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08/24/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio: Discussions with a real alien hybrid; Ghost Hunters episode s11/e3

Aug 24, 2016|

08/24/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio: Guest Jujuoli of Kuita claims to be an alien hybrid - part human, part alien - living on Earth, and she says she's not alone; Ghost Hunters episode s11.e3 - the Toledo Yacht Club is discussed; listener calls too!

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This episode of beyond reality radio aired August 24 2016. And welcome it's Wednesday night it's ghost hunters and paranormal Wednesday men's beyond reality radio Jason JP welcomed everybody. And tonight it's actually UFO Wednesday him. It is our alien alien Wednesday ET extraterrestrial. Hybrid Wednesday and we're really excited about we've been talking about this for a couple weeks now. Absolutely and we're going to be talking with shows joke. Panel in just a little while she claims that she's not from this and this world. And that she came here are due to her and numerous other species do tutor at the request of the mother earth. And so there should be an interesting topic and Jim to be honest with you. The claim that aliens walk among us has has spent all their first belong now that is it's not too far fetched you you have. Defense minister and ministers US defense ministers who've who've come out over the years and said it. You've had one England and people politicians and England to come on said it. You've had a lot of different. High level ranking individuals who have who have come out and said. That man and he's alien beings are here already on our planet now is it true I can't say yes or no. At of course we have we're all gonna have her own feelings on it but. You know until what. What ended you Brady really pound it's just it's style where do you find the the true insert comment especially if you have these upper. Politicians talking about it man defense ministers and things and people like that. Yet their people all over the world talking about that is being a reality in it and being factual like you said some of former high ranking officials so. It's kind of hard to argue that something's. Not going on I mean there's definitely something happening. And tonight we'll have an opportunity to talk to one such individual who says they're part of it and you know bit the view as Jason I always approach every conversation we're gonna ask the tough questions we're gonna ask. You know try to get to the bottom of it all and let you be the judge because some it's going to be pretty interesting we've we've heard interviews with the issue Asia Asia before. You know we know most of her story and were really anxious to have her tell our audience it. When the one thing I will say a lot of people that you have an interview like this they. They'll tell you a story but he and you could kind of tell that it it's a story it's it's made up for Iowa and whatever but. And honestly just hearing her discussed this on different interviews. It sounds like. She's telling you. The truth so it's not it's gotten should be interesting I don't see where your great person and I'm looking forward to to talking with her. Yeah me too it's been something we've been excited about for awhile we should take a look at the rest of the week we've got Bob Mitchell and Jason quick joining us tomorrow night. They are going to be talking about ground breaking knowledge revelations of a multi dimensional time traveler. That's going to be our. Some and we've got. Agree very close friend Linda Godfrey who'll be on on Monday and she she's the author of sixteen books we're going to be talking to her about that the beast of bray road. Tailing Wisconsin's where wolf real wolfman true Connors in modern America an American monsters. And she's just issues an incredible off or just a great guest Amman to she she is so much information. Yes and Tuesday it's Gerri wills and will be talking about the movement. Of energy. Through all things. Which isn't far fish I don't know there's a great book out there and yeah it was written very. Very young issue but it was called Celestine prophecy of proxies and the and it was a great book it's sort of covered these topics and so I mean inching to talk with him Wednesday we've got Karen Anderson. Professional animal community care that he. I I can tell my dog parent go outside and thought that they don't eat middle announcers I am discounts on a professional communicators well. You don't that's going to be an interesting one because we've had it. Animal psychics and animal communicators on the program in the past. And it always generates a lot of phone calls on a lot of people and in a lot of interest because. People as I don't know what it is but as as time goes on here people become more and more. Attached in into their to their pets and they become more more a part of the family. And I think that's a phenomenon that's really that's really become more mainstream in and it's almost. Talking about you're signing your daughter when you talk about your pet anymore. Well and I did when I refer to my dogs honestly and Aaron they're lake my children and that it because you you're looking you're being very protective over them. And so forth and they are part of the family there's no way about it. Very big in order to something of we should mention to this next Thursday a week from tomorrow night. We're going to be airing a best of program because Jason you're headed to dragon con I'm gonna go with few tests down in Atlanta. And stick in anybody in that areas it'll be Steve. Steve's tango Samantha my daughter me. Jimmy you'll be Donna dragged on so makes you swing on by him and say hello. Yeah we'll look forward to seeing anybody in the area stop by that would be terrific let's go to the phone lines. We have done up from owning up to New York actually calling in Donna welcome to be on reality radio. It was carrying extra daughter. How I just heard you staging out of passion Ohio you're in Cooperstown a white. I knew about attributed you're talking about the but you're up like a quick half an hour away cool. Yeah actually I broadcast out of Cooperstown Jason is in Rhode Island we connect through the magic of digital lines and it all comes out today. Sitting in us so I'm just and that enables tragically and I toward Cooperstown as a side yet. And I in the middle of as explained Ehrlich five miles money out of five miles from Lauren as a kind of at a middle. I think so. Look terrific are you paranormal fan. I haven't done and I've had I actually. I've seen you're just talking about different kind of mainstreaming. Of things in helping to kind of turning towards different things and all the different experiences I had Karen normally through the years in it's really it's kind of the chairman like psychic and stuff like that I think that's really over use and his lake. That tells said the word sensitive is getting kind of the same one. That's a word I'd prefer to use a sensitive and I feel once you say psychic they should have won 900 number attest and. Exact figures interior access to ball laggard something I. All that stuff but from what I've read that classifies someone as insensitive I guess I followed that category. To have been experiencing dozens. Little kid bombs going way back. Pretty much as far as I can remember. Com auditory two. Physical thing. Temptations and com. He didn't make it is seeing kids seeing things that it would be. There's certain location making at a pick up stuff like that. Have you ever we ever dawn in Chen and you're. Talking about how it'll also suffer. I'm becoming more like a family members and I totally green light. It's a cat and dog and they are so my sons. Never had ever granddaughter but they are my kids. And and I hit it I hadn't even paranormal experiences. Surrounding animals before. Where I'd like pet visitation. Likely they kind of have come back hard to me. Visitation is stuff. Com people of course that went crazy when I love that stuff. John Donahoe have you ever taking your sensitivity and gone in and done Micah and investigation of some type of you have you ever taken in actually used it to try to. Get some answers or is it just something that happens to randomly or not. They're not really controlling it just happens. I didn't one location at all action houses lived in the Andean. So divided into. Like we get an apartment in the antenna after the house. End. The other half after an elderly lady at his side electronic check out periodically but beyond that like nothing in. It only the upstairs. Used to always creep me out to no end in it was nothing special about it was. It is the door from the adventure that let out until hallway but it was kept closed because you know you want to neighbors or something walking and but if I get you moving company big you can up the stairs into the hallway and the second decline in problem. I neck in a candlelight I would just be. Fold anxiety to walked out as just stretch it would mean he's tall when you look at a it's a couple steps to trim around the corner of the canister and want maybe ten feet and then you're right turn again by the there's so what is. Don't well lit. Plagued that had nothing that would provoke. Emotions. And like kind of gone indicted tried to do research on the house and the only thing I did pick up wasn't it didn't like the original cream read in the town. I. Those that like that the Italian historian was so uncooperative. When we could get the asking questions and so forth. That's all she would offer me on the place and so I guess