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NBC Exec says women want the theatre of the Olympics, not the results 8-8-16

Aug 8, 2016|

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We saw that Donald Trump wanted to be compliment he complimented him that led Donald Trump. To then complements Vladimir Putin and to defend when their prudent actions in the number of places around the world. You know what the big difference between. These mistakes and Hillary Clinton isn't. That different things they. I don't trust the states have not most people realize. So I may have short circuited and for that. I you know will try to clarify. Then I. And that hurt. Clarifying. Mated muddy and not surprisingly good morning everybody in autumn of the boston.com morning. On W Arctic that voice you just that is not that is compared you know news. Taking a well earned respite from the program DB here we view as always but to my right literally and figuratively would be. One Todd Feinberg I don't have a morning sir how are you that powers your weekend there was a great weekend I love weekends where nothing's plan that's my goal for weekend. Noah activities except dinner with friends Saturday night at. That Ross's house. So was and how to do not out to dinner like a plan when he callers and pert little piece of chicken now right ivory was an impromptu thing you randomly just have later Ross's house. A few hours before there. That's an excellent. Ross happy with the evening overall thrust was through a rough so it's good to have friends who Altman fifty dollar bottles of wine routinely when people come he probably he's already got wanna open is now Tyrod his children. No I mean that it is we all have differently because the arm over the top here. You ruined economy despise wine snobs. He's not once it's not that guy who calls Clinton brings out the lime volleys and corking hearing from a whole party guys even know how to simulate that that was terror and a couple of Frontline is quoted some stimulation and now on a it's not an hour winds and is about the guided will spend way more than is called war just to make sure you like him and we yen. It's a delicate balance would that person you are telling me rosters and no rights if you go out to dinner with us he buy he orders the fifty or 75 dollar bottle of wine in them restaurant and then he picks up the tab because spent so much power. Locked and an overall not a bad guy like Ross and his heroes the story that may be rust tomorrow in. Is there any I mean like rust and you knew he would actually if George Russell while I doubt that I want to. Law. To do this morning rob is in talks and Hillary. And that sound bite that you just heard a little bit later on in the 7 o'clock hour. We've got some Charlie Baker to discuss we've got some Kelly they got to discuss the Boston Globe has an interesting suggestion for her. And we're gonna discuss the merits of the world's gonna talk about that egg on Rudy Giuliani's had and where do you believe the stories that. Is put out there as to how that had got there but first here's what I wanna start with the hunt on burger Monday morning. First segment of the Monday morning should impeach your boss about it. What is v.s single best story of the weekend in it doesn't mean it's the biggest news story. But what's the one that grabs your attention you said at some point no matter what during the show. I've got a comment I've. Again I had one what was it a foot 25 stores when I was talking about it when BB seven what was my story you know was this you don't know all the system is good if I don't think it was best for the weekend is our gas at best story of the week I mass. You what story moved you to the point of you wanted you mating note that I. The comment on this at some thought even though it may not be trump says although it could be. It may not be you know what then the Boston Police unions are doing. It could be anything I'll give you mine while you try it reminds you recover my. Heavy shoulders the best story of the weekend. Did you see the side by side obituaries story. Side by side of a couple who died there were no way eighty years and they died on the same deal that would really unique way but a guy that dies. Who then has an obituary in the paper that is putting nearby his wife. In right below where it is an obituary in the paper put there by his girlfriend. And they are Dooling obituary. A comply it's it's as happy he died I think he was in New Jersey it's a celebratory. Things side by side. LeRoy black he was 55 died of lung cancer that he got supposedly from fiberglass exposure and that's. But he passed away this week. At the top of the newspaper is LeRoy Bill Black 55 who is survived. By his long time why. Directly below wed LeRoy blast black different middle name. 55. Who is survived by his long time girlfriend princess. Same picture princess saint pastor of the name yes princess holes the wife's name. And news. Or rather lack. It could be an arm and he ran so Barreto put in the one and then princess splits in the other one. He does have kids by Brandon not by princess. Why