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David Paleologos (Suffolk, Nevada Polling)

Aug 23, 2016|

David Paleologos (Suffolk, Nevada Polling) by The Financial Exchange

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Hot off the press we have polling data out of Nevada. We're joined by Suffolk university's aprilia logos to talk to us about what he learned out Nevada hi Dave aria. Good morning variant Chuck Berry doing. Good good well Nevada. I get it that's a yes swing state is. Pitcher you know it may factor into the electoral map to eventually by you know with all of what's been going on and many of our poster like Hillary Clinton comfortably ahead. This is distinct it's a little bit different and potentially a problem in Hillary Clinton is leading in this poll by two points 44%. To 42%. Cash Gary Johnson's receiving 5%. Other candidates were listed on the no doubt about it getting 2%. And kind of quirky options for boaters in the battle it out and our our six optional on the presidential ballot. None of these candidates stuck to actually voting option. That and the option was getting 3% in Nevada was part percent undecided. A bit there's a lot of us. People voting across the country today that would like that option. Yet absolutely true you know and it even in the senate race in Nevada these not to be kittens out of these candidates option was getting double that was getting 6% so you know there's a lot of stealing votes. Dissatisfaction. With the choices on the ballot. Would a what is the trend then in polling in Nevada for the last six months. You know it's been very close throughout and and our model. I think it is the correct marble we we need her. Motoring. Our higher percentage of Hispanic and Latino voters so. On paper it probably looks like a whole bottle. A little bit more favorable to the Democrats be. Because Hillary Clinton does better among Hispanic voters but if you look at the last four elections the incrementally increase. But you don't vote has been marked I mean it started at 1216. It was 19%. Last presidential where estimating it'll be over 22%. Which matches the census data. But even with that more aggressive non. Race breakdown. It's still a margin of error race very close. Has mr. trump made any headway with Hispanic voters. I think so that we looked at the counties and Clark County. Which is home to Las Vegas. And washoe county on the west side of which is home to Reno. Hispanic voters that a little bit better so I mean he's still losing them by big numbers but not as big and other state so there might be some. Some in our. Miss him being casino owner was employees at casinos right on. But still it's it's it's it's a very close race one of the interesting parts of this poll which. I really didn't figure product so probably a day after we released there was really no gender again. Most of the polls that we do you know Clinton's leading league comfortably among women and trailing merits. It was very close in this boat trying to figure that out and deterrence out debt. That the reason that the gender gap was most not nonexistent. Very very small. On is because we've looked at males and females in Ghana top gun owning households in Nevada. In on Dunning only console to Nevada and opposite and very interesting party to be look at. Gun owning households traps waiting equally among men and Whitman. 5928. Among men and gun owning households 5633. Winning among women. And the opposite was true in non governing council so. So I think that is kind of been big gender equalizer. At least from what I can see in Nevada. What about young voters did you I break it out based on voters say under the age forty. Yes we did we get out in the eighteen to 34 category. Hillary Clinton was winning by seventeen points what I'm 32. We get. The libertarian candidate gimmicks slightly more than percent. And some of the other candidates were getting a little bit hard to. Carol council on the Nevada ballot. And what other candidate rocky Wednesday and the two companies combined spot percent or so but away chilled stark was not certified for the out of balance that we did not include her in the actual choices because we. Our goal was to replicate in about a ballot as closely as possible. Right is that one of the big concerns though among Republican insiders and the damage being done with use of votes. Yeah younger voters long. Oh sure sure you know but even even wit the seventeen point lead the overall uphold mambo was it's was low. So you know if that young number were expensive. 6932. Then it's a problem and Hillary Clinton wins if it stays where it is where there's too much or race still an up and try closes it. He winds you know party affiliation large we didn't see Republicans defecting from from trot. You know he was waiting Republicans in 89 to six Hillary Clinton was when Democrats 82 to six. In trop was slightly leading independent voters in the Nevada 39 to 34 with a high 10% stormed the side. Would he pull this we were up and appealed in Michigan will be releasing Michigan on Thursday. Our national polls next week in the fall we were looking to possibly pulled North Carolina. Very good day thank you very much for your time. To date no real low this from Suffolk University giving us the breakdown on Nevada.