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Trump is closing in with the Polls. 8/18/2016

Aug 18, 2016|

What do you think is the reason to Donald Trump’s rise in the polls?

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The. 107 here. Here on the great WRKO. OK if you wanna continue to talk about the Olympics and Bear Bryant locked C. This scandal is growing by. We'll continue to take calls however. Some big stories you need to be aware of this Lochte thing will come and go but let me tell you would may be here to stay Donald Trump. According now to the latest polls a batch of polls. Donald Trump is on the move. Hillary's lead which I always believe the media exaggerated. But let that go. They had are up ten they matter up twelve day matter up fifteen. Well now that lead is gone off. It has evaporating. Zogby. Has her up by one. Ration Mussa and now says it's at two point arrests are two point race. Chirac poll beat LA times which by the way historically has been incredibly accurate. Hillary Clinton 44%. Donald Trump 43 point 4%. It's basically now a dead heat. Whatever damage was done has now in many ways then I'm done. They threw everything but the kitchen sink a Donald Trump. They're crying baby remember that manufactured story now apparently is being nasty to the baby when he wasn't. And the mother of the baby says she loves strong and she's gonna vote for trump. I'm Vick has your con duct manufactured story and the fact that he was apparently calling for the assassination of Hillary Clinton gut. Bogus manufactured story none of Vick sticks anymore Y two reasons my friends. Two and there's no getting around them. The more the American people find out about Hillary Clinton. The emails. Her perjury her lie he's per crimes. Her numbers keep falling back down. And the second big reason. And it began just before the campaign shake up. It is now in many always been ratified by the campaign shake up trump is now back to the old trump. It is now trump being trump. And you see it now on the campaign. You see it out there in speech after speech warnings out on the stump. He's got a record crowds again and he's speaking truth to power. And I'm gonna play a little bit of the audio heat gave a barn burner I mean maybe one of his best speeches a barn burner of a speech. Recently in Wisconsin just outside Milwaukee. Where he openly talked about what is in many ways the fundamental question of our time. Regime change. How do we get rid. Overruling clocks. Because what trump is now doing I think brilliantly is what led him. To victory in the GOP primary if you remember in the Republican primary. Why did you like the grass roots on fire why did he like America on fire he wasn't just running against the Democrats. He was running against the establishment Republicans he was running against a donor class he was running against the media. He was running against the entire. Corrupt stinking. Rotten system. And the question I have. For all of the supporters. Of this all of Gorky and that's what it is it's an all Gorky. For the government media Boehner complex. How do we get ready you. You all say you wanna get rid of trump how do we get ready you. Because we can't stand you anymore. And you're living in this bubble. And you don't either you don't want her is she what's going on around in the country or you refuse to seat either way I don't care you're no good to me. You're nor act. And the American people because a trump and cruise to a lesser extent to also ran an insurgent campaign. The American people have now woken up to the fact this system is completely rigged look like they did to Bernie. Bernice people say what you want about Bernice people they want fundamental regime change peaceful regime change. They're tired of the donors and the lobbyists and the Wall Street investors and the special interest. Controlling the Democratic Party and controlling the system. But she denied them their victory he rigged the system. Now we see the media completely 100%. In the tank against Donald Trump. In favor of the crony system that they benefit from. This is the question that we face. How will we get rid. Of this corrupt venal ruling elite. How we get rid of you because the country doesn't want chew. The country poll after poll they do not trust the media. Politicians. Of both parties capsule will lead the spy east. The bankers. The Wall Street oligarchs absolutely despite east. Goldman Sachs or Hillary Clinton but let them go absolutely despite east. So you rigged our economy. It blew up in our face. You've rigor political system is blowing up in our face you rigged or media is blowing up in our face. And you won't allow us to get rid of you. This is really the issue how do we get rid of you peacefully. And you're trying to put words in Trump's mouth that he never said. And notice this entire campaign this is why I believe trump is gonna win look I'm writing a column as I speak to you right now it's almost done. I'm gonna file it tonight OK but just to give you what taste. Why I've been saying again and again trump will win. If it's a free fair election Hillary doesn't have a chance I'll tell you why. Leave aside the scandals. Just. Put that off the table. Ben got banged trying once and then the town of Cheney put Ben Ghazi off the table. Pay for play off the table. The Clinton foundation off the table perjury now clear perjury to congress off the table. Illegally running guns and supporting nicest off the table. The private email server off the table all of the scandals all of the crying all of the core options off the papal. Off the papal. There's only one poll that