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If you support Trump are you racist? 8/26/16

Aug 26, 2016|

What do you make of Hillary Clinton's claims that Trump is racist?

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Two white supremacists. Racists. Neo Nazis. And the kkk. Term but to back up that that she held in a speech in Reno Nevada. In which he openly denounced from eyes are racist. As a white supremacist. As somebody who has taken quote radical fringe groups were radical hate groups. Like white supremacists. Neo Nazis. By the kkk. And made them mainstream. I she put it his campaign. Is driven by racism. Prejudice. Hate. And he is in bed with the cake cake hole and shall argues supporters. Listen to her now. And honestly it was a pathetic performance. She comes across as conspiratorial. She comes across as paranoid really she really she comes across as unhinged. That was the speech or somebody forget now the talk about her physical ailments that let that go now. Seriously I think now is the time to ask whether she is mentally fit to be president of the United States. It really I think the question now has to be asked is she not just physically sick but mentally psychologically sick. Is there's severe brain damage that was caused from that concussion or a stroke or whatever it was because yesterday what you were hurt. Was an insane. Unhinged candidate. Who. Talked about Donald Trump being a supporter of the kkk. Of all of his supporters being supporters of the white supremacist movement have been neo Nazis. That she attacked the Nigel for a large and Greg zipped saying that they were behind an effort to destroyer. Pew and allegedly Vladimir pool. It's part of this extreme nationalist movement. Of fast all right conspiracy. Basically the 1990s redux. Not a vast right wing conspiracy it's a vast alternative right wing conspiracy. Of white Nationalists white supremacists. She says led by bright spark muse and Steve Bannon. Everybody. Behind the scenes with Putin's pulling the strings. Is behind the trump campaign. So that ultimately. Moscow and the Kremlin. Led by Hilton. Can control America. I colonel she's on crack. Right in offer had his crack. But either way it was one of the most hate filled pathetic. Degrading. Insulting speeches. I have ever heard in my life listen now to Hillary Clinton. Saying all trump does. Is reinforce racial racist stereotypes. And it's a dog whistle. Our dog whistle to the most hate filled supporters. In the entire country roll it Britain. Trump's. Lack of knowledge or experience or solutions would be bad enough. But what he's doing here is more sinister. Trump is reinforcing. Harmful stereotypes. And offering a dog whistle went home to his most hateful supporters. It's a disturbing preview of what kind of president. He could be wrong and that's what I wanna make clear today. A man with a long history of racial discrimination. Who traffic in dark conspiracy. Theories. Drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and a hard dark reaches of the energy that. A should never. Run our government or command our military. Ask your city doesn't respect. All Americans how can he served all Americans stop right now. Right there operate there. Her own words hangar. Her own words hangar. Her own words hangar. Play that last line again Britain police ask yourself if he doesn't respect. All Americans how can he serve all Americans. You've just disqualified yourself. By your own words you've just disqualified yourself. You're the one that's calling trump and all of his supporters racist bigots white supremacists neo Nazi's you'll. You'll. You're not respecting all Americans you are not self respecting his supporters. Oh. Scholl howry you'll fit to serve by your own words you're not fit to serve. And notice what she's doing noticed that look how ludicrous all of this news. All of this is taking place. With the age Associated Press the AP bombshell. On the Clinton foundation. Which now even nearly a dozen left wing prominent media outlets. The huffing and puffing can post. The Boston Globe I could run down the list saying she's got a big problem with pay to play in the Clinton foundation shouted down. Have you noticed this woman a mock talk about the issues. That's why I point doubt in my column which again to all of you if you haven't read it please I urge you to read it it is that dagger. Right in the heart of Hillary it's about strong secret to victory by the trump campaign love it they're passing it around to everybody. On the issues. Trump is right and she is wrong on the issues. He is with a solid majority of the American people and she isn't. Have you noticed all of she can do now is level racism racism white supremacy kkk. One despicable plot. Well other. It. Slanderous charge one slander after another. She's not talk and obamacare you can't defend it. She's not talking about her plan to grow the economy she can't do it. She's not talking about how to defeat ices are radical Islam shares Mo plan. In other words on the economy on jobs on terrorism on national security on obamacare on immigration. On trade. Where she and her husband signed NAFTA and one despicable free trade deal after another. That's sold out the working class of this country she's got nothing to say. Have you noticed she has run the most non issue campaign. I think in American history. Because she asked did distract from her own criminality. And