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Opening Night Scandal 7/19/15

Jul 19, 2016|

Description: What did you make of the opening night at the RNC? Do you think Melania Trump plagiarized her speech?

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It is definitely arcane old home voice of Boston. National convention coverage is powered by New England town plaza dot com I'm making Americans feel great again. Constitution. Is under attack. We don't want to curtail. Our founding principles. Are being destroyed. In Boston this year the American revolution a new movement begin. Austin's bulldozer at. And now the liberal bull and taking our country. Back this season America's voice of the resistance. Couldn't road course. Tries to. Sabotage. The Republican Convention. Will it succeed. We'll find out my friend spike tonight but I got to tell you. Last night CNN MSNBC. Doing everything they possibly can. To try this hour tonight it was an electric night. Rudy Giuliani brought dot house down an incredible speech by Rudy. Pat Smith the mother of Sean Smith. Delivers a blistering attack on Hillary Clinton it was an incredible night and yet. And yet. The liberal progressive media. In the tank for the Democrats doing everything they can to undermine the Republican Convention. Have now tried to create a speech delivered. By maligning a trump. As the second coming of Watergate. And so they are now accusing belonging to trump white thought delivered a great speech. A heartfelt speech it humanize Strom. It talked about her as somebody from slowed many. Who worked hard to become an American citizen become a successful model who married Donald Trump race they wonderful family. And in one particular part of her speech and what is to me incredible. The way the media is trying to spin this there are acting as if maybe the whole speech was plagiarize. We are talking about five maybe six lines in one paragraph. Where which he talks about the values instilled in her by her parents. Helped her with her life. Those values instilled by your parents. Apparently those lines you really artsy resemble or ankle. What was delivered by Michelle Obama at the 2008. Convention. Hearing now malign used words compared to Michelle Obama's words. Is it plagiarism. And even if it is. How serious is it listened to the two and you be the judge roll it voice. I ride and I were raised with so many of the same values. Like you work hard for what you want line. That your word is your bond that you do what you say you're gonna do. Does that news that you weren't tired but you want to ice. They don't learn easy opponents. And you do what you say and keep your promise. That you treat people. Dignity and respect even if you don't know them. And even if you don't agree with them. Thank you seek even begins back. They fox and Sony Agnes. And more roads in Dayton Indy Lights. That these lesson that I continue to pass along to other son. And you need to pass those lessons. Moms and then it may need to know basis to follow. And I. At that build lives guided by these values in the pass them onto the next generation because. We want our children and all children in this nation. To know that the only limits at the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. Because. Because we've gone out sooner than you these nations and no. There are any need to your achievements. Ease this pain and onions beans and annual meeting and just what are. And I kid you not as I'm broadcasting line. Here on media row right between ABC news and CNN. Can feel like I'm in the belly of the beast. Who got to see these clowns at CNN. You're running around chickens without ahead they think they have the smoking gun I swear he. That's gonna bring down belonging to trump Donald Trump. This is the mother of all plagiarism scandals this is a shuttle now on the entire convention. But Donald Trump must fired his speech writer he must do is owned businesses chaos and ammonium corruption we can't have this. Michelle Obama's speech. Was heavily plagiarized. From Saul Lynn ski I don't know funeral that that very same speech. I didn't see CNN or the media complained. Did dear leader and I'm gonna play this later in the hour. His own speech directly plagiarized from mini me Deval Patrick speech several years earlier. I didn't seek immediate cause an upset an opera or create a public firestorm. Troll Biden literally plagiarized an entire speech from former labor leader Neil Kenneth ward for work goals each. I'm not talking a sentence here or freeze here dole all free in speech. And in fact when he was confronted you with the excuses everybody does it. Madam Hillary quirky and Hillary. Talking tiger phrases and paragraphs. From John Edwards when she plagiarized the liberal media didn't care. Now all of a sudden. That spouse of the candidate. Who says she wants to know Paula seemed normal political role should Donald Trump win essentially she just wants to raiser kid. And I guess maybe talk fitness and health that's it. That's it. Who gave by the way a really good speech a beautiful speech at times to be honest. And now they're trying to take two words here a sentence here a sentence there. And turn it into the mother of all plagiarism plagiarism scandal it's my friends they're desperate. It's pathetic. Rudy heated out of the park. Pat Smith hit it out of the park speaker after speaker heated out of the park. And rather than confront Hillary's crimes especially on Ben Gaza which were laid bare last night they had to find a diversion. And so what they found. They wanted a diversion they found their diver and so my question to you is this. What do you make now of this brewing maligned yup plagiarism a manufactured. Media scandal. Will it hurt the convention. Should Donald Trump fire somebody prominent taking your calls we've also got Peter Schweitzer. The author of collecting cash the bombshell book I wanna have him on as well my friends this is the place to be from noon to three. