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Rubino & Liang 5-22-16

May 22, 2016|

Just Don't Lose the Money is devoted entirely to the financial needs and challenges of retirees and those nearing retirement.

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This is that just don't lose the money radio show with your host attorney Richard Rubino and Sam flag. For over twenty years rich and Sam have been broadcasting to the Boston area. Explaining how you can protect your life savings rich and Sam's highly regarded and sought after guidance has been featured on Fox Business news and fortune and money magazine now your host that just don't lose the money guys Richard Murphy go and Sam last. Hello everyone welcome to just don't lose the money radio Tom Sam line I'm Richard Rubino happy spring time Richard feels really really nice you know all you need is some rain a little side and everything pops and the Sox though while that's all good so amazing big poppies don't grade so anyhow it's a not a Sunday we welcome you to our show originally on just another Sunday just another sons is usually takes us awhile before you just popped into my hand one thing they are allowed by this like spring just don't trust thing again not so I anyhow. It's a wonderful Sunday is I was beginning to say and that's why we hear every Sunday where without listening audience learning a little bit about. Being complaining how to live a stress free retirement. And we do that by following these two rules rule number one just don't lose the money and Lumet too often get real number one you know stand springtime. And is really special time he only must be really excited. No you oldest son Devin this graduating from college and can't brutal weeks right. You know one down three to go baby one time through one less tuition that's a good thing of course yeah we're very excited. And we look at each other I mean I just say. We did it it's avoids conflict that the dream of all parents to say hey. We you know the kid is this going to be okay right. You know we felt the same way when and our two graduated to feel I was alone immigration it was a while ago or what he's still. Remember I remember the commencement speaker was John McCain and might. Doris commencement whose terrible but it was he to us and I it was a bankers you know but when I think about it retired. I meant so what we do is a lot like graduating it's it's a new beginning. And when you first get out of college you start kind of scared but now that you graduated you feel feel sort of confidence you if you all should feel confident should feel calm here right in retirement it's also a new beginning it's a new stage of your life. You retire you should you know wake up every morning go to work nice not to do that anymore so it's a change and maybe your little nervous but we're gonna show you. What you need to do to be confident in the timing right so I make no mistake about it the show will be. Full of great information so stay right here don't go anywhere. And if you have a question for us. I'll phone numbers 877. 6308787. And on the web at just don't lose the money dot com. All right let's take our first question radio Martha are built from sought to stretch in the original Sam our daughter is graduating from college is spring. She's our only child. And not that are tuition payments oh. Now about her permit not pay her tuition payments out of the way we more concentrated on our own retirement way to we began well firstly. Congratulations you know we having kids graduate from school whether it's high school whether it's college. Is really it is really. Great it's great feeling. But doesn't like I assume what you find out soon that it it doesn't end you know you always seemed like have kids in your pocket you know. I was talking are different among the other day his son's been not a school two years now. This of this of the only difference is yeah non ought to pay the tuition payments by. Everything else come on the same he's still on the he's still on the cell phone claim we haven't taken a martic is it seems I get more work to get a more often they're just keep them on so. With pain action 5060 bucks and we help Lamar Odom isowich you're right there's this sort of never. Well it doesn't it's it's like a path to getting out of college getting out of school as the beginning of that path and then. They go along the path until you do win a mound and you kick him out of the nest eventually that you stopped paying things and hopefully you slow down. And it blew things is that you can't take that money. That you have was spending on tuitions. I was dirty Don and just. Start saving their use that money to sort of jump start if you haven't done a good job absolutely you make sure. Depending on where you went somewhere probably between twenty to fifty green extra yeah. To. You know. Put away for times ranked I think one of the one of main ingredients. Of proper retirement income planning is. Unlike what Wall Street thinks you should do. Which is to have a lot of money when you retired I mean listen ritual to doesn't like to have a pile of money absolutely absolutely had the problem is not everybody needs Apollo money. And people go about it the wrong way they say they say they say they have this you know big 401K and IRA. And then when they retire they just they don't have sort of a game plan but what they have is appalled money. And they keep their fingers crossed and I say I GC nor hope this lasts about to go three or 4% the year. The reality is and I look back at some of our very happy satisfied clients I look in my own female coming home mom and my own phone dad. Is that they had a they had it guaranteed stream of drinkable and that that pension spending a lot of people don't pensions today. But they know exactly Hamachi and again