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Obama's disrespectful speech. 7/13/16

Jul 13, 2016|

What did you make of Obama's speech during the Dallas Memorial of the five slain police officers. Jeff thinks it was disrespectful.

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A great help. RK OOK my friends. We're now in the final stretch. Trump closing in on my decision. To pick his VP. He wants to do it by this Friday according to media reports. In preparation for the Republican National Convention which will kick off. Next Monday by the way I will be there Brittany will be there the entire corner report team will be there live in Cleveland. This is now from ABC news quote. Campaign sources told ABC news that Donald Trump junior. Eric trump even bunker trump and her husband Jared Kushner. Along with campaign manager Paul Mann of port. Joined Donald Trump senior and Indiana governor Mike Pence at prince's home in Indiana this morning. Apparently they had a very long conversation. It was very warm. They got along extremely well however no all offer was made to the governor. They also report that according to campaign sources. The pick the vice presidential pick. Is going to be introduced on Friday alongside trump. Besides pants the other two top contenders are quote former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich. And New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Both of whom have confirmed to ABC news that they are being aggressively vetted for the job. Now I know a lot of York texting me about retired general Michael lynch I think he was on the short list. I think he's now off that list from everything I understand. From Flynn I'm sorry I think north somebody else into retired general Michael slam. He is now off that list. Registered Democrat. Pro abortion. There was some blowback about him the other one is Jeff Sessions. My understanding from Trump's people and look you know he may change his mind anything can happen we still have 2448 hours. He likes sessions a lot these going to be key member of the team but he meet somebody in the senate. To help sponsor legislation for example to build a wall. To sponsor legislation to repeal PPP. All of this needs to be done in congress sessions wants to be his point man in the senate. Plus he's also 74. He's no spring chicken himself. And so I think sessions although I was gonna be a pivotal player. I don't think Trump's gonna name him as veep I could be wrong I'm just telling you what my sources are telling me. Brittany. What are the poll results thus far. Okay 35. Christie. 34 tenths. 31. Gingrich. While. I mean it's it's neck and that it is okay so if you wanna participate who do you think trump should pick as his veep. If you believe it should be parents next eight to 68680. Chris Christie text beat 68680. All I'm sorry you're right Newt Gingrich beat. Newt Gingrich beat the 686 I don't know like an hour's sleep the kids apnea town. And that Gingrich text be this 68680. Chris Christie to exceed the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. This is from. 617. Jeff I think sessions and Flynn are on the list. We'll see if they make the final cut this is from 781. Jeff I would love to see a debate between new Gingrich and Lizzy Warren absolutely priceless. Another Texas is from 617. Jeff I like Mike Pence he's a great conservative. No skeletons in his closet how strong mid west coat tails. If it's Mike parents trump all win so many of you are our divine I think corner countries almost divided 13 13 13. Bombing New Jersey go ahead Tom. Guess scooter sic AD RK so we've listened to Jeff corner because he's always true to the red white and blue spot at the so it does so much Tom was undermined by god bless you and I wish him well rested nights I helped boost those kiddies. Save a tough night with able last night but you know what can you it's called being a father did Trace their treasures they are actually there. Was I guess we're a normal voice crying out of the wilderness. But trump has the chance to be the Superman. We're gonna need the bat and to join him and Jeff. I've never been more sure in my life. That's colonel Allen west. And I think maybe trump has a little broken his crawled over. Colonel west he needs to get over that. We need Allen west desperately. There is no man in this country who has the stones. To look at those democratic Communists in the face and all of them for what they are to look I think this in the face and say go ahead make my day. Jeff this man has the character. There will be useful lists the determination. He also will bring us the evangelical. Vote. Under the fastest and state three rosary. That Allen west. And Jeff I think you need to be the first time in American history to serve to oppose. Vice president and secretary of war go Allen west god bless you Jeff. Our god bless you Tom thanks for the call my friend 6172666868. Ernie Europe next going head Ernie. And I think that they don't like. I'm in Atlanta I'm Russian natural world Blackpool are intended to everybody's. Obama term prospects. I have written if you ran in and intent on both policemen it is what is. At least I don't think. Susan it's called goodbye. I kick it appears scroll as most of replacement window page. I probably it's never literacy. The Federal Reserve reserves. I could lead to a dictatorship. They were gonna go to them preferential Caylee. IPad has been incidents this kind of problem. That lost that day in London stratus. Good bad and I've titled goodbye to remain on the other side. Thank you. Thank you very much attorney that was very moving thank you sir. 6172666868. This is from 617 Geoff Mike Pence brings nothing to the table. He's just for people who will vote for trump any way he needs to reach out to the rest of the country and that ain't pants. None of these are great choices but Christie is at least young Smart and tough. 