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer 6172666868. Your calls Peter Schweitzer next. 1217. Here on the great W. Archaic old golf voice self mosque in. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up the liberal bull. Okay my friends we are broadcasting life. From the Republican National Convention here in Cleveland will get to your phone calls shortly but it is my distinct honor and pleasure. You have the author of Clinton cash. It is e-book that really exposed. The rampant corruption. Abuse of power. Cronyism that took place at the Clinton foundation. There is a movie out chronicling exactly what's in the book. And just how corrupt. It was at the Clinton foundation. And bill and Hillary Clinton's role at the heart of it. He is none other than Peter Schweitzer. Peter thank you so much for coming on the corner route while it's great to be on thanks for having me appear before we get to your movie and other projects that are coming down the pipeline I'm just curious. Yesterday we saw on indictment that Hillary Clinton really on Ben Ghazi foreign policy. What do you think about in terms of the Clinton foundation what does he want our audience you know. Why is the Clinton foundation and the way she and bill ran it so important to understanding Hillary the clintons and why she should not be present. Well I think the key issue is. Why do politicians make the decisions they made in what I arguing Clinton cash is that Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. Was for sale. And you can pay by either giving a donation to the Clinton foundation or you could paid by. Pain Bill Clinton and inflated speaking fees and the examples are overwhelming now what the clintons will say is it's all coincidence the fact that. Know somebody pays bills for a massively expensive speech and then seven days later Hillary as secretary of state this favorable things for them that that's just a coincidence. I am enough of a realistic believe. Did anybody in politics we see this pattern of behavior it's because pay to play is going on and that's really what the book is about what's scary about this Japanese. We all know about money and politics in this case the clintons are perfected the art of foreign money. We're talking Wall Street we're not talking Goldman Sachs are big boy the labor unions we're talking four and all the guards in places like Nigeria and Russia. That happy here of Hillary Clinton because they pay a lot of money to the court. Peter I read your book I think it's an absolutely brilliant book it's devastating book it's a detailed book. I to me if Clinton honestly if Hillary Clinton goes down I think she will in November a big reason will be because of your book. Now I wanna ask you this. Get your very Smart man and I know you're you're pressed for time but I gonna ask you this when you talk about the foreign influence on Hillary Clinton. In particular what do you think was the most egregious was it the uranium deal with the Russians was it the money coming in from the saudis. And let me ask you a second question on top of that. How much did they line their pockets when you did your research. The clintons how much did they put in their pockets over the years through the Clinton foundation. All of that's a great question so it to begin with your second question how much money at the clintons made they have made. Through speaking fees and other venues more than 200 million dollars god since Bill Clinton left the Oval Office or much of that much of it from foreign entities. 200 million dollars. To get here your first question I think the power of and and most frightening aspect of the clintons as you've seen this pattern. Repeated over and over again so there's not just one or two examples but probably the most egregious one would be the Russian uranium deal. The clintons walked away with a 145. Million dollars in donations to the Clinton foundation from this small Canadian uranium company. That warning to sell assets in the United States to the Russian government which they were allowed to do because Hillary State Department signed off on the deal. And that to me as a prime example there are many others. People giving large sums of money. You re making decisions that are beneficial to those people and the clintons want us to believe that the two events are not connected we should just slowly walk away. Com and and I think that's the most frightening because if they're willing to take money and sell uranium the stuff that goes into new Q a power and the stuff that goes into. Nuclear bombs. They're willing to sell just about any. Here. Aren't the clintons would you characterize. Hillary and Bill Clinton essentially as all of works. Yes I would I think their mindset is very much in that way and really you know what what the clintons. Saying the reason they set up the Clinton Global Initiative is. They want to see that to be the point of action the point of control. Where he leads to make decisions about what that's the thing that the whole purpose of the Clinton Global Initiative. This is C we're gonna get that that the powerful Smart people together. And they are going to