander. It was a libel yes. Against every one who served in our armed forces and fought and died for this country. My friends I'll tell you this the NFL is a private organization they can do whatever they want. But I'm telling you. If they don't suspend him for this. If they don't teach these black lives matter loving thug. Wannabe thug alas and I'm done with the NFL I'm done. 6172666868. Should Colin cap or nick be suspended. For refusing to stand to for the National Anthem if you believe the answer is yes text eight is 68680. If you believe it's a free country Jeff if you wanna be a jerk being a jerk. Clinton Edwards no text a letter beat the six or 8680. All of your calls. And just keep on being held accountable for. And that's something that these details that may ultimately is to bring awareness and make people. No real love what's really going on in this country. Now take another felt so go ahead come on pick and other fell 6172666868. Britney what is the full question. And what are their results so far. Sent kind cabinet be suspended for refusing to stands for the National Anthem 84%. Yes. And 16% now. Where do you stand on this you're kidding me. Absolutely should be suspended. It is scantily you know Hope Solo last week that this is suspended for how many months six months start calling lots. That was the by the that's the goal keeper for the US women's are whereas soccer team first six months for saying that another team as Howard's. The suites yes the Swedish team that beat emanate played a very defensive game against team USA. Which is why she called them cowards. And this presidential suspended for six months is completely disease in the country and you know everyone who's served in the military and I think. Now nineteen million a year that chuck just keeps coming and staying you know. Should be more our people on the NFL like Pat Tillman who died for this country. Rather than Ray Rice is in Peterson in this idiot. You know I mean and pour Tom Brady. Got suspended for our how many years for deflating the fun of foot and has literally just disrespecting the content. That's really that's why I'm upset with the NFL it didn't say in Roger Goodell. The NFL commissioner or what turns and like sports talk but you don't Roger Goodell goes after Brady four games four games three and four games. For a deflated football. This guy took on the fly up on the National Anthem up on the United States. Senate which is ranked them. But not what's so brutal we don't see a problem what's the problem. 61720666868. The only good thing they're calling cap reg did. I know we love Brady hearing New England but you know I have that. You know to me that I cannot tell you is the bearer of bad news outside of New England he is reviled. He's reviled he's reviled. The only good thing. That can't has come out of this. Is now Tom Brady is no longer the most hated quarterback in the NFL employee employer. Seriously he actually this putt and actually did us a favor six what. 61720666868. Here are some of the San Francisco. 49ers football fans are saying yeah you don't want to respect the flag. Blank till we're gonna burn your Jersey they are burning his Jersey. All over the country. It's Jersey. Was the worst that dollar best I've ever and you missed a cabinet club or country. And act. App out. He's he's lighting it right now by the way it quits. And everybody gets its cards. And yet and it could. Smoke abusive. Alan Kaplan who disrespect. People who serve overseas in dive for our country. And it's not stand up and naturally it. The value tellem. I relate not one not related not one. You spoiled days. I was never planning. He has no plans. And there you go. They're burn Amal group. Much America. I'll bet your treatment fees without a house that's they're. Burning his Jersey mobile autumn in Canada. Doesn't think he's sorry he's sold back he's so Sox. Dead even the Canadian football leagues as normal bold send them up here we don't want them but we don't want him up here. 6172666868. OK I wanna hear from you Russ in your car go ahead Ross. Russia met this guy's a great unwashed ignorant fool. In that regard gifted talent to throw for ball. Industry and restrict product bigger and so forward could that be stupid so so learned how to do anything else to treat themselves. Outright it up our concern. That's probably want to go out. If he doesn't throw him out of the NFL. That is starting a boycott began outside all. And it's starting to watch college football on the week and inch NFL. Thank you for that call Russ. Fran in north and over go ahead Fran. Sure yeah. This country are having a record. Out. I wouldn't knowledge about our country indeed you can actually happened. Issues. Well he should be in view of I wonder which of politicians are men and women. Asians and coalition. That defeated. And our execution and the job reached and had they not done Dutch. Yeah restrict insurance and English are emerging of the Japanese Russian relationship the and they would. People of the potential Avery and then. We had our site for. Fran I want to ask you and ask the audience this is a you know I were I'm upset your teed off for all teed off frank got to ask you this. If you lived in a country. Were they pay you that's your salary. Nineteen million dollars a year I'm not talking