9782. White guys know Ben Carson. 781. That's. The extent that boy is developing a real bank club their Brittany. Are right Jeff in north threading go ahead Jack. Exact same action taken by called great show today thank you wanna bring a point I didn't vote I usually do vote. I didn't vote because I wasn't I'm not real crazy about other preacher so I like the ball don't get me wrong if you ask me at the end yes I'm out of a tropical amount. This is something that I wanted to bring up this person and I think you'd that you should be at least what can have. I works in the senate. As always stood for civil liberties it was a foregone with the NSA the whole bells and drones you will definitely attract evangelical vote. He's young. And he was 100 guys security probable for the next here campaign static. He was one of the guys that was on the ground on all the college campuses. It's Rand Paul. I love Rand Paul. Our old daughter Aubrey and by the way Jeff Brittany is a huge Rand Paul match he's chanting yes yes in the league and I love to I'd love to see Rand Paul on the ticket. Imagine Rand Paul and I did beat against Elizabeth Warren I would just aren't. I would pay money to this spot but I'm you know what ball he really key can attract the born evil. That's what we're gonna sit here all those attributes but Bernie voters. But once it got to turn we're also guide to get them to turn to twelve. Jeff I don't wanna put words in your mouth but the sense I'm getting from you whiz. But parents just doesn't bring anything new to the table is that what you're saying. My sister structure. Really. It's no different than anything else I honestly the government ought to start strength just to use that asked does still aren't sure let them. Yeah Rand Paul very fluid. He's an intelligent person and I just think that congress hopefully you don't feel as so much of a crowd back in the beginning. You don't attribute city had. You know he couldn't you know he felt it was just torched my excellent it was awful between leaking hardy are you come I got a lot of you know all. So I think he's got what it takes I really wished that Donald Trump. Which they can all agree close look at him because I. I think you get bowls aren't supporters that you could put it all of the top. A look Rand Paul we've got him on the show many times Jeff I think you can electrifying pick. He get a lot of young voters he'd bring the libertarians on board. I think I'm right. It was in new York stock under its schools doubted column the colleges and start all over here say you would on the ground. With the college campus and I think. I think he's the guy I I hold twelve shocks everybody picks. And Jeff thank you very much for that call. Look as you know there are the latest batch of polls out. One on one it's now wait dead heat between trump and Hillary. Basically they're within the Marge senator. There's a quinnipiac poll out there's now a new NBC news poll out there were a batch of polls coming out it's basically now a dead heat. Hillary has now collapsed in the in the polls she's lost about 56 percentage points. Florida Pennsylvania Ohio. Trump is slightly ahead. Let me tell you what concerns me. If you look deeper into the polls. The Libertarian. Party Gary Johnson. Nationally is polling 10%. The Green Party. Which I think would get some Bernie Sanders supporters member member Ralph Nader fifteen years ago. Very now getting about 5%. Of the vote nationally. So if the Libertarian Party stays at 10%. And the greens stay at 5%. It's going to be very tough for either trump or Hillary to deliver a decisive blow. It could be it could be down to the wire all the way to November. If if deliberate if these third parties the libertarians in the greens continued to pull as well as they're doing. And so I think one of the reasons I have no sources on this I'm just speculating. I think one of the reasons why trump is enchanted with Mike Pence at this point. Is he feels a lot of these anti trump Republicans that never trump purse. If he brings on board a solid conservative like pants. May be they're not gonna be looking at Gary Johnson the libertarians. May be they're gonna come back to the Republican Party and help put them over the top. But these third parties if they continue to do as well as that. Especially the libertarians if they go up to 1213. Fourteen percentage points trump can't win. He needs that libertarian vote so you get a guy like Rand