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Stock Talk - Paul LaMonica (CNNMoney, Nintendo)

Jul 15, 2016|

Stock Talk - Paul LaMonica (CNNMoney, Nintendo) by The Financial Exchange

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Chuck who knew that Indiana has eleven electoral votes. When there was a mark from Abington he takes only fifty dollar gift card from Arnold's lobster and clam bar located on US route six in east ham Massachusetts. Arnold has a great raw bar including Wellfleet oysters lobster rolls fried clams terrific onion rings. And more call 50 wait 2552575. Or visit them online at Arnold's restaurant. Dot com. As we are every Friday were joined by Paul Monica from CNN money. Paul thanks for joining us. Thank you very much because Paul would do well have you played poker Mongolia. I have downloaded it and to be perfectly honest I can adapt board Lou quickly but I will. Stay with the caveat that I just did it by myself I have achievement that it can't get beat them afraid of just how deep they become. While I think you stay away as long as positive that's my personal view on it out all the sort my apartment. Probably should. That's about Alan fields and I don't even know what you just said but I'm just gonna roll stocks up 7% let's let's let's say you know. Guys are Bo it your volt Opel in this thing. And people are making millions of dollars. Dugout don't get me wrong I am not saying that this is not a legitimate thing is watched needy or Nintendo on Tuesday while personal. Opinion of the game it does book it is it is illegitimate crazy seeing all the data about now to use of count on it more popular Twitter more popular contender and what have you I think and it was really tapped into something I know firsthand from having. Two young kids I mean they might Alderson and as these trading cards with friends it's summer camp and do it school you know forceful about it. This is handled a franchise that obviously. I think a lot of people wrote an op like apple can one. When does that anymore but guess what kids do it and they still playing the game and trading cards and watch cartoons and there's obviously an appetizer for that act. Now what are they doing to monetize this point how are they going to be generating revenue. Right you've got to it is of pre game like me free apps it's all dependent on in app purchases in this. If you do you have to pay the same there's been you know tens of millions and Putin's soul and revenue generated I have to think it. This doesn't all flowed directly to Nintendo idea and take became developer which Nintendo does or mistake and obviously getting it tied. You presumably apple and Google with the IOS and android. You know lie aspect that they have to be in some money as well the carriers and there's a lot of money to be split up but it does seem as if you have people playing the game. They are buying some of these in apt. It'll enhancements that are not just you know download for free and not making purchases so I think this is a legitimate. Historian is due to the good news for Nintendo's and you throw in that. The nod to nostalgia with that view lot smaller Nintendo game console that's kind of a you know an homage to DL or any ads from the 1980s and that well story here. Now one of the what one of the things that I have trouble with when I look at this. And try to figure out whether or not it makes sense to buy the stock is the fact that. We have never seen a game quite like this before and as a result. I think anyone who's trying to say this is the amount of revenue they will or will not get. You have to take with a grain of salt just because. We've never seen anything like this would you agree. Yeah I think so I think that you what is there inching here is that I internal document go. I don't think a lot of people heard the term augmented reality that kind of mixture. These cartoon characters in real world settings you can do it on your phone you don't need to put on. An opulent pets that or some other device you really can just use. A standard policy you have these fictional cartoon characters appearing. In real life settings as opposed to you know some sort of PD EU team type environment and it's it is interest I I interviewed a few days ago. Deceit you know Cedar Fair the big gap theme park amusement park operator and they actually. And arcane that they are running at their flagship. Park in Ohio that they if you before procurement policy yesterday rule. About Pokemon it's a lot more attention to the game and people realizing what augmented reality actually hit. As intended given any clues as to. What are going to be the next roll outs in order to try to keep this from becoming a three month fad to try to keep people playing this in the next year and beyond. Right I mean from what I have seen and heard the big issue right now is that it is not something that is available worldwide yet it is my understanding that you know they're going to be. Rolling out in other markets as well so I think it does have more legs than maybe being. To signal phenomenon the question does become to Nintendo. Work we have authors. To try maybe you'd similar. And augmented reality games for other popular franchise obviously yeah dot com to our Brothers I don't know if there's necessarily something. That would lend itself has seamlessly as Pokemon the whole catch Fareed he's got to catch a ball. Poll you deem the trading cards and cartoons are based on these humans. Trying to get these weird creatures further out of battle so I think it does make sense. To have these games be they are augmented reality Aaron archer whether or not there will be author franchise that lend themselves. Actually. You're good Paul appreciate you joining us now have a great weekend okay thanks a lot enjoyed catching but I certainly will and same deal.