make decisions. Through government through businesses. That they think I need to be done and that to me in a sense is an oligarchy months. Peter I know you're not a partisan guy you're not sort of involved in primary politics but I'm just curious you hear the RNC. When it comes to the election trump vs Hillary are you gonna vote for Donald Trump. Well I you know run a 51 C three site I'm not gonna answer that question directly well I would say is people need to look at all candidates. They need to follow the money and look a big concern that Americans have is that politicians are for sale. And I can say with certainty that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton or for sale. By foreign entities I would say anybody you're gonna vote to you want to investigate. But I think in the case of the clintons the evidence is absolutely overwhelming and this is really an issue of who are our leaders going to be beholden to are they going to be beholden to voters. I think it'd be beholden to Americans or that it be beholden to foreign entities that help to make them rich in the case of the clintons the evidence is pretty clear on Danica. Peter I'm just curious. I received your book well many conservative talk radio have obviously. What was the reception like safe among the mainstream media among. Let's say liberal media outlets time they just ignored your book a big countered your book and they try to do that you want your book. That's a great question. A couple of entities like CNN had been pretty quiet NBC has been pretty quiet. But before the book came out I shared it with the investigative unit at the New York Times. At the Washington Post and ABC news in all three entities to major stories. Confirming and building on the air since we started so. The Russian uranium deal the New York Times today 4000 word front page piece confirming all aspects of that story. ABC news did a major story both online and on television and the Washington Post did a front page story confirming what would I point out that I hate. Which is how the clintons took advantage of that earthquake in 2010. To a rich and friends and in one case even. He'll help arrange a gold mine to go to Hillary Clinton's brother. I think I mean. Here I don't wanna put words in your mouth we're talking about starving children that's exactly right orphaned children and clintons were making millions off of I tell you wanna find people who do not like. Bill and Hillary Clinton I would say the place geographically to go to find most people. Per capita that would be hate me this area children they are absolutely furious and live and I had a gentleman who's an activist Haiti who wanted to meet. Because he's been working on these issues and I said sure he'll come and he he took a twelve hour bus line. And if I'd known that I would try to figure out a way to. Company took a twelve hour bus like he said the anger in the Haitian community this guy's not a Republican he's not a conservative he's a Haitian. And he is outraged and appalled at the way in which you know. Hundreds of millions of dollars were sent to Haiti it was controlled by Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton on people forget Bill Clinton was the UN special envoy to Haiti. They ran. The rebuilding effort I'll put that in quotation marks the rebuilding effort in Haiti and it has been an abysmal failure the only thing that's been rebuilt. Have been the pocketbooks of major Clinton foundation donors. Peter I mean I wanna move onto other things but to me this is just I don't give him his money. It's social talking so morally depraved. How do these people live with a themselves stealing money. From starving Haitian children many of whom lost their parents during the earthquake. Coming out what kind of people are we dealing with women here here's the thing and here are the gangsters look I think there is a gangster element to yes and end but I think that. There's a psychological trick and that they play in this is what you'll. People on both sides of the aisle have done so I'm not saying this is unique to the clintons I think they're just an extreme form of they convince themselves of their own moral goodness what they say they believed in. What they think they epitomize and they use that as a justification. Did you pretty awful things and it's okay because they are so convinced in wrapped up. In their own moral goodness. Hit that somehow that gives them license so. Any time you find a leader talks about. You know how virtuous they are held on the white side of history I always watch out because that to me as flagged for. That's an excuse for them to do all kinds of terrible brilliant I think brilliant OK Peter and we're only got a couple minutes you got a head off to a movie premiere. You've got a big movie out it's Clinton cash. Tell us about it who made it and why did you make it what you want to the audience why you want the audience to post. Well Clinton cash the movie is really for those people who don't have the time I know people are busy to sit down and read a heavily foot noted book like Clinton cash. The film is 65 minutes long and it brings to light visually what was done to Haiti. What was done in Africa that deals that the clintons have done without African warlords in the light it talks about the uranium deal it's 65 minutes long. We're doing screening here we did extremely UPI Cannes Film Festival in France all last month. And it's going to be live streamed on the right part for free we want this to be out for people to see this is not a moneymaking