and every single month. And as long as they spent less than not there which is fine so vote but I think the first thing that these people should be thinking about. Is yes it's great that they have less. Let's obligations they can use the tuition money towards their retirement savings but the person that should think about is one. How much would they need a retirement let's say it's 5000 dollars the second thing they should do is. Figure out how much are gonna get in from other sources not a guarantee like Social Security. So as an example let's say it's 2500 dollars well which tells us there match between 500 all short and I configured and you know I was gonna give you the chance as well as you. You were quick and whatnot you're right it's like taking of the small number of the small number it's a monthly number of because that's how people. Live their lives they don't live their lives saying boy had a million dollars in my forewarned pay out more OK well you have to translate that. In through that monthly number. That you make sure that it comes in for the rest your life and if you married your spouse's life it's it's really that simple I'm matter woman the other day very I'm great great example. To retire from a local community college. She had some savings. A very small pension because she wasn't there that long I'm sure as a husband Social Security passed away few years back. Long short of it is an issue short about two grand a month. She had to always say substantial amount of savings by a fair amount of savings and we said you know what. Based on what you have saved if you just took 30% of what you have. More money that's saved Rory out of all of our money to send a million dollars if she took 300000 dollars 30% of what she had. Rolled that portion over which is tax free exchange. From her 401K. Two when IRA and using fixed annuity fixed and knew that income Ryder nonsensical multiple. But essentially start to cool. It's a product designed to give your pension. And we calculator and and it went back delivered Tara was about 2000 dollars a month. And that's all she needed spies so after she gets the first 2000 dollars us and Japan as a way would Arabs the rest put on balance goes to her named beneficiary is always special salute heroes or whatever sessions left over there and there's a lot of great. So it's who was in today's world that's really designed to help you get guaranteed income if you wanna learn more both got a couple things you can do. How giveaway today is entitled stress free retirement it's a national best seller. It's I think has like no over a million copies in in in and print that I now but it's written by a very good friend of ours Patrick Kelly PK PK. And you can have Joseph a couple of times he has he's a fantastic. Lecture speaker and a great office so anyhow we have a our I always say an ample supply but we have a fair amount of free. Stress free retirement books or share without listening audience so for your free copy. Please call this number 877. 6308787. And ask for you war. Free copy of stress free retirement again that number is 877. 630. 87. 87. What talk about that is some of the outcome you know you don't you go over that in a lot of detail of having a couple of seminars coming up. Tuesday may 24 we're going to be at the cafe as we drove in Burlington and two days or 4 PM for those people who wanna come have to work. Get on Wednesday may 25 were going to be in Newton Marietta Nanette. 6:30. PM you know we know what we're gonna have light refreshments don't come for the dinner there will there won't be any would disappoint your. But we've got a lot of requests from people saying hey can make it to the summer during the day were working Kenya have some later on different days so here's your opportunity. Please logon to a website just don't lose the money dot com for more information simply click on the seminar tab and again today I'll give away. Is stress free retirement every retirees. Sort of Bible to how to live a comfortable retirement life 877630. 8787. Now retirement graduation. Takes you. Away from the work in the sort of a new beginning you know what do the experts say about that new beginning. Hi I'm Bobbie office manager for Richard Rubino and Sam lane to schedule an appointment with rich and Sam call me now. 8776308787. That's 877. 6308787. Welcome back. To just don't lose the money with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out for the last two decades salmon rich have been helping people just like you protect their life's work. By following two simple rule. Now country music superstar Martina McBride with the rule number one. Don't lose some money. And move on the show don't forget number one. Just don't lose money on similar Richard will be welcome back to our show so well known that that type cover to listen. You already yard catch a change is saying once Kensing again. The limited the owner no no no deal. Progress no there. Rich's gonna board I'm on an ad age united endure whatever you want it right there right now where I got my strike anyhow just don't lose the money's the name of our show and it's kind of like what we really believe in here Robert B nor mine. Rich tonight the part of sort 25 years Sunnis and gas and for the last 25 years we've helped people. That are close to retirement. Or are retarded. Do just that just don't lose the money it's kind of nice and so keep we have the way in all these we have and not worry that you're gonna run out you know I mean are. Our company is structured a little bit differently. This actually two entities what is with Sam talks about us the money stuff making sure we don't amount of money for the rest Eli. And on that note the money suffered song like where in the investment business now okay we're not here to show you how to W money quickly. We are in