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081016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Jon Heder. Oliver Irving, The Gettysburg Ghost Gals

Aug 10, 2016|

08/10/16 - Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) & Oliver Irving discuss the new comedy Ghost Team; The Gettysburg Ghost Gals chat about their group, their investigations, and hauntings around Gettysburg; your calls and more

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This episode of beyond reality radio aired. August 10 2016. And welcome. Jason Hawes GB Johnson in here we go another night ahead of us it's going to be good one. As silly and I hope everybody enjoyed the last episode of ghost hunters tonight it was agrees armory in Cleveland. And it was a wonderful location Jim a lot of wild activity things going on footsteps people running around a door slamming. Are right behind Steve it was it was amazing it was just an incredible location yen later tonight in the program we'll take listener calls after people on the West Coast in an opportunity to receive the episode will take calls leader around chat about what people for a story here of course don't be doing spoiler rollers and I try to try to behave myself on the we do have a great show tonight I'm. We're gonna have Oliver Irving director of the ghost team also all over direct some a movie in the past with Robert Patterson from twilight called how to beat. Back in 2008. And John heater who is best known for all blades of glory the arm. On the polian dynamite and lots of other things that he's done over the years. They're going to be joining us tonight to talk about the movie ghost teams and it comes out I guess on Friday but you can actually get it free or whatever and Google place so are less golf world those details. Yeah left tells about the enemy just talked to John heater I loved the movie Napoleon Dynamite. And if for those of you CNET nine hope everybody's had a chance to because it really is a great flake. One of the most important plot points and that is the you know Pedro running for class president. And the votes for Pedro T shirts you know. The actor is a front Ramirez but I think of all years I think this year Pedro could actually win than United States president sit eat. Could have. If he was running for very Pedro and a half a mile a makes this has talked to John made heater about about Napoleon Dynamite in his other projects also we should mention that tomorrow night we've got Steve Huff coming up from half paranormal. That's going to be a great conversation I really wanna know more about his efforts to contact people like Robin Williams. Through what EVP. Sessions well and just to hear some of the EVPs and see if were able to. Or if if we all think that it's who it sounds like as well. And I have listened to a few and to you know some would make you wandered some rumor questionable right. And we'll have his take on all that Monday as we look at the next week Seth read love will be joining assesses the producer and director of an independent film series called small town monsters. It's basically folk lore legend sightings from monsters all around the United States whether it's a big foot type monster. You know Jersey devil kind of monster those types of stories he's does documentaries about them so he's got some great stories. So he should be the next Netflix original on serial killers net. Repeat a. I mean David but he's definitely has that makes him make sure and check us out on FaceBook and beyond reality radio. We got a lot of great family members on their these days are also beyond reality radio dot com you can ability to listen to the show live. Stream on stream in on. It also join us in the chat room where Jimmy and I sit talking with everybody else or any of the great channels shelter that we that we are on across America. You have also there's Facebook's Nat check ins to grammar and all those places and then told free listener line. Will will be taking listener calls later in the program that number is 844687. 7669. So without any spoilers today you did field. Blake is though you had a had a great investigation in Cleveland it you know was on the episode the art Grey's armory. You know why does it rank up there for for you know what you remember in the past or dozen or so investigation. Well all I'll be honest honestly I felt like when we are investing in investigating that place we are being played where it's as if when we're at lake scene Augustine light house or eastern state penitentiary. Or Waverly hills he gave us the impression that we were. And we were chasing something around and it was just it was manipulating mouse it was it was playing aspect and fourth so. It was it was one of my favorite locations and cleans disagree town anyway. Yet as it's great every time I get up there rim we spent some serious time equivalent to enter their for a total X three weeks so I'd so wonderful area. Yeah well hello everybody in the chat room good to see everybody so many familiar faces and names now what you said Jane they've all become family to be on reality radio group it's. It's awesome to see the names in the faces. Well I just love every time my rights are look out there I'm always seem to be our revolution never everybody's posting magnets or arts. It's really grow its its exploded yet and welcome to everybody. Are able go to break and when we come back we'll bring in our first guest Oliver Irving and John heater from the movie coast team then Jason and actually Steve had a cameo in some anxious to hear about their experience would that is well. It's beyond reality radio. It's TV from beyond reality radio when I just want to remind you that scared con is approaching quickly we need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary kind of mask his skirt and as a fan convention for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the skirt and we can include some liberties from your favorite. And TV shows you need vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary kind check out the website it's Garrett con dot com. Also subscribe to the email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. From October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. Can be the best week in the year and you don't want to miss it visit the website it's Gary Conn dot com that's Gary Condit dot com. For all the latest information. And welcome back to the program it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason and a TV another great night under way and let's not waste any time Jay let's go right to the phone line and bring our. Two guests in for the hour it's Oliver urging him John heater from the movie ghost team welcome gentlemen to the program. You know. Parties and sobered up yet but it. Or. Coach and are denied the motion did that I push you into an Oliver luck. Ultimately propellant. So you know obviously Jason I was involved in the in the film I'm having a cameo with Steve and goes team by Ted this this film is new to me tell me a little bit about it's I Genesis Oliver. Well. Actually I'm in particular happen on the patient and the cold sheer beauty I can do all year. And Iowa will that with the right front nine at one point saying you know you know well well well what we've got here. I'm and he was Anglo my eco partnerships that what goes on page. My and he said numbers. I grew up. Like a girl watching you know 'cause at this point and that includes annual report next. I'd be much. No denominational. You'll didn't chemistry. I mean. So I think I'll probably not a kid trying to find Gert she won around and then trying to match advocate Honda. So it certainly is an outlet she's great I love back unlike electric editing Shania about it so that like iron and the outcome not buying. And be honest library with the you'd send me the strip in the beginning and I had read it. And it would it was one it was one of those scripts where I see a lot of strips out there but. And a lot of them are really cheesy they're done they're they Don just silly but yours was done. We're in a way that it was still keep their professional but it was funny. And and that's what I liked about and that's when you when I spoke numerous times prior to two part of Stephen I doing wrong cameos. That and I said that that's kinda what I really like about his use you you kept it fun and you really do and I think that that was the most important thing. Exactly yet. We want it to be released on their economy. In that these charges against idiots like an hour and I'll hold on people. But people want like an interesting as you know ethnic and territorial partnership between the Davis and sitting on not a lot will it make it real. Let's put on the