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Did Donald Trump's interview with Megyn Kelly help or hurt him? 5/18/16

May 18, 2016|

What do you think?

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Let's talk about us. We were always friends. Right good relationship I and then came here August 6 2015 debate and that's you be tough question. About women using only the words that you had used. I thought it was a fair question. Why didn't you. I thought it was. Unfair as good if there's what is it goes to a question that it was more of a statement. Hi you guys guys. Are you guys yeah IE Megyn Kelly AKA. Kelli may again. 'cause her big and Fox News debut. I cured him on Fox News it was on the big fox. On what 25 on my DirecTV but on the the big station not the news that channel station. Where she's obviously trying to become the next Barbara Walters. And there were the last weeks. Yeah I saw she was flash and those legs off all believe me she knows how to use them. And so this was your big coming out party in terms of making up with a bottle. And they blog did big Fox News was plugging this for days they plugged in in the morning they plugged it in the after known they'd like bid at night. Kelly Nagin did the round she was on extra she was on the made my. The late night talk shows she was on I mean everywhere everywhere look there's there's there's Kelly make it. There's Megyn Kelly. Plug in the interview plug in the interview you would think this is like it was FROST/NIXON or something. When David Frost had that first sit down interview with Nixon after he was impeached. They're acting like this was supposed to be the interview of the century. And instead. It was a flirt fest. I mean she's flirting with him you can see it very obviously. He's kind of looking at her a bit like wool or your like if you're you're a little weird. And you could tell on Donald's Vegas. He didn't wanna be doing the interview. His handlers told me how to do it is advisors say they look c'mon. You got to repair some of the image with women we gotta win the women's vote this is not helping any moral issues bury that hatchet and move on let's have some thought. And does so he did it. And so it was a primetime special. I'm Megyn Kelly presents. And of course if it was I gotta tell you. It was one of the most unprofessional. I don't like you know that I don't like Kurt I've never been a big fan of hers. But the way she went after Donald Trump she didn't ask the question. At that first interview she ambush. There was a political hitch up. She went in there to portraying him and label him which she did as a chauvinist sexist misogynist stick pig. That was her goal she wasn't mean some fair and balanced objective reporter she was being essentially a political assassin a hack. For the establishment Republicans. For Roger Ailes and for her ultimate boss Rupert Murdoch who said he didn't want trump. Because trump is against amnesty and open borders. And who winning this woman has shamelessly. Capitalized. On her infamous exchange would Donald Trump and then firm months. Has turned her show in two went and beat trumps school week. It's a bit of vehicle for months. Every hashed I'd never trump for every anti trump Republican under the sun. Dare she is day after day night after night week after week month after month. Demonizing this guy and now when it's so answer. To try to giver than a big boost in ratings. To now however break out there she doesn't wanna be on Fox News much longer. She wants to get on the big networks. She wants to be she thinks she's the second coming of either Oprah Winfrey or Barbara Walters. Ultimately what she really wants. She wants 1 of those morning gigs. You know what they called bill what does that tell me what is it there's. She should join Kelly rep at all Greg Kelly and meg and show the kids I had a Kelly and Megan show where one of those so Good Morning America which Steffi Stephanopoulos today show got The Today Show that's what she really wants. She once they interview celebrities. She wants to dupe off pieces. She wants to be famous she tries that she thinks she's got personality. He also keen ain't well and so finally. We get my legs as a signal and sixteen. And so glamorous look at my hair look at my hair I look like a boy but I think it's sexy. So. And so that's what she's really doing this as Scioscia is exploited this thing with trump this feud with trump. To try to catapult herself. Into essentially super stardom and to star status. And I'm watching this entire debate. Sorry for your entire interview saying worst debate. Where the tough questions. Were so hard hitting investigative reporting. Instead. I have never seen a more self absorbed narcissus this woman can you imagine being married to her are you guys are ya ya right I mean it's me. Mean mean mean. Everything went back to her. How she felt that might when she asked the question which she had to live with for months afterwards after she asked the question. How hard it's been on her. How it's