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Ball he's just another Canadian born patriot. It's red white and blow up your with the color man on the voice of Boston WR KL yeah. I. QO six here on the great WRK. Although voice of Boston and health care wanna dive right back into the phone calls. 6172666868. I want you to hear this first and I wanna get your feedback. Trump now is going in for they killed. He's now launching the first and what his campaign years calling. I Hillary's legendary lights. And they're gonna focus on and big lies and we can only could the 100 which are really 500000. But there's only so much time during a campaign. So for simplicity say they said well. Are we got to the 500 they said kind of a bit below K 100 can we do 100 ever let mats hundreds don't actually have to depart to resolve this and promoted itself lit them. And and and an heir apparent. So is how about fifty Kabbah planning and they said let's just do ten pence a simple number okay. So this is the first I've heard them legendary lights. It seemed devastating ad. Trump's campaign is now rolling it out. It's obviously on Ben Ghazi or as the liberals like to say a banged out marine. What's written Gaza saying. The woman you hear Indiana. Didn't halfway through. Is Patricia Smith the mother of Sean Smith who was one of the four murdered. By al-Qaeda Islamist terrorists terrorists. On that fateful night September 112012. Here is the it is absolutely. Devastating. Roll it Lauro junior have you always told the truth I always try to. We've seen rage and violence directed at American embassies. Over an awful. Internet video. The next day within 24 hours and get conversation with Egyptian prime minister. We toting miss. We know. Are you attacking Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack not a protest. She love. She told me it was a propaganda video. As he has a shot at being our president. Did Hillary Clinton we can't let it. I gotta tell you I've seen it now half a dozen times I get goosebumps every time I see it. And if there's nine more of these in the works a I yeah I Yani she's gonna show him I'm telling you for abusing a woman. The way this guy is going after her he scorched earth. And just keep it up Donald because you see as my wife likes to say it's an old Italian saying. The truth has a big mouth. And it's time the truth opened its mouth about Ben godsey. About Libya. About I since. About the Clinton foundation. About the email servers about email gauge in fact listen to this listen to this. Now I'm telling you this is almost a ticket scandal a day with her I'm like hitting. It's it's almost like I act I am where we britney's fine today but when Britney and I usually talk. We're sort of like I don't know another Hillary scandal I mean the audience is gonna get. Mom after awhile. Like okay bombshell revelation about Hillary not in the news when you're not gonna believe again turn the dial when there was a classical music that. In our country me I again another one would Hillary Bellamy just turned to dial. They don't return the country music seriously I lost my forearm. And now I drink cold day EU. And I mean it's it's it's Minnesota again another scandal with Hillary another one mumbled to cities corner at a deli repetitious now. OK listen to this one I'm telling you this like what the everyone's calling it the smoking gun. Of Perot really how much evidence the meat seriously. Okay. Listen to this one. This one by the way she committed perjury this locker I don't know what you're waiting to win biter for Ryan James homey but let that go so. Remember she claimed this was underage sworn statement. She now claim to the State Department. Debt she handed over all overt post 55000. Emails from her she destroyed 30000 that the evidence okay. But she said normal I handed over at every other email I destroyed 30000. But I handed over a three email that I possibly have I just handed it over. Well guess what. She didn't. And the state department's inspector general found out. It has now been released to the public function judicial watch has been sued. The clintons and they were able to get access. To these emails. They got it from whom BP they made a mistake. Whom I handed over her emails Hillary handed over her emails. Hillary claimed she handed over. Every single email when mold. Because she sent an email pro who might have Libyan I guess they. There was a communications problem they got their wires crossed does that I can do why destroyed. This one with the million dollar check from Vladimir Putin's yes okay. OK go fight mail. From the Saudi prince. Then you I norm member baba wanted 2.5. And you guys argued a surrogate ended up giving him too when you took three do you remember that one no we yeah I had that the but that's the one that's one. Yeah they through and a free massages for your buck you remember that if you're one lifetime free massages trigger but yes not one. Okay dot when we delete yes glide glide glide. Well this one day I guess they didn't coordinate because whom I had the email Hillary from our I gave it all up I did everything over I don't know what