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Gregg Jackson

Sep 21, 2007|

Gregg Jackson takes on the issues of the day.

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Nationally syndicated radio show host faith to action radio program she serves the national director. For the center for reclaiming America she spent nine years -- legislative director. For the Ohio right to life where she successfully lobbied for passage of the first. Nation's first partial partial birth abortion. A bang and which President Bush signed into vetoed twice by Clinton she's also it ballistic prolific writer written many many books among them three seconds the common sense what's -- -- to do waiting for mr. right. In decriminalization. Of christianity we're gonna talk a little bit about that with miss Janet Folger was committed to the -- feinberg show Janet. Well it's quite an honor no we it'll have to get to -- first you shouldn't be the most important thing you are organizing Janet. These values voters presidential debate which will be held in Florida I believe on the 17 of September. Why tell our listeners a little bit about how of this debate will be different from the other presidential debates that they've heard of. Getting because it costs from christmas used to skiing -- -- -- -- to leave an absolute. Six east tasking man what's actually going to ask the questions at. -- close to wheat used disorders which of the Beatles could ingest it in Sitka. So -- tasks such issues that we care about. Six to discuss -- with CC a spear who -- the dictate asking questions he's with the Jewish exceptional. Simpson to be exhibit -- -- Social morals and good situation is. The importance for the country's Serbs to and group willing to frame the presidential contest accordingly. Thanks -- see that's certainly people would pick stocks fell shall simply illegal so. Sales manager and it -- consistently association. Source city's team that's it. Swift conservatives it isn't just some more will be asking questions. Since the sudden change in arrangement he -- that you may or. -- the roots to pray in Jesus name for the military certain that it's. It's chilly it exciting to get your news that -- -- -- as we put the release. Your expertise. And it this debate gets -- is believed to. More important to Iowa. -- industry or this continues people didn't supporters and -- -- yeah. We paid for tickets like it tells. He is a family leader's hand picking to get. So -- to get into D looks east coast just (%expletive) test basically going to be able to separate. -- -- interest substance it is X 60. Students be of the candidates -- it was going to be denied choose what we pray. Think speaks section as we such peace symbols -- for the -- that can make the sort Saatchi. We're all sorts in works mistake I am Greg Jackson filling in for Todd feinberg -- listening to. A discussion having with my -- Janet Folger and we're talking about this values voters today many view may not have heard about you're going to hear more about it because I think that this is going to be probably. The biggest debate of of them all. I if you want to join the congressman -- call 8774694322 6172666869 have to ask you two things number one. A lot of our listeners probably can that are wondering define -- values voter has all of these candidates Janet are saying well. I represent the mainstream Americans core values and my you know my values are very important to me but. What values specifically talk about how many values voters. Are there out there because my understanding is that it's the term values voters -- is a euphemism for Christian evangelical conservatives. It's T include some sweetness acidity it's clean we -- speaker it will be Andy's -- and the -- source. Taste tried to rearrange is scheduled to be as the date to -- in this because they're Christian was the year. Jewels -- Family you protect the institution makes marriage as the union on May and a war if you stick fictitious children Israel's -- Was appointed to take -- -- into the voting Booth with you Stewart asking about it. When we hospitals oh section asks potential action peeps to sink its six. Sees that this is sorters are totally insignificant that meant that the Egyptian. Standard sabre claims to be pretzels. That's -- Africa what else. It -- -- if you look at the last presidential race across into the exit polls we -- this typically looking at risk in this case -- suggests local Christians. So who -- 36% of critics that's what's so. Evangelical Christians we will talk with two thirds of the deal bidding up the tension. We were still almost just sorting books in the nation so now what happened for a the evangelical Christians in this awesome tools and with those similar scene is that it the Jews but let's take -- -- -- cultures -- -- to protest the sedation society of the institution of mixed -- It protects the anticipated it to human tissue for a few notes excuse weeks we -- to ever. In the prosecutor and the company that typically speak in the scenario section what -- -- -- -- -- is straight was. -- potential action. Second with seven point 2% to be kidding me means. Weeks that these orders turn asks people have subsidence Vietnam attached. -- people determine who its destiny will be so just. The the the establishment Republican establishment is jamming rhinos down our throats. They're saying here you pick between Moe Larry curly met Rudy and John in all of them are rhinos in in my opinion four in book you'll hear as well a guy like Rudy can beat Hillary my my a you know belief is that a Ryan who has never won there's nothing more that Hillary and her folks would like more. Than to have some like -- or -- be the nominee because they know that evangelicals will sit on their hands during election come Election Day. Do you say to them. To a Republican of this in -- into this a couple of months ago ticket if you are looking. You share it also can agree with your form it's do you. Very worst thing you could do you could get eight Rudy Giuliani at best because it means mean the worker bees everyone knows. Only we've that that the largest group of people who commit up to -- -- to depict the sound of -- and science or else you don't stick to or at least what inadequate. And you hot air base is energized and Oscar is next act it's -- it. Should stick that sees that it permitted if you if you want to beat maybe your issue was if you're a strong defense. -- to maybe you secure -- signals. If you don't care of other issues if you -- -- thing you're claiming picked it these -- that vehicles and take sure. Energies taste that's going to turn the previous -- to stick -- weeks. Gifted people white and some people who saved proxies. Yeah mules to put obstacles -- for like -- Giuliani that you don't take issue which. Text -- -- it stinks and it's going to devote the difference. Yet that is the difference in like you noted can only a third of and showed up in 2004. And you know bush won by four million votes. But if even 20% of them stay at home it's a deadlocked election puts a lot of states in the play and I think you have Hillary Clinton is present for the next eight years. Now we're speaking with Janet Folger she is the president of faith to action you can go to her website which is an unbelievable. Resource by the way linking partnering with about a hundred of the most effective. Pro life pro family organizations in America that's when the cultural war and you can go to her excited F 28 dot org. That Janet. -- askew our guy here in Massachusetts Mitt Romney is being portrayed as the second coming of Ronald Reagan. I know him as Hillary Clinton in drag what what are mayor why is the Republican Party in the establishment especially conservative talk radio not even asking this -- difficult questions. Is he getting up past. What is it with the establishment trying to jam this guy down our throats when we all know that he's a liberal through and through. Just like 20 people understand where this -- of what was gaelic songs. Don't you just a little. Until two years ago that hard -- Abortions supporter he was supposed experts sexual miscarriage he was some contrasts when he was against it in except. In the border and immigration reform. This could decide who -- at -- it was it was a think tank item in the presidential election next week we picked the change. Septic it was so eroded the case. -- was -- to do some specific types who even after his supposed to converse claiming to be lost if he. The Catholic hospitals wouldn't lead -- Christians awake yet to support patients can't be able should not are you kidding me. Steven production. -- get the first that he abortion in health care -- -- just suggests an abortion is a cancer benefit. -- -- this spring chill isn't benefit anybody. You look at that he is the one who taught to what you see yeah. -- leader placed these -- and children it was a homosexual activists horse to. Abortion a seizure due course. And they appealed tactics Beatles -- that please where else interest for an exception agency and often don't make of course business because. -- it's also a chance to put these kids stay. Seek mr. sneak a pleasure to sit and that he has to. This -- there was nothing more he could duel -- nothing he could do. Accord to CDs for governor of Massachusetts enabled Michael to get to certain reasons. Under the family he could absolutely be economic such as circles that he could have tumbles exhaustion didn't you looked to defect. -- civil service soccer. Could be in the state of Massachusetts it was stated this hey I hear you're Christian kids if you if you leave it. Expect that there is no -- is a bridge between -- may -- -- -- -- -- awards you're full of these civil service unions and are you he went out of his way until his. Asked if he could -- -- The campus Dixie he certainly should have need -- it is civil service workers either you do this your spirit. To meet an activist yet to stay. Further -- on the if you look at his typical look at it judicial appointments the Japanese ski. At capitals can you take a look at the deal he wrote about I think that's all -- -- -- -- when he get a chance to appointees is he appointed. The vast majority weren't even look at then he he will pull the actual activists on the course. And