about. I'm not talking about your picture on every magazine. I'm not talking about you being an all the model kids wanting to emulate chewing BU win. And your face on the on cereal boxes France if a country pays you in nineteen million dollars forgive me. To porch your rear end on a bench you're just sit on the bench and you collect nineteen million dollars. To me I'd be kissing the ground every day is it just me friend. All well and I'm totally ignore him as it is I'm appreciative. Of our league our platoon usually give control them. By the ability of football and you should reach. Political degree of flash and not cushion the country and we're truly born in which gave him that opportunity. Well said. A two and a new worries everyday I love struck I love a medic I mean what ninety. Jeff yacht while you're going to be sitting the bench again this week all okay checks til cumin and oh yeah. I'm just a similar luck I love America I love America. This guy at. It's unbelievable. Arab friends people I know is he's a freedom fighter now he's gone the he's he's Nelson Mandela. And the oppression everywhere I'm a proud of everybody in the problem of the oral oppressed. Bearing in New Hampshire go ahead down. Good afternoon to thank you stick my car my pleasure. I haven't. To art opinion on this and I'm going to be an unbiased and unemotional 01. As a professional piano or the other one of the cynical approach. Here's a professional B. If I'm an NFL quarterback. And outs we'll be a leader. And at throw the niners you're not with the NFL logo. I do not all the spotlight this without checking with my team. That showed that a selfish in a struggle on professional. In what he essentially did was Sissy talk. It's counterproductive he took an issue that's outside of all. While place that we don't deal with issues that divide this country and it put into that arena where it didn't exist. And chipped it to say whatever he wants but that is gonna divide that locker. It's poison its. Sorry it's poison in the locker room I mean Aaron is complete poisoned. Look. Look I'm sure there are a lot of players on the 49ers who think this guy's an absolute jerk forgive me a butt hole I cancer what are really wanna say. I and they want amount. I mean this is a cancer in a long coral that's that's why I'm stunned that the 49ers are bracket is punk. Well you know that brings me to my cynical approach. It's our current cap Burnett are arm of the new little Chip Kelly we're gonna play the offense that bad how are going to be back up anyway. And I wasn't getting the attention than I'm used to boy it was just he agreed to start. And and you know what made it might even work out for me in on top because I don't wanna be there anymore. And if I get tired because I'm not a good player out a couple of first place. Boy they're gonna look really exciting now because this my civil rights. And in law and it would that you ready and us. At the end of the day out let's that this is a man actually years ago that's aren't for racial slur on the field. At the end of the day on tap predictor about can't Capra. And I don't know he started this whole shenanigans. With those are terrier motives in mind I guarantee. Went to his head as a saint started escalating its its you know why it's to benefit me greatly. Because he has sixteen million dollars guaranteed I don't 1990 every go to be guaranteed money in the NFL. In X fifteen learning guarantee that's what he held out for for a laundromat Eric. No matter what whether you want to sit on recounted because about the injuries or whether you want to go somewhere else to get a fresh start. And he doesn't like the 49ers they don't like chairman does it make them look really bad. You're a genius Aaron I got your gene I'm telling your genius. Britney was whispering in my headphones but she she never whisper she was shouting in my headphones but let that go. That apparently you're right he did use the N word on the field. And he was what's that assists cited for that or reprimanded for our find for that. And so parent isn't what I told Britain coming in I said you know what his career resemble decline. Really honestly the last two years the guys completely sucked really easy sucked he's lost a starting position. He's now gonna be number two we sitting the bench he's on his way out. And so I was telling mr. Britney I go to some incredible PR stunt. Because now if he's cut or they finally let him go are you seeing it was racism. You shake it's because I spoke on behalf of black lives and honor. Because of my political opinions and so we try to turn himself almost likened to a victim or martyr. And whether he gets his own reality TV show all Horry goes to another team or whatever. He's now given himself the excuse that he needs. To claim you know what. Calling copper and it was black balled by the NFL. Pour me nineteen only year what sorry fifteen million guaranteed my bat fifteen million a year for me I'm the victim. Allen to coach Barry go ahead out. I jet ski edit I can hear you can you hear him. I can hit an all we can't say I'm. Well. At this point on a lot of people on the real logic to be honest I'd. I'll go lately. Oh. In the star spangled banner that school. Actually asking a question. A situation like that last session of Jewish state. On the nationally