venture for me here for anyone else was produced by production company called glittering steel. And it is going to be released life streaming so as many people as possible concealed here's instinct than by the way. We've got a lot of praise from progressive media. MSNBC dot com went and saw this film and con they gave it rave reviews they didn't like kids in the sense of what it represents to Hillary Clinton. But they dotted and talked about how powerful was sinking from the guardian which is Britain's leading left wing Matt. Newspaper the same thing so this is 88 not a conservative critique of Hillary Clinton. This is almost in a way it. A progressive. Critique of Hillary Clinton. It's a moral critique salary when exactly. Appear now I'm a big fan of comic books I grew up with comic books I love watching comic book movies. So apparently now what it's a graphic novel about Clinton cast yes there's a graphic novel about Clinton cash called Clinton cash. The guy named chuck Dixon. I decided to do this he's done a bunch of Batman comics in the 1990s. He's done the Simpsons and some others and I tell you it is it brings out some of the facts of Clinton cash. But it's got a lot of parity and it just it it it is laugh out loud funny I mean this is not something I wrote this is something written by these guys that you comic books and you've got wonderful scenes like bill and Hillary Clinton going across the plains of context on animals. With the belly dancer in front of bill and I just is that you can. Now let me guess Gordon villains who were the bad guy walks. Who's the Joker Lex and their business. And yet other lots of great characters and this time. Peter where can people go we got a big audience today help you advise Clinton cash sees the movie get the graphic novel find out more which you're doing your website you can go to Clinton cash books dot com. You can buy the book and the graphic novel beginning August 9 on Amazon.com. And you can see the film life's dream on break or this week. Peter always a pleasure we're gonna have you back on again the only I would love that I would love it god bless you okay my friends. That was Peter Schweitzer the author of Clinton cash. Doing heroic noble work okay mole on your trump the plagiarism scandal what do you make of it. Your calls next. This same values. Like you work hard for what you want in life and that your word is your burn that you do what you say you're gonna do. Me their values. That you work I hope let's move on to life. They don't yeah Obama. And you do what you say and keep your problems. That you free. Dignity and respect even if you don't know them. An even if you don't agree with them. Thank you seems to be fun begins. They thought and so meet Agnes. And more roads in Dayton Indy Lights. That these lesson that I continue to pass along to other son. And you need to pass those lessons. On to that may need to know basis to follow. And build lives guided by these values in the pass them onto the next generation because. We want our children and all children in this nation. To know that the only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. Because. Because you come out sooner than you these nations are not. There are easy to your achievements. Ease this man. On the team's annual meeting just look. My friends. That apparently what you just heard is the crime of the century. According to the at the moon bats here. According to CNN MSNBC. The New York Times USA today PBS NPR. That Democrats are going dessert. This apparently is the mother of all plagiarism stance that's it hurtful thing. They're saying that those fuel lines were apparently poached from Michelle Obama's speech in 2008. And now all hell is breaking loose in the mainstream media. They're saying that trump meets the fires speechwriters. Maligned in needs to apologize Donald Trump needs to apologize. That this has now passed inspector. Hey H at all upon the entire convention. So my question is this. Where we're at the same moon bats where was the Clinton news network. Which by the way in 2008 became the Obama news network but now they're back to the Clinton used that. Where was the liberal media whereas those packs. Winds say that dear leader in 2008. Delivered this. Plagiarizing. Straight from Bill Hall Patrick meaning me roll it voice. I've heard dismissive point and I hear a lot. I respect. All I have to offer is words will. Spurts out. We hold these drew. Okay. Okay. Okay. Don't tell me words don't matter. Have a brain. Those words. We hope this proved to be self confident. All men are created equal just words. And all the good era but in itself. Just words. Just begins. Just words. Just speeches. Nobody complained then. I to me this is incredible you wanna talk about a non sport. Let's just say by the way trumps people are denying it they're saying you should similar because they're just similar. But let's just say just for the sake of argument okay maligned his speech writers they craved a little bit. Why they would from the from a Marxist motel is beyond me but let that go. So they took a few lines in the through it let's just say OK the indictment stands as charged. Okay. Yes this is some kind of authors Campbell this. The wife of the candidate. Who by the way is incredibly nonpolitical and says if she becomes First Lady will be and remain nonpolitical. This this is after one night this is what you want to. When he came to Hillary when she plagiarized. My problem. Marxist moved shell that very speech I mentioned it in my opening monologue was literally plagiarized parts