then text but -- -- team -- at -- -- -- -- -- order to -- he -- -- is that it pains in her. Going to that you need to are -- going to appoint strict instructional as some people. Oh lead how could he when you had a chance to appoint judges you people's active politics activists the court. Because I don't believe that I didn't I didn't know it again. It release from your opus that explaining that all the specialty record of this guy like he. Apparently came from your -- you don't know about it and he seemed he didn't stop me just say this work mate and they put. Actually that's what my name on it saving -- Thomas -- virtues salvage -- going to be important they would try to chase. About it. This -- that's that thing Janet that's excellent which is that just interested in truth and integrity I think that that's probably. My most important value characteristic that I am looking for an elected leader in general and Mitt Romney's those lines of -- of and so deceptive. And I just take a look at so what he said to the NRA's been hot girls life in -- comes out a week later and as a retraction admitting that he's only hunted actually twice in his life I mean that's a big difference between being a lifetime hunter and actually only gone hunting -- if you can lie about something. That easily with you know what else why should we trust you with -- with anything else and. Declining used inconsistently -- if testicles -- expects. So it's the biggest city to compare with it it's sickening -- risk -- -- issue it spent. -- it before -- -- -- has a different -- people -- -- -- -- into the -- The questions -- -- -- going to be able details skew any of the results were -- -- groups and asking the questions that we -- most of it's related he keeps to its socially asks angel going to be airing at six. His shirt debate -- so -- be -- to study it -- and dictated not keep interest. These candidates stand on issues storm Austin since succeeding. Some extent been beaten egg it's gonna teach students who the leader of the -- world is going to be in -- it -- -- -- disks still. Something inherent -- -- scene -- to succeed but I believe single candidate who care success issues -- beats to the question which are the most about. That Janet we're talking about the values voters presidential debate which is going to be on September 17 you're you're heading it up as president of faith action it's quite impressive list now has Giuliani has not confirm that he will be there -- neither has Romney correct. Okay are you expecting that they will be there. We we encouraging people to us. Sox hit some execs and so thanks to -- -- -- say it is but -- it and its speed to 60 titles CDs and that's -- -- of the campaign for mayor Giuliani expense to be too until 83. -- cities and 2283 sickness and forceful. The reference sneaking it -- 86722886400. The cost of suggestions that since source mister Simpson to be it student who -- to support. This event and that's deep -- within a certain. Take -- but some need it is the camp it's it's because it's in the interest to show. At this stage of the game game it's clear to me that there's only a couple people worth. Claiming to wear them Reagan mantle and speaking of potentially tancredo hunter Newt Gingrich who hasn't obviously announced or and most notably Fred Thompson maybe Sam Brownback is well -- who in your estimation comes the closest to being. What's holding it expects its arsenal in the answers are CNN it was such -- -- said it was all right -- and it and it's. Answers are going to be excited to be so as people what's these. It's the safe -- -- versus 26 pixels to see. Issue we switch to get there to see how these candidates are quite answer the questions scatter the mosques to skate singles in the nation. That was Janet Folger everybody she's the president of faith action she's heading up these values voters presidential debates you can go to her website F to -- dot -- to learn more about it now want to hear from you having heard that and discussion with Janet about the election I know what's going into the labor day weekend a lot of you're going to be watching tennis and enjoying some. Some nice picnics and just relaxation but what are -- want to know what your thoughts are on this can't -- notices something -- debate with my partner co host Kevin. Waylon -- under review on Sunday -- I firmly believe that there is no way they rhino can beat Hillary Clinton for the reasons -- degenerative. And that if we nominate Republicans nominate someone like Giuliani or Mitt Romney. I think you can say hello to president Hillary Clinton but I want to know what you think at 87746943226172666868 is -- able to go to Stephen Braintree -- welcome if you. Greg what's gone on that would only guys you know you and I and Kevin and -- normally like you -- This restaurant about anatomy -- existence to win an election or do you guarantee that Hillary is going to be you can put opening evangelical strong suits. Studies suggest still you're gonna lose this election. We Juqua fiato bring in moderates it was -- sources Reagan did don't mean he was an evangelical. Yes right direction as an evangelical diva ever. See -- -- made his. Personally but that was not what he ran his campaign -- strata market have been slow to stand up and talk about religion and god. You little little in this election fascinating Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani of the -- people going to win this election and probably Fred Thompson was. Steve to do people actually get to actually speak with you when you're talking or you just you just run kind of running the class is this your show should be DI get a word in edgewise here. Steve utilities. Have you ever read the book god and Reagan by pulp and -- Steve why haven't you you you might want to because when you read that book. You'll see that Ronald Reagan was perhaps the most evangelical Christian president we've ever had and that Steve has been the voters' preference. Four -- 231 years now Steve. It's preferred. Christian conservative presidents or those who portrayed themselves to be like Jimmy Carter and president. Bill Clinton did twice -- -- little help from Ross Perot but that is what the preference of the American voter is Steve can you point to a -- that's ever become president. You can submit to you changes which would ride it out -- us we'll see you next to -- Republican in name only -- conservative -- no right -- the people since. Is -- running for president but it is not a minority body maybe because maybe. You know you think you can equipment runs and students. -- to see what's your definition of rhino Republican in Italy who pretend to be Republican -- get elected but as a social liberal. And that didn't speak if you've just described Mitt Romney my friend that's exactly who you know liberal. Where the fact that he supported our rovers -- abortion the fact that he facilitated same sex marriage in yeah. Use -- sort of things that marriage has certainly. Injustices topic -- spoke to do -- constitutional crisis from the state. Actually could have instituted article five or ten of the constitution which he has the right to do is governor of the state to I think it's not a. Did you really think he's going to support gay marriage at the national level come on -- you don't like it -- you want Fred Thompson's. To hit pieces on it because -- Steve first of don't accuse me now like him I introduced him out spoke with them -- -- -- -- introduced him at the conservative political action conference so on this. This -- about me not liking somebody at least on the third greater. -- I'm looking at his record and seeing a man who is the fugitive he's intentionally deceptive about doing it isn't what he believes and imagine achieved at what -- need to support gay marriage or marriage that he threatened to justices of the peace for not issuing same sex. Arsenal and it's not stupid laws are made right by the legislature not I judiciary. Pass the issue and it unfortunately it would decide by the legislature when he took their constitutional vote in the -- Conference need to stick around that what he's supposed to do we dispute between president what's he gonna do. Actually that actually happened in the constitutional convention after he was governor but. I appreciate your -- will get more to your calls 8774694322 6172666868 Kenny Ryan will be Hillary Clinton a Republican in name only you agree with speed is Mitt Romney the only choice or Rudy Giuliani social liberal. -- is running a true Reagan conservative the answer more when we return with Greg Jackson filling in for -- feinberg. Stranger than fiction. But talk of the day is always right here on Boston's talk station AMC TV WRKO. Go to WRKO dot com today -- become much -- insider remember you can win great prizes like in new port wine country get away from you which includes two -- stay in the hotel -- wine tasting expedition and more and why you're there click on the event page to find out how you can support cradle to -- by sponsoring a local child help him or her start the school here upright with a new backpack. School supplies plug on its cradle to crayons dot org or WRK without come to find out now from Boston talk station KM 680 WRKO. 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Where residents will have to boil it before they drank good good morning I'm just able to double York daily news he ordered to boil all water remains -- a fact the town of where -- remain in effect in the matter of fact at least through the weekend. Earlier in the week E coli gulf war were discovered the drinking water health -- said they want to add more chlorine into the town wells of four more testing takes place. The outpouring of sympathy and support continues today in West Roxbury for two members of the -- of fire department lost their lives in the line of duty but you firefighters small scale war in pain were both killed battling a blaze in -- senator street restaurant on Wednesday at. -- -- to -- asserted make -- -- of event which is a code violation of the restaurant have been cited for on two earlier occasions. And police they get North Carolina truck drivers under arrest for children home invasion could be a serial killer water released two other murders. First ordered prosecutors want to talk to -- -- a -- about involves North Carolina police sergeant killed 11 years ago a case is still unsolved authorities say resembles a composite sketch a bearded suspect water for that crime since his arrest -- is also confessed of the murder of a New Jersey woman. There was also occurred during a home -- similar to the one that occurred in the challenge for. A data service the people of sick up that were alive today should visit locally on sick go all the way -- every milestone every adventure this sick go there at every turn. And I'm just able to -- -- working on news. Tonight's estimated mega millions jackpot is 330 million dollars so be sure to dig about mega millions ticket for your chance to win the mass state lottery you have to play these irresponsible. Every day more than 2000 children -- reported missing in the US thankfully the vast majority -- recovered quickly. 