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Jul 10, 2016|

Sound off features 3 generations of our Military Combat Veterans and each are prominent in the local Veteran / Military community.

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Welcome to sound bad. They show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. With a less than point 5% of US population actively serving in the military itself. Veteran perspective. And in Massachusetts. Sound off on child. Or inside job skills in more aggressive from the Marine Corps route. Guys who had courageous showed that goes a bunch of stuff to talk about the world reentry after the fourth of July saw John I want know your own post 4 July has gone so far. Won't so far so good you know. 41 for an world war. Could well load good time soon. Picked. Nice and happy Brooklyn to do to was. You know outside. I was a little off the rails on the diet this weekend. You know beer ice cream at all on self. Well you know a particular you know Turks who drew book is that period you'll you'll wound a screen though there was not I don't think such things exist but I you know keep on China's influence find it come true Crimean I'll try. And with special guests wandered from the marine quarterly go into initial worn down before our happy give back. Well thank you very much felt nice to see you got. I was able to participate in the Natick they're operating on the fourth of July. A fabulous turn around the the crowd that was very very good name. Reception that the veterans cause we went through the F Thomas just tossing a different earnings. It's good to hear Dodgers have enough people for the color guard and all you know and some towns it's it's tough to move to the boat veterans are motivated diplomat motivated put. Influenced travel on there on vacation a tough to get into one the efforts of the stuff. Well what color that was actually provided by the Natick labs. By the arm nice and the veterans we were able to grind Haniyeh flatbed truck so it's safe colleagues. That's a very good thing. It's incorporated. Largest moon probe was stolen but it is definitely there are great trumpet and guitar has always been very good about. Supporting. Whose former prince spoil veterans of particular. It you know in the public Cairo some excellent towards spiritual concluded put and so he's been prone to dorm removed a growth from Newton trillion dollar plan for this hotline and thank you William. First funerals for a conservative slope also for row minute. A much in the zone for control parade. You know there's some veterans hopefuls were in line all of that slope and everything it took him from trying to catch up with them. Everyone's worried even aquae opens the flicked I felt like you and that you may need no one thought it was too refereed journal. So for a console halt. The slow kid comes one and now comes one right up towards me. Slick bimbo well that should hints what the police that he. Well no home to normal. And he runs a round reunited through my work. And the men should true story behind most clever parents all literature at quicksilver. And anyway that's us you live. Struck record book that's. Well a lot of sports news last week and Charlie during the Kevin Durant want to see if he's gonna make them so that I was slogan on the sold put fear in them I was open and we don't. A month double statement that we don't have album a pretty good. You don't get my. Go four food groups from from some snow in court we go to step up like hello we. The draft there actually wasn't too drug forums were booked through prepared. But I think we're on the way you up slope. Yup I would approve for an album book still me you know not to over started. Well I don't think so much violence and have a chance after us he signed with the local and state which is. You know they had they won a championship or share the bus regular season is here. There are periods wanna Cleveland national deficit and and that's going to be very interest somewhere in Cleveland complete boom boom boom when Charles could just constituted right now I think if you know tough for them you know bush. Anyway it's a free agent looked rocked by trying to pull someone up to super teams before interest thing you know. On Cleveland's Illinois the defendant crown sell news people across. Well since 1964. Fulham. But must spend a little kind of veteran centric over your book. What do you think it governor mean when it went when LeBron went on Miami. Everyone said you know he took the easy way I'll buy build a super team you know they should stay in Cleveland and built a right there and you know Clinton. Terrain hasn't won an Oklahoma City and I was joining you know maybe the best team out those who won a championship it. Schools that was very good that's true receivable time you know that. It was that kind of a week move on arm to grant park should he be criticized settle on the problems. A single news I'm concerned. He could handle we regard the week when he was between them and let me hit one air quality credit when a miracle cure tour in nineteen tree removal would slow. He's what twenty slow the moment so so I think there's nine Vijay is well Oklahoma is youths. Two and I mean that's more or two he's doing to ensure Bob entourage web of and who molds were would people come June peninsula a few months ago certain groups could be mine. One and only short tome to build a championship board on March browse then no it's time to move on and. Yeah no more what are your thoughts on it think you know. You can actually give him a little more corrupt than it's beginning