of the huge chunks from slowly it's a problem. Did dear leader I played a key with with Deval Patrick with me and mean no problem. Joseph Biden an entire free in speech the only thing was the speech delivered by little connect the labor leader. Was that was in the coal mines I think in Wales. He just replaced whales with Pennsylvania that's it. He said coal mines in Pennsylvania Scranton Pennsylvania that's it and everything else it was word for word. No problem. Vice presidential nominee vice president they loved the buffalo no problem. Now. When Giuliani crushes them on in Gaza. When pat Smith the mother of Sean Smith humiliate someone in Gaza. When you have sheriff David Clark slamming black lives matter when you have Marcus Latrell an incredible veteran. When you have people prosecuting Hillary for her utter incompetence. And treason on foreign policy. Deadly night I mean he devastating night. All of a sudden. It's midnight they don't know what to do. Venture on to it doesn't know what to do latency and that phone that's fraud there's Anderson Cooper the silver haired guy there he is running around them what to do. Whom they get a call from the Obama White House because marxism jealous of sect. Burying. A banner read. When I was my speech didn't like plagiarized from solvent and they did that was my speech. These plagiarizing speech could be is plagiarizing speech. So they get a call to David Axelrod at CNN I'm telling us what happened and I'm regular season was going on. And how we incestuous. I have to say this even Britain shot is their first dimension. And she's like why aren't they chummy with the politicians. She's telling you want aren't they supposed to be independent journalist chuck. To have back slapping there hand shaking the glad handing going out to eat together you can skim the borrowers and the grills and restaurants. There they are slapping each other's backs aren't you guys supposed to be technically nonpolitical. But let that go. The call goes to David Axelrod and won't CNN starts running with it after midnight then MSNBC. And the Associated Press then the New York Times then all the morning shows and now before you know it. Convention and it. Scandal hovers over convention. My friends it is pathetic. 6172666868. Is this much ado about nothing I wanna hear from you. And will this attack from the media work in sabotaging and undermining trumps convention. Mike Europe's first go ahead Mike. Thanks what you do for you as always matter. God bless you might. Thank you my friend such questions as well this. Should not be anything about plagiarism it should be about getting together as Americans and realizing that the past Ross played. Could not. Accomplish everything she's set out to do. Let's get another great American a chance to do what she didn't finish our due what she did it. She did accomplish things let's pray that part. If you didn't let's get involved quite good chance that she seems the most sincere person but anyone I've ever heard and that was a wonderful wonderful. Street that she gave. And I think she's gonna come true. Plagiarism should be at the bottom of the list it is ridiculous we need to bought together. And give each other banks which you can do to make America great thank you Jeff. Thank you very much might look let me just say this all the viewing audience. Look. And you really should know this all the fewer Americans. You should know some geography but the Balkans is a bit far away. Slow fanning out where maligned is originally from literally neighbors it borders Croatia. And Slovenian pro croatians and slogans are very similar they're both Catholic circles logs to both from the same part of the world. Frankly they both wanted to break away and secede from Yugoslavia. We I had a group with a lot of slow greens were very similar croatians and slogans are very similar. Border both of us border in both the croatians and within the terms of our ancestors. Border Italy and and Austria. My one year Trump's speech and telling. That she may have created some of that from from from Michelle Obama but this your word is your bond that's exactly how my parents reason. When she was describing her bring it reminded me in my own parents. The wish. The way she speaks her accent. That's my mother. When you hear mole on his speed that's what it reminds you my mom very similar accent which he speaks to phrases that she uses. So I I gotta tell you right now that. Malign you trump. Whatever you think about her is a genuine person she's very hard working look modeling is not my thing you know that. But she's a very you know she was very successful financially economically professionally in her own right. She's not some gold digger. She's not some woman who just wants to be a celebrity by getting in the sack in marrying a billionaire. She was immensely successful and professionally successful in her own right she's ferociously hard working. So and by all accounts she's a great mom. She's a great step mom. You know it says something when the children of the two previous wife's a four. I mean that tells you something. So I think honestly she's a great woman. She's a successful woman she's been in a very very good loyal wife to Donald Trump on that score there were no skeletons in her closet whatsoever. They're picking on this woman. And and forgive me if they're picking on this Slovenian immigrant. That's what they're picking on. Now she's not making speeches the way Michelle did sing for the first time in her life she's proud of her country she loves America she's not dumping