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Mike Siegel 7-17-16

Jul 17, 2016|

Mike talks about Baton Rouge and Middle Eastern policy with Gregg Roman, General Jack Keane, and Dr. Sebastian Gorka

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I got out of four. Yeah good eject and I'm absolutely. Don't. Folks welcome back and good that you look here we are on a Sunday afternoon 10. Leading up to the Republican National Convention which has had the headlines taken away from it. First of all we have that horrifying attack in east France. Massive numbers of people killed. By this lunatic driver. Apparently radicalized than we have. The situation in Turkey. We're an Islamist president is protested against by his. Population which was. A secular country mental hurdle one came along. And now we have three police officers killed three others injured in Baton Rouge this morning. By a literal ambush. Planned out pretty carefully since one has been killed in the ambush years and two others. Last we heard the report. Are still on the loose at large we are joined by Greg Roman. The director of the Middle East forum and maybe this up that we can learn. From his work about what's going on in this country both domestic. And far enough mr. Romans thanks being what this from the State of Israel how are you today. I'm great thanks for having me. I know yet wanna talk about the many of those issues but I just describe let me start obviously and you're in Israel so you. I made out of a bit as aware of this although we have. International social media all over the place the Internet and everything but Baton Rouge. Of course was the place where that black fellow was killed. That's still being investigated. And this morning we now have. Three police officers killed three others wounded in an ambush. And I and this is now coming from both domestic and the foreign if you will. Attacks on the United States by islamists. Radical Islamic terrorism and now from. Groups that are extremist domestically Israel faces a lot of this maybe you can talk about what happened this morning in baton brews as a relates to the overall. Issue and why what we can do about this and we take a lesson from Israel which handles these things as well as any country in the world. I. Short so let's separate it appeared to strain of thought the first is extremism and America. Emanating from domestic concerns. Persons Islamism on the global stage which affect America practically that ought to have. Our operation. Well there's something in common here. And we separate pertain to how we view through the Israeli prison. If you look shooting attacks that are coordinated again forces responding to a 911 call. Near the parliament began in the person's body here back in the late 1980. When you look at truck tracks that are going on my cabinet meet Palestinian terrorists and that is that. And even to look. Suicide bombings and shootings you can't find a web part examples of what happened here but getting back to debate Bruce contacts. There is no individual here or two groups of I think that we are gonna fight is spot selectors in the past. The first is the perpetrators of the ever. Felt horrible human beings. Some of the worst. Of the Europe. The salt of the Europe that are trying to use their own. Domestic agenda which is extremists in nature to promote the horrific killing him targeting of law enforcement officers. But the second of the much orders Spain a page which wiped within the context. Of those that seek to justify. The use of a fringe political movement to. Delegates attacks on police officers. And those individuals and companies and groups that are supporting. Our social networks like FaceBook Twitter. That while they have maybe got ahead of the curve and it really is very centered vomit terrorism. They have been back. Allowed her the free speech and the First Amendment to be used to promote and incite violence against law enforcement. Just indicates an Islamic terrorism where they allow our nation's capital agents go on censored and told someone pointed out. The saint retain the fringe elements of the black white matter relevant. And other individuals. That are evident in racist how laureate instructions and groups like those that promoted. He attacked Dick Roche no recourse for more about it police officers across the country. You know and public Greg Romans were of Middle East forum you point is well taken and then obviously incisive about this because. There there are similarities and differences. With regard to these groups. But the the result is the same they are radical murderers in effect as you point out whether domestic or foreign. And here's the problem. We know that this morning whether or is that there's now video that. People in the streets in Baton Rouge are trying to help the police in this situation. There's a lot of cooperation. In other words most of the people who peacefully protest including the son of the fellow who was killed the other day. A fifteen year old young man. Who poignantly saying let's do this right no violence and all of that so there's a lot of support. And the other hand I remember reading a book by Eric copper called true believer he was sent to us a longshoreman back in the sixties and made the point netbook wave back then. That you need a handful of people to do massive harm nineteen that the World Trade Center who did San Bernardino. One did Orlando. Eight did depth Paris. And on and on it goes with these small numbers. Causing this Havoc and of course now it's 3 this morning. In Baton Rouge killing three police officers hopefully the other three will come to recover from their injuries who are now injured. So how do you deal with this because it's it's almost microscopic. What what can we learn prep from the way Israel handles this in terms of how we should handle this in this country. So the first premise that we had to understand which is hard for anyone to swallow it is that not every attack can be prevented. Regard to what you do that mitigate damage for preventative. Measures censoring individual you have a case of Israel where they haven't ministry detention. Which means the president somewhat without. Due process something that I particularly don't support except in the most extreme cases. Cannot prevent every attack from going for oil and it was good to stem and the roots of violence. An incitement that promotes it Israel goes after. Palestinians the promote hatred on social network as it is illegal to take fired a movie here there's a difference between. Going back and calling out violence. One million Twitter followers of the American reporters should have a better idea. Of monitoring the potentially even bringing criminal charges against an individual current citing violence are the direct. Should what should and should exporter to the owners of Twitter that's public company much of the the officers and directors of Twitter be held up for criminal negligence let's say by when the sun there. I picked up. Although it would be criminal negligence purse say but I do think that they should be held civilly why able and the communications decency act that was Pitt and I beat. That gives them carte Blanche. To recuse themselves. To