I never I think guard he's going for a championship you are seeing a championship bring. Which is funny with all the money that they make in sports and basketball particulate. I believe are your parent championship for news important. If Furman who correctly Barack. In the eighties we guard Bill Walton to come on to the Celtics six men and that was toys and best overall team in basketball history as far as the top of our goal right down the bench. Marrero. Into. You know and I am one of storage and come to Boston would would be slow and culture and own shouldn't and we don't know Colin would be throw we are true criminal smoldered for. But in the way. We'd sew up people. There's no. Team loyalty anymore dual slugger to show them often don't actually darkened the older you slow with the assault excellent. You have regional draft slim guts what a typical lull the slope clicks to get blogs coombs the un tour and hugs and imposed the oil prices up there holy cross ploy of some because they were removed. So click slow reaction when you showed growth Ruth Stubbs on them. So absolutely and I think the players are kind of scrutiny of the way because when no when you have a player takes takes all the money on the rim member Johnny Damon. 2005. Or six he took he took the money from the Yankees never once I know I should be above the team you should be there to win with the team. You know garlic LeBron and art director took a little less money to be on the best team that went in and get criticized for good. Knew about the for the best team Russia. They can't win sometimes. But on us because because what Tom Brady. We'll hunt this. The message. John danger update on the fleet takes I don't think there's on. Well I'm normal I'm removed but Tom Brady issue number one did moon. Specter and Kevin Durant you've got to give Brady Cortland you went down well where was a Long Island data analysts had no idea that there was pro photo just south of new to try and help the sole clicks so we're only minutes ago I had good stuff and it was. Exhibit some. Loyalty who was modeling tools team Borg whose adoptive home come home very easily. Slow or give them a lot of core the built in terms of the Floyd carried I don't know what their heart's going one Muslims drier demo to those who don't know slope. Well what conservatives stood to own book and that we'll wait for our judicial system to work. Just fears right now he is out for four games gun rights and you know what in his appeal. Who's 21 axle thought there team trying so far and that's the mumbled one. The traditional thing when you make of appeal who note caseload for us. They usually make a little solution the police will go there go visually case tomorrow with them we go to school. Sold for our Cooper didn't some people think well. The rules can be no fuel won't produce through. The oboe trailed far dues thirty real we're spending a lot of time reviewing some because of what is some support prepared call him compliment consumer Crusoe and accessories we. Good. We you know that's influencing them limited to commute time that a woman to mostly axle wants solar to warm. No rule book who in the meantime everyone was speculating that Tom Brady was gonna speak for her cultural that the convention in Cleveland. The summer and Cohen I'm sure after already has PM same effort he's not going to be speaking or even attending conventions. You know what you think that's I think that that that had style child's chances in Massachusetts. Well and I'm not sure what Donald Trump's chances of Massachusetts. Out of the gym put her love. But but I mean when you have food. But governor a Republican civilian area much support mama you are and I don't think. Tom Brady come and vote forward council moves through we don't hold a trump. Too much. But. Whom sequels was the coach of the Bruce. Declare yeah two auto Ryan and Alter what I do Dickau. That's when told him that he was speak about the convention and he's sort of bowl once told me about your name solar reversal. Who bootable follow up on me and anyone considered old ratings but slowed to victims been it's what overbooked. I don't know what since can be moved them Trump's campaign. Melded so true William bigwigs who sued over only beautiful problem I mean when he was doing work for. I don't know somewhat modern era Republicans. Kim who looks he could. Who who's playing them sort award formal board now like bikinis income or in some different culture and no staff members record breaking. She's you know we're Russa was including a fundraising in the primaries Malawi's government do would move slug it out from what people would Sloan. Could Tom Brady usually. I think that's over remind them. Never have that something you can't get it by the Republicans disputed the conventions it he's trying to get celebrity isn't all. Burton birdie Greeks but not to speak at the convention. With his own controversy with to placate. Speaking at the convention. Just put two men who position of controversy again which I really don't think that's really part of his life where I don't think now he looks for controversy. Particular stood plays ball and go home to Gisele on the kids and noon December is sort of. Both of them when Brady earlier when those career relief to people were taller controllable would be put to do when. He you know we retired from the civilian would contemplated. Entering politics until. I think exchange so. Continues at the inaugural speech for. Not funeral speaks to your stays in his interest on what does bush. Just up in the audience. And that's what started a lot of gunman. This