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Jun 4, 2016|

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This is that just don't lose the money radio show with your host attorney Richard Murphy no and Sam way. For over twenty years rich and Sam have been broadcasting to the Boston area. Explaining how you can protect your life savings Richard sands highly regarded and sought after guidance has been featured on Fox Business news at fortune and money magazines now your post but just don't lose the money guys Richard Murphy go and Sam laughed. Hello everyone welcome to just don't lose the money on seeing what I'm Richard Rubino what. Act on this wonderful Sunday we're back baby and what who's up who's to say that would push the stance of a share what I'm back outside failed a fast there concerning how rich and Iowa are Barack. Or not signed faux oval and our joy joy and I try to be we try to while world we put up or weak attempt to you know. But rare or here. To talk to you about retirement. The speed bumps and heard those that are you know on the great walls and how to get over those walls and we really do it. By making sure that you protect what you half and we do that by following how to rules were number one. Just don't lose the money and movement to don't think it'll number one you know where they you know the only thing we have in common words sign pelvis that. We've been on the radio public and Walden and he was on television that's true it's true so that there's a cut this I where they came back and an outside such I don't want to know much of the reruns a stove going but you know before we get into the nitty gritty in the details. Rich how bout those Red Sox the pretty little pretty well be you know it's like it's almost you feel like not talking about them to that you might change some yes I was yeah you know it's kind of like that. Jackie Brad at the center fielder in the last year were there were one range we trade and can't hit. And then all of a sudden. You know he's like. Is Arnold he's our history it's amazing you know now he's a hero any couldn't. This year he couldn't hit the curve all of the breaking ball whatever he couldn't hit some thing. And he might have been traded and he didn't play a lot of games. And he was almost. At a baseball what's kind of like retirement you know if you don't prepare for that curve ball that sink a that I that's splitter. You can be honored really out of it like running out of money that would be bad so today we're gonna talk about how to prepare. Really anything that's thrown against you in retirement like that curve ball. On our website is just don't lose the money dot com it's full of very useful information if you listening. You've never been on the website maybe you listen for the first time you know we know what the show's all about. If you do nothing else at all. Please log on to just don't moves the morning dot com. To check out what's available. To you to learn more about how to enjoy a comfortable retirement so again it's just don't lose the money. Dot com. Our rich shorts take our first questions I'll say. Peter Peggy. Peter mpeg. There's no song you know to me to do not strong argument there sooner about the woman the other day that came to a seminar she's at which one do you guys have what is the one that sings all the time. I have to pay out period he called it singing that's amazing it's amazing heritage. I'm Peter impaired people more often writes in their Richard sands were both 66. And plan to retire in about two years. Lately we've been we've not seen few of our friends schools to health issues. That have already affected their quality of life. We know that there's nothing you can do well health when we want to make sure we're not stressed out about money where do we start well that's it. A great question you know Sam on the little older than years IC you know I don't want. While little problems are a little hamlets like it's OK you know what government should show about a different content we go back. But yeah as you get older you see health issues icu with my own family and I own my own friends I mean I've. Good friend you know clients and good friends were built airports every 6040 Scioscia as alzheimer's crazy I just saw our Baton Rouge just add a guy graduation. First confirmation party for my niece's son and my wife's. My wife my brother's first wife was there with her husband and everybody gets along. And heat this guy was like a guy that I dynamic business guy. So only eight years old all of a sudden he has dementia. And from from like. Really. Like strong forceful. Guy in the room that idea president's guy in the room that has all the press since. He's like he's handout was the honey tension I take these pills now. And you know Irish aren't the term target to have you are to be older to have a curveball thrown that you I have a good friend. He's actually client and he has no reason couple years older than me. In his Lou Gehrig's disease it's just so terrible. So what what do you do when a curveball storage well listen that he can't do anything about that but if you wanna make sure you're not stressed out about money. I mean Nike if you if you're not stressed that it be stressed out about healthy complaining about that. Beliefs to wanna get the money issue off the table or get the money issue off the table as you can assist with those medical bills medical issues. And you know you're married the last thing you want does this post to be really worried about. Not only that the spouse being sick but the quality of her his or her life going forward. And you know what I'm going broke yup so you know the other day seminars and someone asked me hey you know