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Heather Haddon (WSJ, Food Stamps)

Jun 28, 2016|

Heather Haddon (WSJ, Food Stamps) by The Financial Exchange

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The food stamp this this is a 74. Billion dollar industry. It's called the supplemental. Nutrition assistance program of course it's administered by the US department of agriculture. And we're now joined by Heather had. From the Wall Street Journal to talk about that. Changes that are going to occur with food stamps between now and the end of the year. Church that this that the proposed all we're not sure quite yet if it's it and come to pass but the government in his psyche that it put into. Is to adopt these sweeping rule changes which could be the mother. Most to extensive changes to how the program is administered by closures and other retailers in decades. Food stamps. Just tired been around fifty years and we. The things that. Lower income folks used to supplement. Quote actually purchased is there and hopefully choose things that are. How different. To bring home or prepare for their families but what the federal government. And put congressional leaders. Had agreed to and was that. Increasing imagines these dollars were being spent two and you know convenience stores. Liquor stores offer. For liquor obviously but in. Story that didn't have a real variety of fresh food and credit which but the federal government really wants to encourage. So these rules or proposed earlier this year. And lit. Really increased the amount of coated. Meet the Press made. Gary. He's stored in have to stop to be able to qualify for the program and accept the dollars which is like he said is there really important. Income it's easy to. Beheaded as it does it change what they're allowed to buy because the are they still going to be allowed to buy booze with their food stamps but yeah. Used to not supposed to be able to Betty you've seen documented cases undoubtedly where people are using the. Well I I can't really comment on. You know that that doesn't focus com. But what. That is focusing on which state and it's also not a properties that we can't win. If for example there used to we can have retailer. Is selling. People the whole piece that for a complete which would be prepared it at home. Is co equal parties that put the. But they have found is that retailers will have that called. People buy whatever food stamps to charge a dollar to adapt and then people just basically eat it as like that the typical meal. All of this is what they don't want they want it occurred units prepare for the both the prepared. Credit for the problem. Opening day I would do is. Change. Hallow people he was at the package than Mike who were macaroni and achieve. There. They're concerned that the only item with. Really aren't as healthy I think that they want to. That's not such changes in in terms of hey you can buy. Chicken noodle soup but many different ingredient they're not really sure you know it. Is it mostly healthy for you or not to be on the proposed rule but yeah. Does this have to go through congress. Yeah. Or some sort of the president 1214 farm bill. To congress did agree. And the industry groups related agreed it was time to reform the program. That they're eating more healthy food that was part of the program and encouraging people defy that food so they came to a compromise that they'll do. To increase this summer the requirement through these perishable goods led the federal rules. In what they were released earlier this year they were vastly expanded bat but members of congress were concerned about though there. Amendment. In this the house that would. Basically strip away funding for the additional rules beyond what was originally agreed upon in 2014 and those. Bills could be voted on. As part of the appropriation process that we would it would have to be otherwise if it's not. Voted on. Then. You know that the USDA will take comment that the unlock my comment as to comply imagine on the rules. They'll take that into account and then naval bill. The finals. Later this year. Very get very you know I know Heather thank you very much for joining us we appreciate. Petr hadn't Wall Street Journal talking about change is coming to the food stamp program as sort of throw out a couple stats that I garnered yet from the article. 45 million people receiving snapped benefits last year. Average benefit was 126. Dollars and 83 cents per month. That's up from three million people in the year 1969. When the benefits were 42 dollars a month and that 42 chuck was adjusted for inflation. Yeah I mean it in general. The issue that I have with this you start getting the point where it's like. How do you make these calls on what is okay in what is while we used to do attract back in the eighties I worked in grower for star. And somebody was using food stamps they have a book of food stamps I'm not saying a problem with that I'm saying saying that this stores OK in that sport is. And you know if if if the stores selling food they don't sell everything that you want you're gonna say look you can't accept this just if you don't you know a 7-Eleven doesn't have the scale to be able to do that the rules used to be prepared foods you couldn't buy. I can roast rotisserie chicken. Way I used to work in Iraq a grocery store and somebody tried to check out your catcher you Deborah same thing right we're the same thing that if you tried to check out with a prepared meals like potato salad well it would buy into that you'll be rejected right there on the on the what's the register right so I a lot of stores but that's why I guess where I start to look at it is. You know were were trying to micromanage this program to the point where. You say look how much are we spending just trying to micromanage the program and make sure that ever went to comply around here so much abuse of shocked oh I'm not saying that there's not abuse of it but I'm just saying. I don't know this is the best solution fort saying that this stores simply can't you know except them in anyway hybrid a warm I. I have no problem if you have a store that is like if you're vice food stamps he should have to go to our growth restore and only by. On prepared. Fresh food eagle Holman and you prepare you should be of the goal by KFC your subway here or get in there what about data chips. No no Putin just not help liking you buy so not help but who got Reynolds what's healthy like this is we're talking about my old man and I don't mind. I used the the it would its tax dollars being spent for this is chaired the twelfth being going out I don't think we should be giving it to people for fleet week we've seen. Numbers of stories as relates to food stamp use.