earlier this summer calls actually put in the fall he had the make America great again in his locker and people start speculating to Scania. Flocked there. You know woo. Who are for it should be measured and who's gonna submit a pitcher it's great to jump of two already great move but I'm glad for your time until bill would be in the dynasty. The job. Yeah now let's show us and there's a lot of haters out there. A lot of tea Hutus and if I don't know of any different joke though. Brady speaks keep expert can be popular much of the rest of the country and bullets that's a local pulling me when you have a lot of room would look very grossly country you know. Ourselves in Maryland for a convention and this retired. State legislator and judge. We're talking exports and he should you know we should Brady is not like down here nor is he likes it in many parts of the country. Because of successes and whenever you very successful as a lot of haters that and Brady and he can't be any more successful. Over the period of time that Brady has been successful. On the Google scholar Bruce Williams who gold sold through some emergency mean for them and put them. He wanna Mallorca like a little slow right now you know no one. Home. Didn't speak at a sports so we had. They put a baseball game Majorly peacefully and for Fort Bragg this past weekend for the July that the Braves plan Miami Marlins. Powered offense came in both are finally in Busch Stadium for a 121000 troops I mean Major League Baseball paid confinement sorry about it to get to 121000 troops to watch it for that are that are based at Fort Bragg so. Fortunately the Marlins want two. Atlanta been winning many games this year anyway what you think we'll touch on her at those pretty little. What's cool and he'll look at news oh stadium won't Melbourne looms for royal. You know softball game person of all things video on the brave soul number one. It would slow a nice two of of on behalf of marriage we do principled to just simply bill when you. The park and unethical called stadium though car. And then to play the game not only did they play the game but what little ball player whose one over on the brilliance mean more. You know. Veterans and so on soulful put photos of burned for regards touch them certainly Yuma and food for potential them appreciation for those sort of -- slower and I do boom marriage we baseball what are quote afoot. Does stuff like cool moment it going to sit up and some Mormon. And suitably basketball's complaining games on the navy. The ships and at the start of the season and I'm not I'm pretty cool. But just in to get them to get those sports and those stadiums would be very popular for the troops that are stationed there and you know I was at Fort Bragg is probable doubtful that don't fit Fayetteville. You know they they called Vietnam because Cecily if you can't triple flip. If which is car dealerships to close engines. Loan they'll launch our earnings and bought its Porsche Russia if she's about it. No I can remember remind them. First time home. Boy among women. News I was coming back to camp was shown in the U. Fool and I had to change in Washington peace whose. And a coronal impede more here on airlines is why anyone would listen to eggs a good but you will the last. To Yugoslav ports caramel some color of those holes were to be Yule play. And I go to war and there were always paratroopers from foot youthful. And they would get much a little older Roy before we books were caught off from my apartment out of these guys. Give blows going consumer and you know maybe I should put. No controls for you relived a mile North Carolina. Yeah well that's just too busy at. The army through the whole division of the 82 airborne you know but that's also where the special operations command boys sleep go all the special forces guys and and and all the special forces training going on and so it's. It's a very unique place for at least not yet one of the biggest cases on them on the army side. Can't compete with Fort Hood in Texas but it's. It's very very large reason over 50000 troops there. Well. You're conclusion. An argument that's our. I'm at least for penalty in his the biggest. For troop. Support and through June 2 because. Layman why is 2920. Pumps goose bumps the notorious looks. Then when the army has placed so two it is some training and the the but the big military area. Well alternative to a grouping note that you know have a ball field book that you can come. Flew sports particular sort aggression. No not a political thing that's happened in diplomacy. Football game there yeah you know David that he wrote on cluttered twelfth. Some short of for a bald. You really are underdogs thoughtful well. 121000 for baseball's mind. Completely. Line. I mean somebody's more than here wherever it's gonna look like exactly a if you look at some of these stadiums to teams that are that are not playing all. They do that game to broadcast the new Muslim on TV. I'm not a lot of hopes on an honor and I think it's canola picked on that's pretty cool. Was silent is on our laws too busy in this country for use on us right. Victory NHL might wanna consider doing so going to sit with his they constructive territories. During a fairly slow afoot throughout the winter classic would be really cool. Have to call but I don't think based open. And in north regional rank you. Price a little blow tenth mountain is open to New Mexico. That did that the only problems celebrities themselves. No she's so clearly you don't hockey told him over different slowed plain old tools and blows the ranks one bird you