essentially cap federal protection. Earl Elliot Mintz politicos across their networks beat repeal. And that these individual should be able to be found civilly liable. Or violence occurred incitement to violence in court. I but the thing is that it there there're more people they're both multibillion dollar companies Twitter FaceBook. And yet they'll remember Ralph Nader who. Said way back when. That's civil fines to make corporations and in the case he was talking about polluting Goran that the environment. That's just cost of doing business. That's true here look with the Twitter FaceBook. They could consider civil by the cost of doing business just keep keep trucking along I think of if an officer Mark Zuckerberg had to spend thirty days and who's now. Maybe think twice about this. That would be. Eight noble venture to try to pursue that but we look at back at AT&T here's some other how common street that were too big to elements that he's integrity. I think tighter federal regulation. Over these different bodies are scrutiny from prosecutors. Especially if they're able to have much as the ability to get a civil fine but also have a corporate entities sanction the terms of their ability to operate there. If FaceBook were to face a significant civil penalties not just a monetary sum. But also in terms of an injunction against them ordering them. Pursue and then eat CEO's and the board in the director gonna comply they could be held it up so much parking dump our third all these. But like you need to take action the shut these companies down in terms of the way in which they're pursuing their court watch support up in direct support for terrorism and incitement. Let me ask you this mr. Roman because. And get here in Israel right now Greg Roman direct of Middle East form. It bit of bad I'm sure the same situation there with police they clap their version of 911 note this morning apparently the report I heard was that they called not one of them. Black fellows called 911 for the police the police arrived for its and it's an ambush on the set up. And that they wind up getting shot. And killed apparently in an open area. What's the how do you prevent that. In any city in this country in Cleveland the right now of course there's massive police presence of men and have a mayor but while that's going on in Cleveland. What about in. Laramie Wyoming what about Dubuque Iowa what about in Kansas City what about in Cincinnati or Saint Louis or Pittsburg Philadelphia. Or Boston here for that matter and the police got a 911 call. Had a week to separate the wheat from the chaff and know whether they're going into a life threatening situation. But shouldn't accommodation between preventative measures and technology improper training that you used on short and which is likely would have them happening decreased. The way in which Israeli security forces responsible attack. It's by ensuring that as a perimeter around us was area of what's happening even at their voice spreading situation. The police take care may sort. That their force are protected so they can hopefully respond to an ambush rather than going in guns police and it was set up that may occur but the if you ask ourselves how often is it that police are set up an ambush which situations that I would tell you that we'll work. These that was shooting took place that this was something that was on the police's radar which probably doubt. We saw measures being taken to adjust to it. Police officers having to travel as. Couples of trying to go with a partner making sure that everyone would pose wearing a bulletproof vest that they were deployed in swat tactics. That there are making sure that they had multiple units respond. To a call for urgency and it was only domestic violence situation. I think that through technology. Is that you can actually set up a perimeter in less well off neighborhoods to start hearing he. Audio. Echo location. Oh. Trying to and were gunshots emanates from this technology now that allows. Officers to identify and pinpoint exactly where gunshots took place and it's actually technology that they deployed in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Two of the cities that you mentioned. So accommodation proper training. Prevention and technology you can reduce and mitigate the risks associated with these officers responding. At first responders but Eckert said before there's no sure way to ensure. That there will be absolutely safe situation as a response to these are the facts but they they are now ought to work and they are taking measures to adjust. We'll come right back when Greg Roman and wrap it up he said speaking with us from the State of Israel and we're talking about what happened this morning in Baton Rouge as part of a much larger problem. Both domestic and foreign if you will. Now we come back we'll get to the issue what the federal administration president Barack Obama ought to be doing about this. More than what he is. And certainly there's more that could be done from the White House. And protecting the safety secure this nation from foreign and domestic threats we'll come right back our number 6172666868. That is the number Boston Mike Siegel and on sunny good to have you with us it's 118 your calls are welcome at the voice of Boston WRKO. 122 in the afternoon folks welcome in my feeling is that when the boys of Boston WRK helped. Greg Roman is here he's the director of the Middle East for a check them out online and do great work. In the whole area of a terrorism and Islamic radicalism and all the rest of that. I mr. Roman let's talk about two things one is obviously that's a local element of this community policing as they call it community police officers working with the communities themselves. Could we be doing more and maybe can use Israel as an example of how the police work of local communities including the legitimate Palestinian communities inside of Israel. And then the second thing is that the federal level. What is the prime minister of Israel do that the president of the United States should be doing but it's not doing. So directing her first topic community policing. You have officers whose main responsibility. Is back essentially its civil affairs liaison between. The police department or the station which of the many said he especially those with. Significant Arab population. And we have seen not just with the date. But also with the water ministry would energy with electricity with social welfare. You know community policing. Eighteen and essentially trying to mitigate problems said. You know using the broken windows theory so much as you know you're very hard and you're very high punitive measure. Responsible climate very low in the period being back it allows you to. Opera that future crack epidemic from an escalation of our work increasing recidivism rate. What you do it would involve other government department. Also not proper organization whether it be the church or synagogue or even initial page the mocs. The tried applying those off the road use that may go down a slippery slope into electric car before it actually happened. So the plane they respond to a call domestic violence or they may respond to a robbery repair