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The Garden Lady, June 11

Jun 12, 2016|

The Garden Lady airs every Saturday on WRKO from 1-3 p.m. Host C.L. Fornari covers a variety of gardening and landscaping topics, discusses her favorite plants and answers all of your gardening questions. Regular segments include "From Yard to Table," "Welcome to the Garden" and "Have I Got a Plant for You!"

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Welcome to the garden I laid it on WRKO. Join the show like 6172666868. Well come true. The guard lady I am the garden variety. And see how far sorry. And I. Loved being here with you on Saturday afternoon. So we can talk about landscape salons houseplants flowers. Homegrown veggies she rubs hands to worries. We are here from one to three after Saturday if you're just joining us for the first time today. And that call in numbers 6172666868. Should just be joining us during the oh I would say late fall through the winter and very early spring usually have a guest for the first half an hour. But at this time of year I usually don't schedule against and the reason is. People have a lot of questions at this time last year this time of year when. Things are flowering that we don't recognize. Or we have a plan that isn't doing well this is the time of year win. The books come out that critters are driving us crazy it's time of year when we don't know. Maybe but the depict a plan to pitch a plant and land or each game plan. And that's what we're here for we're here to talk about so you can give me Collins currently in the program. Is usually the best time to get through. We start our program every week with welcome to the garden party. Where we briefly explore what's happening with plants and gardening right now. And right now I would say it's time to look at or flower gardens. You have to Grammy else. Is. Every thing in flower in your garden right now it's well. You have a beautiful. I'm sure. Shoe in cart. But in the middle of July or August to may not have as many hours. Here's the thing about perennials. I know that many of them have taxes they bloom all summer or maybe they say Jews dash August. But those tax frankly are about as accurate as the ones that closing at say one size fits well. So you have to take the tax with a grain of salt. In general plants that are in flower in June aren't knocked in flower past the fourth of July that's kind of the general. Recommendation of general rule so if you have a perennial it is him flower now he usually is either slows down stops. Com or. Otherwise. Doesn't perform flower well for the rest of the summer after the fourth of July. So if your garden looks fantastic now and that's wonderful but you should get prepared. For flowers for a later and 1 way to do that is of course to add other perennials. Prenatal supplement July or August or September or October. And there are several parts of the suggestions give a call. But the other way that I think makes a lot of sense. Is to get yourself some annuals right away this weekend next weekend sometime in June pick up some annuals. And the advantage of doing that. Is that you. Can get annuals either planted in the garden. Or put some is slightly bigger pots and grow them on for a while they'll be growing a way and to then. Toward the end of June when your shoes flowering. Little time and an iris. It. Net but it can men and all of those lovely she plants once they are finished. You can it's either cut them back. Which works for any plant that is flowering choose and cut way back after it finishes aren't. Some of them you can correct the ground if I have to worry about that. And that you could stick annuals or you could even put it there's enough space in the cart that you could put and you historically in the Kuerten right now. They don't start. Going to start growing while your Jews flowering plants are looking spectacular. But about the time that the June tire plants are done your annuals have been often writing in the garden for a few weeks. And then you will half hours all summer. A few plants that I particularly like for combining. It with perennials for the rest of the summer flowering. First of all blue horizon. Saturate. I plan to blue horizon in my friend perennial garden last week that for me it's aim must half plant. It was my perennials because it just a real garden work horse. Blue horizon has. That kind of lavender blue flowers. And they are so beautiful they are great cut flowers you can bring it in the house. And it flowers it's hard narrow right. So hard frost and it even goes to sunlight for a so real nice filler in any garden. And pollute it with that it's kind of hard to get in other flowers as well that corn flour blue collar. So it it Mary's well in perennial gardens with any other color quite work peach or. Or eight or pinks or you know any other flowers. Blue horizon accurate and works well. Another plant that I'd love for the front of perennial gardens is pro fusion. And yes. Now is sure unlike that's genius that you plant in cutting her profusion. Stay low and round they don't can't know do. You don't have to get hit them. Why can't it hit them. But the beauty of profusion. Is that they are so pro fewest you can see where that got their name right. They set up flowers and they come and paying core or are a better brighter yellow. Red. And the thing is the first flowers start to fade and that it just puts out more flowers kind of up above the first ones. And so first tell you get kind of a two tone thing going on the bright flowers. That are growing up on the top player the new weapons. And then you get the lighter fading. Flowers. That are below it that you know as long as they look decent and once they go why is it just disappear. So. Are you could clip goes off if you want to you really don't have to. Profusion. It is only care about twelve inches tall and may be eighteen inches around. So they too are just a wonderful plan to split. Whether it's in among perennials or in foundation plantings in front of your. In front of pure shrubs or on a walkway bed around lamppost and that kind of thing they're good bedding annuals. Available at several colors many garden centers have them in six access their inexpensive. So so far which are apple Verizon saturate am am pro fusion. Indians. Let me mention Cleo me from proven winners senior read rose early to. Just like to name all right but it's a great performing. Gets about three feet tall. Flowers top to bottom. You know doesn't do that sticky. Front funky things it exceeded clear only do in terms of looking less and less beautiful over the course of the summer. Scenery too Rosalie. Is also a workhorse in the garden all three of these plants for sunny gardens. And if you've got to shady garden and it can't be Newt CUNY in patients. Let's go to line one and talk with Bob hi Bob welcome to the garden variety. I GAAP and on I was reading a magazine and they had a this solution that a hole made a weed killer. That I bet it. I bet that was that occurrence solved right. Yeah a bit yeah and it was one additional ingredient. List like that so. Yes tablespoon of the that your regular yeah. All right. Here's here's my opinion about this and this is not only made