know we'll start with deployed becomes. Effective gruden could console both sides of the rating. Final minute a bug like that old to stuff politics it's really. You know resident for so long there was nothing until one. New Year's Day run you know it's national and offered I know wasn't anything that cool on T you know he's got. Thanksgiving meal football Christmas you've got all the asphalt. There was nothing in the in the ending his day go swimming NL streak that -- us to do that what we go one on the ground and some right across from true you know warrantless good news that's crazy. To a point down but it's goofy everybody kills the germs known that you wanna see bill's envelope what did artery skill and a new religion and you know. Forward they don't the world sharks you know. The fuel will soon to bushel sweet you know. Car rolls true favorite holiday is. Thanksgiving and for potential you know I don't know what show sold to from spin monitor an old wooden the what you're doing the sports you watch Ramon. Sloan and maybe we should have some type of up. A thing we're. We douse the audience to work email was sort of turn explodes what overrun. Kamal good piece questions what's car sales to Freddie. The parents are better resume play Elena but it was also poke holes from the may be we dual book of the month clubs. You come up with some of them are American recap you have. Yeah. I can't be color books on let's go to the go through all over the you know. Well when we have we've done movie reviews you know with the idea for thirteen hours of talk about them float the boat. You always have Chris Kyle movie quote quite a bit of one point we editorial. We do to put you don't know whose slew Wilson when your favorite model to review. Do occasional song we went through a whole bunch of bull you know. National. One jewel that thoughts on a few quick break goes in the sound of New York LA and succeeded was to Boston. Bloomberg the sound off until total. I'm sorry John children's laundry from from moving fluently. You can sound off towards by email that sound off on February KOG Miller column missiles on FaceBook and Twitter that sound off on February Cahill. John before we took a break he kind of missile feasible to solve this book I do cuts all wanna hear a little more about it here suggestion among the biggest. Military took redirect and Mosley throws a couple of snow gamble on trying to. On the William. Early too they are helping to email from Sebastien your own girls who ruled tribunals. Ruled the proof for Stallman number of different books it is written in the law that no I don't know it's been. Housework and why it means just let you put some better what do you I mean you'll over dude too broad documentary you'll. Roasts stroke or worse dropped ball or shuffle my stroke I don't know relative young children are several very good movie production was -- you very real but improved and surrendered control director of solar nameless cards from program for react overactive Ford dropped from swings like and he indicated it could be your own next time he was some applause from the bullion could soon come an oil and sound off but coming sudden death. India and the other thing is you've been open Gloucester were few weeks ago when I went through if you want Clark and men. Unbelievable leverage crew W Rhode. You won't she movement known to you sole company don't know familiar. Audience than the polls were questioned him all the slow move up. Sebastien since they wait a minute. Didn't. You talked to you over mobile phone down an interview you slowed to recognize though where our report of the slope. Anyway he's still fleet profile so governments have gone on drive and give them to crucial. And it could mean. Maybe what we should thinkable to one's foot code book of the month club a big. Beginning of each month war general Fargo book though we're intrusive than him and them won't reboot and then beat struggled a month Wu I have total fifteen minutes to discuss what bureau warned. When we put regular viewer will soon for all of them took them don't. You know uncertain market moving some books room and also war when we start to warm the discussion to be would command for bogey free Derek from. So let's just a far. Toronto social involves what will come from one door from. And send as an expression web site used for a hundred years as a teacher read easily use. Reduce what we've aren't I don't know gonna want to. But. John. News Kyle mentioned no wounds coloring books are really good mood good. So we don't like disregard the color books brokers as a couple of whose sole source Smith spoke just hours. Well it I mean I've heard a couple of other good books I really don't. Like with George W. Bush book was pretty good. Rudy Giuliani does his his experience on 9/11 is is pretty interest then Robert Gates had a book you know I've been. And marched in north sort of muscle different than one you know what Sebastien what rates were little but still nonetheless it's it's it's good to get different. Different points of view from. I enjoy doing some of those you know John Leo and you know. And in particular books say that we wanna throw up there. Option under a typical when we were no we're pretty cool was approved they're trio Lou if you just you do in a computer world flew to spend a considerable we've. Which was some pretty good book that was both feel at my. Who's who composer could pool and boom right. He he Romo would put one sold through several agreement of food supply. Applicable to us for a few minutes you know then Americans. Books I read it and David McCullough 