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Unrest in Milwaukee. 8/15/16

Aug 15, 2016|

Riots broke out in Milwaukee over the weekend. Rioters are upset over police fatally killing an armed man. What do you make of the riots in Milwaukee? Why do you think the media is not covering the riots that broke out over the weekend?

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Constitution. Is under attack. We don't want to curtail yeah founding principles. Are being destroyed that. In Boston this seal the American revolution a new movement begin. Boston's all those are at cleaning up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back this season on America's voice of the resistance. Come. Rope puller. Now this ma Ferguson my friends. A it's Milwaukee. The block who lives matter burns Milwaukee. The ground. Over the weekend. We're gonna have about. Then next hour. Legendary. Former Red Sox baseball. Pitcher and staunch conservative Curt Schilling. Will be on the corner report for an exclusive newsmaker interview that's going to be yet won all five you don't want to miss that. All a lot of news stated that cover all Saul. Hillary's campaign openly admits there are now getting illegals involved. To help her win in November. Feminists progressives. Go after Clinton's rape victim why need our Broderick. And then Adonal. Will be delivering a major speech on ice this from known to have three. This. Is the place. Dolby. 61720666868. If you wanna be part of a show. Let me ask you this before right get in to what's happening in Milwaukee and the incredible follow. The corner country poll question and it did sure of the day. Should Curt Schilling run for political office. We're gonna interview room at 105. He's got very strong opinions. A lot of conservatives are saying Ron Kirk Ron. Sure Curt Schilling run for office. If you believe the answer is yes Tex the letter 868680. If you believe the end series you can do. Former athletes have no business running for politics. Or political office faxed a letter B 68680. As always you can vote online. WR. KOL. Dot com. But first. Milwaukee. Burning. OK over the weekend in fact be precise. Black lives matter struck again this time we deadly force. Saturday 3:30. PM in Milwaukee. Two police officers. In the northern part of Milwaukee. Pulled over a traffic stop with two men inside. As they try to pull a mall over for a routine traffic stop both of the man got out of their car. There was then after a chase on foot a foot chase took place. There is body cameras at the Milwaukee police officers are required to have body can commerce. The body Cameron now shows conclusively it's what the officer said but now the camera backs it up. That one of the two people that was being chased. 23. Year old Silva Will Smith. African American young man. Had eight and the illegal gun a semiautomatic weapon that he stole in a burglary. He turned around. How does pistol. Aimed it at the police officer. The police officer who we all sole black. So it was an African American police officer. Shot and killed this young African. American. Basically is a problem he's got a rap sheet that's an arm that's an eye at arm's length it's as long as your arm. He's got LI huge record. He is you can see pictures of them I mean he is a gang banger he's obviously a gang banger. I'm staring at pictures of him right now with his pants halfway down his but. You. He's got gang insignia all over his chest all over his arms. He's in another picture Deri is with a guy and I think that's the illegal one. That he's pointing out a camera. He's there he's a gang bang her. In the name anger. Took out his gun. In self defense as has now been caught on camera. The police officer shot him. And killed him. Initially. There was no riding there was no violence there was nothing as the body lay on the ground the crime scene was then being processed. Some. Things seemed initially to be fine however. A crowd of about 100 protesters. Egged on by black lives matter this is the key point. Egged on by black lives matter. Began to get angrier and angrier and angrier. Finally one of them through began to throw rocks and stones. Apple at the police officer's cruiser. Once this stone started to get thrown and the rocks. Then they get the mob began to burn the police officer's car they then began to attack the police officers. The crowd then got bigger and bigger and bigger. Saturday night there then developed. Into a full scale riot. Police cars were burned. Other cars were burned. Businesses. Were burned. Gas stations were burned in fact they called in police saw us our firefighters. To try to douse the flames to put out the fires. Gunshots were then being you can hear gunshots. They were the office at the firefighters were being shot at. They could not douse the flames are put out the fires because they were under sustained gun shots from the thugs and hoodlums in the black lives matters. Of the mob the rubble that had that had now. Descended upon Milwaukee. Four police officers have been critically wounded. Another person has been shot. An eighteen year old. What is even more disturbing besides the loading the burning the rioting. Businesses. Seven elevens. Gas stations. Auto repair shops all of its cars burned to the ground. This thing looks like you rock. Milwaukee looks like emotional. In fact it got so bad by Saturday night Scott Walker the governor had no choice. But to call in the National Guard. Basically now the military had to bring peace and order to the streets of Milwaukee. But what was even more disturbing. And what the media is not covering because they don't want to to know what is really driving black lives matter. Which is not just their hatred of police but my friends they are racists. They are terrorists. They RA hate group. They sponsor