it into magazines but it's all over the Internet. Number one it doesn't kill any strong wheat. You know if you've got a week with a good root system like poison ivy for example. It might die back on top for a week or so but this is not a week killer kills the roads OK number two. That type of Vinocur that we buy in supermarkets. Is not really strong enough there is a horticultural. Strengthen occur. And am garden centers now not that vinegar itself that they sell weed killers based on horticultural strength in her. Which is actually a stronger Vinocur. More likely to have you know knock plants back more effectively but also. Even though is for a tough week such as poison ivy it doesn't kill the roads number three. It's putting salt repeatedly into your landscape that's not a good idea I mean maybe you've seen. What happens with some plants that are growing alongside a road to get salt in the winter. And how it damages plan. Well you know that's all it's going to damaged plants that you want as well as the weeds forward. The I uses going to be I just installed. Some gravel or driveways and some some other areas right gravel over. And this solution would be used to kill read that a growing in the grapple. OK you know what I have to go I have to take a break Bob so let's talk about this a little more when we come back from the break all right. We'll go into it in a little more detail on TLC are in this is WRKO. Welcome back. To the garden lady the Albert Larry I'm here every Saturday from one victory. We're talking plants and gardening 6172666868. And I am talking with Bob who read about it weed killer you can make with salt and vinegar. And a little bit of cell and but let me ask you this what is around that driveway where does the water that also that drive that lottery that's where it is trained to. Qualcomm there's they go to Barry oh on the gravel. That is Columbia bolt and a lot of Rainwater to penetrate. So I don't know out of runs into a lawn it does it about the lawn or anything now. A car. Here's the thing can't it certainly gives the vinegar salt Wii killer I try on your gravel driveway. I think she will sign that what happens is those plants will wilt. And some of them may die but some of them will spring back to life. And an alternative for you on a gravel driveway is you know you can buy these. Kind of flame throwing. Tweeters called wheat dragons. In the local gardens and or should sell them. That you actually point the flame at the weeds and consider them. And it works very well and it's kind of satisfying to zap them with this wand you know and it's pretty easy. And you can use very well and gravel of course you can't use it on weeds and mulch because you're gonna set the mulch on fire but a gravel drive what you could use that. Kind of and yes can I got a hold people below them by this renegade spark. Well that's what I am. No that's what I'm telling you horticultural street vinegar is maybe you could order it online that it's not sold in stores now it's a stronger. More acidic Vinocur. That it's much more effective as a weed killer and you might Google it does seat you know Google horticultural street vinegar and see if you can buy it. On the line so. All right well let me know how that works are right thank you OK your welcome. You know we're always everybody's always looking for an easy ways to deal with the reasons and good luck to its all. Andy his colleague. Eddie what's happening. I think it would certainly call. I grew up all my life I'm forty years old and out you know me my grandfather he would. Register at the tomatoes see a during the work and it went to up grade girls on this front porch great. And blue globe plant them outside. The pitcher and it would while bush still would go look for peak call. And again I I did it take for the he has. Good start to do this now. Again I get a starting like to get me a boat out to three inches tall right an article played tomorrow when it's got it warmed a mall rocks. But I can't get me get up pretty well. There are speed they won't they won't quell. Okay let me let me mention a couple of things first of all. You know what kind of tomatoes you started. There's the regular. It oh. He tomato you know I mean one peso in the you know three per box. Seat because that because there are some types of tomatoes like paste tomatoes. And a few other varieties that are what we called determined to. And days stay short they do not ever get tall. So if you bought seats for a paste tomato or patio tomato. They're not going to get top then there are. Other tomato varieties that are called indeterminate. And like cherry tomatoes in you know things like. They Boyer better Boyer at those sort of plants. And those duke Rotella they get you know at least five feet tall over the course of the season. Those who want my grandfather used. Yeah so you have to be sure you have indeterminate tomatoes to get them that's number one. Number two it's not just waiting until after frost for tomatoes it's waiting until then nighttime temperatures are above fifty. Because. If that night temperatures are going down in the forties. Tomatoes we'll just sit and silk. They want heat and in fact I I've planted my tomatoes outside now of course. And they're just sitting there because the nighttime temperatures are still pretty cool. Which is nice for us people. But it's not great tomato growing weather so tomatoes tend to not takeoffs and you know really put on a lot of growth. Until the daytime temperatures are in upper seventies and eighties and then nighttime temperatures. Are in the low seventies it. And that opened the wire in the make good flashy I wanna make every night I deploy. Well I would Eddie I wouldn't probably a lot of them every night at a lot of them deeply less often and M in the morning if you can't. But as I say the weather right now was not great tomato growing weather worst we're still too cool. They're not gonna take off until the weather gets warmer. Racial. What I bring in my house and they got him exploding. A little trays. Yeah I I implant them what and who would begin in July you thank. Now why I would say in June and plant them blotted them deeply every two or three days depending on you know make sure that the soil. You don't like to decide how sloppy wet but it is sort of an even level of moisture and after fertilized at all fertilizer of course. Actually use. One and make my wine and wish we you see on the wasted great. Scans yes. In the soil. Good that's good I might also you might also tries them. It out if you wanted the or organic gardener you might also try something like efficiency we demotion. All right and give them summit that. Like his only this time I'd argue. The edit just pick tomatoes to like that your promise. All right well I think I. I played with and I heard everywhere golf accomplishments. Good for him. For him well I. All right Eddie thanks and good luck I think we just need to wait about the warmer weather. Let's see let's get started with chat here and see what we get down in the minute we have before the break Chad welcome to the currently eighty. But I think predicament call I ever register real quick question for you I have a red dragon Japanese maple that's been growing really