happened. She swore to a statement that she handed over everything she didn't. There was one email that Hillary Clinton sent to whom Aberdeen her deputy chief stuff listen to this. Where she explicitly. In extra rocks. Who might amity. Not to hand over emails. To the State Department. So she's now being told listen to this has come straight from the inspector general. If that. In November 2000 intent. Madam Hillary and whom. Are now discussing well Almonte a State Department employees are not receiving your emails. And what do we do win whom Abbott he says well maybe you should open up an official State Department government email and Hillary Clinton says mole. Okay million moon. Quote Coleman Aberdeen. Tells her we should talk about putting you want state email or releasing your email address in the private one be legal one. To the department so you're not going to spam because some of her private emails her private email account. You send them off the State Department employees well it's a personal email account they think it's spam. To listen we got a problem got to fix this. Hillary Clinton replies quote. Let's get in separate address meaning a second. Personal address. Email account or a device. But I don't want any risk of the personal being accessible. In other word hurts. Not the real personal email address nobody needs to know about. It. Because I don't want to quote personal being accessible. And no we're not talking about Chelsea's wedding and the wedding pictures. It's don't mind me. Follow dumb I mean. Now she YE. Never mind it's a smoking gun that show she deliberately withheld information and wanted to cover upper personal email address okay but let that go. She swore any statement who the State Department that she had handed over all over emails. Now clearly. The fact that she didn't hand over all of marine mammals. Is further proof that she violated the Espionage Act because you cannot allow national defense information it cannot be lost. Or stolen or destroyed even through gross negligence. Even if you're sick oil wasn't intentional it was negligence it doesn't matter it's still illegal you can't do what you're handling classified information. Top secrets you can't just don't let's put up on home brew server six feet from the boiler. Which is what she did I swear to you. You can't do that those are pop secret to a national government secrets. You wanna see how she spoke this woman dies on this putt if I set it to you wouldn't believe that I want you to your god is my witness. So she's giving this speech now in North Carolina and you can gas trumps are racist he's a sexist he's the messiah you settler okay is that. The worst thing possible. Monster. And or trump basically came out recently said you know I don't even know what Hillary is a religion it's by the way do any of you know. But let that go the mainstream media again warns you mentioned do forms and told dangerous element let that go. So we've says you know what it's even her religion and we know nothing about lower in terms of her personal life and so she's trying to make a big deal. But she's reading from the teleprompter. And she Kenny McPeek stage direction properly. The teleprompter is laying overall awards for her and then in parentheses it says side. We're talking here now you're making fun at trump. Stop and go how. You know like c'mon I'm directing a with the director command. Say these words say OK now stop. And song. Listen to Hillary the blood clots. Dow bimbo. That in this whole. Can't even read a bloody teleprompter. Roll it Lauro junior. He's attacking my faith. I. Planted on a lark hope other U. He's attacking my face. Hi yeah. Malden whole my whole life mole hill know all all supposed to read it oh mall I. It's like Hillary like this look like this Hillary got the look really wounded acrylic you really care much what she has a free and even let that go out. Asked LL I think cool much converted Gergen in the bedroom but look let that go get allow. I Carla lab Ella are Butler but so you're supposed to do this and he's even. I'd knocking my friends I. Do and it. Apart and might play it. I'll. You have to act and vote. This woman that Alan duke what I'll fall me you fried you solve this. 6172666. To kick since if it. All right Kathleen you're up next in Braintree go ahead Kathleen. I got on your area are hanging and thank you Kirk's vote in the church and I quite I actually have a comment and a question. I have a plan to Abu portrait the FBI and she typically does white collar I'm an inch is spent. Signs you're course and Minneapolis. Aren't you uncover. I'll bet the Astros rallied. My exchanged bear. Lot of fraud and eager it's going on there. And warm air that kept sport they're educated about what's going on and unbeknownst to me and probably the general public. I'm Annie recchi from any country that content the United States had. Sex any priority housing over. US citizen that tent and I weightless for years and she discovered bash and other relatives who hair and I'm awaiting lecture or your church actually how mean her aunt in Chicago. All hands arms and unaware that refugees out I'm pretty