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Jun 12, 2016|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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On quick bites radio. You'll help wouldn't bother. We're looking for the areas. Happy butcher and small block lawns that's all coming up. On we give my this season we did by its radio and WRKO the voice of Boston. And I know everybody. We are on the air right. My hope sure but never any doubt you wanna make sure sure this program a little but the war against. What a way to celebrate my coming back right that was great hands yeah. Everything is running fine for weeks and then something changed shoot it that the that's. I've heard recently went in there read your grades the bags and you as a whatever here isn't good news bad news going short you know. Matter fact Agassi here. That's a neighbor and and Fenway Park you wonder what the heck is going on utilizing the last night in explosions and and sirens going off and it's a it's a terror practice session. The case yet until 1 o'clock this afternoon or those whose movies now. But today anyway so folks in feared fiddling you woke up so that it's fake bombs gates instant faith thing though there aren't. Anyway welcome we have we have a lot of people we want you to meet today a lot of fun on the program and I I promise you that including. So restaurant gift certificates were giving the weight to some super super places. And. The whole case of harmony bay gourmet coffee delivered to your front door and out. What I'm looking for today. Because Father's Day is coming up. It is certainly not the busiest day for restaurants than like Mother's Day in the Easter. But my friends it's an imported day for a father's. So what I'd love for you to do. Is to calm me right now and recommend. That. The absolute. Best steak house. I could go to for Father's Day. I their best steak house you've ever bid to. Desi would have to be in doing them for that matter. But I would certainly like your input. We our view this to our bit of escapism every single Sunday so please join in and help us out. We're looking for for Father's Day now. As much information as you can give us would be fine Mike is pretty pretty fast and going into a groove you know out for years at W is a genius. And then I didn't realize you've been Google and except act. No my friend Google is a genius get that jag and at. It's gonna piazza didn't know usually reliable yet all we it is to win the contest you know they're asking good questions to move and it could argue we're getting all the answers they go over alleged. Quick so they sort of limited anyway. Welcome to the program I'm Betty that thinks that might be sitting in for output through accent like that those in Mexico before that. But anyway welcome to the show that telephone numbers one triple 8434. Or 64. 64 that's one triple 84346464. When I you give us a buzz. Scott or Michael take your name and address off the air that's how we'll hand out our restaurant gift certificates and I guess some fine ones today to. I really get some nice ones the only thing is I ask you to call early in the show because really. When we get going we have some guests today on the program. Speaking of stakes. Are going to be talking with the gap with tax and happy butchers who table about that a little bit later on and Michael from smaller farms. I will be with us to tell us about the at the whim dinner series garden to Gorham Maine that it will be coming up from smaller farms in North Andover. We'll be talking about that too to make a great Father's Day press. Michael he's out. Here's the telephone number one triple 84346464. That went triple A four. 3464. A 64 should get on the line now. Tell me where. Your favorite steak house is and why would you please. They know the people listing on the other hand write down all this information that I can guarantee you. Scott went off too in about four legacy scouting for the TV show Michael I guess I wasn't going to ask them into movement news and I. And debt as we did it you always good night's TV we were at smaller farms yeah and that was a very hot day as I remember own I was one of the sunburn days you came back like. I studies select organize these that's good until mine. It doesn't erase that thought. You know those those days it's like it's not a couple and it -- you know you're getting sunburned as it was happening in your home when you look in the mirror and like oh while I am I think the FTSE elected twice. I you got to Kate. Tokyo was an escape those little one again and another issue we did was. The bucks 109 pool. Where we Philly last summer and I don't know when that Fella though although the famous picture I took from my deck after the shoot where I was like look at me I'm getting good at it. Sosa mollify being featured on TV to Khartoum none of though is was a two weeks ago. Now this so let's go beyond this week we are a lobster Q. I'm laugh secure and Hempstead New Hampshire. And let's the other John Sean of course Sean Dawkins a lot secure. And I am in the sell short La Paloma Mexican restaurant you believe is actually out happy butchers she's cutting her own stakes up there with tax. And Scott found fried dough pizza at a Veba Katrina. Fried then I don't know pizza party pizza is what I call. That the. You go to the emergency room almost immediately after eating that Zambia breaks my own place that it is shared this with them but I tell that to what is it again it'll be on I believe Tuesday if I'm not mistaken Scott until Tuesday at 2 PM okay data. That's what it bites TV and of course to achieve DVR of course we know we can't you can't be there all the time no but anyway we are looking up. We're looking for the best. Steak house we could fine. So what's their first call about it's about a seafood restaurant that's. It that it says. Hey hey hey how you doing man. Good moral and I know we're talking about mistakes turned out until probably I'm looking for our MiFi likes. Fresh beer batted out of rugby abetted fresh caught. And I've had a few of them and they like cowboy it's all looking for something that nor Choi area. That has really good idea batted the caddick all fresh caught like that they compiled by the state because that's what he likes beat. All right act I got the questions. And have written it down here mere batted haddock cod that's circular Q4 really good staff though. Nor. I doubt and down get to work on it right now so guys can help me out one triple A 4346464. Is our telephone number. All right one other thing Ellis this is suggest to. I don't know about this but I at one end to give policemen store. Our rule 114 and dampers and as I walked in there were these beautiful. But collectors shirts you know what I mean by collectors who they have like I bought this year McCain. I was 152 of 375. Is actually on the shirt or limited edition limited edition. And it's celebrating the final year the big poppy goes up right guy and it is absolutely. Beautiful thing. Gorges. Fantastic. And to and so if you're looking for this just a thought came to mind. There's somebody out there I am absolutely positive that would like a gift like this Arafat missed it. To celebrate their big copies anniversary. And I cannot describe it adequately we should shoot this on TV this young thing you can say be you've seen in the now when I walked in with a the other day. Other than the model it was a beautiful assured. You can so if you would like to drop in and didn't take a look at it would appreciate you Dylan that. I just go to ideally men stood right when you walk in the story you can't miss it in May G-8. Okay. 250 books you beat it which pay for yapping for the quality usually get that it's a collective sense. I mean is Teresa marked instead by Tommy bahama. Mocha I. Which is even you know bigger and better yes but it away if you wanted to buy and take a look at an even. I don't know how many they have left they don't have a lot but I just thought I'd just sort of pass that onto you all right. But my telephone number and economists get to single out Cavuto lot of things we got to covered that one triple 84346464. I am looking for your favorite steakhouse. Pro Father's Day. They're best lamb and make my kids take the two. I want triple 84346464. We welcome forest and college it's got to take your name and address off the air. That's how we got a good boy did I guess it's navigates the next twenty minutes or so is it going and give us one AAA foreign dining. That's easy that's easy way to remember one triple aid for dining. When Tripoli for 346464. And debt as you heard a few moments ago. Beer battered. Haddock or cod. Someone would like the bat. I think that kind of restaurants you know there that there restaurants that do that but do they do well. That's the key in the North Shore he was looking for a as well you'll still get a letter there and my clothing that seems fruitless wait and edit as they say and on PBS a plethora plethora gap of good seafood and down we're sure that's at the beast ensor. So it as a plethora plethora. Act and that is that worried. They'll have little act at that. I have but it delay Voyager relayed 4346464. Really set out Watertown is going to be first and second how they set. You try to worry you don't have very good thank you man. Well I'm Mike favorite color and nothing elaborate. It's nothing fancy but I really likes frank day don't. Gee I'm. Yeah they have a nice day. I'm the price of the green and all of it's always. You know consent then it's a nice casual atmosphere and I think you get a break and get back. The only problem with Frank's intentionally difficult park men area. Yeah it is a little bit tough packing meat we tend to go out early so yeah. We usually think Eric you know like I parity and it's not too bad. They do it did you tell the story about how frank who got its name. And there there was it any because you know that's been around for a long time. They used to be that guy before they were driven more like a bar I guess at one time and and there was a guy that was there aren't already ended. He wanted to restore from there I am sorry easily heats. And how was using how many years have Indonesia. Forty almost almost forty. This the first time that are happen well who have political we close deeply wound you know I'm yeah I don't cover the players and I don't think the it anyway back to my nose is Terry antennas are and I think it's so funny I thought Dave was named after like a father and uncle or something like Disney World and assume yeah. Its mandate to Gandy used to sit at the end of the bought. That's right they don't know where when Abraham until I. Asked Bristol sort of the market at a restaurant. Called bracket says. But the advice and this bar along the left only with the emblazoned estimates for both. I have a few like death at apple any old day in oil and yield and the honeymoon. One AAA for dining is the number Iraq they have or profits and Whitman says though their necks they were out. Are you don't know very good thank you said. Yeah I heard you show in London first time call up and never call these things madame but I gotta tell you do you go to one steak restaurant Nemo was always talk about. It does it actually Stephen shortage in not twin rivers Rhode Island Alia. It it it it is at stake is off some would drive an hour fifteen to go there. It melts and Amal. And they know the stakes are literally stage used to take spirit that is delicious and awesome you know it is expensive. But you know you don't get with people. Named after two famous patriots. And are there they're quite a bit though. We did it we did it TV feature on them what was it last year sometime close those slick look but one of the first episode on the piano lessons almost two years ago Stephen and they also won best take casts in New England on this show say he appeared out along route. Fred