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Are You Afraid to Show Support for Trump? 8.8.16

Aug 8, 2016|

There have been multiple reports of signs being vandalized and harm to Trump supporters. Jeff admits he's afraid, Brittany is not.

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Just cooler and the buttons bulldozer at cleaning up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back. This he's on America's voice of the resistance the cotton rope puller. You always comes between three and 4 in the morning we want. Vertical her sign up for me to put my son of a look the people decide who gets in there. Liberal. Intolerance. Rears its ugly head. Here in Massachusetts. All across the country. Trump supporters. Under siege. My friends let me ask you this we're gonna start right out of the gate. The corner country poll question of the day and asked to be asked because of the spot of storage chilling frightening stories. That have occurred over the last three or four days. About assaults on private property on trumps science. Vandalized. Or vandalism taking place. Outright assault and even in one case a shooting. Are you were afraid. To show your support for trump. Let me ask you the question right out of the bat are you afraid. To show your support. For trump. An honest answer. Not you don't false bravado role or are you afraid to put up a long sign amassing and not doing it you may be doing it but there's. Internal residual fear. Or trump bumper sticker or trump button or whatever. Are you afraid to show your support for trump. If the answer is yes. And I'll be honest with you for me the answer is yes I support him. But I'm worry always about it packs on meet on my children on my private property. If the answer is yes taxed eight to 68680. If the answer is no they just really doesn't faze you text the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. We're gonna have poll results throughout the hour and throughout the show. Okay. My friends. A couple of quick stories and then I wanna throw it open to use the audience because this is getting chilling. This is now becoming increasingly. Undemocratic. What is taking place. In North Andover. A veteran a sixty year old veteran who served this country are gonna sell that super pronouncing his last name correctly. Apparently. Has had repeated issues with somebody. Destroying his trump signed trump for president signed. Well on early Saturday morning. He finally caught the culprit. Suzanne Bryant of north threading 57 years of age. An arch moon bat. I die hard Hillary supporter. I die hard liberal. Who had been destroying and spray painting numerous of his science before. She then spray painted his sign trump sign. On Americans Elvis is property. On one side of the Sus signed with Spain did quote Putin's. Expletive. You know what they're called claiming about trump. Regarding Putin and on the other side was painted gold star fail. Alluding to easier on the gold star family it's rhetoric senator. When aren't tends Elvis finally had enough he confronted her. This is in the wee hours of Saturday morning. She had repeatedly vandalized and destroyed his science. She then got into her car. Drove erratically. And almost hit him she almost ran him over. Police eventually track down Suzanne Bryant she is now being charged with four counts of defacing property. And one count of assault by means of a dangerous weapon. Luckily by the grace of god. Our Denzel I Gonzalvez. Did not suffer any injuries. But he himself admitted quote he's absolutely terrified. That the violence the intimidation. The bullying. By the liberals and the Democrats is now getting out of control here is I'm art. Gonzalez. Remember a veteran served this country a veteran. This is how they treat us First Amendment right. It's how they treat his right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Trespassing on his property. Destroying his property nearly running him over simply because he's supporting trump. In an election. It's just not a free country anymore. Listen to art Gonzales. Roll it Britain. Kind of pushed in the me. In the she drove off not her not not at all scared. Absolutely terrified we caught this lady on court if a three different occasions I have an on this little hard drive failure. And we have her on film defacing my son's trying to flavor down stuff let's talk this'll. Now she wasn't a stop and actually she speeded up when you get close to me. So I jump behind a little kids riding toys. Get behind it and she swerved into it if the toy. Which hit me. And and she drove off she always comes between three and 4 in the morning we want her to put her sign up and me to put my son of a look the people decide who gets in that it would be peaceful. Absolutely it's be peaceful. It's got to be peaceful. Look I can't stand Hillary Clinton you know my feelings are good neighbors of Hillary Clinton's science. I've seen people with Hillary's that Clinton bumper stickers mechanic you know. And destroy their sorry that my cannot trespass on their proper amok and vandalized offers for god forbid I'm a raw animal over. My gut killed home much and assure them muck and beat him. Okay jets Jarrett Jack it's just one incidence of com home (%expletive) okay. Again local this one a little bit different this is in Springfield. Boston University student catch yet checkpoints. Dishes should be used to in her hometown is in Springfield. On Twitter. On social media. She took a video over self. Going to weigh a neighbor's house. And deliberately she's filming herself and bragging. Stealing and destroying a pair of yard signs. Promoting Donald Trump. I am taking to try signs some it's 88 river and now. And then we'll never went. The news. What. What we're. She's definitely something. She grabbed a sign up for stripping a sign up not just putting in the trash. And on her Twitter account she's laughing she's bragging. She house you know those yellow Mo geez. Well