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Should those on the no-fly list be prevented from buying a gun? 6.16.16

Jun 16, 2016|

Jeff says no.

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The constitution. Is under attack. We don't welcome to hell yeah were founding principles. Are being destroyed. In Boston. This seal the American revolution a new movement begin. Boston's all those. Liberal bull and taking our country. Back this season on America's voice of the resistance. Come road course. May give spa. Bullies. Please make it's far. Rick gets soft ground their guns. Make it at all stop. I absolutely. Fanatic my friends. What I have in my hands right now it may. It may sound like toilet paper to you all it's not correlate paper. It's day's edition of the Boston Globe the mourn but lol. And on the front page of the moon but goal big huge cover. They have I think it's and they are fifteen whatever it is it's a semiautomatic. A weapon semiautomatic rifle. The actual sites. And right beside it is made kits Bob. And may kid is in black and stop is in a red you know for blog and it's good that they're being very dramatic. And then on the back tied to wit. Is an editorial. Ben and these garments. Just when I thought the moon about the globe. Couldn't have gone any lower. They are now trying to lead the charge not just in this state not just a New England. But in many ways across the country. Coordinating now with pop scene are senior senate Democrats. Like. The chief Elizabeth Warren chief spreading ball. And their agenda is now clear. They wanna ban AR fifteen outs. They now want to. But prevent people from a so called terror watch list also along with the no fly list. To be able to buy guns or weapons. Or. Firearms of any kind. And I'm looking at these people when I'm asking myself first of all. I have to say this I really have to say this to the editors of the globe. Have you no decency. And really how have you no decency. The bodies. Having even been buried yet. You did have even had funerals for those that have been slaughtered. People are still fighting for their very lives. And you have to turn on a dime and try to politicize this. To ram through your radical gun control agenda. You can't even properly mourn the dead. To me this is I you wanna talk about scandalous you wanna talk about. Exploiting people's emotions and exploiting people's tragedy. And what's what's with these family members must be going through I guess is absolutely. This is revolting on the highest order. And I'm looking at this and I'm like make it stop. What I guess we should make it stop why don't we make it's why don't we stop trying to take away our rights stop trying to take away our liberties stop trying to take away our safety and our security stop covering up for ices and radical Islam make it stop it. I agree with few make it stop. Stop the lies for once stop. Stop the political correctness it gets star. And then. To me even even more revolting and it was clearly coordinated there's not you just show you what a democratic rack. The Boston Globe it's okay. So I was there are up from morning on the Internet special edition or break open date by the way. This is like college students and elect a college campus newspaper. You know they do this. All let's put up big cover with a gun. And we'll have a big editorial high toll it. With all the sort of hysteria and can't stop it's the good news that are killing people it's against. Well actually no it's the G artists. But just showing you. What Iraq like it is how we get tanked it is for the da. My credit party. As they were promoting their so called special gun control addition okay make it stop. There which chief spreading bull all Elizabeth Warren. On the senate floor helping to lead a filibuster. Saying get rid of the EA ar fifteens. Get rid of this so called assault weapons. People on this so called terrorist watch list on the no fly list should not be able to about purchase guns. Making it all stop. Gun control gun control and Morgan control. And if you don't pass it. Congress and the Republicans. Have blood on their hands roll it Britain's. If someone cannot get on an airplane. Because the FBI is concerned they might be plotting to do harm against Americans. Then they should be able to walk into a store and buy it Rambo style assault weapon. We believe we can close the background checks loophole. Anyone who cannot buy a gun because of a felony conviction or mental illness should not be able to go to a gun show or go online. And by that same gun. We can act to make the next shooting less likely. We can act to reduce the likelihood that this is a disturbed individual a criminal or terrorist. Is again able to kill dozens with a gun. And if we failed to act. The next time someone uses a gun to kill one of us. A gun that we could have kept out of the hands of the terrorists. That members of this congress will have blood on our hands. This is disgusting I'm sorry reference would all due respect I know it's lunchtime and many if you're at the office and you you know you wanna get some information in the last thing he needs to get your blood pressure through the roof I understand. We've already been through enough as a country we don't need to hear this. Cheap disgusting propaganda. Blow opponents. Why is it whenever there's a terrorist act. The first response of our political class and especially the liberals in this country is to take away our rights. Is to somehow take away our liberties is to somehow. Make us to be somehow the victim. They blame us. Never the terrorists they blame us they never blamed radical Islam shall for the record for the record. This idea of a no fly list you know flaw I know by that's how they call it. Ted Kennedy Howie Carr was brilliant on this yesterday Ted Kennedy was once on the no fly list. On their so called terrorist watch list this is a fact. How many people do you think are on this so called terrorist watch list guests that you're guest Brittany ticket yes honestly the cadets. Lot fits to a 101000. But I guess how many people do you think are on the government terror watch list OK Brady 121000. Much aren't talking much higher. Where a higher. His fifth one if. C sorry I I don't have much higher than fifty a hundred thou way higher. 