the income between retirement business to show you how to use the right tools to show you how to sort of maybe think a little bit differently. Not always think offense but think more defense as you get older. And how to just you know dig your toes in the sand and not worry take distressed out of retirement like that's like the book just like the book on the my senator defensive legal stuff you know it's just it's important to. Avoid probate avoid estate tax. Protect your house got the big yet to go to nursing home that's all legal strategies that the legal entity. Puts together for people like you know how do you create a trust what you need you to do you even need to trust. Or maybe you just serve you need special type atrocities you have kids that don't get along and has a lot of it was a lot a lot of stuff or her. So on that note we love you too. Learn a little bit more about what it is that we possibly can do for you and help you with. By logging onto our website at just don't lose the money dot com it's a fantastic website rich and I. You know we're very proud of all we've built not only our company but the website is full of information that we constantly changing try to update. And give people the information that they need today to do just that they be stressed her retirement so logon torso just don't lose the money dot com impact. On the very front page there's a picture of Susan Warnaco our good friend. Who doesn't know Susan Warner can embossed in return. And she talks about how she came to us and how she learned about retirement. What's not as important as you might faint and the most important thing is to have. It guarantees streaming into number how he has and how she went about doing so click on our video learn a little bit about that. Why you're there you can also click on MI ready for retirement. Take a quick test to see if you are just that ready for retirement if you're not. Without the help you all right so again just don't lose the money dot com's Marjorie discretion I would do that Peter and Karen from walking toward right Cynthia Richard samp. We are retiring in about three years since and assuming that we still are healthy. Well how we have a bucket list of what we want to complete. Part of it is travel. While also signed the budget oh our retirement but don't know how. How to budget our park bucket list tomorrow mushroom Marines right. You're you're enemy had NAS things they wanna do how they budget it you know so. You know any ideas well. A bucket list or first thing you you got a drug list. You know home I got a bucket. And this comes up and OS it seems like you know the the longer things go on the busier I get in not even know what a busy doing I got us obviously my illness list. And so now when you see you have a bucket list if you organize or I go on mine for things besides looking at a website you could. Sort of plan a trip. Online and just get some numbers just have to be exact wanna go to Italy and you get some numbers airfares this and that. They've come up with Michael ball park. Thank you VF five things to do and the first five years of retirement you can do those things where you know you need. An extra 101000 dollars per trip for five and an always on our little extra little I'll have got a little action so you can everything costs more it indecision that's like an extra thing that's something and in the keyword who he said is if you're healthy. Okay right if you so it's so and if you healthy not healthy but one thing is for certain besides your bucket list money. You need money live on each month. You know the reality is a stretch we see a lot of different people people sometimes call and say you know. Which average client what do we have an average client I'd say our clients range in age from may be. Mid fifties and mid seventies. We have clients that are. Just getting by and have some savings but man they really soon to work and we have some extremely wealthy clients that. You know give away more money than they spend. And a lot in between but the reality is this to be literally lined every person not in the room and so what why did you come see rich in Santa. They all say the same thing. One I want to make sure have enough money to live on and lasts. So if god forbid something happened to me I want to give my family and leave them where I work so hard for. Three which is is helping. In the event that we're not so lucky and before we die we get sick to the point we need additional health care home health care nursing home care whatever the case may be. I don't I don't go broke. So quickly. And leave my smokes a stay at home healthy spouse impoverished right or Lil relief not leave a legacy to. To my children protect something present. You know I think it all the same thing sort of boiled down into like the basics that we just went over. These are like the basics and I'd like fed up of girls that want to get the basics out of the way. Then you can start enjoying it like I said earlier in the show we're not offering saw people we just want to make sure that we help people protect what happened first thing you really need to do you buy into that. Finds that theory. Is having foundation. And I can't sing that really foundation is. A found it means and money that they it is is to have it in the place. Where it's safe number one. And number two if you need the next 2000 dollars a month or 5000 dollars a month. Have that foundation be big enough to generate that income stream. But not on a well I hope the market does well so I can have some money next month published Oscar goes the other way also or without though we dorm or guarantee pastries insurance products for use fixed annuities. And in the reality is that if you are listening in you are a recipient of a pension. That leisure you are the recipient of an annuity payment