where they're laughing so hard they're crying like those big blue tears sometimes grace will send me hammer Brittany. Whenever I say something funny or whatever so this for her is one big. And of course after she put it up on Twitter there was a massive uproar. And her attitude typical millennial spoiled liberal left wing brat. Says we'll all just get find she even brags I told my parents they thought it was hilarious. It was hilarious. And then she said well you know what quote I'm tired of people like me being served in just his daily towards non now she's a breast. She now she's the victim. Saying that she did it quote to anoint white supremacists. Unquote. Who'll love quotes sitting comfortably in their privilege. You see the media lying. And it's now starting to make its way down each trickling down it's working. Trumps a fascist. Trumps unstable. Trump's dangerous. Trumps Hitler. Trumps a big get trump says some unfold trumps an anti woman hater. Trump is evil. Trumpet she's. Emma fascist state. If you elect Donald Trump almighty god the debate that we're gonna Armageddon. Up concentration camps of the kkk. So people feel we've got to stop him. These are fascist enablers. We're gonna destroy besides you're gonna go after trump supporters okay. That's a local one let's go a little bit bigger now because this is all happening. McKinney. Now they're in McKinney. Kimberly Lloyd on her property. Has had trumped science repeatedly defaced and destroyed. She said she got so tired of it that she ended up putting eight is a surveillance video camera. On this surveillance video camera. She now has caught people off on tape coming onto her property and spray painting the Nazi swastika. On all over trumps science not only are they painting swastika as listen to this. Now she has people driving by her property. She wearing yelling. Heckling. But now it's even escalating. Over the weekend. Because you see if you support trump your Nazi. If you support trump your kkk. If you support trump you're. A white supremacist. Now protesters. Are not just lining up out and by the way she's not some local politician she's literally a private citizen. Who owns a little piece of land and puts up a couple of trump science that's it. Protesters. Are now might even outsider property now they're coming on to her property. Yelling and screaming. Tackling and threatening her. She now says. That she fears for her very life. Even the local McKinney police say they have received multiple complaints about repeated vandalism on her property. Now with the video they have them dead to rights. And still she's worried the police are not gonna give her the protection that she meets. The police had become want to her property and tell the protesters. You know you can't just trust us and walk on somebody's properties are protesting in threatening you can't do that. OK now it's even getting violent. Attempted you know attempts to run people over. Yelling and screaming threatening bullying signs property being destroyed now it's getting violent. In Cleveland. In a bar. 45 year old Darnell hall. Was having a conversation with a sixty year old man. According now to multiple witnesses including the bartender overheard everything. This sixty year old man simply said. That he is supporting Donald Trump. They're talking about Becky you know pulled conversation turned to politics. And he said well we'll voting for a notable for trump. Darnell hall got so upset. That you can vote for such are racist xenophobic. Nativist white supremacist big. That he literally left the bar. Took out a gun. Came back into the bar and shot him in the lead. Had he not been jumped on by other people he may have gunned him down in cold blood just killed him on the spot. Now. Quick point and I want to open it up to performance. Where's the media. One anti trumps supporter gets punched in the face at a trump rally it's on CNN MSNBC. The nightly news 24. Hours a gay nonstop. Here you have case after case after case. Where trump supporters. Simply for expressing their opinions. Are now having their signs destroyed. Vandalized. Her property vandalized. Their lives threatened. And now even shocked. Is this America. These are fascist approach hurts. You know it's no accident that Communist party of the United States over the weekend. Listen to this officially endorsed Hillary rotten Clinton. The Communist Party. She's one of them. This is what Communist do. They destroy freedom of speech they destroy freedom of expression they destroy freedom itself. But I want shoot and all we get the corner report I'm telling you right now we are completely and utterly undeterred we are undeterred. Were not gonna back down so here is now we're gonna be doing just show you. The guts that call bonus. That that little redhead behind the Booth Brittany hats you're not gonna believe this so what Brit he's gonna do. We've got the T shirt right in front of us it's called red heads for trop. Shout out ads for Trout shout out to read transferred from britney's gonna teach she's putting on that T shirt brittney want to tell what it would that be sure Britain I'll walk around proud that teach. But in particular. I'm not I'll do what I'm doing it on YouTube on announced Fenway. Now now because we're thinking of doing is that a big baseball game. And have Brittany there with Peter our camera guy and listen to this. Even the liberals are meaningful Poehler and their supporters are because what did one liberal. What is she saving you she's. This is Michelle this Michelle. Who's a by the way big Obama supporter but let that go. When she saw that T shirt and found a Britney was gonna Wear it. Could think in Britain wants to Cambridge. Cambridge sharp all the comedies on on the Charles River you know sharp elbows moon bats. And we should and better forget Cambridge. Let's do Fenway what did she say uber. Etc. seriously and then she said ants. Avery and I go that I should have. Like a