which now. And you know what so nervous right now because it aggravate homage. Could you know what that last. Okay they'll land of the free and the home of the brave. Now all of a canyon. He. That's what that. So that's a question to question his candidacy. By the as early Nigel awful story. And you'll notice them that's okay but what's your point go ahead I'll whats your point what are acquired it's a question that's been out. The left of the National Anthem is a question that's been asked that every person. Should probably try to. That question and somebody like in the repression and that added consideration. Too is just no. BGO because he doesn't get the concept of what got me. So I sort of put that out. I'll I'll I'll I'll tell you what I will bet you a year salary I think make nothing compared to this guy okay coal and copper and it. Colin can I keep calling him Britain wanted to keep calling and Colin. Isn't his name call him his name's Kanye keep on call and talk much keep calling him colon colon can't predict is that is there a double entendre I would I would think south elected that the colon is that poem I think he's full of full of you know what football is that would. Give your kids calling him colon anyway so I don't make anything like Colin tapper and it does okay nothing like that. He can't even recite the book that he can't recite the National Anthem if I put them on the show it's OK forget the music forget all this. Just give me the national anthems start from beginning and he can't he can't recite it he doesn't know. He's got ignorant and that's stupid. I'm telling you right now. And Timmy. You're making that much money well if you feel switch wrongly about black lives matter. If you feel so strongly about the oppression of so called minorities. Cut a check. They need money in Louisiana. Get a raise money for big Mike Brown's family cottage. You feel strongly about it got to show. Who. He won't spend a dime of his money you phony you fraud. We're gonna continue win on this topic for at least another segment. Should Colin Capp Burnett. Or is it Colin I'm sorry just I don't know I did this is serves as a consultant subconscious on my part to think subliminal should he be suspended. Your calls Max. To me this is something that happened. When you think that. I feel like that flag. Represents were supposed to represent your country is everything. People who live for both duke that is people being murdered unjustly. And not being voted out. After getting paid me. For killing people that's not right that's not right but englishman. That's coal and sorry Colin cap for neck. He sits on the bench now nineteen million dollars a year 114 million over six years. He's an oppressed man. And not only is he oppressed these says he's speaking out on behalf of all minorities African Americans all minorities. Who he says are voiceless. Oppressed. Being mercilessly. Gunned down slaughtered on the streets by police by others. And then nothing is being done here is a big prominent supporter. Of black lives a matter. In fact. Colon sorry Colin I kind of let it keeps happening. Colin Capra neck. Says that in one of the shootings in Louisiana. We are under attack here's what he wrote on Twitter it's clear as day less than 24 hours later another body in the street. But we are under attack and boy geez. Colin it's it's tough talk. You know off feels that way what is tree in his Jersey. And notable proof ask go to the civil service tasked. Go to the academy and become a cop if you've if you feel so strongly about that just treated well Jersey and and stop Macon but guaranteed fifteen million dollars a year and go make a copy. He's under Britney is under attack. On the poor guy in his six homes prior lives in a gated community. You know who knows what he's gone he's got security says stems I don't know how many dogs he probably has guard dogs security people security guards around the clock. Chauffeur drive her goal whole bit you send it back. I don't honestly how this guy makes a database is beyond me I don't know how this guy doesn't. I mean. First of all forget the fact coach don't produces this guy it's how moronic how idiotic. Look at how profoundly I'm grateful for the sky it's. Now I were getting a lot of text you can text us at 68680. Jeff what is up with him this is from 781. He a parent I'm he has a but he's biracial. Who was adopted and raised by white parents. Is there are some kind of lingering guilt there. I did not know that he was adopted and I did not know that he was raised by a white parents. Shall let me ask him where's white parents were they racist. So when they adopted you enraged you were there were they racist oh are they part of the oppressive system because you can't stand up to. Out of respect for the National Anthem or or have show any respect towards the flag shall Wear your adopted that your adoptive parents. Where they. Were they racist as well okay here's a story. It's going everywhere is from what's called release sports crying. Bush and with the website. All sports grid I'm sorry my about sports grid. Couple sources now close to his girlfriend. Caught Colin cap for next Larry Collins a Colin tapper an ex girlfriend. As saying that he is now very close to converting to Islam. Apparently he has. A posted numerous posts