is the dom. The obituaries in the same which is my one disappointment and I wanted princess deported and something about crazy guy I love doing S ally in the out where our club. Like you get this stodgy stay at home version now they're pretty much this while they may be fighting over the state. Could be and she doesn't want to do anything to make yourself look what we have been told is that the that the newspaper knew that. Apple's obviously the funeral parlor knew that there we're gonna this was gonna happen. As the guy was fading. There had been talk about several things who was gonna make the calls on things in the obituary came up and it sort of apparently was assumed there would be too. I've never heard of this. And I will play awesome so that newspaper took two payments. Yes for the insertion of these identical this is one of my stories on my questions witness. I guess we don't need to get off on a huge tension by. Would say it's the globes it's the wish to telegram's say it's the tri town transcript a Raila. Can you just submit an obituary or do you need to have a direct claimed that the deceased in order for it to be problem or knows how would anybody know. I mean you call big people call irony and why this case wouldn't you think the protocol would be. I got a call princess because we always you already have an obituary in that wise yes and then don't do you except newspapers are in if you call a tri town tramp I didn't ask her if I doubt they need the forty all I agree so I think is opens up a awesome you know like a I would love to have like six or seven obituaries for somebody is long as they are wildly different. I think it princesses with the guys did they should give you a different perspective perhaps princess is Lee Roy should be like a complete different guy. From. From Iran is yeah the 2 in the morning cocaine shots and they weren't we don't know whenever you know you totally blaming my desire is is error and the on this on key markers and why athletes so he made pancakes right. And he here's my here's my take away and I don't know that I don't all the facts behind this case but I don't even think people go direct to the newspaper for obituaries anymore I think they go online juries are comrades obituaries are common legacy doctor Robert like that hold the dead person. No I don't mean like to actually I think to actually write up an obituary to place when you go to those other all horses and then that newspapers spent all they have to deal with those new they have deals losing aren't sell the obituary space have a date so it must contracts through an obituary stuck on the legacy that's absolutely. You call your local paper if you learn just how I was out area you do what is your personal experience when I am OK I do what I and it's already this year. So. You right did you contact the paper and they printed TV don't go through with me in the media carrier into it or it would make way more sense that they did in two people wrote on legacy dot com about the sky and the local newspaper picked up OK but when you say absolutely you have no knowledge whatsoever ball which he was absolutely certain analysis validate Romney and Hillary only I guess -- no way I said the fact I would argue quite presidential candidate I Harry saw that flash and others had when he says that you have aspirations. I've always thought. Five awaited rule for Todd kiwi to read his obituary that the so powerful I like that they don't go together that way you view a little jab. As a sign of affection in the morning. I just think that this is an awesome precedent and I hope that he is a precedent for multiple. I loved the fact that we in the last five years or so we've now gotten to where you can actually put some life to the deceased is so pardon upon you've done this yourself. I haven't done multiple I've done Cingular a bit where we point out. What made the person union yes by when she wrote a bullet of worry is weak. You said it's so it's likely to group rob me in my size paper thing everybody has to get there that were freed and their territory phrase that should pay any fun picture of why this person was awesome and watch yes celebrated more sure so does he contrive that it have a little like I hate the headstone is that just a boring guy I want. Paragraph on its don't ask what year they are born this atop the biggest fish in the history of Cook County like that's something and I don't want to. Upton tells you why this was an individual overs just as the and that's what I want ads that in the open to it while character that I'm disappointed in this story only in that the girlfriend. Didn't they let me tell you about the real hero. She she played by the generic obituary rules that the wife was plying line that disappoints you. No that's a loss and I like your idea of having I just don't know how you can make it happen in less as a family government to intervene if if there's a family feel like if the de Melissa's. Are doing now be sure what that. They may look at it from all different angles you wouldn't have pretty awesome terrific like you yet almost should be