lot of large man with me. Like big some big bodyguards yes. So early in the same year or wolf or we're not T shirt if you're gonna Wear it if you better make sure you have protection. Well you know what this is from us taught all of you moon bats out there. We're not gonna take it. You don't scare us 61720666868. All of your calls have you been vandalized. Do you feel threatened are you afraid. To show your support heard from. All of your calls next. While warning is here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Bringing up we posted the the picture of you wouldn't be out there Raddatz for trump T shirt. Okay Britney. On cloud. She will not power she will not be intimidated. Go to the corner country FaceBook page. Forgive me the WRKO. That WRKO. FaceBook page. There's Britney flexing her guns. Per muscles. With the red edge for trump the shirt. You know listen she's packing. So if you won't Botswana have a go out it I'd be careful of RU. Robin Bedford go ahead raw. Just six mark all this this they know me beat Bernard. Almost certain herbs. It's an on going. Talk a little. I would remark are well it flat made it side. And they keep our big Andy at another sign up mocking. Like dobbs or something like that. And DoubleClick third side right now. And it just goes to show how tolerate out the liberal arts. I don't know what is happening all over the plate. That's. Rob. How's it going any further than assigns. It has been brought earlier this odd that aren't so well lit I admit it now well lit area spotlight on the our air it out. I want it was asserts there's yet and there are police did file are welcome eat out thing. I'm already here protect my property market. I'll meet that there its. Arms but it has escalated into that it here I don't know it is or. Grown people are actually having eaten up outs I I went. I went all out end of the comedy get. Good. Not a rob robbery doing the exact right thing and emerging everybody do exactly what rob is doing. And when you catch them press charges. And makes their life miserable because they need to be taught a lesson. You know Robby that's one the most basic democratic rights as freedom of speech and freedom of expression. You know Jeff I got down the street there there are out black I outer side birdied side thought ought concert. And proper. It burns me up to either side I would never. Yield estates are viewed it just goes to show. Who are troublemakers who always on the left is always on the left you'll drop ID ER TIR conservative. Do it what. Final because your mind are wrong rob we mind their own business we pay our taxes and we raise our families that's what we do. I. Rob before I let you go wanna ask you this really if you can be brutally honest with me. Look obviously gonna protect your family you replace the signs multiple times clearly you know letting them get tee but. Is there some fear deep down are you afraid. That you know for you or for your family your for your home or for your wife. That's something could escalate with these anti trump haters. I don't know yet well my wife and I. What permit at. We eat we are abide by the demand and obviously that the last thing you wanna do but. I I I know beer what's been crap on the road because my trump ticker. I don't I don't hear let them about it. Not rob what you think I'm afraid. I mean I'm a little hill liken them a little on and saying like am I'm Michael. And you know and I mean I still don't get me wrong rob I still annoys the the animal away bit. You know deep down I'm kind of like we you know and I mean I'm a little nervous. Maybe that's just me robbed him on a zen. Our Britney around not to let the thing I swear when I'm in the studio with Britney saw. I feel so secure robbed a jobless erupted there. 61726660. It's not the you know last year and a half. Okay corner country pulled question of the day. Are you were afraid of down. Not saying go I mean your cowering in the closet or something. But deep down are you nervous are you afraid. To show your support for trump. For fear of vandalism damage to your property to your family yet assaults on you or your your wife for years your husband or your children or whatever. If you believe the answer is yes for suggests the answer is yes Tex the letter 868680. If you're like rob Helm all text beat the 68680. You can vote. Online at wrko.com. Britney in all honesty are you yes or no are you a little afraid beat down and really. I mean you put that shirt on you're not going to be afraid if you walk around Fenway Park or you go to its. Hobbs murder or MIT campus. Now. I'm not talking with the bodyguards and seeing if there's nobody guards just you and Peter the camera guys now not. Cowards about liberals I don't think so. You're also packing the Munich and it helps that you've got you know a 44 Magnum. Exactly. Am I more than me. Since the lessons I mean I'm a little bit me like Elena my stomach is kind of a total the only butterflies in on some animal nervous. 6172666868. All of your calls. I'm pushed him to me. And if you go off doctor if not oh. Scared the bathroom was terrified we caught this lady on court there are three different occasions I have an on this little hard drive for a and we have her on film defacing my son for the flavor down slop we'll talk this'll. Nothing she wasn't the stuff and actually she speeded up but you've got close to me. So I jump behind a little kids riding toward. But behind it and she swerved into it if the toy. Which hit me in and she drove off she always comes between three and 4 in the morning we want her to put her sign up and me to put my son of a look the people decide who gets an. There be peace. Absolutely it's these peaceful. 