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Should new immigrants take an ideological litmus test? 8/16/16

Aug 16, 2016|

Donald Trump called for extreme vetting for new immigrants in his speech yesterday. Trump wants new immigrants to take an ideological litmus test. Do you agree with Donald Trump?

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Constitution. Is under attack. When you don't want to curtail. Our founding principles. Are being destroyed. In boss yeah. This you the American revolution a new movement begin. Boston's bull and those are at cleaning up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back. This he's on America's voices of resistance. Conroe core. You do not believe in our constitution. Or would support bigotry and hate that. It will not be admitted. For immigration. Into our country. Lows that we expect to flourish America and two breaks a tolerant American society. Should be issued visas. We will have to temporarily suspend. Immigration. From some of the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world. I have a history of X. Boarding terrorism. Dawn old fights back. My friends and incredible speech by Donald from. In many ways potentially an historic speech. That could change the trajectory of this election. And Wii Fit not only the country but also of conservatism. Itself. It was an incredible speech that he delivered in Youngstown Ohio were gonna have all of that for you. In that second hour at one all five please everybody you have to two men. We are going to be lifting the ultimate veil on George Soros. Does Soros empire. 2500. Hacked emails. Of his open society foundation. And it is all there in black and white. Who Soros is influencing in manipulating. And what is ultimate goals and ambitions are. My friends I'm telling you. That is this segment you need here and in death third hour. Hillary Clinton. There are already in massive cover up mold you're not gonna believe the latest developments. From new home three. This is the place to be. But first. The new Cold War. Donald Trump in his speech yesterday I think almost rivaled that of Churchill's famous iron Kirk. Speech in Missouri. It was. A combative speech. It was a defiant speech. It was a sips per active speech. And most importantly it was a visionary historic speech. And if there was one theme. That was woven throughout the entire speech. Is that just as we faced a hall style enemy for global domination. Jury the Cold War. Soviet Russia. Soviet communism. We are now in Maine new Cold War. This time. With radical Islam. This time. With international. Global Islamic extremism. And just as the fight with the Soviets was a life and death struggle. For essentially the future of the world and history itself. So is now the struggled this is now the struggle of our time. And as jury in the Cold War we must use every method every tool at our disposal. Political. Ideological. Military. Cultural social. Two if we want to prevail in this new twilight struggle. And so as Donald Trump eloquently put it yesterday. We are at war with radical Islamic terrorism. G autism is now spreading it is spreading across the Middle East it is spreading across North Africa. It is now deeply penetrated Europe and it is now here in the United States of America. In all fifty states. According to our own FBI. Ice his house terrorist cells in all fifty states. Because of our wide open border. And are lax immigration policy. There are over 1000. Active investigations. Just of the Islamic state. And a strong put it we are not just at war with crisis. Or as the dear leader likes to put it I soul. We are at war. With all of these radical Islamic terror groups we are at war with militant fundamentalist. Islam itself. Which seeks a world Muslim empire. That includes Hezbollah. That includes Hamas that includes al-Qaeda that includes Islamic Jihad that includes every single. Islamist terror group out there. And so how best to combat it how can we win this struggle. The way we won the Cold War. It was they call barbs. And as trump put it there will be multiple pillars to this strategy. One we must annihilate I assists and their home base of Iraq got in Syria. We must crush the cal for eight where it stands. But we have to do more than that. We have to take the fight to them ideologically. Politically. Culturally. And one of the ways to do that is to finally secure our borders. And as we secure our borders to make sure that they are not in full trading because remember. Ice is again just a couple days ago. Openly said. That they have succeeded in full trading refugees in Europe and America they've openly said it. We're succeeding who were coming in and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Because you have left your door wide open. During the Cold War. And I know this because my parents lived the Cold War. They fled communism in Eastern Europe you know I was born in Canada but my parents came from Croatia. My grandparents. Were victims of communism my parents were victims of communism. Practically my entire family was wiped out and murder. I might dinner table we live to eat and briefed the Cold War. We loved Ronald Reagan I loved Ronald Reagan god is my witness I love that old man. And when he said Soviet Russia was quote the evil empire. And communism had to be rolled back and then sent into the dust bin of history my father said finally. Finally. America has woken up. Finally it has a president. Worthy of being the leader of the free world. Yesterday it was the