see I was talking about this noting that as income stream. And what happened speak on nursing home though they get the income stream and I said well. They EEO you can stop teams from street money you talk about that you know we're. We use fixed annuities a lot not practice to help people create extreme thing comes century if your if your. Thirsty for a pension you know how when you like geez my brother as a pension man would be great if I had 12. That's nothing more than a fixed annuity and stream of income. Oftentimes. We use in duties as a creative measures to help people protect their assets are we going to a nursing home without trying to like. Make people's mob you know mine's Spain and sounding like too much of a bird. You can do certain things as a married couple McCall more Massachusetts. To help people. Use income streams as an exempt pass and turn the stay at home spokes currently has the ability. To take on and limited incomes so you know if mark myself and my wife I got sick and my wife and go to work and keep Bolivar income if she's retired and she's really receiving a pension. Or Social Security should keep all that so the whole idea there is if you use an annuity. You can instead of having a lump sum created. And change it into a stream of income for that staying home Spanos and therefore hence it's. An expert Ali also see him in the products they use if you. Have an income stream from money that you have you could stop that income stream and turn it back into lump sum. And transferred to the healthy spouse and go to protect. Yes sounds like a mouthful but here's the fact they listen that's what we do that's what we do we've done that for over 25 years have seen it all the good bad and the ugly. We really help people protect their assets. With every measure out there from. For me. Trust and a legal and estate planning standpoint as well as when you develop that trust where you have money. We knew what kind of products to use in an annuities. I'm not always the right thing but sometimes are a perfect fit. So here here's how we can help you if you are listening and missing G syrup. That's important. A wanna make sure I have money term retirement regardless of I'm healthy or sick. And if you're just not really show more of what you're doing or you're not sure what you've done is correct and at the end not a 100% confident. In coming into retirement. We can possibly be of assistance to you. So on that no couple of things that you can do again you can check on our website at just don't lose the money dot com. Run our home page you can take a couple of quizzes the first one is. In my ready for retirement is clicked on that YouTube watch quick video. Take a test. You'll figure out if you can retire now or you be in good shape UB good shape or not and secondly a lot of times people are in that. Kicking the tire mold you know they they've they've been to other people may be too so how about warm Fuzzy feeling. If you haven't checked us so I encourage you in Germany to give you this offer. We're free consultation today to during the show if you call this number 877. 630. 8787. I can tell the operator hey Sam said if you give me free consultation. What do exactly that and about free consultation ritzy retirement planning consultation. That I will listen to all things that you wanna think about being concerned about and hopefully he'll be some solutions right so take us up on our offer. Just don't lose the money dot com or to get your free consultation no obligation whatsoever 877. 63087879. Number again is 87763087. 87. Rich you know you love baseball. And the baseball season what's it like 162. Game 162 game listen I'm sixty games a lot can happen in that time. So retirement is kind of like that it's thirty years twenty years thirty years even more. Anything can happen almost thirty years he really have to be prepared. Stay right here we're gonna go all over the two schools that you need to be ready. Hi I'm Bobbie office manager for Richard Rubino and Sam lane to schedule an appointment with rich and Sam call me now. 8776308787. That's 8776308787. Welcome back. To just don't lose the money with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out for the last two decades salmon rich have been helping people just like you protect their life's work. By following two simple rules. Now country music superstar Martina McBride with the rule number one. Don't lose some money. And rule number two. Don't forget number one just don't lose some money on Santa land com Richard Levine thanks so much for joining us is wonderful Sunday in which nine. You said over and over. We kind of near term like nonchalant about it but you know people are taking time on a week and rich to listen to Armenia there ruined. They are and I think that and a lot of people come and let it goes some of us let people command end. You know our message is pretty clear sense I mean it's like. Keep it simple stupid in Al Davis who can't make sure. You got income for the rescue alive and make sure you assets of protected legally it's not like that hard but on that no. Owner and a nice summer weekend need joining us so we just simply want safe thank you. For doing so rich and I would been together for over 25 years GA very seriously right and you know we are on the radio. We are don't wanna say what better semi there's a lot of good good. Folks out there that on the radio but I think where a little different which would I think we're very foot we're very focused on what we do week like you say or. The times and when not all things to all people we do certain things and we do it very well. Our company is really designed. To make sure you take the stress out of retirement