matters. Is only one. Every poll now Schultz. Every 175%. Of Americans think the country is on the wrong track 75%. Let me tell you what that moves in plain English. That country has turned against Obama. Who's the president he has who's running the country he its. If 75%. Say the country's on the wrong track what they're saying is they don't want a third Obama term. They don't want the same policies. They don't want that's the same system being perpetuated they don't want the same ruling regime. Hillary is a third Obama termed this 75%. Is an albatross around her neck. It's an obstacle she can't surmount. She can't. So when trump runs against this system. When he says I'm gonna put America first against both parties. Against the entire media the crooked media that is covering up for crooked Hillary don't believe the lies cholesterol rice. Don't believe mom. Good donors they hedge fund guy ice. The Wall Street investors. That big money people bowl lobbyists. Whoever infested Washington DC and own both parties. That should be army that's against us. That's the ruling class that's against us. But who suffers. We do. Who pays the bill. We do. What does it hurt not them costs. And so along comes the ultimate populace the ultimate insurgent ultimate independent. A plague on all your houses. The trade deals are gone. To jobs are gonna come back manufacturing is gonna come back. We're gonna put America first. No more TTP. No more NAFTA. The border. Talking about all the illegal Brazilians that's over an illegal Mexicans and all the the illegal Chinese be legal Russians the it's over the party is over. You're gonna get deported and we're gonna secure the border and were gonna build a wall. Radical Islamic terrorism it's all over we're gonna put America first G endless war starts. The war mongers want Hillary Clinton. Why is the military industrial complex. Wall Street gets richer off of wars everybody knows that. We're not gonna send our boys to die anymore. To make rich people will fear we're not gonna do that Hillary. We don't want sure Iraq War we don't want Shari. Libya war and she has her way she's so. She's a lunatic she wants a war against Russia in Syria. Saudi Arabia nor longer runs our foreign policy. Un American runs our foreign policy. This is a threat in mortal threat to the system. This is the trumpet that is now back on the campaign trail. These are the themes that won him the nomination. And if he sticks to them he will win the election listen to me my friends in a landslide. I wanna give you just a taste as he coined a brilliant race. And in fact I think it was given to him by his allies had bright part. The that the media Boehner political complex. The donor class. Protected by the media. Protected by the political class the incestuous. That are determined to bring down Donald Trump trump is now saying forget regime change abroad. It's now time for peaceful regime change here. Roll it Britain. Or summit process all politicians. Say is they oppose our campaign ignores some big time is days. They upload the campaign a drop. I where. There opposition. As a badge. Of honor because it ain't so I'm fighting for real change not just partisan. Change where everybody else gets rich but you. Rigged rigged system remembrance I said it first I'll probably be saying it for a long time but eventually we're gonna break that system. I fighting all surprise the country are fighting for a peaceful regime change. In our own country. Then immediate daughter political compliment that led this country drug house took me replays where they knew government. By and for the up people. No that's not look for fun. I'm tenth that's an electrifying line dot. Dot flying Donald I know your people listen to the show can you trust me want to take this one to the Rican bank okay trust me on this one dot lying. Dem media Boehner political complex. And be worded it's it's that's for a post and we're gonna return our government of by and for the people. The Bernie people are gonna support you. The trump people are gonna support chew. Independents are gonna support shoe. Disaffected voters are gonna support chew people never voted before gonna support you. Because you're speaking now all the guards troops you're speaking the lord's truth. He's completely right. And notice who I love that race we don't want partisan. Change. We don't want just the change in parties. Replace had he within our R&R with a deep. But they just you know same people same policies. Just different armor. But and they just swap Garrick the Senate Committees are house committees. But the same policies continue. We want a fundamental. Regime change. One that will put America. First. My friends he's now running again. As a populist. As a nationalist. As a Patriot Act as an American. And if he does that Hillary. By by EX thanks for holding out and well. Hello Arthur. It was Arthur Britney okay 6172666868. There's a line free if you wanna jump on. Dawn in Florida go ahead gone. Good morning and I are definitely now I am not in quite awhile now and gone. Grow quickly here. It won't they thing why is it normal that these guys which it is whether. They specialize like this very immature. All they know. And it can at that level is dedicated life in June. So. Yeah I did something stupid. And I'm putting associated native false police report on. Are are they may yet story up a couple of them and help wanted buttons so that. And shipping and slap it. Love it if you look at the trump. That then that Britain now I think the ball. Above anything else. Is top radio. Who media basically and B and seeing what people can actually find