right and the whole idea is to replicate that if you don't have it. Get one and and live sort of that comfortable retirement we have so many different tools today that you can use. I'm I just talked to Klein give the data came in because they needed some extra and come away with a cull out a portion of their money. Got the make 15%. Bonus on their encompass. I don't have that money grow at a simple interest rate of 10%. Or there's other strategies this stacking there's. As you can earn gains but the reality is that everything is guaranteed right okay and he said he normally retire in about two years this is how much I need so we figured out backwards and we were able to give him that 18100 dollars a month. I guarantee basis for the rest of his life. That we wavered shall Oman Dubai using just products at axis today it's not rocket science you know PK in his book talks about those strategies and talked about those product stress free retirement as our giveaway today we love you. To have a copy of that so that this number down 877. 6308787. And get your free copy of stress free retirement that number again is 877. 63087. 87. And if you're listening and since you Sharma mimics a little bit of sense. But I'm not I'm not quite sure if I can do it and I'm not a 100% sure I can retire and not worry. Then you need to call me personally. And here's what I'll do. For the next ten minutes anybody their cause and we will give away and power of my time just like your times are very valuable my times are valuable but there's a meeting of the minds. You have some problems I have the solutions. Which are would love to. Offer that helped to yield based sealed they come in Simi I don't see some of the worst we all everybody are causing once a free concert set. Consultation will see me so called this number 877. 63087. 87. And we'll see if what you're worried about where capable helping you do 877. 630. 8787. Tell the operator. You want a free consultation with me Sam Wang won't make sure that. We pencil sometime in feel will make it happen you know not tomorrow but we'll make it happen in the next few weeks again 87763087. 87. You know we'll talk more graduation premier Richard C children graduates are great experience. Next we're gonna talk about. So once a further leaving a legacy how to do when it actually happens so don't go away. You're taking the first step to a sound financial retirement this is just don't use the money that you feel free to visit us at just don't lose the money dot com. Hi I'm Susan Warren if you're listening to two of the cutest guys in finance radio and I knew cute. But prince Richard Rubino is Elena Rubino and blame the firm that specializes in protecting your money both legally and financially. Stay tuned for more informative radio just don't lose the money dot. Just don't lose the money welcome back on Sam why not Richard Rubino is another Sunday it's just another Sunday and what we've before Memorial Day beginning of that song you know I'm not even a comment to listening anymore to Asia like Euro over the line today you try and do saint three times to take it easy you can know once double over the line arm step over the line give him. Earning enough enough rich chocolate. It's ice dancing feet today you do have to institute today Sundays are a great day just to chill relax. But also a great opportunity. To learn a little bit about. What may be you can do. Little different or or in some cases better than when you doing now to two. Make sure war. You'll be good every time I and that's what we're all doing you live a stress free retirement I Pekingese books us. Stress free retirement that in your book is probably one of the easiest. Screen books and read. On how we came about this giveaway that we are Wofford today stressed retirement. Into a three years ago we met this gentleman who's the author Patrick Kelly. And he actually interviewed me for. Sort of a little blurred in this book and I so well when when signed. Let let me let me read it and I read it took me you know maybe few hours it was easy to read tech hundred pages for the coast pretty quickly. The man who is literally one of the best retirement books I've and it's understandable it's not that long it's not that. You know heavy handedness of really it's a really good publication so from time to time we use that is a giveaways and it's it's a nice thing for people to learn. More about and and resold on that note if you like a copy of stress free retirement. Please call this number 877. 630. 8787. Or on the web that just don't lose the money dot com just tell the operator you want your free book and I will get that right out to. All right let's take this next question Gretchen her yes Gretchen and same rights and they're rich in San. How last charges graduate from college I know that we sold a long way to go but we have started thinking about leaving something to our kids and hopefully grandchildren. Is too early to start. Well listen if you thinking about it if you worried about it there's not too early yeah okay onto you know it's never too early you know your first. When it when it comes to that your first thing you have to do. Is cover your risks could be a risk what are your risk well Lou some that you're in control of some that you're not in control of the risk they Unita control over our health. But the risk that you are control of our. Money avoiding probate avoiding taxes. Making sure assets stay in the blood line so those require specific legal documents. So you should do is start thinking about what you want. And then. Like under one roof we can handle both those things so you don't think of doing need to trust him not to trust you think cup. This is what I'm trying to accomplish your general media Joan what happens a lot of times people listens to radio show me an upcoming for