where your your number one your nemesis whenever your biggest you know. Is allowed to write the counterpoint to your families I don't know that you were death and cutter deficit paints a picture like. Those people need people. Anyway you you do still have yet to come up with your best third we have so my best over the weekend do we have time permanent way over time because that's what happens when a fine line. So six or 7266 schools and it is I don't number he's tied Feinberg I BB when we come back we're gonna talk about the Olympics but in specifics ladies. I wanna talk to you specifically about really NBC said about you and whether you are offended. I. So. Let's talk Olympics for a little bit right to not only what happened. Some gold were handed out some silver's or dispersants or bronze or even. Given to some participants I did see some beach volleyball all this I love that game so one of the things women playing it what a great game mentally to yeah but with women playing this I know I don't gender identify with these things no more and I I wonder what the Olympics is gonna look like thirty years from now when we have no genders but we'll worry about that we get there would be fun thing to anticipate. Aside from the fact that I do want you calling its 6172666860. And tell me what was the best and worst moment of the Olympics this week is I have. Definitive on both of those does this mean their sitting around watching three hours now and now I have kids hoods. Physically impossible but I watched enough of it just. Be able to participate in this action. However. Specifically. Who I wanna hear from this morning and I know we again up in you'd just get ready for a long week and you got a lot to do as Seattle on weakened the ladies. I wanna hear from you because what happened over the weekend not once but twice by NBC the company that's running the Olympic. The running the broadcast yes I wonder if if you have issues with them not because they're running so many commercials and that's obviously a problem for every ten minutes of Olympic ticket third its commercials. But the tape delay has been an issue why is this so tape delayed because Rio was not off with the lost time zone as it's not public power. So what's his of that good tape delay it means the 3 o'clock in the afternoon relay race can be shown at 7 o'clock bought one over the weekend why not too sure why you're running at all days that you show the stuff why don't they have time when nothing's happened they do so some could be tape delayed but not all of it like Michael Phelps doesn't need to be tape delayed effort. Anyway with that is the backdrop NBC felt the need to address the tape delay criticisms because people. Is there is an issue with you here's the biggest problem with the equally in my holding up. You were holding up the thing that takes movies this is a cell phone while it's not this is why a movie camera this is why tape delays. Because that David are you tell me did you see what happened with Phelps when I didn't because it's on tape delay but because he soured on line. He now tells me what happened with the maybe it's just a branding thing for NBC they want everyone to know that whatever they're showing you can find somewhere else sooner spoiler alert is the problem with tape everybody knows instantaneously so I can't wait six hours to see what happen on the results and so that's a problem. NBC addresses the issue John Miller who's the chief marketing officer for this thing he's sort of the pace. Of this event came out in a dress that tape delay issue it inning in the interest of quelling that. I think his third of something much more. Problem. Here is his explanation for that tape the last quote. The people who watch the Olympics are not particularly sports fan. More women watch the games than men. And four women. Now let me take a pause from his quote already are you thinking boy he needs to continuing this line or are. He's gonna get insulted some real trouble. Whenever guy signals out for singles out women and says they for women don't you know this is going down Don Draper Rowe does sound like trouble. Back to the quo. More women watch the games the man in for the women. There are less interested in the result in more interested in the journey. Now it's what he did while he recovered you've cited is gonna do you think he recovered their women love the journey. I think this is a ridiculously sexist statement that shows his guy is a Neanderthal and women ought to be appalled that you do. Do you think women don't care who wins or loses an event. A women are much more feeling morally. Focused than manner. They care about how the event on I don't even think that's true I get the you're trying to Asia under I am stressed that Michael Phelps might be under when he swimming there wondering feat with smoking pot in the in his dorm room before you did it you are now wondering men died just assuming yes. I see I think that John Miller of NBC is in the 1950 you're like in the late but he didn't know a little more progressive than him but you're not very bowl that's not such a big accusation