and Steve deference when river casino thank you very much it is it is a really nice clutch. Casino type restaurant quote out of and it did they do recognize and then most of those casino restaurants Stewart do themselves avert preakness I can't it's calling from a car hey can your next on what it bites. They've got first time caller long time was thank you share. One or reprimand I heard the caller earlier what you or all of your that it at a U America. So who Burton one's own although it looked like we all were called the all American are. Mom that has. Greater rights seafood and seafood platters. First the limit every day so. Really good. And they also have. A state air all of the New York earth. And it it rivals they need Boston's they. How's that you can you can venture now don't expect this retroactively fancy Szymanczyk 'cause it's not. Right exactly it. It's great food but beyond beyond who's a little bit or not you had dipped to nip and you being nice. The need in their name and I did not add did not know about the state we all American platter is impossible it's so big. Are you absolutely. Huge it's not worth taking home one meal you can get a couple more meals out evidence of it. Absolutely. Now you'll sounds very that would be route one. Right got a new report Baghdad thank you very much that's the all American tavern so Aziz had a car Asus. I had that you do ensues. OK okay yeah bailout. Well my neighbor and I and it's driving a little listening at least up they think we know what harsh new. The last election states that I catch was that move. Am 00 yep you heard about oh yeah. Which there's kind of a funny name. Basically it's a Boston. Yeah it's that they. Where Janet similar that this cheap hotels yeah that he you are at night you love itself Rick Scott yeah on the waterfront Villa. So. That's out argument but he's still think that's the best stick by them out. And I know I'll never meant to move even though we featured eight in the past on the TV show. But I know I've never been there. And I know it is idiot like overlooking a theater district ranked. Now it struck guarding against Jay Wright and there financial mr. fifteen began fifteen big get credit supper Chico felt they are yet. Okay Eric fiancee but no it it's expensive are not sure. Well you know but they gases as you know life recently expensive. I don't mind it being expensive as long as it worth it. What I thought well last night. Went so trop but the hot yeah which so likes and they younger and it's funny. But it's still considered a nice place so what is I always considered top of the this kind of tourist he. Yeah but it is a great CO the two great absolutely great view yeah. And Nadal is live music in the lounge you know. Well I got to my got to mom I appreciate it says Suzie where do you live by the way. What are your from Boston okay thank you very much Islamic share. I right now I wanna talk to you guys. Before you back to phones and unity she's juice and gas to about small elect farms. Michael. I have an assignment for you and Scott were all right ready for this. Michael's Malek it's all out farms and North Andover is offering that will month dinner series swim we MW HIM let him we him. It's called garden to gourmet. All right I know these are this is all about. Some of the better known chefs in the Boston area. It's up pop up dining experience. Okay and it's held every Wednesday evening from June 22 to August 31 day you can. Tell people briefly about. About smaller farms and what it looks like. Ever and you can even mentioned and I know those phenomenal Dilma. Yeah of the apple cider doughnuts are absolutely delicious. I think I don't well one's I I did it where with a quirky and I think it took a couple of takes for me through it yeah I need a few extra donuts distinction is they're wild animals and that while Leno domesticated animals and supporting so it. Pizza place that it went inside look at the Serengeti at the patent. I know it's it's got a very nice petting zoo for the kids. Oh great animals to like Lama as an alpaca is in the you know goats and sheep and pigs in the bigs are always fun to Seattle picks and dear. There are dear me up and and apple launcher and witches basically. A giant slingshot. That you can load up without poles and fire limit big targets with metal spike he's making Mac Apple's so I did and I'm quite a bit of applesauce. I so so that's kind of the setting for sure but it farm there's so many other things there to see it is almost impossible to explain. But anyway at that heated did you think now what they have a June 22 two August 31 December renewing its finally shifts. That will create. A multi course dinner in the rough. Okay multi course dinner and Iraq. Dining in the rookie had veteran in the smaller farms pine grove area okay I'm. It's a farm to table experience all pro Duce is grown right there at smaller farms. So you all experience this seasonal fresh fruits the berries the vegetables the chef will create their menu on a whim. Based on the Prodi is that they have available a solid front now they first she death. Of the season is Yale Woodson. Yale Woodson at Turner's seafood and in Salem. And Melrose and that will be on a Wednesday June 22 that this is a great Father's Day present. Sounds like Yahoo! yeah. And I don't know farm yeah little possessed him to get showed you it didn't just go around by car and put in ten bucks a million units and their reform yeah. Right so it's it's it it's a win series clean you Sherman minute whim. But I. And if you want more information you need tetris mollified but that's enough information right there arguing that number column pre a pretty plentiful as far as information. Small black farms 315. South Bradford street in North Andover. Or go to smaller farms that combats SM. OLAK. Farms dot com. And pretty pretty easy isn't phone numbers 978682. 6332. That's 978682. 6332. Lead having lunch on the farm there the bakeries open all the time that I scream stand it opens up at eleven to mine aren't. It's it's quite taken in an an ice they're fun people to. All right now I. This that what I'm about to say is a commercial. But the gentleman that called the show first. We wanted to know we get you know battered cod. Better to have it that. Really good. On the North Shore on the North Shore up my first thought would be to see which. Raid on a route one their Peabody we did the feature on them and there's there's seafood was actually delicious. He is it is it lobster you know it still available it up from sure it is it was a hole had almost as big issue there was definitely it was a whole tank full of them as friends is and her wrestling matches and I'm water outage nine pounds and what was it has nine pounder helped. But the other there's to a solution the scallops there were unbelievable now I thought that. I thought that senator clarified that I'm sorry I forgot the name that it garnered that you interviewed him but anyway. He. Used to give a lot of people think that those big lobsters is tough he says that's not true now. You know it's on its own thoughts on how you cook. You know everything yes everything is who. And that's that's brought to a dual thing but the big ones at soft yeah I don't know how to put in the correct path but they'll actually could get there for you if you want to yeah you can you combine to take home by no means a great yourself or you can have them Corcoran therefore if there we like having a body and try to really would hope that could. I oh great bumper Segovia the tea milk is and then they get sit Inez is on the bumpers degrees is I have a great body. It's in the true deterrent Clinton and. I had I'd Micah South Boston is going to be on the line next they might. It got taken it taken up by dictate it's not quite sure this still appreciate just what. Ratio ritual religion they can open up the show us. They try ocean equity should be out of the well meaning in this unit are crazy if they've pillow people who haven't lowered. The but it opened the best steak Kosher restaurant and about the federation Norton Apolo at a controversial moment because they should I be grateful that no tapestry. The bottom up Obama. Thank you. Don't forget about it which don't gigabytes you agencies have which you're got to carry out all right thank you think. Ethnic back. I've never did get very. But now glad that it could tell that the I have waited back the way they did absolutely I buy everything like AAA for indicting okay this program project part by. My friends at the China blasted away for Judy congratulations. You got your own. My gallery in Beijing China in the museum of art from any real reason. Yeah yeah see the book that they've put out to the Chinese NM an American and English shortage huge. Should know featuring his photographs of the forties until now welcome. And he was there to accept that anyone on my two weeks ago. League's most small business family and that's meant a family owned business in Massachusetts business of the year these views again and obviously not displayed on the wind. China blasts number 125 and no fan though what happened back in San. Tell us sort of go. Come on you've always wanted to. With the lights TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter you're listening to weaken bites WRK oh okay. Voice of Boston's. I in the Air France golf for a little bit nervous gave visit from the travels up the war. World and the good. They both campaigns to charge the travels of the world. But now if not earlier and I say it was going to be talk about steak houses we've been doing that you know just existence but the first card. (%expletive) load. Knowledge take my father good that does take us because dads like steaks short right. Then you can meet men and I would undoubtedly get out there. Here's the deal he said. I still are you trying to do but I diet and looking for a place that offers. States panic or. With you know the the very warm beer better beer batter and and in am looking forward you know thought OK well. I got one for him I. This is a sponsored by. All right I have to tell you but everybody and they have been a sponsor of this show for thirty years or type. The village restaurant then go they have friends since the badly baked haddock says here that Blake had. Pat pat pat has the baked haddock. Would village grounds which is that house favorite since 1956. You know what's good. Yeah so let's flight one of the things they hang their hats on. Are people. Yet to staple there I love that horse is doing their Christmas time a homeless that's so good they made it fresh just for me. Then you and in a favorite seafood the shacks it that's a magazine they wrote every town deserves a place like the village. It's a casually elegant joint that caters to the locals but maintains a world class standards in the kitchen. Paper and magazine. They said it's where the clamor is go to clam. Kate band's best seafood restaurant readers' choice no clam leverage should pass through cape. And without simply have played full of the best seller shows in the universe that's in seven or magazine the globe there'll everybody's written great reviews about the all right here's the phone number if you need death filed Tuesday reservations we go to we dig clams dot com that we dig clams that come WB DI AG. CL AMS all as one word the village restaurant Jackson went 33 and 22 and Essex now. And they admit they you know when they commercial or commercial but. You guys know about our friendship with Dickey have over the years and he is becoming quite a restaurant tour speaking of good steak house yeah. As one of my favorites is good and and they atmosphere. You can't beat the atmosphere I mean he's been it has gazillion dollars and hair and no say in the millions Abbott and he's not a cut you live in new bracket yeah it a about it give auto country club and torn down and built this. Fifth water falls outside royalty in Vegas in my area it's it's an amazing thing again though the guy of course what people play tennis shore. This woman pools and on. It is gorgeous. It's Teresa is crime. And twenty elm street that's. That's route 62 still Thomson country club nor shall I woke. North threading the Massachusetts right all are on the middle and operating line have to. Nick yet but he is a guy this is I don't care how much it cost me to police you. How old are police who who okay. That's Teresa is primed to telephone number is 9782760044978. 