776 related book this unsettling revolution got a one moment include you know jewels come on time consuming and I think at some point something so restrictions are excellent book. We should. At the radar really remember when viewed more than a month to furnish well it's hard there's a lot going on another book and you don't slow because it's so packed every sentences pact would. With something you need to see is definitely no filler notebook you know. Well you know bushels involve a move would commute into one movie opens them to come more Sharma military says. Slow. Foolish it was a big book you know furious coach. Good tribute to her you're our current veterans coming out. Or in minutes. Before it that's going on right now for the Iraqi Government to take to go there from places. It was probably a lot of this similar traits of what did exactly what they're fighting over the I was the same as what we need what we ran into. When when we were there. But I do and move on Jones unit of books we talked about last week. These signs of that are popping up for room for the angeles'. Veteran listed these because. Courteous would fireworks. So Hannah felt kind of gets me a little bit. You know I've taken about a little more so people can pay him I hit the side I think it's as though. We talked about it last week and you know what were represented fearless. Just saying that you know that's what it's on the 4 July fireworks go off tremendous emphasis and no. John Adams says that we should celebrate the fourth of July with fireworks and factions of what many errors have have felt would fireworks and and not a problem when it moves on so that it you know if it's if it's someone showed no more fun. You know and August are in her early June you know to issue an alternate days and that's one thing but how can you be surprised that this fireworks on the fourth of July and I think I think that's the thing that let's get me to is what the people expect these signs. Oh you're neighbors and come over entire position fireworks off on before July. And it isn't isn't it won't warning enough that it's the fourth of July from a wealthy need him. Johnny one note here in the. I know before I I tend to agree would threw on Kyle which supplies and we've put down a dual and soul. In the fingers. When you have a bold. From 300 in Somalia and dials and veterans. Come on we will bring him to calm while fun. And of course you have the trio went through uncles floats were forwarded to seduce them. Their own. So one would wonder or. Other supposed to beat 379. Giles and slowing sold well McCormack well sewing a number of structural and Leo 01. Please don't ski every whipple's fireworks you'll want I do well. Yeah filling news. Bin and you made a really good point to vote John Adams from the yard do boot persons and nations proved during and we should slow Brigham with fireworks and you know there's a lot of communal movies so that are facing. Financial difficulties. But police still find a way to. They have a fireworks. To spoilers. And you know. That should also implement talks to the fact that you know who's who's the nation's proof they would have to awards are broad and she's one of our traditional ways of doing it. It and to put both slow I know. It's model they were all you while console we will do in recent William do you. Our normal or are you my feeling would be futile need to put a sly old mural veteran you have a certain responsibility. You don't. The mutual home health care and slow from. You don't refute them to move someone or slung way around your bro fireworks are going to be sort of laughed over gullible problem and maybe you wanna take some steps toward. And we view it got. Possibility we've credentials than you and your home that you know I don't know are you good to say something like because. You know about the should be able gold for a prosecution wants to put. If you're consumer American suitable fireworks in your Moeller going to be don't want thoughtful for a three year old afforded period. Maybe you might wanna own chance to Iranian side for a while to slumping improvement. Them going grid but evidently there's little. No on prop prophet told military would PT EST that's been making these signs and I thank senator amount. They claim to a central between 500 science to veterans and have 3000 more on the waiting list. So I'm I don't know much put them on them. Ethics I think that tend to stick with ties veterans and a negative way to. There's an especially because sorry I like to stand up for the Iraq or Afghanistan veterans. The movie deer hunter when wreck came out I really stick with ties to that was one of the movies that statement ties to Vietnam veterans as world. Increase in drug addicts and you wanna play. Shoot the gun suitable ghost story and games. There was an oil. Right and if that wasn't the typical Vietnam veteran know. And I'm sure there are many. Iraq Afghanistan veterans who work at the fourth of July you celebration. PS from the other night. And it fireworks displays throughout the commonwealth and enjoyed them with their friends and family had no problems. We're sore now know I conclude you're definitely. Spreads dismissal of the gulf veterans or are. Are crazy and then. I think it also diminishes those that actually helped push manage stress. And on and did you see people probably don't have a claimant I mean it's up against people who really don't want to really do you know. Well renewable last week when we do I don't Brookfield will sort them we would talk in the boat. Sloan valve or install food I think some of a true insulin student