200 grid hire 500 wage higher one million. Over one million Americans. Or on this so called federal government's terror watch list the secret database. That keeps growing and growing every year. Baby dole. She was identified as sorry the boy was identified in court filing X get a case somehow made it to the watch list. According to the Department of Homeland Security. Do you now do you know now and I talked about this story yesterday but do you now know they consider quote unquote right wing extremists. As dangerous as Islamic extremists. Very many of them are being put on the terrorist watch list you know would they consider a quorum quote terrorists a terrorists that are right wing extremist. You guessed it Jeff corner. You guessed it Sarah Palin. You guessed it. Trump supporters. You guessed it prominent members of the Tea Party. If everybody would just put down their Smartphone. And stop watching. I don't know. The NBA basketball championships or whatever and actually wake up to what's going on. Anybody can be put on the so called no fly list. Even if you are of the same name is somebody don't forget that you can't buy a gun. Stephen Hayes the contributor Fox News editor of the weekly standard he was put on the no fly list. If they wanna target conservatives and deny them the right to buy or own a gun for self defense they'll put chew on the no fly list. Why don't we have to give up personal liberties all the time. What do we have to give up our rights because you won't say the words radical Islam and you wanna talk about blood on our hands let's talk. Chief you wanna talk blood Boston Globe you wanna talk make it stop okay. Tell me. How many times did they interview Omar Mateen the FBI and turned a blind guy. How many times were you warned about site he'd Farouk and it's crazy wife and San Bernardino and turned a blind guy. How many times were you told about the Fort Hood shooter who killed thirteen people our boys are or girls. Being sent off to go to the war to battle. And you guys turned to the wind died because of political correctness. Because of you Elizabeth Warren because of liberals like you. Do you wanna talk about who's got blood on our hands you've got blood on your hands. Who allow crisis into the country you'll. Who's kept the borders wide open you. Who refuses to declare war and wiped the Islamic stayed off the face of the earth oh. Who refuses to even talk about radical Islamic terrorism oh. That's why the killing is gonna continue. And what this can mean. Honestly mind blowing this to me just blows my mind. This I'll talk about this in the second hour because you've got John Bolton on a 106. This CIA's. Own director the director of the CIA John Brennan and Ted day under testimony to do this and it. How to admit what I've been saying for months the whole world knows this. That crisis has now infiltrated our immigration system. That prices has now infiltrated the ranks of refugees that they're here in the United States. They are combing him and they're gonna have wave and wave and wave of attacks. Why aren't you talking about securing the border. Weren't you talking about stopping the refugees. Wire true talking about nicest control and radical Muslim control. Forget the government's. Did you forget April did you forget April 15 2013. Did you forget the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing already chief. It didn't have guns. Their pressure cooker moms. And had it not been for medics on the scene and first responders because it's a marathon. It would have been three dead it would have been like Orlando. 30405060. Dead. Which are obsessed with the blood economists. Europe's just put destroying the Second Amendment honestly it's sick it's perverse. You're truly is. Now my friends I want you to think about this okay. Because as these people are going on about the Boston Globe Obama. Hillary Clinton Elizabeth Warren as they are now pushing aggressively filibustering in the senate. To try to get radical gun control legislation passed we are now finding out even more. About what took place even more about what took place that fateful Sunday morning listen to this listen to this. All Mormon team. Shocked the off duty police officer at the doorman at the club. He then women. Not within AR fifteen were now finding out it was a sake sour and CX assault rifle tech semi automatic. And a handgun so was even MER fifteen outlet that goal they've got the wrong done but let that go. As he started to massacre people as he showed it out Allahu Akbar. And pledged his allegiance to crisis. There was Danny three to four hour period. Whereby he was showing people wounded. And then he went on FaceBook and Twitter especially FaceBook are social media. And he then began to post on social media. Listen now to this quote. I pledge my allegiance to Abdul about car out Baghdad he's the leader crisis. May our lot except to me. There are real Muslims will never accept the filthy