Paul Rand Paul crushes that libertarian vote. He brings not hold 10% he brings it right into Trump's camp. So why to me Rand Paul would be electrifying. If not it's too late now. Well I mean the way they're talking it's a decision by Friday and he's got basically three people on his list right. Now. Maybe can be in the cabinet by nick in Weymouth go ahead met. Ideal and yeah that's very difficult decision that the pluses and minuses and by the way on the polling think about this. Which of these areas which crop is up wolf sides to these are twelve and fifteen point turnarounds in the last two weeks twelve feet. If the point turn around they him to go ahead there are people out people not thinking about that also to I won't keep yet. Is that if there's going to be some problems lately but the RNC. There was another a piece of trash federal quickly and judge. By ritual the ACLU they they found an injunction against the Cleveland police India RNC. It might be yet to lay out for the for protesting. It wanted to be close to the people going in and out that's good it went immediately out back actually help with things like Prescott pressure cook it in such. To determine you know which you they are so that's Willie I would that I hope nothing happens. They had their bags through. The media. Black like me how to do want national police which apparently it would feel like. They don't want to what Obama's polices we sort of some of these focus groups as he's Arnold looked up to date we're talking about you know this the Nazis. But the USS troops coming into this with the government once. At the age you know to try to get. And I'm glad. Glad ounces of waited some more of the of people like recollection cricket that the inside it to look at all these police departments. One other thing too Jeb may say it. It's. 88 decimated. Where it would be out. Recent shenanigans would call me. An out completely guess about where Republicans have to go back to what happened in the end of her germanic and here. We idea. Could Clinton fascination with that kind of filed bottlers in cash raised a cat threes came to another nasty head whip. And it and it sure what general inspector general report. As State Department. Was looking into investigating. Got to file. Situation would be great depth. How it got me. Ambassador to Belgium. This was originally brought up by Secret Service that tailing him when he was pitching his Secret Service you know Q. Two recognized with underage up with the girls okay so. The investigation. She hacked. Sure that the Obama she adds that it removed from the inspector general's report stopped the investigation. She stepped out the door you know. Nothing to see your vote that I have to be brought up as another act of. Incredible incredible. Thank you nick 6172666868. More worth your calls met or. See Europe next go ahead and does. Yes Jeff how are Tom and where you went to. Michigan election legal perspective on hadn't thrown. A midwestern US. Economy until the argues breaks go. Chart our during the grand whole years a lot of jobs walked in Michigan Indiana. As are like works you automobile watching our suppliers include air. If you're never bend Indiana. AAR sub area where you can body biblically based all. Greetings. Our end a culture shock I think a lot of America the buckeye from the heartland that could be good. Anthony how does he quickly how does he played well in the midwest do they like him across the midwest. I. Ohio like Kim you know why and governor Arnold while all conservatives like to import quite frankly after. A court you know I'm. You know religious freedom sing certain drifted off the radar screen with a solid guy yeah. OK good thank you for that Anthony I appreciated. Okay my friends ward your calls and the boy. So Boston is. Know some time. I'm like he. And trouble. Can make you wish you were born. In another time. And place. But you can bait your lifetimes. Bed and twice this double. Dick god knew exactly where bill he wants you to be placed. So make sure when you say you're not in it but not. You're not happened to make this furcal play sometimes call hail. Change your words and to truth and then changed that truth into love. And maybe you'll children's and grand chute and and their great great rancher who would tell. Him. I'll be loving you. I love that man. I love that man that was Dallas police chief David Brown it was by Dave brown. Just an incredibly emotional. Love being Memorial Day he delivered a just a wonderful speech. That he delivered at the memorial service yesterday in Dallas. To be five fallen heroes. The fife police officers. That were brutally murdered by Micah Johnson. And I got to tell you my friends. What is to mean. Most despicable. And most disquieting. Disconcerting. About everything that's going on. Which now. In a war on police being aware waged on the streets of America. Which now a sense among the American public. Of massive mistrust. Of our political and media costs. And this distrust of our political leadership. Is getting deeper. And wider by the day. We think corrupt media. With black lives as a matter and the race hustlers and the race and artists. The editor