key here in the. So the description of the film is a paranormal obsessed man mounts his own investigation into the beyond what is depressed best friend. Misfit nephew a cable access medium. And an over eager security guard which just is a recipe Ed at the paranormal to that you've got a recipe for your for a lot of humor noted John which of those characters is yours. I'm Lou. Domingo. The guy who assembled a team. And subjected would you together you're the paranormal obsessed man. Yeah I didn't thank guy who what who watches it she wrote. And get all excited and he's really the one with the issues in the action any kind of strings all of these people long war. You know they're currently well it is what it is so that either different them duke it out better yet but he can it. It out over the course to get the ball goes. So originally believed but you don't start like you in the past and eat. Want to find this stuff. Well and I think it's funny John your your part in it. If you're working it like a copy place and you just you seem so miserable it's like the same old same old. So and so noble reading her reading the script and everything what do what turned you onto wanting to to do Jews who. I thought it was a really is that what. Oh really fun script it was funny it was kind of like its small little adventure it it made in just a tight little story. And I really like god because it all made sense it was a liked. It was good in. Convoluted or anything like what the other good news just it was a lot of on and you. Oh you know depending on the cast I agree a lot of it really depended. Do we get through because they were strong it was strong writing program on characters. And so. And yeah that's what true meet you. So John you hit did you know where you're a fan heard have you had any interest in TV shows like ghost honors before doing this movie or was this whole horrible thing kinda new deal. Well I have watched it harder than those kind of showed the bit compute I mean. I say that but I am kind of there's a small obsession for sure like I'd. You know what I mean had a yellow light house sprout in the middle of the Oregon coast check him out now all by a hundred. Like house Booker spoke like like I like buying. Scary stories. Did and collecting kind of Karen gullible so what I was hit in the library are sure you look at that de blob what you put into words all yours. I for sure still it really get into. Real goes sewers were on the east closed or we will go like every count hadn't old on distorted or. Haunted hotel that night I really get an idea I'd like second bloodless. Lord speaking of haunted hotels they see your from Fort Collins, Colorado knowing no he didn't you graduated I think from somewhere else in high school senior obviously moved at some point. But the Stanley Hotel is pretty darn close to Fort Collins right. I don't know I bet you I was boarding call 40. But that removed we are two never really so you were playing and I look there you weren't hanging out looking for ghosts and Estes Park had to wrestle accountants and they knew it. Hey maybe it was maybe I was delivered by goes back and tell us. Oliver. In this reassembling the cast more real looking for obviously good comedy but what else. Well I mean really slumping okay yeah good balance to people. Good like that kind of its beauty. All the team despite you know. Caught up kind of group of people. I am an Apple iPhone app won't treat our own job and I'm sure Patrick actively. And yes stake. I just yet we believe that what changes classic sketch out on December. And it was quite well you can you can elect counteract that. Date date it is established depressed are strands. That was just great mountain. I'm also you know scored at practice piece he's like what is and he got what's got pictures we're. By the same time really is and night night because alien. You know bright enough that triggered because gamble and inspection. And truck and it is almost like a bit tension between the Litman practicing and and and it forgotten he's. Attacked. Because that's what you like great amount. You're in Europe per unit Davidson. You're referring to a night crumbled from numbers. Exactly yeah yeah. A bag you know we needed someone in in the back taxes that that last year. That was like we needed someone you can Count Dracula frequency as cynical. Is that. And it economy at a time not take it seriously. And then the security guys let stick by it takes house knows Ayers. I am yet just as long as Cutler I should. He's got an extra outraged like I mean we can and obviously attack you know. So so. If if someone is a ghost hunters television fan and they going to see the movie continue. Point out a reference or two or homage or two that you might have in the film. That's directly tied to what might be I don't know to go so signers. Yeah yeah I mean well obviously until they discussed the yard day and the that matters occurred against. How blight are described as light goes on arms Barrett and approached look at. I am. But let's griping epic between the Eddie bloody shirt and are in turmoil. There. I am politely said you know we try to keep it real as possible light that we you know we get a piece actually beat he's the real content which you can't back on this. They'd look at the evidence. And that was one of the night it. That was one of the nice things out when we got out there Oliver it's like you you had these lines that you wanted to stick it to hit and so for them stuff you set out. You sent us but then we get out feel like just have fun with that just me just be your cells and make you make fun of each other you can poke fun at each other you make from yourself. Just have fun with the RC where it goes yeah and and I think that. Really set the whole the whole mood because when I I've been on a lot of movie sets and TV sets and things of that nature have been in the sphere have been the TV industry for over twelve years now. And the one thing I can say is when I showed up there everybody seemed like they were doing their job they were happy in doing. They everybody's having fun hanging out chilling out. And that's a lot of times you don't you don't see that there's a lot of attention on movie sets and I'm sure John you you'd agree with the July 10 is a lot of craziness everything is. You know it's got to be just like this but honestly was just it was easy going everybody's having fun you guys are getting getting the stuff done. I'd say for sure I mean I was wired Oliver. As actors a lot of times there's a bit of you know separation between what we see what's really going on by. I just speaking for the actors we had to travel a lot like we have a black elite or more street people might. I love life I groped and org yet. And I love the hole and I love and we are shooting like late night in Long Island and so there are some night it was like really cold. But my wardrobe was war and I loved running around in the dark with you flashlight to land gaps lit lantern. And that's why you know type of fun and I'd like I used to do that all the time camping. And so for me and it was like you know hanging out yet. A deadly camped out all these plug people are two weeks and I loved in the trap and the crew. Who's really into it may out of what time it was amazing that we're able to pull off what we give teachers. Oliver who knows better than anybody it was. We knew only how much time to get such a technical film. There's so many like the little dot you know a couple of strangers sitting around the table talking as a lot of running around. Creeping around in an equal shot. There was a lot of hard work and I got to give scenario Oliver the crew were being able. All of option such a movement in China but throughout reactors we loved. Yeah all and and Oliver did great because I'll tell he would act in two days I was supposed to have my surgery. And Oliver was able to and my knee and Oliver was them to move production to accommodate. So lit when I showed up there was the next date I believe Oliver was the day at this and the knee surgery. And that Cole was brutal because that I can I could barely at one point I can barely run was into one of the scenes just because my looks. Hamburger and I'm Imus thing yeah it Rogen Rhonda and you are okay and not to go out like. Okay excellent yeah well as your thought I went down after that everything business longer and it. It is going to be excellent hands running at some point. Well what's what's new what's a good ghost town without a good running away from something at a. Because that Suzuki delegates and well in the lose badly to judgment is what. You know the way. Wonder when I'll actually goes on you know you know you know you don't seem