all right so stress has to deal with money stress test to deal with protecting assets the money side is Sam side. The protecting assets is that really the legal side we do trust protect houses to avoid taxes but what probate. Almost all those things many times people come in and we sing you don't great thanks for coming in why did you think about us as opposed to somebody else in. It's that simple you know we like being able to come to one place and no one roof. Get out will set up thirty years old updated nom we don't always thought about. Putting our house into trusts and Richie talked about that would like in shows how to do that and then on the money side. You know we've grown our money we don't need it grown anymore we once wanna keep it won't keep it safe when used it won't enjoy it. And we won't protect whatever is left over in the entirety. To leave as. You know as a nice gift to our ears so we can but all that up for folks right here in our company. On couple things you can do as you listen to our show if you log onto just don't lose the money dot com. You'll find it very helpful. To learn more pulpit who was that are available to you during retirement of which one happens to be run on that home page. On its entitled retirement are you ready for retirement click on that. You'll take a quick quiz. And deceive your ready for retirement in there on top of that. This is Susan worn like our good friend Susan good up. From channel was chat live there now how many years or 35 years a long time won a couple of amnesia and Susan is a good friend. And she's done some PR software thus and if you click on her picture. There's a very important message. From her to you to make shore. That you follow out tools rule number one. Just don't lose the money and we'll number two an open hero number one all right enough without you ready let's take our next question rendering bill. From Burlington right Cindy Adams and her very own. And I don't Albright and bill Arnold few people Bernard. So any have any idea rich and Sam we've a bunch of friends that are going to retire within a year future. Some have a lot of money some of pensions and some like us think we're okay. We have retirement money but we have no pension. We're planning our we're planning to travel in our concern is really simple do not track together or more charm together and not running out of money is on main concern. I don't wheat corn quote keep up with the joneses. Well to have heard that expression in the while keeping up with the joneses you know your jar California you have the extent LA. Yeah I it's like oh what some people do is they might have to budgets they might have. A budget for travel that you say hey every year every two years I'm gonna travel under the set aside this money and then have a budget. We're living. Because as you get older you sort of run out of steam. And you like now I go out to dinner at the first thing I think of is you dinner 430 bodies well but they're the first thing I think it is in my getting get a parking space are back. If I can't get a parking their personal valor you know and jobs are on that restaurant you know you know so you wanna take the hassle had a thing without a doubt you've got to. Lot of rich people people back come to us. And and you listen to their concerns and really can sum up by saying this a lot of people going to retirement. And they saved you know they've done a decent job saving money they save money for 3040 years but they go into retirement would like Apollo savings. And they just cross their fingers and they hope it works and hope it lasts looking at the wrong number Sam been looking at the big number not the small number all of a small numbers. You know like a very good friend of mine in this. Does or back up a little bit quick story so very good friend of mine the wife works for the federal government. And he works for the water treatment plants here so it's like pensions city for them all they have to pensions and I gotta tell you. If you if you look back and you could trade shoes at them both of those Pope both of the husband and wife. Well a six figure pensions while higher and they'll be able to retire late in there. Late fifties and not the way to 65. Is that was the first job they they have this form or you know feel there for 25 years thirty years Max 8%. Like their like or Don. See look packing like oh my goodness for them to have couple 100000 dollars a year. Of money guaranteed money coming in every single every single year. You have to save fight 5000006 million bucks but that's how these people these people have a lump sum. And they would like that what's the point appointed as if they wanna travel they wanted to make sure that they go every single month without having to worry. Maybe they have a few different piles of money said one big pile. I think it's prudent to have an emergency fund so yet each of money in the bank pretty obvious on the if you wanna quote unquote invest money. I'm Richard are we don't do those things were not in that business of helping you there aren't earned 5% last show I turned 10% we don't know how to do those things. Playing great people that can help you would do to that. The third power of monies where we can excel and we can help you. Get that stream of income and we used tools that are designed. For exactly that purpose these are called fix the nearly six index annuities it and in today's world have these income writers an army of all these different choices that you can. Opt to have. One thing that I've done for myself is I ought to that and combine a choice to allow my money to grow ordered its predetermined specific rate in my contract. I can get gains. Based on how