2760044. Now. Yes today act I guess get Scott was a million care or out. Scouting for the TV show orient Polonia yep and you attest Kennebunkport Kennebunkport and it's admin Kennebunkport. Many many years and I forgot. How much New England this feels when you walk in there JoAnne there are a lot of tours but it's a great spot for restaurants and I was at a restaurant yesterday. And that first caller is looking for beer battered fish and I got a place form Kennebunkport okay. The birthplace of shipyard Rory isn't anybody are it yeah and write the air than their actual where they make it now I think is important. But there's a shopper right there. Where they brew beer still there where they used to be happy choice. All different flavors there so they do what they are in the original site. For shipyard but that beer is only used for their little store that's right there and the restaurant right above them he. And they. Basically have all these big bat so I think the use of words that's a bit beer. That goes up. Stairs basic is a tap them. It goes right up to the bartenders upstairs right up to their taps and so that's how. Fresh their beer as soon and that's that that's still a place they do they do appear better tribute there. Fish and now I'm sure is outstanding because I could tell I didn't get that I get the fried clams and I'm very picky about five grams and the village restaurant Essex you just talked about few minutes ago hands on the best I've ever happen. And this is number two. This is number two and Carol had a I think she had a deficient in May have been to be your better relationships. I didn't try any. They looked. Phenomenal. And the restaurant is called federal Jack's. I guess that was named after. As one of the last ships that was built in that. Shipyard that can probably be eighteen hundreds federal draft jacks so it is the shipyard brewery which is right below them the original one. And that makes the beer for the restaurant up above and then use that appear to do their you're better. Wish it oracle are what you want what you federal Jack's federal judge in Kennebunkport downtown can't you can't beat the view. Can you cannot be it's right on the water. And he did that dining inside or outside and you're right on the harbor it's just gorgeous but she took a picture George Bush's I did I walked down there. And in his say that in invited senator now but I tried there's going to be a lot of activity going on over there are so. I don't know if the bushes are rare but. Looks like something is about to happen sooner if they're not there yet for a lot of people have to maintain that beautiful property that's that's there now speaking. Something about to happen when we're gonna get some expert advice and stay here and just cool are we ever okay. And so I'm I'm gonna wait until butchered if you but he's here now she's happy to yeah have definitely they have a virtues that that act as you'll please can you will be too when you drive there it's an injury but he's come oh most unique idea how to sell stakes to hold onto about the quality is stakes in the statehouses. Yeah and there's the break your Father's Day and if he's ever been growing out mistakes Muslim get restaurants quality strikes and explain what that restaurant quote look at it let it mideast. Boy he's got a Tara stepped way they Michael is happening. Totaling just come bearing gifts food and. I don't get ticks in the united talk about 401 tavern. There on rule 14010. Lafayette road Hampton in hand you're sort of saying that North Shore area aren't going setting ears and holding the style bar. May give some of the A gave gives you the illusion of going back in time. While the others you feel like you're gonna traditional Irish or English pub. Parts of the building will date back to 1687. Well. Plenty of old leans in floorboards. It's a place where everybody knows your name her Alberta before. Three different sections to eat it. Is he old tavern there's a sports bar and the wine loft now know why I'm off is a small section of stairs of over 850. Empty bottles of line and a pain and they decorate the room where it's what they'd tell about. An annual check no two bottles of the same. The they're open for lunch and dinner and they have a Sunday brunch menu going on at this moment. I cannot run down what's on the branch too many things here they ever early bird specials Monday through Friday 205 PM for thirteen 59. For a lunch. Monday through Friday 11 AM to 4 PM I guarantee in in mountain under 55 cents. Ninety outlet for one tavern rule 1401. Lafayette road in Hampton New Hampshire. I guess it stagnant just about everything that I Derek get out at just one other thing that wanna stay here. I don't remember if I was on the program. When Jim narrows when that big pizza contest. You that could have been out for a while you go to both in down in Cancun lessons and and the harmless yet in and guess. Sitting at home sure I'm just enjoying yourself listening to you guys you're sort. And this but I know that Jerry Jerry one. I best pizza Gillette Stadium. Yes he did it was best the best independently owned pizza shop in New England. And our whole bunch of them doing a bunch over there was we were for almost 5050 different restaurants that were in the first round with with week. Gave her the the hard task of beaten by a 47 different pieces of pizza. And then I slid in for the last round which is only about four. And equipment at the at bat that. At a nice to keep your figure. Ali yes for cell aren't up to her that. And hit sixty. Net and maybe that's a reason searing and embossed America exactly paint but she's a trooper to double the smile as he doesn't with a smile and Rio Janeiro say they. Came in first out of out of all those New England restaurants and in the pizza shops they came in number one and what kind of pizza again. All he did a a sweet potato yeah pizza was one of them and any did the a pizza gain a pizza which is about five pounds per slice. Very very big thick Sicilian some pizzas to there were a bit their big hit with Joseph Enders reforming the patriots. Well now he could be helping put and a definitely you know good joke and handle. To put him down pretty easily it's an adult and you're standing next to have a major alert tomorrow no and those rare he's a super nice guy yet to really is and we've. Right so that was a Gillette Stadium. I was put on by today distributor Teradata carried. And as those that and that's why 57 basically. It is great events congratulations. My friend Jerry. Major narrows eatery located twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy Massachusetts. You guys smoke shop was founded in 1985. And the idea or two guys won't drop was to give you a great experience in the vast selection as a god. In the world. The highest volume retail forgot your office two guys smoke shop in the is a reason it's a great experience wade do you see us election. Cannot cigar experts and a perfect it's a god in Iraq private home in Manila you. Two guys small job it's bogey haven't. From the moment she came into our lives and should be something special. Every day she spilled our lives. To me shall always be daddy's little girl. For all your special moments there's enjoying tennis in Middletown. And this is Scott with they do not forget if you're going to the north end of Bossidy looking for a place ago restaurant they believe bow at the gateway of Boston's historic North End. They're open seven days a week for lunch and dinner at the we traveled to Italy his homeland quite a bit and he always brings back new ideas of things they doing over there so if you want authentic Italian food. It kind of current and trendy Italian food. You have to think Foley bolt restaurant they 283 causeway street in Boston's historic North End. Dom sausage company they're located in Malden. And right now this is your time to book they're catering division in that's right if you think it about a backyard barbecue. These are the folks that you want they have their own trucks matter fact they'd bring their own grills their own grill master. And most importantly their own marinated steaks because their steak tips are out of this world they wouldn't press your guest I promise you that. And they do all that set up at all the clean up your party would just be a big hit that to do looking for right. The arms sausage company here's the number for more information about their catering this summer. 78132413. Ten that 781324. Thirteen ten Salvador's restaurant there's a couple of locations one near you and over a large paper itself Boston. And in Boston's theatre district. There are open from lunch and dinner. And what I would recommend is you go into anyone of their locations in trying item. From their ships playground section of their menu because each of their locations. Their ship decides what he wants to make any puts it on the menu. So the other restaurants the other summit was they don't have that on their menus prisons and warrants they have lasagna with many meatballs it end over. How about short ribs and yawkey. Met pretty even as grilled octopus. Salvador's Andover Lawrence Medford South Boston and in Boston's theatre district. At the all American tavern food escape king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American taverns Salisbury. Eric Young American tavern. We did area. Leave Hungary. Spicy weekend out. You're listening to a wicked by its radio the only place that lets you do to boot critic Sunday's tended to. On WRK oh the voice of Boston. Didn't put out a lot about. A lot of good CDS since this story is this a course dries it. Father's Day we're gonna continue Father's Day mean you're just a second okay. Our sale had a job and everybody and show. And exchange street these throw 67 exchange street mall and I can explain this act explain this restaurant very simply. It is and that kind of restaurant you would see in Boston's south end. We got it but. Not south and prices top boss and prices hey he ought to about partners in part right crimes. The food. They have the same kind of shelves. The atmosphere laid out of the art work and knowledge really beautiful it'd a pretty good job explaining. That we're right to food they'll take care of itself. Especially when their phone lines they have they pulled pork sandwich half. There's so good they had a beer battered fish and chips so Good Friday had a Friday saw. Cole house maids tartar sauce and today they have a cent a bunch. Okay it's 11 AM they'll go 3 o'clock this afternoon. You get down. Let me say this Qaeda because of a say too loud everybody's got to go to. The Sunday brunch starts at eleven goes until three. They feature anything from. Lobster omelets to be Easter eggs with corn beef hash buttermilk biscuits and choices of sausage ham or bacon. Those of a hundred Martinis. Yeah different kinds of Martinis. Are now that CE exchange street beast or that 67 exchange street in moss then and now Malden. I exchange street B Stewart dot com. And. The telephone number 7813220071. Right now. I got here my friends. And they that they had admits they're my friends because give many did he choice for anybody brings is what like you just part of going to be my friend tech's are you doing I NATO attacks good good thanks Trevor I call here volume I'm wondering what is always desired. Now you you are in charge. Let