ways of the west. You kill innocent women and children by doing less error by. By doing US airstrikes. Now taste the Islamic state. Vengeance. He then went on. As she was online. Looking for Paul still in the the gay nightclub he was doing searches repulsed that that the polls. Gay network he was doing searches for. Shorting and he was doing searches even for this amber an ideal killers. He wanted to see what the response was on social media was he already being lionized as a martyr and as a hero for his long. He then continued by attacking the west. And his FaceBook post remember people are dying. People are bleeding is what's going on during a three or four hours before the standoff finally ended quote. America and Russia stop bombing the Islamic states. He expressed his hatred for westerners. He then goes on to threaten ominously. In the next few days you'll see a pax from the Islamic state in the USA. He screened by access. He swore allegiance crisis. He said this was a vengeance on behalf of license. His only regret was he couldn't kill more. And what was the pulse my club let's be honest what wasn't. It was a gun free zone. The only guy armed with him. Like sandy hook. That's school another gun free zone. Like the building in San Bernardino another gun free zone. Like the military base in Fort Hood another gun free zone. You give terrorists and I'm. Aura pipe bomb or whatever. And you have a dis armed population. You are begging to be slaughtered. You were begging to be slaughtered. And these people wanted. One it one on armistice disarm us even more. If these people now want to take away our rights even more. They wanted this empower us even more. Here is the corner country poll question of the day I wanna ask the entire audience. Sure it. Sure it. Those on the fly list on the no fly list forgive me should those on the no fly list. Be prevented from buying a gun. If you agree with Elizabeth Warren. Tax the letter and or the Boston Globe textile letter aid the 68680. If like me this is out. This is a crazy idea meant only to disenfranchise. And dis empower us even more. Text or letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at wrko.com. Should those on the no fly list. Also beyond a no buy list. Your calls into. Okay. I. We believe we can close the background checks loophole. Anyone who cannot buy a gun because of a felony conviction or mental illness should not be able to go to a gun show or go online. And by that same gun. We can act to make the next shooting less likely. We can act to reduce the likelihood that just a disturbed individual a criminal or terrorist. Is again able to kill dozens with a gun. And if we failed to act. The next time someone uses a gun to kill one of us. A gun that we could have kept out of the hands of a terrorist. Hit members of this congress will have blood on our hands. Why not just enforce the gun laws already on the books. I did that ever heard EU chief will in north threading go ahead will. Herbal basically the only worse thing ex sailor. But anyway I called. They talk about no fly well I. Don't tell you how you get on that watch blacked. Well I'm sorry could you repeat that I missed the last five seconds. They've got. They don't tell you how you get on the watch list is that correct. Just right is done through a secret court. Completely in secret you have no lawyer you have no representation. It's a secret database compiled by the government in alliance with the fights a court there's already a million people on it will and there are add millions more. OK with that said we're willing to oppress yes Second Amendment right without without any Democrats correct I was up possible. It was a challenge now is them let's it would be like nine oppression. You First Amendment right. We note due process you don't you know like to have the freedom of speech because we just. You wanna let. We'll hear Cuba. Will they are modern day fascists and Communists that's what they are but they do it slowly. But it boiled broccoli on it they don't just throw you wind up in the boiling pot. They want a process through congress and if they get you know look remember Scalia CDs up for is up for grabs. Seoul. National ticket to the Supreme Court and I'll tell you right now Sonia sotomayor's forest. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is for Elena Kagan is for it ST all the the liberal justices are for it. So you do is get that fifth Supreme Court justice and they'll rubber stamp is made. Now you know why this election is so important. 617 to a 666868. OK my friends Mort your calls and coming up next. Will be joined by fire arms expert Brian Dalton of the New England firearms academy. Believe me you don't want to miss it. What's an assault weapon quote on quote why is any ar fifteen wise it's always aided by the liberals what's so bad with that allegedly. All of your answers all of your questions will be answered don't touch that dial but first. It's time to open the WRKO. Box office so right now callers 68. And and right now. You'll have a chance to win tickets to the Red Sox at Fenway on June 23. More tickets to see Mary Poppins that the north shore music theatre. Call 61720666868. Callers 68. And then. You can win tickets to the Red Sox at Fenway. Or tickets to see Mary Poppins at the north shore music theatre. More of your calls next. The Gordon. Here on the great WRKO. Okay my friends we'll get to your phone very shortly. Joining me now is Brian Dalton. He is of the New England firearms academy. He is a graduate of the full time Massachusetts police academy. The Suffolk county sheriff's academy he's got