of the race arsonists. Rampaging across the streets. There's no leadership. There's no leadership. Quarterly turned to for leadership. And thank the lord. For these police chiefs like Dave brown or another when David Clark up in Milwaukee. Or. Police commissioner Bratton up in New York. Or former mayor Rudy Giuliani. Or stepping in and providing leadership and courage. And hole. And clarity and truth to what's really going on. And I got to tell you and it's gonna get me in big trouble for saying it but I don't care I'm gonna say it. The farm money here to speak the truth there's no point in me being behind his microphone. Did dear leader. The president of the United States Barack Hussein Obama had no business speaking at that memorial service yesterday. I said it yesterday before we spoke and now like doubly say it after he spoke. It was disgraceful. Never mind that no man has done more. To poisoned relations between the minority communities and the police than him. No man has done more to demonize the mean and vilify the cops then Obama. Let that oft put that off the table let that goal. No one's done more to encourage and aid and abet black lives matter then him. Led that goal. He bears responsibility. For the murder of boast five cops I said it before and I'll say it again but let that gulf. Let it go just let it go. You're now the president of the United States. Not a black white matter. Not of the Black Panther Party. None of the and her kiss and the Communists and the race arsonists. There are poisoning relations in this country constantly you or the president of the United States of America. Could you at least act with some class. This guy doesn't even know how to behave I swear to you at a memorial service. He comes in late. Everybody's waiting for him. You had a beautiful eulogy by chief brown. It was moving it was emotional it was a loving it was respectful. George W. Bush in a nice short speech again respectful. This guy. He gave a rambling lecture. It went on for nearly forty minutes. And you know he really sucked you know he really blow it. Forget Jeff corner. You we even have a bowl left you even have liberal journalists and notice now in the last humorous presidency now. How some of the lives are admitting what a narcissus this managed their camp believed fickle can turn this into a political rally. This is my Jeff corner saying it now these are now liberal journalist that couldn't believe it. There's a what is this a State of the Union Address or a memorial service. He came in there. And instead of just speaking eloquently from the heart. But what piece five officers meant to their families to their communities to the country. And for once put politics aside. And just talk about what it means to be a police officer. And it's the most difficult job in the world. They put their lives on the line every day. It's one of the most dangerous jobs in the world it's a thankless job. It's that cymbal line. Between civilization. And barbarism. And the one thing you don't do is you don't start gunning down the cops. Instead. I swear to you as caught as my witness. It's gun control. And not only is all about gun control. He starts mentioning all in sterling. Did that the man who shot the Baton Rouge and many mentions phone Randall can steal. And that cops have to understand their perspectives. And you have to understand there's racism in the east he's lecturing. Don't grieving family members of the fight that cost that there is racism among the police. Basically implying forgive me he's implying. You know your father I may be a big hit. Your husband that may be a big hit. At your son may be a big get. He's lecturing the families of the five dead cops. About the racism and the bias of police officers across the country. Can you and I want you to think about what your self in the shoes of these family members. Here are spokes he just lost her husband. Your daughter a son who just lost your daddy. Your mother father you've just lost your boy. And this guy is standing in front of you by the way. And it's disgusting. With that arrogant stupid smirk on its face. Somebody shoots I swear slap in the face what any immediate what's so funny. There's you don't see the caskets. Durst five dead cops. Old saying anything. How would. Laughing Smart teamed smiling. All about himself the self absorbed smug narcissus them. He referred. To himself. Over three dozen tanks. Basically won a minute. Mean I. What I want what I think I I mean I mean I I. Just couldn't believe it. Paid literally couldn't move the press scores like is this about him about the fight that cops. You can't even gold to a free can memorial service. Went all due respect. And leave the political agenda and the gun control agenda at the door you can't be a human being. For five minutes. I'm telling you right now. May god strike me dead if unlike. My Ashton. Really admires the police. He's now it's been about a year now I'm always just a kid but he wants to be a police officer on my guard he watches cop shows and I he has been gone a whole stir annually retirees he's a cop car got a I you know many many cop cars and a combined those little cup Ali loves