same feeling I had when I listened to Donald. Finally. America has a leader. That will wake this country up and again galvanize and lead the free world. Before each too late. And like German the Cold War. Donald. Liberals are already denouncing it it's crazy. It's reaction marry it's big it'd it's outlandish. The Washington Post is going apoplectic. I'm bill we proposed an ideological litmus says oh my god that's who we are as Americans. Info. We did it throughout the entire Cold War we did it over former 45 years. And what trumpet is saying is this. And it's what I have been saying for a long time and frankly much of the country is saying alleluia. When you come to this country. You're not just here to contribute financially and economically although that's important. You're nobody talks consumer. Direct talks producer. You're here to generate wealth not to equal but let that go. You were here to embrace our way of life. Our culture. Our system of government. Our constitution. Our bill of rights. Our belief in freedom and liberty. In other words. You are here. To adhere to the fundamental. Values and beliefs of western civilization. Period full stop. And it's trump put it. They're now should be. An explicit ideological litmus test. Do you believe in women's rights. Do you believe in tolerance for say gays or lesbians you're not gonna throw them off buildings you're not gonna be Adam you're not gonna murder around you're not gonna slaughter room. Do you believe in genuine religious pluralism. Do you value and put the constitution. And the bill of rights above all other ideological. Or moral or political systems. And this litmus test is going to be applied to every new immigrants but we know what is the primary group it's been that. The Muslims. And in particular the militant radical Muslims. If you believe ensure real law by by. Don't bite leave America brought back home might right. How could you criticize him for this. Objectively how could criticize him for this. Because what he's explicitly saying is this he's clearly X expressly saying. If you come here with weights. If you come here with genuine intolerance if you come here with genuine homo phobia. With genuine hatred of women misogyny. With genuine hatred of Christians and Jewish we don't want you. You're not welcome. Listen to Donald Trump in his own words lay out the case. Roll up our role it. Brittany we should only admitted to this country and those who share our values and respect our people. In the Cold War. We had an ideological screening test that time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats. We face. Today. I'd call it extreme. That I call it extreme. Extreme. Vetting. Our country has enough problems. We don't need more and these are problems like we've never had. He is now calling. For a screening system to be put in place. For all new immigrants coming in. All of them. And they now for example the San Bernardino that the shooters of the wife. If you go our social media that says you love G waterlogged surely you're gone you're never coming in. You Omar Mateen his father loved the Taliban. And was I gay basher. Who talked about throwing gays off of buildings were not letting you wind. You're not mean you're never gonna come in here so you can have a son that will shooting and massacre of 49 gaze at the land and I don't know Orlando nightclub. And notice what else he's done. It's not even my point if the point of Milo might Louisiana poll list. Who's a conservative. I guess blogger writer read write part a he's very witty very very. Pungent. He's a very good writer. He's out he's done something unprecedented. PS completely out flanked the Democrats. On gay rights. Women's rights. And respect for minorities. And notice notice. If you're truly against the oppression of women gays and minorities. Then you must back trump. If you're truly against the enslave rape of women and the murder of gates. And the extermination of minorities which is what is being done in the name of Islam all across the Middle East and North Africa. Why would you allow these people into our country. The Democrats have an open border policy. The Democrats want a mass migration and amnesty in other words they're willing to lead in the very people. That's wanna slaughter minorities slaughter gays and enslave women. John will trump is saying to conservatives. And to the world. We are the last line of defense against the barbarians of the east. We are the only ones. That can and will truly defend. Gates. Lesbians. Women minorities. We are the true quote on quote progressive. Party. Progressive is tremendous sense of truly respecting and adhering to tolerance and freedom and openness. It is a magnificent. Speech. And if he continues to pound the pulpit. And delivered this speech took crowds and in state after state and town hall after town hall. He now has the club. To break the back of the liberal democratic pro Hillary media. And sold at corner country poll question of the day. Is Donald Trump right. Should we have an ideological. Litmus test for new immigrants. If you believe the answer is yes and I believe so yes a 1000%. Yes. Textile letter abbate is 68680. If you believe it's backward it's big aided its reactionary. It won't work. Text or letter beat no in other words no tax the latter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Poll results. Your calls next. We should only admitted in this country those who share our values and respect our people in the Cold War. We had an ideological screening