on America. She didn't get some 350000. Dollar a year job at a big hospital in Chicago because she was politically connected to the dear leader. And the Chicago Democratic Party. What she earned she learned what she's gone she made it through this whatever brown won her talent. So Tim need to wait the media is beating up on her I thought I told him I think again and again it's gonna boomerang against them. I'm telling you I think I can feeling Cleveland when I talk to people people say you know what they're just bullying his former. Okay she took a couple lines maybe she cryptic maybe she didn't are you kidding me. We're talking about him doesn't that terrorists cover their sorry the cover up of the terrorist murderer for Americans. We're talking about a woman who use the state department. For bribery pedaling access. Giving away state secrets. Committing crime after crime after crime and you're going after her for what four lines in a speech sometimes gets lost. Can Europe next go ahead ten. Yes guess thanks to take my ball was you know I don't have cable. So I tried to watch that convention on PBS. It was ridiculous because they were not with the arm camera on the speaker on stage. Of the time I step I watched it and I watched us on TV yes deterioration. I would say it probably didn't stand just keep. It's time with a camera on a sticker. So what I did I get my computer and I watched it live online. And I put the PBS station on mute. And after every speech I would turn on her show up and you get solicited the Talking Heads. No question that as they tried to conquer everything that was yet onstage. With democratic talking. Yen down pets yeah. They were saying oh my gosh that was over the top basically. Adams she was too direct and you know he was slamming. I'm Hillary Clinton and everything else just they're another speech like. They criticized and balance something the matter with. And you know. It's scary because you know this is going to be a very very. Tight election. And you know I know what creatures at that Donald Trump should win it hands down. But with the media is going to be an uphill fight yet do everything we just. And I'm authoring books trying to get my people. I'm trying to convince everybody I know that trump Donald is up only Alter. Can look and I thank you for that call I appreciate you don't look you're dead on. And I gotta say this event again because I want a repeat myself I don't get broken record but literally were ten feet away from CNN can run media world. And you don't want the Van Jones I get. He's a democratic offered. Axelrod I guess he's a democratic operative he's. But let me tell you why I think for the worst. It's the bush she's they have on that panel like the and then the barrels. And the others who are just like hysterical. And. All Rooney Jimmy and he seemed like them old man appealing to kids deal lump get on the grants Wheeling them to get off the grants. The threats we think reduced the loyalty. When men and I'm like excuse me she lost her son. There's never been any justice no one's ever been held accountable. Hillary Clinton lied and lied to her life to the country might give the family members we'll let me ask all of you this okay. I'm not talking now some multimillion dollar spin room operation. Like a propaganda outlet like that they're freaking Clinton news network. Okay that I'm right beside me there there. Food drops and there heavy on water. I'm talking about you as a real human being. You can share your question Joseph you lost your son. Thank you want answers. And the secretary of state lines tune to your face. And then afterwards we even let you speak to the State Department to get answers because apparently if your mother or not considered immediate family. And this woman doesn't have a right to tell her story. This is not immensely relevant to who she can to Hillary uses president of the United States suddenly it's over the pomp. To tell the truth about your experience. They can as a human being. How can these people in the media live with themselves. I don't know the only saving grace of me I'm watching. GPS from time to time was stapled to your chest deal. And just Kia is so great answers short sample what is well on Islam what would that you like how do we actually a warrant as well. When he came remarkably. Coaching cancer. In them I don't know what he gets there are coming to try to contact his office to see what we can do with local level. Terror pushed trump and spends as much as we can as I have friends that are good people. And they're going to vote for Hillary to win and I am pulling my other living here. Four in Atlanta. Do it all of us who our country everybody the listeners Britain myself everybody. We're gonna have to get friends get family members bring him to the voting Booth because this we got to deliver this much is for Donald. But more importantly for the country ethics 17 Q thank you can 6172666868. More with your calls now and am. OK in my hand my friends were back here live. To broadcasting from the Republican National Convention. We're getting a couple attacks coming in as well just to reinforce our previous caller can. Jeff I also saw PBS which they're Democrat talking points during the speeches. So much sport in perhaps public television. My friends if you wanna get involved. You can join. Supporter of the website may M a great dot com made Emmy short from Massachusetts. Great dot com. And you can volunteer for the trump campaign they need your help OK my friends what did you make of last night's convention. High.