1240 here on the great WRK. Although voice over box and that of course was. And over resident art. Guns Alvarez. A veteran no less. Same woman Susan Bryant 57 she's fifty shut yeah she's the seventeen to 57. Who were moon bat. Archer moan about. It's been destroying his signs destroying his signs he finally Carter Saturday morning his strong signs. And then we try to confront there after she's destroying your sign on his private property. She did indeed she practically random drug to run over I mysterious crash yes two people have lives that's. 3 o'clock. 3 o'clock in the morning. Drives around looking to destroy trumps. It's designed. I could just back up real analyze. It and recommit their 2 o'clock in the more me. You know I'm undercut behalf I'd sit around this league and I offset the joy got. Things to do and that's the AP. OK the corner country poll question of the day. Are you afraid. He bound is there some concern nervousness. To show your support for trump are you concerned that your signs could be vandalized your car could be vandalized. With the trump bumper sticker maybe even you can be assaulted or attacked. I shot even as that for sixty year old man in Cleveland was just for saying he's gonna vote for Donald Trump. If you are afraid text a letter. Eight to 68680. If you're not. Text this doesn't faze you at all text a letter to beat the 68680. Brittany who's out our hard B I'm kind of honestly a little bit of a yes. What are the poll results so far. 7%. Saying yes and plain percent well I mean I'm getting so many texts. From people saying they've had their signs destroyed. Jeff my car has been vandalized. I am concerned Jeff I hear 617 Jeff. I'm very very concerned are trumps science keep getting ripped down. Our trump bumper sticker or somebody destroyed it on our car were worried the violence could escalate I've got two little kids. It concerns me I'm not gonna lie to you that concerns me. Our mock going to be intimidated don't get me wrong I'm not going to be you know coyote. I'm not going to be silenced. But I'd be lying to you is my concern president's. Just been in Plymouth go ahead just the. Jeff Britney love the show you the average person I guess we have to ask ourselves how did. He's so liberal fascist becomes so great and at what point did all of a sudden destroying behind and being like this. Occur no consequence we. Look at our justice system is completely follow it's real but if you look Burma are quiet matter movement. In Boston people here in Koptev Stockton bear earlier on route 93. Those people are we with a slap on the red. These people use it hollers you know all forum but if you picture a trail cam and call the police and actually. Occur or some sort of chart on these people were falsely Opel and justice system is what we wanna today and it's not and what's so important about this election. Is it's removes prevail it's created so much still might have noticed that there's no question who's on what side and more at this point. And you know it's it's unfortunate that the justices are stale I do not have which. You don't I don't have a trump I don't I want because. Crawl out to get analyze our data transport from the beginning. But I don't I don't wanna come home and my closest that's what sticker paper over what is clearly the definition ashes of what we're dealing with here. Our justice system that never gonna back at stop there it is gonna get a slap on the rest. Just that I'm just curious that r.'s a year very sensible guy. I have a lot of common sense what do you recommend to those that do have those trump signs or whatever bumper stickers or whatever yard signs. That are getting repeatedly vandalized. Because you're you know you're right you're saying look don't trust the justice system there's not going to be justice what should they do. Don't give up Oprah trumps. Is that's really all we can do at this point stop voting first state reps and senators that. Our top party oligarchy and don't have our best interest in mind we need to rock. We need you know structure that make America great again we need these candidates who aren't part of that ruling class. There's nothing we can do just keep just keep fighting the good fight keep that comes went up there by ten law does not so we can do until this election over. In eagle at Dover stroke Wentz. I think it's gonna get worse before it gets better in outlawed the justice system continues to fail us these people are gonna continue to be more more critical mass or what would happen if Mia a white. We lost Justin what happened. Ernie and what speed I am sorry Justin I I'd agree lost about a sentence that he said imagine me a white guy and then we lost you. Yeah that's in me a white conservative facing Hillary Clinton are Barack Obama well as well as news I've been and perhaps you know and I've been huge problem is but this is a huge double standard I really feel like this is becoming the definition of fascism despite. You know we like we're living in these early and I can't even believe capital mail state. Just and I want to ask you want and the audience when asked the audience this let's throw another log on the fire 'cause I mentioned this to Brittany. And maybe it's just meet you and you may disagree with we have a different experience. I remember I was in Washington then I remembered the bush Kerry election it was an intense tough election. But I was never afraid to put up an assay yard sign for bush or bush bumper sticker nobody ever said to meet they were afraid. Even Obama McCain. To say you think of the Euro against Obama are for McCain I never felt people who say or Jeff you I'm afraid even rot with it was very heated. But even Romney Obama. How something change this election hasn't gotten worse just them. I think something has changed its sanctity. The the liberal a leak and not a lot of standing displaying I think they're scared I think their run and scared and outsourced almost. They're the trying to there they're packed into a corner and are swinging for the fences right now I think based you're right on the law. The more these things happen the more support trumpet gonna get we're not gonna do about I think they're damaging and I think