to be ninety counselors like maybe partnership. Yeah actually you are had a I'll break the dock that surround it. Shot like real flashlights shall act and knows well primary line which we could move quite quickly and she. And you know it didn't vote looked great. I really feel like Iraq and trailed in the people that likes. Who do you know. An outline and also you can afford blow it out. The bet against it is that if Egypt of people. You know you've got solid foundation and I can take people up front you know playing. Yeah great to these actors Scotland and a few guys are you know what you're doing bat. Under the times absolutely accurate but how it lays out and. We'll hang on hang on we we need to take a quick break and we come back we've got some more questions for. Hey this. To. Remember when you're looking to dream of owning your stereo. Appreciate what. Thank you disguise. ITunes was shot to have a broken down old blue moon probably horn and say hearted. This is very very creepy if we did. Documents and goes into the we can actually do something with the alliance yeah. Take special steps in this room he's in June subpoena on my machine out. Saying but I do have some digital cameras the night vision setting tonight duct taped him to a baseball. We're putting together the salute him and we obviously tough I don't do it brother that's he's going to give her much. Your civilian because that badges plastic and you were animal. And let her morning concert gross cash and me catching him spikes on. Source did you guys in this room we need to open up a line of communication. There and parents presents let me say yeah. I don't think there are welcomed. The forms. Since day. This is like where Mel Gibson he's the science to beat alien thing progress toward cents. Key tool for Franciscan has taken by a few minutes. It's okay you believe in ghosts and aliens are ridiculous. Favorite CNN. Zombie don't shoot him in the chastity and aim for the head. Quit it stop it. With the movie. The movie goes team word on the phone with Oliver Irving the director writer and also John heater. The star of the film guys I know that was just audio. But man that's funny stuff. Yeah. And especially. It's for somebody who you know is involved and asked investigations and Jason obviously very intimately involved in internal investigations every one of those audio moments we just had their. Can be tied to something that happened during one of our investigations at some point in our careers that's what makes it really funny. Well I have solar. An honest. Especially when you say American nearing and go on the one Guidant and David is this part and it. He talks about how on wall demons are okay one but aliens and of course you can't believe in used to wind and so it's just it was great is great writing at the as did a phenomenal job and I just wish I could mean the premiere party has had last night Steve said he had a great time you all great. Yeah I was as you might as my voices blow. Until late last night and outlook are in my Treo. And she's there. But I'm in the north that's right. It youngest Tucker runoff all right guys aren't easy video OK that's fine PH is well liked and I take. OK so on Albert tell us where people can see the film. Kazaa and I know a lot of Orleans is colonel one a 12. Yeah it's it playing in a bunch of cities. Panel Friday. I plane yoke is plain silly. Playing an ally a glance error Detroit Chicago. I'm gonna make some Tampa and Florida are now on to cities. You can you can you can check it out a mile. I'm like how critical aid to. I. He can they also that you can they get it online as well now. We can pull out and sent people can't see. The boot. Bad. The real pleasure in the movies aren't so I'm regulars in the Gingrich's. Have a good experience. I mean like in well it will be available online and did it. Our city cab and try get out and see in the movies bunkers are you happy about trying to add. Permanent but I. Last night I just sharing it with a with a crap people like that. You know what self taught about the millions. Because you get in and give you relief selection lacks an indication scat again in the marina on. You really feel when you're in the patent with a group of people you know. Yes and this is good good experienced or who would that would that would cracker where. Audience. I salute before we let you go Oliver what so what's next on the horizon for you. What kind of hit and things. Well there my knowledge my house incumbent. On our audited current. But yeah Alan it's straight into the next and I'm. You're nervous. Well that's Austin and I really appreciate your involving passing time reaching out to me contacting us and knows it was great experience and and I look forward to meet a. Didn't these days we really appreciate you it is. You know we again when you rightly so it wouldn't be great you know. The guys because. It actually get Jason. And so we'll let you know oxygen pieces of light on what we expect a bunch of actors are coming under our. Is it under but he had a I hope and then as well. And I just I was so wanted to do today it was great can you relate and we'll you know away what do you want to do it as a just come on down to a bank and on the day has some problems Selanne and that was great managed just. I guess and everybody there was wonderful you you were great deal with and I look forward to a to you know who accompanied again at some point. No no good. In the movie is ghost team who will be in theaters around the country and there we urge you to go check it out and down again Oliver thanks so much for joining us MB on reality radio. Hey go get some rest at at at a all right so Oliver Irving also John heater led to leave a little bit early the movie is goes team Jason Hawes Stephen sauls also showing up in the film. And after we've all had a chance to see it we're gonna do a little critique of your your acting in the film and. Is that what will and news. Yeah I guess. But. Honestly was just a good time but I don't yet check it out Machida. It's beyond reality radio will take a break we'll come back Gettysburg ghost girls host Dallas coming up. It's TV from beyond reality radio and I just want to remind you that scared con is approaching quickly you need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary kind of mask his skirt and as a fan convention for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the skirt and we can include celebrities from your favorite. And TV shows you need vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary con check out the website it's Gary Conn dot com. Also subscribe to email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. Can be the best week in the year and you don't want to miss it visit the website it's Gary Conn dot com that's Gary Condit dot com for all the latest information. Forget to check out FaceBook page seats here. Jason because now he stars of of the new movie ghost. Team coming to theaters. No no no no Newton and oh no but they are talking and it's funny however I didn't and we didn't bring it up but he's talking about making Leo web series of the ghost getters. Protocol that Steve and I did so we'll say that's cool your. By the way you tuned in to be on Rio de radio if you just joined us some great programs coming up the next few days tomorrow night. We've got Steve Hoff from half paranormal be talking about some of his contacts and investigations. Including sessions where he claims to have contacted Robin Williams. And then Monday Seth breedlove who is a movie maker has made a series of films about small town monsters a whole bunch a legends and and monster stories for from small rural towns in America. And did he brings many of these in a documentary form to the screen and he'll be sharing some of those stories with the sun Monday. Tuesday it's David sir read at the UFO enthusiasts. Who is. Bend fascinated with the US foe. You apology I guess it would be called since the Roswell incident 1947. And then next Wednesday Doug ward now it's a pretty interesting when dug a search for lost cities he's tracked where all sightings he's been he's been hunting down gold hidden by. Civil war secret societies he's lived alone in the woods for months he's been a lot of British experience has. And Cheryl Cheryl that would list but the question is have you found any of you found any of the gold anywhere rolls her. I imagine if he had if you found the gold he probably would need to talk to us and when that is what people and a suit I'm assuming he hasn't from the world view and I think that's probably true. On let's go to our our next guest is this is. Rigid and Jenny from the Gettysburg ghost gals ladies welcome to beyond reality