test that time is overdue to develop new screening test. Would it threats. We face. Today. Donald Trump in an historic speech yesterday in Youngstown Ohio. Lays out a strategy a comprehensive. Strategy. To not only defeat and destroy I assists. But to roll back or radical Islam and at the center of it is now his call to protect the homeland to secure our borders. Control comes into our country with an ideological. Litmus test. Do you think we should have an ideological. Litmus test. For a new immigrants into America that they should respect women religious pluralism. Not want a murder kill gays and lesbians. Put the constitution. Above all else not sure Rio but the constitution. Is it time for a new screening system for an ideological litmus test if you believe the answer is yes. Text the latter date is 68680. If you believe the answer is no text the latter beat this 68680. As always you can vote online wrko.com. So you know when your interviewing somebody say from I don't know Saudi Arabia that the San Bernardino killer's life. And are from up what he's done as Obama puts it an elect saw Clinton. Along ma'am ma'am like a cat I can't see your face ma'am hold out hope. Timmy did she just left can you live the burqa is just a little bit just a little bit please. Okay. Tell me what you what are your feelings about you know sing about gauged you'd think they should be thrown off the buildings are beheaded. I've I've only of him. Hold on I look at my lawyer I've only given up all rents. Are below live in a constant dollar. Orlando and well. Sonny I believe in a constant torture and I both live in a diverse. Out of but. Home then not so maps aren't fair and and yet failed at OK she's out. If you put in a press screening system like this. We can start catching them and preventing them from coming in. Before it's too late. Under this system. All Mormon team the Orlando killer never would have been here. Under this system this San Bernadine killers never would've been here. Under this system. Beats are may have Brothers never would have been here. Under this system. The nineteen Saudi hijack a sorry the fifteen of the nineteen all the hijackers would fifteen of the nineteen of them were saudis. The 9/11 hijackers wouldn't have been here. You say. Yeah you're seeing what happens when you have a strong foreign immigration policy that puts America first. No 9/11. Mall Boston Marathon bombing north San Bernadine on nor or land oh. And Americans would be alive today. This is a winner for trump. All he's got to do now is repeated and repeated and repeated. Brittany what are the poll results so far. 99%. Yes. Yeah I really want the 1% a call. They're dead to die hard core moon bats I would love for their. Actually we have a couple lines open if you've got the guts are really all debate you if you got the guts. 6172666868. All of your calls next. 1236. Here on the great WRK. Go go boy cell plus then. Trump says were gaining new Cold War and we have to fight it the way we fought the Cold War. This time our enemy is not Soviet communism. But radical. Islam is some. I agree disagree. Speed Europe first go ahead Steve. Or I'm. You don't and welcome my good I didn't talk it down. Have a look at it if all of you download Ager she state. And I don't look all is very good but I think it but it admit a little bit too late it opera. Doubt at all. Steve you know it's funny you should mention this because I had somebody call me today on my phone accounts say who. Prominent person pass me the exact same thing I had dinner with threats moralist of former football legend. That is why don't. Always agree on a great guy great player and his wonderful wife Christine and they said the exact same thing Jeff talk me down. Talk me down off the ledge after look at the poll numbers were gonna get slaughtered. Don't believe the polls the and I'll tell you why. Everybody that I know and I've spoken to people when they get a call from a pollster. They refuse to admit there voting for Donald wrong. And the reason is this. People with bumper stickers are having their cars destroyed or salted. They're having their property vandalized that they have a trump yard sign from supporters are physically getting beaten up. And with the media has now done is we've created this sort of culture. That to be voting are supporting trump automatically means you're somehow it or racist. For a nativist or fascist. And so everybody is afraid to say they're voting for trump I've got people in this building with its OK I did yesterday. Young guy in his twenties a millennial Hewitt at millennial article for trump. Pulled me over. Because whispering. What's his name now. I'm in terms of them. I think so I awoke ignoble form when he admitted this to me I got a call from a pollster. And I didn't wanna tell the person I was voting for from. Because I don't want them to think I'm some kind of fascist or racist or in the report to me or worry but Eagles you better believe that I'm voting for Tron. Steve people are rough for me. To tell anybody they're voting for Tron. But soon. The company is organizations are able to bring it down by fifteen by seven points or. I didn't. I mean I'm. No idle while Steve look everybody's a bit nervous gives you don't like these poll numbers but looks the think about it we still have essentially three months left ago. In politics that's an eternity. We've got three debates they're going to be the most watched debates in case in television history. Right. We will see. Try trampled destroyer but