all of. Her her tour. God is my witness. She even used the interview listen to this. To peddle her own free can book. I mean everybody now is got to make a book deal. And so she's later after she's interviewing him she's peddling this book. Which she says is an autobiography. By the way it's coming out just before Christmas I can just before Thanksgiving for the Christmas season. November 15. It's a tell all about her but especially her long thirty yearlong fueled with Donald Trump. Well in addition to Kelly file I had been working on a project. A book which I'm an ailing right now. It's called settle for more my life motto ever since I was an unhappy lawyer years ago. The book shows how I did just that with some tears and laughs along the way. And yes for the first time I will speak openly about my year with Donald Trump. You can pre order it now wherever books are sold in its stores November 15. My thanks to Donald Trump. Okay errors. A who cares about your book. Who cares about your yearlong struggle in feud with Donald Trump you feel. How you felt afraid how you felt betrayed because Fox News and backe went up. Mimi Mimi Mimi. Look I remember. As a young boy I actually watched the FROST/NIXON. Interviews. Nixon resigned. There was a obviously was good about to be impeached they were already drafting articles of impeachment so we had the cloud of impeachment so he just resigned stepped down. And spared the country a long grueling difficult impeachment process. And so when David Frost interviewed Nixon was like lol okay what does Nixon have to say. And you ought to his credit frost actually did ask some good questions and there was some good riveting television. This. A dish was I mean it was a flirt fest. She asked him why and softball. After another. And everything and somehow. Always comes back to her her. Roll it Brittany let's talk about us okay. We are always friendly. Right good relationship right and then came the August 6 2015 debate and I asked you any tough question. About women using only the words that you have used. I thought it was a fair question. Why didn't you isolate. It was unfair as soon as I did think it was really question that it was more of state. That's the first question that I have ever been asked during a debate and I've never debated before I mean in my whole life is a debate but have never actually debated before. Consider myself make him one question and then of course and you can't print do we just thinks I'm saying to myself. I get two hours of this I don't really blame you because you're doing your thing but from my standpoint I don't have to like it. And in fact he later then goes on now here by the way here's what I would say okay. If I'm a genuine female journalist. Stand by your story. She'll look I'm sorry Donald I think are sexist pig. You know Donald over many months. You were tweeting out I mean if I'm if I have any self respect as a journalist you called me a bimbo you call me crazy you called in sick. You called all kinds of names and you've attacked Rosie O'Donnell and you attack whatever tech Cruz's wife for if you wanna make the case. Okay you build the case and you look at him in the eyes I'm sorry your sex is big. You know how dare you say that about me how dare you say that about Heidi cruise how dare you say that about Rosie O'Donnell. Instead. In rock. Mark. I just want my ratings thank you Don molten rock or in rock. And let's move on Clinton won't pick and you'd Donald thinking oh let's move on next. Now trump goes on to say and he's actually get right. I doubt question I think made him. Even so I think ultimately you give me a favor without obviously not intentionally without knowing it because you see what happened was the people then saw Wohl. Why reveal leads ganging up on homelessness. Lol why are they trying to destroy an ambush him what are they so afraid out. And then he became almost like a sympathetic underdog. And even people who didn't like trumps policies or weren't wild about trump. Said not now he's being treated obviously unfairly or they're gonna treat him like that what you know what I'm gonna support them. Just a stick it to them just to stick it to the government media complex and of course trump is completely right. But she just got so was busiest seek our US sexist pig or you're not a sexist pick. If you're such as big Huckabee making Kelly doesn't call him out on it. Instead she just moves on but could the legs Donald. Look at the likes a I sexy in my eyelashes fluttering in front of the camera okay next question. So. Then she asks him. Point blank. Roll lipped Brittany you'll meet him. Stakes in his campaign and you had said publicly you thought the re tweet about Heidi cruise was stink. Let me just well I senate could have done without to be exact I mean I could have done with the setup mistake Eric are you talk. I'm on now welcome back but but I I actually is it that way asset I could have done without it I mean it was it is tasteless and now that edition I'm. Can do although you know