that's why you're seeing that right now. Excellent Justin doping a stranger my friend excellent call John in Needham go ahead John. Oh are you today and are you not issue be afraid now what can you imagine actually gets elected. That you don't have to view gonna have to eliminate that are XT and aim. It's kind of people but he these trump should get to have all of these things you've been talking about the video of this people and put an ad out. Hillary's round sure it's a work. If he could and auto plant. He's got started in the emotional buttons but right here in the United States and Washington DC. You know he's got a FaceBook like you know they gave you obamacare which you did not want to bring in all of these refugees in that you don't want. Not only do you not want them they are due to straightforward. PPP allow other countries to bring that homework is here. To replace our workers and factory lower robot. There right now bringing in workers from other countries act companies. An expected the American citizens to train them. We played them. In general. Out of there are and urges all NC a black football player acts. He's got all last thing about Margaret sang about what the it would book is you have pneumonia radiating them on the radio he's got a site at union are at or its and to play it. But I'm telling you this emotional bond seeking all they want. I won't create jobs and create just any good do you that is demolished. John thank you for that call he's got a pulled heart strings I'm with few you don't just win the mind you gotta win the hearts Donald I'm with you all the way on this one. This is from 781 Jeff can't we send an intern out with that featured britney's red heads for trump featured. Brit is way too valuable. I. Who cooked. Pork. A tent and the F I don't. And he goes on does a side note I'm six foot 3230. Pounds he's a redhead as well. All volunteer for the honor guard. Sober do you got corner country listeners the gunners surround you a phalanx of security. Lee in the car go ahead Lee. Hello Jeff how are you armed and are you. I am well but a little disturbed today but I'll tell you what happened. First and foremost in yeah it's your question a long time ago when I was on hold. Probably what effect two weeks ago when you're doing your opening monologue about. Is is that America. You know it's not the America of my childhood in nineteen. Lights and even my young adult life in in yes she is it's it's not my America. When we were younger. Growing up in the sixties protest against the Vietnam War gonna keep a protest ever in there. Against the war by. And then you know at the time that he. And and those people you and I want to really in favor of how they. You know what. Death and said it never related to what extent that it never kids now met all our lives. In our nice hosts aren't very if you Rhode. And regarding that a couple of times come aren't removed from the house I would say Tibet gentleman from. Bedford what that. Is it rob. Rob electric sorry different. Want a couple of you know. Wire. To battery. Try this and in what somebody like that aren't like I don't train I'm not afraid of anybody. I'm Ian anyway I carried at the you know and Robert's family is you know other people have a license to carry it used to. But. I sprang out right now I'm a woman and I and I don't. I'm in motion I I don't at their hallmark. So I carry my pepper spray. So I have no problem using. What's in. The morning to my this is one of friends I'm could be because. I posted a couple. No I did not think I grow. But joked he. Chuck. I coached. To. So why make it cheer. You items that I just caught. It. Or I I. Cheered them on my age the age. She says. I'm sorry I can no longer. Follow your posts. And basically I said rich and help. In which they haven't you know so we're I would say to all the people on chased a way you will find out. Who your true friends. And who those people out there that are different than FaceBook. Well actually. Bowl. Even. Tempered. And open minded. Well Lee you kind of took two words out of my mouth I mean. I tried I mean I'll tell some stories after the break and you're not gonna believe the stuff that grace I've encountered from our friends. But you know look if somebody's willing to rupture a friendship over an election. Or over politics. They were never your friend to begin with. And the way this election is exposing so much it's exposing even who your true family members are and who your true friends are. Because to meet a French ship should rise above politics. Is Jewish should. We may have strong disagreements that's fine but if I genuinely respect you as a person and value you as a person. That should transcend politics which is transcend everything sole lead they were never your friends to begin with believe it or not they actually did you a favor. Because now you know who your true friends are and the future who your true friends are not 6172666868. And this is from 617. Jeff I live in Georgetown mass. My signed just got torn down today. I'm getting so old many of these coming in. Jeff I live in Springfield. I also got my signs vandalized. They keep print S app painting the Nazi swastika. So it's an epidemic. 