Steve remember this about polls. Who think about it because on the online media polls BC. Trump is destroying Hillary and online media so think about it to be poll you have to have a foam. Usually a phone at the house. You know most people I know they only have cell phones. So you're already targeting a certain demographic with the polls the polls are inherently skewed. The other thing Steve is people are afraid to say they're voting for trump. I can't tell you how many times I've heard this Steve let me tell you what I think is going on. There is a vast underground movement for trauma. Everybody's afraid to say it. And if they come out in the numbers. That people are talking about Steve just look at the rallies. Rallies don't lie. He's Steve I haven't seen this. Well 152024000. She was in Iowa. Steve recently she couldn't get 83 and people should couldn't school jam. So I don't speak I don't believe home. There ever recorded. Yes. You can look at it. Yes and his wife Christina that they're steak house and where the twin river casino phenomenal. I don't know if you don't let it creep career if you would noted. The second best with apple NFL history it's just certain that that is that not all all states. Let me say this Steve and I don't wanna get off traffic off topic. Steve's merlot sorry Fred it's a moral us and his wife Christine just answer Steve. They're both god fearing Christians. They are god country and family they are both staunch conservatives. And they're open about their conservatism. I'm just speculating. I'm just speculating as to why this guy hasn't been voted into the football all thing I'll tell you this the guy looks incredible. I meals like the incredible Hulk I'm like I go friendly like your sixty here in better shape and a sixty gonna ever gonna was when I was eighteen. You've got to see the arms the shoulders on this guy. But no and they say the same thing they say everybody they talked to his voting for trump but nobody wants to admit that there are voting for trump. Let me tell you what I think is going on. They're putting up these bogus poll numbers. To demoralize you. To make you think it's over it's over. So you begin to despair. You begin to get depressed. You begin to get demoralized. And they're trying to create the same sense of inevitability. That they did with Hillary when she took on Bernie. Well now we know all they stole it from Bernie they ran it against Bernie. And they're doing the same thing now don't let the propaganda. Regime and that's what this is it's a propaganda regime. Demoralize you my friends we are the middle of the country we are the silent majority. And come November 8. They're gonna hear from us. Paul and you talk the way it all. You. Enjoy your show thank you and thank you. Are if you're asking our relief from Utah. Overall I love Utah where do you live. Draw I win fair and that I was an old Pro Bowl right. I would call beautiful people beautiful place that's for we adopted my beautiful Eva. And I I swear practice for the whole month in Provo and Salt Lake City. I loved the mormons. I love the people of Utah. I didn't hear one cup car costs siren. I I. Honestly Sunday's Paul all those beautiful families in the park spending time that hurdles wholesome families. You roads Paul liked I would kill for your role in Utah. As well one of the best places on earth is you thought your inaugural radio okay in my book ball go ahead critics like it won't respond. You can call me call me a jerk ball is going its economy. You're Erica not. To hear from you had. And Palin but I wanna date and this whole concept of an ideological litmus test did not know. How long equipment that you hurt somebody being prosecuted for sedition. Addiction is already illegal. It's openly speaking out and inciting violence against her the government overthrow. Replay can knock that luck with some but some other set of laws Federer that's all the fact that wanna be excuses. Get the governor of Illinois used to drive a Mormon okay. With the concept tradition. That did not. Paul in particular let me ask you this OK and when asked the audience this is this is the heart of the question now. Is it because they'll be left is now trying to claim its anti government anti American or on American. To have some kind of a screening procedure and an ideological test. Paul do you think when immigrants come to this country that patients say you know what. We're gonna respect American culture. Were gonna believe in American culture were gonna assimilate to American culture and you don't want here. We mean we don't put remember as. Here women drive here women can vote here women get an education. Here you may disagree with their lifestyle but you know we don't murder gains we don't yet arm. Minorities. In different religious point of view no we're not gonna polls show real law. Do you think we should have a system in place where people flinch flinch. To put the constitution. The bill of rights and American culture over whatever culture or society they come. Absolutely and again. Not just sent. Tradition goes beyond dissent it is already illegal to abdicate and push for. The kind of overthrow. That. So many of these especially on the radical side what they wanna put your real law or the constitution. That the very definition of sedition. And yet they should have the pledge on on entry. That provocative yet. Otherwise they have no place here. And Paul I know because I was naturalized human relief from Canada and so you have to pledge allegiance to the constitution and you'll. Dish owner disavow any allegiance to a foreign government or foreign pole and date that's that strong views are. Four insist that but you know I'm talking about you coming on a student visa you come in on a work visa you comment on any visa. I think you should be asked questions I think they should screen you will picture social media look that your education background. Of course and if you came from madrassa or UConn from a school that preaches show real law. No way no way we let Julian. Paul thank you so much and enjoy you taught you literally have a slice of heaven on earth. Well we enjoy it out here we have our challenges but it could be welcome c'mon tell what triggered that kind. Pool balls. In the economy. Oh. Now we won't let it ruin. The ball daycare. 