blasting Donald Trump he ate Strom especially for his anti Muslim remarks. As I say he's a big supporter of black lives matter. But according now to his fiancee and her people he is now dating radio DJ NASA. NASA is a very devout Muslim. According to her people. People close to her. NASA introduced him to the teachings of Islam he's ready to embrace it fully. They're gonna have a traditional Muslim wedding. Is this influencing him I don't know it's another log on the fire. But Tim mean if you can't stand for the flag and you can't stand for the National Anthem. You have no business being in the NFL 6172666868. I agree disagree. Bruce in Connecticut go ahead groups. A chapel area are you good that it purposes I say I served. In the military for twelve years. And what new we just chose to go into service. You you'll swear to uphold the constitution. Protected. And the bill of rights. This much I think this deplorable electronic app predicted. That's women's rights and I depended. Ed when we start. Talking about. I mean somebody from his job. Your locker slippery slope. Because we can all these aren't printing Joey say. They make fun of people and they've been in situations like that. She has a right to do what he did unfortunately. But we have the right to disagree with him. But we have to be sure about some result or we're talking about walking out. What somebody exercises its. God given right in this country. Bruce look I want to first off thank you for your service that's the most important thing. Bruce look here as you look you're making very good points there's no question about it. Here's the issue that I house. The goal keeper for the US women's soccer team she's very good hopes soul. They lost to Sweden Sweden played a very defensive game to get at the penalty kicks Sweden then run on one on penalty kicks she after the game. Called the suites quote a bunch of cowards. She's been suspended for six months. Curt Schilling I know it's not football this is baseball but disagreed and spoke out on FaceBook on social media. With the the Porsche for transgender bathrooms he lost his drawl. Tom Brady so far nothing but he got tremendous blow Bach. For many and the Boston media simply for having a Donald Trump baseball cap in his walk around. So why is it that when you play professional sports. Some speech allegedly is protected. And other speech which is more let's say I don't know conservative speech or goes against political correctness then that's not protected. To me number one it's the hypocrisy of the whole thing number two look Bruce I have to be a look I know where you're coming from. To me when you put on my helmet and uniform and your quarterback of a football team. You are supposed to behave like a professional. Football is not supposed to be political. You don't use your position to make political statements. You are introducing I I think a distraction in the locker room. This is poisonous for the team it's a cancer on the team and I think frankly the team under. Fans have a right to weigh him. And if I'm the coach I'm saying I don't need this garbage. Because all the boys are talking about in the locker room now is your position is on black lives matter and the flag at the National Anthem. We don't rob I'm not paying you ninety million dollars a year to be a commentator on talk radio or a TV talking head. I'm paying for you to run and throw the football which obviously for the last two years you haven't been able to don't. So how about you spend less time yakking. And more time practicing. And may be your rear end won't be on the bench. But because what you've gone to war team you have so disrupted the locker room you're gone. Not I don't understand why an organization can't say that. I mean he's got freedom of speech if you wants to shoot his mouth off. But if you're gonna disrupt the team that much I don't. I mean Bruce they're paying a nineteen million dollars a year for God's sakes. I think it's stroke accurate question that you had a Y eight this thing happen that there are so low individual. Curt Schilling. It is because conservative America. Doesn't stand up for the release people's rights. The media is controlled the mainstream media is controlled by liberals. A conservative America as being stifled in western conservative America stood up. As strongly as liberal America did. You would see less of these things happening. I didn't hear any outcry last year did a Super Bowl halftime show. When beyoncé. Supported black ice matter and brought out people to let it. Who do and it just pop. He's a black car the black power salute our spot. Well the concern of America needs. I'm bored and or stronger orders. And defending people's rights say what you say. The Bruce look I I yeah I agree with you completely on beyoncé. On conservative America and leading to stand up for Curt Schilling. And for hopes soul your 1000% correct. Bruce look I think this is where you when I disagree and I say this really genuinely respectfully look Bruce I never far from for this country he did. I didn't sacrifice for this country you do it sure you're on much stronger round and I am I'm just giving you my honest opinion. To meet the National Anthem in the fly its money quote unquote issue. It's not what you think about a transgender bill are same sex marriage