being a point. He wants to be a police officer wants to ride in a cruiser he loves police is that he's he's infatuated with the police. Grace thinks he's gonna grow up to be a police officer will sees only six but. If that was my boy. Lying in that coffin. I don't care for York. I don't care if you the president of the United States I don't care for the queen of England. I don't care through the hair to the empire the emperor of Austria I I don't care. What sure credentials are. You disrespect my son that we get the hell out. I would get up and say excuse me get out you're not wanted here get out. If you don't know how to behave get out. What he did was revolting. What he did was disrespectful. What he did was frankly insulting and demeaning noxious to boast four post 45 cops post pork cops they got slaughtered. But to the people in the room. To their families. To their friends to their call leaks frankly to law enforcement and the police all across the country. You wanna see just the difference here's a man with clocks. A man with grace. A real Christian he said deeply devout Christian I love this guy to police chief Dave brown. You can see the tears in his eyes are genuine. That words from his heart are real they're authentic. You lost five of his brother and. Pino knows what the families are going through he's experienced personal tragedy himself. He's a great command a great police officer and a great American. Look at him listened to him. As she honors those five dead listened to him and then I want you to listen to the dear leader. Roll it Britain. I'll be loving you. Until the rainbow where ends. The stars out of this gas. I'll be loving god. Until the ocean covers every mountain pass. I'll be loving you until that dolphin class. And the parents live at the C. I'll be loving you until we dream loved life and life becomes a dream. I'll be loving you until that day is not. And not becomes the day I'll be loving until the treason seize. Up up. And file way be eleven you won't do that today that eight times eight times eight times eight is full. I'll be loving you want to that today that as the day that I know more lobbied loving you and to that they thought our. Starts turning right to left Bobbie let you into the air. Just what the sun. Did not itself top be loving you until mother nature's say it's more workers to do I'll be loving you until that day. That you army. And I am. Night that loving you. Until the rainbow burns. The song. I don't discount. Think that loving. Until the ocean covers. Every mountain. And I've got to say. Always. Harvey Levin you always. And there's no greater love than this. That these five man. Gave you there are laughs. For all of us. It's beautiful. It's poetic. Class. Graceful. It's from the heart. It's respectful. What's the point. It's respectful. It's appropriate. To dignified. Excellent leadership. It's American. I love you. I'll be loving fuel. Big brown I love you because he and President Bush I'm telling you made that memorial service worthwhile. But then. You've got chief brown you've got President Bush very nice very respectful short disappointment. And then comes the clown. Then comes a narcissistic Boston. So after this this is a man who really respects the officers. And their families and their lives. Their sacrifices. Now look at their shameless political shot star was made this guy. Roll it Brittany what cut commuters with so many guns that it is easier for its image took a viable. And get a sense. You book but. We told the police. Your social work. You're the parent. The picture. The drug company which on the keep both neighborhoods in check at all costs. Do so without causing any political blow back. Or inconvenience. Don't make a mistake that might disturb our own peace of mind. They're discussed and I who's the one every time there's a shooting would the political blow bucket comes from real. The one that makes all the political blow back. Fuel when you're attorney general and Eric Holder and your black lives matter but played out again shall any cup which is ridiculous statement. It's easier to bio block then by a balk with that is going to roll with so many guns that it is easier for its image of survival. And OK listen he's from the south side of Chicago I'm not okay I'm just a boy from Montreal who used to live in Washington and now lives in rent them okay. Outside of Boston so maybe it's a world that I am habit but eichel 1 line and o'clock costs about all 500 bucks. It's 500 smack her Roos 500 clams if you wanna block. A book you can pretty much get for free today books are essentially free. You gore Amazon.com. You wanna use book it's about a buck fifty cents I swear. Now maybe in the Southside of Chicago the blocks are free I don't know. Maybe in the Southside of Chicago there a buck a piece I don't know. But in most of the country. This is complete and utter I got to control myself be yes. SP US. Forgive me if screwed up. It's far easier to buy or Glock didn't buy your book. Q and you moron. That's and never mind that it's completely wrong it's not appropriate. The parents are crying. Disposes are crying the white he's crying the kids are crying. Sisters