who the piece to go street where some people a regular corn moved but you have with the human body can be veterans whom investor really good point China and eventful. They are considered it's it's just a word from them or give and on the bottom of food or simply put you went over you no matter what you are complaint free movie ticket or fraternal. So home. That is that's a really good point and a victim nonprofit proofing for PT yes through whose police takes a move to spoilers. What happened to hit back at the yeah. That's pretty good and who's who but I those good articles. Plugged Cole breach saying clearances that that the signs are just of a veteran entitlement. And you know wonder sometimes and you kind of set its own vote no is just. Peoples want attention is attention that's on pensions they look at me I served him. You know you owe something to me you you hear these stories every so often and number and there was one that went viral awhile ago where. Someone alleging the veteran animal there are opposite front for the tepid at growth at a restaurant they put that. They didn't get the waitress a tip they said that it took was with the freedom that they do certain amount. That's there really isn't selling something very real veteran would deny it I don't I would I would certainly hope god umbilical. Can you break. Does what's crazy is crazy and no we we talk him last week evoked school pro or install from two days when you would talk to both committed career of made me think. Good one of the first times that the book where you go through a Nebraska I come up and tell me and you know. My guys we should open up the front of the porphyry dose the publicly Edwards. You know Marine Corps really cool and and everything to him. Went to do you know. Veterans that are reported no problem. We should be at the front of the poor and it was I mean Greenberger. Said capital it tell you forget but you'd told you know told you the story that I control. Here. Get all America I know boards in the military is trying to do to ensure that I don't know. What drives me nuts now around the block them. Drug deals was behind it we we think has bill that I know. You know make some of the larger penalty. And actually a penalty for it to try to. Claim on our door an effort. Fraudulent reasons to benefit yourself so. But the sooners should move them in the right direction and it's a little scary after it. Screw quotes that they you know weren't wearing them in the military uniform was just an expression of free speech what. It. Allen Allen drove me crazy to John. And I knew that I don't want to I don't I don't Ciba and under and shall schools we do supreme court's rules imposed on the militants. Correct. And what must it pretty tough break but while record turnouts veteran that's a different bungled a dumb people if they don't slow it doesn't mean. Some polls of the tunnel it would go on to a forward to use correct move. But the be a hero for the stolen valor. Now it has to be tied in to our financial Bennett for a benefit that a person yet. And just claiming your veteran. Is enough if you're not a veteran. To have that because. Many of the stores give discounts now to reference him so you could. Pursue this in that somebody's claiming to be a veteran and that would entitle them to benefit financial benefit that they are not entitled to so let's have some punish. Four. As though reversing the find out how many people do get those those sort of discounted on veterans day just you know the whole below those of whom do you put 10% discount you know because I think a lot of people on the civilian side. Are shocked to hear that people would even pretend to be a veteran I think that. They just think it's it's so absurd that knowing what you do it unfortunately. Many folks to see you loosen their own tunnel in Boston holding signs your role and the extraordinary father relentlessly on the open book proves a bunch of or. Among veteran and considered cool weather okay well. And I'm gonna come we have so many programs. To help them. Dude I was told one time good. If you wanna help component to boot two of money to work we took them to put food boat veterans arguments solution other open these veterans you know. And I suspect on the number of these folks don't like for entrance to broker. They communal hole boom silence and I'm sure we'll Taurasi on the power puts. Boom. That's the problem knew who don't know anymore. Do absolutely. Oh. Warnaco talked about is that your your really you know wrong stuff that's going the state house and through your offices. Talked multiple values in any other good legislation coroner just. Big topics. Are for conventions are now. Well what they're trying to what will be coming up as the expanding. They set aside for veterans with the public housing. Bill that revenue talked about that which is great and. Going Decker and history that public housing was originally built for the return more to veterans and then as time went on diminished. And veterans were almost. Excluded from. Having. Benefit. Specifically for a reference for the public confidence from our web see that turn into reinstitute. Its ugly 10%. Another issue that. I found to be. Sufficient everybody should be aware of there's the savior of cities and towns trying to opt out of civil service. Which. If you go back in our history who's in the. 1880s and eighteen a 3184. Premier. They've federal or repair the power to act establishing civil service bulletin on the federal level. And is going down to the states is there a system that works very very well. It takes. The idea here of those