I guess you could say she's your game she's very much involved with the campaign. Usually I'm nice looks you know what I have. Millions of followers at we'll go. I have millions of shops I have made a lot of familiar. Yes you are the thing that gets me trouble is we tweets that retreat is. Really more secure with the with the tweets that we just seemed to do pretty well so that's 180 cruise fan let me just give it back up a list of top autonomy they have any regrets Ira. All right Darryl I thought John McCain on second hole I was so. And the need need need me to me it's a tiny grooves whereas he's been in east saint these enemies and suddenly she's going all soft. Again I thought this guy was a killer behind. That's ritual on your own showed us which is saying for months. You've had does after does after does after does you had been a lash on you pat Glenn Beck on Beck has been comparing him literally pay Hitler. Gain a lot says he's a walking war on women. And all of a sudden in Maine and seeing. Things c'mon I think it was a mistake flutter flutter my eyes a flattering violates. OK come on legs lags okay our next to the eyelids get the smile and you think it was a mistake. Okay but hold on what about some of the comments some other comments plug the book white balk balk out okay. What about John McCain. You prefer people weren't captured. That comment about. Carly Fiorina is face but do you regret any of those comments you're grading yeah I guess so but you have to go slower you make a mistake you go forward in new. You know you can correct a mistake but to look back and say gee whiz I wish I didn't do this or that. I don't think that's good idea to begin the search query we think that's healthy. I'll be honest with you I wish that I hadn't done the interview. I mean it's a free country obviously can do whatever interview he wants and obviously he thinks bearing down how much it's gonna be good for him and handing this feud he doesn't need it he doesn't need attic but you want my honest opinion I don't think he should on the interview. She has been riding his coattails. Ever since last year ever since that exchange in that first debate. And she has been milking it and milking it and milking it and milking it. And basically he's neighbor. Without him she's nothing. And my question to fall auction uses this you want Venus her. This puff piece joke of a journalist. Really she's not even a journalist. She's nom I unusual reader I mean that's what she is a best associates. And so you want her to be the face of fox you wish her. If this is your brand your brand's gonna go right down the Portland. And Scioscia has been using trump. Every step of the way every step of the way to make money. To augment her prestige. To augment her profile. To turn her into a celebrity and without Donald Trump war we can and there would have been no front page cover story on a Vanity Fair. She would not be invited to all these Hollywood parties. She wouldn't be on late night TV she wouldn't be on extra she wouldn't be on Allen she wouldn't be on Oprah she wouldn't be doing all the morning. Talk shows nobody would know this woman except she's about. A chatterbox on Fox News but sit. And now it's obvious. She wants that milk it one more time with the book. And now try to portray herself as the second coming of Barbara Walters will tell you this what you wanna barb Barbara Walters and I'm not a big Santa Barbara Walters I never really cared for specials. Bradley is Barbara Walters got to the dirt of some stories. OK Barbara Walters for example would have done something like this. Donald. But. The divorce with few mama. And then the girlfriends after the divorce. You really have to have the girlfriends after the divorce bomb. Did you really have to sleep with Marla Maples Donald and then when it came to Marla. How could you had to cheat on her and should be listing the names of all the where many allegedly cheated where. At least you'll. Yeah this. All really always slept with her or didn't know that all always slept wood bats supermodel although I didn't know about OK at least you get some dirt. Under a celebrity that she's interviewing. But this. This is I love you. You love mean. At the end of the interview god as my witness. They exchange phone numbers. I'm not kidding she has her cellphone she goes he. He's my private so number. Call me any calling Donald but don't do anything bad would fit OK Donald nothing Brad Pitt I don't want you to hear on me Donald. If I was him after the way she's rake them direct rake them through the colts. I would say I'm Megan I don't want your number I don't major Y number I respect women too much. To call them in private I'm sorry I'm one woman kind of a guy I've only got eyes from Milan. But I mean I was ansari not I got too much respect for women Megan sorry. Maybe you wanna call me but I don't wanna call you. Let me ask you this. Did you watch the interview. What did you make of it. And the corner country poll question of the day. Did the interview with