prevalent it is kicked out and kind of feed you know what I could come out and I started it was like a movie playing in my head and I saw. Like this woman. I probably early 19100 or so and she was pregnant out of wedlock her father wouldn't grant him permission to marry the directory is. In addition a pregnant anyways it kind of captors to question a late in the council that we knew she was pregnant of course. And I appreciate and he is a drunk and that they had some big blow allow and we want to play and she in a foreign downstairs. And I'm. And such and the baby bear arms himself as solitary closing felt emotions. From that moment at some point out in tears by the time I was done and how depressed and I really experienced something. That in depth. Yeah I discovered I don't sit in the room in the house. It's true that with access to a small closet. Off on our side palace that was didn't. It is when you first and openness and access door inside. He's stuck at a pipes the first if you grandstand and and you know there's some light was China coming in and so I got curious and we go my way back in and from the outside the house there's no. Israel should be there mom structurally architecturally it doesn't. Shell like is there to about a by the chimney and they kind of opens opportunities region police in Upton. It found. Gold watch decently. Does yeah. The uptight. That. They're like what it was a black trip ever that they always back and vegetable newspapers ever had a illegible. Com. I guess I got depression like that that's where he would put her Fiat company over the Tamika go there. I tried getting my own groups. Going here in Arianna and it never really took off. Well people had done on its own military is still very. Closed. About Scott and their experience and important done. Donnelly we need to we need to take quick break and then have our downtown but we'll definitely will try to further this conversation at some point let me tell you just got so much out without taking one breath and listen I I thought I'd never. I'm gonna cut it. And I. One more thing I'd like to mention too for so don't give up we just because you can't find other people to investigate with continue to do it if you enjoy doing it but secondly if you have these visions you should write them down because at some point you may have an opportunity to compare. What you saw. Verses something that's historical and you can you know contrast and see if you're visions are actually had evacuated journal yet yeah gazette journal. Get them all the time but the fight goes seeking them I do they got to just get random things that it that it hasn't been patients stopped them pass. Has kept subplots. Than and I come back and check on me get this thing. What are you stay in touch us stands at just listen to don't have it yet we'd appreciate it done a great call things are things are calling and it's great to have his neighbor. Thank you okay. Thank you. And I should to should give your interest in two Ding Dong ditched. A terror militia and the sheltering Zarko. So we're gonna take a quick break you only come back we're gonna have Joseph show on with so are you listen Jason did Giambi unreality radio we'll be right back after this. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the episcopal application of the death organization. That's right your best. You need to subscribe taps her Mac. Now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps her magazine has been completely redesigned. Re launched to serve you better that's right go to the website just taps caromed dot com that's captured or match dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and through the promo code beyond and check out and save even more on your subscription it's at her. Where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it's cap. There are magazines again go to the web sites tab paramedic dot com. That's happens paramedic dot com use promo code beyond the same. And welcome back to the program it is beyond reality radio Jason on TV Johnson. And a comment may be asked some questions good episode I'm isolated him. The Toledo yacht club and it was just it was a great place and we went there and help our our young boy hunter. And in his handling Smart people got a lot of experiences. Yet he was pretty interesting news quite obviously very very in tune with what you're all doing in and seem to be really confident with -- with. Helping you investigate. Oh he was and who wanted him to be a part of it because this so couldn T seem to really communicate with him. And he had me and may had a relationship where effect so. We wanted to have them there as much as possible to he had no fear in them and there's no reason to be scattered so don't have a minute trying to help us make contact via. Well those great so we'll talk about give us a little bit later don't forget her phone number. Is 844687766. Member let's go toward gas line numbering our guest of the evening in its Joseph Joseph Lee of cute top. Georgia thanks so much for joining us some beyond reality radio. I appreciate it. So we wanna start at the very beginning because. Not not the beginning of your story but first of all just define for us. Exactly what you are when you say that your high grade you know that the whole thing you assume that we know nothing. Well you know it's funny because even I it continue to iron. We don't live like eating labeled and boxes could limit cute depression but. The best player can describe it is. Having it genetics. That. Not only are human but of my start and only. Some people do commented it's dark scenes where they know for certain that they're still not hammer an aid comes from somewhere else. A hybrid betray cheat only that. Peace now also brought that DNA. With them. Clerk for certain reasons in other missions in purposes you like you would bring that would keep her suggest. Coming from elsewhere as a sole. It just depends on your your mission here in my view in cart needed. We're special night more special than anyone else to a different. First of you have to be special because you're armed army are on this planet which if it really wasn't yours in the first place to think Taylor are you got here. But I'm so then the main thing is we're not you were born here or by. By area patents on this planet correct. Yes OK and from there when did you find out or when did you start to realize that you were you were from somewhere else. Bullet is I started to realize. You know at a very early age that people more like me. Because I panic came NN. Is our connector remember her. Being different you know I heard I heard my people speaking to me. Having like regular conversation in my head it and it wasn't a mental illness it was just something that. Communicate with these with these beings. And I had an invisible friend you know of that I would play with at and and that he was at that part of my start family. When I was younger. On site I pretty realize that an area age that that ballot if Brett that I that was it released from here. And I grew older. And the research and learn and and shirt expansion of the people start up but the other pieces together and out the words. It kind of describe what that it is. Look at it and knowing that you actually evolves throughout your life is learning more about. And it's an everyday learning anon bill Beanpot things. Erica this stay about how things work. On because that they can attend only give you what you think you need to know. Yet it is frustrating. Well so you're and so your invisible friend and nobody else to see was actually so. A friend from a different from a different planner to from place. Right I need to calm George cadet enough attaches Jeremy. And then my family they all made in al-Qaeda has and with that suited they would kick on me and it it was hand net. Am also taken something and hit it from us sir. In other plummeted later that these that make fun of it but I knew EU is also immediate up until about living your little. A what did your parents. How did you parents react to this I mean you you weren't didn't realize what was going on TU. Or what was happening to you. You know it that started when you're five years older so on until you had a realization that I mean how did your parents handle that because you must've. You must've. Had expressed some kind of concern to them about something I would imagine or at least communicating with them that something was going on. Yeah I actually kid. They knew for certain that it was happening excited felt it would normal. And so I shared it with them. And it. Being counted and that the religion. I think it's. As the doubled worker or something that would all our or just the night mere. I guess I'm not that complain about it enough that. Older sister told me that. They took my brother in the room at maker period about six months. Because. Widely and it terrified. In the morning. And at that didn't seem to help. On because that's about stuff happened and look over immediately. So are your parents parents felt this was something. Rules related to the devil or religion in some way. And now I knew that they wouldn't. I never believed that was. Extraterrestrial being there her mother being debt or human you know they. Never went that route and it's okay. You know I I am Atlanta to accept that you really have to be careful and respect for Kapler act at second. Number one rule. He's a lot a lot of you aren't aren't a lot of people aren't. Very accepting on other people's beliefs are. Or things of that nature and to you know that's just the world we live in today. When nothing you can do about it you can you can only hope