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Was Bill Clinton's Speech Creepy? 7.27.16

Jul 27, 2016|

Did you watch the DNC last night and what did you think of his speech?

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We don't want her to hell yeah founding principles. Are being destroyed. In Boston this seal the American revolution a new movement begin. Just I'm there at Boston's bull goes there. And now we're in the broom ball and taking our country. Back this season on America's voice of the resistance. Couldn't road course. My friends. IBM while man may hear me or. War. Hillary rotten Clinton yes sir and a half they surely made history. And I swear you I'm not meant to keep I could make this up if I wanted to do. They're media some members of the media were actually crying. There were crying. Tears of joy. For a Hillary rotten Clinton because now they claim it is a she is the first. Female. To be a major. Nominee of a major political party. And so they're claiming this is a great victory for women this is a great victory for feminism. This is a great victory for diverse city this is a great victory for America. And so on CNN. They were crying. On NBC news ABC. They were crying. On MS eleven BC they were quite literally crying. So in 2008 Chris Matthews was getting a thrill up his leg when he saw Barack Hussein Obama. That in 2016. It's about the thrill up the leg as the tears down the cheeks. I mean absolutely. I am looking at this I'm like what planet are these people living on. So. My friends believe me in the next hour. One home. Bob Bob gold stub dot for a Hillary. This speech that everybody is talking about. Even though feminists. Were panning Bubba is speech. Vat and you're not gonna believe what happened with black lives a matter just outside the Democratic National Convention. I'm no other suicide bombing in Germany. We've got a jam packed show for you today. From noon to three this is the place to be but first. Her plumbing. I kid you not my friends so now the media. Trying to desperately suppress and cover up did deep profound divisions in the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders is people by the way have now left the convention they have openly revolted they have exerted their gone. They're gone. For nearly two dates. You have seen democratic thugs. Go after Bernie Sanders supporters. Paring down their science. In fact instead of the brown shirts literate to have yellow shirts or yellow vests. They Wear yellow vests and they go after Bernie Sanders supporters. Especially those that are claiming walker or opera chanting lock her up or Bernie's the real mom I mean your whatever. They not only pared down the signs they are suppressing silencing them bullying them on the convention floor. They're not the brown shirts that they yellow shirts. And my question to. To the Democrats and to the lives is this is this how you respect democracy. This this is your example of a democracy. So not only do you steal it from burning. Clearly rigged the system you stiffed the guy you'll hold them down. You steal the bloody nomination from him. But then one as people begin to complain. You rip off their science. And you start hitting them or bullying them on the convention floor with amend thugs wearing yellow vests just what you guys call democracy. And so what the media is not showing you. Are the huge protests outside the convention center. Bernie Sanders is supporters in fact are clashing with police officers are they were yesterday. They are saying the whole convention is rigged. The whole nomination was rigged they will never vote for Hillary Clinton. And they have now officially left the convention. The Democratic Party is coming apart. And notice this noticed the big difference between the Republican and the Democratic Convention noticed the difference. The bill holt talk for the entire week that Britney and I were in Cleveland. Woo the parties these this united war. Who the parties in K osh or don't party fractured. And divided. Splintered. Cool. When the one man who stood on stage each and refused to endorse Donald Trump whatever you think of his actions that doesn't matter. Q is he immediately and roundly booed and jeered and heckled off the speech. At the Democratic Convention it's literally the very opposite. The people who go onstage. And endorsed the nominee in this case crooked Hillary. Dared the ones who are being booed and heckled and jeered. Direction we climbing over defenses I swear to you of the big wall they've corrected you on the wall but the the walled they like. As opposed to the wall they don't like. They're climbing over the wall defenses. To get into the convention center so they can tell a great. The delegates the Democratic Party in the world country how much they hate Hillary and how they are they're chanting exactly what was chanted. On the Republican National Convention floor lock her up. This is a ghastly spectacle. And shoulder try to cover piece profound divisions. This liberal cracked up. This coming up parts of the Democratic Party. They're now trying to claim well she's made history she's a woman. It's the first female. To be officially nominated of a major political party. And I'm thinking boy you guys haven't completely backwards. Even if I don't you're watching Fox News by the way they are now third. Apparently their coverage is getting is so bad not only CNN beating on it now looks like MSNBC is beating fox. Well you've got Kelly may begin crying at the prospect of Hillary becoming the nominee. You've got Brit Hume and Chris wall is saying how brilliant I'm Michelle Obama is and how brilliant Elizabeth Warren is. And just. What a historic achievement it is for Hillary Clinton to be the nominee of the first female to be the nominee of the Democratic Party and you wonder why while if I'm gonna get liberalism I might as well get the real thing. You wonder why they're number one it's for CNN and MSNBC. Mike you know one. They did make history. They did they really did. Because now for the first time in American history. A major political party has nominated. An un indicted felon. Any criminal. To be the head of their party. That was the real history that was made yesterday when she is no longer another presumptive nominee but now the official nominee. And I just wanna say one more thing and I wanna throw it open to the phone lines. You know I admired Margaret Thatcher greatly when I was growing up. I read about gold in my eight year of the great prime minister of Israel I admired her greatly. I loved Sarah Palin in 2008. When McCain picked her. But to me I judge people by their character. By their principles. By their values. By. Who and what they par. I don't really care about that I would be don't about their color or their race or their gender. What ever happened to us supposedly being gender neutral and colorblind. Why is it's such a big deal but she's a woman. I mean really. Because the only thing she has going for and it's barely got is the plumbing it's what's between your legs forgive me it'd be so crude. But why is that such a big achievement. You don't Mitt Romney was the first Mormon. To be the official nominee of a major party and always father and but he never won. Hi how come they weren't celebrating the first Mormon. You know I'm I could run down the whole list bill Bob Dole was the first person of Albanian descent. And Albanian American to be nominated of a major political party how come there wasn't a big deal for the Albanians. How come there was a Mitt Romney outcome that was a big deal for the mormons. Why is it that the media gets the pick and choose. What identities is important. Why suddenly now Jewish because she happens to be a female it's