well the S&P we're doing as strong accumulation potential but. I have a minimum guarantee 4%. So imagine Richard given year when your portfolio loses ten armored force. Well I had the same stuff you guys who Hogan why we usually oh I got an idol a while ago I set some variety retirement accounts aside. That I'm not touching a four record minimum distributions are making sure that if I died before my wife she inherits those abilities. And there are growing at seven point two so so point two we can't get those anymore but we can still get interest rates as high as about 6% so. On that no. It's not like a bank account you can't take money out anytime you want you can't take out the money hey I put in a hundred grain give me a hundred greenback you know two years from now. It's not designed to. It's designed to give you what these people looking for. I wanna monthly paycheck. So I can go on vacation and keep up with the jokes slot I wanted to be predictable hit it in any storm like we talked about retirement thirtieth. In any store I wanna know this money's coming yen for the rest of my life to wanna learn more about that we have two things that you can do today. We have this fantastic. Giveaway. It's entitled solving the retirement income the lawn we put together this booklet. It references. TIAA-CREF. Which is a most people that are in the I'm nonprofit world or your teacher you know who they are. But it's a four page book was very easy to follow very easy to understand. To learn more about how you can create in income streams so you don't want the war it's entitled again. Solving the retirement income dilemma. Indeed call this number. We'll sing out a free copy right away numbers 877. 630. 8787. And number against 877. 63087. 87 ask for your free copy of solving the retirement income the Lam in addition to that you can join us at a seminar while some some rounds later on this month. On June 21. That's Tuesday and on June 22 the following day on Wednesday if you log onto a website just don't lose the money dot com. Click under the seminar tab dog do you that that there will be on details here follow and if you wanna come go ahead and click our CP a bomb Iran. 8776308787. Pass towards solving the retirement income the warm. Imagine having a baseball team Mitch yeah when he first baseman no second mission oh our team when we'll probably never won a game. I'm next we're gonna talk about the team that you should put together for your retire. You're taking a first step to a sound financial retirement. This is just don't lose your money radio and feel free to visit us at just don't lose the money dot com. Hi I'm Susan ward if you're listening to two of the cutest guys in finance radio. And I'm no cute. But prince Richard Rubino is sailing of Rubino and blame the firm that specializes in protecting your money both legally and financially. Stay tuned for more informative radio just don't lose the money dot com. Just don't lose the money arms sales while I'm Richard Rubino come back Richard are excited that that you were able to join us on a wonderful Sunday. On top and it's it's summertime. Hey you know so much in Oregon back big sacrifice employed here so yes you thought it's summertime when less thought he had less like a long time now it doesn't seem to have asked that or you know my wife and I talked about the solve time we've had a very fortunate we bought our house star on the cape. 1516 years ago we've been able to CI fi and we enjoyed grow up going to every summer. A man would get the beautiful like eight weeks sets and now it's a real luxury hasn't the second out any other house in New Hampshire is that it's like heaven. And and we feel what I mean we use at the whole summer but it's like point 22 months two and has a tumor so hey listen as soon as you don't listen the short enjoy summer. Rich and I'm very thankful that you've been with us for so long. It because we say we see a lot of people assume that would listen to gas twenty years so again thank you for that our ex couple quick tidbits before we answer next question. A web site is just don't lose the money dot com. It's a wonderful. Useful false information website that will really help you. Understand the important things that you should be focused on during retirement check it out. Just don't lose the money dot com is the address again just don't lose the money dot com. I'll give away this week is entitled solving the retirement income the lump. It's a four page booklet that which are put together the show you essentially hey these are the hurdles. During retirement. In these are the options and solutions to being able to jump over those hurdles successfully. To get your free copy. Call this number 8776308787. Her very last week. A couple weeks from now on June 21. Will it be Jen Jennifer's Denham Hilton will be. On June 21 at 10 AM 10 AM and then the following day when they were shipped to the afternoon on June 22 will be also at the Dem Helton. And these are seminars that Susan morning will be joining us and see no seminars and the seminars are essentially. An extension of the show so you like to learn more about how you can. Follow our tools rule number one just don't lose the money or ruled on the tour don't forget rule number one join us at the seminar quick on the seminar tab. By when you log in to just don't lose the money. Dot com our water and I read this question okay are now a georgians are from Bedford you know them. The first those. It's analogy that you know you know everybody I don't know everybody I I know a lot of people I know joy diagnose Arabic and America okay well maybe there having a little you know. Well I'm not going now I. Georgians are from veteran right