that they're supportive on your belief system more or whatever para it's not always like to. I'm really careful who I talked to about it I don't wanna hurt anyone with a knowledge it's something that I'll share it helps people. But I'm very secure in who write down. A couple of other people enough not. To try to convince them or push push by at least on them and it it really doesn't matter. You know. Yet to show I don't I am I used the word hybrid and in in my inner reduction of this conversation but it is it's some exited just. Pointedly ask you what exactly are you how do you define it. Come. I guess I. I would tell people that I am and ET human hybrid. It's a hybrid is the right you use is well. Yeah I I can't hit I every second base. Shaky start seed because registered to Michael came from somewhere else. On an almost in their true and and hydrated and that I innings genetics. You know. Obvious word to describe different things and yet but that's a common word that we used. I guess he is the easiest explanation for four offside and for everybody to kind of bunched up. Coming into our culture but the hybrid cars nowadays I mean hybrid not such a huge. Unknown word. Yeah aren't Peja or just hang on we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll continue our conversation we're talking which usually. And there we're talking about some her story. She's a hybrid and we're gonna learn more about that it's beyond reality radio Jason GD. It takes twelve years to get a graduate and it takes out the same time and create jobs how. The difference between Chalabi penguin they had and could be him. Studies prove that reading to a child regularly and dramatically entry is reading skills. And kid's dream well my very great for times like graduate. Singing I play is calling for one million volunteers and over the next three years. 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Phil welcome back to the program it's beyond reality radio again thanks everybody in the chat room remember the telephone number 8446877669. Jason and I are talking with Joseph Joseph and the of quote acute top. Georgia is a hybrid. Or star seed and we're trying to get to the bottom of exactly what all that means so judge oh again thanks for joining us on the program we do appreciate you coming on. Lot of thanks. So your story at age five it's pretty interesting. Because dance as you remember. As you remember the story. You started to become visited I think you had said at one point every other night or so for a was at six months. Condit I remembered yet but six as well so what were those visits about. You know. I don't remember a lot of them because look what happened is I would weaken to. A bright light up a hallway with yellow and white lie and collect commit. I'm not sure balance actually on a ship crashed on my room. But there would be like a hole. In the floor next to my door which wasn't actually there actually you know it could have been. Like a screen memory they're shown me get to be more comfortable I'd make it appear that. At an album my room. And I knew that it was pretty I don't know how but I I just knew that it was a male energy. Being not human that was coming down the hallway. And my heart was racing. I thought for sure everyone could hear it. And just beat Florida being with entered through the doorway. I would actually blackout every single time. They're willing to kind of every member that that that didn't happen one I had the courage to run and jump on the whole. Trying to escape the whole situation. But when I got down there. They're cute you know it was pitched black. And Alan that it would actually more frightening to me to hunt ran back up all and end the same thing happened at blacked out. The only thing right that they allowed me to bring earlier the very last visit. Where. He actually did come around the corner. And in my mind at that time. What I saw. On a hectic conceptualize mentally was Dracula the hi Kate. And not really any hair but like her beyond this honest or edit some some sort. And he'd sit down next to me. And pull out some meat pencils yet pumping his hands I envisioned it looked like at Orkut and night. Button. And that for some reason I couldn't I I understand Ellis really com. Which I couldn't believe that would calm because. Allen's Britney frightened just before that. It's almost like he calmed me down. Com and at that point he he would actually. Take out one I. Not sure it actually holed it out or it'll be a totally a miracle thing like an actual thing that happened. But then he would place jumping on optic nerve at each eye. And allowed me to stick conscious it happened. And that you wouldn't. In I don't mean departure of so he wouldn't he remove your size he removed your eye and start something behind your optical their. Yet it's almost like it. It felt like the idea itself it came out of the pocket enough that he could put money up Whitner and I don't see how that could happen without doing some damage setup now atlas. And that there are things to like on energy level where it wasn't actually a difficult thing happening. I mean my people optimistic dimensional world psychic sea at a that it dimensional object that he wouldn't actually need to take my act out physically possibly just yet on it hysterical level on a level. There are being held to just implanted her with that without having to remove him. Right side note that would show up on X they're not but they explain to me that that would done. Tibet every single thing I experience in this life and they. Could collect that data and action experiences well. That seems a little trend of though doesn't it. That they would seem very well Christiane where you have no privacy. Not actually not it's. Not. You know from where I'm from what we are we are. We are not disconnected like humans are here where. We're very much connected to lean to one another and it's not and is not an interest that feeling it's actually very supportive. Loving feeling. To be connected an intimate and that way. With it because in the and that type of living environment it. It's nothing like it is here on her we don't have the C greed and power or another. Everything is is. Is peaceful and sharing and you know you have this one minutes with each other no DC. In 800 it is. Things are you a bit. But aren't there are things that you don't want to share with with everybody else I mean. Your private time with with your loved ones or or things of that nature. Then seeing that are being able to have seats your eyes. I would think would just be in Jerusalem on that kind of situation. I'm sure they're not being boy ears when you know things like this that means you're coming in the plate you know like a little bit and that a court hearing that. I mean there's always somebody who's willing fitted to go to those stated extremes but may maybe I'm I'm not on that planet what by. Just so the all the listeners out there and hear what is the name of the in the planet of the system that today you when you're kind. From. While I've learned to announce promote our language and they told me that our planet called ugly. Actually in the yet if not it's the name that we use this not a name that scientists here with ease and there. You know in the name all the start up there. But is heard me. Is there a name. That our scientists use for that area. They you know. I don't think I don't think they had been in the Andromeda galaxy not that. It. Welcome all right well just an automatic. All right so Jamie we need to take a real quick break right and they'll get into a little more of those details and Louis Joel Tom think and we do appreciate you coming on and really being a guest here tonight so. You listen Jason NG Giambi on morality rate you'll be right back after this. Or 677669. They yankees TV from beyond reality radio when I just want to remind you it's Derrick Gunn is approaching quickly you need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary kind mask scare come as a fan convention for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the skirt and we can include some liberties from your favorite. TV shows the need vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more. It's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. Need more information about your country company website heads Garrett con dot com. Also subscribe to the email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. October 2 and turning stone casino resort. He's the best week in and year and you don't wanna visit visit the website it's scary con dot com. That's Gary Condit dot com for all the latest information and don't forget to check out. H seats here gun. Affected beyond reality radio Jason pause Gene Johnson here it is a Wednesday night a little later in the program we're gonna chat about the episode of go senators that aired on scifi tonight actually I don't think it's aired yet or might be airing now. On the West Coast anyway it depends or are you so lost with the time change and now and who this whole Tuesday and what's that Wednesday night Thursday morning things still. I'm still trying to figure out. We're broadcasting it's Wednesday night but it's actually Thursday morning. Yeah this community and you'll yes I'd just how many times it was like I beat I'd be finals do the Ellen DeGeneres show and and I have to be back in New York for something else. And then one day Jim your premise I was in three different time zones one day I had no idea where it wasn't what time it was any war crimes and so screw you don't know which way is up and our guest is Joseph Joseph the of Q time and Jo-Jo hum I wanna continue