from the fact issue has nothing to offer the American people. So by Euro ruined his definition. You you. You'll just discredited yourself. You can't debate trump or supporters on the issue shares and are all a bunch or racist well according to you you can't respect all Americans you can't serve. But she continues. Roll it Brittany. Now. Okay. I know that some people still wanna give trump the benefit of the doubt they hope that he will eventually reinvents himself. That there's a kinder gentler more responsible Donald Trump waiting in the wings somewhere. Because after all it is hard to believe anyone let alone a nominee for president. Could really believe all the things he sensed. But here's the hard truth is there is no other Donald Trump this is it. Then why did you invite why did you go to his wedding. Why did you take money from him for all those years. Why did you and Bubba hub knob and go golfing with him all those years. If he's this despicable racist who petals in these dark conspiracy theories on the Internet. And he's in bed with Paul Eaton and he's in bed with. It's that's so wait a bright part muse and Alex drones and the for arrange alternative right by the way around supporters had no idea what she means. The alternative right is basically a movement created against a establishment conservatives. And they tend to be more popular state tend to be more Nationalists. There in particular opposed the political correctness. And the constant kowtowing of Republican and conservative beliefs on on political correctness. It to the gods of political correctness frankly I think bright part is an incredible website. It's one of the best in the country. I mean I don't agree with them on every issue I don't with any site but 1995%. Of the time they are dead on. Get all but let that go let that goal. If he's such a monster. I didn't go to Trump's wedding and an invitation but never I didn't go you'll get it. I didn't take money from trump didn't. I didn't hub knob which trumped you and your husband didn't. So. You know you're claiming he's this racist well was he so when he shall want to take its checks margin go to was letting. Where you guys pals and chums and friends for what 20/20 five years your loved his mind me. Daniel talked dumb and mean. You phony you fraud you. And then this speech just goals I mean this is despicable. But then this speech literally it goes into the cool key and and a wacky dad worked were now talking unhinged. We I don't know if it's brain damage. I don't know if it's. She's just reading the teleprompter. I I I. I don't but here artists. Now she's going off on Al as a Alex jones' some kinda key pillar of trumps me it's ridiculous. She goes off on Alex Jones she goes off on bright part she goes off fund Nigel for a large and of course the Graham and puppeteer. Vladimir. Putin. Roll it Britain. It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones and book claims that 9/11. And the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs. Even said. And this really just is so disgusting. He did set the victims of the sandy hook massacre were child actors. And no one. Was actually killed there I don't know. What happens in somebody's mind or how dark their heart must speed. To say things like that. But trump doesn't challenge these lies he actually went on jones' show and said. Your reputation is amazing I will not let you down. You are on Alex Jones show. How many shows have you gone. How many far left wing show you go on MSNBC all the time. You're in bed with the likes of a moveon.org. You are in bed with the likes of. Of the far left like Noam Chomsky. Durbin wants badly to 9/11 was an inside job conspiracy Van Jones you'll all Van Jones he's on CNN CNN makes him a big talking head he battled the myth that 9/11 was an inside job you'll love Van Jones. You're you're interviewed by about a van Jones and his likes at CNN. Suddenly now he can't go on Alex Jones shall we does one show and suddenly that showed the financial Wii is. We own. We own. The woman's cracked. But it doesn't stop there. It's now bright art which has over thirty million readers. Now if you're conservative. Conservatism. For her now equals kkk. Roll it to Britney. Now bad and has nasty things to say. About pretty much every winds from this spring he railed against speaker Paul Ryan for quote. Robbing his social justice catholicism. In my nose every second now. No wonder he's gone to work for trump the only presidential candidate ever to get into a public feud it. What a pulp. It's true way. It's truly. Hard to believe but according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Which tracks hate groups. Bright part. Embraces ideas on the extremist fringe of the conservative right. This is not conservatism as we have known and home this is not republicanism. As we have a home. These are racist ideas race baiting ideas anti Muslim anti immigrant anti women. All key tenants making up. The emerging racist ideology known as the all right. All EU for got a bit your front anti Semitic. I'm Hillary if hey I don't think that drugs are working that well. Anti Semitic anti black and deal appeal. He didn't mention homophobic. Come on while they got Milo it's a bit tough but doesn't that throw when I come on he got but one homophobic for God's sakes let me I was sorry Hillary come on now. C'mon now. I mean even Britain it could have done a better job a writing that speech