Megyn Kelly help trump or hurt trump. If you believe it hurt trump ultimately. Checks the letter eighth to 68680. If you believe it actually helped trump. Tax the letter beat this 68680. You can also vote online wrko.com. The interview with the Megyn Kelly. What did you make of it and who got the better end of it you. 1230 you hear on the great WRKO. OK my friends. They were. Teasing him promoting it for weeks on end it was supposed to be either read the stuff FROST/NIXON. Instead ask honestly I thought it was boring but anyway Megyn Kelly. Donald Trump the interview yesterday not on Fox News but on big faux the faux channel itself. And the question before the house is this. Now that he got that interview done since that infamous collapse of the two of them had a the first debate. Do you think the interview with Kelly Nagin AKA Megan Kelly. Did it hurt to trump aura help trump. If you believe it hurt Donald Trump ultimately that she made them look small. She made them apologize several times. She made herself the story and not him Tex the latter day to 68680. If you think it ultimately helped trauma that he put this behind them bury the issue. And in many ways neutralized then ordered the women's issue. Especially the war with Megyn Kelly then textile letter beat the 68680. Britney I know you want away yen you've been itching to weigh in she's putting on her white headphones with a gold studs. Those huge headphones are red hair on her little ears and OK Brittany your ready to go go ahead I'm ready. Fifty full are saying it hurts. Trout. And then 46 believe that it helped her really so 46 said a sorry 54% said I'm. They in her trump called on. Because ace help on nine yeah is help he is hurt yes. So that number was 54% sorry they went be dated her trauma yes 46%. Say it helped trump yes one OK interest. Our answer is almost split. Exactly if you had to vote toward what would you vote. I'm voting and hurt trump really yes OK Friday. Just think that he gave her what she wanted this is for her to be a superstar and to be the next. It's big celebrity. Farrah him out when I'm done the interview Al whatsoever. And I just thank and I'm just so sick of meg and Kelly I feel like everytime I turn the TV on their she is. With their baby oil flags. Tesla backhand. A no I know you were telling me this what we're talking on the phone this morning measurable driving to work he said everywhere you look now Megyn Kelly lining. Noon and I might not right now. And TV on. It's predict as it's like but she's like the kit that can try to hash eons now they're everywhere it's insane. Mean to add eggs and then ninth. To beat you right now. Both hopeful. Well. All or there aren't any like empathy via the 6172666868. OK my friends I wanna hear from you did the interview hurt help trump. What do you think of Megyn Kelly. Do you think batter ever lesser number I wanna hear from you all of your calls. Let's have some hot. Heck I'll ask you about the fact questions about dump truck number one favorite movie. The Citizen Kane favorite book. Other than the Bible or the art of the deal. All quiet on the western. It was a last book you've read to get a temporary. It's so long because knowingly passages I read I read areas I'll read chapters. I just I don't have to tell me you know what was it this time I watched a baseball game. And watching your world title. Am I quit watching a lot. Anti model T Hannity be honest watching I have to you do there really boycott. That is much is that while people depend. But I don't have the time I would love to sit down and read a book but I just don't have the time anymore. There's just come off hard hitting questions. What an interview. I mean she just boy she got to the guts of the story out. But I think guys this our Walter Cronkite has been born here 61720666868. OK Donald now goes man oh man all with Megyn Kelly that. Did it help mom dated or heard from. Brittany thinks it hurt him a little bit. Honestly I think it helped them I think it got him to rule and deacon Barry this and move on and Hillary can't use Megyn Kelly now to say Donald Trump was beating up on Megyn Kelly as they kissed and made up on television practically. LB extra cell phone numbers are much closer you wanna get. Com Europe next go ahead pom. Just cougars six edu or caddy oh. Thank you sort of crippling blows dynamite David thank you so much by what's on your mind HF. Killing again you know he's very easy on the eyes which he constantly struggles with the red white and blue. You know Donald Trump went toward schools line and he's a bright guy. What I would it said the killing Nagin is your little job question. The world is on fire. United directly at this stage three cancer in your ass in. What about something nice said that that obnoxious that it grows and bar I said the question lacks priority. It's it's bad for ratings. Controversy. And is he content turned into another self deprecating. White eating girlie man. Which I'm so proud of Donald Trump it was a it was a good hitter future I