over are you got different and that could just another form of you know other people from other countries. Getting priority priority on treatment or are you in new York and it comes. On the my other odd question is my dear friend and from Mexico she recruits at junior to become a fact that I'm. In hand on so he has always voted Republican and and so he is swaying towards voting for Hillary because of trump com and I'm looking out. On a inaugural Latino population can be very emotionally. It used and I'm just wondering what Europe canyon is I'm power top ten albums. Can help us earn election about. OK Kathleen got I don't bumper okay guys just keep her on the air. Kathleen too brilliant questions let me answer the first one you're a 100% write your friend to a 100% right I know this for a fact I've looked into it. He refugees. Overwhelmingly Muslim. That they are we settling into this country not only get section eight housing first to get to the first to the line. They get EBP cards quicker than anybody. They get kids registered free schooling quicker than anybody they get registered for free health care either Medicare or obamacare. What they are doing to the population of the United States who are citizens. You just don't do that your own people. And the reason why they're doing it is they're trying to flood this country for votes. And then all that every single one of those refugees that they bring in is gonna vote Democrat and vote Obama. That's their allegiances to Obama and to the Democrats for bringing the men. And that's why it's one of the many reasons why we shouldn't be allowing them in because they're gonna bankrupt us they're bigger point about trump and Latinos is this. Trump now is winning about 37%. Of the vote that's the latest polls of the females that's 10% better than Romney. Everything that he said about Latinos has been manipulated or twisted by the media. He's hired Latino votes he's hired Latinos to pop positions in his company in fact. One of the arguments that he's making now. About illegal immigration. And Muslim migration. Is he saying it's killing the African American and Latino communities. Because many of these illegal Latino was obviously. An African Americans don't charge offs. That were traditionally filled by them are being replaced by the illegals. Or by Muslim migrants. And so what I would you say to your friend is this he is not to be hates Mexicans he doesn't he's hired him. He said he hates illegal immigrants. And many of these illegal immigrants they're tied to the Mexican drug cartels. That's why many of them are murderers they are rapists. They are criminals. It's nothing against Mexicans it's against the illegals. Which threatens her or her friend as well because if they come and believe me they don't. On this they're equal opportunity abusers of when they raped women they don't look at at all. Latino white black they've raped when they killed they kill. Great. So. I think my main point here is that I think the general public has no idea. Well yeah I understand that wreckage is their plane from all parts of the world but I think that the country and I'm closer proximity from where they're coming punch really need you on to reach out at hand and America can't. And other European countries can't. And that's where. Catherine looked it's something even deeper and if it's look. It's it's an unpleasant fact book Aristotle George Orwell said this is based from Aristotle and Socrates. And what I'm telling you know this is the basis of the west this is what differentiates us from other cultures and civilizations. Our startle set you must stare reality in the face I you must look at the world much as you wish sheet to be. But as CDs. I we are losing that ability to do that because the sad reality is this when we give you an example I talked about this but I wanna reiterated. TQ schori in Twin Falls, Idaho looking up. Admission would say it was Syrian refugees it's not Syrian there's so mall the Iraqi refugees. They're Muslim refugees that were resettled of all places idol. In thirteen year old boy. All along with an 810 year old. Raped a five year old girl. Most dose and a Somali and two Iraqi refugees their kids in here through the refugee resettlement. Because she was a non Muslim. They raped her and then afterwards that we younger boys because they're not of puberty they Yuri needed all over. The community here they're complaining because the Muslims they're bringing in split on non Muslims. When you're bringing in people from cultures around the world. That Dumont who they just don't it's in their heritage their culture their traditions their religious beliefs that do not respect women. Black white brown don't it doesn't matter. That do not respect non Muslims and that believe that. Having sexual relations with young boys or young girls he's okay. Foes are not the kind of people you want to bring into your country in other words some cultures and some people's. How values that are so antithetical. To sports. You don't bring an end. Are and it's not pleasant I you know we're not the Kathleen we're not talking about Chinese. Or Italians. Or