or whatever. To me it's not just that it embodies the constitution although it does your right and the bill of rights Bruce it embodies you. In embodies people like you who have sacrificed for this country. Many who have died many who are mean it represents all of us as we mentioned as a people. It represents us going back to a 1776. If we can't respect Vegas. We're not respecting ourselves. Got the country. So what's your quick question. And no end of this. I receive tickets to cut to a local packaging. Would people. Do not stick a true National Anthem should they be throughout the arena. What I. Actually don't accounting. Don't know why you're you Bruce I can be honest he'll tell you what I do. I look at the person I say stand for god sake show some respect. Now I don't hate this person he's not my employee. You know I mean I'm not the owner I'm not a coach we're just fans and in this in the in the arena our in the stadium. But I've seen people and they highways it is younger kids. Date date date there like the way they're playing around there goofing around so they're getting let's say yeah. And ice cream or whatever and then they stick their tongues and each other at the kind of fooling around or goofing around. As the National Anthem is being played. That's about a tree out. Good ones. Don't take or so I don't say. Yeah and I turn around and I say hey. Cut it out social respect. And I can't physically be a mom but I get extremely angry. Because it's disrespecting you groups. And you deserve better. And I mean so I that's I'm just being honest with you look Bruce. If if I I look at Roger Goodell. And I see him being politically correct on issue after issue after issue where he's. They wanted to let off for Ray Rice for beating up his girlfriend in the elevator. They've got Adrian Peterson abuses you beats his kids. And and you're telling me now we can't punish Colin Kaplan it. I mean to me it's incredible. So we've got deflated football's suspension. You feature girlfriend apple cover it up until were caught okay though we'll give you a couple bad a couple of games. Are you reach your kids will try to cover up out there old ball went to get quick a suspension. So in other words if it's the NFL says some things are permissible somethings are not permissible. To me what should be a common value among all of us. The flag. The National Anthem the very country it represents the very people it represents. Shall some respect. Now you wanna make an issue Bruce but in terms of Colin cannot predict he's the one not forget he sat down if he just sat down on the bench. Nobody would say anything. Is that he's been sent this statement to the 49ers organization. Who then I don't know why he felt incumbent to tell the entire media. Colin tapper neck is not gonna stand for the National Anthem because this is an oppressed country that a press is black people minorities. Well now you've turned this into a circus. Now you've turned it into a dog and pony show now if I'm the general manager I'm the I'm the coach how I'm the owner. And I'm paying this guy ninety million dollars a year. Call when you want your own talk show pitcher on talk shows you suck for two years who resigned from the NFL sure sure mouth off. But I'm paying your nineteen million dollars a year anybody so I'm CEO. I'm asking you for your political opinions you're professional. Throw the ball hopefully better and lead your team. So Tammy Bruce is not a question of freedom of speech he's got the right to say it but I think the ownership and the NFL has a right back. And if I were them on this. And it's bad for the game. Bruce I'm telling you a lot of NFL fans very angry about this very angry. Do you think you'll is respectful. Regardless of the president. They're Jim Thomas goaltender for the Boston grown trees used goalie are just because a person that was in the office. I'm sorry Bruce can you repeat that. True Thomas was a goaltender in the Boston brought and won Stanley Cup championship yes. These are staunch Republican. Tea Party early. You go to white Ausmus. As a Democrat bill but it Democrat president was that was in office yes it was disrespectful. Does the president know. Here's a right not at all. Why did this to release shall immediately. All you're you're right knowing all they caught him loose. But that's what I'm talking about. The team decided it was a distraction they caught on most I think you don't have to go see the president if you don't wanna go. It's just a ceremony after you won a championship records the NHL Stanley Cup for the World Series or. The NFL the Super Bowl. You know but to mean this is beyond the age of a president. This is beyond a social issue a cultural issue this is the very symbol of who we are. That's the flag represents you mean Brittany everybody. The National Anthem speaks for you mean the audience everybody. If you're gonna disrespect but you're disrespecting all of us. And I think the owner of the team I think has a moral obligation. Bruce a spark your make it nineteen million dollars a year and to me tips seem really honestly it's obscene. You make it guys like you're making 20/20 5000 after you serve how many tours in Afghanistan or Iraq. Many of you with your legs are limbs blown off and this guys make in nineteen only year what is six homes