well the last four years yeah. All of a sudden this year I just got about it. Lost almost three quarters of all the leaves that never even came on. Are you sure they never came on I sure that they didn't get eaten by the winner mark caterpillar or the Gypsy moth caterpillars. I. Out that the winner doctor gone now but both of those have been quite active so that's number one. I suppose it could be right could prevent winter damage we did see a lot of plants. Have died back because the winter was warm warm warm frigid. Warm cult so. You know we've we've seen on many plants they have dead limbs or branches. As a result of that. But what if you didn't create branches are right and flexible. Chad Chad I'm coming up a break what I would they view you can hold on if you want but what I would say to you is don't give up on it yet. What does that plant deeply once a week. And see if they reach out within the next I would say three to four weeks OK and if not then put them off we're going to take a break when we come back more of your calls here on W are saying now. Welcome back to the garden lady. See elf and are you back here for Saturday afternoon from one until very. Talking with you about. Plants and gardening. We had just finished with Chad who had that Japanese maple red red dragon Japanese maple who he said doesn't have leaves on it. And I said to him we will wait and see for a little while I think with some plants it's a little bit early to say okay this is dead. So. Chad what I would. Reiterate for you is to give that played a good deep soaking once a week if it doesn't rain. Because it has been dry and maples are not plants to that well. For withdraw so give that plant in good soaking once a week. No fertilizer and Russia want to put a light organic fertilizer or top dressing a compost compost manure. That would be fine let's go to line one. And talk with Pamela Pamela welcome to the garden variety. You know in the Al. I'm quoting with a couple of questions. Thing. What is you know tropical type this isn't new plants. Purchase. I noticed last week's a couple of the side just in to. Fall off. OK did you put it in new pot. OK sometimes I have noticed when I transplant a tropical hibiscus. It will drop Bud's for you know a couple of weeks I think you know they get they're getting adjusted in a way or putting their energy into perhaps growing more roots. So I am so that's 11 possibility. The other possibility is it a tropical discuss those that's can be fairly heavy. And in wins so I'm. The buds. Our butts can be very happy and in in in a wind at a brisk wind taken that off so. That's a possibility to add to end and then a third possibility of course is critters. Chip monks who. Score olds is that it's amazing what critters will do sometimes I watched it chipmunk the other day. Jumped up grabbed one of my indeed let's pull it down to the ground and proceed to shred it. Oh. I have no right because I have no idea that I can tell. I have no idea I couldn't ask why it wasn't eating yet it was shredding it it was it was rummaging through the flower inch reading it. And then what's the but was in shreds on the ground left I have no idea. Exactly. Exactly now what that this was it was definitely a young shipments maybe it was just young and bored you know get into trouble. And edit. Another question I have is about. I got Maxtor I know. Or will she and I decided to take my bags you know my bag kind of garden. Halfway fillets. Who is what was the remnants of the horse manure can I think. I think a reasonable thinking that and eat well. Portion of topsoil or what not is where I need to do it didn't make it a global condition. Yes. Expect. Yes that's absolutely correct so so at an equal amount of a top seller maybe even a little more so that it's mounted up a little bit and if you can mix the two of those together. So they've got a little bit more homogenous. Mixing of the compost and manure and see lol but then that's then you'll be in business. So. That's good I I'm gonna go out pretty garden in there. Think I'd that yeah yeah. Natalie a lot of fun good in July. 6172666868. You know the bags the whole bag plant is very interest. I have grown many things in Smart pot switches one. Variety one brand. The bags that are made for cutting. And in fact now my husband and agro all of our potatoes and Smart pots and Smart pots actually makes a hole. Quote and quote raised bet you know around bad that you can. Unfold. This fabric. Bag. And lay it down on the ground and fill it full of soil or soil and compost compost manure is Pamela was doing. And plant right there it's like an instant raised so for people who can't. Build something. This is a really wonderful thing. Let's go to line one. And just talk with Chu Lee surely welcome to the cart lady. I was hoping you agree is it. Lap session one for the last session regarding the Japanese people like it also has. Not not leaked out but I do know that it's winter mocked image. Stop a little bit about how to prevent that. I would be happy to Juli because this is the thing that I'm SR art Japanese maple leaf out. Sometimes people don't notice that they are leaping out and at the same time believes are disappearing. And we get busy. And sadly and edit first it seems like they're just slowly leafing out. What we're not aware of is that those winner mosques are. Are eating at least as it unfolds and it's a pretty soon it looks like it differently about it now. So next year actually let oh what you should do is mark on your calendar at the end of April. Just start spraying. The that you're maples with spin netstat and speedy. And goal apps AG. Your local garden center. Will carry yet there are several brands available Monterey and captain Jack's shirt to. You know common ones. But whatever your local garden center cells is good. Aunts and if you start spraying right as that leaves start to unfold. On on your maples. Then you have them protected. And as they continue to grow the awareness Breivik every couple of weeks and and I've signed for maple trees two or three applications does it. And then went so large that takes a bite of that leaves it has spinach that witches of bacteria. On it. And the heart attacks. Yacht and so. Right now what you wanna do is just in a water your your maple deeply once a week. To help it to have so all of us to re Foley is all right. And keep that as healthy as possible to route this summer by watering it deeply once a week for us. And turn that deterring or not it's not much to do bear. Sort of your outside like op and. At. It it's you know it's a jungle out there and some years are worse than others at their lowest pockets where the damage is worse than others. And outlasting last year. You know where I live on the case it was horrible for our winner mark this year was quite so bad so. OK. I'm so glad you called you have a wonderful can't. I used to let's go to line five. And we will talk with Joseph Joseph welcome to the garden lady. Yes thank you are. I Granger. Yes and practiced all methods of rooting for him not for. I hurt your show last all on your recommended me not for. Yes well I let my tiger yes and that porcupine stage all winter. And so are not targeting. You know election bushy. There's