the Irish or Brazilians. Or we're not talking about that. We're talking about people who want sure real wall. And nobody wants to admit it but that's that's reality. Just the other the other point says I take on it mystifying to me how the Burke I'm hits and Q what does. Inter American society of one more men half spot. So hard and so long or equal rights in America. I just I don't understand. Kathleen but I would never want my wife who I love my daughter who I love. My sister who I love to ever report in a burqa. To me you wanna talk about degrading women you want talk about a form of submission. A symbol of utter submission think about it. Your whole again PT is erased. They won't even see your weeks. That's how inconsequential. How irrelevant you war we want this year we should be bringing this year. No way I stand with Donald Trump crews and KO. We don't deliver the news we discuss it we DO WRKO. Told voice of Boston. Do 32 year on the great WRKO. OK in my French foreign. Bring and then we'll be right back don't touch that dial. You Renee. Stops here. You're locked into the scooter report on WRK you know the voice of Boston. Welcome back to the quarter report my friends joining me now as he does every Friday at this time. He's the host of Saturday morning you can hear harmed from 9 AM until moon. You're on the great WRK AL AM six days he doe one and only bill Kelly bill how are you my friend. Jeff thanks for having me beyond grade your shows on fire their ratings came out I know we're allowed to talk about I'm sorry I won't but while you're going to go wanted to. Thought thank you so much bell and honestly it's because of support and I really friends like you and I can't thank you enough buddy and I got to ask you this look the big story right now right not just here not just in Europe but around the world. Is this stunning historic decision. By the people of Britain. Mean to leave the European Union delete forces won 52%. The remained force's 48%. British prime minister David Cameron is resigning. This is a stunning repudiation. Of the political and economic and media elites of Britain. Trump is already saying. The Britain first movement is very similar to his America first movement. And the markets however have been responding very negatively. If the pound the British pound this taking a beating. The stock market is plummeting my question to you is this what do you make of brags it. And in the long term is this bad or good for Britain for Europe and for America. Or just a grind your side thanks for me on today's emperor exit this healthy for Britain's. They're not going to be saddled with a debt of the other nations they can control their own destiny which is what people wanted to do I think it was de Tocqueville it came to America. And studied. And Americans many many hundred years ago almost ten. He said the only I'd love America I love Americans but the only thing that is so crazy as. America's foreign policy has nothing to do with the way that people feel. There's nothing to do with the way they would do things it's sort of well obviously the Cirque our politicians. And I think people wanna take back their foreign policy into their own hands a little bit more job. I think the Euro set up for one reason. The Euro was sent out to be able to tax every morning Europe and uniformly. And two and it was going to be the carbon tax. Which just failed miserably when the Chinese for the one time. So I think it was set up for reasons that no longer matters because it's not going to happen. And I think I think the British want to control our own destiny. It's nationalism at its best but for some reason. People on the left that nationalism span I'd. And for some reason by opening our borders. Are completely not checking on whoever comes through and aligning our currency would nations who are. Just squandering all of their resources. And having their terrible fiscal policies. Or better aligning with them and allowing just our borders to be portion open we're going to be a safer more secure country just so. Trump seems to be. Magically endowed with these things so that keeps happening. You know their right in his sweet spot just but I think it's gonna help the British. I think it's gonna help a great eventually gonna help the pound. I think it will eventually straighten out the markets but the real. The real. Finger happen Jeff is durable goods orders were 400%. Lower. Than they were expected and that was overshadowed by the abrupt practice but. Jeff the bricks it was something we call blacks or know what sort coming in here it is overnight. Down 550. Plus points. On not Friday early Friday morning. It's huge it remind you what was happening when Obama took office. And guess what history kind of repeats itself at the end of an that you're cycle just. What you're gonna see this massive change in the markets shifting hopefully that should ship shall take place on different fronts in North America stabilized but right now. Looks like the blacks want Jeff and people really need to. Be checking with their advisors make sure that they're mourning news and safest it can be Jeff. Bill I