with the within the kind of figuring out what was going on. During these visits because the firearm if I know your story well enough I know that you said that it was at that point while during the six months when you're being visited. From what you remember every other night yourself. That time there was a DNA alteration going on inside Jews errors are ranked. In depth look they need to certainly later on. Some time date they tell me why became lighting it being another time it down there on the island race that actually shared it. Just because they explained that I needed to wake in this lifetime because distributed via weekends Aristide. I can actually help others because not all RC that are here a week into their Ichi identity. And it just depends on your mission like you came let explained that they have. Because. I have I wanted to it incarnate. With those parents at that time. Com or for many many regions are my pass you know there's so much that goes into where you incarnate and but neither of them. Had. ET contact. Well as a desire further like experience I had honored that so one way in which we can incarnate is. Con men. At what normal a normal human people aren't and then your star Alec in command. Of course I sold well different but then he might start feeling keen men naked H you have to be done before 86 for some reason I don't know why. On that but then that's when they kind of altered bacon peace and you're you're DNA take and turn it on add to it. Actually name manipulated so that I could be an action hybrid part of them. No I'd I'd I don't wanna be disrespectful on this don't take this question wrong way but come here there's a movie known as invasion of the body centers or were the alien pods takeover people on. Do you feel like that's kind of it was a kind of a takeover of your human body buying. The alien race. Another dawn this isn't enough disrespect I appreciate people done. Questions. No because I knew that I would not from our I knew that I came here and took on a human container so. Beat your body's need Eric being that even your spirit came men. This that the body we living here honor. You continued an animal or you can cheat that the human. Body that Tehran Eric you have to you have to use when it is on the planet. Not so it's more like the knew where. They'd Ers that still recant a re read place. In other than that ET Kaman got DNA road and many key and they human container in which to incarnate. Because if we came in looking you know having Elden. And looking green you know we would not be able to do our job to be open at a school. Care so we we have to blend in her. Right knees and I don't know what happened if they let more ET. That's a lit some other reason. It's it was definitely. A knowing. That I came from elsewhere and I remember at Evian Taloqan and I've body. And looking at the TV screen where that dancing elephant talk about your bone connect your other bone yeah dancing around. And I'll look at that and on is that like in China because that's not like what I'm used ilk. So look out look like taking. A look more like. I knew I came here and created this is an art to do my mission. Hearing none can make sense we're gonna take another break your and Joseph just don't go anywhere we've got a lot of questions a lot more plot more discussion the follow here we appreciate you. Stick around for that it's beyond reality radio Jason JV don't go anywhere more come. Welcome back beyond reality ready with Jason and Jean Pierre guest is insurers don't leave and generally had a question you wanted to come on there. Yeah as you know one thing I wanted to ask from so when you're saying that you were. Your soul is in this capsule it's human body now. Palm was the sole put in there after. This after the the child was born or was it in their prior to the child being born harm or one. I'm actually heard this summer differently in which shall do it. I don't really recall when Mike came in. But I know I I know that apple came in before burst. And they just and right right before he. I do my question with that who is what happens tune into the soul of that child. When its replaced. By by yours or others others from mark from where you're from. So. I wanna compare. Oh I ice futures saying oh actually on. It's you know we. And who can't explain but. A spiritual note there. That's the body that. IE. I. Helped my parents treat or immediate comment. So I didn't have to replace anyone else. That wanted to take that body and that that would be a very loving thing to do and and we haven't had been at. Also lives there would be sort of like to take over when and where I would OK I get an. Is usually think he's asking do you think that act do you mind taking a a listener call. I certainly don't mind okay great let's go to the phone line we have Jay from Florida. Who wants to ask a question Jay welcome to be on reality radio. Hey good morning guys and good morning Tokyo. That they keep some are having including. Hoping he will. Eric may give me a little big Erica I had multiple Pete the government covered here and also have any knowledge of their. I would definitely liked it and they have the answers. I was wondering what her take was on the origin and history. Are real life matrix there were and and I who created it and why. How cool it is. Or outplay is that correct terminology a proper way to. Address and pray to the most tight. The Palestinian Moehler got a lot of what trade site what tribe or race is much Freya who will be anti excitement but not as hooked default prop it. The terror against the white. Cheapest price when it's really gonna be an aside a special look Emmanuel. Does the most I want us to meditate. And how would say in the vital how people are doing and now a graduate style. I is that OK with the most tied to use that candidates or wanna and if he created it or it was. This thing double or it was superb if there's any good alien races still out there and that there helping us fight against people. And what she thinks the probability. Likelihood anti mine would be of alien invasion. That would be it use to bring an end to war after Parole Board three. And usher in the new world order hasn't looked not a member is saying it's part of the Gramm I am. While lifeless and I just. I have to say pages every one of those questions as a two hour program at least a he's getting out of it really they're great questions and and you judge I don't know which or you know which of them you'd like to address. There's certainly a bunch of them there and and then you know fire away. Yup I remember all of them and I I appreciate your questions 'cause they're really important. And so you know at first what there with the human origin I mean there's so many different theories about. How tiny ball to. It'd a lot of people that believes. That is that it would be ET that you current life. Form on on planet earth which was AM. Eaten the most involved timing at this time. Mixed it and treated the human race so there the huge jump in evolution and Nolan and figure out. And then some also believe that. Other Ichi reaches looked at that and so that they could improve upon it. Some of the reptilian races. Mid commandment and manipulated it. So there is a huge. And a very. Long. Theories from many different very intelligent people out there and they're they're blonde by any the number called blue bled true blend. But. Even toward loan. On the talks about some of that origin. And that one example. My people never really explained exactly what. Because to them it doesn't matter that happened so long ago that and we became that week that human. Humankind here on it became its own race of beings. So it is cannon air rent and relevant. Is wrong is wrong you can. Feel that you are part of its base another beam dot Ed that that's an important part to think about is art tolerance and acceptance. Different species in ration of beings. That the or urgent thing is really huge in and you're right that's an economic two hour show and I don't have all the answers. I just tap in Oakland police. And what I've been pot. I I do believe that they're mixing. Of gene known definitely term hundreds or thousand of years back. That lets and far and that's on a far fetched theory though because there's been many scientists out there who have brought up things about how. He ruled the human race yes you are you have you your primate and so forth but in the U this is huge jump from Neanderthal. Two to where we are now on the missing just you know a thousand years of revolution and some of the theories out there have been met me in the human race just appeared. On this planet as if they we were dropped here to see how we how we would adapt and survive and what we would become. And yeah I'd I met up with a scientist who was talking about how we were nothing but Howell and his his theory was we were nothing but prime mates on another planet. And we were taken from there and just like we are sitting here watching watching the monkeys and and so forth we were dropped here to see how what we would become if we're able to adapt if we're able to advance. And where our knowledge base would ago. And and I usually don't seem to watch and we can be watched the whole time so which would explain it up to him everything right down to. To some of you know drawings in Egypt and and so forth so on. Of these the space. A lot out there. An and I tell people just are your intuition with that because there's so much in well. When you read something you have yet to pay attention cheered that would what is that Il. Hit field discordant energy and put it down and talked even at my own book. I