radio. Ed. It baggy. The case. Good log on this show. Yes now I'm gonna warn you ahead of time we've got only a couple minister for we have to go to break against but in those two minutes correction about a minute and a half tell us what the Gettysburg ghost gals are all about. Out that we all about well we are all you know paranormal he got the located at art and part narrowly. We study that at a street battle field. And at a beyond and how. Each of our. Ought to be at in case you act chopped it. Not this story from the battle with apps from the adult. As you know we're not up court sharper where where pretty popped on Abbott and you know. It's got to be a lot to the current. You know where where where top artists out. Knows this rigid talking right now. Bridget I'm well number rigid that doesn't sound like he Gettysburg accent where you from. I hit it I had it. Don't cart. There. Are a lot art and I had a group years ago all of how are yours and I didn't hear. I'm going in a year your art the Getty art that's out about your degree or years. Out. We need more check out there right. Think I think the move from Long Island as much as I love Long Island in New York moving into Gettysburg is probably a nice change for you. But hold yes hold that thought we have to go to break in just a minute and when we come back I wanna. Start talking a little bit more about how you put the group together and then I wanna really get into some of these Gettysburg stories because Gettysburg is a just fabulous locations it's credible so fabulous place and not only is it is it full of locations but I have. Had so many people tell me that their interest in the paranormal started with a visit to Gettysburg. So we won't surprise yet so we'll have that conversation when we come back it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason. So let's go back to the group you. You two seem to be kind of the main investigators if Poole. Who rounds out the group known as Gettysburg or scales. Well we have might sell strict security we have. That team why Al and and we actually. Bought in an affiliate. Ought to we can cover more areas of the country. Org or call. Karl. I'm not you know so we all come current gap back or not attacks are twenty years. I Janney is a goat. Org I'd ever want him. Outplayed eight and its frequent and other artwork he Getty art and treat EU which in the military for many years. And your lawyers. Oh. We have great background. You know relief sites typically they are investigation op. No Bridget Bridget you are known as the scientist what does that mean. I hit against action on heart and we Kraft dot. You know not eat or. I don't even really like skilling saying that aren't. I'd like video highlight geeky right now I really. It really take a lot. For me to call something. Pocket we parent you can still eat it. Still got out that a parent now it's okay perhaps. I'd really take a lot Democrats need basically and you know. I. I I guess I you know why I. I annoy a lot of people it's not like garlic. Pitcher don't they hand out. You know like actually lot of pictures or act or get our. All of argot are. The first it is nab it probably is because it worked all right degraded our war you know it's it pops a little bit. Each year on our bond you know. Are usually out. Now but I think it's important you do that because. What I tell everybody is a pictures like greeting one page in an awful. And know nothing about what led up to it nothing about what happened after and I just have that 12 time. So you can't take a series of pictures or or or video or something where I'm able to see something moving am able to see what it does how it. How it changed direction things of that nature. Yeah yeah it it you know like a and it. Again you know each year year I get your hand if you got it now it's 88 you'd try and help people and I like urged to Wear on me because I went lab tech. Everything I doubt. You know Andy I'm at agree. He beat him on I sometimes actors are polite. You know on the geeky at our website at we have. We have pictures I courage. And from different areas all get our arms and while it may eat paranormal B we weren't bare when a picture and we know. What the atmosphere which like we are. Equals yeah we try and without and adamant up legally EDT. I you know we look at all levels we look at. RH pattern. So we want higher EDT unless it meets our criteria. Out now where we're we're not court shoppers back Fisher. Good today because and often Amal there's so Jenny Jenny your urine known as little ball but club. But I'm not one but love what is that about is accustomed yet they're different issues that it is extremely. I'm I am partly on Greek descent and and Richard. And I are are currently giant Johnny app that could also pre. And mental well thought that which isn't very tasty Greek. And I often make it for him so it ain't Amy little box. So we have to lean staff has for that that we've saying. I was I was sick you're getting ready to push the delete button Jim I don't know I was down on the and you have us insensitivity Jenny use that in your investigations. I am I do like I am that the psychic meeting of the group so I like to go in and just feel things out. However I am in love. With technology. I think it right pretty crazy every time there's something new that I see on elements like I want that. Thought I I light. Getting I guess affirmation of the things that I I am sensing and feeling I don't rely completely on my scent of human. And might might restrict some meat just like anybody out. Well I think that's important also that a lot of people asking why we don't we don't use sensitive on our investigations and the fact of the matter is you and we we have. We've had them in in they might get a feeling here or there but first off I try not to just because I don't wanna be contaminated and and focus on a certain area. But I want I want solid I want hardcore evidence I want and video or audio things of that nature that is that I can I can back it up on. So being insensitive but also not relying on that relying on the equipment I think is very important thing because the equipment gonna capture things you're able to put out there for the public to to view. Instead of them just trying to based their feelings on what you felt and at an investigation. All right I'll Hartley wholeheartedly. Agree. In fact they bridge expert asking me to be in a row I was a little uncertain right. People are like welcome to making it up. She. Convinced me making the equipment would definitely trying to help. And I guess you know help you believe that I do not just hitting it can actually go in there and get whatever they want. But it is not what derailed when I hear any EP. Or I see some being you know on a video it. Makes my heart count it's cool and awesome. Yeah and that's also something that you can put out there and let the world see you and I don't think that is the most important so. I. So we Bridget engine and we have about a minute before we have to break again but. Give us a sense like when you are looking at prospective investigators to work with what types of qualities do you like. I think honesty. Is very very important. But somebody. People who have a really good sense of humor and Britain's iron nine. And it that they are not normal blah. I was anybody in the in the paranormal community your normal and I think I don't know quite. Paranormal are being normal. We have. Very good sense of humor we vacate what we do very seriously. But outside investigations. We like to play practical jokes and one another we he's each other. Certainly we look at people who can dish it out and take it. Our were talking with the Gettysburg ghost gals and we have to go to break in just a moment and when we come back we're going to talk about. Some specific haunts in the Gettysburg area and as I said before and used you girls probably heard this as well Gettysburg seems to be the most common. Destination. For people who have experienced something and then it's turned and opened their eyes to the paranormal. Figured that. I think I'm sorry Amtrak and I can't let that indictment are trying to. Okay will you check. Think about that and we'll talk about when we come back it's beyond reality radio Jason indeed. Back to the show we've done our. Ginsburg goes. We're talking to them about first about the group Gettysburg goes Kara gals what they're all about what they do but the question I asked before you went to the break was. Was more misstatement and I wanted to an opinion. One of the things that I've noticed frequently when I talked to people about how they got their interest in the paranormal and where they started their investigations. Very often it's a