a big deal why. We mean RC oh it's. Women in our business leaders. Women now are now occupy the echelons of culture of academia of university in Hollywood. In every major institution in American society what's the big deal. Notice. What you've been witnessing over the last two days. He's what the dear leader and the Obama on the Obama Democrats have perfected to an absolute science. It's a micro targeting. For two gigs. It's literally every possible racial gender class. At every identities are identification. Possible Internet chat box much hitting OK so let's see on Monday night the illegals she. OK lesbian chat gay checked transgender should act. Wheelchairs yesterday was wheelchairs there are putting up some and in a wheelchair okay disabilities. Should glitzy Asians jacked. Blacks Chet. Jews should. Muslims check. Cop hater is black lives matter chat. The mothers of dead criminals like Tre bun mark in big Mike Brown shore course the criminal but under. Generic women's senior our home not or we forgot one I swear I swear. I was laughing when I saw this yesterday. Dwarfs. Digits. Pull up a little people sorry little people. Out little people hold on that's a that's a block that's let's get a border fob they are they troll this midget out there just this little person out there. And areas I swear OK we got him checked so wheelchair Chad every. Everybody okay men and women young old check check check check what are we just keep checking his list that's checked him again checked again just keep tracking them. So you listen to Bill Clinton's speech. Listen to a speech. Never mind how disingenuous. It once suddenly now Hillary was the great love of his life. Did the greatest full Lander America's ever known the greatest pervert America's Evernote. I mean what you think we don't know about Monica Lewinsky. Do you what we don't know about Gennifer Flowers. We don't pull a ball Paula Jones. We don't know ball Juanita Broderick. It has been reported in the New York Post and numerous other newspapers. He now has a full time how to Weis say lover slash mistress. She's in her or early fifties she's a blonde with she's got to shed a big got a ways sadism boob job. They would artificial brain I'm all led to sue whenever the artificial breasts. She got a really big boob job she's being he's being protected by the Secret Service I swear to you he nor can nickname her. The Energizer bond. She's known as the Energizer bunny there are pictures of. And this guy stands there and it's like hello this like Eric Romeo and Juliette. Kind of girl. That girl. What I saw our class that girl 00 look they're ever since the at all. And dosed idiots on the convention floor. With their tongue sticking out and her eyes wide open under. Pumping their fists and holding Hillary sign I swear I like move federal like zombies like nothing between their ears. How have you had hail marry me. I love you man. Keisel warning through his freak in seeing if I mean the country's lifting up this guy. But if you actually listened to speech. They hit everything. She was now Alaska great people on Alaska she mad the fishermen and Alaska at a function was John business as a shortage of those as us. Went love the fisherman in Alaska. Then they went down to Alabama. Then they help the African Americans in Alabama. Then they've helped Filipinos. Where was that we're we're we're Filipino he kept mentioning state after state so it Iowa they were helping Filipinos in Iowa. Then there helping rural people then they're helping urban people. Bender helping the children and then they're helping women then they're helping the disabled. Dander helping the LG BT to. It's like check check check check boy just what she's been in all fifty states. And this was a distort and as a cold student okay and as a as a young lawyer she all fifty states and it's incredible. She helped native Americans. Should click she went to native American reservations OK check the Elizabeth Warren vote got bad and there. Okay are migrant workers stop. They're immigrants should let the most chat. African American again Chad. Just right rural urban north south midwest even Alaska West Coast. Everywhere. She broke. But glass ceiling. I am woman hear me roar is this gonna help the Democrats. In November. This crass identity politics. I wanna hear from you. Your calls next. I cannot repeat of that flag. Those were hundreds and hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters. Leaving the DNC yesterday. Saying they are done with the Democratic Party they are done we've Hillary Clinton. The Democratic Party is coming off part I think very seems. And their media is crying because Hillary is now the first female. To be the nominee of a major political party let me ask you this. Was history made yesterday. And so far. So far. Is that Democratic National Convention. Gonna help elect Hillary in November. John Europe next go ahead John. Let you have are. There at that oh absolutely. I mean I'm. Bill Clinton refused trying to remake but it will be a loss or X. Brutal fuels like it may be violated it was want about it his speech in the beginning when he says. Do you have come about because I don't mean just about where that trap or on the shoulder. It really need to admit that he couldn't take the smell. John I want ask you don't want ask the audience this 'cause I'm watching this. And I swear my reaction. Knowing what he's done to women. And by the way when need a Broderick has come I'll get to this a little bit later in this in the show. But in an exclusive interview with the bright part. She and these this has been rumored for many many years but she finally confirmed it in that fateful day that the whole pal in Little Rock. Bill didn't just reaper once. He actually raped her twice. He went infer how we say this for a second helping ex gay he went in for seconds. Here you have. Unknown rapists and sexual predator. And he's talking about popping her on the shoulder. And he stalking her. He's openly admitting how he was stalking her across the campus in the library. He's commenting on her skirt but how that the flowers on the skirt. And I'm like to discourage sick. This guy is legitimately sick. And so my question to you is this it's the official corner country poll question do I sure as the French would say of the day. Bill Clinton's speech. Why is Clinton's speech. Creepy. If you believe like I mean it was creepy as hell made my hair stand on the back of my neck. Then Tex the latter paid their 68680. If you believe me all investors Bubba being Bubba he puts his hands on women all the time that's just a Wii is. Then attacks the letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at wrko.com. Was Clinton's speech creepy. If you believe the answer is yes text page 68680. If you believe the answer is no text B 686 Sadie. Brittany. Are you a yes sir no way where you creeped out when you saw that speech Brittany and you have a script out. Would you want him tapping you on the shoulders of how now. Your calls. Max. The case and. Meanwhile let's get back to business I would try to convince the American. My first proposed to her. On a trip to great Britain and of course that you've ever been overseas. And we were on restore honor this wonderful little life like in our day. I asked her to marry me did you that I can't do. 71. Another girl. I got close enough to touch her back but I couldn't do it. Double play flat rock star gamma remember she's learned a long white flowers. Or has sort of merit me did you that I can't do but the second time I have got try to different tax cuts that I really want you to marry me but you shouldn't do it. When she came back I picked her up and I think you're how'd you like she says. Why you've got