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You can ask for special financing for 12 months and on anything in the store. Plus take 10% off all major appliances of 397 dollars or more and 20% off all special order floor so come on down to -- big labor day event. -- now through Monday. And save big it blows let's build something together and now she's tortured WR -- news on demand news news and information on your spiritual. Breaking headlines in WR killed wakeup weather on your mobile device -- -- -- -- -- good news you need around football product. -- a -- golden W portfolio dot com good news on demand and experience the freedom of knows how would you want and where you want to have -- you want. W parker ago dot com. -- is Boston's talk station dams -- JVW. Are very old the the issue on abortion. I've been governor for years. You don't take my word for. You can look what I did as a governor as a governor I came down on the side of life on every piece of legislation that came my way I was on the side of life so it's not just. Take my word for what I've done. Wolf we're not going to take your word for it -- governor because unfortunately. Your word doesn't mean very much to me that Jackson filling in for feinberg and the Kleinberg show here on this Friday. Went into labor day weekend. And we are talking we just it -- fortuitous -- -- action talking about the values voters presidential debate will be interesting to see if Mitt Romney will actually go. To -- To a hack tool debate. Where he's going to be ask difficult questions not puff ball questions the typical questions about his record I happen to know that Janet and her people like Paul Weyrich in Phyllis schlafly are going to be asking difficult questions that are on the minds of the American people not these. Kind of you know. -- not inconsequential nonsensical absurd questions are often asked these debates. The American people -- really deserve to know the true positions of the candidates and the one thing I respect about you know we're talking to Steve who called and accused me of you know what do I have against Mitt Romney in you know he's the only one who can be Hillary Clinton will that's the question worth asking I happened. To believe that if you look at history only. The you know the American people prefer Christian conservative presidents like it or not might not be politically correct for -- states so but I'm gonna say it anyway. Because that's what history. Demonstrates to -- you can go through from Italy's starting with McKinley the first president of the 20 century. And you can go all too real Woodrow Wilson Truman Eisenhower you know all the way to -- Ronald Reagan George Bush JFK to a certain extent. And be rhinos -- the the social liberals the moderates the -- waters before they lose and they lose big. So -- you know unless somebody can prove otherwise you know hey look I will I'll be the first one Italian I'll hold my nose and vote for Rudy Giuliani he's the candidate. But like Janet Folger said. There's not going to be millions of evangelical Christians values voters who believe in the sanctity of marriage in the sanctity of life who will be willing. To hold their nose and go to the polls and vote in that by the way when when you don't have your page you don't win so Steve asked me hey you want to win what the answer is yes I do want to win. And two women you need to have your base and like it or not. Steve and others if you who shares Steve's opinion I don't want to pick on Steve he's probably nice guy I mean inning against you Steve. But the fact of the matter is. That you have Hillary Clinton as president if you do not follow history and give the voters what they want to. Just a radio station has to give their listeners what they want. Well so does a you know. The Republican establishment better wake up and realize that voters reject which is why Mitt Romney can't break double digits in national polls. Even though he spent the most money. They better wake up and realize that we're gonna have Hillary Clinton as president so. Hey look I'm just trying to sell me the the alarm bells here and I do believe it's possible that you can have a pro life pro family and military pro national defense president all of once I don't want to hear that well you know in its national securities the most important thing for me. And that's what I'm voting on well yeah that is true national security is very important but why can't we have -- across the board conservatives they're the ones that actually went. Folks this isn't this isn't rocket science Ronald Reagan clearly showed us the way to win landslide elections the way to get. Reagan Democrats independents to build a law of broad coalition. And win a landslide election is to run an across the board conservative and is the only ones who come close to that I know -- could endorse any of them. But the only ones that come close to that in my estimation -- Fred Thompson he had Newt Gingrich you have brown back. And you have huckabee who I'm very very impressed with I don't really know by like is right the idea of the fair tax that's and that's another issue for another day what do you think. Can a rhino beat Hillary Clinton it to I think probably the most important election in US history 2000 and that the Democrats win I think -- can say goodbye to America. Which might be another. Stick for the others know. But I believe that once we have hate crimes laws once we have the fairness doctrine imposed once we join a global warming treaty -- treaty and -- a carbon tax. And we will have more open borders the funding of our military significantly higher taxes I think this country's finished. And so that's why I think that it's so important. That we don't listen to the establishment whose ramming Mitt in -- down our throats and this is why. I'm really curious to see that it is values voters presidential election debate you to call 8774694322. Is the number 6172666868. If you want to give me your opinion what do you think in a rhino at like admit or how to hear from its supporters Rudy Giuliani spores may York case because you know if you look at a lot of these Democrats strategists as I have whether it's a Carville or and any of these other written very reputable you know talking heads that you see on Fox News they all have acknowledged that Hillary's worst nightmare. And even Dick -- says this is somebody like huckabee. Or somebody like -- Thompson who has that cross -- appeal. Who who will be able to solidify the solid south that went Nixon's weigh in hasn't -- sense. And if you don't have that base ensuring that you get all of those states. And by the way looked George Bush was an evangelical Christian I don't know how conservative he's been on a lot of issues but perceived to be a conservative Christian a lot of those states that are -- that were blue states that went carries -- Only generally went -- way and I think that if which were stronger candidate you would it seemed Minnesota Pennsylvania in Michigan go Bush's way he narrowly lost those states are what will it take it'll take a more articulate conservative it. Two two win those states -- when lance that's my point yet could be wrong let's go to Christian Salem Chris welcome to Todd feinberg show you're on with Greg Jackson. I don't. I'm doing well Chris you would definitely very I would definitely say that articulate is speaking aware at what you're referring to George Bush because he definitely is not. Just a quick question yes it's our. The other side the last. And friends to George Bush's evangelical as -- do you really be of putting. And forcing more conservative. We -- -- is the idea considering such the last. He George Bush don't you feel that this would be to -- -- -- paltry. I do expect. I just think that. He's really turning people law that -- and -- for more so than ever -- It was a lot why would why would be a Republican why would Republicans be concerned it's a thoughtful question Chris why would. Concern why should Republicans be concerned what the left thinks of they're they're nominee watched them. Thinking of of something I think Democrats to get -- It's totally you know with more children you know orchids of voting age. Says atheists in six people that so what's the rule should act show this and that's. -- -- responsible government must they're going to go away. I don't know that I don't know that more kids are growing up atheists and. Only I've I've I don't know the age difference between you looks at ID day in and day out I'd ever. Stewart today announced -- I'd even more and more yet so let's listen to supplement it's it's it's this thing. You you you you making good point in in -- anecdotally speaking you may be correct reliving the post modern culture but still we're living in a society where almost 90% of Americans claim to be quote unquote Christians and again I have to go back to history and -- you can disprove. History an empirical evidence that has proven time and time again that by and large Americans prefer across the board Christian conservatives. And I'm not saying that has to be a preacher but what I am saying is that it has to be candidates. Who is primarily under record did in influenced by their faith and I'm not saying an overtly religious the president. But the fact matters if you look at Ronald Reagan's you know Steve said Reagan was an evangelical and actually everything