don't think it helped or harmed him. But I really liked about it was. She tried once again to break them down she didn't break them down and you know what Kelly. All of these little frivolous questions we're wasting time. Our country is in dire straits. And the man he's in the book it. He's gonna bring respect back to our country. He's in the cleanup. People that's going on and our country that's all we need to talk about an hour monstrous. Gargantuan government and the debt that's crushing every want but don't you think so god bless. Tom thank you for that call she doesn't care. I mean that's what you clearly concede she's it's she's all about Megyn Kelly. Let me tell you Megyn Kelly is about Megyn Kelly. It's about her career it's about her bottom line. It's about her face it's about her legs it's about her book. It's about her TV special it's about her becoming maybe the next Barbara Walters the next Oprah Winfrey. She is I career opportunist. Who usual Roger rails frankly used Bill O'Reilly to get to that mine o'clock coveted spot. And she's also a feminist. And I think she's a closet liberal I think it's pretty obvious should be much more comfortable at CNN or NBC or CBS I think there's no question about it. And what I find frankly despicable. OK I know the big story obviously is Donald Trump who cares about Megyn Kelly she's. You know whatever she's going to be one of those you know Talking Heads on peavy who cares but. To mean what he's despicable. I mean I'm sorry this just sticks in my craw. This kind mini tour. I mean he may you're just no question about it he nature. And she's been running around now for big east. Portraying herself presenting herself as she's the victim. I mean she's an megalomaniac. That's what she really is but now listen there's so. Before the interview aired a couple hours before she was on the life. And so not only she can bash Donald now because you have to kiss and makeup with a bottle and talk. Call me Donald call me Donald ever cell phone numbers on. But now she's going after the trump supporters. Meaning many of you. Saying we'll know. When that went trump comes after you which marchers Strom. Meaning it's his supporters. And she goes on to send all one event to ensure. That the threats. Those Syrians on these two actually have three kids. Secret Service and a Secret Service protection I live in my beautiful Manhattan apartment and all the security but not enough and I'm like god let limo driver and he scared I'm scared and everybody's scared. Listen to Megyn Kelly I swear to you. Three freak and hours before the interview airs. She's the victim. Roll true. As when truck comes after you it's not just trop than any mess we're in news we're used to people saying nasty things about us and like everything here is against him. It's what happens with the supporters not all of them you know most of number just got a lot of Americans are home like to ask would you help me out for the love of god. But songs are not in that way and some takes it likes serious threats and you know I have three young kids and I ain't we don't have Secret Service followed me around end so that piece of it has been very dark and you know I'm hoping that's all. And hand. All will always mean. Are. We always mean. I get death threats. I'll betcha I'll betcha all challenger right now. I'll put my email account against yours any day I bet you like get more death threats and you do every week and I guarantee it. You got three young kids I've got two young kids. And part of a drop. Now I don't live in a swanky highrise Manhattan apartment. With a doorman. With all kinds of security. I don't have a chauffeured limo. Picking me up every day I don't have that. I don't have the kind of bodyguards that you have. I'm not I'm not complaining I'm I'm very happy about you know I'm not rolling in millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars this what I find incredible. Here's a woman now who literally is hitting a pot of gold. Who's making more money than she ever imagined. Who now is on the cover of Vanity Fair and all kinds of magazines they're posting here in Hollywood big jet setter to the Academy Awards they flyer in the congratulate her for standing up to Donald Trump she now hangs out with the beautiful people. Private jets swanky Manhattan apartments. Vacations in the Caribbean multimillion dollar salary big tell all book she's gonna go on now she's got to sell the book. Shall. All my god my husband feared for his wife my kids feared for his life feared for my life everybody was gonna ballot because of the trump supporters. Almighty god I'd almost took a bullet for the freedom of the press. Does this. This woman is that she she's a couple cards short double fold. Only in this country. Can meet you Kelly. Be perceived as a victim. And this. This is the face now Fox News or nighttime to prime time lineup. I ya ya I if I'm Roger Ailes Roger. You blew it on this one baby you have unleashed a monster. Pauly Europe next. Yes kind of line here openings sitting