consultation. And you know the right way of approaching that is hey. These other things and I want to do we talked earlier about the bucket list this is on my bucket list and today right now we're talking about. Leaving a legacy I would like to leave X amount of dollars to my children. Now let us tell you how to go bottom was the best approach and I can tell it's never too early. You know give a person made it might change people when you start now and in the future by change from revoke oval trustee -- all right we'll trust but. The cuts at the same you know Joseph and I if you're ray Lewis and you know that I just lost my father Omar really near and dear to my heart. Great guy literally one of the greatest guys whose comic that to me and talk a low. Then the need for. Claim okay so we sort of substation little bit some fifteen years ago. He buys this house in Cape Cod happens to be right next in my house and now. They're born from a little house to sort of like the philosophy and we compound where all the green children went every summer every fourth of July with the same cocoa. And you know it's lasting memory serves in his mind he's saying you know what I want this house the same family. And I want all my kids to be able to enjoy it. Well easier said than done bearer okay because how many kids is that all fifteen years later you have five kids you know some are doing better than others. Some can afford the taxes some can even afford to hire a landscaper to cut the lawn and you know it it right dynamics and different. Everybody gets along but not everybody likes the cake right right so amino may be may be some people are found. You know there's sort of pack a little slice of heaven and paradise and in Maine you know. So. Instead of putting the pressure on the kids that wanted to keep it. You really need to spell that out that's where. You come enriched by developing trust into give direction on on how to leave that legacy I mean sometimes you know people do with these. Have we trust him and houses that are important. Still split up the house with a five accused of three kids. And though designate some portion of their state money wise to sort of fund that trust. Fund the trust me dead. You know money to pay the taxes money to have a landscaper. Part of that is so there's so that house might be as self contained unit not only and then the kids have to come up with the rules. And then also you need a way for somebody get out of that like you saying about why don't quite capable right over the main ally to traffic. How does somebody get at about how they bought out of it so. But trust could act as almost like to employment contract it. You know we do this I want say a lot but often enough that it absolutely works because. You know colonists setting aside extra a certain percentage of money when you die to do some of these things who knows if you're surviving spouse is gonna need this money you know. So what we've generally done depending on the health depending on the age obviously payment circumstance. Is sometimes recommend that we set up a trust. In a set of just leaving the trust and T. We actually buy life insurance policy in natural sniper Jolene the money if you pass away yeah maybe these people during their lifetime they can afford pressure five Korean. To put into the trust or 101000 dollars a year for ten years to put into the trust us whatever number is we actually take that number would go to the insurance company. We're so look we're gonna pay this premium when I die and restored to back you be surprised. That there was sort of a return. On that the internal rate of return that but I don't give me an example we did a case the other day. I think there were maybe 62 and 58 husband wife healthy. We put in like 101000 dollars a year for like ten years through continues enough to put money and anymore no more. And they got like 750000. Box that was like a second and I policy got to put in right totaled 100 green and they got out 750000. Dollars plus it's tax free class tax tree which has all the better. Play and the situation with 750 was actually buy out. Some of the other kids in two FEMA and some of though and one of the kids lived there. They wanted that child to get there at the house so high you can hide and equals money money cures a lot of problems. One of the things that we know how to do. Is to solve retirement problems. And if you if you you feel that you have a problem large or small. We'd like to have that opportunity to help you so couple things you can do the first in which is the easiest thing. Which is simply log onto a website just don't lose the money dot com. Where you can get a hon of information just even on the home page itself there are to retirement test that you can take we encourage you take those. If you if you sort of flick through all the different tabs you learn more about the history of mean rich what we believe and in our approach. In helping people retire which really just simply follows. These two rules rule number one. Just don't Bustamante and lumumba to don't forget reliable once again a website is just don't lose the money dot com. The second thing you can do justice coming upcoming week two days from today. On May 24. Which is Tuesday will be at the cafe escape drove in Burlington. Whenever a seminar that begins at four O clock registration starts at 330. Would love to have you there is our guest and then Wednesday may 25 will be in Newton at the new marry our. That's such a little bit later at 630. Both of these seminars will be. Hosted by Susan warning to our good friend and I'm retired channel five rearm TV personality. And show we did it teach you. A little bit about how to retiring and style what she's doing. And all the things that you need to. Be aware route and how to tackle those problems during time so it's not too late we still have a little bit of seating left. Please join us again may 24. And may 25. And if you just simply log onto a website just don't lose the money dot com. Quicken of the seminar tab you can register right there now last sleep which is I think an absolute must anybody approaching retirement. This is to get our. Giveaway today entitled stress free retirement it's a national best selling book without the share that with few 877630. 