I think it is you'd. In 2016. Months. The woman in your life that doesn't care who wins the event that she's O Rosalie I don't think growth was much ward about. I OK so here's the question six or 726666. Dated specifics I'd like the everyone went there and play in the weather can be on and they're saying it's gonna rain today and I say. What's the weather for today log and she'll say oh I don't know. But she does she's is that ADHD ears on his life said he seems like a different product about a five. If she's interested in how does the weather person walked today it's hard for me to believe someone is watching the Olympic if she were causes any our commitment to two weeks ago. I think you would what was on over the weekend you're watching recycling event you're watching swimming you're watching gymnastics and you're thinking. Don't care it's the pageantry of it all that interest me or it's just that hey we tried. You care this that says this is trying to get up them on or do you want him to get to I got very excited yesterday when the polish were going to be. The US peach bowl a ball girls. And they did. So yeah I that's about I'm a man. If I were warm and I'd be saying oh that must have hurt the way she scraped that sand when she dove. I don't think so basically particulate. What do you think a woman in 2016 you don't think women process like differently inherently like there why every day process that a whole lot less differently and when sixteen while he did in 1950 when they were told you so you think women are just sees puff balls to get socialized into my daughter and I think Bernard balls through much like you work cut throat. And I wanna see somebody step on the throat of their opponent I think they'll watch boxing as much as they'll watch it. Growing as much as the watched him call me forget about the fun Umbria 61726660. I honestly I want to talk about this with a real woman let's. I'll tell you how wrong you are let's talk to one Paul you're cursed at zero real limit on WORK okay. Okay and he called me a woman isn't so bad. That. You've worked in. Media oh it's way too long. I don't know how old you are mid foreign junior about that it is me which sounds all right there. And I can't imagine how wrong you are completely criticism of him. To say that they look at the world just a little differently. We're dipper. Perhaps Corey. The differences. You know a year we'd take a street was supposed to be some supports mood article about a comeback although distracts or you know. I don't give a rat's backside of the back story. Shall we the rates shall be one let's get to the next race. What are. I didn't I think you're wrong I don't think you believe which distance ball. And why even say their names in the broadcast then when I just have like generic numbers are like you know community. I care about athletes are and I care about who they are presenting accurate but it be in America need more realistically at Michael Phelps wins gold. Or Dick and export. Two wins over problems got an American flag on an excellent too. I don't care which one wins I mean just like last night. Now granted. To your point earlier about spoiler alert and a 100% and you aside from the outlet because. I was looking back at fort between Monday Night Football which was a total. And on the ticker at across the bottom before I got estrogen and it's like OLE. And why else. Do edit public public only to worry about till 2 o'clock in the morning to see what that's gonna cabinet but he you know try and eat up all night waiting to see it. And so I didn't have to worry about that he opted out so most looking forward to working so. You'll Alley. You hear about the back story that's this my argument that streak is a work Boller. I mean so I don't know where I mean that in no but I mean I know that they aren't rooted them individually just because of a personal comment. Different circumstance because you know it that's what they NBC's my argument would be like Paul as the good woman you'll art. You can outback stories once you're connected to it it's NBC that you can actually start off put bio and everything right that's why they do. Michael copper struggled with which truck had been kidnapped little up and didn't want to re I don't give a clock. Are you taking illegal drugs like you performing not okay you upset no. I don't. It at all this whole idea that we need to know all the sob story behind everything I really don't I don't wanna know you grew up protests for the women right. That's in the wallet marketing. Tell them that. When they researching and they polled people and people town square and I don't. I don't care what this care about that. What they're finding is that you know what you and I we're not the market. I that that may go through and I think there's truth to what the NBC guys there must be research that backs up what he says I just think it's ridiculously pandering. I will tell you this thought detects light agreed to review. Six and seven DB celebrate diversity you're such a 617 I think it's offensive when BB projects what we mean should be offended by. 774 Beebe was it