and his ten cars. And that god knows what he's doing what his friends the champagne and caviar to filling all the thought and you're complaining to me about oppression. Somebody needs to smacked his kid. I mean if his parents are still around hey are smarter and if this was my boy I don't care beast when he eight I want to write about it. And as I said I agree with that opinion it absolutely. Unfortunately he has a right to share his opinion (%expletive) Bruce on this. Rush on this we agree to disagree with thank you for your service and god bless you sir. God bless you Bruce 6172666868. Does colon Capra and you just heard a man served his country did several tours. Does he have the right to voice his opinion. Is this freedom of speech. Isn't that what they're vets and the Millen. Those who fight and our military. Allegedly fight and die for 61720666868. More here calls Mac. One guy here on the great WORK. Though. Colin sorry Colin. Pick up her neck. Creates a really sparked safe fury across the country. He says he will not stand for the National Anthem or short respect for the flag. Because of the oppression of minorities and African Americans. He says he is now their voice. We'll have dinner and an oppressive country and he says it is time for him to speak out. Nineteen million dollars a year and this guy's a press. Events in New York go ahead events. Or. And yeah. You know. I don't know Italian aviation senate foundation we're actually an eight up. I'm an eight port play here so we can get through lines quicker. In America foundation. Events I got excited as. If if he's oppressed making nineteen million dollars a year what are you and I. We were in a gulag. Where where you're only slightly right now we're refugee. I was reading this story and that let me look a lot like that shoe bomber. We were shot toward. What's your mind my friend. Anyhow I'll. I think that the American public of the blame a lot. For enriching these what it called basically no talent people throwing the ball where hitting it bad or doing something. Where enriching these people to know and well the average person making 5060000. Out here. And going to spend like 3400 dollars on a game when their kids enriching these people are basically betting on your value. I believe the American public is this still the same thing with Hollywood I refused to give a dime to sports event that just might. It's just my policy I I refused to give them a dollar my money. Vince do you still watch let's say the NFL it on TV. You know I. When I come I don't watch it very much I watch the Super Bowl that's about it is an event. As far as these people daily life I find them so insignificant given what's going on in the world. I'm worried whether this guy beating that person and or whether he got into a car accident while people are chopping up Christians had all around the world. I'm worried about what that dish Colin guy is doing this weekend at it and certainly. I think as you know you're historian obviously. You not a Romans had basically bread and circus. Act that says what circus while we take care of the internal. The internal matters and external wars that we're going on basically entertain the masses. And given welfare rent just keep them alive freedom. They had a big welfare state chill until Rome collapsed. And basically that's overhead we're headed towards the rich and the poor and that and now we're being conveyed that windows why why it matters Merck merging into. In Chile Muslim group that's connected with black white matter. They're looking to basically over to the system and. Very good point it's very very good point 6172666868. OK I wanna take a warrior calls now as you know of any of you watch the Olympics. Hussein Hussein bolt saying you. What the fastest man in the world for Jamaica. Hundred meters 200 meters on the relay. Was giving an interview. And the National Anthem of the United States. Not Jamaica. But the United States began to play. And because the United States has been so good they him in terms of sponsorships many American companies. He's made millions none nineteen million a year but he makes millions of dollars because of the generosity of American businesses in America sponsors. This gem made him. Is being interviewed and the National Anthem plays who listen to him roll it Brittany. I'll look at all those. Unseen and I'm may spinning you already low ozone we should be maimed and you alerts to talk about duke health. I went off out of two new word I think both do good enough for me. The with the Hubble business today I came wanted to from my diet and that's what I did. Became he had to be out naked and you are already on it to be Clinton to visit I've app update. So yes stocks as a must answer to eat in better than any investment that. Turns around. Any cases decline. He hasn't cut the interview at the winner of the US national anthems. He's sure making. He's not even American he's Jamaican. But because he's been so successful he's a sprinter he's very fast means when the fastest man in the world. Because America has been so good to him and his family with the sponsorships. Show some respect. If for a foreigner. Who lives in a Third World country. Who I think knows what he needs to before. Can see the greatness of America. Colin Katherine camps. Shame on you.