don't want you wouldn't want you to read it it was discordant TU. Now if you if you do you read something in spiel and that that means it resonates with you. And just keep going let it whatever it is you know because each person has their own path. And where we're here to respect each other's caps expired. Hi Joseph person that goes higher and hold that thought right there folks we need to take a real quick break while we need ticker at top of the hour break when we come back. Get right. Welcome back beyond reality review Jason JD and a we're talking with Joseph joke. Who McCain announced via. Where you're from on I'm sorry that I think I've such a hard on denial. Yeah it's just I was like a minute do I feel like him and a drop the F bomb on on the radio and that China. Is a so. Jo-Jo we come you know we in the middle of our conversation we had a whole bunch of questions I didn't know if there's anything else in there that you wanted to address for. He does a great job of the questions he's always were very well thought out but there was a lot there are so what it just wanna give Martina. And sending out who wanted to attack. Sure I know a lot of people ask about not the god saying. And what I learned was for myself I'd like to say it source energy. Because you know growing up got have a different connotation of being in the. You know going up a tenant after a religion all around me. And everyone picking it just the man. So it to our energy means so much more are. Commute actually and encompasses everything hat at the concept were. A lot of people to grab it like aesthetic I do not want to convince anyone of anything that happened here for themselves. But for me sort that it unit in embracing a life form. Everywhere. So even in the in the insects. You know it is biased witness. One dying or something like I can't carry it a puppet so crossover I have respect Dalai farms. I don't know in other words everything everything is somehow connected through this through as the energy. Right so even if you know everybody has a piece of god incite them about the whole point of this is that we're all source energy. Here. We're living in the lifetime living is is human beings on planet earth and you know. To know that that got in society that's. That's a person under anyone Kate and that's how I see it. I know a lot of people don't see it that way but. We had a very candid view. God. Out there in the universe. Right so. He explained to me in this so whiny. And now I know from a lot of your writings in south that. Mother earth supposedly sent out sent out a message out looking for. Looking for people from other world students who come here correct. It correctly called 911. Call. Okay now what was the what was the reason behind her sending a message how did she send out this message and and why why have so many different life forms and it'd mean even an idea how many differently forms a musher if you even know that. Com wide drill hole why did they all come here to plan. Well if you can imagine now. Or in the middle of this huge ocean of space. And she. She. This entire college is. I could elegant and my ship but Mike can make at a time when it happened and it I'd give me shall recount historic island areas very poignant. Saying it happened. She cannot this quantum physics height of white waves. Which is. Which carried on it. Communication and and I don't really know how to explain that and not scientifically oriented. But did when he went out and every direction 360 degree you know on every Spierkel. You know waves. And so. Explore. Anyone in the around in other Milky Way and that other universities you know even other dimension. Were able to pick up on this. Communication from America. That she was ready to evolved. And asked for assistance. In helping raise the level of admiration. Which automatically level to re. Though level of consciousness. Revolution for her humankind her expert life. Upper animal life you know everything. Or I just thought about just for humans and for all life forms including water. And the universe are hopefully to commit going through the toilet dairy powerful. Waved their tickets spread out city nurse and I remember her. Stealing and that's why waves. Rushed through less on the jets. And it actually brought me to my knees it was. It was such a strong. Talk. With so much to love it. A behind the requests. Because that would just for herself. It's for our lives aren't on her. And do it I can't explain how poignant that is and how deeply that touches the soul because raw connected so you're servant to others. That service to others wanting to help. And it is so strong happy and universe with so many seat that. They couldn't help but just the start and car needing. Because of that the unit along non interference half if you're going to help. You can only do it in a way that did not directly interfere. Until the only way we could directly help. It is buying car needing. And the problem with that is. When you incarnate. You know on a three dimensional world that. We have the spiritual amnesia even each eats. Still even though we incarnate here we all you know we're born. And it will without the memories. Attempting to have to weaken with time. Region every one of a continent where all the different level of awareness. There's mother earth put out this polls. I would assume it wouldn't have come from somewhere within the core of the earth to be able to have 360 degree Paul south there. Wouldn't that also mean that that signal would be. Found or are caught by. Other type entities. They're tied beings that. Would want to do us harm they would show vulnerability. Or impose it would chill a location where these things come to two. In Dade takeover do whatever. I'm. A Burton. I'm getting them that you act add on because there all right with me on again shows. But explain to me is that. When you Obey. It this time a very high frequency. Gratitude and love the highest frequencies. And that's what this communication lines. And Mike Kennedy attacked like energy. Billion beings that are not higher frequency not. Collect that information because they're not on the same frequency. It's like radio station you're not to an end of that radio station you can't receive that information. So there you know that that negative self serving entities. Maybe. They wouldn't have been able you know it would have been able to manipulate it to pick up possibly. But not naturally. It's one of the yet or and it does it but it's also one of those things we sit back and think where. It him no matter what no matter what type of world jury and or there where you're from you always have that that one kid on the playground who. Everybody can Yemen a blast but there's there's always that one bully who who tries to control terrorist charge. And that's a thing you always need to have to think about that when you sent out a signal. And it goes out there if if it's for everybody to hear Tom great but you always got to remember that there's gonna be that one bully. Who wants to be the big guys were or though the big one out of out of everybody and you need to concern yourself with that individual coming at just. If you all have the technology to get to this this planet where they knew far on the view far out do any technology documentary assess. So on the right you're below the ability of being able to get those planet pretty much guarantees that. The EU you can do whatever you want when you get here so and that's always has to be concerned. Yeah Communist well there definitely is a polarity in others there's balances yin and Yang positive and negative and. About understood by the universe. Let me play to incarnate. Trauma sit dimensional world. In involuntarily. To at dimensional world and live out ice trying to help people. I don't know what to more unconditionally and letting hacker sites. So it that the decision at that based out of pure love. You know for humankind for current bird for life forms your honor. Certainly we do have the more self serving. ET accused. Who's. You know. Who who don't who are looking not necessarily the best screening time but that doesn't make mean that in any negative. But how many pretty much describe this panel will that describes how the human race and insults during and a vials and better and I need to be concerned not right. I mean yes that's that and that's why so many keys are here in nine coordinating end and so many. Evolved humans are really catching on and and helping others. Leading by influence to be better to evolve. You know what regardless of religion into it that it mattered on that makes you a better person. That your doing something positive for this world that's what really matters doesn't matter what you call it. Peja joy we have to take a break but before we go to brick have one quick question for you this distress call that came from the Earth's. When did that happen I mean is that it's from my understanding the timeline here we've been visited for quite some time so homeowners go was that. You know I don't know I I have this feeling that a couple friends to optional Carney it. Who are hybrid is well on a narrow in their sixties and I keep on and that Abbott to put the common with them. But had to go to my council and we had to do some more stuff than normal and it took me twenty more years or years to come here. It could be before. Before the sixties they had to be in that may mean even in the forties. So really I'm really not me really within a generation here we're talking about. You know okay great let's take a quick break it's beyond reality radio Jason JD. Welcome back to the program it's beyond reality radio