so we'll launch fixed. Yeah. Joseph here's the thing not permitting as long as the sticks half life in them but we had a height range or kill winter gel. And so all of the blood of our blue and try to arrange is that it grow on those sticks that came plants. They all got zapped by the winter and when that happens that means two things it means we can pro and all those sticks out. And it means we'll have very few flowers this year. Yeah I know there's great hydrate your hysteria all over Cape Cod because of course we part factory is that it. I. Well it was mild only to a point if that was the problem for height range as it was. Warm warm warm warm. And then there was a night in February that it went below zero. And if it goes below zero that's it I drink a toast. And then anything that made it past that that it was really warm in March and that in April we have like when he Greek night. And so it was a double whammy for the height range as matter I I sought any but that made it through that below zero. It got snapped later. So Chris and I came out a lot of the short of it joke. And all those empty came out right now and start praying for a milder winter this winter are. And there are quite on the chain notified noticed some am living that I could that's. That's right in stop you make the cut right about anything green so cut anything dead ops and about anything green. I gotta get a break now about when we come back more of your call 6172666868. Mrs. WRK. Welcome back to the garden lady I'm CL scenario we are here every week talking plants and gardening. Let's go to line six and talk with Jin Chen welcome to the currently. The eight Q. You are absolutely the best. But pressure her and what like I kept up a couple of different questions on. My economy and one is. I've never had the big bearded iris before I've helped a little more wild Japanese type. East are they were phenomenal they were so beautiful mess they've gone by now too wide just cut the see in part thoughtful would do like that this stamp. You can cut the whole scam down it really does make the plans look more attractive. And as long as the foliage is attractive to leave that. With the bearded iris there's usually a point sometime in the summer when the iris get sat at the leaves get. Leaf spot and start to turn yellow you know and and when that happens don't be afraid to just cut the leaves office while. OK that's good are no secondarily. Com that you are windshield of deep regiment of nighttime and daytime for putting plea incidents I've got a friend who put. Tomato. Pepper and squash in part killing hills which were not true they were big enough anyway but nonetheless. She already has the model. The F safe. Yes it's safe it's actually six now that the guidelines is when the nighttime temperatures are above fifty. Which they. They have and for it to. Its bid ER. It's it hasn't been real warm so I peppers and tomatoes haven't really taken off in their growth yet because it hasn't been warm. But it's been perfectly safe to have them out. Well they have scored in just wanted to tell them little person which I am I mean you'd get a one which up. Don't worry. I can't that is salient and I quote you about it was totally get. That's. Part of it is Q before it. Well that's good it it wasn't it. And it wasn't totally dead that I am glad it came back I appreciate your college let's go to. Lines. Where we hear who's next yes I've talked to Kelly Kelly welcome to the our lady. It's great to hear you on the radio wipers I'm listening and well that can. There's relations. I am so glad that you tune didn't Kellie Ann I'm even happier that you called. So are you a question. That's what he means that want to relocate as planned. And there are mature. What clicked to it US. If if you couldn't wait to transplant them in the fall that's really the best. So one is actually very immature I mean it's actually probably I don't know today. Grow themselves underground what he called. Well every year at the crown of the plant which is you know we're at the scams come out of the root system. And the roots every year that does get thicker so. But whether it's immature plant or older plant if you can wait and do it in the fall in early September or even in late August that would be preferable. Awesome. You very much appreciate your call have a great weekend let's go to line one and talked with friends Fran welcome to the garden variety. I yelled thank you can make crime I'm only contrary I would throw by variants. Teach rob where's the art while widened twelve but it's being off. What I didn't get the chance to stop but it has union green collar whopper and all over what was that actually be yet I see here. Tangerine. Color blossoms now will it stay with an out. I you know like out so. Flower. In it right definitely pandering armored. Right it was probably an X Berry as Ilya EXPRY. Well thank you and oh yuck checked out X bury our and I think that's probably hit let's stay out. Let's go to line four and talk with merry merry welcome to the garden variety. Good afternoon to beautiful rainy days of the plant some flowers to very happy. Well I'm credit rating where you are anyway. I have a small French or I won't and again that Mandy and branches and the trunk is white right is growing and it I was wondering what was thrown. In. On on the branches and the true. It's not it's probably like it is an older plant. That's about fourteen years old. Okay it's probably eat Lichen and like it is not a problem at all like it just grows. On plants but it doesn't hurt plants at all. That's what I was afraid it was choking. You know now it I'm sure it's it's just fine and like it comes at a variety of colors from. From kind of a beige white to pale green to yellow. And it doesn't hurt to plant at all. Want to thank you learned for the intonation and I gained get. I have a lot of stick. You're welcome. Very merry I'm gonna get it. Mary and right well that's good Mary I wanna pick Lisa before we haven't at a time here because we're running out of time at least welcome to the fact lady. I'm Lisa. I. Lisa. A here I thought we could typically because we're at a time but I guess not gonna work out so. If you're you know we're on delay folks so if you call them stay on your phone bill was on the radio because you won't hear me say. Your name if you're listening on the radio because that the whole the only thing all right. So that. Let me quickly say this and that is to ever rain gauge you know Mary talked about it raining where she is some places it's raining in this area right now other places it is not. We should all have a rain gauge our rain gauge is one of the most important tools for a home landscaper or Gartner. Because. We need to know exactly how much rain we have gotten. A established landscapes. What they really need to drive is an inch of water a week now that's an inch measured in the rain gauge at an inch majored in the wheel Barrow our coffee in. Or cottage cheese cart. Okay because it's different. And in each in a ring stage. If mother nature's supplies that. We are in check so number one tool for all of us is that each picked up most or center's department stores. We have another hour coming up so state to call 617. 