me or was every ad for feminine hygiene products during the Alan Ball that would seem to seal the deal would net. Putting it added I don't agree Paul you have to US swimmers Michael Phelps and whoever another one is and the other one has a better back story that Michael Phelps UK you want that other one window to dot. You like some sort have a better history kind of overcoming adversity you like some of that adversity known and I thought I don't want Phelps went anything I want the elegance to come I think I agree I agree emissions and I'll let you re absolutely now move on go get a degree learn something. You we have time for memorial. I wanna take a break you will break you'll break now is not here I don't care if came as I hear you listen to meet your client domain call my. Are dying on everybody else I went 7266 he's just needs you did you remember plenty of days vocabulary are that it doesn't it don't you are six and seven DB or whiny little. Not where should I mean there's a lot of that it was 726666. The aid is the boston.com morning. I'm pretty accurate color and a woman ever so that. I don't women coming up at 705 talking about. Hillary Clinton being short circuit. And when her brains in whether she short circuit trying to get up those stairs that was our own description her brain she definitely is that that going up the stairs shots are scary. About Hillary Clinton said Arafat. Oh we're not leave it in the bulls are 705 or leftover at 636. David in the bullpen in the meantime we're talking about the Olympics in in specifics. NBC chief marketing officer John Miller's. Defense of NBC tape going so much by saying it's for women. Women don't really care who we ends they like the back stories. I find that sexist Todd thinks it's completely accurate it's obviously basing that on an empirical evidence from 1980 they know what they're doing up to the second there watching those numbers fly by from the rating I think women care about who wins on the other in 97 in a text line which is it succeeded succeeded by the way it's his DB you're taking filling in Houston neighbors yours. That's going to be a tough text could be for the risk that our I mean person in particular that was pretty strata 97 you woke up feeling good you're you're on your way to look good days and hours. People don't like the backs to the backs here's my argument okay in a look at some woman. I get I want to hear from women on this tell me. I'm right in dodge wrong or or vice Versa I guess 261726662. Might my point did you Limon hit you mentioned a lot of trust kids around yeah why because of the back story right everybody I three RD Laurie no there's no doubt everybody low specs but men have this competitive thing that women don't have that's all that's. Absolute horse crap -- how can you say this if you are known yet why don't women playing basketball that beat Angola by 75 didn't like didn't have a competitive it is our core mobile difference there I think the viewers are not in the same normal status that competitors my wife played competitive soccer she doesn't play in the Olympics but she Q this week in the scheme of Casey you have a twisted sense of this meier's daughter marries him five years old she watches football is his dad who's gonna win she cares who wins she doesn't say what's that an orderly. You watch golf and they tell you it's just golf for three or they can yet. What feels had a tough fury almost an indicted for stock nor all human being that spot before and you remember is history all humans process life threatens our men don't watch golf. Yeah men like backs are literally like I sort of like I can't tell man because they're so focused on the competitive part of your not. They're not aware of what you're pushing maligned and that not only cheapest pushing that women are different women are different there's no doubt that women are different from that. I think in politics I hate this story you've got to pander to women to get the women's vote I think the women's vote is the same as the men's and I care about taxes I care about immigration it here you don't think women having a baby come out of their bodies. And in and be created inside their war. For nine months you don't think that changes their outlook on life has anyway go to work women get up the same hour the union and doing all the same thing you and they do it all thinking about the time that they're going to have a child or if it's after the magic you're into it thinking about that child or they do it thinking about their grandchild I think that's absurd this is not 1950 it's not about the time about how women are wired they're different for men 6172666860. Balls in time you're next deviant thought Feinberg here and a WRKO. Good morning guys blow to our several times now while I'm I'm gonna disagree with most of the call. What I do what kind of not Judy beechy your opinion that you're hearing actually just the ball investors. But you don't boycott the success of the WW up wrestling WW we don't want our guys have been pretty good just the way that I think let me get a appreciate a fair bit of pageantry or