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Unjustly any legally improperly. Can you think of who got one immigrants' kids. That story here call. 107 here on the great WRKO. OK in my friend's trust me from noon to three this is the place could be. You are not going to believe. Bill one mammogram. Democrats are now gunning for a though. Stunning new revelations on Hillary Clinton's emails. Did she actually now get one of our spies killed. He she ill and I hiding it. And the Donald takes the offensive on the economy. He's giving an amazing speech right now. About an America first economic agenda all of this you don't want to touch that dial. But first the corner country poll question there's horror of the day as the French would say. Are you afraid. Lingering fear concerned. To show your support for trauma pitcher signs may be vandalized your. Bumper stickers your property. And even you yourself may be assaulted or attacked. If the answer is yes Tex the letter eight to 68680. If the answer is no it doesn't bother you at all you've got nerves of steal your your basically Brittany. Dex the latter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online. Wrko.com. And of course you know is already dead the first shot in my ear headphones came from Britain needling me. You know she's got some components. As opposed to me but let that go. OK Brittany what are the poll results. So far 70%. Yes 30%. So you're kind of in the minority. In a good way I mean you know you're just you're fearless. A six or let. Clint Eastwood saying a couple of days ago justification of the matter and UN and I'm the embodiment on the copying a closet I'm glad I'm not a club that it's okay yeah. You couldn't do it get yourself a make America great and at that teachers and area. And that you were to do this week walk around Fenway. I'm not Red Sox in right. Boy are. 6172666868. You've got to hear ya gonna believe you're not gonna believe me so I got to play the audio so last you know. Then Democrats. Under Hillary Clinton have now filed both Hillary and her VP Tim Kaine of out. That within the first hundred dates. They are going to push through. Quote unquote comprehensive immigration reform meaning and they said this explicitly. Fall amnesty full legalization. For all eleven to twenty million illegal immigrants. Including. If you're a gang bang her. You've been on welfare. You've committed crimes. It doesn't matter they want a full blanket amnesty. Soul. View the issue on you you rob a liquor store or terrorists amnesty for Yule. US salt somebody amnesty for you'll. You deal drugs amnesty for you roll it doesn't matter you coming illegally amnesty for you old. But if you're a supermodel. Who came to this country. Legally. Applying with the green card and then from a green card getting citizenship. US paid millions of dollars in taxes. Over the years. 'cause he never violated the law has never our record Democrat according to my knowledge of a broken an ordinance but let that go math think. And you happen to be married to Donald Trump. They want to dump ports shoes so all fast but this love any it'll make your head spin. The Democrats is latest attack. Is that mole Omnia trumps. Apparently they say. There was a problem what to wage she applied for her green card when she left Slovenia which is neighbors Croatia but let that go in the Balkans. And emigrated to the United States. And they now want her investigative. Listen to this. And you know what maybe she should be deported. On FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Listen now to Newt Gingrich debate democratic congressmen have yet it best Santa. Who by the way another one full amnesty so ports complete open borders massive amnesty you. You come in from ankle any crime you committed no problem oh boy you come from slum area as a super model. Who pays millions of dollars in taxes oh. Brit go below I'm pretty. Four year old listened to this role that Britain but I I think you're missing the genius. Of her Friday common. No I didn't say did you lie to that mother and Gaza and those short circuit. Can say did you forget the 76 secret meetings and sectors as sub's nose a short trip she now has a fundamental lawyers and people. And I wasn't their idol idea I just didn't quite remember whatever was I was gonna say. Seems that the 30000 healed he knows having been disclosed what we don't yet know is one tax returns from Donald Trump. We don't yet know how his wife gained her immigration status because he won't reveal that as well that is not edit and it's time for Donald Trump to start providing at least one iota of the nation on as a tax return Albert and I'm never and audacity to do. Okay. First of all we know. That his wife had a green card before she met him. She came out here illegally card that you can nearly as you get the green card she came their legal how'd she get degree apply for a green pressure on O'Donnell's problems stances because you weren't good fortune but for the green card. And then she came into such artists and mark yeah this is the only amateur in America are you worried about no I think it's amazing no outdoor person inside to pick on entry happens and the wife of Donald Trump in that the immigrant basher is unwilling to explain how his wife and immigrant got a game your status and hundred bashing his mother was illegal immigrant bashing his wife is a legal immigrant. He employs illegal immigrants he just places immigrants to be legal the bat. It's great for mrs. Tripp to have a status and citizenship I have no problems with that I'm the son of immigrants. But what does concern is when some gag is that bashes immigrants not only the undocumented illegal immigrants. And won't explain how his wife in her legal status this is about are the note I. It's disgusting this and honestly this is you know what this is even worse this is even worse then when Harry Reid lied about Mitt Romney. So in all the world a shredder shouldn't paradox is for ten years. There is not a freak in shred of evidence not even a shred and I go to. That she did anything wrong a heavy air. I notice is not big in the Mexican community elevators crossed the Rio Grande it has crossed the border. But let me tell you how it works among legal immigrants okay. She came here to work as a model you get what's called I H one B visa that's how you get your work visa. And then hole she likes it here they need or skills they need your talents she's a world class model everybody wanted her. Everybody wants total fruit summer every magazine monitor. You'll get what's called a green card. And usually accompany sponsors you. And then after five years you'll become a legal citizen you become naturalized. Now