2666868. Times out and Ari and that's the tart lady. On the voice of Boston dot URK. Okay. I. These kids. Welcome to. Guard and leading on WRKO. Join the show like 6172666868. Well. The second hour I'll apparently. Al RE IV. Are unique. And I am so pleased to be here with you every Saturday from one to 03. I always start out the second hour with a question. My question today is. On a shroud that gives you color. All summer. Well happy guy got a plan for you ask am I got a plan for you know is brought by my friends. We'll milk cartons centers. The plan that I'm talking about today is high so car this center glow. They carry a sensor glow nine park. Now nine parks are. Generally. Some of them are smaller but generally they're kind of large fountain shaped shrubs they're very hardy from zones to aid. They're drought tolerant their situation. There in native to North America. Again they grow carefully handfuls them. Well I'm loving one today called centers Colo. It is one of a larger parks it gets I would say about six feet tall and eight feet wide. So this is not a plant probably for the foundation plant. This is a plan for the back of the perennial border. This is plea for them mixed shrub orders have mixed shrubs and you know different flowers kisses. A plan for a privacy screening add color to privacy screen. And the reason it has color all summer is it to the foliage. Is purple and copper collar. It's kind of runs Deep Purple color outside it at least with the center relief. A lighter golden copper collar hence the name center glow. So large I am very nice fountain shaped it never won a sheer its plan to meet all. Because issue that is that. Sporadic. Out and shape it is so beautiful. Out Frank's car this eight KK nine park plants. Now the only problem that I have seen with price carpets is that they sometimes can get both traits of trident. Is a form of great mold and in damp cool whip there. I have seen it sometimes. Some of tea leaves or shoots on a price of purpose get kind of mummified with portrait as if you've seen some sort of I kind of light colored pink ish or grayish mold. On your nine art plant that's probably vote right yes. And clicked off the worst of the damage you see. I have found this spring with an organic fungicide such activity or serenade early in the season. Is very helpful with this situation. So a great plan. You can to a renovation printing on it if you ever need to it it's kind of a cane grower comes up from the ground. And I think it is fantastic. For colorful. Bronze purple foliage all along. The witness our it hits in flower right now in my gardens and I think center glow is greatly roughly plan. This plant is available at wolf you know our centers if you have any questions you can always call they're knowledgeable staff. At 978. 3566342. Or visit wolf you know cartons centers dot com. And if you go into world you know be sure tell them that you are a listener to certainly be okay. And say hi to all the good folks there from me. 6172666868. We have several lines open it is a good time to get through. And let me answer this question that I capped by email last week from Juliet. Juliet set I have an eight foot Carolinas over a barrel tree. That was planted in the fall and then replanted when it blew over in March it was marched down tree but it had a good run system. Less than one quarter of that tree has leaped out and is the part that hasn't leafed out dead. And Chip Beck and back Juliet I think it's still a little early to make that call particularly since a little over in March. If it was an eight foot tree. I'm guessing it was a balled and burlap tree and it that is the case. It's it's had its roots system you know severely compromised. In that world burlap process if it was container grown tree. Then you wouldn't have had that but what I would do if I review is I would wait until the end of two and I'd give it a little bit more time. To see if those. You know those branches will blow. Leaf out studio in Q. And if by the end of Q you don't see that the branches have leaped out at that point cutoff and whatever his dad whatever has. Not produced the foliage. And you know you could shape but a little blip at that point by clipped the water to a pro life branches back in order to help them to. Brit chat via a little Fuller. If that will help in general with the newly planted trees you don't throw a lot of it until it gets established so I certainly. Wait a year or two other than taking out debt would crossed branches I'd otherwise wait to do much putting this plan. Let's go to line one and speak with Mike welcome to the currently eight. You feel I have probably migrate finds so les has some. Brownish. Brownish crop of bubble like. Dabble with them. It's okay that could be rust bank. There there are couple of fungal problems it that it grape vines are prone to. And usually. We straight grade plants with that copper based on your side. And you do wanna be careful with copper and generally using it because it does build up in the soil overtime pay you know four. Oh hundreds of years I think grape growers are all over the world have been using what's called Bordeaux mixed. From the Bordeaux region of France. And port O mix is simply copper and linemen it's a copper that is the most effective fungicide. So what I would do it if these were my graves is Saddam is all the leaves that are affected are some effect yeah. Much of les at this point either Concord grapes and and many up pretty much police should take them often in great judges. You know normally actually removed the worst of them but on the other hand it's believed to still capable photosynthesis. And there are all affected. I'd hate to tell you detect them all off. I would start to spray with a copper French side is what I would do is from my plants and. I've had in the hole and they got another. Yes any any garden center will have a copper eagle and then you ask for a copper fungicides. And on the is that according to the directions and and you confront edit and make art center. So being Mediterranean feel we used those great police or bolts stuff great police is that going to be a poisonous to us. Now it's the rest of the copper. Their great pleased to have that aren't used to just up greatly greatly. I I would just washed it grape leaves off. Copper is. It is certainly considered organic fungicide. I've used it on plants that I have eaten. Let you do what a wash so you would want to watch those great please before you do it now. Have rushed to the rest isn't going to be a problem for eating the grape leaves that might make them look a little you know less appealing so. We're. In fact Ed Ed what you might do is is go out and that really. You know the worst affected believes clip off ray a copper and in sectors and Kopper for just items are expert with the proper my. And then. By clipping off you know output quarter to a third total of that leaves the plant should put out more leaves in response. And since you will be spring with the proper French site you will be able to protect. That that new or replacement growth a little bit have some cleaner at least do that great the stopped greatly swept. Any instructions are particularly artist spray but well at least. Adamantly. Both