here rich exam. And our mid sixties. And now we have a team of doctors I doctor hearing specialist bone the hip doctors. Now out of our city mayor and now I have now from thinking we need a retirement team to handle our different concerns. Not running out of money protecting your stuff off we go into a nursing home state taxes leaving money to children. How do we assemble the team you know you're no residency in talking to them Leo back to back in the day you had one doctor. And had one dentists. In out now you have. Half the doctors in the hospital. And have the lawyers of the water. So true I don't so you know rich and I we've developed this company to over two decades ago again as we say over and over on every show what not all things all people. Okay so if you listen for the first time in saint I hope urgency you can help me earn a lot of money. Into double my money in a few years. We don't know how to do that that's why we created movie in a room. We created our company and help you keep and protect what you have. So the team now we've assembled number one meaning that team or seen her team is Richard myself riches and turn. I'm my background in economics and we help people do just that keep what you have are during their retirement. But was supported by five other folks John spoke with me charmer right hands with me for I have would put us for twenty years. Brian's been with us about eight years in those two Bobby 1718 bodies were nineteen year nineteen interests our system bodies who put us. For nineteen years we have that's been where best 89 years and Jeanette who answers the phones and TO so every personal walks into the bush spoke with us were about half a dozen so you're sparked. I GT seven people helping you protect what you have and you know are we are we qualified to do that hacked yet. You know what we know how to do it that's that that's what we do every day. And we don't try to service. Everybody's. Needs who we service primarily. This protecting your assets both legally and financially. And making sure you take the stress out of retirement they have income that's gonna last abreast of your life or earlier this risky stuff. Go to somebody else's none of that. You know the realities as we had earned and give an example just last week. Nice nice people this gentleman came in he's retiring from the union. On he works you know every day on a street was his hands and he he's tired he's just someone adorn anymore is doesn't enjoy going to work. And his body is a little beat up so he's 58 years old is that I've had a I'm gonna go and dislike. Even if I don't do anything I'll be happy so in his wife. On his wife works part time shall is shall continue doing that but they came to us very simple situation. They have some savings. They have a nice to family. That has more relatively decent positive cash flow they're not eligible for Social Security yet. They have some banks savings from another property that they sell to have a few 100000 dollars though how. Carry them over until they will need our bill will be eligible for Social Security. But between the wife's income in the in the potential Social Security it's not quite enough. So they said San rich can help us. So we several what's the deal what's going on well you know our parents lived a long time. We wanna make sure that who are modest savings that we have. Lasts in the event we live a long time. In addition to that we have some friends. That had a terrible experience with their in laws. And the in laws were torn nursing home for golf for years. And I asked about three years in laws were broke. Irish we have some kids we have three kids. One's married do real well terrific marriage. The other one has a nice marriage but no they struggle financially and then the other one been divorced twice and we worry about. So you know a candidate goes a lot of movies are a lot of moving Barlow we were able to do was to help the number one. Update their estate plan so they can take care of their children that something's left. Number to help them protect their host. In the event in their money in the event one of them go into an arsenal but most importantly help them quoting a 401K plan which they had the world over anyways. To. Be there for them for the rest of their lives and I'm just quickly we were able to. Current and an awful lack of a better phrase help them kill two birds with one stone. By using this financial part called calm or newly and we went to an insurance company that says look here's an annuity. It's fixed annuity. You get a 3% bonus right up front you get a 6%. Interest on your income value. And in this German skates in about five years she's gonna wanna tap money you can tap money tap income from this amount of money. So that money very easy to get in five years is gonna just kind of be like a pension guarantees for the rest of his life. But the important thing is that if you were to get sick we capped the structure in place that will be able to help them. Make sure all of that money. Is protected. Also you know god forbid he passes away beat after here's the first checked the rest of the money goes was there exactly perfect so that's the team we've assembled a team. To help them. In this case. Basically plan for the entire retirement future. If you're listening this conditional Bordeaux when would be nice it was that easy when you not a 100% sure that is at least he shouldn't study's exactly union aren't shore. That you are big and well here's your opportunity. For the remainder of the show so we don't know maybe twenty minutes left the so if you call into this number 877. 