6172666868. Trump even went a little bit further. And I I I agree with him. Those teen moms. Or those Muslim activists wore preaching outright hatred. Bigotry. G hot. Violence. In their mosques in their community centers. They need to go. Their guests and our country if you won't abide by our rules or by our basic civil ice decency. Then send them back to where they belong. It's time to put Americanism. Over multicultural Hisham. Listen to Donald Trump roll it. Brittany hill. Accomplishing all humans it image. The support networks for radical Islam in this country. Will be stripped out and removed one by one viciously if necessary. Viciously. If mrs. Immigration officers also have their power is restored. Notice. And taken away. Those who are guests in our country that are preaching hate. Will be asked to return home immediately and if they don't do it we will return them home. Can make America safe again. We must work together. Arab victory and the Cold War relied on by artists and international. Consensus. That is why we must. Two defeat. Radical Islamic. Tenors. Like just like we could defeat communism without acknowledging. That communism. Exists. We're explaining it's horrible evils. We can't defeat radical Islamic terrorism. Unless we do the exact same thing. I love you'll NN non sexual way I love you don't I mean. The guy is 1000%. Spot on. Might Kim hang around go ahead Mike. Page probably answer and you I'm doing very well you know I'll everybody complained to vote. Donald trumps control. Like his reactions. And I'll. But the guy is a master. He's mastered the media. I'm I mean I trust trust would developer. 1000. Times more and I trust politicians. I mean he's written best sell books music great TV show that I've never seen by four more days here. Is an awesome show arm. I think he has summer sleep. You know I think he I think comes to refer. This guy's gonna start he nailed it. Michael I look I gotta tell you I can just tell you this. Everybody's waiting for the other shoe to drop. There are more hacked emails. More hacked Hillary emails more hacked DNC emails. And so he's got that ace up his sleeve and honestly let me tell you what his other big ace up his sleeve is I'm I'm serious as a heart attack. He's got us. He's got us. And we're gonna come out in numbers. Were quiet we don't say much we don't talk much. We just go to work pay our taxes raise our families. The phone rings we don't even answer. Oftentimes it's a poll we don't even answer. But when it comes to November rate. He's gonna see an army. And we're gonna sweep Hillary and that entire corrupt gang all of those crooks and Morse. They're gonna sweep bump into the dust bin of history 6172666868. Mort your call so. Right sin sauce then go ahead runs Pashtun. Trust no argument for. And little Paul brings us to help the government media complex propaganda machine. You know the propaganda machine equals. Equals Tokyo Rose Bowl and Betty. Baghdad Bob Marley and wine. And I just couldn't get sucked in to Baghdad Bob Braylon Betty Tokyo rose so why should we get socked in the of that. I'm not getting sucked in north. You know it's that in the so called global arm. The Brothers being shut not shed not on foreign soil but inspiration right there in the United States of America. And trampled will be great to watch time president to defend us. You're afraid of approval from bondage in the democratic plantations. And freedom glory again. I didn't have Geoff what the control freak in the play is that what made this country great. Played them. A simulation. Well there. Todd Palin can't trade and it's time that we bring that message back across this land and then that's another Republican controlled brakes. Ross amen amen the melting pot worked. Let's do it worked before it can work again. It's time to put America. First. John Needham go ahead John I've got about a minute the floor is yours go. I'm just for this or no one think Obama. One is Valerie Jarrett and Lew Abbott being. Nicolaus and Duke's merry go ahead Nicholas. I heard Asia so great heritage. Popular the polls. Honestly I really think they're all over to bull crap talks and even. We put too liberal media prosecutor Reagan because they're given to track tropical probably pull it off wearing a bunch of liberals siege just flickering and it's. So personally I don't see trombone in. I see you winning big in. And Nicholas thank you very much look I I think sold to me I could be wrong I'm actually got a crystal ball. But the way I look at it I can't see this country pulling the lever for Hillary I just can't. 6172666868. OK more with your calls and it's a contest between two billionaires. Donald Trump. And now we know George Soros. Joseph Sharkey emails and memos.