out what's going. Even if you read. The propaganda from the mine as well. If you read that it held on energy on this you can get me. Information that I actually chew. Me grow and you can apply it and Connecticut life. And we have what we're warm public at this point. I don't I don't I don't want anybody. Thinking it off it and hopefully it'll. Go on a picture. Don your 1000%. Corrected thank you for that call but look I think I've been saying this for awhile. The country does much of the country of course they're you have the moon bats but much of the country. Does not believe that dishonest mainstream media anymore they just don't think so obvious now they're in that tank. For the Democrats and for Hillary. And so and look let me tell you why I think you're gonna see trump continued to search is now he's clearly searching. His campaign shakeup it began. This tidbit of news that blew it basically unshackled trump let trump beat trump. It began before the Shaq the shakeup now manna for is still. The playing a role of the campaign. But now he's brought trump has brought on board to key players I talked about this yesterday. Steve Bannon. Who essentially is the CEO of bright part news which is a brilliant web site very combative. They're basically they were trump they were trumpet some before trumped. And Kellyanne Conway a brilliant and also combative Republican strategist. They're both telling trump be yourself. Be yourself and gold back to the most themes and issues that one you to primary. And really captured the hearts and minds of America. Ryan as a unabashed populist. Run against both parties the establishment of both parties run against the media. Run against the donor class the media don't our political complex and other words Ron as an America first populist. As an independent. You're gonna have middle America in the palm of your hands and they can't beat you. The elites well smear you. Vilified you'll laugh at fuel ridicule you but they can beat you because your message is the Lorch truth. And if you wanna see you know how effective this is. When you Sheen now the absolute. I mean that featuring old their venom. That's now coming out from supposedly. Conservative talk show hosts. Who are now never trump purse. Just bringing on board Steve Bannon. And Kellyanne Conway but especially Steve Bannon. Who is known as a bare knuckles brawler he's a street fighter he's basically telling trump you go for her throat. Your caller criminal. You highlight all of the crimes that she's committed. And you take the fight right to the elites in other words it's the opposite of manna fort. Don't sound like a politician. Don't sound like somebody from inside the beltway don't quote moderate. Quote unquote nuance your positions. Lay him out. In other words be Mike Tyson. Gold for it. And if you go for it you'll win. My friends I want you to hear what now conservatives. Are trying to say about trump to undermine his campaign. And you're gonna see how the elites are absolutely in full panic. Because Donald Trump is still standing. And not only is he standing. He's now on the march. Finding all of us across the country if by the for peaceful regime change in our own country. The immediate garner political cop. That's what this country drive has their favorite place where they don't government. By at four up people. You'll hockey. Hello. You have he had to tell all. Okay my friends. Trump has now shaken up his team brought in some new blood. One of them is Stephen Bannon Kellyanne Conway also very good don't get me wrong but Stephen Manning. He is the former boss of bright part. And he is somebody who's been a big trump supporter knows the issues extremely well. He is scared to tell trump repeatedly. Donald just be you. No handlers. On filtered unplugged. Just beat you speak from the heart. Speak America first populism. Hit those issues again and again and again. No force on earth can stop you. As he is now riveted towards essentially this strategy of just led Donald B Donald back to the Republican primaries. Hillary's lead has now eve operated. And by bringing on Steve man in north and by the way is an incredible job with a bright part it's for me now we must read new site. The conservative. Media a stab pushed. The sort of never trump Republicans. I mean I don't know what to say is Arnold hysteria is the right word during complete panic. And yeah. So good person. Saying speed banding is the grand person you don't then all it can't. Listen now to meet Glenn Beck I think it's permanently discredited himself but just when you thought the guy couldn't go any lower. Listen to this. Now trump. Is a disaster for the country. Because he's brought on board I swear to you according to Glenn back. Don't most dangerous. Guy in American politics they case the man and were from right part roll it Britain. Right part. The CEO. Of Brighton art. Is Steve Steve man and Stephen Graham and Steve Bannon Irish can seduce him with Bruce Bennett and Bennett who has a hold. Or much about doctor Reese Bannon we're okay less than well civilians confused anymore because race will play such a role in this. And Lou Holtz is Steve Bannon. Wait out the accident she's just always the whole computer yeah I feel like the hole is a little bit more understated able that's more hours old and a little more stable he is. She is quite possibly the theme most dangerous guy. In all of American politics and he he makes Roger spelled correctly if you guys disagree when he came ace Roger Stone looks like Mary Poppins. Or gas you know so you have Roger Stone who lived in the sleazy Mary Poppins book Mary Bob. We're gonna