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Geraldo Rivera, Fox News Contributor, discuss Wikileaks and the first nights speeches 7-26-16

Jul 26, 2016|

Geraldo was impressed with Michelle Obama's speech but thinks the Democrats still have a lot of work to do to unite the party.

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This isn't live at the Wells Fargo senator here in Philadelphia team Cleary and Todd Feinberg back in Boston guys sale of the ones pull all know Rivera deivi we have credit. Yeah and it. You never know who's gonna stop it I like the Jerry because we saw you in Cleveland as well rob what do you like better so far failure Cleveland I'd love. Cleveland because like this term Cleveland's is from Shaker Heights and I think it exactly the remember was downtown NC your right in the city and in the sticks. It is like fox you know your group you're out there. South Philly year with the big stadiums so far as you know to get there real she's a you know rather brother feeling he would dance now. Let die in terms of what's happening in the arena I like the Democrats first night a lot more than I like the Republicans. Because of Michelle Obama Michelle Obama nailed them and firstly Nazis probably I think arguably the most popular public person in America today. Gave a sense of elegance and sincerity is there to about her supporters being raised in the White House that building constructed by slaves. And took him you're right it's exit and when they started seven years ago and now there. You know one is going all the college the others keep in high school and you know have an effective I thought she was raped I also think that Bernie Sanders was terrific I mean he had a big job but does Bernie Sanders. Demonstrators yesterday and home and work it anger rage. A it took him at the rate system bad or how the emails revealed that that the NC. Absolutely. You know sanitize his candidacy. If it was a you know view it's gonna be for Hillary yet they're really be for Hillary and he was. I think by the end of the evening the the birdie or bust people are gonna go. Honest talk about emails respect him the other networks that you don't work for continue to push or Russia is the one behind this. I find laughable and the fact that they're trying to deflect off of what Jay wrote in these emails with your take on. I think bed you can be both can be right in other words it could have been the Russians. And you know says that begs the question what about Hillary's private email server details hacked into that. So could've been the Russians and I I believe that you know a couple of reputable. Independent news people have suggested it is. But that doesn't deflect or do you distracted should not in any your record from the substance of what the emails that in the emails were absolutely. Oh for evidence that of a fix and in the DNC. Not only rolls where Hillary they actively undermined Bernie Sanders candidacy. That's why he needed to be all for you Oriole and for her last night I mean you remember Lou when Donald Trump tweeted out the star of David thing and they couldn't make enough of that yet. You have been in email your debating which one would hurt anymore to make him an ET is an additional criteria. It's funny I I eat this. I think that it if Donald Trump had an email account. And he had anything like this scandal it would be banner headlines in in all the newspapers. We all know that but they get over somewhat last one from Meehan and I'll let him in time that's you know you got a car waiting for him to. Straight on Martin's mom speaking I'm Michael Brown's mom speaking tonight mothers of the movement is the theme. What is gonna play across the country not as well as it's gonna play in the hall I mean for sure because. Everybody knows and Michael Brown situation in the Q it was very aggressive him you know. He. It was kind of an armed robbery of the day of the convenience store before you went out. And and started a chain of events that tries to do that too is that. You know that's with the grand jury said that's what the Justice Department says Michael Brown came on Marten use killed by you know as strong Zimmerman who was not a top. I was but I think that the larger question and I think you have to be honest that we all of the office about this. There is definitely. Deep concern in African American families for the safety of their children protected their male children. At night I mean every time as a traffic stop its you know it's. Heart stopping event where you worried that it's gonna lead to some. Strategy they've just I say comply you won't die I mean that's what the hell of a message. To have to give your children as black Phillies have to give it to them we have to recognize that it's a real issue I mean obviously black on black crime and you know the sewage big ghetto committing suicide is the real big story. But that does not in anyway diminish the fact that many minority families feel that the police are their enemy that in your view it meant that the fact that they do it this way little clumsy. Hopefully work. Her all the talk fiber here how many. How'd they deal with having those guys those speakers on stage how did they embrace. The energy of the black lives matter movement without risking having is be a dangerous place well man that's you you. Put your finger right on the pulse that I mean that's what it is that at a he'd do that balancing act. I think that. You take the politics out of it and you just relayed to the mom's is moms who tragically lost their kids and you try to keep it is a political as you possibly can. Just recognizing the sincerity of their of their pain and their loss trying to get people identify with view and in that regard and remembering. That said the Democratic Party as the party of of color I mean there's a lot of other people watching you know that maybe. You know in the in the ranks of the Republican base. Particularly men. Without college educations that does demo that trump is is getting 80% out. Maybe they won't get it it is is other folks out there will be sympathetic to those bombs and I think that consumes. And Geraldo let me ask you one final question here between the idea that we're gonna rile up that that part of the base that the roll call vote tonight which is going to be. Very interesting with the Bernie's very wrong orders they're wrong then we have Bill Clinton taking the stage who doesn't teak well. To being heckled anymore how battle gonna go down. Well I'm Tanya the who are watching Elizabeth Warren who is that fantastic speaker at whatever you think of her politics she commands a live audience like you can. A friend United States and at the scene her knocked off her game by the chants of we trusted you we trust that you as she was last night. Was quite alarming to me I was praying they would minter of the First Lady thank god they did not. But I I think that he's gonna have to take it I hope he does not engage. The demonstrators because you can't. You if you start that that hope back and forth he's gonna lose that whatever mode Jerry's guide he should Harken back to be. Good old days in the ninety's that are ready added jobs and you know they try to get help here they didn't this next time you know build back up Obama is Obama cares you know I think that he can't be dated. Is so he's really the a's got to be the bigger person than I don't know I will see whether he's got them I don't know. Iran and next thing you mentally gonna Carly yeah man they call their. Is that only those kind of I don't know what their yeah electric car they actually Burberry and opera I mean that made it stone. We'll likely have a copy audio. They are all thought that I am. Eight months.