me. Department and you know everything there is to know about steaks you're gonna find our ask you about how to grade stakes yourself in a very adult would have yeah do what Philip. Org and you are a lot of that white more blues nation in net me you know you know it's going to be really juicy F do you grill it up on the grill yet. Hello actual fat around my state so people don't like a law I do but I like cooking it with the fact it just. Brings out the flavor of. The states things you've changed so much over the years and all my dad used do us take us up like that we doubt about that llama farm. Okay. And we slaughtered our own you know did you know it's probably pretty tough as it did because those that don't have best. We eight feet one Matthews oh yeah. But anyway he he liked the fact believe the Fed on pages he death match sentinel and pork chops have fat on those port job at all. I love them so you working furiously and Jews all. Delicious about me that my most people got an almost salivating or this Italy's make me sick. The F. I don't call. Because he's he's in charge of the sauce tonight you all right well he's in charge of developing your researching and bring in new things into a store that complement the stakes are ropes to Roger there mr. Roger's hot hot I don't but only started like 2010 right here a few years ago that seven years ago that that came. And is he grew really big and widely and it's sort of explosive elite. Oh all right thank you never hear out it novice at Meredith now everybody has something jail. Brian is exactly we have a big surprise for you you know we have a new item. That ball's been working on. You know at least six new items. He had six Q what what we did is we took a look at this new flavor profile that's coming out of Mozambique over in Africa doll called Perry Perry. We'll just starting to hit the United States it's been very big in Asia and Europe. Up until now. In fact in Europe Heinz the ketchup people assault parry parry catch up. Perry Perry mayonnaise. Perry Perry picked beans. McCain's French Fries is doing Perry Perry Friday's series after pep pepper pepper and Swahili. And bully and not McDonald's has just introduced to parry parry chicken snack where. Over and you are being owed over here good news in Europe so what we did is we we took a look at this. And what's going on in Europe and there are restaurants here in the United States have been experimenting with parry parry. Over the last several years. Who recently was described as the newest chicken praised by Chicago magazine. A super source by Men's Health Magazine. And it's. Evidence of the growing interest in in heat and it's hot spices and by its appearance in McCormick Samuel flavor forecast for is it good bad. And I don't. Amy is this in here yeah that sit there and I thoroughly and I don't know that bears ahead of which is very very soft this will not be held authorities would we have two different varieties of its so far we're looking at the possibility maybe a couple more for right now we've got a straight hot sauce and garlic and we've got to garlic and herb. Boy tomorrow all of them would be good on wing sources that the that are made with a combination of so run home. And that pepper that hasn't before this been used in the United States called an African bird's eye chili pepper. African bird's eye chili pepper can range as high as a 175. School full key units. Which compared to you know macho guy who I just talking about and it and that's so Rochus sauce comes around Tony 500. So the birds I asked African children don't throw him a lot hotter stuff this is this is it clear and it just as I say it's so hot you pick a channel seven you're right I have off. It to your forehead your tongue would beat your brains out there and get to act. So what we did is we challenged our executive chef to come up with the a sauce. I'm using the curry curry flavor profile. That could be used as a marinade for a condom and what we ended up with was something that's a lot more than just that. And that the hot sauce is basically Serrano as the bird's eye chili peppers and freshly cracked black pepper. The the other one as I mentioned this garlic parsley and coriander added to the same sauce and you can use both sources as a marinade. You can use it as a condom and but dipping sauce or believe or not that's great is a mission and what's great about this. If you'll be the only one with a where they owned well. No no don't that when you buy it from you guys in your neighborhood room. Nobody else nobody else yes and nobody ever has and ask your butcher right on the ball that's right so as though you can say embrace it. This is good if it's on me that's my yeah they're they're happy butcher yeah. This is our baby we actually have a distributor down in Connecticut that's talking. Preliminary talks with us about the possibility placing in three supermarket chains for right now when I'm doing that it's just available with a happy butchers. This can be used as an end to stir until Obama's. Be great you can make sitting with mayonnaise. To make a really great tip that I remember burger and find your hot dogs. We've sold through very quietly without publicly announcing it just telling people as they come in the store. In three weeks was sold through about 50% of our initial production run so it's it's working out very very good. It's sick it's not terribly expensive. No sick time and I reasonably priced at right six and a 699 and what we're blunders were going to use food to try. Here here's this Yahoo!. You know last I might try this at night almost choked on the air those numbers so I apparently you're my concern in the my my but I got my life and undertaken this Olbermann and let's not make me wanna join us and you contrast got any of this is your idea. I think ordered American Jews out. If you do in the heart of the garlic. Right now I'm doing a hot is a wonderful Americans. The book look down the hatch followed take the role models monitoring no that's like a shot at there is no way though. Name background shows. Has that I love I ended graces of Latin. I don't know that you can take over the show any say because today in Latin up back. We'll have the Perry Perry hot sauce Michael shut up and take sound happy puts it the 2000. Might make them up and don't by any means the government has lost mountain he tries to get my days but I. I think that's policies that. Clearly I'm an overall crime. What do you drag yeah. GAAP McCain and now you really got to try to Carlson so is that the little bits I'm reading your 135000. School bulls did nothing to lose I think. I go to school Elizabeth but it just thrilled to show completely with the they never put that out of school played second base and Red Sox would be. I can't fit content or are they American candidates get fresh garlic and parsley coriander and it patsy gonna have different flavors in this. Down the road we're learning that sit by the way these are the two wins right adults only with the I would actually we actually had. A six year old in the store sample of last week and he toes mother wanted to buy it. Mumbai in California I like she bought two bottles of six is actually six years old but they don't like you sixties who put. That's Saturday six years old after he tried it and now. Once we we got this to where we liked it. I went back to the chefs and said OK we've got with the sauce. Which can be used for different ways now what we wanted to do is come up with a dry spice blend with the same flavor profile do. The dry spice bland is the same flavor same taste in photos these these dry. Yeah actually have to Wear a mask when you when you're working with a because if you inhale it. You know have a very hot knows real quickly get what we did visitors up but didn't vote. What we did with the media the dry spice newsroom back into the kitchen and created curry curry chicken sausages. Which will be on the grill me where you are few minutes. To homemade sausages Maywood bell and Evans fresh chicken and a with a parry parry dry spice blonde. And we've got to two different varieties with his gun before in a master of assaults and murder of a source itself it's a drive version of OK okay and that's mixed in with the with the ground up check and so we're gonna grow up a couple of those in the other room and immensely contract back. And his two different strains we have with the regular Perry Perry chicken sausage and what got the extra extra hot extra which you don't know what killed a chicken. We're also coming out with a short version right well what we've done two tests on the pork Perry Perry sausage. We got tweaked a little bit more than we expect to have that the storm you went. And tender audio world yes so they would get this all come onto the story of the shelves full of them. And we're actually already so on the Perry Perry. And he has what it could be go out and invite people that was anger mailing your first Afghan courts might be ample. We sampled a soft. And occasionally we sampled the sausage. I'll say last week we had a fellow commend these wonderful barbecue for his grandson who just warm up and port remains. This is what finds time. Did thoughts of Eric Berry chicken sauce so I say well we're down run run in the red rag don't know why go and do. They're locked until we get vice radio. We're not just for gore makes Sunday's ten to noon on WRK oh boo boys of Boston on. This hour on Ricky bites radio Monte Biden to. Shot we're looking for the area's best day out plus the blow some smoke black ball. They have that they. Not one of this this is we get by its radio on WRKO the voice of Bostick. Welcome guys Casey just joined this. Menu netstat allowed this program results over argue by reputed pizzeria and Boston's brick oven pizza. World famous since 1926. I wanna say hi. I got an idea you're looking for Father's Day. You don't wanna spend a whole lot that you wanted to be something to mean something right want to trap the no name restaurants you my friend Jimmy down there. Been known names is in the seaport area of Boston. And the seaport area is one of the more beautiful sections of Boston right there on the water looking go to Logan Airport's. And at and known of course right on the Watergate where added that the votes actually come in and you can get the seafood right there in the you know. The front of the boat sort of that you know what they have that's better than anybody else. Free pardon. Tennessee border area that's amazing free parking now. Make sure that you get that thing stand when you look at look at investing fifty bucks to park without. Iron that goes along with the meal tonight. That's the no name racetrack at Boston's. Fished here for on the seaport area OK I don't fish restaurant also coverage of this segment my. Friend Jimmy Dietz. There are a 125 and 1120 Osgood street north and ordered 2860. Main street in north threading. There's nothing like Joe's lobster this. I'm just give you little hint of what to get what you when you're there it's Mensa lobster creamy and sure they should be. Manufacturing this are our broader scale it's that good. You know we seem to get up at supermarkets things like that. That he's probably got you know so many restaurants are ready and have time for that but the it's that good. Men's lobster cream and sharing it then they have the Portuguese clam carries bicycle M chatter with potatoes tomatoes. And sausage New England clam chatter also course. They had lobster tacos. Lobster pie and all that good stuff. All right that's Joseph fish seafood restaurant bar of 12511. When he ousted street north and owner of 2860 main street in arthritic. I'd at Texas here was in from the happy butchered on travel out. Until something gets special Father's Day just secretary took out there right now big mouth Mikey sitting in there and what I don't. I said. You were making fun of me if I