for you if you wanted somebody to make a caricature of the right wing is pathetic. It's a 26 year old executive producer on my shows and really you wanna caricature you want a joke of a speech here. Almost all of it that these amended racist anti black anti that the you know at the immigrant anti this anti that anti this anti that. You are you gonna get better speechwriters. But here's the catch. Kkk. I played Seattle played again one more time you need to hear it to she's unleashing it everywhere. A body suppose it grand wizard of the kkk endorsing trump that's funny. That's very funny. Because they kkk grand dragon. In California. Guess who he endorsed. Take a guess. Roll it Britain. Okay were having some technical difficulties. But it's it's a presence there. Hillary Clinton do you think whites executed a few Americans in the team's. Well we are got killed people. Will quake. He is the grand dragon of the kkk. In California. He's a Ku Klux Klan leader and guess so he's endorsing Hillary rotten Clinton. Who back to Robert Byrd kkk leader yield data Hillary. Who's been using the N word. Trump never uses the N org you and bubble all you guys do is use the N word. Who talks kkk support in Arkansas. When Bob always running in the 1980s as governor you'll guys date. Here are the ones that are in bed with the kkk. Not. Donald Trump my friends what you saw yesterday. Was a pathetic desperate attempt. By a woman now who is literally half a step ahead of being indicted and going to prison. Doing the ultimate bait and switch the ultimate Redding area. And my question to you is this because she's just insulted all of all of is Hillary right. Are you racist for supporting trauma. If you believe the answer is yes trump supporters are all racists all bomb techs the letter eight to 68680. If you're the answer is Helm all she's crazy this week ruled this woman is as crazy as they come. Nadia is a fruitcake. Textile letter beat them 68680. Has always you can vote online at WRKO. Dot com. 1230 here on the break WORK. Oh OK my friends Hillary I mean she. Oh did she jump the shrugged. All ordered she jumped the shark. Trump is a big hit kkk. Sure all of his supporters is she right. And will this racism smear. Work in November. Should know from Drake get go ahead Chanel. Jeff oh the Dolan. Or go polish. Federal success. I have a lot of respect you structure your opinion that this. Obama. Plans the next four years of international and on right now is all smoke and mirrors. Like yourself plan. You don't pick someone like Kim but Obama's ego is just gonna walk away without from completing the final destruction of this country. Just election between twelve and Clinton's national election between trump and Obama. If Clinton wins. She will be invited between November and January. The IRS is now investigating. The Clinton's foundation. And the whole email saying additional. Once under indictment you'll be able to assume the office of the president January. Can change will not actually be the vice president because neither she nor Hillary. Kevin has been inaugurated. Cannot assume the presidency is the speaker of the house can't move up because it was already sitting president and vice president. So President Obama an executive order citing emergency situation. Gives him another four years in office. Chanel thanks for that I mean I. Honestly I don't I don't think he wants another four years I think he's got the perfect there. In Hillary Clinton I think that's why he's been covering up for every step of the way. She will complete his final destruction. And transformation of America he doesn't need to be empower she'll do all the damage warm eyes he parties and golf's. Day and day out 6172666868. OK let me ask you this. Hillary Clinton. Should she get away with calling all of trumps supporters. Kkk. White supremacists. And what we're strums response we'll have that. But for crop that is just par for the course. This is someone who leaked tweets. White supremacists. Online. Like the user who goes by the name white genocide. TM. Trump took this fringe bigots. With a few dozen followers. And spread his message to eleven million people. His campaign famously posted. An anti Semitic image a star of David. Imposed over a sea of dollar bills that first appeared on white supremacist. Web sites. The trump campaign. Has also selected. A prominent white national. Nationalist leader. As a delegate in California and they only dropped him under pressure. When asked in a nationally televised. Interview. Whether he would dis about the support of David duke a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Trump wouldn't do it. Hillary he plays the race card from the bottom of the bid back. And not only did she delivers supposedly a major speech in Reno Nevada. Saying trump is a racist kkk white supremacist I guess anti Semitic as well even though his daughter is a Jew. And his son in law's a Jew. And his grandkids are Jewish but someone needs to tell them that but let that go but there. Daddy and grandfather happens to be a Nazi book let ago lab that ago. I she was laying out this to me this is a form of McCarthyism. This is McCarthyism. Uh oh a lie bowling all of this supporters as racists and then. Somehow claiming that Vladimir Putin or they say in Russia Putin. Vladimir Putin's. Is behind everything. He's controlling Bre exit. He's controlling trump. He's pulling the strings he's the ultimate extreme