8787. And again 877630. 87. 87. Next we're gonna talk about the two biggest concerns that you might have if you recently graduated. What I don't stay right here and Archie tell you what minus. Hi I'm Bobbie office manager revealing line I know regions and scheduled better than I know my own. And their calendars getting phone. If you'd like to meet with riches and call me now I'll put you at the head of the line but promised not to tell. 8776308787. You call I'll answer it 776308787. Welcome back to you just don't lose the money with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out special guests on the show Frank Luntz thanks Sam who. I love the name of your show just don't lose the money if you are as it all right but that's how people feel that they're nervous that's because of the economic conditions that exist today they actually could. Lose their retirement nest egg and that's where people if you are so important. Now they acted just don't lose the money went Sam Wang an attorney Richard Rubino. Just don't lose the money I'm Sam line I'm Richard Rubino thank you for joining us again and and if you've listened. Most of the show and thanks the same tune rich and I'm well. It's another son Hermes would do the radio show this Sunday business than Osama forest but really a lot of times people. Fine approaching retirement or when they're retired like maintenance it's huge mystery what do I do what I have to do. Leon how stressful it is until you're right at the right at the door here now. That you ready to turn the door knob and you really don't know what defines you go away and then you have all these you know. And MI can stay healthy am I gonna be able to do and I wanna do am I gonna run out of money. Damn right I mean is like all those stuff that you didn't really haven't thought we we will tell you know auto. Things that we do for granted now with our wages said resonated with me because we are call few weeks back. Great gentleman he'd say look I don't know if you heard or read Boston Globe's wane some people off comment actually not mean some people up and offer some buyouts. And I have the opportunity for the spy tale but I'm not quite sure. What I need to do so I mean the sky few weeks later. His wife who is educated he's educated they're Smart they will they've worked in industry many many years. And you know. It took me five minutes to figure out you can retire or not. But they just all this needed that reassurance. Right and they came Minnesota here are numbers. This is what we need extra this what we spend. And we do and little in five minutes is of course she can do you can do well tomorrow and why would you do it every single base and I mean that's what you do every single day right now. You know for granted he had taken for granted you've taken for granted a how the formula is an opponent is not that difficult you know. What do you have what do you need we can get the difference that's exactly yes that's exactly if you've been listening you've been missing some of the examples from the questions that we've talked about. And you say geez you know. I'm not sure if I can do so on that note not a 100% sure he can do what you need to be. So before we re the next question here's my offer to you right now for the next ten minutes operators sitting by if you like my help or at least CP needs some help. You can call in and I swear free consultation and when you get back on consultation you meet with me. He's gonna you know economy with one of my staff people want people that work from you won't meet with me every person or causing and that's where free consultation. You'll meet with me in and that our ominous listen to what you have to say there will be no heart patient on itself. In if we feel that some of the problems that you have. We have the solutions in the answers to tell exactly what they are. How to go about doing it with pros are with the cons are. How much costs and so are all the things you want an all front and that meeting you'll get a lot accomplished so on that note if you like to free consultation. Please call this number told the operator you want a free consultation the numbers 877. 63087879. Number against 877630. 8787. All right onto our last question Susan Michael rates in the rich and Sam our son just graduated from college. It must take a year rough travel before he Cecil before sauce and for job. My wife thinks he should look for a job first. And I say well he can work for the rest of his life he should travel first. He wants us to give him money for this we have the means to do it should we what do you guys think. Well and that's really sort of a lifestyle question you know but there's. One thing about being married I married I'm over 42 years send. There's one rule you know happy wife. Have you life I think every guy that Zardari has several volunteer if you don't have your smile you have that little they know is that they don't have a wife you know. You know I hate to some degree I agree with that you have the rest of your life to work but. You know took to sort of fund your children's. Love to travel for years not such a lot I mean my son's gonna travel a little bit too much like three weeks. And what what you know what pitch and help them but he he's gonna he's gonna go to orchestras comes back you know right very busy at job yet. He's got a two things lined up that's