was. Now that we've had this you Perry Perry starters had a Mozambique did you say yeah now administration tried it as what it's it no it's out of Mozambique oh OK okay. And day it is really a news. Us Trent Barrett so this one years the parry parry sauce it's garlic and her know that no no no no I wanna try the flavor 11 before I burn off my taste buds. A little detail what we did show me that courtesy that I know well you gotta think ahead seek professional work here at I want to tasted four Auburn it. There it goes down at lunch. But his toast and nick Thompson garlic in it so yeah there are good their manager articulates a good one yelling Willis spies on which you live blog too noisy Florida. Now we're gonna try and tell hot one not one. One very repair Peri Peri sauce category which is Swahili for the pepper yet day in debt. Mozambique. Political settlement in east are gonna ya gonna shake Gupta to activate the heat apparently yes and it. Knack to know shaped it literally it and it was so fire put it under a we we we have sausages grilling here and in my studio. It smells absolutely delicious text what do these what Lisa wasn't overgrown that you're Perry Perry chicken sausage very very chicken secretary Perry too we are all about the Perry Perry today OK here we go that's a healthy spoon for their of the Gary courage or. I nearly got in an amount that go. Spoke with its is the news. Waiting. Can hot. She then that's getting warmer area. There is getting warmer Scott and attorney read yet if it. And the Internet device that is his. At first it's good so what's the flavor of how he had it and it is it's a tasty though I did that but it's not just gonna burn your mouth club what's it's like you can actually taste the flavor isn't it through the vary by well let us started talk winner on the radio couldn't wait to hear this often wrote. I know yet what's this about QU connection I can actually hear myself not in the back my throat and you know it's that's a that's a warm wonderful let's switch from Saudi facility okay all right let's hope that I agree that serious back order howls. I want you to talk about why you have. Who Father's Day. Father's Day you are doing a huge promotion fourteen adults Porter house in T bone steaks for twelve dollars. So Joan that's they're a third hole played up. A sixteen adults Porter how speak dad gusty about it where when you put the vornado five dollars an hour restaurant right out now more twelve dollars each. So come on out teacher dead next to my back shoulders and held on this is not just. Any Porter I mean did you guys understand that the reason people travel TCU is because it's at minus BP confined in New England period. 1855. Blacking his beef it's always excellent every week there customers keep coming back. Saying. I don't care what it costs you meet two of them knew we had a last week they're wonderful yeah you've got the best states around. And you know with we're really fortunate you know were growing and now we're coming out with other items to complement to beef mean you don't like the pair repair new. The food plans are going really down except you write the analyst talk about the food plant OK because this is. It took me a little while to grasp what it was good and if this agent comes so okay but now. But I understand it well understood that for some time but. Wanted to either let me break it down for basically what we do is we should deal with the family. We find out the cuts of meat that they'd like to and they want to eat. We built. We. We we sold to were three or 400 pounds of meat at one time when that we allow him to pay it out over twelve monthly payments so they can afford. To eat the better cuts of meat. But still be on a budget that they can afford you know so that's what we do we we cellular a lot of meat at one time. Failure freezer up at home allow you to make monthly payments on it. We can take credit cards and you can pay cash mom and we do a lot of custom cutting shall we we cut to meet the way the customer wants it. You don't have me speak to a package and how lean on your hamburger. How big on the roast beef. How many pork chops you want to package and then we cut it rapid freezing it. Delivered to your house where you come back and pick it all up. And it'll be buying Omega commercial store for a while that he still loved video you leave and release them freeze all the freezer yeah we're actually we're selling the Frazier now do you really so for as low as eight dollars a week. You can add a brand new frigid air freezer to to your 300 pound me in order that's in we'll have health amazing they're barely a mile. Two or three of those battery re coming from all over to visit to be had there. The other data customers attached. You have became a destination for us now very you know on the weekends we get two kids together we come out wiedmeyer meet for the week. We have a nice barbecue platter from the kitchen and we go set out in front of the store and George barbecue no. And then you know we're also it's a nice after Lou and so we're really fortunate people are coming out and drive and an hour two hours. And the amount of money that you save when you buy him bull. It's worth the drive is now I don't know if you guys approve of me saying it but I said it anywhere without your approval. Go ahead what is I think if I was that Smart restaurant tour the out. And the Obama made you guys all yeah yeah yeah I mean we had guys like to be far brought you in here. No I haven't seen that we have other items that didn't want to make silly I got you some revised and I got your pork but my guess is some pork chops in there. So anyways you'll be good for awhile and I right now. What what I mean for the restaurants is. They tell me the vendors are so expensive now with little more area aren't. We have that local restaurant owner Mario from a snow okay there's no way they can make money on stakes they say that's how expensive it is RH expensive yeah. Am but this. If there's a restaurant in there at least out inquire it is always direct and 3045 minutes for me it's worth them to call me comer to the store. And let me wholesale meat once a week you know we've got quite a few customers here in Milford small restaurants. And you know they pick up their burger understates every. Eight from us so that's another growing part of our business now I am lost your telephone number in your address and all these papers I have in front of major damage applaud. She weekend but here were 222. Elm street Milford New Hampshire and the number is 603. 5541339. Obviously I'm not there right now but write it down 603. 5541339. Give me a call glacier order over the phone and why haven't already for you when you get there new. Milford New Hampshire 222 elm street. But you GPS yeah. Is that simply didn't get Saturdays and Sundays rural Britain were barbecue and at the store and if you're a motorcycle rider he had just want somewhere to go and have a nice barbecue lunch. Milford are great destination. Is a stolen car is this you have my weight is next week or you have a lot of bikers who want to tell yeah. But right now for a Father's Day gift you can't go wrong that's going and it it it's what it's a kind of defense so good. Everybody was eat if you. Can't screw up almost is that good no matter how you cook it and want more well Daryn yes deal going to be nice and tender you know in a while you're there pick up the pair pare pare curse on us yeah. It's a big thing going on right and nobody is all so proud of it from Mozambique. Now minimum oh in Europe it being mr. about high in coming his way America. We got it you that your the only ones that fit. Yeah we only once at bat yet come on out pick it up put it orange chicken wings put it on your your cheeseburger. It's just it's coming this way too big now I can't let it sit down and outlook for just decided to back in nature if I was guy to go with and I thought about. All right tell how. To form. As an amateur I'm not a pro like you run that you've been doing this for how many. Twelve years old my father my phone calls from Minnesota I've never had any other job but to meet business can own 52 now also. I've been go to for a while now if just by the I if I'm in a butcher shop yet. Can't it can't I help them. Myself grade to meet just by looking at what surely hear yeah yeah yeah definitely how that white more roses nation within that red muscle of the meet mom you won a lot of that white sparkling fat. In that in net I of that state. So actually the Wiener is in the last whiteness in the muscle. It's going to be able less juicy and not why it is tender. The more whiteness you have in net red muscle like a rib by or T bone. Or strip steak. That's at. And that's fat is your attorney ended choose certain and that juice is gonna make that steak. Just delicious. Make me out and hungry at all of you may have had a very tell you just very briefly of well let's go to barbecuing yeah they're smoking and here ER Pollyanna we get a barbecue backyard barbecue yesterday for a hundred people when Milford while we're doing now and now. People's. We you come to a barbecue at my house yes we will mean how many people fifteen people will be there tomorrow. Give us a call 6035541339. And reserve us to come do promotional Barbeque. At your house don't function. Office celebration. You know will be packed up demand and grills the tip the meek the steak tips that chick in the hot dogs come right out to you. And put on a a barbecue for. OK now I hope everybody understands. While we talk about that to be planned and Brandt beef all right the highest quality of the highest. You can't get behind the high. That the top 18%. That's actually the name of the the beat that we various called eighteen feet deep fry. Mean so it's the top eighteen and a half percent. Of all the choice beef and America can and no. So that so may get that back. And now inflation goes is by going to Milford New Hampshire 222 elm street Milford New Hampshire get that phone number one more time six so three. 5541339. And of course are not there now but if you call and you leave your name and phone number. I'll be in office later this afternoon and I'll be thrown your back in answering any of your questions. But we'd love to have come on out to the store check out our facilities look at all the different cuts of meat that we have on display. And we have skirt steak flank steak. Flat our iron steak short ribs all the cuts that most. Small independent meat markets don't carry him we have so you know. CO compare all other Myanmar bring it only want to try it out try to find that kind of meat that I don't. Half of the I listened text. I always love having you here because I thank you very much kinda give me an aged adrenaline rush every time you walk in because you're so hot sauce a year were completely let the hot it's an accident back after. I decided I thank everybody for coming out to my store. And I'm. You know I appreciate you let mr. premier don't later share these new exciting things to really my business really likes going millions yeah yet to bring. Alias he's suddenly harder now you know analyze Jesus reminds the last time gas and I seller fill me ask you need a knife and I don't ever that and I. Text thank you so let it go by. They talk about the finish in restaurant for a second. Our group went ten on the earth on May relying. Its own by my friends asylum Michael and Messina. If you're looking for Middle Eastern cuisine I don't think he can beat this now I know I'm Middle Eastern these guys are. Because. During a war between now. Lebanon art based out of Lebanon with the Palestinians and the the Israelis out went up there. Or to get and it is to see what the war you know always really going on. And I was only two blocks. From Michael the CNET and the sounds house I didn't know whether in Sidon Lebanon. And did no one at that time but later on I would meet them here as we know it straight that was buried there near there. These are the people that worked in bishops. They were in the kitchen now they have basically the bishops concept. It's called affiliation racetrack. It's a 110 that's twelve alpha street Amoroso and hero line that exit 49. 