chastened on TV Johnson thanks for joining us tonight appreciate it we love seeing everybody in the chat room. That's that's always all heartwarming thing and see the comments that seem talking about peeps and twinkies and candy corn I don't know what's going on the chat room. But. Candy corn should be banned sick sick that's evil that's period so yeah it's I think it's made by Satan. They don't forget a little bit later in the program we're gonna chat about the ghost hunters episode tonight we'll get a chance to Colin about that right now we're talking with Joseph Joseph Lee. About some mile per origins and the fact that we actually are being in continue to be visited. Come by extraterrestrials all over the world and judge Joseph again thank you mean on the program do you have a sense of how. Many of you. How many of these ET visitors are here on the planet at this point. I cannot say. I remember hearing helicopter about that human soul it consisted of about five billion goals. On so if that is true that that ring true for me if we have overt seven billion now. That would be approximately. Two billion that are here. Not that many did so. That's and that's a significant portion of the total population that. And it's it like it and not all aware that they are actually from elsewhere and and that. It just incompatible not at the MVP because we're not just talking about our dimension and about. Other universities and other dimensions. It's quite expensive and I can even a non human milk and the words to use of that stuff. Let's quickly go to the phone lines we've had a couple people waiting very patiently this is Cecil from Utah welcome to beyond reality radio. I didn't I guess that's not a great thing you know you went well. No they're here let me up and I talk they are learn something like thirty years ago. In artillery now that this lady accused armored unity church. And she did so far and it was a friend's girl runs all of this set Balladur just hey the keyword solved well. Where literally crawling she was amazed at my card readings should read in my whole career I've never had a re elected as. Basically the doctor doom there in the war and I will never have a noble. I think that's really what it's cracked it was a resurrection power in the water came quote that I was resurrected individual I had lived before. And I blew all of our licensee politely about astrology and scientists. Minnesotans I missed you'd be a little bit more pay and act the certain were able which in certain situations alive something he needed. Let's turn it over promise what black this class. And you're so strong and besides murder you're twelve greats will simply result. But if you don't you're probably of the lot bit bit planet that is rooted there's a god. There that you exist the our angels which I would hope you can look at my ankle radio program that just put circuits. This sort of get a Nissan a sample return channel and at that time either I can't remember that you but he was very feminists. And people would pay a lot of money to county ailments he would give the answer questions they have the means that the universe. They have basically someone after the aliens. And he said they're what they're aliens they do exist. And I press you believe that aliens are Brothers and sisters and we are related to them and if we water and they what you're looking. I mean why wouldn't they just take our planet come here let us know why they're here. The reason why they don't is because she's just didn't happen diaper this planet. This is the only planet in all the plants. That has the right choice. And mr. Putin not like that. And so that's why he's so strong here on this planet. And there are aliens. We live aliens are here without those totals. Aliens can come here and therefore nobody. They can be reborn here. And basically the reason why the reborn here is we tried to implement the people. And there are trying to we're trying to no good on the planet. An evil. Now that's already Toby this exact same about me. She says that I was born here that I didn't have to basically act volunteer. To come here and try to make sure you know. But there's one word that I can use its compaction. And it's like well. And that's what the university has been the other planets may do you have compassion. And by the rules. But this woman in particular. He says quote. Give me insurance. There's no reason why he just kept it from here it was all that stuff like 2000 years ago but he just. Actually had to come here and that there are Siemens to allow us to continue. Unfortunately I don't know that hey there you have it really. Gonna have a part of alma they're the prophecy. That says that. There will be present the end of the land of the eagle. There will be the random Syracuse China the land of the bears the title they use. How to describe the country's on the world at the time and China would be the position you know lesson to bear. And corporate America the land of the Eagles although I wouldn't eagle. We know he made it clear that he had already leader and his name will taught our other names. He will be assassinated. I'm man who kind of took our actor here who have not. Where a person. That I have. I got a battle. Present the but yeah you do it and this is where the revelations come to him sorry no remark at a big east to bind to these. There will take over to answer it. Yes Cecil I we're gonna run up against a break here and I wanna give mom I wanna give usual some time to respond everything you said there again. Every month but four or five programs could have come out of that particular called Zhu -- what do you think about some of the things that Tennessee's Hussein there. Well much action in the beginning I respect every once believed then and which. Religious after spiritual path they choose some really careful. Not to step in on people's children and stated I don't. Believe that way York feel that way for myself. You CC I have written. I read an eight with. With gene is being mean and meaning what a lot of people you know. You mean and I would not want a peak at a Laker anybody it's just not what I feel in I know him at at our brother. Who incarnate on nurse just like we needed. From from another planet that was he was very high the ball. They'll be able to show people these things you can do that mountain you know this is your birth right candy these things. You know the like are. A lot of times religion and extraterrestrial life and it's a bit alien life kind of intercepts in this conversation some people believe. That you know. What we understand is being god or or what we consider to be religion actually came from extraterrestrial life and it's been that is our god and I don't happen to believe that but. What are your thoughts on that mean. It do do aliens. Are ET's worship. A god like we do may be the same god or are they responsible for us being here entirely. I think there's a lot of I can't speaker probably. At that huge strap the galaxy are of the universe. And we have those beliefs but we don't we don't pray and work shut. I'll anyone that had come Orrin an in car needed. And. In our diet first and are any being. We're just at a different level of evolution. People. Ten government in Beckley and I know they're. Every every key might have its own. Our way of looking at being in explaining bats what that means to them but I. From all my experiences of dealing with EQ myself during my contract experiences. In talking agree with having a source energy. Very loving and not mailer being at all. Com we're really limited and our inking that would only take here she. It into. Very huge brilliance that is just only daughter part. He says is calling it a higher power. And you can see that but keep it also you know pierce felt that year on higher power because. You yourself are source energy and the and the lowest manifestation of yours are such energy here at the human. You know you have your hired shell and hop are those that the source energy I don't know it. It definitely well leans too. And how you are on the Al evolution scale the quality art that FirstEnergy. Well I'm just saying like when when referring to god. I've never sat there and set ugly guide to be a man or guide to be a FEMA on just always said that if if there's a guy that I believe in a higher power. Something Alter that and creator of some sort but I down market to sit here and say that it has any sex male female or or what ever but it. Something's there and no so that's always been my thought of just never label that was a sex. Yep you know something different to that and eat it like you said it a lot of ET didn't come. Throughout time. I'm sure humans can't worship whether. Seemingly power because it let it do or how many here and it's generally you know god yet they appear like a guy dirt so you know that time. Right even though they didn't wanna be worshipped the humans may worship them anyway. Exactly so. Parent. Very well could we I would not okay we're getting pretty close to break time here and hang on forests again enjoy Joseph. A we've got a lot more to talk about it's beyond reality radio by the way if you're on hold to stay on hold we'll try to get to every cause we can't. And a little later in the program and talk well mud wants more blasts and Steve's crutch but that's all coming up at bat and be on reality really Jason dude awesome. Welcome back to the program beyond reality radio Jason JP we've had a great. Great discussion on tonight was Joey show. Lee and of our first don't have has just flown by we are going to get to discussing the episode of ghost owners. From a little bit later so hang hang on with this if you wanna get on the program and -- about the episode we loved it. Have you on so remember the phone numbers 844. 