good arm but you know it's let's 34 months away and part of the problem with graduation today it's it's tough to say yes on when you job but I don't wanna stop the September you know aren't so. Tom. They will jobs do start September saying because like this is a slowdown during the summer you know one train people troop he he did everybody takes vacation. Larry Summers is and you know you just try to get through and have some fun well but the biggest fears. In when you have a kid graduating from from colleges. Is one getting your job okay and two we don't want to kid to move back home. The parents of the monitors are perfectly still on that I don't have a finished basement and right you know as I'm reading. Question one of the things at these people row we have the means to do that shall we shall not as rich said that's a lifestyle issue but the good things that. You have the means meaning that you have enough money. And only support. The suns. You know year of travel abroad but you probably have enough money to take care of themselves for the rest of your lives. Which in my opinion that's the most important thing right is to have that foundation. Be rock solid and who's gonna wanna build a house on quicksand nobody. Who wants to build a house on on the beach. On saint nobody unique concrete. You need a good foundation. And that's what we provide here on our show which is to show you the number one the first thing the most important thing. Is to have enough money set aside. Not far vacations. Not for luxuries. But the do you view that paycheck that you need for the rest of your life and without having to worry about right no stress no stress on that note I'll give way today. Stress free retirement I can't say enough about how great the spoke his. It's a little over a hundred pages long. I assure you when you when you. Open it and start reading it you'll be pretty hard to put down. Because it's an easy layman's language on how to look for the things that's important. And dismissed the things that are just hype. In retirement what you need to do so for your free copy which. And around the people bought this book millions and millions where rationed him away for free today so take advantage of that Al good friend PK wrote this book few years back. And it's entitled. Oh great title stress free return mostly it's. A pariah after it felt like gone with the wind if it's a beginning middle and end he could go to chapter three chapter one chip to five then look for those items that. Are of interest don't you want to yeah right 8776308787. As the number. Please call and ask for your free copy of stress free retirement on another unknown on how to how to prepare yourself retirement who log on to a website. Just don't lose the money dot com. Run home page there's a couple of quizzes so you can take one which who's won X picture on it. It's specifically designed for people that are on their grown and that rowboat alone either manual female widow who widowed single never married were the case may be. I'm checking out the second thing this was sort everybody else are you ready for retirement. If you click on that. Tap tap simply are you ready for retirement you're gonna no so on that website is just don't lose the money dot com. And why you dare if you have a little bit of time this week I would encourage you to take an hour two out of your busy life invest in your retirement. And Jordan sent a seminar may 24 which is two days from today Tuesday may 24. Will be at the Caffrey asking drone Burlington at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. And then Wednesday may 25. Will be at the new Marriott at 630 at night there will be some light refreshments is not going to be a Gallo dinner. But come for the great information on how to follow all the tools rule number one. Just don't lose the money and number two don't forget rule number one for your reservation click on the seminar tab. And I web site just don't lose the money dot com or call this number 8776308787. We'll be right back. Just don't lose the money radio we'll be right back. If you have questions I would like to schedule a no obligation meeting with attorney Richard thirteen hours Hamlin please give our officer Paul has 617630878. Southern. Or visit just don't lose the money dot com. Ever wonder religions and get all their work done they start by calling me. I'm Bobby office manager at revealing my. You can secure your financial future of the same way by calling me you call how cancer 8776308787. 877630878000. Just goes in my home Sam while Americans who have been thank you so much for enjoying this Sunday with us we appreciate that very very much. Rich and I are so passionate about what we do I hope that comes through and our radio show. You know. Of course when business we want help people. But what passionate about helping people enjoy their ringtone business for a long time stamp to loan I don't know you and I together to send everything that I remember when your son was born who knows how you graduate college crazy. I'll phone number is 877630. 8787. We've got to share with you if you. Nice things that we have to offer today of which one is out giveaway stress free retirement it's a national best selling book that we'd like for you would have. On our nickel 87763087870. OK until Max. Sunday. Please please please remember us to move to a number one just don't lose the money and number two don't have a number one have a wonderful day. The information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax or investment advice Richard Rubino assimilate their principles of repeat no one like LLC and are no insurance agents. For the past broker's license 1783398. Senators Sam friction over beatle left are registered as investment advisors and don't give investment advice. This shows a service of casino.