clobbered you have to merit and now we've been walking and talking and Atlanta together. Ever since. On February 27 1980 George water broke and there was Hillary are. She never. Yeah. Machine yet. 1239. Here on the great WRK. Oh voice so far stated was. We see night number one was the break Charles. Last night to night number who was the creek show. And so there was creepy Clinton. This guy is just it's weird. It's weird in fact it's so weird each sold bizarre listen to this. Even liberal liberal and feminist Rachel madcow sorry Rachel Matt out my back. A Freudian slip Rachel madcow. Openly and she's telling this and Brian Williams is jaw just dropped because you're getting off the party script were supposed to be here for Hillary. I think supposed to be grateful all criticize. Above but the zipper in chief. Don't criticize the sex machine you can't do that. Even she admits she goes that's second half of his speech I like it but their per first half. It was shocking. It was weird. It was frankly bizarre. Role it Britain. He had the idea that it class for the end of the speech. I think there's and the beginning of the speech was. A controversial way to start and I think I'm talking you know not girl on girl all leading with this long story about him. Being attracted to an unnamed girl and thinking about whether he was starting something you couldn't finish. Building powerful political story for the whole first half of the speech around her marriage to him. I think in unless there were worries that this is going to be to feminist convention. That was not a feminist way to test test start. At the end of the speech was. Was C was really good points I think that this on top of the speech I found it shocking news. Think beautifully eight. I mean think about it I mean forget all mean all the Wii is just weird. He stalking her he wants that puncher. He staring matter. I don't wanna get into we talked about this child being born and asking her to marry him repeatedly and she keeps rejecting Germany's almost kind of I Burt. The whole thing is just bizarre. Frankly sick. But then the week keeps referring tour like an object you don't like that girl the girl. That girl to girl. If I swear it sounded almost like up a pervert you know look at old man I grand pop perverts. On the on the porch and Arkansas. And you just can't. President but what was that was regiment. Was good Gennifer Flowers. Was up Paula Paula Jones was Kathleen Willey who who is dagger. It was tiger a purse Borger. I sparked a lot of girls. Ol' hunk want to touch pain me. Our. It was bizarre or first or their wife as vowed that girl. I ya ya I. You know. Each show last night. He showed his true colors she gets older and older and the real self comes out he's a sexual predator frankly he's a pervert. These are misogynist. And he's a sexist pig and got. All came across last night. Joining me now to discuss this and other issues as well is the columnist at the Boston Herald one of the few conservatives left in this city. Hall we rolled Rashad holly thanks so much for joining us and I've got to ask your right out of about Pauly. Is a much as the conservative but as a woman what did you make of Bill Clinton's speech was this do you look creepy speech. Yeah it would actually creepy and it makes you wonder what he remembering the white cop. I mean and you wonder behind the scene today you know they haven't up quite well. Contractual. Cash. You never stopped me in the library. Really Q did anybody would really docking Hillary Clinton. It. Holly what do you make of the conventions so far and do you think that they're portraying a positive. Unified image of the Democratic Party. Or do you think the wheels are just coming off. I think for the Democrat that we don't have come popped up but. It looks to me you're like you know other Republicans don't have it together but it. I'd be we'd need to change colors look how cute and shut with certain people out of the conventions like that. To die and you know we didn't have you know people storming into the immediate and screaming about you know they like happy with who got on it. I mean the Republicans look like should look like we unity you know like come I can't come to what's gone on the Democrat it's civil war. Now Ollie I know today's a big day for everybody out there in Massachusetts who wants the come out in big numbers to support Donald Trump. Please let everybody know how they can participate. So we can make sure that Hillary rotten bout which. And the rapists husband that they don't come anywhere near the White House again. Please let everybody know what is happening today. Yeah I'm not think you get. You know look. We talked the term campaign. Is you know focusing on fourteen states unfortunately. Appreciate it didn't take one of those fourteen states still we had lunch stay as super acted supported Donald Trump and Massachusetts it's called. The Massachusetts grade again pack or even brought a web site and it's a great dot com and today is a kick off event. We are holding it down and settled out crowd at the garage. Fifteen with him streak. On the can really kind of a cool place where will holdings and not the typical place angle lots. And that it illegally share parts in. Who'd going to be speaking on behalf of trumpet and then rally the troops so. If people cut from time. You know we can you to transition at that time we'd love for them to come by its parent tonight 68. It's that the garage in it on fifteen with him street and that about. If you want a volunteer. If you wanna be part of the trump campaign. Please go to make M a great to dot com make MA great dot com. And certainly if you got time tonight between six and eight go down to middle burrow it's gonna be a phenomenal event Hawley keep up the great work. God bless you and hopefully we can put Donald over the trumpet November. No definitely to wind and the hate you because look at the end of that it will wait an extra tension at that they want low information voters. And an educated voters if they tramp voter is the Republican vote. So what you're doing and talent and educating your audience and saying I didn't go out educate a lot more people is helping get a kick out. Hawley robo shark columnist at the Boston Herald keep up the great work colleague god bless. All right take care my friends let's put trump over the top here in Massachusetts. Go to make and a great dot com and if you can go to the event tonight it's gonna be really really special. 6172666868. This is from 617 jab jab jab. I can't wait to see a bill as a black guy. 617. Jeff. I was waiting for him this say finally I bit my lip and I talked to work at. I mean I yeah I yeah I am looking at this some light. You don't think the whole country already knows you like one of them how many women have you had hundreds. How many of you raped and assaulted dozens. And you're trying to portray this as as a Romeo and Juliet Michael the greatest love story of all are in. To me it's the delegates on the convention floor. Have you know. Solar and. I'm Mike and you people even believe this I yeah yeah I I ya ya gonna help us. Fill up you're up next go ahead fill up. So how are you play good and how are you still. Aren't happy as a way overrated go to Aruba patriotic duties. It. Karl Philipp what did you think number Bubba speech last time. Vote just the only town called can tolerate listening to it would declare that I go well clearly had to do it. They bring up a break and should web par reported or that's help me then I'll polish so little political news and who are. Our all the pull the trigger pretty. I. And as it did certainly can and everybody going to try it's about Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and all