6877669. And again if you ban on hold please forgive us but you know we'll get to see who can promise. So enjoy Joseph were starting to run out of time here and of my list of questions is still a mile walk puck so. Yeah did I not say they rarely do they really do but did did we. Other than the earth sending out this distress signal and your race and others coming from around none of the universe basically to assist. Is there a timetable is there a a point at which. You feel like mission accomplished an immediate stay in just remain or -- people are they look or be in these races leave for what what what are we expect in the future what Elvis. On that's a great question and it's it's funny because time is just a cool that we use now and Eric. Come to be productive and not commit important appointments and things like and I'm not there is very different her or nonexistent so. It's really based on a collective. It's it's when. You know this ready to go she parity shifting everyone's are ready shift in with that are. And she seemed to be taking her time limit. On all that light it's being infused. Eric can help that many people as possible being animal already ego. Is pretty ago. Were to kick trying to increase and expand content lists. And the the main vibration. So that in many people who want to shed any vault can shift. Together. And you know evolve as is the human race. That will point the whole universe is kind of expanding so. There's really no timetable to could it just. I think we will monster. Judgment on other young eager to get home and we lost to rely I try to go yeah yeah yeah right that's a pin it. I won it on that you know but I'll do it together at the same. So it's not based on a time period it. Contract changed I know that I can't development and I at 29. I didn't I guess I altered my contract and an aunt Ella here. I thought her shirt when he told a kind of bringing an end to. A lot of our our missions. And it really get to go home. Almond didn't happen. So it's frustrating on net and that. You know we're just to make the best out of it and yet we're still needed and buying. So real quick like it. Were quicker than or were running out of time here on. I see your the Indian plants that you believe as they do state were attached your optical America. Have you ever had any scans or anything that might have picked them up. Or have been able to actually prove that that there there are they just something that's beyond our ability to. To actually seat. There is this. Europe spoke. Group at the beautiful conference. Opened minds when they when they before they actually. At target yet a congress. Open mind Cayman Henry and some equipment. On to bar certain frequencies. And so they can detect certain frequencies that they believed. Implant which transmit. I'm so it would take summon people. And but we realize at all. All of us in all star team that are here that we know we have implant they didn't pick up a lot of arts though. I'm not sure actually are people stop cart from transmitting it and neither am. Or it spared just. Not typical 3-D implants. Are they get we're transmitting at the time in art site I've never had improvement to be there. But I but I just know they're there the. And one more quick thing now come now I I read and they're in different areas severe measures claims that. You can shape shift morphing into reptilian form now is that accurate hitters that just so I actually write it. One night undying I didn't know I couldn't tell my ex partner. On and she now next because that particular. While playing right now and I shape shifted into Europe so uniform my wife would be enacted at that if she. You know it is still an amazing because I never says anything about I eat your identity to her. But she rolled over at 3 AM. And looked at me and pulled alarm and she said the only arena watching it go running out there screaming it because. She actually Simi and the ball and then Ryan hunter I think marked back. Com and that's Selig I'd bet that has ever happened that I bet someone saw it except for my other hybrid transit. We catch glimpses at each other non that again. No sir is that something you can control or not. You know. I let I'd been dropped. Bunker I have a question as well kind of related. This changing your DNA in this hybrid status of yours does that change your physiology as far as illness or any of other other frailties that money you know of a factor afflict. A regular human do you have anything that that makes you little superior in that sense. Often wondered that myself because I would think that I certainly will it. Not. They told me that they had to be so we'll only come here because well we're gonna be seen doctors are gonna have led Ron. Especially when I want the military. You know you're gonna have people he need not be really careful what shows. They told me. I was really athletic. Many really athletic. And I'll younger an economy that was ethnic line Brittany inside. And that I feel like my heart a little lower than normal. I did did that echo cardiogram. Yesterday at a very high stress job rescuing animals. And they tell me that my heart was a little lower. When you say lower I mean and placement in your Chester Anemia heart rate. I'm actually in and placement okay. So it kind of concerned let my people it told me sure that so. Com abnormal. But it did confirm what they had told me in in a meditation. Not so beyond that I mean I I know that I'm very open to being psychic in intuitive. Might be reiki energy healing on my job you know we're at a try to help. What people healing themselves. In our rang and I can't ET contact all my life or throughout all my life. It doesn't do something to deal. Especially with your energy that I analysts say that I have one up on anybody can. Actually believe we all have these potential you know communicating telepathically in. Being psychic that they get our earth. Air and well that's gonna do it for time working people find out more about your story get your book. I don't know if you do appearances or give give give talks served by any of that information working people find out. I'm like I do have though a web site called we are among the ill. Dot tripod dot com and I I made that website for my blood. Call we are among you already. That's about the only place I have not at night. Regular email address ticket booking contact me and make sure they can that they need to or want to ask questions I'm open that. It's eight QU. IE eight and. Out. Those at Hotmail do we Lucia again you still there. Are. Georgia one more time. Obama could help our Internet not a day you went out again but. We have to go to break and our we're gonna let you go we really really appreciate you coming on spending all this time when lesson and doing a great job of explaining. What's going on because it is a complicated thing and do listen it was new to me it's noodle a lot of a Sonia and they are so you've got you've got my email we were speaking earlier summation you stay in touch and you know let's talk again soon. So we may have lost your Danielle and they've lost again OK we have to go to break it's beyond reality radio would Jason and GT. Big game it's TV from beyond reality radio when I just want to remind you it's Garrett Connor is approaching quickly you need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary kind of masked his skirt and as a fan convention for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture entertainment and skirt and we can include some liberties from your favorite. And TV shows you need vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary country company website heads Garrett con dot com. Also subscribe to the email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. For October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. Can be the best weekend of the year and you don't wanna miss it. Visit the website it's scary con dot com that's scary kind dot com for all the latest information. Don't forget to check out FaceBook. HZ it's your gun. Just pause G. Hi. Welcome back to the program and again thanks as usual leave for a joining us and spinning all the time with us that we had so many more questions or could have gone on for another three or four hours I think. Stupendous parents sent general notion teach you more to she'd taken away well I haven't sorrow but no she I I in all honesty she is she's a sweetheart there she's very well spoken very. In very interesting guests and I think we could we could have gone on for another two hours talking about this because we only hit half the questions we have for yup that's her left ever back. Let's quickly go to the phone lines we have valve from Indiana joining us welcome to beyond reality radio bell. Eight elite eight got hurt people take me down hard. So pretty bad did you wanna comment on the episode. Yeah I yeah I can't use act if you quiet and sure. Okay cool op opt episode is pretty you know like and I request and about little boys saying that you know he talks would go for whatever like nineteen tattered and then I have. I certainly feel like a like a big topic here and this so that but not all of it and accuracy get in Arizona or not but you can never reached first on an area. When investigating. We really Agassi uses you know things are fairly. We always researching area after we investigate because we researcher prior them contaminated ourselves so we always we always try to look at the evidence afterwards and see if it correlates with any any stuff