and promote violence. And in particular. They want a race war against whites. They are nothing more than the black clan. Full stop. And sold the crowd as they got angrier and angrier as they were burning buildings found burning businesses downed. Burning cars down destroying cars. Destroying police cruisers throwing rocks and stones and bottles some of them shooting up the police firing a gun shots at the police. Then began to turn their fury up on whites. Anybody in a car that happened to be have a white driver or white passenger. Dave and look left on that car destroyed that car. Began beating Weitz taking them out of their trucks taking them out of their cars and they began beating them and pummeling them. Listen now to some of the chilling audio. And you tell me. Where's the tolerance. Where's the the that respect for divert. Urge city and become trash him. And somehow. This is black lives motorists President Obama said this is the cream of our youth according to him. This is one of the most legitimate protest movements he's ever seen. Hillary Clinton the Democratic National Convention she installed in the democratic platform it's in their platform. Old men and un adulterated support for black lives matter. So I want you to listen this is black lives matter. Roll it Brittany. They don't I. President and. Now you can't see the video the video is even more chilling and more frightening as they're beating up every white person. On the video you can see them. Every white person they're pulling a model cars or are on the sidewalk or whatever they're punching on their kicking around or stomping around der der beating them. If this is an all out race war right. Now just listen to them. Black power. Black power. White person here like to be here white B I can't say the word but here. Mother. Mother FN a white person year cracker here get the cracker dip the cracker dip the cracker. Boyd so tolerant I mean. This is the future of America one look at this I'm like look at a nanny. Now final why Hillary and Obama keep defending them and promoting them. Now I know why Mohammed Marty Walsh. Loves black lives matter Charlie Baker loves black lives matter law. All of our leaders they loved black like no matter what if this is split again play a little bit more look at the tolerance a look at this that that. He's an hour right here and the power and it's not a man. Now GAAP as they're beating up whites. They don't. President and. Well you why you why you. I'm down a bit down beat beat them down beat the white people I guess that's Sherman street common bound Sherman come about shark here why why. Why and they just are being mellow. Now I. I mean there's so many angles here it's not even funny. This is a hate crime. That it's clearly these are this is a racist hate crime. Where's Loretta lynch. I'm always gone now but where is Eric Holder where's the dear leader. Where is Joseph Biden. How come and descending into civil rights division of the Justice Department nothing. Nothing now noticed is this house to be set. What did you hear from the liberal mainstream media again and again it's sort of like a paper are relentless tape that just won't end white racism. Home trumpets the racist kkk or is it ticket yet to members I think there are members left in the kkk but let that go. The rise of the kkk. Look at the racism. The ethnic and racial vitriol. The pure and utter hatred. That is rampant across the black lives matter movement let's listen to this. Now. This is Hillary's America. You wanna know what this election is about notice now where's Don I gas mask Lamine wears black cold Don lemon is on for. Similar rule. She got fire up African Americans cool to make him think it's Mississippi Burning more then CNN covered Ferguson nonstop. Where's the media. Because if the media covered this. And gave it a play they gave it to Ferguson and America witnesses Milwaukee being burnt to the ground. With this kind of rhetoric coming from them this pure anti white bigotry and racism. There would be a ground swell toward trump. So they're trying to suppress it as best they can. Let me be crystal clear. I blame Obama. I blame Hillary Clinton. I blame the Democratic Party. I blamed the entire corrupt liberal dishonest media. I blame establishment Republicans like Charlie Baker and others. Who have caught hold. Aided and abetted a peace and many of them out right supported and encouraged. Black lives matter. When you embolden and empower and encourage. Eight domestic hate group a domestic terrorist group. And tell them it's okay. To burn. Riot tool to assault to attack dumb mug to beat. Especially whites. And to burn their community stood her ground. You are actively invade actively encouraging and aiding and abetting. In the destruction of America it's divide and conquer. They wanna play the African American community. And the Latino community against whites. You wanna know what Hillary's America's gonna look like all you gotta do you wanna see the future. The future is Milwaukee. And my friends. It does not work. He I suspect that the officers confronted was armed with a firearm. I noticed that people are leaving now when they say police shot a man who shot an armed individual was time. So it doesn't give the the copiers. On the high ground on this sort of thing but look that's not what causes riots anyway. What causes riots are failed. Liberal urban policies. In these generals like Milwaukee Milwaukee has. Inescapable poverty would go like this six port city in America. That have. Course was Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke he spoke at the Republican National Convention. I love him he is the outspoken black conservative police chief of Milwaukee. I think he's one of the heroes in the United States. And notice I think one of the reasons Britney