shoplifting. And find that you don't. Personal way and send them to jail for her modifying. Referred him to a welfare aid officer or refer them to a local rabbi or two great actor. Part of the whole community involved. Not with the police being but let fire defense sources Friday in her closing water order but having a more preventative. Client oriented strategy from taking place at the same kind that doesn't regret. We don't endemic issues that are going on right now not necessarily of what I would think would be between the police and the community in which they protect. But the twenty to thirty therapy influenced by eight. Fringe radical populist political movement and the ability for the weeks to get the ball because the politicians are high and behind your back. I know I ask you a quick adding about what happened and yes if what part of that Greg because we know the fellow and and needs. Had been Tunisian he was a citizen of France when he did they horrible act the other day killing all those people have dozens and dozens of people and these France. And he did but he was not on the radar. As a radical views on the radars haven't committed petty crimes in the food some violence as well I think against an ex wife. But it was nothing along these lines nothing even indicate as well as with the case in Orlando where there were indications. And we'll describe there were no indications so he if he became radicalized. Nice as takes responsibility for creating him apparently. Than he did it. Very late in the game. How do you deal that's sort of thing or even people who are going after the police who might not have any record or with what may be these three guys in Baton Rouge have records. Maybe they don't but typically they do. But if they don't if you wanna check on somebody before you go into a situation. How in the world do you do this good Kerry says it's cut its worst than a needle in the haystack to stop the sort of thing what about that. So conjecture just saying that the cover his own. Inability to deal with extremist problem triple political correctness the work the safety of the American civic sense. But I relate to that need to attack this individual targeting picked up the petty crime. Back in January of this year he had about a six month record where he would keep well agreement that you would be caught. But if you look at the average age of its Packard takes place in working in terror operation between 27 and 35. You have individual Seward downtrodden they started answering to inspect all of our. That first. Second that this individual would pick up and the French emergency measures have already been enacted the proper cause a massive. The French showed the profile of the individual as they do all the workers at the Gaulle airport now. Promote young Muslim men trying to seek refuge in the country he started monitoring the use of social networks. And it's not the French don't have new resource to be able to that it. They basically what it's great it's under the radar excelled a martyr elation networks that are in French especially the connection between him. Accessing these web site from going home personal computer and then start to get radicalized. They're the very very short time span between an individual trying to read these materials being incited preparing and attacked that executing. What we have to do was to avoid with the president of my organization. Daniel pipe called it sudden Jihad syndrome. Which we wanted to extrapolate that moved toward what evidence at a crucial short and extremist syndrome. Where you can very quickly get whipped up a fervor get influence and carry over attack. That's why it's important to revert back to the first SpinRite spoke about. Which is community policing community response to hurt the pack there fortunately in the United States. You have Islamist organization like the Council On American Islamic Relations encouraging their committee shall not cooperating with. Federal law court. And beyond that you have credited Obama reached out to these organizations. Actor actually further legitimize you don't even bush was saying you bet that we promote American citizens and in some of the case. Of African American with a more French group. That there should be any cooperation between communities and walked fortunate because not good for the community as a whole I would ardently disagree with that. I so now we Wheatley that you point it out about the fellow and niece but. How did you aware that when it comes to. Local community image got a 911 call the cops supposed to go out there and deal with a map that start screening people as to who they are making the caucus emergency. And the other part of that is if we can wrap it up on that would that on the point of what the president should be doing and is not doing. Apparently as and he says it's an economic issue so I got what you said you agree that that's at least part of the problem for these young people. Well I mean there there were reasons why a lot of individuals scored the spiral are much did they don't see any hope. But so long as the federal response especially with its administration over the last several years. It's saying the government is the answer as opposed to involving local organizations. Many times older caught up but it caught. Exit Bush Administration lets you Obama administration what meant the paper sponsored government intervention. The real community response got from our profits but operate there from the faith based sector. From community organizations that are not property nature not those. We're government paper pushers and bureaucrats identifying what that's based points system to close the one that's based on an emotional response. So what President Obama should be doing in the last six months of is administration. As it relates to community policing and trying to stamp out extra extremist. Driven violence to the United States is to start trying to them urgent Foster partnerships. It's in the nonprofit sector local community organizations. Law enforcement and to start condemning the political movement. Populist movements there I would argue are responsible. Perceiving natured in these communities. Just by taking advantage of economic distress. Mr. Roman it's a delight to talk to you I appreciate your time as always. Safe travels from Israel back to the United States and six trip there and thank you may want this today. Thank you got my. The take care thank you Greg Roman led the director of the Middle East for a Mike Siegel 130 it is and we'll come right back with general Jack Keane. Expert on banning military matters we'll get into a little bit about Baton Rouge within as well the voice of Boston WRKO. Fact we are good to have you with us folks 134 at the voice of Boston WR KL would like to have with us once again. Gentlemen less a great background in military matters general Jack he retired four star general former vice chief of staff. Of the united states army and a defense analyst and currently serving as chairman of the board for the institute for the study of war. General great to talk to you again thanks in what the story today. It why did you wicket. Thank you serve. Let me ask you this because I know we're here