the other local people that were out there on stage. Thought podium everybody knows it and everybody in their car rid out there that does. You know attributable. And it's it's a deal on how. Fill up honestly that's convention is like the Walking Dead. We don't like zombies like the living dead arm around her a little. We'll really. Talk to him serve me. Can't learning. I mean did nothing between their ears. And Philip did you notice right he's going through this speech and you know the only thing you didn't mention was when she was five years old she opened up a lemonade stand I mean when she was in elementary school when she was in high school. When she was a freshman when she took this class and Bengie talk about Clausen it's always been about the children the children the children. And then but notice he's going year by year Phillip and everybody went 7190727374. When he missed out two years. Do you miss though 1998. A Monica Lewinsky that he seemed to gloss over Anna and Philip the other 12003. What happened in 2003. She voted for the Iraq War for hope it's incredible. How do you miss those poor use fell. And these blue color at all them. I hope they called a convenient amnesia. Where I broke. Out. I do agree that golf fill up. 6172666868. This is from 50 wage job like I texted you yesterday it's a freak shoulder on all yesterday was a reach role. What's that a freak show it was a creep show. This. By the way yes a lot of the techsters are mentioning this 617 Jeff. Did you notice that not one American fly was there the first two nights but to be technical about it 617. I swear they finally stuck one American flag. Late yesterday evening because there were complaints. There were only pull flags the entire first day and a half at the convention and Mike getting. The first flag was the Palestinian flag because you all day Jews and made Israel. And the second one gaudy as my witness I couldn't make this up if I want to elect him in the confessional. Do Soviet. Hammer and sickle flags they were everywhere. I mean it's Italy and it's it's like I was back in some another fashion like the Soviet Russia. My friends. It was their creep show. We've creepy Clinton. They advanced. Didn't work. Your calls next. This week. I was driving her to the airport to fly back to Chicago. When we pass this little break now to head up for sale sign on it if you said boy that's the Korea. You had 11100 square feet. Fanatic fan and no air conditioner in hot Arkansas. And a screen in porch. Hillary to comment on what are uniquely designed and beautiful house to laws. So I took a big chance. Above the house. Now mortgage with a 135 dollars a month. When she came back I picked her up and I think you're how'd you like she said yeah I think. Why you were gone out of college you have to marry me now. The third time was the tone. Roy you really gotta get your come out with a pill box. Heidi the bulldozer was in overdrive last night cleaning up all that liberal bulls there was Michael Diaz some might contradict the answers to. I'm drowning here for God's sake. Being being a female this oh Mike Aston anybody help your studies being smothered and all the liberal bullet that Beckett. But the big kid out of something. Every so often to pull to get what. My friends. 50 wait mailed it Jeff Bill Clinton's speech was like an. It was. All lice. All propaganda. It was rambling and it was incoherent. Frankly at times it was absolutely weird and bizarre. Which you saw was an old man. Our pervert. Who has no business going back to the White House and Donald Trump how I was there number. Their convention is coming apart and the media can try to spin this any way they want. The Democrats. Are going down. And my question to you is this. Is this was a Bill Clinton's speech last night creepy. Your calls poll results. Next. And it took advantage and didn't. I'm married. My best friend to. Intended. All the mess and. WR. OK oh come boy's sponsor day. Okay my friends later this hour you don't want to miss it. Donald Trump this morning in a fiery press conference in South Florida. Goals right after Bill Clinton right after Hillary Clinton right after. After Debbie Wasserman Schultz and he addresses the leaked DNC emails. And whether Russia was behind it. Said on you don't want to miss that but first. Dick creep show last night in Philly. There corner country poll question. Of today. Was Bill Clinton's speech. Creepy. If you believe the answer is yes it was creepy as well Jeff my hair stood on my neck. Next the latter 868680. Can honestly I thought it was creepy as hell. If you think it's has Bubba being Bob absolutely not hey I love it when man tapped me on the shoulder and stalk me. Next the latter beat this 68680. You can vote as always online at wrko.com. Brittany what are the poll results thus far 96%. Yes they believe Bill Clinton's speech was creepy and 4% think now. Always the moon bats. Yeah Hitler in the bunker guys yeah they go with the right right off the edge. You know these guys can say jump off the Tobin bridge and they go bid did. Did dear leader her and her right. My friends. Besides the fact that he kept referring to his wife says the girl that girl I talked about stalking her and following her and topping our on the shoulder and leave that aside for a second. He finally gets to her accomplishments. As secretary of state. As little as they were he tries to make the case war this is the best. That her husband can do for her. Describing her tenure for four years. As they head of American diplomacy and foreign policy. Roll cut twelve Britain. Yeah. You worked hard to get strong sanctions against Iran's nuclear program. You can. From Cambodia for the middle relief to get a cease fire. That would award a pull out shooting war between Gaza and I don't mean between Hamas and Israel and Gaza. To protect. The piece of the region and to back president Obama's decision. To go after Osama bin Laden now she launched fifty. It's really important. Really important to you ought fifteen to fight back against terrorists all of line and building a new global counterterrorism effort. Bottom on the computer act hit a bad bets. And then the final one he says she put climate change at the center of our foreign policy quote unquote that's it that's it. And I'm looking at this and I'm thinking well okay hold on Bubba. What a budding rock that was under her watch. Who precipitously pulled all the troops out of Iraq that was her. Who did nothing. As ice is reared its ugly head and began rampaging across the Middle East per hour. Who supported the disaster Russian nuclear deal with the Iranians that gives them now a clear path to the bomb horror. The disaster is illegal war in Libya her. The Middle East on fire her. Death failed Russian reset her. China engaging in the biggest military build up in human history. Threatening and menacing its neighbors horror. Who supported the PPP. And in fact called quote vogue gold standard of trade deals horror. All forget banged praying what's bend saying. I forget the emails forget server gate forget all of that. Breaking the law after law after law this is the best you can save for her for four years as secretary of state. Every mess can be laid at her feet every single one. The rise of crisis boom. You rock boom. Syria boom Libya boom the Arab Spring boom Russia boom trying to now bold. The key PP boom. And you've got the fawning press corps. Magnificent speech brilliant speech. This is this week it's got a really humanize Hillary this is this speech that makes that case for Hillary rotten. How much would you guys all on crack. My friends let me tell you. The country saw that speech. And they were tryst revolted and discussed that I'm telling you they were laughing. They were laughing. And my question to you is this. Did Bill Clinton make the case for Hillary Clinton. Or did it do the very opposite. When you see that this is the best that they can do. She's got nothing. 