6308787. You tell the operator. I want what seems offering which is essentially this free consultation. Pre retirement planning consultation with me. No charge no high pressure a listen and then I would dispense medication and it's appropriate. Take me up Amara for folks call this number 877. 6308787. And tell the operator you wanna free retirement planning consultation with the 877. 6308787. You can also do that by visiting just don't lose the money. Dot com. Next we're talk about. Learning how to hit back curveball. So you cannot be successful. Retirement life. Hi somebody office manage Caribbean island Lang. I know a regions and scheduled better than I know my own and their calendars getting involved. If you'd like to meet with rich and Sam caught me now how could you let the head of the line but promised not to tell. 8776308787. You call I'll answer. It's 776308787. Welcome back to you just don't lose the money with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out special guests on the show Frank Luntz thanks Sam I'm. I love the name of your show just don't lose the money. If you are as it all right but that's how people feel that their nervous that's because of the economic conditions that exist today they actually could. Lose their retirement nest egg and that's where people if you are so important. Now they acted just don't lose the money with Sam or Lang an attorney Richard Urbina. Just don't. Lose the money on Sam line I'm Richard Rubino welcome back to our show welcome mat. I know how you knew it sooner or later in New Orleans Isaiah that they'll welcome back Cotter show I like that show public that lady that came to a seminar couple weeks ago which is which warn you that which would use one it seems there are actually youths are allowed to forget he's a nursery right you're actually called etc. you know I don't what word won a sense of someone for H. That's RO song rich you know just in case you know wait that we had this question. I got a song. All right I'm I'm I'm gonna try to. Yes I'm gonna try to attempt to not read this question and so on that note a couple of things very quickly thank you again for being with us this wonderful weekend. Rich and I Wear on the show to help you follow our tour rules rule number one. Just don't lose them and Obama's to don't forget will noble 11 thing you can do to learn more book the rules is to join the senate seminar and that's seminars coming up and coming up to. He's Jim June 21 on Tuesday June 21 was going to be at the denim Hilton at 10:10 AM in the morning and you know Wednesday June 22. We're gonna be a candidate that didn't help not only at 4 o'clock in the afternoon so Dedham Dedham the Pentagon and Darren Clarke yes side Susan morning quit joints is still be there and if you like to come meet Susan she loves tell stories about how great. Retirement isn't really it's wonderful for her because she is a pension and in fact she's taking care for mom who ran out of money. In divorce and the Susan pension issue one be a particular ourself in Vermont so all we're indeed tell you how some of the legal strategies that we talk about on the radio and some of the financial strategies that stands talking Russell will not able to answer your questions so join us we love to have you as our guest in order to come you need to reservation so go ahead and log on to just don't lose the money dot com click on the seminar tab. Where you can get more information in the gardens are right there or you can call this number 877. 6308787. And just how we operated like to join last June 21. Or June 22. Our last question Jack and Diane. That's a song and I knew I knew that's where you'll go at that journey isn't there are about Jack and Diane that's nothing you know but again I think of Hussein. Odd news. John but John Mellencamp John Mellencamp did urgency him. I'm getting an early but by and getting an early to start the same content it's you know you don't take over my I am you know don't worry though no carrier here. I'm getting an early bio. Package from my employer. And it's an offer I can't refuse. The swarms some along with my other retirement savings would give us a roof solid foundation. Just as long as we don't lose. My wife stole works for a couple page my wife was so worked for a couple more years so we don't have the tap into the money right away. Where to wipe quit to keep it safe. And then I wanna be able to use it later signed walk each huge act. Well yes lucky Jack you are lucky you know how bud. How but this getting a bonus. To retire hole caught up your offense right and then how many employees do that that's in a probably disguised probably make it too much money so they want to get a map and we actually have a client that's our somewhere he's retired from the Boston Globe mission and it is is an us some extra money. Go ahead retired yet they could probably hire two people and replace them well you know. Nowhere to do is deliver the papers on time that it's a tough business these issues. You know but I listen to answer your questions simply cannot follow those rules right you can't afford to making mistakes and we're not making mistakes are yet to do us all these tools were number one just don't lose tomorrow and we'll number two don't forget will not want. And give you but seriously you have to figure out. Would you need. For the next thirty years and we can get it so you you know you have Social Security. I don't think he has a pension misguided I doesn't sound like nobody got a bonus that he doesn't want those and be and maybe turn into some cunning computer are you. I look at my family my personal situation more parents came to this country in 1974. My dad worked for the government my mom was in elementary school principal so Smart educated great workers but when he