to talk about. The the Islamist problem and we will. But we just had three police officers killed this morning in an ambush in Baton Rouge three others injured. They go to when 911 call to do their duty and wind up tragically losing their lives. In the different way but with the same result as happened to balance. What your military experience our police in this country now in the midst of war domestically. While that bet award but some latest ridiculous all parts of the attacks civilized society about eight edit or. Title and gravity frame of reference for a then in the most honest and alas. You know essentially that's gone autumn in the United States. And so we had spent civil rights movement spoke. But god to the leader of that movement you know with all. He wants those movement speed on violet and presented big job. But that's a bit Vista bags. The leadership that it breaks the national leadership but. Unfortunately I had opened up president really has taken up a leadership role here. Domestically just says he has failed to do world. In terms of foreign policy and national security about this at all what missed about it that's takes the people pull the trigger or accountable. But we do it it does these strong leadership Ciurciu. There's no question about that let let me very briefly run through a series of events that have taken place under this so called leadership of this president would regard of this. We had the Iran deal first of all as we all know and that was caving in basically giving them everything they wanted that some lots of views running. And they got a 150 billion dollars on top but there's still the number one terrorism sponsoring nation on the planet. We've we've got Yemen we pull out. In come al-Qaeda and come now was getting a foothold in that country as well as ices. We've got Syria the Red Line is drawn. Of a line in the sand. Aside goes over by killing people with chemical weapons. And that we get no responsive though the threat was there in Iraq we pull out and as President Bush had set when he left office. That if we pulled out. And left the vacuum something far worse than al-Qaeda would take over and obviously he was prophetic about that would nicest. Libya. They overthrow level of Obama's approval and Hillary Clinton's approval Qaddafi who have been working with the us giving us intelligence. Had given up all of his weapons of mass destruction the UN. Had stopped all of the terrorist training on the Libyan Desert. And that was cooperating. And they get rid of him and now of course ices steps and along with the other terrorist groups in that country it's it's it's chaos we have. Beyond that. The Muslim Brotherhood having. Advisors in this administration. We have oh CC getting no support from the president but when Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Was there he was getting lots of military support including aircraft. For military purposes. We we have. Oh by Dotty. Following basically the Cole ran mandates and it's clear Lopez on the set of security policy told us on this program. He's really not a radical because what it says in the Koran he would argue with what he's following. Now obviously this is barbaric but nevertheless. That he's taking that and distorting at the present or even talk about it as radical Islamic terrorism and there's a lot more can go went to but I wanna get your thoughts because. Point by point by point this president has abdicated his responsibility as commander in chief would you agree that. Naught yeah absolutely I mean just that bit and it's an astounding disengagement. Well most volatile. And tumultuous part of the world and he's actually make that situation worsened to just blew boarded by do listen but what has done. The trick hopeful nation states. It also has president Carter's so you you find mr. potent weapons in Russia who sit in a formal. Eastern Europe. Arbitration and he is he's aggressive and assertive about it. China is doing much the same thing makes sense to witness to admit that suspect and they look they're laying claim that some. Some artificial islands but they have no basis or what's lovable why they do it. Because they want regional domination. Of the western Pacific and south honestly. And that you mention Iran Iran now has a windfall of a hundred billion dollar plus. In money and there's no doubt. That fifth 35 year history. Of seeking regional domination. And they now have their clothes and Syria Lebanon. Correct in Yemen and an extended that domination. Even though it may lead to a major confrontation. What Saudi Arabian gulf states whose is what they're stated. Strategic goals are and they're gonna continue so. What has happened as a result of an American president but apart types of World War II. Who stepped back from the historical. Global leadership role. As well it made the world a considerably more dangerous place. So what sold them our adversaries are on the march. And on this president does not step it up to. Well general than the other thing isn't for an eleven any run that was there were people wanting to overthrow. The the totalitarian. Radical religious government and we did nothing and and there are those who would say that the president. Is a moving toward hegemony in the Middle East under the control of Iran is even during the primary 2008 he said he would talk to Iran. And Hillary Clinton said she would not at that point. As so I wonder whether he just is looking the other way but he wants Iran to have control the Middle East. I wouldn't go that far I do think that even before he became president when there's transition to it was beeping. They were expecting that the major foreign policy and they should. All of the administration that would be an outreach to Iran so looking way mosques and outreach to try to solve the spate. With the idealistic and false hope that. Iran would solve I'll join the communications. And would be irresponsible doctorate it's in the Little League. And disregarding their. Very hard year. Track record and disregarding. The countless times that they have told us use their proxies. From embassies in Lebanon and Kuwait. Marine barracks in Lebanon and force barracks in Saudi Arabia and a four year. Proxy war against us inside of Iraq using near. These are running and trying to Scioscia militia this regarding all of back. The president made this over true or sisters on pole and all of us. Korea Iran. Will be taken what's gonna happen that is Saudi Arabian gulf states spent. And what where were leading towards is. A major Asian war. It in the Middle East if we don't align ourselves. With these gulf states and then Coolio Ron knows that the United States that this ticket that's a strong stand against Iraq insipid that Olympic place. Selector the worst case scenario woke all the problems. Well general above and such as secretary Kerry is already said publicly. That that they expect some of the money that Iran is getting will be used toward a terrorist groups. I mean it was an astonishing comment to make and he's acknowledging they gave her money to a country and then some of that money goes back to terrorism. But we also know that Iran has moved into other areas as you point out. And there has been no attempt