61720666868. Lines are loaded. Jerry in Cape Cod go ahead Jerry. And good friend how well. You have said combats sand and pretend that he knows what impact what you. Or me and see if if it's only going to get elected for the clearly going to have a new program like Jeffrey Epstein called porn and setup I have it like to interrupt you would be a little bit go to the app our show aren't NP RB we. Creepy that all right to be yes that's what I refer to slick Willie speech yes. It was incredible. It wouldn't mind you know me the net that we wouldn't know great. Well Jerry let me ask you this. If what would Bill Clinton did is no different than what bill Cosby's it. So why is Bill Cosby up on charges. And Bill Clinton is being lionized the Democratic National Convention. Maybe what trip which is kind of could be white privilege just can't. Talk actually actually. Let's face it Dick gangster. They get they have filed on everybody don't want anybody to did you. You know speaking of that if you tell me I get talk about it I won't what's up well you being targeted. Do you know what I'm referring to so. Lean mean yeah. How is like being targeted. I read something the other day which kind of infuriated me. Who are you conducting an interview with the person and they went quiet. Try to make it did try to vilify YouTube. Aware of what was that the interview with Al ball the -- What are you don't know it's fine please Jerry just that everybody knows last weekend you know at the convention we interviewed state representative Al ball this arrow yeah he is co chair of veterans for trump Pisa. A marine he served this country many many years. And he said you know Hillary is committed treason. Act you don't she should be put in front of a firing squad. That the panel the trees and depleted depth but firing squad are harmed by then till debt. The Boston Globe picked up that interview and then claimed listen to this that all Al ball this arrow and yours truly me. I'm just the interviewer but let that go. I don't have that did that together we are colluding and the thing is to assassinate an exit cute Hillary Clinton. I swear to you are so the Boston Globe that it went with the advent ABC news went with a bid CNN went with that then Reuters went with they've been AP went with that. And it went absolutely. Everywhere and soda called the Secret Service. And they did everything possible to try to get Alan trouble get the show in trouble and get me in trouble. A political campaign notified the Secret Service. Is that the FBI. Us. I just want to make sure it was okay. How are black flag and this Jeff with a bullhorn. Or people of apology much in the front why can't get to the rare. Are now is I mean it's you know what Jerry asking you shall receive thank you for that call my rent. Listen I gotta tell you he dish was racism. Chew on full display for the entire country to see what have I been saying about black lives matter for how many years now. I've been saying now over a year what a bunch of racists they are. What a bunch of black supremacists they are what a bunch of thugs anarchist Communist that they are. Listen now to this so they're holding a big rally outside of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. And there they are and with a bullhorn. And they've gone all of their anti white anti cop protesters. Calling already for violence on the streets and then they order all whites in the crowd to gold to the back. And they order all white media people. Two gold to the back they say only blacks up front and only black media upfront one woman in the crowd actually shouts out. But Rosa Parks complained about this. Rosa Parks said don't why should black scored the back of the bus why are we now doing the same thing to whites. And the black lives matter protesters began to yell and scream matter saying that whites now deserve to be sent to the back of the bus to the back of the line. It was spew more unabashed. Anti white racism. Here it is roll it Brittany. I. Look a little. Bit about the game yeah. They've had yeah they're a little bit bigger. And looked a bit more. I mean sinker and and rip the cleanup a lot of because the F bombs were flying. So now whites have to march at the dock. Now blacks are considered superior to whites. Blacks now are considered Bob whites. Whites are now consider we're no longer equal in the eyes of daughter under the law now all of a sudden whites are less than one right. Yeah. It's incredible. They're naked Lee racist. They're naked least segregationist. Separated blacks from whites and the whites go to the back. Now my question is does this work now going beyond calling for cops to be killed. We're now but this is now more than hey what do we want dead cops wonder we want it now. Now we're beyond hey hey I pigs in a blanket friar Mike bacon now work where beyond now blocking bridges illegally unlawfully. Destroying property blocking roads blocking highways were now beyond dot. Now we're getting into actual black supremacy. Now we're getting into outright anti white racism and segregation. Where's the dear leader. Where's Hillary Clinton. Were the Democrats. Were she spreading bull. Because I'll tell you this black lives matter was welcomed at the convention. They were speaking on stage baseball on stage Monday baseball on stage yesterday they're gonna speak onstage today. This is a movement you liberals and Democrats have openly supported coddled and a beast. You even had that the mothers of those dead criminal stand up on stage yesterday. All my tray Vaughn all my big my take all like big Mike well it's very simple I'm sorry I'm sorry your son is dead really I am. But you know if Tre bun Maarten didn't. Sucker punch tray. George Zimmerman and smashes head on the pavement and smashes facing repeatedly he'd be alive today. If big Mike Brown hadn't robbed a convenience store high as a kite. And then beaten a police officer assaulted him. Taken his gun. They're gone was then shot shocked it was it was discharged repeatedly and then as he's running away the cop says freeze and then he turns around and bum rushes the police officer. How did your son not consulted the police officer and then bomb rushed him he'd be elected today. Don't blame white America we all do respect all going to call ups blame you. We need assigned. You act like gangsters. You pretend to be gangsters. You behave like gangsters you're gonna get shrug good like gangsters. And instead of saying hey you know what was it us did we not raise our son properly why did my son. Think it was OK to smash George Zimmerman space on a sidewalk. Why did my son think it was OK to rob a convenience force a hot stoned out of his mind and then assault a police officer and golfer is gone. What why did big Mike think that was OK with the gang signals. The gang signs what is what are on pictures why did Mike big Mike think it was good mobile wanna be gang banner. And now you've got black lives matter right there openly saying whites to the back we want segregation. I'm enough is enough. Or really enough is enough. Now. If you really hate whites if you really hate white America can be honest about it. Then I don't wanna see you on stage. With pure white vice presidential candidate complained the whole rainbow coalition once you openly say. We don't like whites because then Hillary's off the ticket. And then Bob let's off the stage. And then Elizabeth Warren is off the stage so tell me you guys hate whites are not hate whites. Enough is enough. My friends let me tell you. What nobody else in the media has the guts to say from here to say the truth and what's the point can be natural ice tomorrow as an American citizen. The radical left has now ceased full control of the Democratic Party. And this amazing movement and these are people. That fool all of this country to which fundamental core. They hate white America. They hate Christian America. They are anti Semitic they hate Jews in Israel to the core. They hate our constitution. They hate our bill of rights they hate our history they hate our founding fathers they hate everything that this country stands for. They're fifth columnists. There traders. And my answer to them is very simple. America. Love it or leave it. And it won when it comes to you get that held out you need to know now. I. Didn't give. Yeah. You'll. Make your. Handled this one. Now black lives matter is pushing clear racism. Segregation. And anti white racism. This was that the DNC yesterday. 