second in that order should the. And don't care about who wins. The ticket that to be attacked like WW affair between the pageantry. Wait who's that viewers for that though who are the fans and exactly they liked the fighting nothing like the bad story like that. I don't like all Palin's fault but it also. Got to remember Judah there no matter what you stink. Testosterone and estrogen have. Big effects on the body anything for muscle mass to Kuwaiti your brain works right strikes true that more after the mayor trash you know they probably different ways it's a great sense to. Good to just completely invalidate all of that. Price saying what the current year's I disagree without yes I do think there it it's over pander to. And I think they're not to have a progressive society is kind of minimize that a little bit these can't completely write it off and say that it doesn't exist and it's not a factor at all. I do you think it's it's the same as it's ever been Paula do you think it's more do you think it's last. I think I think it's lesser rewards which still more than nothing short short let's say that it's completely gone to notre racial that it does no racial or. I I disagree with factors shape there that there are these little cookie cutter pre defined societal level that it glimmers of coastal like yes I do think the data is gone and it's a lot more bad guy grabbed and used it to show it adds absolutely. No all I urged open to touch right. Because the basis of it is for mobile it's about gender differences inherently. It's not about some socialize thing that women are taught to care about back story and then wrestling. Doing it right exactly it's just like you can't socialized. The average female grip strength to increase relative to data but nailed grip strength once Jim. That's physiological that's not meant I I agree reduction view article this French colony in large part from or moral makeup of men and women that you actual divorce doesn't manifest. Obviously in the body Patricia that it doesn't impact the brain all. I just don't think you can control respect how crazy powerful hormones can be. Life I have experienced that firsthand I am a mother in law are rattle Wi-Fi have sisters bits that are so I do know that part I think pulls very. I know how boring the Olympics would be without the back story town. Well here I'll be hundred I get it inside or narrative to narrative is resistant to find it's the same thing with watching you know sports on TV. RC I could care less don't tell me what's happening on TV I'm literally watching it right now. Tell me something else give me opinion of what I want what I can tell helmets back up or you don't see. It exactly but they you know I'm just saying I care more about that stuff than them actually tell me what's happening you just saw Michael Phelps is swimming down and he's running more external agent Kellerman. Time 97 what do you mean females don't care about the scored never seen the mothers if they post the wrong scorn -- game he accidentally youth is a read I either soccer moms now this eco Barbara Bradford and Alden forever David you're telling me to take a break but I'm not do when it is. Barbara thank you for calling an action. They act I into an exit catalyst in command. We know about it don't you enlighten us. Wants. So. Italy and women don't wait too busy to sit around watching the accelerate. They want and now. Cool and they don't want. Find out how after problem. And what I do is I'd go to UK papers respected figure oh what happened when it happened. Configure couple impact. In one and want to what's the back story. Put it on ahead of the competition. You don't need to hear it can back up my time am going to wait. But why why watch the NBC broadcasts of the Olympics and all you can just look up their results on the walls that are reduced if you're going into a tunnel is that some sort of dime more for some code to your. Act exactly. Right. NBC is making up stories says they why they should buy a lot of commercials but Soledad. I agree 100% Barbara you're right on and that's why we need to hear from women she just told you why uranium football player but she didn't there's no argument to support. She said she has a busy life she just cares about it once she also watches the Olympics why is she watched them she likes competition by the way TU. 978 Todd you obviously didn't see the France vs Colombia's soccer game it was an obvious USC. She sounded all so like I met. Why did this I watched the Columbia University is soccer game won't. She's got more like she cares about medal counts that she does about individual performances in wins that's what I took up her mind yet. But again she's such we that would be competitive streak. Because all women not industry of course they do they're just not as big as men because their armor incident and give you a different MBC. Stepped into a female problems story when we come back but also. Is Olympic related in do you have a probably miss it wants he thought Feinberg on Bibi is the boss the knockout mortgage. Checking the right downtown Boston Tolbert no bags of the Chelsea eleven down ramp that is. Filling in. Traffic and weather whenever from the WR Taylor. Life is a series of Brandon chances and flip a coin you get hence the book calling you get details from Connolly could drive tour. It could be slow. Or it could be. Slower and therefore what we've learned is that random chance is no way to thank your commute. So he did gambling to the casino sleaze ball. Get the WRK you know having get traffic and weather whenever. Statistics tip on WR KL. 