that we were able to catch apple location. As for. Looking in finding a child that fell. Now we knew we never did we never we're able to document any any child fell to his hand to his death or anything of that nature Cerro. But hunter he was a good kid. And truly believe that he was experiencing something there so. You know we that's why we nature we kept my on the investigation because it and if he wasn't terror he wasn't scared he wasn't worried. This thing and if it was communicating with them. Or then Moore who better to have around us then the -- then the child that this thing is willing to communicate back and forth with so that's why we mainly trying to keep met with this for oil. I thought he was adorable I believe them. I really don't use a very very sweet boy very sweet boy. My second question Intel and now I've. Hold a lot older. Second question okay just hold on okay we'll be right back it's beyond reality radio. We had a great night now we're gonna search chat a little bit about the the FB GH episode go senators episode that aired on scifi and Val was in the middle of asking your second question when we you know abruptly cut her off and went to break compelled to act. Missile or is no question about it. The problem and so I. Well I'd be and I got a quite simply got up I seen as a couple times I'm. Now that's signing up have you heard of it is about without being at ballot camera. Yeah assess. It. I haven't used it so I really can't comment too much on it but I've I've heard of it there's a bunch of new equipment as well that's been nice coming our recently. And I. Or am looking action at. Now working with Sony getting some newer things and a contestant field testing some equipment author book. That's one of the things I haven't used yet. So have you used it. Milk. Yeah yeah I would want to get hurt you a lot of earth I investigate the. Half and then a lot of New Orleans I don't know I don't know yeah. Mayo is a lot of new equipment out there like I do I descendant of me getting one of those those ghost parks but I got to see such mixed reviews on the and some people order rounded out there and act getting on mom. They're paying all this crazy money for the devices commenced our king and some people seem to love it as well so. And Omaha native right now on use of the few times seems to work okay but nothing major Bada. Yes say it's another device a look at did Echostar. So but I'm Melissa Caldwell. Thank you Val thanks for calling in so I wanted to get back to this episode and that kind of teased and I've seen people talking about it in Chad I've seen. Basically every episode of go senators and some of them seven several times I Denon set when you guys have filmed and I've been involved. Never have I seen an episode were one phrase was played as many times as Steve's phrase it's the handful of wasps. From my crotch there whatever the exact on. Was described. That and then of course I really need purses so than on a Twitter all during a show to invest. About NAFTA right center and does make a phone from an innocent loss and you know our taxable swelling most early message so I think. Well it was so fun because it just happened to be you know where that evidence was where that that voice was so they just kept playing and over and I almost think they did it with a little bit tongue in cheek too because that was played so many times all month. Most likely the slide to an average on the evidence and a even on the show. You know and it's my daughter Samantha you're Steve sands Sam's search while processor added I think therefore headfirst on the desk because. It's just you know it tests how Steve always is I I love the city dearly he's he's great. And it's just the things a c'mon is not a lot of times he'll say things and then after he Billick. You think since. Nasty that is to say whatever reason whatever you wanna say just be thirty be to call the warned about it. Well again you know we will we talk about this all the time you guys are you know investigating in filming for several hours 67 hours a night you know for many nights and you're saying all sorts of things. More than that obviously when we were showing up at three in the afternoon we don't leave until 4:5 in the morning exactly night. So yet there is so my question that you just you learn to forget that people don't realize that. The cameras rolling so much that you forget the cameras on you don't care anymore because you're just living your life you're saying the year talk in the lead you talk you're saying what usually say. And things like that so you totally forget the cameraman his is there and because you know he's just added my cameraman has these packs his packs. Honest cameras and he's recording my audio as well so it's only gotten audio guide to say I don't want to have any contamination extra people on an area. And so you just you randomly you're talking and you know Kendall's my camera guy he's he's like a brother to me so. And I say whatever to whoever and Steve says the same thing camel to would have the time as well. And then you'll think back to Billick who yet prelates in the sense that or just some some weird thing but it is what it is look on his game Nikkei and he kissed her Warren bottom. At and the funny thing is is that probably that segment. During the investigation that was shown were Steve said that and then subsequently obviously we're in the review and all that. And probably never would have made it to the episode if it wasn't for that that. Evidence that was caught at the exact same time. And the one that's a thing and we had times like that where I said something or I've gotten ticked off about something and thrown out aren't just a profanity. In that same time you catch. A L a voice saying something you like well how we gonna cut that begins a you just have me thrown out. An F bomb more or something like that because I'm ticked off about something and at the same time any VP comes through. It's not anywhere run TV is the only you can just cut this out right and down BP you won't hear the evidence exactly so it's one of those things where. So of course you try to watch we say especially on an investigation because you never know when you're gonna catch something. Rights are related to the episode though the whole Jacobs story in and valve touched on that you weren't able to really substantiate. What what was said about how he died by falling off the balcony and. That's true and as you know anti hunters defense he might have seen something or had a dream of something and you know as a child. And that you remembered as a fit if it was real so very possibly if then or whatever this thing incensed saying my name is not Jacob. It could be just that now he he's able to communicate with this thing as this thing is there mainly because it knows that hunter is there and can see him. Or see head so it's it's stays around attempted to be able to communicate with them back and forth and to think it's right on this huge bond deal water. So part and responsibilities that can't control we know to be somebody who died in this died in the area. And is just coming to that airy but water such a conductor that helps fuel the stuff so the possibilities are truly and. Yeah and I was gonna ask so you know frequently when there is they've been demonic situation her in human situation they did you know these spirits tend to try to take other forms to fool people did you have any fear of. That and that's. No because all the claims none of the none of the experiences anybody and there seemed to be negative buying in my nature. In lending going on for years so you would've at least expected to see some thing. Malicious within that time that would be given some sort of a reason for you to to think you needed to be cautious. But then there were none of those signs there. And energy and hunters seem to be perfectly okay. And dealing and dealing with this in this so called Jacob so and the and a separate specially when we called the BP's and possibly who sang my name's not Jake upper whatever. OK but you it might have been and that Jacob is there somewhere but this thing that's around us at that point that where were able to make contact with their catch. Is that it's just telling us that this names that Jacob. So when it. All right well we're about out of time I wanna make sure everybody remembers that tomorrow night. We have coming up let's see who has it who's who on the children's chasing quit. New groundbreaking forbidden knowledge revelations of a multi dimensional time travel from a try to sell ten times quickly he would flow break through at that time I know I guess they've been our sale lucky and I want. And the next weekend degree to Leo Linda Godfrey issues a researcher and investigator aware Apple's big foot. Similar creatures for over 24 years and she's also the author of sixteen books and strange creatures. And we're going to be Thomas to be separated road which is phenomenal story has gonna look that up. It she's just great to have on and just some incredible guest next next week or. Yes and we'd like you to stop by our FaceBook page beyond reality radio give it'll likely like to see those numbers jump up and that gives us another way that we can communicate with everybody let everybody know what's coming up on the program. And it did huge shout outs all the listeners and I listening on the stations in their area and all the the Finley to be our family that's in the chat room every night. Greatly appreciate the support and they look at you all tomorrow night and I think it was a great show tonight thanks to an and then beyond reality radio pitching tomorrow.