story that goes back to Gettysburg Pennsylvania there there are just as of Taurus and their on the battlefield or one of those attractions. And had a paranormal experience in these are a lot of times people who didn't believer didn't. Even think about the paranormal and it's a visit to Gettysburg changes all that have you ladies the experience that as well when you talk to people. Yes absolutely I. Large which are people in. And I know you're back on or towards art work eat only act these actors and couple times a year and basically acts. Like me here white because I play her at her. Her odds are. Not coming your child. I. What may decide this here why. She was so rich with paranormal activity that I want it around all talk. Especially especially place with so so much so much trauma if you think about it so many people lost their lives there you guys have so many haunts locations over the you have Ginny Waite house seat at the the orphanage and I investigated as well. I've message anyway how sorry you have you have the Farnsworth house have been there many times. And the locations are just endless with that with activity on the good from my mark Nesbitt I'm sure you ladies know Marcum. That he's been he's been out there forever used to work for the park and you mean does haunting ghost story now which seems like it's always packed and especially when you on majesty here are some of the history. And the experiences that people had to route all those buildings it's it's incredible. Yet we've been I mean we've been called the Q people webpart. Adding higher. People let out our art and investigated. You know and Kate are dying and I want apartment which make like an act are. It literally went all out. I'll a RI cal and beards not you know they say oh well what. You know. What typically taught and where their. Specifically want dare Wear you out there where. Would it trigger in 83 out. Which need to be out and people die. Out and ought. One anyway and real time. By eight you know eight absentees included. Your. New. Year. I think that nature every where it wanted. And I mean I paper white. At the airport body and I street app that we got on much. At one case and it each calvary battle. A lot of people out and surely there because none of the torque companies got there you can literally got eight Calgary peel. All happy hour and we got old spice it up there I actually hack. Generally rocks behind me while EDT. I I. That's called apt monument it caddies are and it hard. And you know it's I believe such application because there artwork there aren't. Yeah very on star. I'll get any results we needed her and Uygur air. If you absolutely. Amazing location. A lot of people are. If you're just tuning annual synergies and NG beyond beyond reality radio we're talking with the Gettysburg ghost gavels. And about different ought to locations throughout the area. And the colon number told free is 8446877669. In the 446877669. So ladies. I spent a lot of time in Gettysburg myself actually but more is a civil war buff although I am involved in the paranormal. Gettysburg and there was a childless men. A place that I go to just experience of living history of it all. Armed you can't deny and you kind of touched on average near talking about the number of casualties there over the course of a three day battle in the 1863. The amount of tragedy. And and physically blood soaked into that ground I mean you can't help but assume there is a tremendous amount of energy to fuel paranormal. Type activity. Yet apps absolutely. I mean I know Jenny an attack that. Working. I'd. Soldier's story that was killed on our ports are. Out. There documentation. Shouldn't imply that it goes by. You know journals that that we've seen him and I bought patty today as saying that we do know that two soldiers were shot. Unopened airports which is now closed but the the bedroom. And the one soldier made it inside indict the other one. Nearly had a pet completely severed from his body by one bullet and he let out on that court for the second between the arterial array. And the house bill but between Italy at the timing nature went up there in Rhode. Your diary at the entire ports to a quick it was covered in red ink. Just from acute soldiers that were shot up there. And I know that when you walk through some of the streets of Gettysburg there at the buildings are still scarred was. Musket ball there but many bullet holes. Clearly it's a town that from you know border to border on that town. They experienced. That battle an 1863. Now let's let's get a little more specific. Jenny you work at the Farnsworth house that is one of the hotspots as far as parallel activity goes in Gettysburg. Tell us you you told us one story there to tell some that of other things that happened at the Farnsworth house. Sister give us a little bit of the history and then tell some of the paranormal activity that people experience there. Okay. Think that held live with built between eight. Await an 1833. It was built by heartening capital Sweeney. During the battle of Gettysburg. Catherine took the children go to please state current army stayed behind and make sure nothing bad happened to a pal. See the Garret the attic was occupied by confederate sharpshooters. Add we believed in me dining room area which we capped in anything parlor which uses the union hill that'll. And accelerate rarity these toward the net. So as far as we understand. That we have about fifteen confirmed here at. And this is cute too records that we have seen as well at paranormal evidence. And art creepy stuff Obama got it there and witnessed summit I'll. And there's a lot down. I mean calculus things that happened in the house where. People have woken up and the soldier spoke about who nearly lost pet is a red beard. They open their eyes and their bed and there's a record at soldiers standing a foot of the bed staring at them. People have been punished downstairs by nobody. They didn't laps stayed in pickle they had severe get into bed with them. And I at least tell them that it's but it is small but it probably one of the children it's cute it's it's a big bodies to filter gross and make eight. Argue all we know we're gonna do here we're gonna go to the phone lines exit think we have somebody who is familiar with you ladies Tracy. Welcome to be on reality radio. Crime hiding behind doing great. He. I planned high end. Like old home week here and beyond reality radio or so Tracy you're part of the Atlanta goes girls. Gals yeah yeah and even men and magic involved with the these two characters characters Bridget and Jenny. I would panic only backup from the Maryland area and and I like a familiar. What he's getting burned duke Dowd and and military to Atlanta. My partner Jen and I we commit our team together. And and we kept code I put. That's how I know these great doubt. And I'm I'm assume I'm. I'm assuming preceded you you you also have spent time investigating in Gettysburg and probably has some stories of your own. Yeah idea idea. You know actually Gettysburg is like my favorite place is. Ego. It's such spiritual place you know. And it it's not just. Don't think they're being paranormal investigator trying to get some sort of evidence but it just at the spiritual build your way. I think that many men locked they're like in any corner lot turn lies and just the spirit of our. Of those soldiers. Into can keep a lid on that date though it really hit a really cool place else. So Bridget. Com we talked about the Farnsworth house what's wanna your favorites but you mentioned done that the battlefield that there's Karen exactly the calvary battlefield. But what are some of response that you really like to go and investigate. Well I'd love each each fabric back up and aren't out. No other place lot of activity. Cars is actually behind. High school which actually stored at read elk are not a one top lot activity air ot. I'd really are really cool off. Which. Actually recommend it to your mutual friend went. Into David Stuart or and I. That David Stuart arm is. We. Lived there aren't good your art art. That you may know. It on air and be actually sleep there. And the barn. I get up put it in in in New England terms as we gave. I think it gets like Boston mass term since there is kind of like our country they're gonna. A lot of the US is that one of the buildings is a lot of the farms in the Gettysburg area and I just raid on the battlefield but in the whole area re used as field hospitals is that one. Right well at it most definitely. If we use outer opt out now. Up by the confederate as retreating out of Getty art and write each tee. It literally is in between pat air you'll get our air field. At any high. Got. Air pulp there are got all personnel. That we now before. That the light that went right on about. Right all of like to answer your RR eight at her age are right. Ot Clark extra shadow on our. Hot. Pond and back are and I would say our terror and another plate in caddies are area. That we need that we can do it I really botched a civil war on eight. It armed pilots while and I made it up and markets now on I'll be part of it can't congress ought to now. I. Wanna. Act that it should be an act that out at Iowa out right at eight. That means it is extremely. Active and eat in document are your. Okay do some phenomenal place of the cash talent in we spent time as well valuable the documents are phenomenal evidence they're on a picture frame actually sliding across the tabling cramped room. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right if you're interested. You need to subscribe to taps her majesty. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the web sites taps her bag dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's captured her. Where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Error magazine again go to the website tab CarMax dot com. That's taps paramedic dot com use promo code. Our Jason Hawes TV Johnson the Gettysburg ghost gals ladies we're actually gonna take a phone call if you don't mind it sound it's a someone who haven't paranormal experience we just want to. Chad and maybe get your opinion as well Adriana from Texas you're on beyond reality radio thanks for Colin and. Hi how are you. Still. The U. I'm calling because. Do you nickel my daughter with just six years old. And she can depending me that she had a friend I kept asking her or her friend or. And she would station during here. And I asked for a stay up to my mom about it and and they've said you know this is targeted an imaginary friend that she is playing with. But as time went on. She kept bringing her out gave me you know if any it has not sure would say and I want to come with a can't panic come all the ear can and I believe there. And I got to a point where I didn't like get anymore. I kept telling her no you don't give your gonna come Whitney hand at state. And me and taken me being toward space doing that because then very next day she woke up crying. And I natural let them mattered she says. I don't want to they would have any more data lab what happened. She says and I don't want to hurt you and I say why. It because haven't that you don't want. You know one heart attack along wherever we need to go. And you want to stop us from having fun. So. I I think it a little scary but writing tickets so personal. So I just told her is that it was in your mind and she needed critical. One day after Porsche eighteen homes shifting upstairs. And she's stuck age comes out there that you say it I mean if it was followed suit says. Kind of problems Garrett has happened and I see you're scared of why and she said. Because cannot want this to play forever. And it say OK and she said so and that says. That if I talked on the stairs we can beat it saying and we can tape her ever saying you can't stop us from me. What she said that I was just didn't tear it. We took off I went to my mom's at least let different cities. I went to local church where my mom of course and we finally got to ask you to come over. At the minute he came in. They don't drink of prayer. But to pasture. Seemed very serious and either left and there was something that I need if politics. Soul that is very makes it would go to church and me and my mom and a pastor at the top but at the said. That spirit that child. It seen it not read it period it's more elected deem it. And well I was not happy with that and that we have to leave they could to come back and they told me that it was. It was too much for them that they needed someone bigger to come in and help me with that. Oh would be based stopped helping me. So I mean I was let go all of my child and they really quick poll. So what are we did which is we believe in prayer and say hey praying and I have heard me. But I'd start it waking up with fruit that. In areas where it would be uncommon for me and it felt like my commitment in mid section of my back I might die. Being saying that they need. And I I don't know where to get help. Well aware of me when was the last time that something happened. Dunlap and it happened when it about two weeks at call a quick I mean it it seemed to have stopped by being. Have got an all out wars. It started two year ethical but when it begun it was like baby everything but gay and has something to say my daughter and then. After the pasture teen and teen act seemed to have content down day activity. But they came back. Twice as much because I had to go away several. Toy of my daughter because they were going out by themselves. She had a Teddy bear that you had to squeeze it really art from the the from the Tammy and it would just randomly talk and make so we have to bring that. We actually edit me musical piano. And that 38 in the middle of the night usually if Horry and it was their plane myself we have to get rid of that. And then once we got rid of both suffered towing. Dictate it went down. And she's added Perry I would ask have you seen and not an issue with saying no. And and something should they get mom but I just closed my eyes and a technical way. I would recommend if you just if you sending email to me it Jason at Jason Hawes dot com. I did see about getting a tab Stanley group. And that and in the area over do you rather quickly. Cents a gallon and that and will have who we have the ability to go beyond what you're you're precede your church who was able to do. And we and we also have can connections higher up in India. Religious organizations so I recommend you sending me an email and we could see about helping you out that way. All right so it's Jason it's just Jason at Jason caused comedy semi attracting off America. Okay I sure well. All right thank you very much took on yes thank you Ager Anna thanks for sharing that with us and down you know be strong. Ladies Gettysburg goes gals when you think of the story like that and that it's really touching actually. Get it very touches your heart Oxnard. I'll let you know make you angry. A lot of times it happens to small children anyways because the fact of the matter is child has more prone to see things from an adult. So even even our regular human type spirit is going to mean more prone to be around a child knowing that. The child's more open than adults it's not until we start telling them that these things aren't real we start conditioning them. And having their minds clothes off. I think they are they are weaker than adults so. You have something whether it's demonic or not looked like he gonna pray at. Child yet I would like to hear it I would take. I think they're weaker than dull and physical. Appearance but I think they're stronger than tell the mental appearance and if you think about it. A child is more prone to be able to learn multiple languages and adult. And so and so they're in their minds are far more. Open soon and far far stronger than ours at that point and they're not full of garbage in the garbage that we gain over in decades of our life so. There and but they are wide open their open to the possibility of anything being real. So there are more prone to be able to make contact with it with him. With resume would not resume an intelligent type on sort. Or even a negative start on and so. Yeah it is it it securely and especially you know and you know it all out ot being our parent. Have a shot at. Child out. You'd think at every big about a dramatic collapse back. Out because you want a child like that meet the child. Not being. Who are. Try to weed that. Every act that society. Yet you know try to act out. On a different thing that. You gotta make sure drop wiped out and buy up to it very very troubling your act. Okay we don't hang on we gonna take a break we're talking to the Gettysburg go scales gonna bring them back for a quick moment after the break it's beyond reality radio. As another night the moves forward and we get to them the last thirty minutes of tonight's program called social. It doesn't really eerie especially thinking that we won't used to do the show one day a week for three hours and now we do it. Four days a week for two arsons indeed BS when more than that and the tools I so fast yet the two hours the show goes seems to. Opine fifteen minutes the whole thing just flies by. I don't forget tomorrow night we've got Steve Hoff from half paranormal will be talking about some of his. Contacts including his claim that he's contacted Robin Williams also Seth breedlove will be coming