to try to dissuade them from doing that. That we didn't support them and that attempted revolution and 2011 we didn't do anything about trying to create freedom. For the Iranian people many of whom wanted and no doubt still want that freedom. So this this inaction. It and that the very least this helping to promote Iran's growth in that region leading to the problem you're describing a by the way. Why did he give military capability to Morsi them the Muslim Brotherhood president and not to a CC. And rising the video that respond King Abdullah of Jordan's request for military capability would do that either. He didn't do it than than the Ukraine excuse me and more of what would regard an extra motivation and that they had so. He didn't do it and and any of those places where would have had done some good for people for the very country you're talking about who are our allies. No I edit it but try crackers or early nearly. You can argue it either side of the case you did well one Sodom and and should read to post a popular or not. With the fire could we could oppose them and and the only thing that that moderately. Elected. Islamic government successful and we solution that about from a political perspective. A much more so than anyone knew it when it wouldn't of the post about it the only thing yes apple. What do I need help the global security or sort of put out a lot and President Obama said no. And it the only foreign policy mistake he's admitted to publicly but he also said no. The Syrian moderates. At the CIA had vetted. These organizations. And the Saudi Arabia and others were urgent goes to do so and as you indicated he said no also. Pretty good ukrainians see he has always looked that. That kind of assistance. As a form of escalation. And and therefore it would make matters worse when he's going to be severely criticized. In terms of history of this of this situation. In this suit you know quite obvious well we'll build but we have. We're gonna turn over toward new president. A Little League says to moto a most most tumultuous person that's straight. Lot of close lawn just so we understand it. Has morphed into a global each province this out of the Middle East to be sure. The the reality is it tore it should change. The number of that we've had. From radical as long as you go up of 28005. Years before there was little over 3000. The number of countries involved have. And in fact double what secretary Perry made a statement last 48 dollars. That we have our assist on the run quote unquote. Crisis has expanded into Bangladesh. It was so awesome and so it and it's so that this has exhibited to the Philippines it was already have not affiliate countries. And it's obviously inspired another tragic attack. As you Walter senior. Been in southern France and in. What false narrative that gets put out. That is contrary. But the actual practice is really quite especially when you think about it to me would not talk about upon the we're talking about the president. A bit of space in this secretary of state look. Have access to all of considerably more knowledge than that I have access to. But yet ignore. Are actually around there isn't really it it is not only astounding it is it's sold out of our you know responsible. Wanted to let me turn on that very point than to Turkey because we saw the attempted coup. Which I had vowed to press if I'm wrong but I as I look at that a similar to what happened an agent that they had Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhood the people said no. We don't want this imposition of Sharia law on us we want a free society they overthrew the LCC. At least is considered considerably more moderate in that regard them was Morsi in the Muslim Brotherhood. Now you have heard of one who has moved that that country from its being secular and a wonderful country. Into a radical Islamic go movement moving more and more toward Islam is of he has an Islamist. And very controlling in that regard them setting up. A control over the country in ways that it had not had previously and I think that's why they have that attempted coup. But the president has been let go from playing footsie with or one rather than trying to move them back toward. The secular country that they wore. What about what happened over there what could our president done differently to try to help avoid that kind of cool. Well a lot. I'm not sure he would have been able to have much impact on. Our want anyway but because he's usually been published are strong dirt dirty people who knows what he wants cease. He noted that democracy. Bill would come to appreciate it Turkey. Then called Turkey is a country obviously should cheat without it it's its member of the notes on the sort of like compared notes or strike. Little ladies. Between Europe and some bad teachers we all as we almost where there's been there and those you work in order to grow would be. The start of the culture country it is. Then and what he was truly doing that there's. Step by step taken away the democracy or not I think while lower want to see I'm not sure all the pro open relations eight. You can understand. What they would why did mr. in this move. To exceed no holds the democracy has gone. It's moving towards the Islamic state they don't want that. And also. Out. Or want it has really. Played both sides against the bill given what are racist. We cursed them Rory earlier on Russia has ordered probably just all foreign. Fighters were coming into. Syria and getting their training through the Turkish border he did he really did not do that he facilitated some put it ought. Stay conservative about a 25000. Why there's been a joy and our assistant that a lot of that could have been at least made much more difficult to be had at out of Puerto controlled expect. And it was an open secret. That ice is was traded on a target black market with the number one marketed that they have was oil it was a noble one. Economic. Investment that. That would help the nicest to sustain itself financially. Both the most things it's certainly you know Turkish understand and also it's about half hearted approach in. And deal devices source selective about what to feel work. In terms of the assault mission the one print wholly agree to it. A lot on as he wanted to sought to go he knew that was destabilize. And and he tried to convince the United States to set up a no fly zone in the northern part of I'm Bob. Syria in conjunction with themselves. That the tight at all about the the president had disagreed with the so yes I mean. Why he'll look for military coups solely on the stand the military recruiters to post more suited to people truly ought to. Everybody had told the president has faced old away from Mubarak. Because if you do you're gonna get the Muslim Brotherhood. That's exactly what they got in an emotional problems started to move Egypt's secular state towards an Islamic state the people rebelling against hatton where. Essentially asking the military. But do so open about it which would state they probably did that that'll happen here in Turkey relation BC now because I would suspect. That girl wanted to go to consolidated power quite a bit further commercial military. And they could bush