that Reagan did shed believed in was able to accomplish if you read god and Ronald Reagan by Paul can gore and many other books that. That all say the same thing which is that his his faith in god -- seminal to everything he was able. To accomplish so I don't think that we need to run a candidate who's more like Democrats to appeal I think what we need to do is to appeal to what's most Americans the vast majority. Of Americans want which is pro life pro family pro second amendment pro military pro American. Pro anti you know -- people who oppose illegal immigration and people who aren't afraid two you know. Two to talk about their faith in god is being very important in the decisions that they make. All right let's let's gimme gimme a call if you wanted to talk about this issue we're talking about whether you believe. A rhino. Can't beat Hillary Clinton in 2000 and I think it's an important discussion. -- have a Republican in name only I don't believe that they can if you want to call us into the -- 8774694322 let's go to John in Bedford hey John welcome to show. The morning good morning -- I I don't believe one can be elected I am the that Democrats be in the majority in the house. Right now is due to dissatisfaction with the so called Republicans in the where they're acting -- election yes. Going to vote -- them it was a vote against some. I -- we need someone it's gonna rain this country that can we -- to do what we're in big big -- we need an extreme right wing. I I don't know extremist but I I just think mainstream because the mainstream to see the discussion John you bring up a good point 2006 wasn't didn't happen because Republicans -- liberal enough 2006 happened because Republicans acted like Democrats and the Republican base stayed at home. And so if -- if if you want to win a landslide election you gotta follow George Washington's quote he says true religion affords to government it surest support you have James Madison the father of our constitution was a fourth. Pressing United States John who said religion is the basis and foundation of government would we'd lose sight of that. No matter how politically incorrect that is when they're talking about religion they're not talking about islam. They're talking about Judeo Christian values that emanate primarily. From the Bible. Now when we lose sight of that and when we went our elected representatives don't represent represent those core values and beliefs were silk. Well Benjamin Franklin also -- with long enough here in the sense that we appreciate these sparrow alternate around. Seeks out -- unlawful Fred Thompson mall for me to totally keep out of. You know John and that's the thing any buddy on the left will tell you that Benjamin Franklin was a -- both these ideas. Then -- back then we're pretty pretty hardcore evangelical Christians for. -- DS I am eligible to sit at the right hand of god. Well I appreciate I appreciate the call John thank you very much let's go right back to the phones. We have time for for for some more calls before -- let's go to one more call then we'll take the rest your calls after break let's go to Steve in Georgetown Steve welcome to the top five -- Euro with Greg Jackson. Aren't you sick good -- and I don't want -- the Spanish inquisition was a state based initiative as well. Sort of have to -- just so much this -- models. And we'll give you an example Steve what. Or use abortion is not a piece of the 60s just announced that -- -- But oh thank -- % and I never said boost wasn't evangelical which says it from the city is now. -- -- is in many in many it doesn't mean he's not an evangelical Christians -- it. It would people just victory can mean since who has -- So me subsides she was essentially use the social moderate you don't know anything cool water -- the moderate game or not are conservative. He's the father of conservatism in your book it was a huge single -- whole property the school. -- people where we're all -- The evangelical Colby -- College in waterville Maine not probably the most but I didn't it was left leaning college probably not one conservative professor at the school. Would you what right. Okay so you're and then that was it has been misinformation and oh did this information and you said the so much misinformation go ahead demeanor. I don't think others were not -- of course they were -- is not ask broke. Woody wrote on book form that we went over that attack Tripoli atlas -- snuggled with you we we are not. Not founded on christianity. Okay three. Steve thanks thanks for the call actually what he said Morgan go to break is we have no government armed with the power capable of contending with human passions. And -- -- -- morality. And religion our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people it's wholly inadequate. For the government of any other that's what John Adams said John Adams was no -- sir. Act with more of your COLT can a rhino become. President and beat Hillary Clinton 87746 4322617666868 more on the -- feinberg showed Greg Jackson filling in when we return. commandN we have multiple personalities who members league chairman talks all the time -- tell -- -- -- lock. This is Boston's talk station AM succeeding WRK zero. Thinking about taking on one last summer project this weekend. Then lows big labor day event is the place you should be looking and because now if you put 299 dollars or more under -- consumer credit cards you can ask for special financing for 12 months and on anything in the store. 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Values voters who believe in Judeo Christian values and principles the pro marriage they're pro they're from they're pro life we -- Steve call up my -- can't let this one -- and -- accuse me of all sorts of disinformation and misinformation he he pointed to the fact that I accuse George Bush's. I'm not being a evangelical Christian which we can replay the show I never said of course I would never seen anything like that he is a rhino in certain regards. I will say. But he brings up the treaty of Tripoli in order to show that the founders were the guests and secularist like John Adams. That's a bogus thing this treaty of Tripoli that the secularist report. Shows that the -- United States of America was a secular nation it's actually ridiculous if you want to know the true. Nature of our founding fathers religious views you should buy my book conservative come back to liberalize. You go to chapter which is a point by point refutation of the most common claims left from agency especially if you have kids going off to the Marxist. Much Ross's. Not in a few weeks before you send them back to the Colby college's of the of the world. Where they're going to be indoctrinated you gotta buy my book conservative come back to liberalize its very very popular among college students. Who needed the information the factual information to debunk a lot of allies left especially. Especially the biggest we'll have them all that our country our nation was founded on secular principles that the founders rolled the guests. It's just absolutely absurd. And then. You talk about I can't let this by Steve talks about the inquisition he said the Spanish inquisition was George Bush's. Faith based initiative with Steve I got news for -- panel. There's an inquisition going on United States of America but it's not a Christian inquisition Christians if you haven't noticed. Have been pushed off into cages in demonized in marginalizing compared -- were a throat cutting jihad it's Steve. It's your side the humanist laughed that are that that are involved in an inquisition of sorts trying to. Demonize and criminalize christianity so it's the the left the humanist left and by the way. The religion of humanism is a Supreme Court. Sanctioned religion and it is government subsidized in funded they don't tell me it's not a religion. But I want to pick that up on the next side of the break we're gonna go to your calls were going to talk about whether a rhino can become president. And I believe that look we need a strong evangelical Christian conservative president and leaders that have those values like no other time in -- his. -- we want to talk radio window of personality. Rush Limbaugh every week they removed the glory hole lead here on Boston's talks vision. -- six maybe WRKO. He is promising to act does need to keep the credit crisis from hurting the national economy investors have been hoping for for an expansion from central bank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Analyst Jeffrey Frankel believed I don't -- the Fed will cut its most important interest rate now at five point 25%. The -- wasn't for specific in his remarks today that completed the central bank is keeping an eye on the issue. Which is well US and international markets we sent us that in. Crisis President Bush speaking shortly faxing these videos ms. Johnson at the white. It has White House spokesman Tony Snow insists this is not a -- -- of the lending industry the president announcing a series of steps to help people -- loans they have trouble paying. And it gets a sub prime customers -- FHA -- he'll also talk about working with congress to clamp down on predatory lenders. On Wall Street so far the Dow up. 