in Monday. For the show and he'll be talking gospels small town monsters he's produced a number of documentaries about local legends in rural America will be talking about some of those stories. And it will be talking UFO's on Tuesday and down Wednesday adventure including where all sightings lost cities. Gold hidden by civil war secret societies and a whole lot more it's a week full of great shows next week as well beyond reality radio it's going to be awesome it is. Are so let's severing the Gettysburg go scales back and we help them over because I wanted to give them a chance of chocolate a moment about their book. You ladies have a book or maybe even a couple of wasn't really sure. And how it all worked because you have. True on things of a ghost town Gettysburg. And it seemed as though there was a confederate addition any union addition is that right. Here we came out at second eerie. To honor. All Getty art. Off. First timer and apparently actually. A blue copy. Copy honored. Or. It covers her Olympic different. I don't want book it's right. Now we wanted to do an Olympic effort. And working people get a hold the book. Got me and eat a book retailer aren't at all. Ellen or retailer and around the world and all in. And I know that you guys sound you make personal appearances. You get out and about if people wanna learn more about either where you walk are or how to have you make an appearance how would they do that. Well they can book out of Brett ideal event management we. Or eight and got our web site that we eat that are out her and I don't Wear it for me. That's terrific K we'd really appreciate you ladies joining us on the program tonight Bridget Jenny from the Cooperstown Cooperstown listened to Gettysburg ghost or else. It's late for me to we appreciate you being on the program ladies and hope to have you back some day soon. It got. Thanks so much got all the the art. And can run. Our enemy and you know one week we're gonna take a break when we come back we're gonna take phone calls Jay we'll talk a little bit about tonight's episode of ghosts owners may be yet sounds good your question Marcos Connors or something else give us a call 8446877669. Again the 446877669. Non reality radio kids. It's TV from beyond reality radio when I just want to remind you it's Derrick Thomas approaching quickly you need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary condi masked his skirt and as a fan convention for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the scourge that we can include celebrities from your favorite new. And TV shows you need vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about Gary Conn check out the website it's scary time dot com. Also subscribe to the email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. Can be the best we can hear and you don't wanna visit visit the website it's scary con dot com. That's Gary Condit dot com for all the latest information. Forget to check out FaceBook page seats here. Jason Hawes GB Johnson. Tonight was. The second episode of ghost hunters this season eleven on site fighters total of thirteen that they have and yet tonight we investigating agrees armory in Cleveland. And it was it was phenomenal location Jim a lot of activity. That was going on there. They attributed to. Gentleman who who worked there for many many years and passed away. But you know doors and closing on their own footsteps people walking around. Just moving them sent a door getting slammed right behind Steve. And that was caught as well so you're just phenomenal place. Enriches to hear what you think about it if you seen the episode tonight you're free to give us a call to chat it's 844687. 7669 let's go to the phone now we have Larry from Missouri on the line Larry welcome to be on reality radio. Right air base state but. All the you very much. Yeah but a great bend surge are low around. Oh who. Can't order either their stories. Are there so war and they're out. Out of jail numerous people. You know if I. Strangely I've heard of the place because that gets some friends in Kansas City but. I've never been out there before but I I definitely loved check it out of me if it's an active location. Yet yet there's so. I don't know. Urged Pillsbury. All our. Has have you do you have you done any investigating Larry there or do you know anybody that has done some paranormal investigations in that area. Now lied I don't know but first it. Art. You know yeah the our eyes are you listening to us out there on KM BZ. OK great we'll do me a favor and stay on the line I'm gonna have slick Eddie get your information like to do HOT shared some of parent. All right very hey thanks for listening and standing on course yet thank you. So you know nothing about the civil war sites is that as I mentioned rumor and everybody mentions we talked about Gettysburg is specifically but. They were so much tragedy in and the civil war was not just. Brother against brother American against American but it was. It was a period word technology started to. Change in in more fair. Their fourth carnage was just unbelievable. And they're still using old tactics. Fighting yet it's within standing right in front of each other and and shooting just shooting and that's why the casualty counts for so high and that's why those of war battlefields. Have so much energy and so much you know trauma. And that was one thing way Advest he had a lot of places down in Gettysburg and the thing is so many of those homes became field hospitals we investigated one home. That. That is there weren't and they were talking about with the with the things that went on there they use the basement of this home as field hospital. And lip and there were literally. I've just analysts arms and legs there had been severed that were being dropped out Gephardt's window piles aside and just think it and again my gosh. And then just yet the eve of the war for they are using. Immediate shot Jim the infection sets and because the immaterial that you weren't for clothes and everything you're dead anyways I'm there was just becomes a long prolonged die as debt death it just takes forever to die. There was no penicillin you if you had a of a musket ball or many ball or whatever that that pierced your body and it didn't come out. You gonna die from an infection there was no way to avoid it and they didn't have any way to stop that so is it the whole thing is just so tragic obviously and and am on unbelievable chapter in American history but it also has created so much for. You know paranormal fuel. And the other thing that's kind of interesting about the civil war and this is an offshoot to teen years later. As as photography got better the advent of spirit photography was directly related to the civil war because so many people lost. Loved ones during the war. They were so anxious to try to make contact in the new heads of scammer is creating these double exposure. All of so photographs telling people they were able to bring their. In other debt counselor dead brother dead husband back in a photograph and and spare photography was a rage for a few years until it was found out to be fraudulent. Honestly if you think about it still goes on to a point to this day it's just now the and the apps and moderate may have made so much easier so you have people a little wiser back then would photography being so new and people being so unfamiliar with the nobody having their own camera you know the it was kind of very mystical thing to them at the time. And the civil rule civil war really fueled a lot of that. Now via insane nearly laws so the telephone numbers 8446877669. If you wanna call and I chat about maybe. Paranormal investigation you've had specifically news when they get civil war site or not either way it's fine or you wanna chat about the episode and I do have a couple questions about the episode Jack. Yeah on. When you do have a site like an armory obviously a massive building and you know big big structure Tom how. You know how happy you get a spread yourself pretty fan to be able to cultural elect territory. Well yes and honestly we get so much equipment Jim and you've you've shown up some of our investigation we get so much equipment that it's it's easy to cover. But the problem is it looks like Greta location for six hours a night. That's up a factor where we're at a location and most of the time multiple days. To bush and will be there setting up equipment it could go 345. Hours to set up equipment and then that's stuffs left up. But who is similar and Asa some of the best investigations we've done in a long long time are going to be airing soon. There's one in east Greenwich that I can't tell you what we can't but I'm gonna tell you