Brothers aunts uncles you can't see their faces pulpit are usually when rafter with yourself or you shall love with yourself. To give her dumb spiel about gun control again. For what the 300 time. We don't know where you stand on guns. And it's not just one comment. The entire second half of his speech you ad nauseam. Gun control. We need more gun control get guns off the street it's my guns but guns but guns the guns. Or racism among the police you guys are racist basis exists. What about black lies matter. What about the racism out from all these black protesters he's black thugs Huckabee not condemning them. Want to speak out about Mika John. Signal why they're dead they're literal tell you why they're bad. They're dead because a black supremacist. Encouraged by U. Because you politicize the Minnesota shooting and about rule shooting. Politicized by eager to Justice Department politicized by black lives matter politicized by the democratic governor of Minnesota. Where you all claim this was a racing shooting one it wasn't. Said you know what I'm gonna kill me some white people. Preferably white cops. You created the environment. You created the atmosphere. He you'll let you helped him think he was right in what he was doing and now you shall while. And you don't even have the free Kim decency. To give a somber. Respectful. Dignified for life ten minutes speech. Instead yours there with your dom swagger and your smirk. And your fifty references to yourself and your gun control and lecturing them about how. Their son or their brother or their father was may be a crypt door racist. Enough is enough. Enough is enough. Don't dump this Britney. From mean. To you. Blanco off. You're 31 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. All bomb us. Political speech. At the memorial service for the five dead cops. It has created a massive uproar. Not only were the family members deeply offended the people in the audience deeply offended. But numerous journalists covering it could not believe it. Listen the Katie which from now on all dot com. I here's what she tweeted out home my surprised Obama would use a memorial for police. To lecture about gun control and politics he is the worst. Ben Shapiro. Cops murdered by or racist Obama eulogize is them by lying about cops and gun control what do nasty piece of goods. And it went on and on and on. Brittany I got to ask you this. Your dad's a police officer he's a cop. You were watching the memorial service. What did you make of Obama's speech and what if your father make of Obama's speech. I don't know my dad thinks of Obama's speech I'm sure he's not happy with it but what I think of Obama's use the ten man and he has no heart if that was if my father's memorial island of breasts I wouldn't want Obama that to begin with. But if it was his memorial and I got up and I would walk out. I'm not gonna listen to that after you know it's god forbid something like that happened to my father. I'm not I don't want your I don't want anyone any politician to come because every politician has blood on their hands. Because no one stands up for the police no politician out of a band Rudy Giuliani has and has stood up for police officers. So I don't want you there. If god forbid that was your father. Or some member could here whether members in your found where police officers and they were there they had been killed. And the president came and gave such a rapidly pro gun control. And in some ways and Pete cops speech. You're saying you would just walked out. I would have walked out. And did you notice a lot of people weren't clapping when he spoke. Like notice that there was no one woman in back when she fell asleep so. I'd put him to sleep so they pride in realizing these assault Graham gray Ehrlich that's the deal earlier we can not off now right nothing important gonna come out he does surprise a lot of people are clapping. And you know when the key European he could see police opposite happened clapping I was shocked. It's the president. You know he's there that I think that they know how to behave they try to be respectful and polite even though he doesn't ought to be respectful and polite. That's why I think it comes down to he's got no costs. This guy has no he really is from the south side of Chicago he's got no class whatsoever. 6172666868. Is the number what did you make of Barack Obama's. Politicized speech. At the memorial service yesterday. I wanna hear from you all of your calls. What did it. Others as trump would say that there's no problem in that department. Members. 241 here on the great WRK it was a Sunday for. Okay. Where were making jokes about one of those previous commercials it's Viagra on steroids. And I'm like well Viagra they say it guarantees for hours. They'll let you know after four hours you know call a doctor among what does this twelve hours but what you. You wanna kill somebody doesn't it seriously. There's only so much sexual activity you can do after what are we gonna kill the person sexson to death. But anyway let that go 617. A Viagra steroids 61720666868. Is the number. OK 774. Jeff. They should not have clout goes in the memorial service this is why he does what he does it's. I think you're right really I think I think you're right I think that it just encourages him. This is from. No one stands up to this piece. You know we know what you're saying 774. A lot of people are texting and this is from 978 Jeff look at Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg. 273. Words five minutes. Five minutes. 