over 22 years in law enforcement. And he is a certified. And are a instructor. For New England fire arms academy. There's nobody who knows more about guns. Then Brian Dalton. Brian thank you so much for coming on the corner report. Let what you're being thank you. Brian I know Brittany is going to be having refresher class. With you and we're inviting corner country listeners to join her. But before I get this guy. Elizabeth Warren the Boston Globe they wanna get rid of AR fifteen X. They wanna get rid of so called assault weapons quote unquote. My question to you is this. Why do liberals hate gay ar fifteens and semiautomatic rifles so much. I really can't answer that I can't answer why they eat them I can tell you. Why it's detrimental it them. I think debt if we go back it's like we pulled back the world what you. There was a reason why the Japanese in the great West Coast United States. What what Yamamoto said it did you rifle behind every. Couple of European nations do the same thing they have weapons enacted a deterrent ads you military. A military levels are out lowest points since before World War II. I think I it's the national security risk I read movies firearms. From the citizenry. I don't. The defy. If you ask you to define. What an assault rifle is I've been dying for everybody needs to be used today ask me what it is. In effect do you anticipate Brian Brian. You anticipated my next question okay so why they call say BER fifteen. Or her this six hour write them a map pronouncing it correctly the gun that was used yet Mormon okay this six hour. An assault weapon what makes it quote unquote assault weapon. Okay that's all what that is defined by a rifle and a pistol grip with a detachable magazine. Forward won a war that's three of these sects. And that what a colossal bulls thought or flash suppressor. Got it in Massachusetts. Now I don't know why wouldn't be the target we shouldn't be. Alicia warrant was in the military chance at a fair that well before the Clinton band in 1994. That's what he did it would basically cart medics say. When Clinton and Bill Clinton passes at a 1994. He eliminated the bayonet like not many people running around and that's. Collapse the balls blocked. Out in the stocks now like to previous fire out. Influx oppressors which we replaced its conference players which eight Buick shooting in the recall on the lives of the barrel. That's a clear definition of what the assault rifle at. So basically. The it's almost heroic status it's almost cosmetic. One other features but essentially Brian it's pretty much cosmetic am I wrong. You're absolutely right. So now okay what do you say because this has been Elizabeth Warren's argument I'm holding up a story right now Gretchen Carlson on Fox News or shall one walks. Is now calling for the ban on an eight. And if I'm has a 30 Rock high capacity of thirty round magazine. The possibility to slaughter or massacre people goes up exponentially that's why it's and such a dangerous weapon. And that's why you won it in the hands of most people what do you say to that argument Brian. I think we should know well. An agency they have the issue of people who rant I got rural all the people actually pictured are all these it's embarrassing brought the world. I don't think the world is embarrassed because we're having these shootings. All things they think it's anything wrong with I think that they they think it will week. Because we allow the shooting these incidents to control legislation. It's law there's been studies all the forever. But like you can take a Glock to carry it you'd route one on the site and I can change goes back so quickly it's immeasurable. Who have a thirty Ron Mac also in Massachusetts you can't harm her thirty run back at it unless it's creeping in or what you are less government. You hit on the head the last segment. If we just basically enforced the rule clarity on the blocks. And I know a lot. This battle and at all and dealt. You it's clear sight outlook Homeland Security yours are caught securities are attractive for international company as well trained by them. And the FBI didn't have derive autumn and let their hand struck you know that they're here and trot. And they particularly do so what should be agents that are out for you are on the radar. Bryant and to me and you correct me if I'm wrong. If I have a gang or are a couple of methods or heroin addicts. Who break into my home 234. Problem. And I wanna protect my two children and my wife. A six shooter may not do the job. A clip with nine or ten rounds honestly may not do the draw. Of course is the government to tell me that I can't. Thirty rounds in my magazine. Because I have 345 people or assaulting me in my family so I can defend myself. David determine how many rounds is sufficient for me to defend myself and defend my family and my wrong. Do not want especially right the problem here is these people that got endless war and that's what it is it's a sport. They're not. Need to understand. The gut they don't understand fire they don't understand how to function. What's reasonable bet on that it any thing in knee jerk reaction really concerns me is when. Like mrs. Clinton ex foreign money there's our interest. That one aspect you went the end they that they wanna do an Australian sites in Asia. The national security problems. We shouldn't be allowing international interest control on domestic all. And Google. Probably like awful wall. With the current castle doctrine wouldn't Wear and actually the governor you're that we had a injury grow out much like Florida. Now watch out we'll talk pretty