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Brian Ross, ABC News, on efforts to free ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller 8-26-16

Aug 26, 2016|

Brian Ross, ABC News, on efforts to free ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller

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Brian Ross ABC news joining us now to talk a little bit more about that this is a tough one. Brain had it been tough for you. Very hard but in some ways inspiring to see how she behave engine in captivity. They tried to force or to deny her fate. They claimed she had to convert to Islam she stood up to that. Ice is killer Giamatti John and so I did not convert to Islam don't kill people that's. And other hostages who person that couldn't believe that you go this is man who was so brutal. If you stood up. She's a chance to escape later but chose not to because she knew that if she was part of the escape group the other young woman would never make it out. So again and again she was selfless and courageous so it's inspiring that way what is so disappointing to repair and Scarlett no Marcia Miller talking with us. And what they say well as the approached by the Obama administration. I feel that they were threatened with prosecution to try to raise transom as for the parents of Jim Foley has and as well two after she died. The president came to see them fully to console them promised to make a contribution to the Taylor foundation. And I was seventeen months ago and he has yet to make it. And yet that silly. We sat as the backdrop I think about those parents watching him talk about this a ransom operation and regardless of whether you believe that was written about it. And believe like why couldn't you do a deal for our daughter then yeah. They traded give him up and verbal bird dog that I wouldn't trade Caleb Miller. And you know in this case Brian that they knew when they knew firm in weeks where she wore at the location marks and they sat on there I am. That's right they'll seduce the sex game he authorized arrayed on July 4 weekend. 2014. But it was it was several months after they've got a location when they got there. They just include few days earlier. And in this is part of Q Brian what's come out in not interviewing appearance that. You know they pay you had to rely on so many others to try to do some sort of negotiation in yet. It seemed like to them you know it was never happening it was an immediate there was no urgency in ending tax. Know that they trusted the FBI they trust the US government they feel now like they were let down they slammed the door and they're faced. When they tried to do anything to negotiate. And from their current view is clear that the only option really in Washington was. Preparation for another greater military strike. And they feel that they could have perhaps somehow. Organized to deal they tried to raise money there will be people who I would do raise ransom and the president has since. Change the policy and says that in that now the US would help families make private efforts to pay ransom. That the US itself for pay ransom. But it won't try to stop families and doing that it might even help them. When you see the images I am reducing my trailer shots or whatever but it these parents. So there's a story out today acumen of but the photographer that's as you know this is the senate shot I've ever taken in its of that elderly couple that's being sent to separate nursing on the shot you are Brian of these parents looking at that computer screen has their dog their daughters Julia that's not what I mean it's just I'd argue that what's called you're there. It's good to them who watched him win the militias to heartbreaking you know heartbreaking. It was about how they are dealing with this and how they plan to move forward because I I have said over and over Brennaman on appearance and I don't know if you are Bibi is. But I just don't know I and I do I get out about every day. And can very typically a much sun it's about the image is Kayla. Lou would have been and it's very difficult and you they try to do that by speaking out and trying to carry the message is that she. Was trying to project FaceBook that you had to us standing ovation. About the importance of trying not to any trying to go forward and and keeps faith and so they're inspired. I guess and then I can give you know by what their daughter stood for and they try to make their legacy left. Which for them that's why it hurt even more that the president made this pledge to make a contribution of the foundation. And it hasn't done and he's ready to make it anonymously would come in and there's been no such donations. And the White House confirmed to us late yesterday that's. In fact he seems to forgotten. I did get political but it's too bad data and raise the money and make it to the Clinton foundation may be and the administration when he steps and I human level or just a personal level Brian. I mean some of the facts that are coming out now on the Al bag Dottie situation here in what was done to error mean. I can't even discuss elegant. How do you Deal. Hudson how do you even like Q do you even bring that up and is and how could you. Well the parents started up they wanted to one I mean we were necessary and we'll looking for that to pay what they wanted everyone to know. And they see the symbolism of a bank that is tissue breaking America. And they're the ones who is certain benefits they insisted that we're eager to that be known they want all the details of what happened to be known. So when you're in your career Brian I mean I don't wanna get too over the top but. It's the pieces that you normally do your taken down people that have done dirty things and you know you're you're trying to get John Edwards to be the phone even years setter. This is just some an idea ditches and classic Brian Ross there was it's tough for you. Well it was it was it it was a challenge but there are aspects here that I think you don't need to be exposed including the fact that. She went in there to help Fred was putting an equivalent in turn the adoption supporters. Doctors Without Borders refused to help you that Mueller. Fused helped negotiate retain that Mueller. And they claim they had no moral responsibility whatsoever. Even though she was captured the Doctors Without Borders vehicle and she was held. With the other staff members and Doctors Without Borders they say well she lost in the staff members therefore not our responsibility which I think is released since. Outrageous and thanked. Apparently they had email address they had an idea of where she was or at least were others had been correct. The fact is that in what they had was an email address the hostages and how of one of their released. Staff members and they held that from the muse for almost two months didn't tell about it. They were worried about their other staff members and reasonably enough I guess but because. For the Mueller's that was devastating because everyday madder than just sitting there waiting waiting waiting for any got a contest. It was for two months. Talking to reporters that I that the person charges since resigned and you know they say they're sorry about the way they handle that that they stick to that that's gonna happen so. For modular unit of the investigative reporter that was one of the things I was really interest in an amended sort of the interaction. You know with the Obama administration and these threats to prosecute. So when where it can receive the full interview and get your full report. I'm on 20/20 twenty tonight to. A little peace in the world as it is here tonight that the full hour long broadcast and on 20/20 tonight. Bluntly watching for sure I know lots of our listeners will Brent thanks. OK if I.