what you want to get a tank Abbott thanks for area. Okay what why aren't senator tanks prayer at a small wonder that come plastic and expansive right. And tags for air has outlined. So that you can kind of tell the line and you get that spray underneath the foliage on top of the full on all the stamps. So what you don't want to use as a hose and spray air so glad you asked that question because you don't want to use a hose and sprayer because that you can't wreck. Easily to the underside of Foley's. So I ask source sprint I was no good. A spray bottle it's it won't well at usher him is gonna get tired. I would for less than twenty dollars should be able to buy a small plastic hand pump sprayer. And at that you can build up pressure with the pumping. And their light weight and then the wind gets underneath the foliage in you know you can use it for all kinds of things where. Yes vote that wants spare what was it called what is it. Called it's called a pump tank spray air. Group. Up here welcome Mike. He got your local garden center will know what that is and they should be able to point you make to a small. Pump taxpayer that's inexpensive. And they're lightweight and they're very useful on a cart you can use them for. Spraying has been a sad to as well as fungicides are even efficiency emotion of it to a fully your feed some of your plants. We're taking a break when we come back more of your call 6172666868. We're talking plants and gardens on the voice of Boston WRK out. And. Welcome back to that apparently. I'm the alpha and Ari. I am here every Saturday for one to three. Where we talk about flowers homegrown veggies landscapes lions shrubs trees house plants. 617. 2666868. We have several lines open and it is a good time to hear Toro. What do talk very quickly here about. Pesticides. And the difference between different society and then check to side. Because I find that sometimes people when they see a problem. On a plan. They are likely to go into their shattered their garage take a bottle off the shelf. And spread on to the plan. Without really understanding. Whether it's going to be effective or not. Insecticides. Of course kill insects. And there are. You know at least toxic insecticide so Mort tar six insecticides. But just sides killed funk that killer fungus. And there are also least toxic and you know more problematic fungicides. And needless to say you don't if you've got an insect problem you don't want a spray of French aside because it's not gonna do anything that insects out. I I I am encourage all of you. To know what you're putting on a plan don't just reach for whatever is on the shelf and hope it works. That's number one number to make sure you know what's actually wrong with the plan. Whether it's insect or fund ghosts or something else. Maybe maybe what you're seeing on the plant is the result of hot water from my hose. Hitting the plant went holes of the sprinkler was first her arm. So we need to know what's you know give an accurate diagnosis of the problem number two used the product that is targeted to their problem. And use it according to directions. And any time you make something happen Spurrier used the entire amount don't leave the sprayer filled with anything in your garage. Because we humans we forgot what we've put in this sprayer and if you put us. And purpose side that kills plants in there. Then you then spray it on thinking that it's a fungicide. Oren insecticide. And of course you gonna kill the plant. And I guess that would solve your found this problem he can expect here it will get the plant. Out of the garden as well. Let's go to line one and talk with Diana. Donna welcome to the garden variety. Think anything else. Captain to be here. Well but what's happening kind of. Well I'm the first time column longtime listener but in the college actually from my god he has raised bed vegetable gardens and buy me. Not old Chinese. Herb wrote yeah money's GAAP. And I salute yes they do they just think it's Mexicans night so. The problem with. But with wit in a vegetable garden you know this were an ornamental gardens flowers. You could spray it with an egg mixture but of course you can't spree that on your vegetables so. So in a vegetable garden with bunnies. There are two approaches and the most effective one's done it is floating row cover. You can buy floating broke harper Aaron. Yeah ROW floating and they call it slowed because it's very very light weight non woven fabric. You couldn't you'll be able to find it and it garden center. And you'd basically cover up the plants with this floating broke cover that the air it felt light everything can still get in the water. But the buddies can't get to your plants. And that's really the most effective thing I have found there are also oh. Motion activated sprinklers that you could. And that names of those are spray away and scarecrow. So you could look for those that what that doses when the rabbit comes around. And it senses motion it ghosts she she and let loose with a blast of water that's. Out I have used them quite successfully in my garden. But here's the thing of course after a wild animals know that there are there and they don't come around anymore. I forget they're there and I get drenched every night when I go out later. So where are clearly I'm not a Smart as a rapid. But. So and so that's another options railway and scarecrow. To motion activated sprinklers there and they work for. And an assortment of animals on your door neighbor's cats all that sort of thing that. At least expensive fastest route is to get them floating broke cover and coverup. That plants and hope that the bodies that it will get in the habit of dining elsewhere. Which which you know and animals or creatures of and have to battle with animals is breaking that habit at once you've got to have broken. And they develop habits going elsewhere. You know that's a good thing. And and of course what we encourage all the natural predators like the fox owls and all of that so. I I know we we like but buddies are very. There offer here. That's right but jumper can do quite the damage in the. That is getting at heavier as we speak yet that's it he said Alex must be begin. All right very good answer it I'll the other there's a wreath. Well I'm glad you called. There is a reason that farmer McGregor was chasing Peter Rabbit with a pitchfork or whatever he had it stands now. Because you start ethnic. All it's cute but in the end you end up that Clinton rabbit Stew here. I I personally am fortunate this year knock on wood you know I should say yes but. We have a fox family moved in next door. And they are doing some damage in the rodent population chipmunk squirrel rat population in the areas for them picture in my. I got an email last week from dead end and it's that his roses used to be pink but now there read how does that happen. There are two ways it can happen with roses. And some plants are prone to what they called reverting. That their genetics are not particularly steep well at a certain point in their life we don't know what triggers this that they re for. To a coherent plan. And could be one reason. That your rose's turn red is they were diverted to a pair plan. The more common. Situation. Roses