that it's one of the best pieces of evidence I think well we've ever caught. Where. It's just it's mind like I I wish I could share it. And I showed it to meatloaf when when we and then met up with them and he was he was mine long piece is how to how is that possible. Sobel we have some incredible evidence coming up this season and I think people are just gonna be like wow so. It's going to be a great season and it's the final season on scifi and then on to bigger and better things. For all of us including this this program beyond reality radio. On one of the questions we often get whether it's in chatter it's on FaceBook or whatever happens to be is one of the earlier episodes of ghosts owners. You would focus on residential. Sites residential investigations and as as the season's progressed you kind of went more toward the bigger commercial sites was there was that intentional or is that just the way can happen. Well honestly we still do a lot of residential homes or it's just aren't so we I have final say on where we investigate. Of course scifi owns the channels of their final sale which episodes air. So there's a ton of investigations that we do all the time and residential homes. But they choose to mainly. Show all the shows some residential homes here and held him there in the feet amend. To the mix but a lot of times they tend to show. These these big huge locations. That's their own that's that's up to them I can't change that I am I enjoying more the connection of being. Being able to go on somebody's home hope them I'll figure out what's truly going on. And has set the Stanley 80s but I am scifi looks at it differently so. But we're talking about go senators the second episode of season eleven on scifi aired tonight and you know we're channel on your join us if you want 844687. 7669. When we come back from the break we're gonna get something away so cool. 7669. And I've agreed eighty AJ wanna we give away a couple of tickets to the scare con convention coming up it turning stone casino at the end of September. Tom will take a caller means give as a shouted a 446877669. Whom should hook up with a couple tickets. And have Nestle and at the casino there which arms that that's always jamming it is the enemy on us at last time I was there and then there's what 78000. People and they came through there yes while. Well we're hanger out came on earth did you hit it played Jason of Friday the thirteenth and just. Yeah it's agree it's it's absolutely great time on. So us 8446877669. Is the telephone number and give us a shout and we'd be happy to talk to you. Beyond reality radio coming up in the next. Couple nights a seat tomorrow night we have Steve Hoff from half paranormal. And will be talking about some of the contacts and investigation he has including his seat sessions where he claims to have contacted Robin Williams. And then a Monday it's Seth breedlove will be talking about small town monsters. Small town monsters. He has done a number of documentaries about. Legends in small town America you know monsters local. Things. In debt maybe go bump in the night he's got a number of movies. That that note to address the topic we'll have him on and I've heard him before and he's really a fascinating guy and his his films are terrific. And then on Tuesday of next week it's David Serena and he's a UFO enthusiasts and he's never. In doubt of the phenomenon that has swept the world cents a Roswell occurred in 1947. And on Wednesday it's Doug ward he searched all over the world for so many things like lost cities where walls. Gold hitting by civil war secret societies. And and much much more and of course we always take your phone calls. And so are we got some calls we are gonna go to the phone lines here we've got Chris. From Massachusetts. Joining us Chris welcome beyond me on the radio. Go great soon how are you really want her winners. Particularly. It's in. And this listen now I want to show well and listen to that standard up. I don't to a ghost hunters and I guess it's in the last what does that suit but it does. This is the last season that we're going to be and doing anything with the scifi channel yet and you know it's have very high probability that we do we're just gonna go somewhere else on. But I just felt that this time it was it was best for us to. To part ways and to go do our own things. I do have a question is the only future and it's a no that's probably a lot of people. I you've got to do another Halloween special live event. You know what I wouldn't mind doing a Halloween special lies as long as it was the day before Halloween com it's just don't want to do it on Halloween just because you know my kids and I've still I've got it twin twelve year old soon. And stuff like then I just I hate to miss any any holidays with them so I don't my daughter I told them I'd. I gladly do what the day before two days before Halloween to a light show but. They were stuck with it being on Halloween and I just couldn't do that Chris did you like watching the live shows. Oh yeah I'd I watch shuttle actually here and when I was market. My I think the day off on the next they options like they have don't want to say just like children and watch it on you know bring it up on the computer straight to watch all the major that was setup and so. As they go to lake 3 in the morning with those those in this Ali Sina yeah yeah Korea goes to show or. I'll be honest I was rough though and but it it also suck Nolan might kids are Al you know trick or treating and I was I was there on TV and you know I just that's one thing I always loved was. Well my daughters were young man dressing as heightened they always had meat dress up as the beast and they dress up as beauty and so as always taking them now. So just to be missing it with my boys so it was it was tough thanks for the call Chris we have to move on we've got Cindy from Wisconsin welcome to be on reality radio. Hi good evening again hello I'm sorry I was on chat now last time you guys one place I think be really cool if you investigated was. Tactical scouts and. Okay poet who excelled there. It's up near Green Bay becoming Green Bay and Michigan up there there was a fire there in 1870 want the entire Koppel has destroyed. And there's over 2000 people were killed. Just and you never heard him there next to this man's grave. 300 somebody's to no man scream at the Jews and yeah and there's a museum they're out of an old church foundation. That they built that second to a church now let's turn into a museum. It going the basement there and look at some of the things that they have in the museum. You're on the same level is that mass grave here. And I'll kinda creepy and I think there would be a cool place to investigate. Yeah I'm I'm gonna look up that pummeled compare information on that and did to me a favor stay on the line to them and have slinky you're information receive a Kenya and a teacher from Curtis camera paying more to go start com. Thanks of the pulse and it we get a move on thanks for the call. Stay on the line. OK we go one more time from one more this is daisy near Rochester DC welcome to be on reality radio. It okay. Welcome Michelle and he got about you got about a minute what's going on. I did I mention a couple of things that I'm happy to meet the first time I went down in Edinburgh. I went into louder Dragic and national partner and that they cannot Mac and being banged. And like ten minutes and had. And spread it it was like hot seat and it was a Sunday night it would. Like really meant he got out there was only one other higher. We had but in the park that ballot at the budget people that are yup. And we tried it in and see them that out in the woods you know out of the car in the wake of blue color of light. It is getting quote unquote to the road. Where were our. And then there's still more to come up behind it. And then coming behind it scale and common toward that and then aged kept feeling in my regiment coming towards. Oh geez that's it now and we see her and so pop like a little charter. And then statute on the crying that you could apparently. I remember what the guys meaner but the key. Iran's move apparently got all we'll probably get killed. And it stated that it she cried while we went there naive I hit a flashlight right up on the bank based. And there was the here there are wet it's drought coming from it I acquired it I went down as they. It was just like hanging there because it. It's like a little bit ago that he additional industry we know we got to cut Joliet country awful we're at the end of the show but I'll banks and Israel daisy call back next week. Look if your more of that storage Jason JB young male and radio. Until mama.