made a very good point one of their reasons why I think the media are afraid that cover this story. One of them. Then you gonna have to get a response from David Clark. And David Clarke's gonna stick it right back to the media. And sold the media is afraid that cover this story because they know that David Clark is gonna come out swinging. And he's gonna destroy ate the whole race is some black lives matter narrative. But you know and by the way by the way Brittany played just a little because I want all of you don't know this as a all of this is taking place where's the dear leader. All thing. Her ego to play again. Areas they had him hitting the ball. He loves to do that that's always gonna. Gonna give Tiger Woods around for his money pretty soon he's golfing in Martha's Vineyard. Torres he's partying it up in the vineyard in Cape Cod and only going to examine a good time on our dime. This is what's happening as he's whacking the ball to me a little bit more of the of the protest. That's the few. Oh look at that. I'd hire. People every day. Are we are going. A I mean this if we've got do we haven't heard I'd love eyes and in turn away a look at these brought this does is exactly that's what I'm talking about. This is the hole opened saying each. Did these are the children these are the children of Obama right there Dave reared up under Obama. And now if they don't get what they want the start writing can we play the right here. Who says that if he blames that on white people and aren't being a man not a rich people worry says they got so much talk a little give us a little. Curtis is because you know this what happened because they're not helping the black community like you know. It was can we make all this money in Indian I like you know trying it was nice this. And spreading the wealth as the dear leader put it. That's on but what about the welfare checks up on hamburger every bigger problem PBP cards now. Section eight. App app goes Obama phone's not among that now also they haven't given you something. Judy in New Hampshire go ahead Jewish. Hey Jeff. How are you usual keep getting better and better as things continue to get our. I mean you cover everything you really don't like it is he really gathered. I cannot understand for the life of me. Why me. Do not responded they allow all white people could just get beaten. And nobody we. On me quickly anything it almost reminds me of the only engulfing with a different along on and on and on how many people could have saved their lives that they went in your tuner. And it just like everything from then you know everything becomes news. What is wrong with these people get in the air intake Kara why are they letting it get all out of control like that. You know Judy I have to ask you why do you think this time the media. Is really not giving this a lot of play I mean this is a major riot. You've got cars burned buildings burned businesses burn gas stations burned and literally it's sort of like okay tornado in tests I turn. It'll land Kansas. All I think there was a little about smile little mini earthquake in California. All right in Milwaukee. And so everybody airing here in Cleveland. I hope I'm Jody and the heat wave continues duty day heat wave continues that's that why you think the media is playing at likeness. I just think that they cover up everything they're covering everything like as I can even Barack Obama like he's playing golf. When he should be addressing this in dealing with this it's like it's no big deal. Judy look I think he likes this. I think he doesn't care I think the more violence the more division. Of the more hatred the more animosity the more divide and conquer. The better for him and Hillary's feet. Oh. I guess whoever. Here and your dirt through the years is not a civil war when you're speaking about civil war you're talking about because these are things where your heart. This is oh Chris people fighting or if you rate your wife the premise. Told me that the. That was one of the leaders of the black Panthers. Basically not basically actually calls for a race war. He says he'll be many more violent protests that com that Milwaukee Ferguson was just the beginning. Now I'm still looking at a picture right now of the of the am the gang banger who was gunned down syllable Smith. There's a picture of him would an Uzi. I mean literally it's an Uzi. And he's got a rap sheet as long as my arm. He's been arrested for burglary he retail left. They've got MI drug possession and drug dealing. Apparently he he all sold they had him dead to rights on witness intimidation. They have a recording of him and his girlfriend. Openly talking about other gonna intimidate. A witness. And the witness of course then 24 hours later re cancer is testimony. And yet the police still drop the charges. So here you have a gang banger. Who is shocked by an African American police officer. And black lives matter is claiming this is part of the white supremacy system. I mean I said this to Brittany were talking about you other writing in and you know how they've been burning Milwaukee to the ground to a nights now nonstop writing. OK with big Mike Brown don't get me wrong it was a complete lie and he was a thug. But at least people believed right the lie was hangs up bushel wreck life is all they shot him execution style. This. They got it on camera I mean even the democratic mayor of Milwaukee. Civil Molly you the body can be conceived the camera. The guy quote had more firepower than the police. So you've got to gang banger who's armed to the teeth. Who spent turning his guns on the police. And dare rioting over him. I mean if this is not justified shooting honestly I don't know what it's I don't know what is what is the cost most do here shook me and we now. Just go ahead OK okay you're