bizarre. I'll get OK I don't good good guys La hey go put your head a bullet she goes again but that's all your good for okay. Wolf down another about it shields. I don't know fees off the wagon again I don't know p.s on the sauce again I don't know I don't care. But you knew cooking crew pool cuckoo cuckoo who are hot hot hot. The most dangerous guy in American politics. Bright bark literally over the last couple years has now become one of theme most successful. And profitable. News web sites in the world. It's a stunning success story but let that go because you don't blame your empire is collapsing but let that let it go. So now listen to this Bannon is the most dangerous guys in American politics you mean. More than Hillary. More than Obama. More than Bubba Bill Clinton. More than George Soros. More than David Axelrod. More than James Carville I could rundown mobile listed gold's fox those murderers those gangsters. Those embezzle worse those grifters and con man this guy is worse than them. We knew we who. But it doesn't it's not just Glenn Beck normal normal seat now they're afraid because what legal and that predict trolls like whining. Paula that don't get me out of my had a Bobble my go to double our fellows might quiet. His dollars and 530. Mike should all ball. I bought my head back in the channels bowl I'm I make my face threats aren't Arquette are at Aric arm from my got a triple. Meg gonna triple. I had all of my forty all of my forty. So this guy like he's gonna lose by twenty points and would prefer to point to lose by forty points this wanna be the most devastating defeat in American history. They're neck and neck. Ten point lead gone. After everything they've thrown at them. They wanted to bear reach romp in August and they cordoned the media accordent. And now you've got three debates coming up. He's now got finally unleashes. It's he's not gonna start running ads in key swing states. So he's been keeping his powder dry now he's gonna unleash it. Chinese lighting them on fire. So no I don't know what to do. So they try to demonizing trump. They're always Hitler fascists Allen and Joseph Biden always challenge host Alan Hitler everything's everything good that David White supremacy. Everything while money after Steve Manning. So he's the most dangerous guy and he's the most dangerous guy and American politics listen now to bill neo con crystal. The guys the genius who gave us the Iraq War. The genius who backed Hillary's Libya war. The guy who backed the Arab Spring and take the guy who literally forgot things his way would have a score well world war three with my other option. I this this one attack. Big never trump or they're one of the architects of the never trump movement. I'm a bit concerned does bring Brian and I mean and and in Holland and and experience and in mountains mount. Third they don't play whip. They don't play with does establishment people. In fact. They attack us and her husband for you guys. I didn't run a campaign. And you've been the target of bright line I am actually knew Andrew you when he was alive and now it's changed and I knew it well and he was troublemaker but he was a good hearted person who would not and I hate the fact it's called Chrysler do you honestly think if they changed the name call it. You know right wing intolerance. I mean spirited news that we thought that was. And I love that that I wasn't Andrews I've really for Qantas is unfortunate happens like Christmas but. It's unfortunate the world they talked about bright bright it's a disservice interest. Memory that secondly mr. Bennett and his runs website because it is pretty successful from a business point of view that it's. When you go look at all the things does that mean we're just went renegade earlier tonight I think it's appropriate to. Joke about I raise that to him that wasn't really what that's what my efforts at about a few months ago was renegade you. And a lot of people I'm not a big you know always terrible service hasn't got a guy. But that's a little creepy and the chargers that I because it requires a renegade you visit and support Donald Trump. And all I I won't I read that story no home. They called you that name because you are going to be backing Hillary. And Hillary's in bed we George Soros. And Hillary's a big supporter of radical Islamist movements and of Hamas and of the Muslim Brotherhood. And her goal long which Soros is to ultimately destroy the state and Israel. I'm you claim to be a big defender of the State of Israel so what they did was they called you basically a quiz linked. You're what they call useful idiot. Because the only guy that's gonna defend the Jews and defend George civilization and defend Israel and of course of the west itself. Is Donald Trump. But not all that scare at bill Billy let's get a couple things straight okay. I never like you in Washington. I didn't like Hewitt a cocktail parties I didn't like Hewitt the events honestly there is nobody who's a bigger pompous more arrogant jerk. Then Bill Kristol. I'm telling you this right now and everybody in Washington was listening is nodding your head up and downs and Jeff finally somebody said it. Bright Bart. There are just doing a little bit better. Then the weekly standard is blowing your publication. Out of the water. Nobody reads the weekly standard nobody cares about the weekly standard you're bleeding money. And all you've become now is a shill for Rupert Murdoch who owns you and owns your magazine but let's cut to the chase. OK let's cut to the chase Billy boy. Let's cut to the Trace. You told us fuel. You that he rock was gonna be a