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Yeah WRKO. Was only had earlier armed trying too hard to fill in Tim's shoes without Fallon was pretty good about this means a lot of us. DB is from Venus and men are from Mars for the fifth. Not bad at all our. Bibi you completely missed my soccer line I was pretending that was from a woman in the at a soccer games like US men. I did miss that now that is why it's a shame on me good for the tax there. By the way DB seven anyone says as a woman I don't give a crap about the Olympics that's. Now that's a woman you can relative that's an area that's totally fine but it fewer into the that's only because she has heard the narrative. His nose in the year in for the pageantry just the sport and who wins. Women who are more story oriented I think is the point it's not like some big bias thing that I'm with the caller says that is much that gap is closed much more than people like this Neanderthal unions well I'll bet though that the when they look at the numbers for people who view Olympics they'll see it's like 60% women or something like that. I agree that that may be true but I also think that women want to see the competition and while they're watching it they would like to see the with the outcome. They wanna know more shore yeah huge where you lose me on the women to whom Carrie did you get the Dan hicks controversy over Yeltsin. So there's this Hungarian female swimmer. Who apparently blew the gold for years ago when loss she subsequently got. A new coach yeah it's also or husband or else who isn't and not and yet he's enough. And he screams and yells he's like a Saturday I'd skip the swimming. Like he's screaming and yelling and jumping around while she's swimming like what are you telling your did kick. In like what you're telling her to do. But anyway. She not only won the gold she breaks the world records she's a great story Asia's acts took two seconds offer time yet incredible so. Is she celebrating she gets out of the pool she's jumping around we've her husband who is also her coach. And that's when the and it says. There's the man most responsible for making her the new swimmer image he is and are winning goal via women of immediately taken to Twitter ripping him for that sexist comment. That he's the man responsible for her answers they don't understand they're being manipulated through the by a guy who understands exactly. How to build audience. Number one number two. What he said he's accurate. Yes she didn't have him as a coach in she lost. She has him as a coach in chief means in shatters the record. That man regardless of whether he's a man or woman. Is it at least in part respond as that term but his statement was an oh let's see the guy who's at least in part responsible for this huge turnaround. Right he said. That's the guy responsible for this tournament and responsible. Yeah but when in the senate they were showing him right. So it's not like he just blindly he didn't say where is the man responsible for this happening. He's jumping around the camera is all fair game you always talk to the picture as a reporter journalist. He sees him in to what he thinks he could say gee that guy's got to be pretty happy his wife just one goal he could say that or you could say. Hey that guy's worth partly. I guess you could sit partly would have made it and wanted to sue switch the focus on to the colorful TV character. Right you say use as a TV announcer you speak to the picture he sees the picture of the guy who is a ratings bonanza. Because he yells and screams and everybody talks about. Any gives them a lot of credit highlights and that's a really good and rounds of women out watching and this goes to the NBC executives point there's a lot of women watching at this point they immediately take Twitter and they're ripping news sure there irate because they think it's sexist instead of good and now did I just yet swimmers shatter a world record only to have NBC paid into her husband's in the here's the man responsible how rose. After women wins the gold medal the man is responsible. I'm blown away by NBC's reaction is another one another one women wins NBC it's the husband that did. And it goes on and on and aunts and women some women at least Earl upset that and that's really women having the. Taught by our our political discourse to view everything through a prism of sexism or racism or whatever there's all kinds of ways that life forks. It's not just about sexism. This guy may be is the guy responsible for her victory that's a reasonable thing to say didn't the timing wasn't quite right she is the one who did the