impossible consulted like this happen in the future. Well you know livable wrap it up here general but the fact is that the he has one of the biggest militaries in NATO. Those are Dejuan. And if he moves toward a radicalized in the country toward Islam. We've got a real problem because that's the best that bastion between Asia and Europe. And and we've always dependent on Turkey now there's talk that we can't use our southern base. 04 flights. And in Turkey in the they're negotiating about that. What are we stand without him what what what happens if Turkey in fact it's more radicalized. Well first of all we don't know where this news with this sort of ago shortly. Marijuana there's been jolted. All right this. And given there's already. Well most of paranoia this is gonna just exacerbate that situation so we. The root revisited all of his relationships. Through quoted as they feel wanna relationship with the United States fully obvious reasons. Because of how powerful we are and also because of but what is pretty steady by most Corsican bond from Russia to want so much other Arab states are doing because of the the this our relationship with the United States to wanna stay a part of NATO so I suspect that the cooperation. We'll. Continue what our water lol we don't get more disturbed that a laws to be sure. I don't believe he's gonna change his stripes all that much in terms of folks what supporter got sizes. Corporate below the get go out. Last we wanted to do so open what was slot that has always been the quid pro quo it's unfortunate for the Turkish people. Because he's you know he's moving them towards very. Coach quoted remark dictatorship and an on the mining the Democrats that's also the bit of that country initial. It's going to be very scary to watch this unfold hopefully we'll learn. Get a president that will love stand up for us far more effectively from the present one general thank you so much between -- always it's great to have you with us and shall be talking against him. Yeah that's much could talk and you have a good bet. You take care thank you sir general Jack Keane. Lots going on internationally and domestically. A New York Times reporting three dead and seven officers wounded night by an understood it was three dead and three wounded we'll check on that. Mike Siegel here good to have you what this it's 153. We come right back at the voice of Boston WRKO. Welcome back at clubs but that he'll let us it's still six in the afternoon Mike Siegel and as we. Are joined by gave a wonderful guests the gentleman who has his fives articulate and understanding. And the communication of the issues involved and are Islamist problem. As anyone I've heard that's doctor Sebastian for about a quarter thanks in what the stories that are. Chad Butler are very well thank you. That of course you are I should tell the audience the Matthew C homer distinguished chair at the military period the mean Corey Marine Corps university and accents of writing and all of this. So let me let me start with the just a couple of minutes of an overview and privy to do this and get your thoughts about it because I think. You've made the point as well as anyone about what the real problems are that we face in this country. Going over under this administration the Iran deal we give the most terrorist sponsoring nation on the planet a 150 billion dollars centrifuges are still running. And that caved in and every point that they want it we have Yemen. We pull out ices and does al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups move then. And that countries in chaos Iraq. President Bush warned if we pulled out of there. Completely that something even worse than al-Qaeda would take over of course he was prophetic about that. And in spite of Leon Panetta secretary defense and from what reports at least in Hillary Clinton saying we ought to leave some American troops behind. Obama wouldn't do. Libya. Basically Qaddafi at least international became a good guy he gave us a lot of intelligence he got rid of his weapons of mass destruction give those to the UN. He also ended his terrorist training on the deserts of Libya and that was cooperating we overthrow him. Now that is a stronghold to some degree prices and the the terrorist groups we have the Muslim Brotherhood advisors in this administration. We have. That view and I had an Arab emirates saying that care Council On American Islamic Relations. Is a terrorist group. And this administration tries to get the united Arab terrorists take them off of that list I can go on and on and I'll give you the time may have many of the things I could mention. But at that there's a pattern and practice here in the law you talk about bad guys. Pattern and practice of behavior in the past they. Maybe leading to what they're doing now as a bad act what what about all of this in this administration. Yeah. Well I think you've just taken a lot of time through provide a superb summary or or how about the situation there have been. Amendment to the regional Europe like book disputing. The situation we operators catastrophic in a lot gorilla off used. Everything administration of parched as well has been the plate. Whether. The relations within Iran Russia. Actions in Syria Libya pouring out all Iraq. It's the catastrophe impacts so we have the rising terrorist rep you're under that that. I actually supported the rest people killed in America since Mubarak's state the player the caliber play well that remote went to separate. A hundred than seven. Often you'll let go master do we have a member of the cabinet be a spirited general attempts and then. What the attack here expect to have my mom won't be back sir and then we're all about weapon against the cheap copy of the school of America. Is a lot so that we we are losing this war. That's why I wrote wrote my quote recruit Ameritech apple win this war but we have leadership and if we have to be checked out that the in the spotlight. The talk honestly about. What that threat is and how incredibly that it is. Well ya and it of them as you've pointed out this goes on. For from the get from the creation. Of Islam and indeed a fact we've talked the other day on this program about the fact that. The blocker but Doughty took the name Abu barker from the guy who replaced Mohammed who was gonna reform Islam to do exactly what he's doing now. If they don't wanna except that sort of thing at the White House and if you don't accept the entrenched. Deep roots of this radical movement. How could he ever stop at a fight it. Are bitter knowledge and argue route to match and that's very you know a man with second stage of the product at the Wall Street Paul all spoke both. Diagnosis. And that doctor has been bad from music but where. The same way that you up and producing the way each other federal government. And a thought process that it you go out they could hold what are you go hello hi trade and pick a couple of aspirin. That patient would tie it better this situation we already and we got bit by noting threat because political bosses. Cup that the political correctness. Is more important and true. You can't talk about religion and it can't be achieved it's got to be simply about economics