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This is your home for preview of original provocative talk. Boston's talk station AM succeeding bill what you all are. Okay. I forget that name after. My dad's first president Mitt Romney quarterback for the Chicago Bears in the 1920s it's not a game show you know this is not a football game this is what we're move -- -- -- write published come down off that horse of -- sometimes it's not a hair question I'm sorry. I gave would give my. -- funds aren't going to -- up but the crowd right now. On Boston's talks there should pay him six -- move. That's a scary thing WR field. -- -- -- -- Happy Friday the hall. We are in the midst of the heated discussion right now about whether. The Republican in name only can win in 2000 and beat Hillary Clinton who I think is the presumptive nominee. And you know we we spoke with Janet Folger last hour who is. Heading up the values voters to debate which is going to be huge debate on fox community span. Hopefully some the other big networks will will pick it up which is really going to separate the wheat from the chaff and I believe. That if somebody like Giuliani or or Mitt Romney goes they're going to have to answer some very very difficult questions about their beliefs and their record. And it will demonstrate I think clearly that. At their core values and beliefs are not the ones that are shared by the largest voting bloc in America. Who are known as values voters those who believe in a Judeo Christian. A world view their pro family -- pro child their pro life. They're pro traditional marriage they're pro limited government there are hawks on defense. And so I think that you know when you look at history and they can with the great debate right now if you have a a significant number of establishment Republicans saying we do we need a moderator positions this is what we need to do to win to have cross over appeal. -- like Giuliani has that he put a lot of blue states and play it and maybe he does that he puts a state like who knows California or New York in the in the play. Although I would. Disagree and point to the fact it actually Ronald Reagan won the most -- -- and he was significantly more conservative and that no rhino has ever been able to win a national election. And so that's the question that I'm asking here on the -- feinberg -- him he rhino defeat Hillary Clinton in 2000 any. And the numbers -- have a 74694322. Yeah because the bottom line here is this that if you look at the history presidential elections. Americans want to conservative evangelical president who supports Judeo Christian ethics. That's I mean that's what the record shows you look at Washington you'll look at linking you look at Reagan they were the most powerful presidents in the history of this country. They were also the most godly. Days in the Bible and prayer. And I don't think it's a coincidence folks that they were the most powerful president's against all odds achieving what they were able to achieve Washington winning the revolution. You look at a Lincoln preserving the union abolishing slavery against all odds and then Lincoln excuse me Reagan doing with six of his predecessors were unable to do. Defeating godless communism without firing a single shot. Now it was. Has these guys were just great guys know. I believe it's because what Ronald Reagan believed which is that the United States is this super it's this super power. And the super nation of history because we are super naturally. Empowered that's what the founders believed and other -- that's what most Americans have -- for 300 years. So this isn't novel this isn't this isn't new in any regard what's new is effective we have people like Steve calling in saying that were secularist nation founded on secularist principles that we need to become more secular secular by the way it's just another synonym for humanist which is but just that the oldest religions going dating back to the garden the religion that makes god man. It's the same religion on which communism and nazism were found it. It's humanism folks there's two confused you going on here right now in America that this is they -- this is a spiritual war. That is going on right now that didn't didn't end in the civil war between north and south and it's a battle between right and left. Generically speaking the right being those who believe in Judeo Christian worldview moral absolutes right and wrong truth absolute truth and those in the left. Like Bill Clinton who says it depends on what your definition of the word is is. The -- moral relative this post modern -- humanist they make it up as they go along. It all depends on situation or mores and values that's what the humanist manifesto shows. And that's the that's the great battle of part day folks. That's the battle hard day and it and it those the Republican Party. Don't wake up and realize that the voters prefer those who were in touch with traditional. Judeo Christian values and ethics and were willing to advance them. And advocate on behalf of them they will lose Hillary Clinton will become president in our country is finished let's go to the phones. Let's go to who's up next we got let's let's go to -- George Springfield your next up on the top feinberg show welcome jump. I'm great yourself. People first -- you know I had people -- there is an important Arab. Well yeah you people meeting yeah I get all the time that a joke I'm too much -- for the Republican Party you know on the on the spokesperson you know I I give -- talking points from the White House it's ridiculous it's it's. I -- group which Arabs it. There's a chance to god that I mean. Democratic candidate can be -- right. I think that everybody in this country wants recruitment the president. Do you think that that she would actually you know put up some kind of a challenge to -- usually in at least. We wouldn't hurt battle because remember recruit -- potential -- center site. The token I can answer your question yeah if you look at the real clear politics and go right now Hillary -- through and by the way that's before of about 70% of Americans don't even know. Is he mean these polls right now are largely name recognition they don't even know that he basically is a social liberal in fact -- significant majority of them believe he's pro life who believes in traditional marriage. I don't think this country won't we'll put her -- just. You look at -- A minute claim that we get a minute I don't know I don't know whether Robert that the ex President Clinton and so imminent. Back in the White House together I just don't -- to Tokyo on that kind of basis so well but they would never do that did well -- curriculum on have a child. Well Joe let me let me just say that's number one you might be right may be her her negatives are so -- and maybe she's such a polarizing figure. The Republicans are just going to come out hold their nose and vote but I have to I don't know if you heard that the interview with Janet Folger did you hear the interview in the first. I was like just got in the car. Well I interviewed Janet -- -- the she's she's what you would call a staunch cultural warrior on the front lines she runs faith to action she setting up. This debate its values voters debate on September 17 in Florida and she even agreed that. The fact of the matter is that some of us. Values voters I consider myself to be of diapers wishful hold their nose and vote for somebody like Giuliani or even Mitt Romney I have to admit. Come Election Day I'm not one of those guys like Michael savage he -- stay at home. Because look I'd rather have a -- I socialist than a full Marxist in the bar in the but by the same token here's the thing I want to win GO and if you look at history that the history shows Joe that there are a lot of people like you -- me out there that will hold our nose there are millions of people. Who are staunch across the board conservatives that won't work the phone banks they won't pass out flyers they won't raise money. They won't go make sure they go to the polls and vote. I mean yes so as Signet you know a portion of this will hold our nose but not enough to beat Hillary and I don't want to see Hillary becoming president so the antidote. Well just look at history Reagan made it clear just be just just the Republicans nominate an across the board conservative but that's the solution it works -- But -- -- they're Democrats -- all my -- Democrats are given other kids in my position the there are the ones. They're going to hold our nose and maybe just maybe -- that other ticket the they just don't like for escalating achieved this short supply Jordan figured you'd which are mainstream -- who have regularly. That's what we want. Right Joe I had pretty thoughtful call I appreciate it my friend let's go let's go to Richard. You're next on the -- feinberg on the -- find virtually Richard. You know what -- -- seems to be a good old boy network. We need to -- a little bit I mean because. And -- sleep. At a loss of America which is -- of the good old boy network but tired of seeing. See Clinton to see you know -- please you know -- that there is something wrong when -- when you have only males as the so called off site. Assad in individuals. You should get a little -- who sang the only white males are qualified to be president. You sit in that anyone saying next Oscars this problem you Saddam's intelligently we we we reached -- problem because. Because often see Italy has been through history that only white males. So we need to shake it up this this country is no quote unquote only. We'll be equally little boys -- -- the white males or what these so called Croatian conservative we need any candidate who are. Everyone's so mean. You can't overlook that you question who's the candidate who's for everyone. Richard who it's for everyone who stands for do you think -- a candidate who actually represents the views do you think that America monolith that we all have the same views. Yeah and it in your it and it's -- candidate who everyone. You were answering my -- you need -- sequestered we have the candidate. Who represents everyone we communicated it reprimands -- -- because -- Some weeks to retain his truck enter into your collection I mean because we -- a country tone flow awarding medals. So all we need to I'm country and we look an upbeat. So what is. I'm asking a question I -- you've made that point you obviously have something against white males here. It was total just pretend it's its own. Why are you introducing skin color why should that matter should it be merit with somebody believes their core values and beliefs what are you introduce color. You you mean the company that -- history they have not been a qualified Kennedy weather's warmer weather depressed -- Carla who's not able to take off I don't. -- don't nationals because that's who the voters have voted or just because that's -- can people or are all racist is what you're saying right -- -- -- -- -- two point Richard you know you know making a point where every point point about what's going to. Point that America needs to change we need to change that shaking up a little bit of tennis changes in the city. The site the so called conservatives come on let's see who would -- -- -- just -- -- city east -- 5% of the