495. The great law in Bedford mass street room 308. Am sorry. Pants come down. The great wall 308 be great road route four in Bedford mass I guess you got it you just remember Alice and Zeller right you don't analysts. And Woodley sent me Abbas are sought at stake out. You know our sponsors to guys smoke shop still we have and still live at America's biggest selection and highest volume independently owned. Operated cigar shop in the moved universe galaxy world think that the the world in the let's go to Alexy the end of the but it soothes the but that's about it America's biggest selection highs vitamin independently owned and operated cigar shop Indo world it's hugely in him when he's is a million cigars you walk around them believe that there's. It's something for everybody now they have something you should take of advantage of against Protestant okay to that cigars dot com. Though there's two guys are guys decked out they ship. Next day service in most of doing that free shipping over a 150 dollars if you want this free shipping and coupon code called wicked. And one triple A to the cigar to. That's one triple eight to cigar to that that. They have over one million cigars on hand at all times and they have experts if they know one out walk in what it is now law. Torpedoes right pat attributes okay. They have allocations Salem Seabrook. And dad. Tatum Seabrook and said it would and oh Nashua Nashua forget that one okay to that smoke jabs added David lady there appreciate it. Now let me continue on here from him before right. I gotta tell you about something that. I analysts that it's got to call a copy at a nearby don't tell them that small lot farmers and other going to be here and just a minute but there's something going on there. That is terribly unique and I want to hear about what's that. Well to do with him earlier you should yet that. So just make sure I'd get there. Bowed before right I give you. This idea is super idea. Chinatown as a route 270103. Share in street distilled now that's Cobbs corner. Cubs corner that's release in William long reside. You know. Maybe that blizzards all the blizzards we had every weekend year or so winter before last when they get crushed a they this stow that they're set sitting down a little bit and got a corner and he could even see the pro he's still there was so much now. This year calories and sensation. Duo jets sensation we had a good winter this year we have a great play this year. You go and get that chatted sounds fair of you see that on the TV show the fisherman's delight. Fresh Jumbo shrimp. Deep sea scout. Fresh lobster meat and squid so attain with assorted garden fresh vegetables in a clear suss out what I like about this place. So to. Told him when you walk in the first thing you see Iraq behind the host or hostess. Will be the kitchen Intel blasting and running down the side of the wall and you can watch about when he master chefs doing their thing doing their thing doing their thing man. And it it's a lot of putts and got a lot of atmosphere sore McCain. And try to Marco Polo. Why is. Just because I said and anything except that. It's a way to Gorham Marco who into. Just because it's fun NASA had checked its have actually boil homemade dead noodles embedded. Would jumble shams and beef and I'll lobsters to us about the sudden death. Javits out route 27103. Shared street stone when you see Lee so long utilities have panel at least into an I certainly would appreciate it. No good deed are right now one more thing before I take one more break. And the issue to something it really want to hear okay something really unique among college might attempt on what it is. It's a win -- dinner series garden to gourmet whom. We have a massive I it is so it is for men and women and gives me goose bumps in the game whim idol Teddy on about that just a second. You look at for stakes. Always to receive Bryant who served okay you can beat you can that be it but I'm not gonna talk about the prime. I'm gonna talk about the fact that that's an expensive restaurant the very expensive Hoover wouldn't but worth every penny every monument and they have been there for those of you. That you know Warner experience and they go out. Pay those prices got you two recent prime has a 35 dollar pre fixed menu really yeah every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. 46 PM I used to save briefly about how quicksand that. Outside the announcers pronounce CX is trying to you know impressed by completely rule if you present the race. Judges out brief Nixon that hypocrites mixed message and a tie first choice. Yeah it's what's thirst for steroid course. For Jenny in super pass out. CI entrees ankle. Crusted chicken breasts with a rubella and other things that they have to anger state with mashed potatoes asparagus and pan seared scallops. Rated fright much today left and other things and a choice of dessert cream relate or traffic case. Now again the dates 35 dollars is the cost Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday 46 PM. Teresa is primed to any elm street north rating what a deal yeah look at nick you have a problem be there for that to Nick Jones senior and junior prior to be there absolutely. This program has brought to abide by harmony bay gourmet coffee. Mean. I still got five minutes but what you do with the lady tell about a harmony bay gourmet coffee now right. That's available in most fine. The civil markets and where you find the best coffee you'll if it's not in. If you don't find in the supermarket is that oil benchmark exactly and even tell the manager there and sell a manager that get harm anybody that thread jump at Whitley and yet. Think the rest and out to the Chia. You know who stated that open and I do you buddy there man not a political literally at a before. It is his brother D'Amato federally has purchased a new restaurant that opens up this month. Do away. Column Moly. I believe so. Well it means start looking at it it's definitely an MR name. Yeah hold vin que ver much I I I was I was druthers it yeah exactly what it wasn't so much the name that I would answer would look so beautiful location yeah where is it it's tell about it or is it it's great on the on the play the back side of north and so it's like almost waterfront. Make or the financial district yes exactly. And yet. There's I don't Donato is taking that went over. And I'll find the name by the time they've been working on this for some time this is this an half an outcast I've known about it for about six months now. And dad they were gonna open and it was a delay I'm not really sure why. And I wonder if he has a shift pinot going with a all I would hope so all men wanted to share fears gonna hang on yeah. You find out that would might you be episode you almost meant what you found it if you find out just jump on Neil is that Mano. How unusual for you to interrupt me if it as you know. Stun everybody we'll always have it shot here Michael about the television show. Bullets on every Saturday morning 9:30 AM on some home of the Red Sox and the Bruins. And of course this week's show will be followed on Tuesday at 2 PM on Nestle again. And we go to lobster Q and Hempstead New Hampshire. Lee is actually cutting stakes attacks on the show this week as we talked about on the air. The happy butchers in Milford New Hampshire. I'm down in the sell short having Mexican food at La Paloma employ when the biggest margaritas I've ever seen bigger than mine melon and Scott has found fried dough pizza. That in beaver coaching. We set that I believe is west first. Utilized or taken. I don't know I sod that's the demo with that looked they did look good for those who can't believe has a couple different. Occasions locations via okay. So OK so it is. Here's the not as placed you'll it looks like a mole mean it's I tell them OLO. A Malo a mole oh yeah there. And they're they're managers are actual address will be 326 commercial street embossed. OK so yeah that's what it's like raid on the very close the water so it's gonna have great views yet. So boy table we've we've hit we've made some good spots today owner you know and I want to agree I don't think this restaurant and it would come at the state restaurant. And they have this restaurant is one of the top five restaurants for stakes in Boston's call move them all all. And a popular and about it. If it's hardly ever mention on the show. Yet I know for a fact it's one of the top five stick restaurants and how to do it okay that's your boss Donald viewing them. And that got a lot of mentions on today's program and what I've dealt frescoes. Yet they have more than one more waterfront location they definitely do and they just open a new one may be Ellison you're going Burlington as well yes that's when I was thinking about him. Will it down into that area though where the way so wegmans is Littman Wittman put it is sure. At that place had you been in them. Johanna in there disobeyed the stuff. Now I won't go into a because. She goes to grow market she knows where everything is rush that you needed GPS just to shop at Netflix as I've said that about many places like her when I go to Costco or something I think to be agreed on different app to have you know location thing to find stuff because it's it gets confusing again but you go to dinner is served. Yeah I have sassy here with them Perry. Peri Peri Peri sauce and. Sustenance we'll find out if I'm still alive when we come back right here Lessig deleted by the lines on six AD AM. WRJ. Lo. I am right now reaching in to my cookbook from Mozambique. And I think how he didn't. Catch it all new TV episode of with the advice this Saturday morning at 930 on any SN. The home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This season with the advice radio and WRKO well. There's so much food and you can finding hope where it. I kept us out here with the very very from the NB. You can only get. Happy butchered an actual 333. Is it. What we do Tutu Tutu to build the street can Milford New Hampshire. Good idea that they haven't had a backpack. And now add insult to injury and you donuts Mike is here fitness. Mike but I've done my friend and did great today and I TV act defeats US preventive medicine. And dad that's an event later on in the fall when you can Judy apples out and everything else right. Like I heard about this for the first time and I am. Shame to say Michael's I have I'm ashamed to it to say this. But. I had not heard of the Quinn dinner series until. Today. And I read this and I should what is sensational idea. Tell everybody what it is this is an idea that we came up. With about six or seven years ago. And what we brought out to the farm are some of the finest chefs in Boston and around Boston. To cook a three or four course dinner. Prepared using farm. Produce and the chef spring what you detect it's fresh right yeah are our vegetables are are are good berries are fruit. Those sorts of things and they bring they bring the protein the fish the beef and pork and and they cook partly on site and partly in the restaurant and I have to say. I have never eaten so well my whole life yeah we first started off with about five or six of these things and last year we did seven. And this year we we're we're doing ten. I'm starting June 22. Time and we are very excited about the lineup this year. Now that no the one that you've got coming up now. Is is a fellow by the name of Yale Woodson of Turner's seafood in Salem. And outs or Melrose and now or is yes and interesting I went there yesterday to have lunch and I have to say it was up extremely well