know that you've been making a very big push your very concerned. About the volatility in the markets. The future of the economy. George Soros put everything you had behind the remain forces. He is the architect in many ways of this modern European Union socialist super state. He is the archenemy of Donald Trump he doesn't want control over trade or over immigration or over borders. I he took a tremendous blow like thunder ball. Key and the socialist global list forces yesterday. And I know I wanna make people's retirement safer you wanna make people's retirement much more secure. Bill that help people out who were listening. What numbers should they called they can come see you or see one of your analysts I know you've got numerous offices in Burlington and in Braintree and national. Is their number that people can call they can talk do you talk to your professional people. And really get a solid secure retirement. Where as you put it it's mailbox money it's money that you won't count on every month. Well we we go to investors try our best to do that we have to disclaimer you know it's it's what we try to do our best and thank you for mentioning that but. 888801. In one and remembers something about Soros. He saw many of his securities some form months ago and he took it very. Of course he's gonna claim that he's in pain in order to return just appeals are gonna but he. Some of the gold stocks soared yesterday are firm so. And I gotta tell you folks out there are just that they're being played. By the time they get a nuisance year old aren't. We do our own research will be happy to impugn anyone's statements. If our network people now have to be hatched in my opinion. And sort of people would therefore own case there have a plan right now that you have to remain here cycle we've got the Black Swan it's right in front of us. 888800. Warning anyone Jaffe energy your folks to call him well personally I have been so it was an analyst or speak with one. Right away everyone has a license at least two licenses. With whom will speak and we do our best chance for different folks you sent many many folks to us over the years and we appreciate that prevalent. Odd 1000001 of the best in the business no question about it to everyone out there or listen to show it is absolutely. Rocking. He is the voice of Saturday morning here on WRKO. AM 680 you can hear him tomorrow. From 9 AM until noon. Call bill Kelly 88881881. 80881881. He'll sit down with you one of his analyst we'll sit down with you and they'll make sure your retirement is safe and secure. Bill as always thanks so much variety and have a ground weren't. The preceding interview has been paid come. Shall advertisements Thursday's eight and six. URKO am 937782. Told voice of Boston. We'll look at the list when I left is very very short. It was ongoing conversation the individuals who he is talking to about being part of that process of all agreed that they want to part of that process and what has been some speculation out there. That kill people don't want to be part of it's actually the opposite every person that he has talked to every person. That he has had an interest in talking to has reaffirmed with a 100% certainty that they would be. Actually welcome on the ticket they want to do this these are individuals who are of the highest quality. Out of course is scoring a little in doubt skis they'll former campaign manager for Donald Trump. Guess what he just got engaged at CNN Fuzzy political commentator but did you not. Salaried position apparently the rumor is they're paying him pretty good. Soul would Gary's talking about the VP list. He says there are four names you won't give the names but there are four names on trumps of the deal list. Boy I gotta say I mean I was pretty fast. But he was fired a couple days ago and he's got a nice gig. Glamorous well paid gig at CNN. I mean you're fired chose day. And your on TV by Friday it's. No I don't even Laura Laura join years don't even need to get a job that fast so corps he's doing OK let's just put it this way. Droll Europe next go ahead jolt. They do have been nice talking to you listen I'll make all of our volunteer here not monsters. I'll listen earlier you said that followed by actually paid illegal immigrant you actually said that I think. But they give me spoke a little bit I think everybody loose interpretation of about mr. trump. War. He doesn't hate anyone he'd open hate the people people here are here illegally. He had Coke crack that'd come here legally but you don't actually haven't they. Well you're right though joy you're completely right what I meant to say it was he hates illegal immigration and he correctness or borrowers through legal immigrants tell your completely right Troy. Sometimes on the radio you know you use slang and shorthand and comes out not the way you intended but knowing you're completely right shall. Kyra I give credit card tried every armored Hispanic bar and here I've spoken to mr. rob. On several occasions and not eagle and navigate around you want Paltrow thank you. And thank you for that call joy appreciating god bless you buddy. Okay Jim