much retreat or think if you look for instance your home you its side and your daughter annualized. Incomes and got it through the front door. There are lots in Syria they're in different bedrooms are all out. You'll are required to retreat under castle talking to leave halt pretty much had the building your life you children. That that. Law. If you opt in and there is no walk away if you really look at the question is usually. You let the boy. Every possible way to avoid physical contact. If you can did in the third floor I much up and offer third floor market and make it. There are accurately meets every three then and only. Acutely or nobody wants to shoot anybody. But pleased with what's going on at all reaching anything could roll Louis yeah well that we have here. I think it's just. Unreasonable and I'm here now white there's the public I don't know you've built audit and I don't think they have a handle on this. On your completely right Brian amen brother very quickly OK you've got a Second Amendment rally this Saturday. Where is it what time how can people show up. Yeah I was invited to speak or it didn't bell should child Matt. This with regard gun club. I'm like that's gonna be a lot of folks there I got something in the email. You can get there are still there at the lakers used to send out Brittany thank you so much. And the sheets to do that I think Dubya quickly to comment catalysts that some people it's Abacha reasonable people. That just wanna talk or legislation. Announced where the direction of this sport is going. And I we usually do Libya Agassi takes him every year go secrets act gritty. It would nice if you could camera but no you can get it or. I fact everybody out there you can go to one event the bright dot com. Flag today Second Amendment and you can. Get all the information you need. And get tickets and show up it's a very important rally urge everybody ago. And Saturday June 25 not this Saturday but next Saturday. New England firearms academy you're gonna see Bryant all the and there are going to be there. Along with our own Brittany yes britney's gonna be getting a refresher course. On how to shoot a gun at that means that what you gonna do it. She definitely does it needed and it's going to be a fire arms class. And you can meet Brian it's a very important thing all of you out there. Look you've got to be able to protect yourself you've got to be able to get your license get certified. Protect you protect your family it's going to be Saturday June 25 please sign up this firearms clots. Brittany will be there you its year with her famous 44 Magnum. Bullet hole in the wall. We're already there freckles there Shelby and I see you sit stack up against Britney on the target range. Brian. For everybody out there New England fire arms academy. Wind is the class began on Saturday June 25 and how they sign up. It's tea and you can go to register. And firearms sought called out and eat the letter any. Suddenly there are security register at any cease fire rod sucked all he could call 781. 7906462. 7817906462. Or register in these firearms dot com. Or just go to the let's set it in east firearms stuck on the inside a outlet. We have been talking with Brian Dalton he has that call owner an instructor at New England fire arms academy. Brian thank you so much I really appreciated. Thank you quote god bless you Bryan OK everybody out there I'm not kidding. You want to see but Boston is all him dirty Harry. And that suits. Its Saturday June 25 Britney will be there you can. Washington going to be in jeans and a T shirt where 44 Magnum. Oh sorry she likes a law now accused of the blocks. So you could see her with her Glock. Lock in low. You can take the class with Britney on the target range with Britney honestly it's good for you to get certified. Learn how to use it done get a permit eventually I haven't done. A lot of fun with Britain. So people often ask me this question jet. She snapped Jan. What's your answer. Crisis. What's your response. Ices. Are simple. Britain. It. That's that's put unleashed Britney. All solve the problem for you in two weeks. Okay my friends more of your calls and a shocking development in England breaking news. They banned guns in England well guess swat. A member of parliament has just been shot dead and assassinated. On the streets. Don't touch that by. Breaking everywhere. Not just in England this is now international news. I wanna know what the Boston Globe response to this is their argument has just been blown out of the water. Make it's thought OK wanna make it's off the guns okay. Britain because. The most draconian gun control laws. May be in all of Europe maybe in the world guns are effectively bent. It is just found out. The that a member of parliament she is a member of the labor party. Just recently elected a 41 year old mother of two. Was walking. On the streets in her constituency. Near the city of Leeds. She was confronted by a man. Who shot her three times at point blank range. And then attacked her with a knife. Police have now confirmed. That labour MVP Joseph Koch's is dead. The country is an absolute truck. Members of all parties are an absolute shock. This has sent shockwaves across Britain. I she is fatally shot and fatally stabbed gunned down outside of a library. You don't have more gun control than in England. And even there. If you wanna get a gun yet can get a gun. You know what the Boston Globe is good for I'm feeling the paper right now it's nice it's soft I'm telling you. It's better than toilet paper. I'm wiping myself within. Voice of Boston is. You find WRKO. Bust in 937 W.