gang banger go ahead shall be in the head please make a quick. Why is the media not. Giving this the mainstream media the attention that they gave Ferguson. The attention that they gave to other incidents tray bond market you can run down ball. The whole list why are they not giving this the attention that it deserves. As they're narrative is going up in smoke letter. How do you mean by that Britain because look at these people hired. Writing and they are riding for criminal. You look at a guy he has a crapshoot as long as my arm it's ridiculous. And they and I really honestly think that they do fear sheriff Clark. The media because he exposes them he's been talking about says cents Ferguson. And do you think the fact that it was a black police officer an African American that shot an African American gang banger. So do you it was a white police officer or do you think you'd be a very different story. Absolutely. And look at and look what happened in Dallas. Cops are killed. Oh and and that she spoke out against the black lives matter and against the media and and politics. Any even senate if you're if you don't agree with how we are policing and then sign up. Learn where hiring I know we took his offer actually they did eliminated I think a lot of people signed up are you serious really remember reading airport mock. That's news to me Brittany 6172666868. Lines are loaded so army in instruct go ahead sand. Bureau Britney got an old Brittany is actually in that intricate double what it doesn't pick it story art doesn't pick in now have a true. You know everybody got a comment about bill quicker what is it he had speed truck Hillary and out of the world page you'll get better that's just cool being here. Luckily no walk. Opera the light opera Dallas brought in Baltimore. People need to wake up speed as they need to play not what the Democrats appreciate it Democrats have taken. A card deal from it feels this way below into the city. Yeah about what they've been eight dropped about the lights you'd think it would be. They should be protecting their at least be protect and at least it should be protecting its goals. That's basically. What they will come out there Philippines. Thought about it. That the that the Democrat. And we probably a rebel Serbs we are. They'll look at it as early as fact at that amount and our current market. Eight is right education of Emory and look at it get any urgent. Sammy. Sheriff David Clark meter brilliant point he said there are so many innocent people who live in those communities that are now being burned to the ground. Exactly they don't have gas stations anymore they don't have his chances anymore. And it they don't have buildings anymore they don't have pharmacies anymore. They're the ones that are paying the price the cops are there to help them. Against the gang bangers. Exactly in that they would just step back and look at they've listened to our community. What are you doing. What are you doing this year and we need to crush but we need to beat we know we are so much smarter in how we're being Pete trade on the loose. But even though it will pick this stuff. It doesn't fit their agenda britney's actually right they don't want attach this little clip and that hit it right Sam orchestra an elks. Sammy I want to ask because you I think you've been brilliant on immediate completely brilliant but I want to ask you wanna I wanna ask the audience this in all honesty let's have a conversation about this okay. And why are those rioters behaving the way they AR. Why would do that to your own community I mean you live with these people you're gonna you're burning their cars and I know they're talking lights I understand I don't. But I think it to to face a I don't think the two page number one I think I don't think these people have good reflection of the community of responsible people. Audit committee in our good reflection. Number it's true. I don't think the black the African. African American leadership has stepped up. They should be step and I basically speaking audit committee say listen we need to spot now. We need to set an example we get better and actually this is who we op. Sammy thank you very much for that call Britain you know you want to let you know who are at their leaders. Think about it they're needling them yet if you have Jesse Jackson. Al Sharpton Obama. Eric Holder. Wanted to land it she what did she say the last time in Dallas. He brought you if you pull blocked lives matter keep on protesting exactly there and you're enabling about why would you destroy your own community. That's what that's my question. I would wanna do that's and I community. There is there's gotta be another way to get their point across there has to aid does that make any sense to but it did he does so destructive. 617. To a 666868. Genie in Seattle you Geneen forgive me Geneen in Seattle Europe next coed Jimmy. Eight greeting them or wet to the north. Thank you now on I did that I you get the heck and I had. Meteorological or they work. Now for the Internet media or that person at the woman she saying it in the playbook. As an arrow you heard that part and I backed my felt oddly strained since he would think that they not meet its. Saying something about why would slam. I mean there's a lot of questions which you can be like bats and then I'll roll David Clark. He auction. I tape did you hear his speech today. We played parts of it yeah I thought it was magnificent Ginny and I thought one of the best beaches I've ever heard. And eat through a back like it a liberal failed policies. And I'm looking on one at his website and it is dealer they share block grant that the Democrat. So old that it doesn't to an area can. I think it might be media is not. Replaying that are going to start on it because it I'd say