nationalist. He's the grand master of the grand puppeteer. This is this is neo McCarthyism. That's what pisses. But here's what she won't tell. She talks David duke okay let's talk kkk white supremacists. I wanna play it again. In California. The grand dragon of the kkk in California will quake because remember. The Democrats have a. Long history with the kkk. Saying hey I'm for Hillary. Roll it Britain. For presidents are. Hillary Clinton if you think whites used to period it from Americans in the team's. Well we are got killed people. What issues that you're you're today about it we'll open border policy. There. Is. And your vote for Hillary Clinton my ya ya IE but anyway. How come chalk come she's not disavowing him. But it gets even worse. Remember Robert Byrd. Former senator late senator from West Virginia he was the grand wizard the leader of the kkk. In West Virginia. I think I was like Klansmen throwing throw not only did she love film. When he died she gave the eulogy. Listen now to our horror. Warmly embracing and supporting. I'm not talking David though I'm not talking some. White nationalist hole in the wall OK it was some white nationalist guy on the Internet. Gay white genocide or whatever she cited. I'm talking about de grand wizard the head honcho of the kkk in West Virginia roll it Brit. Today our country has lost a true American rich him my friend and mentor Robert C. Senator Byrd was a man surpassing eloquence and get them. And I remember him for many things. It is almost impossible to imagine the United States senate without proper heard. He was not just its longest serving member he was its heart it's soul and it's a story. From my first day in the senate I've sought out this guy that he was always generous with his time its list. Am I game. Yeah I've never seen trump razor grand wizard of the kkk like you did. In fact he disavowed David duke he's disavowed white supremacist. You've openly embrace them. You've openly praised them look at Chu we've got you want paid. Here was Donald Trump. Finally. Pushing back. Saying you know what when did Democrats are playing their racism card. You've now literally seeing the last refuge. Of a discredited. Democrat. Scandals. Roll it brick. It's similar. Movement folks like they've never seen before. And go to accused. Decent Americans. Who support this campaign your campaign. Of being racist. Which will not. It's the oldest flag. In that democratic. Playbook. Democratic policies fail. They are left with only this one tired argument. Yeah arrays is erect this is your race is they keep saying that you're raises. Its retired. Disgusting. Argument. I so. Totally predictable. It's completely right. So he goes on a local radio station up in New Hampshire. He's up in Manchester yesterday. And he's asked point blank. She says you're in bed with white supremacists. Watch your answer Donald Trump. Roll it Brit do you want to white supremacists to go for you. We know horizontally on the other hand I tell you this is not about hate is about love. We love our country we want our country to come back to our country strong again. 6172666868. Is the number. Is Hillary right simple question of the day. Our trumps supporters racist are you a racist. For supporting Donald Trump. If you believe the answer is yes all trump supporters are a bunch of bigots and kkk racist. Text or letter eight to 68680. If like me you think at least this woman is really lost her rocker that she's cracked the woman is in saint. Text the letter B is 68680. No you can vote online at wrko.com. There's a lot more info if you want a wrko.com. Slash corner kick UH NER. Brittany what are the poll results so far 96%. Saying now and 4% say yes always the Mon balance. Of course you know and you know the thing is they vote like this and they think they're being funny or they think they're like needling Yasser. They just don't realize how stupid they sound nine now I mean really angry how under the how utterly deranged. And idiotic they sound but it. Listen what can I say liberalism is a mental disorder and you're seeing it now on full display. John and distraught go ahead John. Did you always know and huge. Try credential prepares. But I actually natural I'm. But all of that there's Julian Assange or or there is no well a little bit that he's released. Anxious chipped away but we understand. While I was winning. A much evidence. That this. Is a rocket. What are you were eight judicial and they. Picture book autumn students. Disappearance of people all of Clinton's. I just you understand why it almost all go forward with. I'm sure. All. She'd read our. We are gentleman actually talking about are there any other branch of government. They're good riddance. But and each other like how much more. And they meet urged. I. Just 08. Columnists. Look John look out a lot of people are saying which you're saying and you know Brit mean is. You know she's saying look wishes beater now and then we can put her front rear end in jail later. You know bush is doing now let's just end this thing right now. But no I'll answer your question your question is a very valid question look. And I'm telling you if this is the problem with our country right now. The Republican establishment. Is just as corrupt. They've been in bed with Obama for the last eight years. They've done nothing book on many of the issues there with Hillary. They want the look Paul Ryan let's just take the