is many roses are grafted on to another roses star. It is common with roses that might die. That graft. And you get shoots that come from the load that graft. And those off half hours ago that could be may have averted war blame me half. Died out the graft and. You got new shoots from below the craft. Those chutes are genetically. Going to make it goes so your choice right now what happens no matter what made it happen. Your choices of course to keep the roses. Like the red roses. Hit them up and re plan. Or I suppose. It's. South. Keep them and appreciate it wins or start over again. But it's not anything in the soil there's nothing you can put in the soil for roses tour. That collar. Now. We are taking a break when we come back war of your calls 617266868. I'm often are at the garden lately. And assistant URK. Welcome back to the guard. Maybe I'm C Alfred. I am. Plant and guard offer. And text or from the and right now I want to say that the garlic. If you plan to garlic last fall currently gets planted in the fall if you plan to garlic last fall. It will be producing flowers soon. And the flowers look. Kind of point she curled. Funky looking and and and a little bit of music sometimes they whine together. Which is kind of also fun amusing. But we kept us off and we call them garlic escapes. If you cut them off when they're quite young when they're just beginning to form. They are very at a oh and very delicious and you can chop them up and put them and omelets or. And it sort of cooking that you're doing once they get larger and older they're they're tough and so it's harder to appreciate them. But the reason we cut garlic skates off as their forming. Is that then the plant what's more energy in to see ball. Actual head of garlic. And that's good because it makes the ball sticker. So get those escapees cutoff. Just watch because that to happen quickly it seems. To me every year when I look at the garlic but garlic it's just you know slow cooker along fine. And that sadly it's all edible and I have to get up there in Russia cut off those currently skate so. Just watch them a couple of days from now on check on them and see. What they're. I I've got my vegetable gardens fully planted at this point the broccoli is growing great guns. DPs. Are flowering and produce peas and that's a good thing. Pat my tomatoes are sitting their tapping their little toes in my peppers is sitting there tapping their little toes. And by eggplant also. Because they want it warmer they want heat they want. Eight degree days and seventy degree and I send them they will take off that right now they're just kind of in a holding pattern. But let us loves the cool temperature. The hail also loves the cool temperatures those are all growing well. And what else is not I'll tell you it's not doing well for me right now anyway in my eyes India's India's are also heat loving plants. India's love hot weather there plants from Mexico. And they want a top. So I'm hoping that it will start to kick off a little bit. Once the hot weather arrives. 6172666868. We have several lines open the time to get through. And south what else I want to talk but I wanted to pictured talk a little bit about Gypsy moth caterpillars because they are not only still out and feeding. In the areas where you have chips lots. But they are getting large that they are. Dark color they have kind of blue dots on them they're a little bit recently. And it be any kind of a handsome caterpillar. If we didn't know that they were doing extreme damage to hurt Turkey's. Not only are they on many people's trees they are crawling out palaces. AR crawling on perennials. You know if you see them smashed them. If you have any trees that is getting. Beat her. You know you can really protect a lot of the foliage with even one application. And and I know that you can't spray all the way up to the top of big trees. But with many hollow sense prayers you can get 1520. Feet. And it it's worth doing even that much even if you can't spray all of the tree. It's worth spraying the lower part of it and the reason is. That if you coat the leaves with Spanish. And every Gypsy market takes a bite of those coded believes. Will and it's so worth doing right as you can do in good half of the population of the Gypsy mas. If you spray so don't don't don't think that because she can't spray and it tired tree it is worth doing at all. Let's go to line one and talk fracture fracture welcome to the garden variety. Good afternoon that's its what cycles but I still listen I'm so. The opera was my I mean you know beans. And to dumb I have a habit of trying to Jeremy tomorrow. Early. It's gymnasium at the beans seeds and they go to within a couple of years. And this year. Nothing. Expected today. They didn't they didn't terminated off. While the debate came someone came up with but I think something's heating them so I Rea I am. Wrote chilled or you know just sure looked up to soar well I only saw only two drugs. Yes it wouldn't be grabs I'll tell you eat audiences that come up number one slugs. Number two year wakes. And what I'd do archer when I grow beans from seed. Is that as soon as I see those little. Bean plants breaking or you know. Breaking germinating and and break it's oil service. I just that with diet nations earth. And end that takes care of that slug and the your weight problem from the get ago and then they have a fighting chance of making it so. I wouldn't have. Well they weren't coming up probably plant it too soon. Because when the soil is called the BC still Germany's cold soil and in fact I just sit and rot. So so what I would do is read plant now do you still have seats. We I I replay did does this morning. Great great while EU should get a good termination you know keep them moist while they're germinating. And then as soon as you see them breaks the surface. Dust with dietitians urge that you get that it and it guard and center. I. I. Who were. Immediately. That's our right are willing to gender bent today. Let's go to outlines five and speak with Kevin's. Our art know where where online three which speak with mark kept on hold on we'll get to you. Is this Kevin. It. I abortions and electro they have accomplished our entry exit back. As bush well the bottom. Well what can I get to a secure emotional verbal children. Well. So that they say it again what do you get to. So that well. A lot of water or trees should go back again I want to accomplish Obama we Yellowstone go up. Although he does. Well I close you know I suppose you could paint the top within herbicide not all trees come back to cut them flash to the ground. Well I didn't sit well in both sides toward Peugeot are. I. Yeah I probably aren't you gonna trip on a two inch stump. Yeah I would say hell let's duplicate rent it all adds. Do luckily up my back than those in need the only trouble waging war or belittle them. Yeah yeah well there's. You know to my knowledge there's nothing that just dissolves it RIO. You could paint the top of with a nervous I'd frankly most here besides work best when sprayed on the leaves. Because it's the leafs hope that herbicide takes it down to kill the root system. So what I would do if if these were my stumps I'd go out there with a