they're but they're trying to do. What they're. Trying to bait. They're trying to keep that attracts. Camping now okay he's expo. So that's why don't want to report and what I I would view I don't know it's it's it's shared. Responsibility you're eighty governor how it can still occur. If you're not network yeah you're coming from work or your going to work you got app I eat it you're on a street that late at night you don't have any IE. We can't call air aren't who you work for you are working. Go to jail. Got to stop. Jane they work on this guy syllable Smith he worked he was a drug dealer. You know he works at night you see what I mean idiots basically midnight till 4 in the morning that's that's the busy hour pass rush hour for him. And a it is. What I'm concerned is that not hear me over the I'm thinking coming parishioner. That I'll be right that are going on I mean look at shootings from January until now. I mean it's a lot and I'm thinking that Obama is gonna try to declare martial lock justice and election and all expelled. I mean Connie conspiracy here but that's what I'm thinking I don't know. It Geneen thank you very much for the call I appreciate it 6172666868. OK so. You get I just want you to hear this because this this is what George Soros is funding. This is what the president and Hillary are openly supporting this is black lives matter. These are there activists. These are there rubble browsers these are their so called protesters. Dirt Birmingham there fox. Der hoodlums and thugs. So as they're chanting black power. Then they. Cool there's a gas station shall be light up the gas station they just burn the whole thing. And then you see cars driving by and they start asking is they white is very white. And if people in the car or white. They don't they why big white states someone else and then the mob starts running towards the vehicles towards the cars. That's where they start picking mica a massive block cinder blocks smashing the car's. Our clubs baseball bats and they start pulling to the white people out of the car and they starred beating and stomping on them. And and so on other one says yeah a bit why get there. The Hayward but but get their butt. In another one another writer hey they've beaten up every white person. Hey why he why he why it being as head beat beat his head B or they're just a little bit tired of those says that today. As Obama said. Black lives matter. This is the future of America. They don't I. President. I'm angry they're yeah they're yanking them by the shirt and are stopping them once kicked him in the head. Wants to amend their lives otherwise get adamant that particular amendment. So look look at look at this look at this wholesome you. Looked at bears that's I see college. I see doctors. Are seated Jami Gertz. I'm being I've looked at tickets and I said call like this is Hillary's America. Let's putter in the Oval Office right now. I ya ya if this is the future. We're finished. While. Hillary is a marik my friends another day. Another riot. And EC four police officers seriously wounded. An eighteen year old Milwaukee man was shot seriously injured and derided. I'm looking at this police car and literally this car is completely burn burn to the ground like ice is blowing up. This police cruiser windows completely smashed and this cut okay. You know a whole building on fire. And on fired his cars are on fire. The vehicle. Black power there you go even reporters got beaten up. The Milwaukee journal sentinel they sent out a reporter a big jump them baby come up. Our and it's not a man plan and local TV station now final like Don lemon is in going and all maybe don't wanna get beaten up. But this TVs local TV channels sent them a reporter in the they go through this reporter to the ground and began stomping them there you go nothing to see here folks another day another riot. Brenda in Beverly go ahead Brenda. Yeah cricket match the men yet and in that same president that and that James that it had cut up went back on that he got. Courts it's just. We have that thing it's got staying. I am actually might she actually read Jack. Because I am just so PO right now. There it that's eve and what it I mean let's just call it what it is is this and check. But actual. I have no problem lay inept at the for the Barack Hussein Obama when he first came on board and it got pregnant and they. Community and I an app that the Cambridge police and I want bad act. And people only in a gutsy and I'll do you have been huge gap is that camping speed and a lot of them any that's given a crap back yeah yet pitched and he stacked. Preaching that act. And get on the carpet and a lot about having to have ability. You know that great speech a client out loud when he had Jeremiah Wright stepped up I even trouble from the beginning we have. How about George George rush okay but it would have been kind of racial kind acts. And stripe and you got ink and I haven't seen anything like that. It is disturbing. I I get pretty upset because Mike cited and it when he. And I do at the thought of what you want Harry that Albert. On that's why aren't they mention about it would inheriting majority blessed. This could Gilani. The word progress (%expletive) I have to chuckle because Donyell words like lumber laying up deterioration and and I can only hope today that may be on. Well actually. Somehow in youth and his speech. I think that's qualified all of these cities guarding it because they're being there. Could be garbage that I'm about. It's domestic terrorism I mean if nobody else has the guts to say it I will okay my friends we're gonna have a lot more of your calls coming up next. Also. Curt Schilling. Former Red Sox pitcher the legend himself. Is gonna weigh in on Milwaukee the riots. The election prompt. Don't touch that.