got okay he's going to be he's the house speaker. So if she wins just hypothetically she wins. Paul Ryan it's gonna be the house speaker so he's gonna be the one is going to be running the Republican House right okay. What does he want he wants open borders. He wants mass amnesty. He wants free trade. He wants the PPP. He wants these endless wars in the Middle East. By the way they're trying to sold demonized pro. Because they wanna fight him in Syria and they wanna fight him in Crimea. These idiots are gonna get as potentially into world war three there war mongers nobody's even talking about this. So very in bed with the chamber of commerce. They are in bed with the donor clocks. And that's why Paul Ryan has been knifing trump every chance he gets. It's why the establishment Republicans look at him John Kasich Lindsey Graham. Kelly Ayotte a Susan call ends up in May recommend on the whole list. A Mitt Romney all of them. You're talking trump. For not attacking Hillary they're talking trump why. Because if he wins. He's going to expose the entire stinking rotten system. Now notice. I want all of you to stand back and just think about this Otis. Course the party of the kkk. Hillary. You. Who created the creek kkk. Party. Course the party of slavery. Party. The Democrats. Who was the party of segregation. Or party for the party Jim Crow era party. Who was the party of the Ku Klux Klan across the south your party. I just played a quick. Who spent who openly eulogize and embraced and supported the grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan Robert Byrd of West Virginia you know. Bush getting support from the kkk I played the clip oh. Who used that term and the M word to describe blacks repeatedly in the 97 to 1980s when you when your husband or running Arkansas no. Who attended white only golf clubs and country clubs when he was governor of Arkansas. Oh and your husband fuel you. There's only one racist in this race. It's so obvious. She's using blacks. She uses a minorities like her husband she uses live team else. You know what they see when they see you all vote. That's all they see. And they give you a few crumbs off the table to keep you on the democratic economic plantation. Trump is a 1000% right. There are legitimately is only one big hit in this race. And it's Hillary rotten Clinton. Clinton is a big. Who sees people of color. All is votes not a on human beings weren't they have a better pictures he's going to do nothing. For African Americans she's going to do now. For those facts she does he can act watch her policies have done to your communities. Amen. Amen. Are you were racist for supporting Donald Trump. And gave Hillary now in this latest speech and her latest bad. How she now crossed a line should she apologize. Should she even stepped down. Europe Europe calls next. 138. Here on the great. WRKO. Voice Abbas then OK. Next hour a kid you not. It's this story everybody's talking about locally and it's actually gone national. It's my black hawk down. But Blackhawks. In Boston. Helicopters. Black a black hawk helicopters IQ did you not flying all over Boston flying low. Lol well the two and high speed. And I flew over literally flew over britney's car yesterday on the Tobin Bridge was actually taking pictures of them. And local officials. And being very circumspect. Let's put it this way. On why they're conducting these so called military exercise. There's this camp says. There's is all I kept seeing yesterday it is guy but I'm driving a liquid balance that but it. Is that a missile landed me but they spying on me. Just as sick as this said. I'm like get my boss Arab I invent it and I don't and a mobile decent. And elegant will be black in Somalia or remind us that it. It does happen this guy. But anyway all right so we're gonna talk about that we'll have a little bit of fun and a third hour. 61720666868. Okay couple of very quick things I wanna dive back into the blazing phone lines. You need to be aware my friends of what is going on now. There is now another email batch that has been discredited it is near sorry that has been discovered my back there is another email bachelor has been discovered. That is discrediting Hillary by the day. Nearly 151000. Emails have now been discovered by the FBI. What about a third. Of what she said she had handed over member she said she handed every single one over well they found 151000 more. She lied and she said despite the way underwrote. House Republicans are now preparing perjury charges against her this fall. There's 141900. Emails that people are combing through. They are already finding even more examples of pay to play. It gets worse and worse and worse. Couple of the latest opinion polls you're not gonna hear it on some newscasts. Because there. All quinnipiac has Hillary up by Dan did about one poll are not trump the trump at all dead heat non that he ours is only about one upon amount. Quinnipiac there's quinnipiac. Okay. UPI. Very respected the UP IC voter daily presidential try tracking poll released today. Shoals Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton. By just under one percentage point its trump 48 point 52%. Killer re 47 point 73%. So he's up slightly within the margin of error but he's up slightly. LA times which has a very credible poll now has trumped up by one. So in some of the big bulls trump nationally is now caught up to Hillary. And he's starting to pull