802 I love you Britney but never compare the tin man to that piece of trash at least the ten man protected the ones he loved. And put himself last. 978 Jeff Obama's speech was disgusting. His soul is as dark as night all to have a leader that would comfort us in our sorrow unite us in our conflict. And inspire us to rise above. 50 wait Jeff do you think some of those who were clapping were plants yes. Not plants and but there are political people that came with the White House. Because and I'll tell you this the families they weren't clapping dat I guarantee you. This is firms is 617 Jeff police should have turned their backs. Yes he did New York they should have done it right there should just turn on their backs. And teach this guy alas now compare the dear leader. To George W. Bush. Listen to former President Bush. Today the nation grieves. But those of us who love Dallas and Colorado home. Have had five deaths in the family. Florida C members of law enforcement every day count count them as our friends. And we know like for every other American that their courage. Is our protection. And shield. We're proud of the man we mourn them. And the community that his rally to honor them and support the wounded are rare police chief for our police department. Have been mighty inspirations for the rest of the nation. I mean look you know I'm not saying your church alien I'm not saying it's poetic the way let's say the chief Dave Brown's eulogy ones. But you know it's respectful. It's honorable it's dignified it's classy. It's not what the cheerleader was doing. The popular if you didn't turn this into a political pass. Maybe this audience I've seen people protest to combat for criminal justice reform grieving alongside police officers. I think people who mourn for the fire boxers we lost but also weep for the families involved and start and Alando cast your. And it just went on. The second half of the speech for one man is it just went on and on and on. And 603 points out email that 603 you nailed it Jeff plus Obama was laughing up there. When he sat up on the chair on the stage I couldn't believe it. That's why I said somebody should've said get out. You don't know how to behave at a memorial service like a Joker a what's so funny. Get that smirk and that arrogance a smile off your face what we what shall we joking about what's so funny. But the five dead cops you fund that would permit shall laugh if you think that's funny. It was disgraceful. Absolutely. Disgraceful. A lane in bell America thanks for holding go ahead only. Hi eight kept. This what good if you know of how we didn't get. Hillary and both are into today Loretta lynch wouldn't answer any questions that. Everybody asks her. And she was under old. And I was just wondering because it's really very discouraging that she's getting away with this. I mean look I can tell you this would 1000%. Certainty she perjured herself she did. She testified to the Ben Ghazi committee. She lied. Doughty just grilled James called me on that point. Call me even he under oath admitted that she lied repeatedly got her statements were completely false and misleading. So the Republicans cover they do they have over. And so I would just say right now it's time to call for a special counsel. If step if the president doesn't wanna do it no problem. The Republicans should essentially campaign if she wins election that's fine you wanna vote in a criminal vote in a criminal. But we ask congress are gonna do our moral and legal obligation. Dull moment she sworn and we drop articles of impeachment. And she perjured herself I mean not once not twice repeatedly. Scholl I don't wanna get off track I wanna stay on the memorial service here. But I'll look. She committed perjury she lied under oath they have it it's in black and white it's on video there is no denying this. I'll tell you what's missing. It's what missing right now in the country stones components. Guts. Courage leadership. X whatever you wanna call it. Ryan doesn't have it Mitch to squish McConnell doesn't have it make maniac doesn't have it. But I'll tell you who does have it say what you want about him for all of his flaws and that's the Donald. And that's why I'm telling you don't under estimate Hillary rotten. Because she's not just fighting for power. She's literally fighting for survival. She's fighting to stay out of prison. And that's why I've been telling Donald now for a long time with the clintons. You go for the jugular. EU goal for the throat and each Knoll holds barred. Jerry in Cape Cod go ahead Jerry. Afternoon Jeff. I want to mention something about Obama yesterday. Well you could give it just keeps on giving you any. The first ten minutes he he was very eloquent and then of course I was waiting for a he had to go into the grievances