they're gunning for maligned neutron. So now I want you to think about is just stand back for second now. One of the most inner inner day one of the most beautiful women in the world rush a European supermarket. On the cover of a gazillion magazine it's. Up plays for green card gets the green card becomes a citizen. All she does by the way is pay taxes up to watch too because she's basically us as an entrepreneur. Scioscia to pay on all of the money that she made millions of dollars. Nothing but a positive net contribution to this country. And she's the one you guys want to investigate. Now. I deliberately. How this segment at this time why because trumps people I know we're going to be listening. Here is now my advice to Donald Trump I don't think the Democrats realize what they just stepped in to. If trump plays his cards right I'm telling you right now he could turn this on the Democrats in such a big way. It'll make it easier con issue seemed like nothing. Because Donald you gotta now go in the gutter. You gotta fight fire with fire the problem with Republicans. Is we keep making this argument again and again. All were all Americans were all equal under the law were all equal under the eyes of god. No and I'm on my home. Where missing the boat here. You gotta go ethnic. Got to go on those ethnic communities you got to do with the way that Democrats do it it's divide and conquer. They played no woman card they played their race card they play every bloody ethnic card they play the let you know card a black cargo woman card. They play every freaking card. Muslim card always blanks some kind of a race or ethnic. Cart now's your chance to do the same and finish on you can cut their free can throw right now. Just turnaround. Do you know how many illegal immigrants from Eastern Europe. Russia Ukraine. Poland Slovenia Croatia the Czech Republic Slovakia. Serbia all. How many of them complain how they have to wait how many years. To get green cards and citizenship. While these guys are pushing fast track amnesty. You turn this around and you say what you going after malign your wife because she's a woman our negotiations woman. Easy because she's in eastern European slap. More what is. What are you rub against eastern Europeans coming here legally. What is it Hulk is it because she charmed Slovenia and she's in eastern European slab is that what you have against their a year. Is that what this is all about now a little slap bashing. Donald I'm telling you right now you'll go to Cleveland. We're the RNC convention wise. It is it is full of eastern European community's full of all you've got Russians ukrainians. You've got a huge Croatian community a big Slovenian community. You go right in there and you hold up big press conference to do would have some ethnic call. OK if need be am not kidding on one plate pearl geese. Have a played a Perl he's on another played some caballos that's a couple of sausage sandwiches have somebody read about what a bottle of buck up I'm not kidding. I don't drink by normal mine is finally they'll like us and I shot once in awhile. And you stand there and say why are they targeting my wife because of her ethnicity why are they going after her because she's a a legal eastern European slop what are they up against eastern Europeans. You do the same thing in Pittsburgh. By the way. Croatian Americans you can look this up actually founded the University of Pittsburgh let that goal let that go. There's an army of eastern Europeans in Pittsburgh. Ohio and Pennsylvania. You can win the eastern European vote all you gotta do now is play the ethnic cart. Instead after being defensive. They have to defend my long has honor not a normal. You turn this surround you get your wife followed in that. Eastern European accent Dewhurst we go to the halls. You go to Cleveland we go to Pittsburgh say. Dirk targeting her because she's of eastern European descent. And you turn it right around them suddenly now certainly some of these incredible. You led in every freaking illegally enter this country and you wanna give them a blank check a path to legalization. Full of welfare benefits healthcare benefits Social Security everything. But don't want immigrants. 1 from Eastern Europe the wind does supermodel. The one who pays millions in taxes. We all. Need a oh. How did you get triggering current. Wednesday shut archive called shareware assists seven all the procedures followed yeah did you really do the course sponsored you want high. I'm about that no I think maybe that they have to be revoked. My computing coming here under proper circumstances. Now if you're coming through Juarez may call. And you're all used she'll still Americans jobs. And you know all you're on enough food stamps and section eight and a little bit heavy B day. And you got some MS thirteen gang signs on your face amnesty for. Are you okay. A magical. Amnesty for you know full legalization program on May go home. My UConn from Eastern Europe whoa oh whoa no no we have problem then we have big. Problem BP problem. Donald. Huge divide and conquer. You going to Ohio you going to Pennsylvania. He's going to Michigan he's going to these places where it is a big Slavic eastern European community. And you hit the Democrats where the sun don't try and you hit them hard and you do go to Florida. Court of Florida I'm telling you you go to Florida. You're Jewish. You walk you say. Unlike Hillary and unlike Obama. I'm not gonna sell the Jews down the river I'm not gonna do it. I'm mark on arm the Iranian molested the teeth and allow them to nuke the Jews and Israel I'm not gonna poet. My daughter is Jewish my grandkids Jewish my son in law alumni helped run the day how long run the business of my daughter he's Jewish. Even walk Kim what do you how much cut Donald I'm telling you go to the synagogues what do you Tamika. I say listen I'm I'm practically Jewish for God's sakes. Gore Ohio Cleveland I'm practically