sigh and sawed off ground level just in trip on the parent things. And then watch for little shoots that come up. And it and if I shoot comes up that you could you disparate within herbicide or just keep snapping an off. Okay. What started officially chartered. I appreciate your call. Now look at it like three and talk with mark mark welcome to the garden variety. Are you around I have some are green pepper plants in knock. And nine are just or just say that they're not doing that well my economic to the bottom leaves a tiny yellow and I. It must some fish emotions like class how a week ago when there's a little bit you know yellowish on the bottom teaching our. I did or are. Is rock phosphate goods but that would be everywhere the nation's. You know it's really. Very it's costly it's it's better to avoid I think if you hit them with fish emulsion. That that's fine the main thing about peppers right now mark is that it's cool you know it's cool night. Which is delightful for a sleeping. But peppers. Peppers grow really well in Arizona. So that they what he and I think of the top leaves the new growth on them is green. And got that it's clearly not a problem of either nutrient deficiency. Or are on over watering or anything like that. Often times plants to ship their lower leaves because. Its top growth that they're putting all their energy in two and added to Newark growth it's the most. Efficient solar collector for the plan. And so often times you see with plants that lower older leaves yellowing and that's a natural thing that most plants do. I I think I would assume that you are. Your. Soil and that nutrients. Are absolutely fine. And I would just wait for the hotter weather I think you'll see he's perk up. Okay appreciate it and now. There are a how about blueberries I played them a couple of years ago and up lie Apple's announcement hit them at this being a spine. I don't let mark mark hold on just Americas were up against a break and so let's come back right after the break and talk about two blueberry so I can give it. The attention that all look very parents deserve IMC often carry this is. The garden like I'm WRKO. Welcome back to the garden lady. Before the break. We were talking with mark was online three. Emcee elf and about his blueberry. So what's up with your blueberry bush is. Well I played them a couple of years ago or not. Immediately I guard you know we ambush right different actually at a throws and not been spraying respect Spanos. Four. Couple years. Hasn't been miraculous. You know you and him aren't. Of any other advice from me about it are. I I. They are native mark the problem is caterpillars or not. That you get hit by the winner but caterpillar. And here's the thing about blueberries the key to success was springs business that on the blueberries. Is to start. Really early before they flower. Where it went their jobs the buds or she just breaking Dorman C and that's about the same time. That the winter moth larvae hatch. And the problem is with term off larva. At that point that the size and I crashed our tiny tiny tiny. But what. I have found is that spraying the spin it's that on the butts as our breaking dormant C. Seems to kill those tiny tiny Arafat. You know as they try to wiggle their way into the bugs. And so I have been quite successful with keeping them blueberries not only in good shape but bearing. Fruit. By regular applications and at what it means is for about the end of march on channel. The middle of many probably sprain my will Ares every other week with spinners that. Asked the other things that I would encourage you to do it helps the whole thing is to put Turbo. In that tanked you know Turbo is. Well it's it's a spreader sticker Turbo spreader sticker is solid at every garden center. And what it does it helps whatever you're spraying. To stick on the foliage or camps where the bots. So that it doesn't just run off and it makes this business that stick on much more effectively. And Turbo that's the brand name spreader sticker that most garden centers now. And I have found I don't I don't sprays that is that without whether I am springs fitness that on my. Broccoli to you know are protected from the cabbage Loper. Or whether I am spraying it on my blueberries mine maple trees to protect our from oh winner mocked or whether it's spring and my rose bushes to. Kill off the rose slug but worm I always put Turbo in the sprayer along with the spin it's that. And it makes it much more effective. Appreciate it and our should I continue this spring I might too late hour. Now now the winner off our fact is it's pretty much gone in most areas of Massachusetts right now aren't listening area I think it's it's all. Pretty much you paid it at this point and gone to the season. That Gypsy moth caterpillars are still eating but they don't target blueberries in the same way that the winner muffler. I think I should forget about sprained. Well I think I I. Yeah I think probably the winner my youth what I do if I were you is go outlook is still see larvae eating on your. On your shrubs and by elements spray again but. My guess is you won't find any are and so you know the best thing at this point for the blueberries is too. Give them a good soaking once a week it doesn't rain have you proven your plan to. Oh OK next year he should start pruning. And the reason mark is I know they're probably not very big yet but there by crooning you know about a third. Of the plan off a blueberry bush every year that actually stimulates. A lot of growth. And then you get more blueberries and so blueberries get prove it fairly hard in March. And not by cutting off the top of the plan. That by taking out one of the older stadiums down low close to the ground. And and generally the third at the fourth year that you have blueberry bushes and background that's when you start that pruning. And you look look at the bottom of the plant and you identified the biggest apple does stem. And you cut it off you know about a 46 inches from the ground. Very good very good thanks so much via outlook. Enjoy your show. Thank you I appreciate your call and I appreciate all my callers and all of my listeners. You could stay in touch with me during the week first of all. I have a FaceBook page that Garten lady and I postings on that page. Fairly regularly. You can of course go to my block that gets updated twice three times a week. Garden lady dot com and you'll see a link there for. My block so check things out on the block every week. I am the garden. Lady on Twitter so you can keep up with me on Twitter as well. If you send me an email either through my web site worked with a WRKO. Website. I try and answer all of those emails on the air. So be listening the next week because that's when I'll answer your question that comes in through. Through emails occasionally I will send you an email back but I get. Sometimes swamped with emails from. Believe it or not all over the world so. If I don't answer by email listen to the show that next week it will get your information to it that way. I appreciate your joining me. Thank you so much and we will be back next week you're talking plants and gardening on the voice of Boston. WRK. I'll. I. Bonus. Ha yeah. These kids.