people who have contacts are. With their various cities and towns have they don't know somebody. They can be eligible for drug. He ticket tests are you past the tour should get a good score eco. On the civil service list. When season towers trying to opt out of civil service this goes back to the you'll pay for play system that. Whoever is friends with the town manager there. City official given no drugs is the person who's gonna get the charts. I don't like to hear that cities and towns and trying to opt out of civil service. And especially for the new veterans regard coming home. These people been deployed 456 times. In Iraq and Afghanistan. And they haven't been around too cozy up to the town officials. Because they've been defending our liberties. And now they've. Town officials wanna exclude them from competition to receive social service chart. It's Harvard disgrace and people should be aware of this thing. Gays in Boston we will be returning to cities and towns. Doesn't always talked about before. And you know I think sometimes so I know you said it does put an officer it's a race issue when. That touches taking jobs from from minorities that could've potentially. Great peace and so service and and working. Offer public sector but and in actuality you know when you look at both of the diversity of the military it's probably more diverse the Muslim population which people complain that. We don't know what I'm someone who poor middle team good. What's the difference between affirmative action and the veterans preference when when I do roads behind them. Who bull wings who's two local employees and pump went. With a form of action title from and we woods who. Schools were open discriminated against to a told them suitable tool for women do some stuff from the slow wave brought him helping them won't mean slogans also it was veterans preference was aware you flow will want to play and feel for the veterans Sloan. And point of fact the one point in time moon we call wolf food. Be doomed. Quinn of affirmative action status to Vietnam for a console war. You know I thank both who who truly to talk a bold. Welcome. To seeking missile wearing foam struck consumed today. Of sorts of several times. Walden who are shoals here. There's only one pro slump of the country puts you were removed no terrorist. And that means only 1%. Is theoretically eligible for soul so Oracle's full of veterans preference. And I'm about 1% home when did you think to think the whole one person and a Russian Royal Gold will do the Phil Lowe. Applications. For work forward. Tunnel boss who knew them some overrule what oval I don't. And soul into for me. It's were slow trickle argument that all will come room to work and work of veterans preference or. We're gonna remove a commune from soulful solar swimming. We've slowed and I think it's. Short slug of whom I go to Timmy you until you're a veteran terror. And in this cloud of smoke that they put around to work scare people away from using civil service. It's ironic just the same year that the penalty and there was passed by congress. Who's a senior at the Brooklyn Bridge was completed after thirteen years of construction. And within six days there was a rumor that the bridge is gonna collapse. And they were a number of people who were crushed in this. Evolution people to get off the bridge because they heard these grown ups. So they have these rumors that'll stop Michael. If we keep the civil service system it's antiquated and it's just not fair. Right good rumor but not true. But I think fifteen people inside it too is. This isn't a hand up to questions about that they learn from a service to our country book. Who will I know John. We are too quick break he'll listen and to sound off on the viewer KO am six days it was supposed. Always welcome back loosens the world according to joy and segment we talked a poll pollution from the Brunswick concerned veterans benefits from services. Normally they'll come up with some pretty good whose specific. Written written benefit or service but right now. I wanna talk about. You win joining of veterans large demonstration. You know we need to sort of knew we would talk and you're when you're in the show with Warren Griffin whose value on the war Gordon com and a global Marine Corps we need to win with marketable. What shall slowly Shamu and there could be facing the veterans both the most positive and negative way. And it's the veterans organizations. Particularly holds little or on the fifth floor Ruble steady pulse the U Marine Corps we go remember him we June. For entrance of Foreman was Disabled American Veterans who Jewish war it's slow. Than. Boy go forward bill France and so a bunch of them up there. Find one that appeals to you enjoyment because we need to build up of veterans organizations. So we can continue to have retreated flaw. Pause for the veterans legislation. There's a whole bunch of all the benefits to join in the veterans organization forward now we need to straw went on our organization. So we tune. Goal to would shall sway do some of them although we are strong and arguable. That's the world according to John Clark to next week. Thought America sound off on Cotto wants John children born Griffin comes to you from our studio and Boston before the break we talked a little before. Civil service and veterans preference. Want to open one to switch gears a little go back to call trump. He's been Cohen Elizabeth Warren put on missile. An attack come back from from when she defeated us copper country with senator went. We're they came out that she has claimed that you