cipro or some of these an expanded broke Italy that's better benefits he just sort of people. Richard let me let me ask -- question you that the Hispanic vote what did you say 48%. -- about you know much do you know much George Bush won in 2000 for the Hispanic vote. You know do you now what could only 6% now well I don't know what to tell me. But I certainly know enough to know that you don't know what you're talking about the drop was exporting no goods -- to -- first reported. -- website without -- -- people turned out. Hey Richard it's your question Hispanics went 40% for George Bush and blacks went almost 14% for George Bush. Do you have a replied an average. Doctor I want one hell not a lot of people's. Just -- brought. It is almost half of Hispanics went for George Bush so obviously he's rappers. A -- -- but certainly Iran the Islamic and so he's he's he's expressing his belief that you actually can deter or your you know. When Iverson that Richard yeah or censored censored what you spew RO. Well you Richard you know that this conservative this is Christian value c'mon you know. Christian values they don't run a country George Bush we're we're gonna be seen whether -- the start of it's just. Thanks thanks thanks thanks for the call what do you think folks Richard seems to think two George Bush's failure this country was founded on Judeo Christian values that we need to shake things up no more white males you know. -- president what do you think 87746943 TT six -- 7666868 -- well Richard you're entitled. To your opinion that the good old boys network. The fact of the matter is. Want to ask -- secondary question what do you think America's gonna look like with Hillary Clinton becomes president. If the Democrats socialists take the White House and maintain a majority in congress. Do you think we'll have hate crimes laws do you think we'll have the fairness doctor do you think will enter a global warming treaty -- -- much. You think it's socialist health care -- socialist health -- Rory halfway there by the way will make this country better off if we become a fully secular socialist country because that's where the Democrats want to take the question is can they rhino Republican in name only. -- Hillary Clinton that's what we're after an 87746943. Tutu and notes go back to the phones let's go to Jeff in middle -- hey Jeff. Let's go to Greg in Brockton hey Greg. Thanks for your show is under percent right -- I know will get trounced but. It costs meant to submit -- me -- industry under Richard. Some test -- crusaders state that make it occasions saying that the next step institutions would sit with the ten commandments of now put that court on the board. I think here and yet. Some that this was a quote James missed -- System tools James Madison in the tell me what is that ten minutes -- -- -- there so the US constitution. He's also the fourth present the United States he said religion is the basis and foundation. Of government issue what's happening here Andrea and nobody Greg you called a show often. -- very thoughtful concerned us citizen out there. And kudos to you for posting the ten -- you she what's going on right now is affected the humanist left. Has been on me in inquisition imposing a humanist theocracy in this country for the past 50 years. And now they're accusing quote unquote Christians. Of imposing a Christian theocracy on this country had one caller earlier I don't know if you heard him compare George Bush's faith based doctrine. To the inquisition -- a little quote you you're probably aware of this I do you know who -- potter is. Do so would see terrorists yes you mean there sir. She asked potter wrote humanism a new religion. And he basically proposed turning public education in the -- its religious schools using by the way our tax dollars to evangelize gullible. Children and then he had his buddy John Dewey who is the -- -- It -- would do week there were secularist. And. Just gonna say is that you know what world we're talking about this this debates and you know how how much. You know where -- these values come from. And you know you have certain -- saying that Christians are trying to you know it's time for changes no longer Christian nation the founders were the national all of that. Listen I want to read you -- quote. This is -- CS potters that. Listeners you need to put down your -- pull off to the side of the road if you've never heard this before you have to listen to this quote by -- potter he wrote education. We have a posted on the blog under review. Education is the most powerful allies humanism and every American school is -- school of humanism. What can in the -- Sunday schools meeting for an hour once a week in teaching only a fraction of the children. Dude to stem the tide of a five day program of humanist humanistic religious teaching so very humanistic its modern education no religion. Has a -- has as a future unless it be humanism. The religion of tomorrow an American all the world may not be in all respects identical with the religious humanism we are advocating in this book. But it might will be mightily like it. -- of the same spirit. And folks he was a very precious guy is that's at the -- national education association has been doing for 40 years that's what the left has been doing for the past 40 years. And if Republicans think that the answer to reversing 40 years. Of post modern is thinking moral relativism Greg. Secularism is to become more like this secularism to run like Morton Rudy Giuliani who thinks it's okay. Two destroy babies in the womb until and by the way and that it's okay for two homosexuals to marry one another. If it if that's where we've come -- America and it's -- if people -- they're saying that that's the answer for the Republican Party that we need to become more like the humanist themselves I'm sorry but we're done. Chris yeah all right you probably know that came field so that acquittal of his presidency but it but he what is. Just a Christian an actual date ministers successful Jesus saves you -- some distant -- signed -- sort of scrutiny you know you may have stood in camera crew is wonderful 28 page the rules -- deception. Up -- down fetters wonderful piece called Mitt happens. It isn't it stinks for example that Ross and he didn't stepping up up ahead of the DFS who cross into two gigs at his parents to the because systems analyst -- Yet he could've and that's a thing at least -- is honest about who he is. And by the way you don't think all of you -- supporters out there that Hillary isn't waiting to unload the very same information that Greg just shared on this program. It is that you know suspicious in all of her other operatives are are -- all of this stuff has all of these dirt. On Giuliani in in Romney and that they will unleash it to suppress the values voters on Election Day. You teammate. Plan to wake up either we stand in and and firmly. Back across the board conservatives or we will lose this election I could be wrong. I don't have a crystal ball but that's what I want to find out from hey this is an interesting conversation -- continued on the other side of the break it's 774694322 can rhino become. President defeat Hillary -- I think that's what I want to know we're going to take it back up with you more of your calls in a flash. Talk radio the way it was meant to be we should know goes we'd invented. And that's bulletproof vest fifth -- -- -- -- is exactly double. 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Longtime Boston firefighters Paul Taylor Lauren -- both lost their lives earlier this week and a fast moving blaze the time -- Mandarin restaurants that are straight. One firefighter remains hospitalized but a suspected released sometime today -- investigation that deadly blaze also continue as the restaurant where the fire broke out haven't cited twice ability clean grease -- of invents rescuers also want to talk it's a restaurant workers who left the scene. Ask a nearby surrounded called not want and haven't been seen since. Boaters looked at congressional district go to the polls next week to decide who will be facing off and the battle to replace former congressman Marty Meehan a new poll -- says a democratic contests our race people city councilor Eileen Donoghue and Niki Tsongas. And mash -- pompano like Indian tribe file the paperwork needed to have their Atlanta Middlesbrough declared a sovereign tribal territory. -- father -- of the federal department of interior affairs yesterday. But approval would take up to 18 months to accomplish. Update is a service up the history channel truth is out there they're digging for duty for the truth is back review hosted a new season that takes archeology -- new extremes Monday's not O'Clock can only on the history channel. And I'm just able to WRKO news. Most is Boston's talk station damn security WRKO. Back in the that's fine for show Greg Jackson filling in. Go to -- let's take Greg Jackson back Hamachi he's five my book if you have a kid. That you send them back to school you need to buy him a copy of conservative comeback to liberalize. Issue by issue responses to the most common claims of the -- from -- yet spent five years writing it 400 pages of just responses to the most absurd lies of the laughed and from agency they've lost the electoral debate folks my book proves it. Yet we don't read don't spend time with you wasting you know reading 50 different books and that the different subjects. Get your one stop shop in conservative apologetic elect conservative politics. If you need to inoculate your kids you know you do with that certain diseases you need to inoculate them to -- -- the left conservative comebacks. To liberal lies is the book go out and get it we got about a 45000 copies in print. It especially especially popular among college kids. We're using it to a fight back against their Marxist professors but also home schooling parents are emailing me from all around the country started their kids off. 13 14 years old I'm reading this stuff because hey look they're talking about all these things same sex marriage abortion global warming all of these things are relevant folks -- you need to make sure that your kids know what the facts are let's we're talking about whether a rhino Republican in name only. Can't beat Hillary Clinton there's a big debate among Republicans to Democrats don't have debates risk basically either your left when Marxist or if they all of their debates are pretty humorous if you've ever heard of they don't disagree on really anything substantial. They all believe in socialist you know cradle to grave welfare and and health care and gay marriage is difficult civil unions they won't use the term -- marriage abortion on demand all of these things that the the the leftists humanist. I agree with but at least here on the right were having somewhat of -- debate. A culture debate an intelligent debate on whether a more moderate rhino Republican in name all only social liberal type of Republican can beat Hillary Clinton I don't believe if you look at history that one can. And I think that Hillary will trounce someone like Rudy -- -- could be wrong could be wrong but we want to hear -- 87746943. Two to hear on the Todd feinberg show Greg Jackson filling elliptical right back to the club that's -- day and in -- again welcome to WRKO. An -- program. 