and all we need also the cheap hobby. They political elite live within attack all Coca couple are creating a fantasyland our group would do about it to want to. And the rest of us including the people who have been all and there are some but it you know in Paris and Brussels and that it stumpel. They rooted in the real world what did you bodies are outs to kill us. What yeah and then by the webs would be my barber reference what happened the harm elect this morning and Baton Rouge because the same kind of apathy or looking the other way or denial. On the Islamist movement. Is really the message domestically as well because Eric Holder went to Ferguson Missouri to. Work with the people there with the assumption that Darren Wilson had done something wrong. In killing Michael brown and even the civil rights division of Eric holder's Justice Department found that he was Berkeley correct in his behavior they couldn't bring any charges whatsoever. We've seen this kind of apathy domestically. Isn't there an analogy between. That terrorism internationally and the apathy of this administration toward it. And the apathy of this administration almost subtly encouraging. These movements domestically against our police departments. An edit an incredibly. It's significant power no connection. Replied you betcha it's. They've been liberal left wing administration. Narrative about cheap the it's really about the perpetrate who also picked it if you take the law to try to ultimate. That estimation. It's. Note the port terrorists that are on the employee there are educated they talked about the dictators they actually make excuses. Poll the killer and this thing figured it true that domestic situation whether it's by all who wish whether it's that ballot who who what we playmate. Quit blaming the police replaying the peace officers who protect. And they are being. Lambasted. As the colts also violence against the police its people it's are very similar app that that they're not the truth. But a trek the real cool local violence and let them make of the victims the perpetrators. It is unconscionable. And it will lead to prove that the estimate. Let me ask you about what happened in Turkey because. I and that's partly from rob and I make the analogy that what happened that Egypt is very similar Egypt had a Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi. The people or outraged about it after a period of time. And they'll CC is now there running more secular government. And we what we haven't Turkey is people who are getting fed up with earn a one moving toward an Islamic state in trying to get the freedoms back that great country had. Previously is there an analogy between Egypt and Turkey. Hard credit career in Europe how awful analogy. Haven't blonde it's simply a Turkish version of the ball well. He used democracy to take control what the most report was replaced in the world that happen extol work that I. Absolutely. Stalwart ally of the United States that NATO member triggered Cold War and he's. The PepsiCo veteran took bureaucracy and upon the met with both lips spate. Then and retrieve that all decades have been picked out towards circular arc is the opposite excited the stop them. But unfortunately they have failed in Egypt. General CC was successful we took down home the very pure crap pick Butler brought a good government but it looks good bit. The lot has perfect either and undermined a democracy once again in Turkey. What that's so if if that's the case I mean that at its very. Scary and most people may not think about this way but turkeys and an incredibly important country one of the biggest militaries in NATO. It is the gateway between Europe and Asia. Earn one has allowed. Thousands to tens of thousands of crisis fighters to go through the Turkish border to Syria into Iraq cop he's more concerned about outside. Who's almost input and at the moment compared to what crisis is doing and an aside it's not causing trouble outside of his own country is a marvelous he is. That's and the innocent or to one's concern about aside this place and isn't he creating if he creates an Islamist state. A much greater threat to the region where Saudi Arabia Jordan Egypt and other cut the United Arab Emirates might say we gotta stop this guy. Judge ordered district and out burger or brought in in in about alternate in the U racial Lam last. To be honest to go to a cup of nations that are really important those mentioned Russia. Germany's. And Turkey and and Turkey. Is typical given its geographic location and as you mentioned. Then looked well. Quote Jihad and fight this or spiders have been allowed to retry on the default search he would Syria. Turkey has been buying. The majority of the year illicit we've sold ordeal that I seuss' republic got to be rocks so. Throughout this that this is not good viewed at a beloved. Retrenching it's control. All of the largest NATO nation in Europe. Eighty is it slimmest and if fundamentalists. To your product marketed the ritual. Is about hope all our allies in the region and bad for America all the law. And then the other part of that is. Russia obviously is a protectorate of Syria. Iran of course has been using Syria for many years. They're supplying money for Hezbollah and others and serious the transports and nation for a lot of that military weaponry to go to Hezbollah. That came from Iran in the first place so they've got Iran. And make your Russia as allies. And Turkey on the other side potentially that I mean that's a huge volatile situation in the. Dollar triggered when the web their web President Obama says Rick Perry to leech off the side. The colts the colts before alt. What he did it decorated vacuum all around the world weather usually go China ordered the Middle East and so what we haven't thought. American leadership providing stability and I'll we have chaos and we have a vacuum that people like who period. These motors LB rob we'll stacked into an exploit. As a result we have a college that the result of at least. 250000. People being murdered and Syria and all the thousands who have been killed them prosecuted. In Iraq and Syria in meditate troops Christians who would have been better estimates. Let me ask you about prices because. That he the arguments being made by the administration of their being squeezed and land mass or what they've actually done. It's kind of have been gotten out of the bottle so to speak and spread this cancer. To many many more countries than they started way so. The fact that there were squeezing them and land mass release irrelevant to the ability of their going out and doing these acts like they did in these the other day. I'm not taking responsibility for. And if a buck hurl back that he decided to move to Libya than we wouldn't have rocker as a place that would be the destruction of ice this anyway they could move someplace elsewhere they have other strongholds how how elusive are they and is there a way to stop them. Indelibly to eliminate this threat. Which will hurt and that's why I wrote my book repeating your top vote yet throughout the right look out there are valid field but I. The recent past about your brother in the third the CIA actually does help but walk. World