6172666868. Martin Luther King. Must be crying right now. Faith in Maine thanks for holding faith and welcome. Thank Jeff let me show my husband and I are addicted. Don't kick it. Two quick points. Confirmed that restart Hillary's America yesterday and rumbled away I tried you'll educated me. But. All it is pulled me away everybody's got to keep them we added the education as is the norm and have. The second one of street did you see her last night. I thought it was shameful. They aren't ISC fi I like her as an actress. I've like a lot of her movies and I think she disgraced herself last night. I would stake it can't dish I just couldn't get over expected. But it. Bet on your sentinel but faith you've touched on a very important word I notice this with the Obama when I first covered him in 2008. And now I'm noticing and among a lot of feminists. It's a cult. And its first Obama and now Hillary and it's like they have the blindness. That fanaticism. Of a cult. Yeah and they don't wanna listen to fox they don't wanna see reality. It's really like a cult is like a pseudo religion. I guess she's their Pope. In case if she's there Mohammed. She's a fat. I. Until you. Can thank thank thank Jack for everything else. God bless you 6172666868. This is from the 774. Jeff did the people and the media actually go to the back yes. That's what shocking. I mean please call CD it's on Drudge gold see the video yourself don't take my word for it. Do all the whites in Detroit protesters. Sheepishly all go to the back. And the white comedian with their cameras they all start shuffling to the back. And you could almost CD the liberal leftist white guilt. It certainly could see how big internalized it well they were at the back of the bus so now we got to go to the back of the bus. You see gay were treated unequally shall we have to be treated unequally. I mean. How come and why is nobody speaking out against this. You know I mean the war there were getting beaten up world's askew weapons that they stayed up front they would get beaten up. This what black white matter is. Is the black kkk. Period 6172666868. Okay my friends you don't wanna miss this. Trump fights back this morning. Eight fiery. Press conference the media is already jumping all over it. Europe calls dot store. 39 here on the great WRK. Poll okay my strengths. Donald Trump eyes you know got a big bounce from the Republican National Convention. He is now rocketing and head of Hillary Clinton. Some polls have come up 345. Well now one of the latest polls cousin now up by seven percentage points he's just one poll. But he's up plus seven. And as Bill Clinton at pack in yesterday. And as Marxist motel and the chief Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and Cory Booker. As they lined up and hit them and hit them and hear them. Donald Trump delivered an absolutely. Scathing. Fire we press conference this morning. I gotta tell you he took questions for nearly an hour. He talked about immigration he talked about Debbie Wasserman Schultz he talked about trade he talked about obviously my garage. Which depresses now upset. Where if he talked about issue after issue he was in control. He was in command. He looked presidential. And you look tough as hell ready for a fight. And sold the big question because the media now is desperately trying to distract. From the truth of those leaked DNC emails. And my friends they are damning. They show conclusively. Conclusively. That Debbie Wasserman Schultz in collusion with Hillary Clinton. Stack the deck. Stole. The nomination. From Bernie Sanders he never had a chance. Bowl whole thing what's fixed it was rigged. And so rather than have the American people know what Hillary and deadbeat deed. The democratic establishment. They're trying to create this phony scandal. We're the Russians behind the leaks. And ease. Putin's trying to help trump. And there's some kind of an unholy alliance. Between Putin and trump. And now all of a sudden they're claiming I'm Donald is now supporting a foreign power interfering. In our internal affairs and in our elections. When asked point blank. Did the Russians held view was this a part of a coordinated campaign by the Russian intelligence services to leak these emails to suddenly help you Donald. Listen how trump responded. Roll it Brittany it's just a total deflection this whole thing with the Russian. In fact I saw her campaign manager I don't know what's how to move. I saw when television. And they S about Russia. And hacking by the way they hat they probably have hurt 33000. Emails I hope they do. They probably have her 33000. Emails that she lost. And delete it. Because you'd see some beauties there so let's say. But I watched this guy move Kenny talked about we think it was Russia that act. Now for slow was what was said on those it so bad but he should I watched it. He was life. He said we think it was Russia. That. And then he said I'm just and is a person sitting watching television. As I've been doing. And any shift. Could be trump. Yeah yeah trump trump a look at crop he reminded me of John allotments. For Saturday Night Live. In the liar. We're gonna yet again I want to Harvard Harvard did yet this is the guy you have to see it yet could be trump. So it is so far fetched it's so ridiculous honestly I wish I had that power. I'd love to have that power. But Russia has no respect for our country. And that's what if it is Russia nobody even knows it's probably China. Nor could be somebody sitting in his bed. But it shows how weak we. It shows us how dis respected we assessed total site assuming it's Russia or China or one of the major. Countries and competitors. It's a it's a total sign of disrespect for our country. Vuitton and the leaders throughout the world have no respect for our country anymore and they certainly have no respect for our leader so I know nothing about it's one of the most far fetched I've ever heard. Now. You heard his response. The media is going apoplectic. This is gonna be this story trust you when I tell you it is. It's gonna be this story tonight is going to be this story tomorrow by that we talks about mu it's Robby moved Robert movement there recalls of Robby. He is the campaign director of Hillary Clinton. He's the one that started this suppose it or Russia aside dangled this Russia distraction story. OK all the Russians are behind it helping trump. And he said it on CNN and then Steffi Stephanopoulos. And then of course the liberal media now like a bunch her arm zombies they just follow their lead. The Clinton Campaign has now issued a statement that is now being picked up. By everybody in the left wing democratic media. Quote this has to be the first time any major presidential candidate. Has actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct espionage against his political opponent. That's not hyperbole. Those are just the facts this has gone from being a matter of curiosity. And a matter of politics with minutes. To being a national security issue so. Now trump is violating the thinnest trump is violating national security money Hillary moment at all. Trump. Now you heard what 861. Always kinda half kidding. If they've gone they probably if they've got to DNC emails they've certainly got to 30000. Deleted emails which is probably true. And you don't want if you're gonna release some. Chris there's some quote beauties there. Okay what's wrong with that. This is what I find incredible. First of all. Good surfer 2.0 from what I've read and I'm citing malveaux Wall Street Journal I'm citing the Financial Times. I'm citing several European newspapers. The belief can intelligence communities is that he's Romanian the first who suffers a 100% Romanian. They believe the second who sifford Lucifer 2.0 the guy who hack these emails and gave them or lead them to WikiLeaks they believe he's another Romanian. In some rural part of Romania now they don't all this for a fact. But whatever whatever the nationality or identity. As a weapon against the Russians are behind this. This is second caution of the Hillary campaign. That's point number one. Point number two just for the sake of argument for the sake of argument it is the Russians. Okay now why would they do this they want Hillary bill want Donald Trump. They only Hillary they can blackmail Hillary but can black ball Hillary so you know I know for a fact wants Hillary just read the Russian media. OK but let that go wet bad goal let's say it is the Russians. Okay. And everybody hacks everybody now. This is the cyber reach this is the Internet outreach. What you don't think were hacked in the Russians. You don't think we're not in the Chinese. Help you don't think or hacked in the French the Germans or the British or the Canadians. You'll think they're hack and asks. That's the age that we live in. But let me get to the heart of the matter because this is that the need the biggest hypocrisy I've ever really maybe the biggest I've ever seen in my life. All of you quarry in Vietnam. You'll remember that's OK if you're into alive during the sixties especially those of you that served bravely and honorably for this country in Vietnam in the jungles of Vietnam. In 1971. In New York Times got a free can Pulitzer. Up Pulitzer price. Because somebody deliberately broke into the Pentagon. Stole. Secret. Papers. These were classified papers secret papers. Today it was illegal they've broken big school. They've been copied numb and gave them to the New York Times which to the shock of the American public they publish them. Annie and allegedly show that John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson nick Kennedy Johnson administrations. Effectively lied to the American people about the reasons and causes for getting into Vietnam. And their goal was to undermine the war. And their goal in particular was to undercut and humiliate Nixon. Because Nixon was trying to give us peace with honor. They hacked into then you know I'm out through computer but physically they broke into they hacked into the Defense Department the Pentagon. They stole classified information. They then copied it and published it for a whole world to see. And the New York Times was lying and I east. And what the New York Times and the entire liberal press corps and all of you who lived through that this four ring a bell now it's all to come back do you. What did they say at my Zeum again and again and again. The people's right to know home. Was it illegal yes. Did violate national security yes. Wasn't really in a sense treason yes. Was it a crime to have but yes. But it was the people's right to know. These are people had a right to know and go right Tim all trumped everything else so my question is this. Let's just assume for the sake of argument the Russians are behind it Russian intelligence is behind it help Putin himself. Okay bed of bush as they call on the box. Okay that's our. Putin Vladimir himself. Said guy which is yes and Russian doc do dot. God. He should get a Pulitzer. I mean honestly would all due respect. He should be getting a Pulitzer price. Because the New York Times got a Pulitzer Prize what Ellison couldn't get a Pulitzer price. Because what matters. Is not that the Russians hacked into the DNC if they get I don't believe they did but just for the sake of argument. It's not who hacked into the DNC emails that matters. It's what's in the freaking emails themselves that matters. Trump has 1000%. Correct. This is the ultimate red Herring this is the ultimate diversion this is the ultimate smokescreen. I want shoot again stand back. Objectively. We're just beginning to process exists. Look I don't believe in blocking traffic. I don't believe in clashing with police. I don't believe in climbing fences. I don't believe in swearing off a convention floor. Look I'm a civilized man all of you have come to my rallies it's very civilized leave the place cleaner and a woman found it okay. I'm all a rule of law law abiding man. How humbling to Bernie people at all. In election was stolen. An election was a week. Our party deliberately sent spines. Infiltrators. And agents. To Sabbah hawkish. Bernie Sanders campaign. They then planted false stories in the media it's all bearing the email leaks. Cool why are you about burning. To discredit burning. With the full collusion of the state media. Which is then sent story after story after story Hillary and the BMC for them to clear this story's approve them like this is propped up. Before we even sent two of our own editors. And the icing on the cake. These juicy email after email from prominent millionaires and billionaires it's right there. Giving big donation. Stay Hillary and Ian returned your sank what you want. What position you want a commission what are you want you wanna as an assistant secretary position you want an ambassadorship what do you want. They even say we've got a super delegates in here to make sure he never win it's. And you're talking to me about the Russians. I don't care if my own grandmother hacked into it. I don't care of my own Ashton who by the way now is falling in love with computers but let that go if my six year old Ashton was the source of the cap have backpacks. OK I don't care. What matters are the leaks themselves. And what the leaks show conclusively. Is how corrupt our media is we no longer have a free honest media that's gone. But how criminal and crooked. Did democratic establishment is the Democratic Party is and then number one all of work then number one gangster. Is Hillary rotten Clinton. Put that in your crack pipe. 157. Here on the great WRKO. This is from 508. Best audience in the business I've been saying this now for a long time Jeff always the burning thing any different than Watergate. It is and it isn't. And that's why they have to play up these mother are shot angle. Did distract. The end divert the American people it's so obvious. Janet in pants and thank you for holding Janet and welcome. I guess if such an honor. And large. I didn't wanna make few points lead. At there were effective workflow action was careful that there were flat stick hectic convention. They Wear a fact being and so that answered that question. And that I'm a little concerned about the state of mind if people actually watching the DNC contributing to it. The press shame because as you know I have kids and they're gonna be very young now an entity going out. In. Iran has finally popped people that I know from from work and enable Fred. And people really tiny this stuff I