60 increase you know 19 delighted with everything that is they all the -- -- -- was tied into the book in front of me -- almost -- of the name. It changes in the program today and it entitled and it would be a Democrat. The space seeking the enemy in my religion. Yeah -- to do it but I antiterrorist I haven't read but am familiar with -- yes it you know can be secured. What are you mean where you can buy the book strong currency go to Amazon by not sure it isn't accurate if anybody out there particularly in democratic. As that was it was Sunday the number and -- it. It is it is really sucks I'm at the ultimate senator from Rhode Island -- the young and the head of the Senate down there ran for national office. And didn't make it and he is extremely what's going to pass like everything you've said today I mean it just. In the past the railroad track right beside everything you. Does it look if you look if you look at history the and you look at. The the the Catholic vote and it looked Catholics are more pro life then evangelical Christians by in large. Catholics god love Catholics because they are on the front lines -- the ones. -- go to the planned parenthood abortion mills and they pass out the pamphlets and they're the ones that are reaching out in love to people considering having an abortion. And god love Catholics and the biggest way to suppress the Catholic vote and by the way in you know. A significant amount a critical mass of Catholics that is the most important issue to them if you can't protect the the sovereignty of life. The sanctity of life excuse me that nothing else is really that important to them and that's what motivates him to go to the polls in the fastest way to suppress that vote stand. Is to run -- pro abortion candidate. We're some who's nominally pro abortion he can't really tell with -- I -- an ethnic and pro abortion trying to burnish his conservative credentials by disingenuous -- talking about how its pro life and he had this miraculous conversion talking to some embryology just at Harvard gimme a break but the fact of the matter is the fastest way to -- spirit demoralized and suppress that vote is to run a pro abortion candidate and you know and -- you can prove otherwise no pro abortion candidate has ever become president. Is it that possessed the Catholics in Massachusetts. To continue to vote democratic wing of the Democratic Party doesn't support the issues that should be important -- these Catholic. Why that's the million dollar question -- had threatened -- yeah we got to -- Where we have a lot of it and I don't want to get too far down the track in Massachusetts but I believe that there is an Indian an aspect of the whole debate in the comes down to gerrymandered districts so protected district that is largely diluted the collective voice of Catholics you know hey look at Catholics united around the state of Massachusetts around. Sanctity of life and sanctity of marriage and maybe a couple of other fiscal issues may be -- collectively and evangelical Christians together make a difference in quit you know electing these Communists like Barney frank -- Tierney. And all of these other they're Communists I mean what's that called Democrats there -- no more interested in democracy that Hugo Chavez's. These people are Communist that are afraid to call themselves socialists which it was Bernie Sanders is. Is it -- Xena took himself a socialist and you can appreciate the -- get a full board here with. In hitting them and welcome to the -- feinberg show him a rhino defeat Hillary in 8 I I've really want to focus directly and specifically on that question I agree with all of your -- certainly the -- And it and it rhino be elected against Hillary Clinton and usually -- the -- -- -- Make your success is because really. Because of the part of the Republican Party we recruit partners work. But there's a change this year and if there's an emperor in which Hillary should be cord in to help -- ago. What's in good point bolstered her. Like art Democrat able because river facility with the war or conservative but it economists is that about that. To get him because if you look at and I appreciate that all very very thoughtful call on then. From paying them they'd -- adept Democrat in name only -- it wasn't too happy if you look at the Democrat party in the once there -- at least. American pro military patriotic Americans like JFK by the way a supporter of McCarthy and about anti Communist those were real Democrats those of the Democrats in my grandparents deported. And that I probably would have supported largely but. Look at these Democrats right now I think it's safe to say are Democrats in name only they're Communist. Tests folks I mean come on would you quit with the Democrat progressive they're not called themselves liberal anymore they call themselves progressives. I would books that you know where the term progresses come from. You know that that's a Communist term do you know that the progressive party in America was attacked by the Soviet Union do you know that Truman's excuse me. And that FDR's VP Henry Wallace ran in the progressive party to Soviet Union tack ticket. But she didn't know that so -- when they're calling themselves progresses it's just code for Communist folks to go back to the phones. Let's go to the next as good a Christian Hampstead hey Chris welcome them back to WRKO. -- Ferrero I'm doing well thanks I can't let that comment on on African Americans the you know republic and I mean -- and the Democrats aren't certain in the Senate and congress. And this absolutely which which comment on strikers -- it's the good old boy comment. Casey have Richard from Natick who said that the good old boys are white males are. You know they've kept blacks and women out of politics and it's time for a change basically look for any. You've been saying you know a few feet and and -- -- -- -- date yeah eaten out of this should be a polite yes well only the Democrats. You know giving them efficiently -- the -- that the Cuban I had done it needs the water while they're like -- -- gulf. Take one step -- my friend. Democrat parties of the leadership the Democrat party -- talk about -- few weeks ago when it filled in for qaeda -- weakened show. I'm not saying all Democrats folks saying the leadership the Democrat party. Our secret racist in my opinion they keep it to themselves but look at what they support look at the policies that they support there -- blatantly racist you look at affirmative action basically he's considering somebody's skin color. On the basis of hiring and admissions you look at Social Security. Social Security who does that hurt the most. Well it hurts black mail. African Americans the most because they have the shortest life expectancy who would stand the most to gain from individual voluntary accounts -- that a third of all abortions of the one point five million abortions are performed. And free 21 year old black. Females in this country that black babies are dying at an epidemic rate and that it's largely white limousine liberals like Hillary Clinton. It seek. To keep. We'll abortion safe legal and rare you talk about a a total contradiction in terms safe legal and -- I'd like liberal to tell me how you safely to dismember a baby. But anyway Democrats are racist okay it was just get up. Presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton who routinely use the testing G -- word -- in conversations to describe her husband that the Morse is attested to it's Jesse Jackson that referred to New York is tiny town. It is who's the -- the reverend Al Sharpton who especially the holt who want to Brawley thing in the in the murder Hickel -- in on this -- document in my book. Who referred to new who referred it uses diamond merchants. I mean come on folks you talk about racism let's let's call you know. Facts here let's be factual. Democrats did Democrat leadership support the very same policies that -- -- opposition to two. Pictures to school choice it is especially hindered and you talk about the soft bigotry of low expectation that it demoralized and that of and an entire generation of blacks like keeping them in -- inferior government run schools run by literally white NEA people you come on folks Chris great point a let's go right back to the phones can any rhino. And they rhino become president in defeat Hillary Clinton is the question it's an important debate that. That we're having here let's go back to the phone disputed joyful in Boston welcome to WRKO Jules. Yeah yeah what's doin' fine folks at an event and in and I think -- I speak on behalf Tyler in the whole group of digital. So on Clinton make a point fourth just sad now that that democratic in my opinion now our races. And just in the fact that throughout history dirty know what happened throughout history and the bad things don't always count from Democrat you know you understand me. It's it's just -- it. Just with a civil war in the fact that they try to preserve slavery. And yeah I did this unify the country yes exactly. And it that they can't are offended enough to -- then we ought not that not just the biggest Democrat state. In the United States. Anecdotally speaking from