followed for years now with just two weeks ago except publicly. Product called rest. We have done not being undermined the global Qatar divisive. It over congress than we lose a pound or city and edit drop Syria that the open expect. That capacity to take that flight to Los or to inspire people like you'll Abu chute dramatic but Americans on American soil. You can recall lists you go to my web site the school paprika and stop all that's PHE. GO RK a typical group briefing book called the live report you can read about all BI is the rest the purity of America. And the calibrate was declared so go to war isn't just something but he backed the fate today I'll go all the way. It is happening on the streets of powers on the streets of possible. And on the streets all America the war in real and the war here. I X but beat them when you call. Fort Hood workplace violence and when you. Talk about lone wolves these and this is about workplace violence and these are not lone wolves I mean obviously. There's a connection. To the culture. Of Islamic radicalism. That is causing people to do what they're doing. For the greater good of I guess going to of that who have been rubles seventy vessel virgins for a lot this and that really what this is about. What sort it's about aids totalitarian. Ideology pits two very import that. Yet that we respect to the similarity to knock you about all manner of it is they globally and state and it totalitarian. Ideology. It integrate them all up. Fight to the death there's no negotiating with these people that know code there's been. I think that they will kill or inflate our. All we will defeat regret. It really it's quite that simple and it took America. To stand up to the Nazis and Communists and defeat those totalitarian. And it's very could make America against that this these go to other periods. About fortunately it it as being very it completely the wrong direction for the last several halt years. And it's about time but in the fifty per Euro this or we troops that fight too yet. Well you know that you make of what the other day on fox and they didn't wanna get it about this being a Christian nation. I don't know about reaching out to people. And and and and the whole thing would Loretta lynch and lovely and I I've I feel like setting up a meeting between Loretta lynch. And I'll Baghdad he at a Starbucks and let them solve the problem that the which he talks but. If the bottom line is. That what we have to face it for what it is and we don't face it for what it is is just gonna continue. To be that when you talk about cancer early states too we're gonna wind up in stage four in this country. Right I mean and it can get words are absolutely. And if we continue to divide the that a moot the practice. What they wish to achieve it out it was to achieve that we need leadership every single. Significant problem can only be salt. Through leadership. You know you have have a good plan and if you don't have a good planet and if you have a good plan but you don't have a I adequate leadership. You'll continue to fail so against it if there are a threat is real but it will reduce salt. Went somebody admit in the White House but we are. War. And not tourists and wants to win the war without those prerequisite this situation will contribute to escalate. But final point John Kerry. Basically said that he knew that some of the 150 billion to Iran would be used to support terrorism. And those astonishing to me the secretary of state would make that comment that yelled gonna give money but they're gonna use the terrorists at least in part. And they said that was after the niece attack that there was really nothing we can do about it they was one guy who went out there and did this and we we just really can't. It's like the worst it's a tougher than a needle in the haystack to solve that what about secretary Perry and those comments. But secretary carried it to get off to you all agree that wake up quote call to brought it. The Paramount lot we set the all that. There is no evidence that the two parties are collecting the immigrant immigrant refugee streams. I'd he's lying or he doesn't know what he's talking about we now know this is open source. One at least. One all the Brussels actors was traveling all baseball's Syrian pot sports and that Europe and achieve outlook or bit. Rescue chief state by the European you do Google or these. This is the reality all the situation. Herbs that are. There are secretary Perry felt will know what he's talking about or he has this assembled about fortunately it's good people out there. I not the other five and one of course I guess I live I got one more. Couple months ago. That his analysts at Homeland Security were not allowed to look at the social media. Of people coming into this country. Which are out tough Shimon late to get here because she was already on social media are clearly radicalized have been the madrassas. In Pakistan have been radicalized had gone to extremist Muslim. Mosques in Pakistan Wheaton way if they had been allowed to look at our social media which is really public anyway they would have known this they kept around the country. How how culpable are people like Jay Johnson and John Kerry and Barack Obama for the problem we have in this country today. I think there are culpable are wet when you and also federal agents and amid a treaty from talking about the enemy in the way the enemy talks about the belt. You are creating ignorance and you walk creeping danger. I think about think about this decision that orbit while federal official bulk. We have more true now refugees already have a stroke or sort that Syria. When they arrive in America are brought to refugees say that vote will mean there are US marshals they are refugees from our country. As soon Rivera handed over to the NGOs in the church or are they sure. That house them in America. That stretch or Ortiz. On bought allow us to blow away if they live because of that prepares you right. Think about that for a low it's incredible wrecked. Refugees from war zones of the US government is not allowed to know where Palin at all vote failed blocks. US citizens. Sat somebody should be. Should be taken that pops. And ideally suit in the public school and buy it if that is how they think they're going to protect America. Well what do what you've done vessel quietly for so long is to define the problem. And the methods of solution but first you have to we have to define the problem the administration level hopefully. January 20 things will change to get administration will be more sensitive to this and backcourt it's a pleasure talking California talking to you again and thank you for your insights always appreciated. Yep I'm very glad thank you up for having me on the booklet of the. He was well thank user. Well there you have it. Ominous situation that weren't coming up latitude 25 at the voice of Boston back after this at W our tails to. Hi folks thank you kindly for of quick hour and a half that we move by great guests appreciate their being what does thank you for your time as well. Enjoy the rest of the covered on WR scale of the Republican National Convention VW suffer the world of the world will be good the.