eastern European forgotten my wife my first wife he mocked I was from Ivanov for gimme your momma she was from the Czech Republic as well from Slovenia. Command with the manner we you practically eastern European. You'll play that ethnic card for all that it's worth all that it's worth. And you sink combo right here right now my question to you is this. Now they're going after maligned you're trump. For her application for a green card when she was a supermodel. Will it work. And should Donald and my long yeah hit back. And say why are you going after eastern European swaps. Is it because I'm of eastern European descent. Is it time now for Donald Trump. To take the gloves off and defend his wife's honor 6172666868. All of your calls. Larry in Belmont. Go ahead Larry. You had a pleasure to meet you back when you add Chris frontal out. Yes how ordered that congratulations you're you're white I'm becoming citizens well Larry I'm here now how the air base terrorized not looking and not just in the malign him but he's looking in the mean now. I wanna record both of us I don't think they like. Us from eastern European descent for some reason Larry oh yeah need to continue voting bloc. A so I'll go watch the news this morning hours glad your brought up the whole thing with the trashing the signing and the people try to run people over. It's starting at the top and the bottom. No respect for the law and assert in the very top of the bomb. And I'll blame the Republicans in congress because everyone's afraid. Charge him with all the crimes he's committed. He gets away with that. Remember back in 08 Wendy black Panthers ground part of the Philadelphia voting bloc voting booths and people they got away with their. They're people protest on any street got away with Iraqi by Democrats are aware of everything. When people get away with stuff AC get them get a lot of arresting Goran. I can do this unlikely in any trouble. Well Larry I mean to be fair that woman Susan Bryant the one almost ran over the veteran. I mean she did get arrested Larry she's facing several charges. She is facing charges the others faced charges too well majority of them like except for the ones that Eric Holder wouldn't prosecute it so you think she's gonna slap on the wrist and remember that. You know they know it is time 93 they all got charged up a lot of real and they are that's slaps on the rest. You know especially in this state when you've got a bunch of liberal judges are all right so okay you didn't mean that go hasn't. Now Larry I'm just curious what's your recommendation. Because I'm getting some getting diluted with texts from people in emails. Saying that they've been vandalized her property their signs their cars there. If they average from bumper sticker or yard sign. Do you think they should take this day the signs down. You know quite the opposite I think they should make public spectacles are these people. I'm related to body mind that haven't called let's. Keep his neighbor what dodger reliever insult and a walk on his property. So he put up a camera facing the street which is public. And every time someone did it Hewitt coat circuit Charl over social media. That's what needs to be done and it's it's one thing to have a security camera a coat that everywhere and let it wouldn't know what you're dealing. An immediate America. Larry I'm just curious as one of the callers said you know summit he signs delight them up. And just electrified them you know in other words if it touches. Actually that's considered. Overstepped the bounce Austin. And OPEC delegate I wish you know you could probably get back away and now know that. Considered. So if I did that with my sign on my on my yard if I electrified it. And some in and bat tries to put up paid a Nazi swastika. I would get sued Larry even though there. Dirk trespassing on my private property destroying the sign on my on my property. Yeah it straighter your Bob burglar break it and hurt themselves during successfully suing the victim. It's a mentality it's incredible. That flag and public humiliation would be a way to go out. Now hold on Larry what if I mean I don't have won the what do I have Italian old guard dogs. But lucky that's a different story that's on your property. Like I German shepherd doberman and her. Or pit bull lol really I'm like just let him go go spy spike spike go like Arnold. They went to the guy you know what I mean where am I going to be seeing that beast I. You'll be sued but in that and configured in unit provoke it would be electric fence type deal but you can only say and is going to be your word against schlock. It I felt threatened my dog felt I was being threatened and on instincts he protected me. When you just get a sign that says beware of dog. Yeah like supple I don't think it's popularity you know and he is at least trying to create a little like Fenway park at night. And that don't want stop them waiting at beware of dog sign going to be. Well you act like they're gonna come out and item. I got it not really spite. Well I honestly Larry look spike needs to relieve himself but to 3 in the morning and just hypothetically right sees somebody you know destroying my sign in the Nazi swastika on my house. Spike I don't know why it's a strange coincidence but spike needs to relieve themselves. Like Dick spike outside spike got scared spike gets scared. And he just lunges and he attacks the person in my held responsible for the Atlanta hats. You could be that good lawyer make sure you got off. Well then maybe it's time to get spike but what can electrified the sign maybe it's far from it by Mears in all spike the dog I'm just thinking out loud year. 61720666868. Think about this. They robbed my hopes your house they burglarized. And enter your house. I have did get injured base who you'll. Big oak walk your property. And destroy you're assigned. To them you electrify it. Is so you won't. AP. Liberalism. Is some mental disorder.