inside it was spot on. Thank you lot come and you know as I was watching it last time I was trying to be open minded in non judgmental because I have that. Sharp image in my mind of this. Rabid dog on the first GOP debate that was out to destroy Tron so I was I was watching and offended by her sexy Smart decent files and so forth I am myself what will purposes means if you what was the intention why did try to do it. My only comment could be that maybe he wanted to edit humanize him. Well when I spent with my staunch conservative friends this morning about it and he has his finger on the pulse of what's going on in this country. He said that first the ball it was such low viewership because most of austerity know how. Irrelevant Megyn Kelly and fox itself is. You know and I think it helps to serve knowing the master that Donald Trump is that media. To just to reinforce that his supporters. Who are like myself intelligent professional. Well informed. What we care about is what he's going to do for the country. Enough is enough we cited and we're not distracted by the relevant people like Megyn Kelly and Paul Ryan. Polly you know you really you touched on something nothing very profound. You know there were so many important issues that she could have addressed with him. I mean so many. Whether it be comments that the president of Mexico was made about building the wall. Whether it be about Hillary Clinton's attacks on trump. Where they're read beyond the Muslim guy and we're going to Solomon who thinks she could've not ask them about. And in the end it was always about her. And their confrontation. And what's in his mind. This box thing for a who have been following this from day one. And want to continue to try to hurry towards his victory. This. With everything else itself funny they set out to destroy tribe and all they're doing is Stew right and sending the support for him. Bingo all the great call thank you for that call here's another one okay just look at it I mean who somebody this kind of question. It's all about feeling books. Nothing more than eagle teen books from the song it was big in the seventies for you lean looks. So now she I look at this all and I mean my god guys I was waiting up for this for years have been waiting for this question to be yes. Were you ever bullied. Roll it to Britain. It happened that somebody has has done something you know you know not a death in the family but it does something unit to wounds. Well you know I don't know I I can say this it would be something I could certainly sinker down and you come back with tickets are right now. I will say this. When I wounded I go after. I try and wound to myself. Most kids between the ages of six and sixteen have them going to at some point one ally honestly if we ever bullied now I was. I have seen bullying can believe doesn't have to just be as a child I mean I know people believe when they're 55 years old can join your tax is just you know it happened chip. What we're here we're realized what let me try to make you don't have to do. Me ask you about that because I'm on ice for a few minutes she was a victim of bullying. The implication is that she was the victim of bullying by trump invited supporters. Should I do and she's the victim. He's been knocked out. What did you may try it is a good Megyn Kelly Donald Trump interview. My feelings are hurt. Don't call me praise and rip me yeah. You know it at a stadium where would you save you suck it up on account. It is a innings. Oh. Well in addition to Kelly file I have been working on a project. A book which I'm unveiling right now. It's called settle for more highlights not ever since I was an unhappy lawyer years ago. The book shows how I did just that with some tears and laughs along the way. And yes for the first time. I'll speak openly. About my year with Donald Trump. Bullying them are. Only in America the UV at gazillion fans. I'm famous and I'm still portray yourself as the victim I swear only in this country Ronnie you're up next go ahead Ronnie. Thank you much jets are outside and I think obviously the better question would be did did the interview but met Gene Kelly. Because trump never needed balance. He reached out to Fox News and goes seat admit that the fox station Tibet color. For an interview she came to see and the only reason he did it with thirty G appreciated which she was well enough. Tecumseh and things like so we did. Outside from chip what do what struck me the most was that I'd like I was watching it you that was nice. You know machine is clearly still stuck in the first debate. Because it and it was about. The first debate and how it affected her and she wanted to reform trump was chipped it about people how you felt about me since. I'm with you not Ronnie you nailed it. And so look I think she honestly I think she was the big loser last night okay my friends coming up next. Their bring in in Muslim refugees. And they're not telling us about the diseases they're bringing with them. Dot bombshell story next.