as a native American to get. A better chance than and preference Harvard University. And how we congressman given our hard time because there are folk harness. And you know not another kind of hit any bad turn Hillary Clinton saying that. Donald is in both racist and an almost sort of stuff so Jala wanna do your thoughts on. Whom. Well Bruce visuals we were welcome Warren just politics who's a part of a might feel we need a little old for all. Who's the principal horrible. Presidential campaign fun I think it's. Probably one of the world's balloon students recently one of the world's that I can remember because there was no. Respect. Amongst the Q and the boots. Really good to immigrated Cho soul album so about. I commander Steve and trumps. Students towards slow walk agreement. It's not always doomed to spent a lot of people good of questions. Rural for a civilian. Them and truthful move some regards to were made to forward and heritage. And you know I watch. These ads on TV you know major you know you were you so's three. Why not just take that deal and they toast and publisher can look. Look who's put them until post and no agreements for recent poll seems like there was a lot of people go war on them. You know worn but I would slow them. You know wanna tell you what overrun and I funding bill that in my Scottish soil of the slope we're gonna kill him and so. You also may be. There could be in the oh some help thwart you know. Put these brilliant but I mean and that's field opened. Elizabeth Warren. Will move forward counselor I mean she's put it. The trajectory of for political career was unbelievable passion to an island hole. In her claim to fame is all you all wanted to a lot of power for them. Had stuff to do more what were you waving Wall Street and blah blah blah. In the now she's being consumed vice presidential Q and the movements or an article we deal would pay to have slowed. Had shooting. Opted to run as a presidential Kuhn pollute the mood Democratic Party she would be the pros and come over on personal or come over Brahma. That's amazingly we had the Washington Post XP only instance of slow. And for trump being called racist you Newport this tried to Mexico. But blue star. Good he had on his was he exploited her. Yeah I really truly familiar divorce court a short stuff to do more cooler too with slumping. For me is real wood look what moral what was so short slope bring them. And again we stood as a result who cruel solutions changed to have them committed to them what's your goal now. Slow. I just like million bill civilian and putting. You people accountable and certain. Women into war you know put Leo well. What the roads were at war. Certainly feels like I think it's gonna deal long summer fall sort of stuff you know. Killer of drug Truman and you want to move up run them you room. I think the that you community would really. I don't pharmacy anytime soon mean so most of candidates. The major players not a woman served. You know I think it's there it hurts our foreign policy and we don't know those sort of leaders in place. And I remember proportional to going networks from school reform and former mayoral photo Boston your browse to move the tournament. He wrote an article saying good. Both candidates should choose a vice presidential Q&A book pools of veteran though we need someone him. Through you gold would Barnes the porcelain. Pullen what who's sort of her actions are drew the consequences global. And you need to veteran conspired to work we tuba slow. I think they're looking for that. A player frank story when they had the dedication of the Iraq Afghanistan memorial down on the waterfront it's important. General Kelley was the guest speaker and an opportunity to speak to him afterwards. And he says it. Some people have asked him. No matter which party is. Elected in November. Would you be willing to. Serve or in a cabinet position to help vote that person. He said that's something that I would really consider recent you're just recently retired news four star general in the Marine Corps. He said that's something that I would consider so a couple days later so it can on the news that our general Kelley was campaign for the vice presidential spot. Democratic Party he said never said that at all concerned as opposed to me is. Would you be able to help out in the cabinet of either party so no crazy. People are open door means to you soon milk we overrun and TV new who Colin going over bring them watching house of cuts. To get on do or from warning to do what I'm fine we have been watching it and and see no war room the pro scum. You manipulative. And human appeal would do you. Political blow Joseph Clark's home. So in. Charlie Iraq about the end like all the time I don't know it just won't Wear slot accruals two I've got to wrap it up you know and I know what Chrysler will Wilson codes from the court shall we have to you know we war and oil and you have to marry him. She's slowly grew look forward to was next with Carl when we go somewhere and pretty good just silently hoped to have a room audience who'd comes back the most instill them. You know the phone up I want missed out on and on morning to you so much for Iran coming into the shown for failure he's always a pleasure for taught me rooting for Hillary Clinton has definitely. As always all of us here at the Buick aliens succeed you would like to say to those if you are listening tour veterans as well as you feeling members thank you for your service to our great country. I'm counselor on you to listen to sound from the Bjork Cahill can't succeed the voice of Austin.