run. Business give us the one thing that they said it about their seafood of course. They have they do have to two sites and they also do wholesale to a lot of restaurants. And done the one thing that he said to me he said if Iraq if our fish were any fresher it would still be swimming me and I thought. That's the kind of place that I wanna go to. So I had lunch stand it was superb and I talked with yell and as a matter of fact he was just at the farm when I left touring getting ready to common a couple of weeks and now I'm. The thing that's interesting about this last year we totally sold out. And you know I think a whole lot of restaurants would be very happy to sell out on successive Wednesdays in the middle of summer. Poll would they ever gonna know I didn't. Whether medal winner for that that went that yeah assured there's air Tuesday Wednesday that the busiest day you're right that's right right so works well for us and down. People come from metropolitan Boston again it totally sold out last year and done this year. It's selling pretty well pretty quickly on reservations. Yes you get reservations you have to buy your tickets either online at small lack farms SM OLA KF ARM NASA dot com. Or I'm come to the farm standing you combine them there. OK again that's. In east felt that that is small lot is SM OLAK. FAR. MS and that's one word it is one word Patton now I wanna make sure that there ought to paraphrase everything here because Wednesday evening. It June 22. There's some of the and UN is finally shift some readers who create a multi course dinner in the rough. Right correct in the smaller farms pine grove noticed by the way. Don't think of your backyard of smaller truck is fascinating that app you can get lost in this place as a matter Fred human design things to make sure they will get lots well it helps yes I definitely tell us about that. Well there's about a 120 acres on the farm I have a north endeavor we supplement it with. A fireman boxer and a half a mile and a half down the street we have fifty acres down there. And so a lot of our produce is grown down there as well as on on the main farm. And it it is I'm. Probably one of the most beautiful places. That exists in terms of a farm on the nor char Massachusetts then you could just follow school buses. Just as candidate dive right back. F I like crap all over you well this week we had a whole series of of a school kids who have been picking stripes Chris we started picking strawberries. On Friday and and I and I am my my farm stand manager Mary quoted me the other day I said you know in that. I have not seen such a beautiful crop the strawberries in many many many years and just make sure that I wasn't imagining things I went out night. I had some starters that I got at that one of the men and one of the grocery stores attention when those and then I tasted a fresh when I thought. While yeah it almost squirted in my mouth that was so. Now I probably should talk about this now but. I love smaller farms to turn severe. Halloween move and Christmas break I mean. That is a New England Christmas and New England Halloween fright right did you do everything for the family needs a real family plans and you see. Mothers and fathers and tons of kids everywhere. Right you know one of the things about the find that in that he only been very very lucky and very blessed and our lives to have what we have. And is very very important to give back and during the Christmas season. Bea systems under rights say. Military. Well I'm gotten close to 200 military families come and they get a Christmas tree a day at the farm. Activities. All kinds of stuff and and Santa Claus of course comes and visits them right. And we've had we've had the Arab World Series trophies there we've had Red Sox out there. It's sound it's helped out by the Iraqi foundation it's it's really really wonderful thank and the same thing with this wind in a series. The chefs that we chosen that quite a list of incredible shots. To get to choose a charity in a portion of the proceeds from each and every one of these things goes to their charity and we have somebody from each of charity. Charities come and talk and you know some of things. Makes you realize how very very very lucky we all are to be able to lead to do this and to be born where we've where born and to be able to they have the tools to work with. So we're extremely lucky. How old this won't find. I thought you gonna ask how old I was the 3031. I turned 32 twice OK I for the record need to yeah. Pins and when asked. If you live there your whole life. My answer is not yet at half now via the farm is close to 300 years old one which is which is incredible. It aptly I had no idea was 300 years so I knew it was open net 300 years 300 years old not my family my grandparents spotted in the twenties while and it went to a whole series of owners along it's it's so large your example we did we have to take a drone that there. Aha issued at the yeah they go away happy to get involved or did that's not all of Italy even images too much to show right right. But it's it's it's easy to find because the smoke the smaller farms are everywhere we're north and reduce ask anybody. Period right it ever knows where did or or put. Put 315 self Bradford street into your GPS. And that'll get you there I was gonna say that and as an autograph edit the I want to get back to if you don't mind that you get that launch. You gotta watch out every day still right. Yes we do I'm actually what we did this past winter we spent a lot of time. Reinventing ourselves middle of the pack over the next she gonna see that the results of all that's left everything from our our luncheon minions to our to our staff. To some of our facilities were planning an expansion of our farm stand. To make it 1212 months out of the year. Eventually so so where we're heading into the future then dumb and we're very excited about the things that we've done the lunches have been superb. Somebody yeah somebody said to me was the best chicken salad sandwich they've ever had a much about it. Read an and we source of a lot of stuff locally you add an issue at breakfast sandwiches. We don't we do we have somebody in their making them every day in and done. I have to stay away from some of them because I I would be a lot. Because I am given a wanna how many can travel now sitting in front of me. One of these things here if I you know when people advertise and they showed especially restaurants I tell them look I've been doing this for a long time nobody say had a you mention one thing. I can tell you get annoyed seven it's really special meant people remembered from just that one thing even though they'll get that one thing right OK my in your case. It would be those does threaten middle upper right apple cider doughnuts and everybody comes I don't Heidi keep in stock. Well we because we keep on producing them sometimes we can't keep up with we have three machines going in the fall. Last year I think we sold about 350000. Donuts imagine that three in a knock out as doughnuts. It's a lot of donuts feature it movement and probably that is so level. We could produce some say you can pick it you got to strawberry fields so you go I read that people can pick their own yup open right now it will be open probably probably through the fourth of July there are a little bit late this year and you said though however that to strawberries probably the best craps if you had it here and in years. Okay mean what I could still get a mention that the. I scream is great it is rich in its delicious and again last winter wreak we retooled and done. Re re young inventor ourselves and done it's very quick at some. Fast and and people just sit there and you can sit there wicket ego where you can see that kind of review you sit out on the terrace outside. You walk down to this oh I should mention this. This past this past week we have the birth of something called a Korea. A Korea is in a baby alpaca. And so I'm so this thing is about. 22 and a half feet tall as cute as can be and we'll get have a naming contest may cool name and after you know. May yeah. That could be a pack up pack pack. At back and back in the right. I there's there's one other thing too that while wanted to mention above before it because we didn't mention this. Did it there's a cost started to go and legal and when you get your reservations and upright and did that reduce any five dollars and what is yes 75 dollars plus whatever fees you add on to that right now a beer wine and gratuities not including ticket price portion of the proceeds as you said correct will be donated to the chefs charity of choice whom. You can also buy tickets. At the farm stand. Are even though the phone if you want this is true but we'll get a note early with visits books that quickly they will sell out fast he had done and we're right on the cusp of the first one and a couple of weeks and down. We have never had one quite this early. But but the time was to expand and down his public whim the wind dinner series OK right now Libby give an example of what's on the menu. The first course. Tuna Tata. Moon roof and sleep so a delay is well or rice would have a avocado with a poppy seed than a direct and crispy one time in the second course. Tired. Seafood and upon still always small farms greens. Was sharing deja on vinegar read them look at this because is too long list so many different things stirred the third course is grilled East Coast Halliburton. The fourth course. Duncan's own luck farmers strawberry shortcake. While mom and establish your case and utilize him I think it's got. Must Capone. Oh on well known gave me and I'll settle for that instead of iBooks right at bush this goes chaired correct OK and I think this is just a super idea I feel which can be shared and I'm nab them before him. Folks if fear driving around today. Again please remember this you'll remember this over anything else. They are now 350000. Of these doughnuts and so that's correct and if you had a fourth machine. See me they only get three here so you are. How long we've been. This is then they hit that it is the standard that is you know it's daughter right from the beginning I remember I bought my first don't have machine from a storefront on Essex street. It cost me 750 dollars which is a lot of money back and I probably in 1985 moon and it just says. It just grows and grows and grows we're looking into. Selling them by Internet next year yeah I was gonna say I'm you know you you got to erase favor of that sector got to do them you know there's obviously some medical listening to us dedicate now they can't reassure Russia appear richer. Here on the Internet and ant like I guess we sell that you know about all I know what else have forgotten that we can get pies cakes and everything else in that right flowers. Some flowers Newton and all all of our crops I mean after after the sharper he's gone the blueberries in the raspberry start. The peach crop is not existent bishop but we have so many bloopers that'll fill in the gap easily with the raspberries as well so. And we got a whole series of other festivals that will be coming up this. This summer and then into the fall course to follow. We don't we can't imagine us ourselves being any busier and there but but it keeps on going and the apple crop this year. Again we are extremely lucky Big Apple crop was damaged. For some reason Essex County was totally spared are good crop is beautiful. Wow beautiful Leon there's a lot of damage when determined by the way good crap and it back the weather conditions. Weather conditions in the number of apples on the trees. Of course of course mother nature is fickle so provided we don't have a hurricane or pestilence or rainy weekends in the fall. I should be smiling by Christmas time. And a web based smiles Chris so Chris if you could have a snow in the deer and