ahead she's got that problem to deal with. She's got perjury to deal with and of course she's got the new emails and do pay to play. The criminality. Bribery influence peddling racketeering. That took place at the Clinton foundation. This is why I believe she's trying to deflect. These the ultimate deflection the ultimate red airing. He bait and switch by calling trump and his supporters kkk. I mean think of I said this to Hillary if you're sorry said this to Britain about Hillary. How do I keep confusing Brittany would Hillary but let that gone up to something sub conscious I'm trying to say here but let that ago. If you're running a criminal enterprise. And you've now just been found out what's your only going. I mean think about it to get you man you can't think like a criminal but thank just try put yourself. Her shoes evidently I can pick my current we keep getting the app cannot even with Hillary Clinton and. I should mr. Britton yesterday. I should you know if you are using shell companies to launder money and embezzle money in Iraq appear in and line your pockets. You know I mean you get exposed. What are you gonna do. While you're gonna smear your opponents. You're gonna say or whatever the Wall Street Journal expose another bunch of Nazis that is there a bunch of white supremacists other bunch are racists. You make the story that might you. That's obviously what she's trying to do so all in desperation. Now she's trying to claim listen to this there should no there there. The Associated Press right wing conspiracy. Huffington Post now right wing conspiracy. The Boston freak and all. Right wing conspiracy. Vladimir pilgrim. The bread the alt alt right the alternative right. Bright Bart. I might shall for Raj everybody's in on this massive conspiracy. Regarding the Clinton completion. It's incredible everybody's nuts except or bill. She calls up Anderson Cooper. There may be a lot of smoke. But there isn't Knoll fire according to crooked Hillary roll it Britain. You know now I know what Anderson I I know there's a lot of and there's no higher than eighteen report. What are they contacted it was nearly 2000 meeting I had with world leaders like house without their meetings with US government officials. When I was secretary of state it looked at a small portion of my I'm and it's trying to conclusion and make this suggestion. That I'm meeting with people like the late great at least we now. Melinda Gates who won the Nobel Prize winner Mohammad you know minimum boy I'm out there and actions what a I'm date doom and edit their status as highly respected global leaders and batted. Absurd and neither people I was proud that we look to any secretary of sugar and I'll would've been proud to meet with you here. Their work and they're inside. Now where there's smoke there's fire is all smoke all fighter. She tells the silver haired guy Anderson Cooper. Well okay what about. Should worry the Nigerian billionaire who was convicted of money laundering in Switzerland. He paid you five million dollars or sorry but sorry the Clinton foundation five Mel. Guess what it's. He gets a meeting with the our ambassador to Lebanon and for his business interest to line his pockets what happened there or you don't like that. How about Frankel truck. I hate to say this he's Canadian news always want to makes everybody look bad but let that go. The uranium company that he set up in the investment firm. Where they lined thirty million dollars to the Clinton foundation. And gash warrant. The Russians got their uranium deal approved through this State Department. My home. Home. I got to happen madame Hillary. Where there's smoke. There's nothing but fire and everybody knows it Jimmy and brought to go ahead Jim. Jim. Hello Jamie. OK hold that I think Bellic government the Blackhawks got them. At the Jimmie have that please if they haven't kidnapped and yet call back Chris in New Hampshire go ahead Chris. Pay gap please don't tell them where they're coming. I know I want to let you know and I haven't kept the rally yesterday in Manchester. And the energy at these rallies insecure probable I mean you cannot you cannot. Understand what it until you go I want to argue. That there were African Americans they're they're Hispanics here they are cheering quietly for Donald Trump. One of the Hispanic women had an effect on my little girl and her out here and half two years old she had made heard this trump he pure she was wearing with the red white stripe in in the stock market all the little outfit they are so I could get it deeper dumb people are people. A better in their thirties and maybe hurt or these people are our red resonating with with these people felt trapped message. And I just wanted to let your listeners know this because there's so much. Discouraging news out there if you watched the mainstream media. You have this evening rally to lead them. These Chris you see I gotta tell you how it's amazing that what you're telling me because. I listened to Hillary's speech. I listened to her surrogate son or that if you saw them on Megyn Kelly last night they were spitting all over Donald Trump I listened to them. On CNN. Chris I've how many cross burnings were there yesterday all I. I I saw nothing but burning crosses Chris could you guys picked out all those Nazi flags for God's sakes. And second thing there's the swastika chorus. And not I don't know hooded guys are grand wizards president