in Waltham go ahead chipped. My god that was from no lipstick that is as far as how it goes but these thing I was thinking about I was talking about let's. Kathy earlier in the program that sits up for the vote the fact that they're up 401K was intro going to be in trouble. That's when you get in touch with Kelly financial and make sure they take your view. That's it for legislation Zellweger is laurel juniors whispering the same thing in my ear. Yeah says now's the time to make a call alt a. Although I did I did it myself when I last I didn't 60000 dollars on the market backed death 11 of those crashes like this you know some and I tried to do it on my own. And I could feel something give you can't do this you have to get someone that knows what they're doing and that's when I came to Kelly financially you know something I've been happy at this sense. Well Jim I gotta tell you that I mean you don't list just leave bill a lot of it for second look England is a prosperous country. A Briton now outside of the EU without almost taxes and regulations. And bureaucracy and burdens. Their economy is going a boom. And Jim my prediction is I'm telling you right now I think in six months the economy will be better draw will be better. Employment will be better and the pound will be stronger than ever. And if trumpets mark and I know years. I would say let's do a real free trade deal like the one with Canada. We're really both sides benefit are not a global list of a great there are lots of kind of a global is political deal behind the scenes. Our real trade deal with two countries. Same system of rule of law or similar similar economies similar standards of living. And everybody wins. And I would say you know what if I was Strom let's sign an historic free trade agreement with Britain. Tools sovereign independent countries that's exactly the way I would do it. Yet but I I say before yet suspected would that tell you financial get your money into Kelly's financial let them handle it for you. Could you cannot do it on your own I couldn't do it on my nose and I think you know cup and I've got to ask all of that knows what it's going to do it on it. See Jim you know what I admire about you. Is that you actually have money to invest. Acme get. Can't tell you after the adoption with a two bambino was money out ocean and Ava that both older my savings are sick pool there where we're gonna kids. Now it's basically Yemen I got a couple thousand dollars saved the way but. You know I throw like a little rainy day fund but basically it's I don't wanna say check it chat. But believe me I don't have money to invest I wish I had your problem jewelry in Bridgewater go ahead Jody. Thank app. Hi Judy. I can hear it hasn't been here you can you hear me yet I can't thank you can't in my Collins pleasure. I hate and so prevalent in the U. Thank you for everything that you educate about I gotta say I feel like brand Cheney. It cannot and that land is Donald Trump won a match that Sheen that. It in me that and I hope that you know there is Hulk. IR NC you know are out our children are you chair I feel like trump. Directly. Related shipwrecks it. Victory. Johnny look I'll tell you this and I nominee get attacked by many on the left in this city and around the country obamas in anyway. I really believe at this moment in our history. Trump is our Churchill. I really do do we Churchill rallied the west in the world. Against the fascist invaders of their out of his time trump is doing the same thing right now. And so I look I'm telling you right now there's no question about it in my mind. Is that this debris exit is gonna send shockwaves. It's are gonna help propel trump into the White House. Britain now I think about it all of the major media were for the EU. The political class was for the EU big business the big money people Wall Street Goldman Sachs they were all for the EU. The elites vs the people and the people one. It happened in Britain it's gonna happen year pat Boston College go ahead pat. And say yep I do have a long worked there I just wanna look Raj a little bit above us Churchill yesterday. Yes yes I'm Tanya I've I've got to needed budget front can interpret. I it was like he was there and where I'll try to lend them all just aren't enough try to lock here. I'm fit your gonna I cannot fully. That is producer a lot of used up my chips are moments in church a lot now I'd probably say I'm Irish but we're. I'm American by choice. And I'm British cited immigration. And we had a tough time with them was. Well look at it. So I had not not a fan of Churchill. Well I think he's right I'm really build. But for being here there's you know the British. Just so kind of old Reggie got a little bit of a. I love you wanted to reassure Americans you know call touch Sarah dash I left. If you can clocks hang on to your ties to the old country. Look no church ultimate. You helped us when it helped when as the war knocked askew I'm not much. Okay my friends got to go. Everybody please have a great rest poll well blessed weekend will be back on Monday Geoff corner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up.