everything it's just so my beautiful Christmas time from him. Michael thank you for come an end well thank you my pleasure and that I have I'm sure that everybody osu because you're all around the place and yeah I am so why I think you're feeding the gears this. IPad theft and I'll be doing a lot this afternoon yeah farmers don't get time off. That's me that's true and accelerate some of one my work Aaliyah Aaliyah and Alabama so you know you know what the deal is that I know my first out. Much has only jury. I thought I was David Crockett. I didn't stick with that it did back I'd say they're very Smart Manhattan effect for my dad's at today's it. I got us dead about an eight years OPEC is kind of left ever seen the benefit. I upon you said you were Smart NASDAQ. Write that small like farms 315 south Bradford street that's BG PS3. Fifteen south registry North Andover. Go to smaller farms that come from my good again thank. You so much. Thank you so much and on that same website. Incredible line. Kendall Wright knows smiled back contagion. And they want you to be ready to share your smile at any time dental right offers the most effective and safest to light in available actually making your teeth several shades writer in just one session with lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Started smiling again we're antibiotics Perry have done export the diamonds and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the web dental bright group dot com. And this is Scott with the Euro listen to wicket by trading with pat wit play. And don't forget if you're looking for place in Boston with free parking and don't forget about that no name restaurant there in the fish pier in Boston's historic waterfront. They have free parking in the seaport area that's right the over the 1917. The no name restaurant did making it one of the oldest restaurants I think the oldest restaurant in. The nation under the same family ownership since 1917. That's right they're famous for their seafood chowder you get an comparable they're open for lunch and dinner. And you know it's good. You know it's good their prices are reasonable because on the tourist buses. You pull right up there and enjoy the atmosphere and the food the no name restaurants they hide it Jimmy forest. Fifteen fish pier. Right there on Boston's historic waterfront and effective the only restaurant that's lout. A lot out of the fish here in China blossom route 125 in north and over that's you know find that only can eat Chinese buffet that is out of this world. They have a lunch buffet and their dinner buffet even features prying Maria from some of the best prime rib you'll find in the area. Don't forget about their mind ties. You'll often find me there at the bar you know enjoy in my tire and during that awakening about fake as it is just out of this world discussion I probably should go ahead try it. Say hi to any member and he family and a David's there Jen is always at the door and rich and Connie can see them all so it's out of Los number 125 in North Andover. The coliseum. Restaurant needle like today asked his place in the record shop and senator and sell New Hampshire. They have a couple of dishes and a love for you to try include new deal coliseum. It's too milk fed he'll come lets it paper thin it's the highest quality Dili goodbye. And the Blake has that cut paper thin. And then stuff sit with a all this goodness I'm from. Rock with mozzarella to. Romano cheese he had just a little touch of garlic and breads and he sought to raise it in a mushroom Sherry wine sauce. June when he cut into it all that good as his blows right out onto the plate. And you're in the mood for great steak have a stake our pat Whitley it's a little bit spicy but the best steak that money can buy its prime New York sirloin steak. And it said are cut and serve with broccoli rob. The coliseum restaurant route 28 brokerage shopping center in Salem New Hampshire. That and I sometimes you can't make it to the not bad for Boston's original brick oven pizza but we've got to happen. There are seven Regina vocation to tighten bust scenario. What you're walking around annual hall when it's our station. At Fenway Covert often erupted at that we work our tails off to make sure that people that you get anywhere in town is just as great as the when you get yeah. After office you don't last night he is that not many people have these balloons. Once you're up. I can't. People continue for the best plane ticket home. When we were thinking of the design we wanted people to come in and feel comfortable here like they were eating in their own dining. How I live to slow smoked over apple went through the meets falls off the phone. I'm doing enough family for some real home style cooking after checking connection here. Tell us sort of go oh come on you've always wanted to. We'll give rights TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter. You're listening to weaken bites WRK oh the voice of Boston. It's and I've enjoyed meeting everybody here today. It's been like a farm stands isn't that bad and you get smaller crimes again the legislatures have been known for New Hampshire and down. And we have been feasting well. I can tell you where it's feasting big time a little bit they've wrecked in our studio thought that the yes you sound oh yeah George Karen. Yeah saw him recently so they actually told him they saw and they need. The youngsters that are important habitat telecharge carries. You showed he had been medical it's been here before that. Yeah new look to Nesterovic. George old friend and yet but they seal level is news just this but he year note now I have that. I've been to the senate seat toward street. Which is fair since okay. But I didn't. When I was there I didn't go it was. Pouring out in batting go to the sea level which is really attached to it right yes well it's quite a difference between the two. Basically I would I would differentiate the tube friends you get the same like eight plus quality food that you get a fins just in a more casual. You know bar type atmosphere. The date they take a phone duel twist on stuff David. It's normal burger. You know through a seafood place their burger is one of the best I've had a long while. And and they do solicited the dates funky twist their shift was on one of the we've hell's kitchen. And I had a when they have it was a buffalo column Murray pizza. That was just as good as it sounds very please do that sounds and fun fun little twists on drinks and stuff they got like these. These fish bowl glasses that are really kind of cool they make late you know old rum punch her contractions in there it's. It's a fun fun spot in the view I mean you just you can't believe if you go upstairs the bar. You're just overlooking you know the watery their Pickering more visible to pulling him and it is not just. Anyplace to a sailor on the which sitting right most historic cities in America it's phenomenal that salute that's the best widow describes you often will. As regardless of the Longfellow is it is now. The house of seven gables. Yes post turner cough in people. But I baked out I admit I have dominion friendly debate oysters moving a lot of steamers a raw bars for normal you mentioned the Margaret do you pizza. I didn't mention Margarita pizza. But I I when I was there around the buffalo column Ari pizza mom Sharon Margaret is just as good to Salem some lobster bake it wanted to quarter pound lobster share when little neck clams mussels Charlie's though. Grilled in red bliss potatoes will grow corn. That's just sounds too good guys now. Fins. Yes this is really a hugely successful restaurant on the other to celebrate fifteen years depth. Date again though to think it's been longer and everything it does seem though and yet they just had their fifteenth anniversary party for the month ago. And again just impeccable views and yes that surrounded by three sites yeah that's when you can sit outside it's it's great and even when you're sitting inside just looking -- visible to docking and such right this is proper time does it sit outside and I'm really it would this coolest the weekends have been narrow around here but you're a nice afternoon cool breeze off the water. You know now when I came in this morning it was 77 and very windy so I don't know if it. Got any cooler loose or is cloud his sons and I saw Arizona and a look at. I try to seafood I AM they're known for that yes there seafood show official recess France we've v.s attorneys are rice crashed Krispy. Column money and mount lemon and garlic a fully. Okay fair and 76 wore street picker war in Salem and sea level at 94 wore street in Salem. Look up our friend George Carey George care now. I was send out this mess is Dubai. That was it's a message that was handed over to me about a month ago. From rare coins of New Hampshire. Who warn mills who have been in the business for forty years. And he appears a radio TV. Shows all around the world. I he himself is the guy at where coins of New Hampshire would you want many are going to raise this is the people the person go to but. He told me set a very interesting story number share we tuna and I'll share this with other coin dealers. He has a piece of it at home their first element to what the problem was the problem was. That. The China started making. Coins gold coins and silver coins. Counterfeit. And dip and even expert. New ms. noticed couldn't tell that they were fake that's how good copy there's no two years ago so. If you budget goings. Prior written you know bad move at U2 years but I for five years ago don't affect you. But if you buy them. Or bought them recently you'll wanna caller records of New Hampshire cause he bought a piece of equipment from NASA. That Nassau. NASA. Has again. That can tell if these coins are true. Faith. I would suggest all of you. Call rare coins at her to an advertising and they they mention something like this and they were from a U reputable told going to to a bank that. They got to hand it checked. In LS they have that piece of equipment from NASA. The united sure. So he said he founded that's been like 200000 dollars some found out that major new coins are worthless. Know joining with funk that the gap here's what you do if you want more information if you're Gordy heard. You're welcome to come in. If you are a collector coins. Please drop their he'll buy your corn dog from you graded for you. Born males a's got either very reputable guys have been been with me forward. That's it twenty years or more alone. Here's the telephone number 802257264. Right that's 800. 2257. To six point oh he's really in this over now about it. That's a mirror and silver is the way the pilgrim has sued Jenks series imagery you'll street in Peabody. Grilled rack of lamb. It's there was black ever. What black pepper. Corn sauce. And such a Chinese and vegetables. Grilled rack a plan not a lot of Chinese restaurants offer Lan know. Then they have the double delighted by union Yang arrangement. I've tendered chicken breasts so occasional white line sauces baby shrimp. So tape were they special sage who won the sauce. Now you've probably when you see this place is it wasn't going to be expensive. Well it's a beautiful colonial mansion it's is gorgeous. Too very busy location. Behind those sort of that made. Across and behind and the North Shore mall agreed the exact address just to set but though much of prices 1130 to three. You get a choice who have. I don't sour soup and throughout this soup for lunch special pricing grade 575. The 650 so. That suits your eggs in that as soon as three cities three. Lowell street in Cleveland and I don't forget happy Father's Day everybody the good folks at the laughter drive and a really drifter. Of course I could bring it to that was not just did a week 10 o'clock I waited backs. We can place radio with pavlik leaves a presentation a blitz me.