it's a reversal of the grand wizards in New Hampshire. Articulate how their positioning. And end and it adds. After the rally immediate caught on somebody's African American and Hispanic and they're interviewing them about what it. Really we're gonna get that message through I think you'll ever see it it'll never sees the light that trust me. The editor well wells after it ends up on the cutting room floor I mean this in this package will ever get hurt. And you look at their. Cross section of that that the demographic of the immediate paper and you've sanity rally like they're 7580. Media people there. With their camera men and our reporters in their laps up they're all sitting here. And it happened about 75 or 81. Was that African American what. Talk about the ultimate hypocrisy. Of these people. That Chris. I don't know if you know this but I just just to show you how the media so when the tank for Hillary. Let me you may have read this but let me just ask you this question after her you know her famous hate speech. I denouncing hate groups that are going mainstream allegedly under trump. She in Reno Nevada she met with the press corps she didn't answer one question to even say a word but what do you think she gave them. Our hat Crockett are chocolates. Candy she's giving up presidential candidate is handing out Chris forgive me. Freak in chocolates and candy to the press corps. Would she be running what she sent a clause like what is she let it. Just show you how when the tank they are like they're little kids you know I come home I get my dear Andy. Ashton and boy you gonna I swear I'd watch him even a good boy yeah some eminence. Chip and chip only to allow Al. Why are you can read it your listeners are if you want to really watch the the PR and they can't get to a rally check go to our web site it's called right side broadcasting network dot PB RM BE NN dot PD. State run every rally. Not that great footage video in the world but actually rookie Donald Trump. You repeat I'd prefer you would scene and Carson last night during a regular job. And you will never see on mainstream media never not even not thought about nervous because my mother op. Is very discouraging she's not getting any as the chief duck watch these alternative site. Chris and thank you very much for that call please don't be a stranger okay Chris call again. God bless you. No look the attack on the so called all right the alternative right it's really an attack on the alternative media. She doubts why they love crooked Hillary. They don't want shows like mine or you sites like bright bark or Drudge. The date they want to discredit them because word discrediting be elites. So the only card they have is they can't get any white supremacist kkk racist kkk eighty Hitler big hit Nazi. That's all they have because we are the ones that are truly exposing the truth Marion Braintree go ahead. Marry odd jets it's a pleasure to talk duke and respect and Egypt help my son and do my finding another. And I don't interpret. I need to check with them considerable gap Gary Johnson. Eighteen you know its first election is purely chip that you are opening your I am column online advocates think they put like a checklist of you know just bomb bomb could Gerald did a great people but stayed in Egypt. Immigration. Or are urgently check with Gary Johnson and as I got a call like for four year old. America on her what I do this I will do this I promise I will write a column on Gary Johnson. And telling all the never troopers why you shouldn't vote for LS in thirty seconds Maryland just so you can just you can start the discussion. Eight he's a confessed drug addict or whatever reason. Yeah the pot smoker. He wants legalization of drugs he wants a wide open border. He wants complete and utter mass amnesty. You do run down the entire list he's an unabashed free trader. He's pro PPP pro NAFTA so what that means Mary is your family. Will have no jobs cause all the manufacturing will be gone this country will be utterly inundated with illegal immigrants finally he wants unlimited immigration. His position I swear Marius keep the borders wide open. And in fact nobody's you legal because it could come. Yeah my son and you know and well not a lot of marbles are trapped about arms trumpet he's not. You know could be is not showing a big big. Ticket because she. They'd bail amount accused in our city they have Choi and education. Here it big. On our. You know disabled person I like to kick off every bank ones don't want to try to get that out. Let me I've been talking to a lot of young people here's what I'm telling them. If you vote for Hillary or you vote for Gary Johnson or anybody else other than trump you have no future. You have no jobs. You're going to be completely. I mean I'm talking utterly inundated. With illegal immigrants from all over the world Muslim refugees from all over the world. You're gonna be pretty much on welfare or working for peanuts for the rest of your life. And you've got no future whatsoever. None zero. If that's what you want then don't vote for trump if you want jobs and a future. Vote for trump and what I tell them the most. Think for yourself. Because that appeals to young people. In other words defies the media. Stand up to authority doled believed the authority in the media. Beat truly independent and think for yourself do your own research you do your own research you'll vote for Donald.