war. And had to perform and chose him as her husband it's so bad I didn't like him cloture. But Dan hicks had that he didn't Polly did Hillary which we'll get to and in about ten minutes but. He had to explain himself and had to address this as if just sank. I said it would came to mind because he was accurate is an explanation and that's possible but he won it where this goes too far for buddy because women like apologies. If you've got to have caught on absolutely horrid job well. Why are we jump on a guy who's just pointing out the preparation that went in to to make what just occurred. Actually happened at the same thing in horse racing what do you see it would set our horse went to Kentucky Derby the first cut away you get to is the owner of the horse and the trainer of the porch right that's the first thing you get which in those situations so what's wrong on this. This is a strike me as sexist its just part of the story. This gets through the whole conversation didn't strike you respects is because your man who didn't strike me as Texas is about as truthfully in putts right on its exit. But a lot of women took to Twitter to rip this as being sex equality are we missing here to Boras over that I think it sounded unto the extreme it was black and white the way it was presented like oh he is responsible for what she just did. And that was a little too stark. Or have a rights watch bella parolee due to gymnastics thing because no one says that he's responsible. Even though we see him you know these are responsible. Yeah and and doesn't have to be set I found Dan hicks unnecessarily. Vilified in this case and I think women need to take a step back and say easy but I don't deserve some cold way you get rid of that emotion is you go to Twitter who cares they went to Twitter they tweet it. If you can't handle a tweet VB we can't trust you with a nuclear codes. I can be baited by tweezers with them and what was your best and worst moment of the week and with them. While there was only one moment I have and that's when I wanted to watch Meet the Press. But when I turned on the TV there were these women playing beach volleyball and I ended up watching it for twenty minutes how did that happen. You know who won the you watch it through its control issue women to beat the American women which really pissed me. But they did have the red bathing suits the polish women and say look I saw that maybe a little conflicted and my age who are his favorite. There was something about the red it was better than our blood. The women some US women favored in that and two Daewoo. It was so yes they're more experienced the US women. See you want back story you girl and the polish women over the young upstart and hurled you don't because you wanted to make it like our. Talking. The best moment in the best thing that the Olympic physical form is there's been major train wrecks and how do you mean. Did you see the French Jim this break his leg while that was. A leg correct yes did you see the Dutch cyclist the woman have been out or credible. Cause this to match or women can crash like that that was his name is great for the Olympics I'm much more in agony of defeat than thrilling victory guy. And I think there's been some epic fails in this thing that speaks. Very well deal I have never seen a lake dangling from Delray like that like begins may Joseph dies in flight look like you're not it was a spring yeah it was a brutal tape put some tape on unbelievable and then to add insult to injury literally. They drop a thick hide when they're trying to get him into the ambulance. As a great moment. The worse. And there's a number of wars that techsters are all over Bob Costas and anything part I thought that for years whale is that's extra yes there's too many commercials yes the tape delays there will be not the worst is for me I never understood synchronized dive. While you have to do it at the same time. I get the concept of secret his agent said you don't get it as a sport it's nothing in a I think it's a crisis swimming even a little bit more but now why isn't like. We're so desperate to create a medal count that we invented this thing where you have to do this together at the hits you know that's the quirky this it's like sweeping the ice with a little thing but why I don't know why not four then why not any night life that I don't remember listening either like why is that we have the the fourth you have to be to. And the other one like a unit just be the one. It's a different kind of competition 6072666860. Is a phone number we come back did you hear what Hillary Clinton says when she sent to talk about or email yup. And she tried to explain yourself did you buy your expletive all number one don't numbered flew. And probably more importantly. Do you believe that if there is a set of stairs and has more than three stairs that Hillary can manage that on her hesitant escalator or is it. Even an escalator this year have issues and escalators we're gonna talk about all of that and more when we come back he's spot a bird and he'd be. It's 659 and this is the WRKO boss and Arco morning.