cakewalk. You. You told us to depose Moammar Qaddafi. You. You told us to depose the sharpest saw it and called for an all out war against Bashar sawed. You are the one now that's calling for a war against Vladimir Putin here and saying. How many wars do you wanna sit. And what bothers you and what bugs you. Is that you don't have people's year in power anymore you don't run Donald Trump. The way you were running bush and Dick Cheney. And so you've lost control over the Republican Party. And now like a little spoiled babies like a little spoiled child. You'd stand there and all you can do now like Brutus is just knifed trumping the back. Nice form nice form nice from my phone. Well it's not gonna work. Because frankly. Nobody cares what you say or think anymore. You see my friends this is what's going on it's at which really going on is revolutionary. It's a seismic shift in power. The old Republican elites have lost control over the party. Kuo gave us free trade Billy. You. The bush Clinton dynasty. You. Who gave us NAFTA you'll. Who gave us a disastrous wars in the Middle East fueled. Who gave us open borders and twenty million illegal immigrants flooding our country. You. Who brought America now too which knees you. And instead of sitting almighty god. We failed on every front. We now are we were were dragged down in quagmire rafter quagmire weren't twenty trillion dollars in debt. Our borders our war what I laid open the country's being overrun by illegal immigrants. We've lost 60000. Factories are manufacturing base is gone you have. And that peasants have had enough instead of saying all we run the country into the ground. You don't want. Maybe weren't a problem no keys the problem. Bill Kristol said Donald Trump had a small balls chance in hell. Of winning the Republican nomination he was wrong. Bill Kristol said. That Hillary Clinton would clean Donald Trump squawk it would be 20/20 five points. That trump would be dead by the end of the summer he was wrong. And now Bill Kristol is trying to tell us that we shouldn't be that you shouldn't be bringing Steve Bannon onboard. Who I think has. Darn too bright Barton used. What he was not able to do with the weekly standard. My friends look at every single one of them. Because of Donald Trump we know all the traders in our midst. And their days are numbered my friends listened to me and listen to me well. There is now going to be a major revelation about Hillary Clinton. Because they have just hit the mother low. Now it appears. That claimed ten foundation. Itself. Has been hacked. When those emails come out. Forget this thing being a dead heat. By that time we roll into September. Trump's going to be up ten maybe even fifteen points. What's Bill Kristol and Glenn Beck gonna do then he guides. Scheerer bullets she goes because that's all your good for. Don't compass had some trouble not getting votes from the Republican base conservatives. I'm a conservative myself I'd like to speak to that. At the conservative one of my big concern is how. Other conservatives in the Republican Party treated. And Donald day who treats his GOP competitive. And crews. Michael rubio. He didn't treat compress it well and that scale up had me now. Palmer and Ronald Reagan loving. Broad Tea Party conservative. And that means a lot to me is that it could cloud the future of the party. Didn't OK I mean less pressure safe for the sake of argument he didn't treat them well I mean that's over the primary is over. And David look I remembered you know maybe I'm old fashioned but what happens in the primaries stays in the primaries. Now we have a general election. Now we have the future of the country at stake. And how we treated Ted or how we treated Marco Rubio. That's no longer the issue the issue now is it's really a choice between two people. Between Donald Trump and crooked Hillary. And David if you're conservative. Hillary Clinton is against you 1000%. In fact she wants to destroy and bury everything that you and I value and cherish. And the one man standing in her way is Donald Trump. So David at this point it's really it's all hands on deck. Because if you sit this election out I have to ask you this statement. Your children your grandchildren will ask you this question for the rest of your life. David when our country went down why didn't you do anything to stopper I could ever voted for Donald Trump. I am done something I wrote an article in American banker late late kind that I would write in the name Ted Cruz. And I had YE. I said I cannot vote for Hillary because Kirk decades of corruption. And I felt like cannot vote for Donald beat because of many reasons is the issue that puts. His sister the abortion. Advocate federal judge. See it as I mentioned in the article that he was. Be nasty to his Republican competitors at a time learned sportsmanship. Was there a brick through a common virtue among. A Republican proud candidate. So I'm gonna right intent crucial and that is something I'm going to do actively not constantly I'm not putting out anything. I am of our great and not knowing understand look and I appreciate your passion for Cruz David but at this point if you write in pit crews you're basically throwing your vote away. If you vote for Donald Trump you can stop Hillary Clinton and David I'm gonna stop Hillary Clinton. David do me a favor look I'm up against it. Please think about it pray about it and maybe call me back again okay to all of you that are on defense weeks. Think get over we have this law feel I've staking. More here call the Clinton foundation. How can Louisiana drownings where's all bomb off ball touch that dial.