my experience one of the most blatantly racist and I have lived in sheer -- I've lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. And nowhere have I heard the and word used as much as I eat here regularly used in in Boston, Massachusetts. Oh Vienna -- -- history as to Leo we have a history of racism and it's so some different apartment or little you know although the biggest. -- fight to they have like history to. But I wanted to get to the point that. I don't know why -- -- called earlier today it's -- that we need it changed. If we had a change in my opinion if bush would never president. The war of direct -- -- keep -- here in the United States I would have been awarded the United States. What city it already came here -- great point appreciate the call it already did come here on 9/11 and it that it. The defect -- we know what would have happened had John Kerry becomes president we ask you they say in the due in 2004 debate. -- -- before for using our military one what would -- have to do. It was. -- they only would have done was talk. It because that's what he said -- and I appreciate the call he said that we would have had to seek a global. Test before military would use that we know where that would have gone more diplomacy and peace talks. I'm telling you and thank you for the cold -- very very thoughtful a call we need to take an honest look here at history we need to take an honest inventory and look. And because history don't -- folks and it -- -- -- said those Stewart on the paraphrase those who failed to that consider history are doomed to repeat it. And that's I believe what were falling prey to were listening to the establishment -- that. The best hope of you know beating Hillary 2000 news is we need to cross -- appeal we need a more moderate Republican like Rudy remit and folks I believe we're making a big big mistake if we don't get back to basics and elect leaders who represent. Our core values and beliefs and if that doesn't happen I think it Hillary Clinton becomes president in this country I don't think we come back from that. I do not think we come back from. Of the bits and pieces of legislation that Hillary Clinton would -- including Kyoto global warming treaty 70% taxation socialist health care. Open more open borders she would destroy the military's although only a friend had been on -- -- number of times lifetime military -- said. Just because she would be elected. Some of our best and brightest the military would actually retire what does that tell you folks let's go back to the to the phones who have next. It let's go to John in Boston you're next on the top feinberg -- -- John. Do -- -- quick before a quick -- I would just tell you certainly got basic foundation of Republican values. -- -- and individual responsibility liberty. In limited government. And and it and separation of powers and certainty already in light eyes or. Articles waste water treatment George W. Bush all great Republican immigration. But I would put -- you that certainly bush Cheney. Almost two point at which it there in one way shape or more. And I would also say Rudy Giuliani. You make sure to be a rhino that basic foundation makes public and Rudy -- -- has always this at least. It's a lot of social conservative issue really today. -- -- talk about -- -- Well let me ask you -- you say that that the that that Rudy represents the Republican values do you think where it it's a Republican -- to be pro same sex marriage pro partial birth abortion and pro gun control. 30 at -- strong advocate of problems same sex marriage. Or better huge advocate is the telegram control. You're kidding me right you're kidding me with that he doesn't support. Since text America. -- -- so -- to it has a long track record in New York and evens admits it more than I can save for Mitt Romney who does that minute shivering both civil unions and same sex marriage it's the same thing to appreciate the culture we're going to pick it up on the next out of brick eight sevens and 4694322. Kenny Ryan though. Defeat Hillary Clinton in. It is the question that were asked in the -- -- -- Greg Jackson filling in more with your calls to return. Finland who was the very time turning him and a stumbling work talking about it -- is Boston's talk station AM succeeding WRKO. Show. It's time for -- final words positive idea great contest here's what you do you don't WR Deo dot com. Scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll see there's driver's license them with a picture of a famous person. They're famous person's face is partially obscured. 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W -- ago dot com. Moses is Boston's talk station dams -- JV WRKO. Not a second alleged genocide feinberg -- last segment exciting -- have a blast -- -- -- all day on this topic. Good stuff important stuff. You know rhino defeat Hillary Clinton Republican in name only in nominal. Republican a moderate Rudy Giuliani emit emit -- McCain and somebody like that. Beat Hillary Clinton. I believe that if you look at history there's no way. And HE double hockey stick that that could happen by the way to our last callers that it Rudy represents the Republican values. It took issue with me with regard to his very very consistent support for same sex marriage which goes -- called civil union same sex marriage it's the same thing. He -- the empire state pride agenda which was a lost signed into law in 1998. That gave domestic partnership bill gay rights including adoption in all of the same things that married couples. Have access to heats praised it. It is a quote new national benchmark. For domestic partner recognition now I don't think he's changed his views on this he's been consistent supporter of same sex marriage so if if if that's the heart and soul of the Republican Party now is pro abortion on demand. And including taxpayer funded abortions which by the way I think Rudy an argument can be made even more to the left then even a critical mass of Democrats. But -- -- some people here saying that he is the new. Represent have a Republican values like John and maybe I'm wrong. -- I'm not saying -- you know impression -- that I know everything but a study history folks and I know that Reagan made it real simple. The recipe for success is run across the board conservative that shares the values and beliefs. Based on Judeo Christian values and beliefs moral absolute truths and you win every time. And it bears repeating I think that there's a lot of confusion about the Republican Party in what it really represents that if I can really kind of you know synthesizer all of the Republican Party came into being as the abolitionist party they abolish slavery. And either the the core principle that the abolitionist party was that we are. All Paul created in God's image that we are all in doubt at birth. We certain in believable I -- god given rights. To life liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the Republican Party was founded. On that core -- when you take that out of the equation folks. That belief in this this sanctity of life and that we -- all given the same god given right to look active. From the very moment of conception that no man or woman has the right. The constitutional right to take that. Right away from us when you take that out of the equation you destroy republicanism because folks republicanism. Conservatism is free services. That's the that's the modern day definition of conservatism -- because for years since the civil war Republicans have tried. Bin -- endeavoring to preserve America from Democrats socialists. Have been trying to unify and ritalin and push America. Into an international government. -- it's been happening since the civil war. That that Americans are on -- hot right now. Having lost the intellectual debate to ruin it to destroy this country in the pushers into world government. It is. Blatantly obvious I mean I don't know how much more obviously can be. Practically playing -- opening. Trying to demoralize our our -- in the morality American people so that we lose and I Iraq. They're doing everything possible to make terrorist lives easier 22 attacked this country to mean folks come. Much more obvious can it be it let's go to the phones just got a beautiful thanks for hanging -- my friend you're next up. Let's go on Providence, Rhode Island Paul you're next up well under the Bjork yeah. Like some Republican -- money -- -- totally and everything else and I deserve that your your 100% wrong the same cast. Missiles that much Verizon has done an an analysis of the election he's. Most -- Tom as a running for president sir -- vanity. Check into. You summit just students tackled Boris has made it very clear he did the research. -- -- did turn out you'll lost all the -- of independence the suburban women turned against us because I cannot do me a favor. I'm just look at you score so sort of steady. Okay -- well that's that's that's your peace and tolerance that's I guess that's a Republican value -- a Republican but hey I take issue with first of all year you missed characterizing or groans commentary I've read it but don't think you have fact the matter is Rick santorum wasn't running for president. And there were a lot of dispirited voters that had gone his way into very Democrats date for many many years. In effect the matter is that those values voters did not turn out in Pennsylvania serve. And if we continue. To a moderate our positions have become more like Democrats can happen more on a national level -- just my opinion but it's been nice discussing it in an intelligent informative way would you hope you've enjoyed the program thanks for giving me the chance to fill in god bless you all. And have a great to. Talk radio has never sounded so. This -- Boston's -- intraday. Thousand -- so. Talk radio window of personality. Rush Limbaugh every week they've removed the glory hole lead here on Boston's talks vision. You RJ oh. Radio I'm Lisa Brady -- -- -- call -- closures President Bush offering advice to homeowners and lenders in the struggling sub prime market. My -- back to the White House in fact you he does -- mr. Hansen. So the president has a lot of people and mortgage -- could do now with just a little help from the government deemed it a little