came here. They couldn't really get any you know meaningful employment because they couldn't speak English. So they grind it out they made some money but not a time when they retire they as a as a result of that they have a ton of savings and get a bonus retirement this gentleman. But what they did have was to pensions right and my dad died in 97. My mom's still alive. She's 94. She was my house that I grew up then and I look back. You know we didn't like skipped vacations. We can go to the capitol grill you know we want to know talk or guardianship stage but we were able to ensure a life because my parents retire and they got a pension that's the important thing so what do what do you think these people should. You don't listen everybody everybody needs. A paycheck. What the you're working now we need a paycheck what he stopped working in 23 years you need a paycheck. So that's the first thing they should focus on an end it's not that. So that ought to at least not that hard to do you get something a financial product that's designed to people are getting a paycheck on a pirate would that be nice to me too so deposit there and how would be nice so in this case we will we have no idea how many how much money that these people happen maybe. Potter that lump some. Or part of the numbers are the retirement savings if they took a portion that money. And they calculated how much money they would like to have some time that's the first thing that you should do. So ABC you know want. Will then we you know we need 6000 calls a month to maintain our standard of living and to ensure retirement we're gonna get. 3000 dollars a month from Social Security army do the math. Go ahead and that they need another three down allow you a quick today now six minus three independent nation and intentions so these people need to know 3000 dollars a month. Instead of just taken three grand a month from the polyps savings keeping it from restaurants are and I hope the last terror watch you. Take a portion and money put into a fixed annuity to essentially create a pension. Guaranteed for that 3000 dollars a month. For the rest of your life murder between now and the town and he needs it you can use products today Becky be nice generous bonuses bonuses depending on the term. Range anywhere from say three that say even 15%. Then it gross. And it can grow depending how you want them when you grow like Richie talked earlier about your product or gross 7% right I have won it grows a 6%. And you know want slot back a candidate it's predictable like this guy's gonna wait for a 23 years before returns on that income switch and then he knows aren't exactly what he's gonna get me to second guess my point if he were if he waits for years he'll get more money and for graduates five years he'll get more yeah but it just sort of Social Security number don't does that Hewitt and number that's guaranteed. The best part about it sim is that when. It if you FT get the first check. Got the big you pass away border balances out as your ears get like that plain and simple. And it NA VA VAV sanction Iraq that sounds kind of nice I won't mourn him a little slice of that pizza. Give us a call will be with the help you and most importantly I think there's a couple tools that you can use. To do just that Al giveaway today solving their retirement income dilemma. It's a four page book with. I'll help you understand. How to create an income stream on auto pilot guaranteed for life you can also join us at the seminar. Coming up in a few weeks and then you can also call and it's get a free personal no obligation consultation with me Sam line you always see me. So you do any of those things by commerce number at 877. 6308787. Or visit us on the web at. Just don't lose the money dot com again the number that you need. Make sure you'll be okay and retirement is 8776308787. Thanks a listening will be right back. Just lose the money radio will be right back. If you have questions I would like to schedule a no obligation meetings with attorneys Richard thirteen hours and Glenn please give our officer Paul. At 6176308787. Or visit just don't lose the money dot com. Ever wonder how riches and get all their work done they start by calling me. I'm Bobby office manager at revealing life. You can secure your financial future of the same way by calling me you call how cancer 8776308787. 8776308787. Just don't lose money on say wow Richard Rubino thanks for joining us this wonderful weekend which none. We only made fun of each other twice today I think was more than that was a Mormon I was at a future or your right arm I mean not more than five assailing have I was only using one hand. Where you do have to him I don't I know they're not total so there were rich and eyewear so glad you're able to join us and you know in between poking into each other. We help. Folks follow our tools were number one just don't moves from one and number two don't forget rule number one essentially that's what we do. And if you wanna learn more about. How do just that. How to ensure a jury time and I don't worry less. Please logon to a website that just don't. Lose the money dot com to learn more about what you can do to other successful. No way every time. Thanks a listening. And until next weekend saying goodbye on seem like a merger will be don't take it. The information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax or investment advice Richard appeal and Sam length of principles of Cristina Owen plan LLC and are no insurance agency fellow. That's broker's license 178339. I understand rich nor repeat or blacks are registered as investment advisors and don't give investment advice this show was a service to reveal.