industry in mention it to go to things. Slavery and Jim Crow. Don't think with a block and every day and it's easy to get that a computer in the book. You know Obama saying racism in this says probably not be popular when I say keep believe. That racism only has a white Asia. Black white matter. Growth funds then GAAP. A guy George Soros. Well. Nobody this year. That's our series the puppet master the Democratic Party. Jeff you made a statement two days ago he said that there were going to be riots. This summer. He said that debt we were on the verge of becoming a police state in the that would connect evolved into class warfare that came from is not. He called it this summer chaos. Jerry I wanna ask you this because you're an astute observer of psychology and human nature. Is there something I'm being serious now is you psychologically. I'm talking about Obama is he psychologically ill. Is she some kind of a pathological narcissistic. Because if you look at his behavior kicked in Nelson Mandela funeral. Where people couldn't believe Gary is a laughing joking taking self fees remember that was with I believe David Cameron and I think with the prime minister of Denmark one of the leaders of one of the Scandinavian country she was belonged in fairly attractive. There's something about him he doesn't know how to behave literally how to be safe. I funerals. Jeff it's all of those things he's been our assistant chief of but Britney knew elbit. Not only has no heart Jeff he had no soul. You just think ultimately he's just such an amoral human being he's got real conscience. He's a black liberation yes he's a global Marxist he sympathizes. Strongly in identifies with Islam. I don't I don't believe he believes in any one thing I believe he leaves in a multitude of things. Jerry as usual spot on thank you for that called Jerry. This is from 978 Jeff the bombing chief was not bluffing he was smirking knowing no. Arrogant SOB. 617. Jeff forget not how Obama yuk it up at Mandela's funeral. No I know we're trying mean. I couldn't believe it. I mean that have you know I mean just forget just forget everything else have you no sense of the quorum of dignity of class. Just basic respect. And a couple that techsters have made a very good point. Obama in his speech kept mentioning Micah Johnson. Why would you keep mentioning the mean of the man who killed both police officers. Just ignorance is so. Just is just disgusting. Ignorant I mean I mean I'm so it didn't do was take self cadet at Mandela's couldn't take a picture of himself and laughing and giggling. I mean the boat disrespectful. To the families of the victims of the families you even talking about the man who murdered you. Or sorry murdered your high a price on why would get up and walked note. And show him you know if you're going to be disrespectful I'm going to be goodbye. Britain is one of the text is put it honestly I think they were respecting the office not done yet true. That's what it was C we've got collapsed even though he doesn't. Tab in Europe next thanks for holding go ahead pat. I'm gonna get it definitely gave it to rally and it's helped iMac I don't know platinum. We'll needle I have to say abbey I mean David round yeah but yeah. I would probably echo what I mean Abbe David Brown. You know he's a devout Christian he said this. You know he's somebody who has lost people and his family suffered personal tragedy. He loves Dallas he loves his police officers he loves his community he's a good decent god fearing man. You look at somebody like Obama demands a monster I mean you really it's. God help us to get trashed by Hillary get him. Abby I'm just curious. You know whatever your husband does or Europe is a taffy. Okay Abbie I have I beyond abort I'm sorry and there have AB IE forgive me cap. Cathy if this was a funeral or memorial service safe for your husband or for your son or for your daughter. And the president of the United States conducted himself the way he did honestly what would you do. Would you do what they did you sort of bare it and just try to get through it or Richard don't they get lost. I got a lot. See I'm the same can see I'm the same I'm up in Asia. CA I mean you know I mean I'm. And I mean I'm Croatian considerably do like the Italians and the Irish I did very well. Call it the sort of thanks. In all to mean when you go to a funeral he should show respect but that's just me. You know. By you think secret I don't know if I walked up to the Secret Service what a jump mean beat me up or something. That's Graham think anybody speak out. I think Alex answer is that a bad regulars jumps in and around but still. And I would I would've at least I don't know that show Teresa press the largest video at least flip from the bird. You know as he's talking just like flip from the middle finger despair here it is spirited what I do what I don't. All right I got to call my friends I'm up against it. A lot more tomorrow believe me we're gonna get much closer to who trumpets to be his VP. And so much more Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up all liberal goals. The coup and a report has been presented by Kelly financial services.