mean it's not like we talk about like. But late packing up people well like for example if what's being fed at the DNC it. Seemed like okay within like and that's how it. All of a public about anything I want to let. These people living pot like morality optional I think after that recently like. Jan hold on Jack you do me one big favor. Tomorrow I'm being naturalized Friday I'm I'm off I gotta go a big wedding on Saturday. So I'm gonna treat the last hour like it's open lines Friday. I'm up against the hard news break I want you to finish what you have to say. And I don't take I haven't taken enough calls silent all the calls just hang on after the news Brit you do that. Thank you Janet all of your calls I promise next. It's not even about Russia or China or whoever it is that's doing the happy it was about the things that we're sick. In those emails that were terrible things talking about Jewish talking about race talking about atheists. Trying to pin the labels are people what was said was a disgrace. You all seven here on the great WRKO. OK my friends I wanted to dive back into the blazing phone lines. Trump delivered a fiery combative I thought very impressive. Press conference this morning in South Florida. But he was asked repeatedly do you know Vladimir Putin are you friends with Vladimir. Always Vladimir behind this is Vladimir trying to help you Steele be sorry win the election. These Vladimir interfering in American politics and the American election. They're trying to make everything about Matt our shot. And now about Vlad the great. Trying to somehow pied trump to Putin's. So let me. Skip this just for the sake of argument. I wanna get your take corner country we'll talk about anything but I want to ask you this one question. If Putin or the Russians were behind it DNC leaks. Would it bother you. Is this somehow collusion with the foreign power to interfere in our elections. Is Russia does it bother you 'cause Clinton now is claiming that Russia is helping trump. And will this tactic work will it distract the American public. From the real issues which are the emails themselves. 6172066. 6868. Okay back to Janet from Kent then. Janet by the way I got Mike Cox. Right there in Kenton a couple days ago. Richard Fowler you know that place. Okay very nice phenomenal service Kevin Michaels is the guy he's been a great job. They've got a nice talks from my little last and so I can I was just intent and a couple days ago but I digress. Janet you were building up to a very very impressive point the floor is yours. I've sent off and they were candidates great talent. I'm no editing and they won't talk about the Paris Beckett to conventions nobody bringing it up it's not being mentioned at all. I'm telling you it's like the number one issue that most especially parents. People would hit so worried about. They won't bring it up in the reason is that Obama. Created the policies and his weakness. Can cost a lot of it. In they don't have a plan to do anything about it they don't know what they're gonna do they don't wanna talk about it they just wanna brush it off. And folk rock and can't be that big truck erased all of this stuff that deflection. The email. From his hold his bigotry it's all deflection because. They can't talk about what she supposedly going to do because she has no plans cheap so weak. We are going to be so much danger. If she gets elected it's frightening it's depressing it's frightening. And I don't like to talk about dealing glued either but you know what is different yeah I mean real. It can't it. And they have nothing to offer people. He had we've had a comment saying things like well you know what we're safer than we and I may be quoting Iraq so. But he's saying things like we're safer than we've been a long time we're really say. You know people don't feel unsafe said and Kerry saying you know something about air conditioning. Being more dangerous than I think his. My question is. What planet are they living on. And you don't think they actually believe the things they're saying like when you make these statements to these fans filed out yeah. I know that you know that this is complete BS so. And well the last analysts say before I let it go is I don't pay payment expected lock down a little while ago but I'm Alicia Keys. But performing. Very overrated by the way and she made a comment about. And not being home of the brave did gun violence. And I cannot believe how utterly disrespectful that comment was. She wasn't called out I didn't see anybody any of the late night commentators talking about a boxer in the show. I picked up on them and it really disturbing. That that statement was made maybe other people think it's a big deal that I was really. That's disgusting and Janet please I don't want you to go and Janet from camp and I don't want you to go right there so I wanna ask you question Janet. But first I have to say this look there was a big story a couple days ago in Japan. Really. A cycle. You know as somebody was unhinged. Grabbed a knife a big butcher's knife slaughter nineteen people and injured over 45. That was with a knife in Japan. Now you look at many countries around the world you don't see what you want about the United States and the United States is not perfect no country is. You look at Japan. Look at what they did to their neighbors Sharon World War II. Death camps labor camps. Concentration camps. Look at the history of German look at the history of Russia look at the history of Eastern Europe. Look at the British with their empire everywhere. You can run down country after country look at China today. It's a totalitarian country. Look at some of the banana republics and the brutal military regimes all across South America Africa with funny would speak up. The Middle East radical Islam let's not even talk. You go to a country after country around the world. They don't even they couldn't shine our shoots. Yeah terms of how they treated their citizens or the rights and liberties and yet these idiots who were paid millions of dollars hopefully this right now. Alicia Keys in Afghanistan. Would be dead. How Lisa keys is seriously in in Morocco would be dead she's making millions of dollars and were not the home of the brave. If it's sickening really it's sickening. For Republicans said that. Not that they would but can you imagine. They went should. Or they clinch and to be a firestorm. But Janet I want to ask you this. The media is trying to claim that now trump and Putin are almost like comrades in arms. What are kind of like buddies. There in collusion working with one another. If it's comes out that the Russians were behind the leaks. Does that bother you Janet. A little bit yeah not yet does. Again it's just how did the how many back into that yet you know it's kind of scary. And if they can get the DNC emails you don't mean they obviously must have Hillary's emails. Or 30000 emails. And I think that's I think trump knows that and that's why I think he's putting the dog whistle out there. It. Janet thank you very much for that call god bless you. 6172666868. Is the number Ponce are you rich and Marlboro go ahead rich. Good afternoon Jadox. To show you how well we eerie they usually start off a whack him. I know with what wall and say we have to respect the war in Merriam femininity. So that they are not a well now they want and all they all they care about is who do what we're not about the information. Hello rich yeah go ahead I'm sorry I missed that last sentence rich. They don't they don't all they want to go as they care about the score and not be information exactly. They go to court to protect themselves so they don't don't this quote who gave them the information please see about it.